look im really bored ok sorry

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hhow are you and your cats doing?? (sorry im a boring anon but im love you and your cats)

im doing ok!! a bit messed up bc i quit my first job after 3 days haha but my bf will be flying to canada to live with me tonight :D and im looking for different jobs more suited to my skills and abilities ~

cats were really strange when they first arrived but now they’ve all settled in and are being their usual selves. they seem happier almost so it’s good :D i’ll post some pics soon !

G OD im just so tired, i miss not getting so fucking tense and dreading every single time my man appears in public l mao

i just wanna feel excited to see my boys and i really can’t rn, when will it End hasn’t it been like a few days too many, isn’t SM bored yet

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I'd like to learn more about your synesthesia if you wouldn't mind sharing!! Any information you could provide would be amazing! Your own personal experiences, how it works for /you/, etc etc explain it how you like!

ok so this is probably gonna get a bit long and boring so im gonna put it under a read more!! also sorry this is the last ask im answeing today bc im ssuper tired ~ o ~ ill try to answer the rest of the asks tomorrow tho!

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