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always picking a chance to “fight”


Here’s to the new me. The old me. The you-don’t-even-know-me. To the me that died twice before I met you: third time’s the charm. Been chewed up and spit out more than I’ve ever seen a sunrise, and I’ve only ever liked sunrises when I’m with you. I’ll become something you’ve never seen before, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Set my head aflame, built a home out of the ashes, let the wind blow it away into the sun. The breeze sings, lo que está muerto no puede morir. And when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

I don’t know that kid anymore, and maybe I never knew him at all.


“I don’t get it. We have a life. You and I. We got out. And you want to go back to the cage?”

“No. I want to b r e a k the cage.”

Joyride #11 (Boom! Studios)




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Waverly + angelic lighting

“That night on the homestead. They killed everyone but me. Why?”

“They knew. No one harms the baby. My words. My law. You’re my angel. Fly, fly away. And make Wynonna missing no more.”

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry I'm new - is there actual proof that IICF and home were written when L & H were apart? What happened? (Also... Are there headcanons around this? Cause it's BEAUTIFUL) thanks!

yes, there’s proof and just be warned, because once you see all the timing you literally won’t recover. sorry this took so long, but i wanted to collect as much proof as possible to reeaaally fuck you up. :) 

so the OTRA tour break was from april 5th to june 4th, and the boys all talked about doing a lot of songwriting while they weren’t on tour. remember how they mentioned multiple times during MITAM press that they split up and went with different outside writers and came back with a bunch of material? that was during this time. 

the general fandom theory is that louis wrote home on april 14th, 2015, because that’s the song he wrote with liam and jamie, and he posted this on insta

they’d been apart for less than two weeks at that point. the next day, harry pops up wearing the famous blue bandana in west hollywood: 

and we assume it’s just a shout out to fandom, thinking that harry’s reassuring us that everything’s cool with them while louis is papped out at clubs every single night for weeks on end. not realizing that louis had just spent the day before writing what would become one of the most iconic relationship songs the band has done so far, and even made liam get all emosh: 

While Liam Payne said “Home” is the most meaningful song on the album for him but demurred about exactly why that is, he revealed Tomlinson tapped into his emotional side while writing and recording. “Having seen different things he’s gone through and different stuff this year – and obviously I’ve written a lot of songs with him – he can really get into that sensitive mindset to write songs, which is pretty cool.”

then louis was supposed to fly to LA to write with julian (and so he would have still been within the two week rule, as harry was already there and would be for a while), but julian changed his plans and flew to london. so the two week rule was broken, we were all sad but we understood, can’t be seen together, etc etc. 

we don’t know the exact day when iicf was written, as far as i know, but it was within those couple of weeks louis was supposed to be in LA and wasn’t. all we do know is that later, liam says he cried while recording it, anne says it’s her favorite, and louis says he cried too (DEATH!!!), and that harry has never, ever given an actual explanation of the meaning. here’s what he said in the track-by-track explanation: 

I’ve been working with Johan for a little bit; we did a couple of songs together. We did a song for Ariana Grande, and we did – he’s like a really good piano player. He’s just really good at it, so it’s quite natural to just sit with him at a piano and start playing. It was another one that kind of just, kind of fell down, out of, you know, it felt quite natural to like, sing it, and obviously if you get, like, a cool melody with instruments, you kind of decide whether it’s better to follow it or not. Sometimes it’s really cool, and sometimes it’s better to leave that as an instrumental melody, so.

which is basically “erm, um, PIANO. PIANO IS COOL LET’S. LET’S TALK ABOUT PIANO.” or also this

and then, at the MITAM listening party, the video for IICF turned out to be a literal homage to baby larry, showing unseen clips and sending us all spiralling.

later, as promo season rolled around, harry and louis very much claimed those songs as their own. the day the perfect EP was put on spotify (out of nowhere), louis tweeted this

and then (AND THIS IS POTENTIALLY THE WORST PART), when louis went in early november to vancouver and atlanta and the stalkers and update accounts started hinting heavily at a winter girlfriend who we’d later learn was danielle, harry tweets this

so basically, we don’t even need any headcanons. it’s bad enough all on its own. 

Guys, it’s been a radical day. I’m gonna go to bed because I reallyreaalyREALLY wanted to post the last chapter today so I was drawing until 2am last night and set my alarm for 6am to upload and do the final touches, but thank you for all the love!!! I’ll write more on this tomorrow. Night! <3