look i'm sorry but sherlock has killed me i am dead

moranion  asked:

I'm asking you about your reading of Mary. Please hurt me. Please hurt me as much as you can.

oh god okay i am running on very little sleep and too much caffeine so this is gonna be weird as fuck and I’m sorry

SO BASICALLY. While I don’t buy Sherlock’s weird, dumb “it was surgery” explanation that Sherlock gives us in HLV, I also don’t like Mary as a hardened villain/cold, calculating assassin, or that the baby isn’t John’s, or that there’s no baby, etc. Too much of that just doesn’t make sense to me. So I thought myself into brain-pain and came up with this:

Mary shot Sherlock because she panicked, and she didn’t know what to do, and she loved John too much to lose him, and God, every time she tries to dig herself out she buries herself deeper.

Sherlock made her excuses because he wants John to be happy and is the dumbest of stupid fucking gay babies.

John loves Mary, and John loves Sherlock, and this is doomed to catastrophically implode in ways that make my head hurt when I think about them for too long.

TL;DR: Mary loves John. Sherlock loves John. John loves Mary and Sherlock. Sherlock does not love Sherlock. Mary does love Mary.

detailed explanations of nigh-fic length below. like, it’s literally 1000 words.

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