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this house was built in 1900 and it is literally untouched……high def pix of what it actually looked like in 1900. this is wild. roslyn is a very weird little ghost town that had a horrible mining disaster in the 40s. the town has barely changed since then. ALL the houses are like this and the ones i’ve been inside of are all exactly like this too. time capsule town.

$150,000/2 br/800 sq ft

Roslyn, WA

Day 2 of Undyne Appreciation Week @undyne-appreciation

Running a day behind because I ended up falling asleep after my July 4th party and couldn’t do this yesterday. I’m gonna try to get Day 3 done before day 4, but no promises! 

My favorite thing about Undyne is really tricky to pin down exactly, but I like how even though she’s a tough warrior heroine who will punch her problems in the face, suplex a boulder, and burn down her own house to make some INTENSE spaghetti, she’s also got this quiet, thoughtful side to her. She meditates, she’s clearly given a lot of careful thought to whether she should accept Papyrus into the Guard, she spends hours practicing speeches, she values a quiet cup of tea and conversation, and she writes a letter over and over again, because she can never find the right words.

She’s got this super caring, thoughtful, contemplative and romantic side to her that you might not expect, even though she seems afraid to completely show it. It’s a great juxtaposition with her toughness and more aggressive nature and high energy.

I love her.

I love this Cleo’s hair, make-up, and dress, but I’m not a fan of the pattern and kinda wished it was a little more pop art and a little less comic book skullettes. I’m really looking forward to her shoes though.

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can u say a gay headcanon that's been in your head for awhile? a gay heather headcanon

i dont exactly kno wht u meant so i’ll give u one gay headcanon for each character in this au

jc: sometimes he hooks up w guys he rly likes but has to just make it a one time thing bc it might ruin his rep depending on who he dates

kurt d: gay for jc

ram mcn: gay for jc

martha s: used to have a bit of a crush on heather sweeney

heather k: shares shirts nd pants w heather sweeney

heather s: one time she looked at martha sawyer and gasped bc she was so pretty

high def: actually gay for martha sawyer

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Hi! Have you ever been surprised by some painting when you see it in person? I remember when I saw The Birth of Venus, from Botticelli. I knew the painting before, of course, and I thought it interesting and pretty, but it never was my favorite. Then, when I was at the Uffizi, going to see it, I saw people crying and thought this weird. When I finally see it, I was so overwhelmed that I cried my eyes out too.

Oh let me tell you about the first time I saw Millais’s Ophelia.

You know the painting because it’s reproduced in everything that remotely deals with the Pre-Raphaelites. You know what it looks like, you’ve even seen high-def scans of the work, but nothing, nothing prepared me for the real deal. It was larger than I expected and so much more detailed and magical in real life.

I saw it for the first time at the 2012 Tate exhibition Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde. It was displayed in a room with works around the theme ‘nature’, but for the life of me I can’t remember where those works were in the room and I only know which ones where there because they’re listed in the catalogue. For me, the only work in the room was dear Ophelia, lying there in the river, flowers surrounding her. I stood in front of the painting for I think a solid 10 minutes with tears running over my face because truly, that painting is a work of art. I went back to that room like 5 times to gaze at it again. It’s funny that I don’t list that work as ‘my favourite painting ever’, because it just isn’t, but I will never forget my first encounter with her.

I have to say, it was the only time I’ve seen that work, really. I haven’t been back to the museum since, but that will happen soon. I’m curious as to see if I have the same reaction again, knowing it’s displayed in a totally different way than it was at the exhibition.

For those of you who think “which painting is she raving about now”, this is the one:

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Hey! Sorry if you've answered this before, but how do you get your art to look so good on Tumblr? I feel like whenever I try to post something, it comes out looking blurry or too pixelated, but your artwork always looks so clean and high def. Are there certain settings or canvas sizes you use?

My regular canvas size is about 9x15 inch- 11x17 inch (weird proportions i know, i just like how it feels lol) so its fairly large and wont get real pixelated that way

i also save as a PNG for when i post stuff here instead of a JPEG! PNG looks nicer online then JPEG does

but other then those things, i just post regularly so I’m not sure what could cause yours to become pixelated but i hope this helps!

USUM: Rotom UPGRADE includes DexNav?!

This is some good news! DexNav is coming back and it seems to be an upgrade to Rotom Dex.

  • All New Pokémon not found in ORAS DexNav
  • ORAS Leaders are back
  • ORAS Features come back

USUM Leak:

  • Improve High Def. looks ready for Nintendo Switch