look i'm collaborating!


GitF AU: The Tenth Doctor leaves Rose, Mickey, and the TARDIS behind in order to save Madame de Pompadour and finds himself stranded with no way back. One of his younger selves arrives at the right place and time, and agrees to travel to 18th century France and pick his sorry ass up.


Ladies and gentlemen, on this glorious day two great forces of arda have collided.

ems-uitwaaien and myself have been working back and forth on this collaboration for a little while now and here’s the final result at last ! Please welcome Sauron and Finrod and their famous sing-off, tumblr exclusivity just for you all.

Bonus ! Here’s a little process of the update we sent each other back and forth along the way.

Aaaaah, I just wanted to post a cleaner version of this sketch, the original colors are too much covered by lights and other effects :/


Harold and Root admiring each other’s coding skills.

Root Cause (1x13)  / Bad Code (2x02)