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Hello lovelies!! (Do I start my posts like that too often??) You’re fave pun-loving gal pal is getting super close to my next Big Goal for followers!!! I’m always looking to add more mutuals too, so if you’re an ot4 stan and a larrie, def follow me and reblog this post and I’ll probably follow back!

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Where the hell was she?

Wherever it was, it certainly wasn’t like anywhere she had been before. A misty purple sky hung over her, while the terrain consisted of eerily glowing red and blue patches, with nothing easily visible in the distance except silhouetted mountains. It was hard to think of a simple way to describe such a place, aside from “otherworldly”.

Others in her position might have panicked, but Kris was simply stunned into silence. Which… she wasn’t sure if that reaction was good or bad, as she had no idea what would happen if she attracted attention here.

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I did a thing

I know it’s been hard to read the comic properly on the tumblr mobile app, and even if a computer is used the pages aren’t really in order, and tags are messy. Several people suggested that I could use google drive to share my comic so people could read it in order easier. So I’ve been looking into it and tried to get it working, please try this link and see if it works


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Psst. So... I've never been very deep into the HP fandom, but I have been intrigued by all the art you've been reblogging lately, and was wondering - do you have any Drarry fic recs you could share, perchance?

Here are 561 Harry/Draco fic recs from the Before Time of livejournal, and some of them are now lost to time and LJ deletion, but all of them are still excellent.

Here are another 241 H/D recs on Pinboard, featuring some H/D classics but mostly slightly newer fics from 2009 on. You can use the tags on the sidebar to look for / filter by (my loose definitions of) tropes, etc.

And you didn’t ask, but all of the Harry/Draco fics I have written (since 2002) are located here, with the exception of Trajectories which is solely on AO3