look im actually contributing to fandom!

hi i will rant +  analysis on anti behavior

(forgive my english in advance i speak it a lot but i tend to fuck up sometimes)
disclaimer: this is incredibly opinionated with a strong bias against klance (not klance shippers, ok. go do you. klance is just my brotp bc i can’t find the chemistry you guys see. i just don’t like how antis are forcing it down people’s throats)
also i will not change any spellings of ship names bc i also want antis to see this (if they haven’t blocked me already since im part of the infamous block list)

ok so a lot of discourse has been going on for the past 24 hours. so like yeah all the drama with bex and the fake wlw month that antis are planning just to intercede w/ sheith month (support the real one in september!!). stressful and tiring to look at tbh.

well i’m just gonna state my view on antis. personally, i don’t see them as an actual part of the fandom. like yeah they’re part of the fandom bc they contribute to content, be it postive or negative content. but in reality, they only like the show bc there’s a ship they like. they don’t like it for the story. all the discourse i see is about relationships. i would’ve thoroughly enjoyed discourse if it was about the story. but it’s not. it’s about ships that are barely given any special attention in the actual canon of the show. ships that are hinted at, but don’t have enough canon evidence to be seen as a major part of the story.

so these antis, all they focus on is the ships. they dont care what happens in the story if it does not relate to their ship. and that’s not what voltron is about. voltron is about the story and most likely, they’ve already written everything out up to the last episode of the last season. voltron is not something that is based on fan reaction, like, say, the MCU, which is built up on what fans want from it. spiderman homecoming wasn’t even part of the original timeline. the third cap movie was originally called serpent society w/ a completely different story than that of civil war. the MCU is not written in a linear fashion. certain parts are written in advance and the other remaining parts are just written later and tweaked to connect with the other parts. voltron on the other hand, is linear. certain events have already been laid out and our only job as fans is to support it. watch the show, buy the merch, accept what we’re given.

antis are fighting a lost cause. they think that they can change an aspect of the story by pressuring the creators to do what they want. but that won’t work at all. they don’t care if it doesn’t fit the character development or the flow of the story. as long as it happens, they’re sated. but voltron is not made to appease fans. it has a story to tell.

back to the original point, antis are not part of the fandom. they’re spending actual time and effort to hate on something. a fandom is centered on the idea of a group of people enjoying a common interest. they’re not enjoying it at all. they say they enjoy making people feel bad about shipping something they deem “bad” but that doesn’t seem believable. it’s not even sadistic in nature. it’s an action centered on hate. they hate on people because they don’t want those people to keep creating content that the antis hate. that’s their point right? which is why it doesn’t seem believable that antis enjoy seeing people feel bad. it also seems like they’re actively seeking out those they stand against. again, the opposite of their form of activism. antis want to stop seeing our content but actively try to find it? ironic and very counterproductive.

antis are not a part of the fandom bc they don’t enjoy the show for what it is but rather for some part of it that’s given very minimal attention and development. they’re just here bc they found something that they like and instantly claimed without even trying to see the show for what it is. they’re comparable to those rabid kind of fujoshis who only like a certain show or a certain movie “bc it has some gay in it”.

if i viewed the discourse from an outsider’s point of view, i would think that voltron is a romance show. but it’s not. (i have nothing against those who got into the fandom bc of ships they saw bc that also happened to me personally. i stayed bc the story got me even more interested than the ships that i got exposed to. so again, i am not saying i don’t like those who initially like voltron bc of some ship content that they found) antis are trying so hard to make it into something it’s not (ehem just like what they do w/ klance ehem ehem sorry bias(im not against shipping klance that’s just how i view the ship personally)).

so tl;dr antis are against the original point of voltron, they only like it for the ships and have no interest in how the story unfolds.

if you read everything, wow thanks at least my effort didn’t go to waste


“We can be in the middle of the worst gig in our lives, but when we go into that song, everything changes. The audience is on its feet, singing along with every word. It’s like God suddenly walks through the room. It’s the point where craft ends and spirit begins. How else do you explain it?” - Bono

hot boys we have problems too

like the fact that i wanna do my best friend but he wants to punch me in my beautiful face

✩ vanity’s keeper ✩ a mostly non-serious mix for sassy trashykawa-chan and his plain back babysitter

(my annotations are junk i’m so sorry)

listen // cover credit

1. Boys and Girls - Good Charlotte

toorus don’t like hajimes, toorus like cars and money

2. When I Grow Up - Mayday Parade

when i grow up, be on tv, people know me, be on magazines; when i grow up fresh and clean, number one boy when i step out on the scene

3. Boyfriend - Justin Beiber

i can be a gentleman, anything you want– *iwaizumi kicks oikawa*

4. Looks Like Sex - Mike Posner

everybody here knows, he looks like sex

5. Sassy - Kat Graham

mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the precious one of all? “KUSOKAWA STOP SINGING TO YOURSELF IN OUR BATHROOM!”

6. Fancy - Iggy Azalea ft. Charlie XCX

who that, who that, to-o-o-ru

7. Pound The Alarm - Nicki Minaj

sexy, sexy, that’s all i do; if you need a bad bitch, let me call a few *texts iwa-chan and tobio-chan*

8. Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz

if you fall for me, i’m not easy to please

9. Hot Mess - Cobra Starship

you think you’re hot shit and i love it, i love it–“what was that iwa-chan?” “nothing”

10. Alpha Dog - Fall Out Boy

you’re not the first, or the last, but you’re possibly the prettiest

11. Wonderman (Jacob Plant Remix) - Tinie Tempah

“mad thought in my head when it’s blowing up–” “like, are you really big enough?” “that’s mean, iwa-chan!”

12. #Selfie - The Chainsmokers

*gasp* “no, oikawa, don’t do it” “but iwa-chan, it’s my song!” “oikawa i s2g”

13. Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

hey! hey! you! you! i want to be your girlfriend! *long suffering sigh as iwaizumi accepts the 78th song proposal from oikawa that week*

14. Hot Problems - Dave Days

hot boys we have problems too–we’re just like you, except we’re hot “why are you looking at me trashykawa” “ehehe no reason~–IWA-CHAN PUT THE VOLLEYBALL DOWN”