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forever bitter that kingsglaive gave us this guy then took him away from us

Damon Albarn : "Est-ce que je me trouve beau ? Oui, clairement"
Après cinq ans de silence, Gorillaz sort un album corrosif sur le monde qui perd la boule, porté par la voix si flegmatique de son leader. Confidences.
By Anne-Sophie Jahn

I translated a few quotes :

- It must be exhausting to be a sex symbol?

When I was younger, I was pretty. Today, I’m handsome, I prefer that. Being pretty is not easy. When I was a kid, people thought I was a girl. I was vulnerable, the other kids hated me and beat me up. I was very preoccupied by other people’s opinion of me. I was aware that I was attractive, because of my looks, and it was incredibly easy for me to have sex with women. I always respected women, I was raised that way. I really love them so I’m very happy that they love me too.

- So, you think you’re handsome?

(he grunts) Do I have to do the false modesty thing? No, ok. Do I think I’m handsome? Yes, obviously. But not everyday ! (he laughs, showing his gold tooth). With the right angle and lighting, I’m still kind of handsome.

Bloody Nose

Summary: An unexpected noseblood during class strikes up an immediate friendship with no other than Reggie Mantle.

Word Count: 2,220.

A/N: Honestly, I’m utterly in love with Reggie by now. This was a complete blast to write and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Hope you enjoy! (also yes i’m very well aware that that’s a zach gif and not reggie one, oh well)

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Word Count: 502

Warnings: angst

Do You Remember

A/N: Okay, this second part of the ‘Do You Remember’ miniseries and it’s based on the song ‘Little’ by The Maine. I have no idea if these are the “official” lyrics to the song, though. 

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It hit me today, 
where you are is just where you’re at,
not where you’ll always be.

You sat in the car with tears running down your face as you looked out the window. The familiar scenery passing by reminded you of when times were simple, before the complications, before the uncertainties. 

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Remy snaps: Okay, if you’se two are done with your f*cking love fest, maybe Allison would like to tell me what the hell happened? I just went to the nurses station and they won’t tell me sh*t. So speak, Allison.

Allison cautiously approaches her brother in law. She was terrified of his expression. The Remy she knew was always relaxed, laid-back, smiling. She didn’t recognize the furious young man in front of her. He looked powerful, menacing, and she realized this was the side of Remy Nico saw underneath Remy’s easy charm.

Allison softly: Remy, can we talk privately for a moment?

She didn’t want to tell the truth about fighting Ivory in front of her husband. 

Remy: No, I don’t want to talk privately. Tell me what happened, that’s all. 

Just My Luck

My contribution to Klaroline Arbor Day with special thanks to @lilbreck for helping me from the beginning of this idea to the last draft. With that said my mistakes are my own.

 I really hope you enjoy this because it really got me writing again and I hope you love it as much as I do. Thanks and happy reading as always! :))




“Just my bloody luck,” he mutters as he looks at the ever growing list of delays on the screen noting that his flight has just appeared on it.

The storm outside the building’s windows inflicting havoc on Klaus’ plans to go home early and get a few days of silence before his siblings arrive home next week. The idea is now less likely he thinks as he reaches for his luggage getting ready to duel it out with the airport representatives for a refund. Disgruntled he moves gruffly through the throng of people going this way and that when he sees a sight that stops him in his tracks.

Klaus’ lips stretch into a smile seeing her across the airport looking rung out and defeated a look he can confess he’s never seen on her before. It almost makes Caroline seem, human. Rolling his luggage behind him he preens checking his coat and rubbing the growing scruff over his jaw. It had to have been at least four years since he saw her last. His head shakes away the memory of the last time he saw her, the last time he touched her intimately. She’s biting her lip now, a death grip on her purse and luggage as he makes his way over still unnoticed.

“Caroline,” he utters from beside her as he pulls to a stop putting his luggage in front of him just in case this was a bad idea.

She wants to throw an adult tantrum and tell the customer service rep where exactly she can put her apologies but rationally Caroline knows it’s not her fault. It’s not anyone’s except this freak storm outside that she and the airport hadn’t planned on back in October when she booked the flight. Now said storm was delaying all of the flights she can think of to try to find a way home. So instead she stands there bags in hand thinking about getting a rental and seeing just how far that goes when her mother’s voice in her head warns her about the dangers of being alone in the middle of a storm.

Caroline beams, the defeated look no longer mearing her features as her green eyes shine realizing who has just spoken her name, “Klaus?” she cries excitedly pulling him into a hug.

She shivers feeling him press against her enveloping her with his recognizable scent, so welcoming and all together so new. Caroline holds onto him pleased to see a familiar face under the circumstances she finds herself in happily noting that he’s not eager to pull away as his hands drag down her hips when she leans back. They stare into one another’s eyes disbelieving of the reality as Caroline struggles to find her voice or any words at all.

Nibbling on her lip she’s encouraged by the look of fondness he gives her, “Wow, what are you doing here?” she asks never having expected to run into him here or anywhere for that matter.

“Same as you I would think, trapped by the storm,” Klaus gives her an easy answer as her eyes drag down his front distinctly lingering a moment too long on the cluster of necklaces he has around his neck leading down his chest.

One in particular he guesses recalling that he still wore the thin black leather cord that held the remains of the cheap broken locket she found one day before their trysts. Shagging his sister’s old sorority friend had never been at the forefront of his mind until he met her. And even then, ‘shagging’ was never quite the right word for what they were doing though neither was the term ‘making love’. From the moment they met it was like spark and timber, even now he felt the blaze between them.

“Pretty much,” she replies in kind taking him back to the present as she takes a step back her hands falling from his shoulders down his arms in an easy caress, one surely an old friend wouldn’t read into.

Klaus scratches his neck, his skin flaring as he reveals why he’s there, “I’ve just flown in,” he pauses, “I was on a connecting flight to,” Caroline nods.

“New Orleans,” she finishes for him with a soft incline of her head that makes her hair dip to one side, no, she was not flirting, “I had heard you had moved out there,” she admits.

Klaus’ eyes narrow, “Rebekah,” he gathers and she nods in response at the sound of her friends name remembering to call her later.

Desperately pushing down the memory of Klaus tied to her bed as Rebekah walked in quickly made her body pulse with an old feeling of embarrassment. Her hand covers her face as it heats, she should not be thinking about how good that day had been before Rebekah had ever known about their little friends with benefits deal. She scratches her brow trying to forget how much their group of so-called friends had teased them afterwards.

She smiles unable to stop, “Well you know we were always close. Even after,” Caroline reminds him with a point of her finger in reference to their brief time together.

Klaus chuckles in spite of himself taking advantage of how close they are as he leans his whole body closer mischievously, “After you threw my shirt in my face and told me none too politely to ‘get out’ for the last time?”

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Owen has a rough day at work so Amelia pulls him into an oncall room for some peace and quiet. Amelias sitting up on the bed with her back against the wall while Owen falls asleep with his head on her lap cradling her baby belly.

Hey! Thanks for this prompt! I love it. This is shorter than I normally do I think, but I’m just swinging back into writing again so if you want something longer please do send another prompt :) I hope you like this :D Also I will edit this through the day so sorry for any errors xx

This also fits into @omeliafics theme of the week! 

Masterpost is here :)



She’d been catching glimpses of him all day. He always had that frantic look about him, like he was tunnel visioning his way through the day, seemingly deciding that trauma was busy, when it was not. He had barely eaten, they were meant to have met for lunch, but her schedule hadn’t allowed it at the time, and he had skipped it all together.

It was early evening when she was paged down to the ER. When she got there, she quickly realised she wasn’t needed. “Owen you paged me?” she said, moving to his side. He glanced up at her briefly, the stress was pouring off of him. “Er yeah, I’m going to have to stop here tonight, to keep an eye on a patient…” he spoke distractedly, as he wrote charts.

Amelia followed him to the main desk. She sighed leaning against it, his tiredness was catching. She rubbed the underside of her stomach, that had become noticeably swollen the past week, her muscles were complaining. “Well I am staying too…” she said, he stopped writing, looking up at her curiously.

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Ok but imagine: Harry being so nervous to show you his new music and so when “sign of the times” comes out he studies your face as you listen to see whether or not you like it. When you’re done listening you tell him how much you love it and that he is going to be amazing as a soloist, but he at first thinks your only saying that because your his girlfriend and it’s your job to say nice things. But then you give him this look. THE look. The look that sets all joking aside to let him know you have never been more serious in you life. He then engulfs you in the largest hug and says “it’s all because of you, love, that I can be the man I am today. I love you so much. Thank you for always sticking by me.” And ok I really need to get me a Harry. (*credit gif to original owner*)

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for the writing prompts, how about mckirk + different ways to say I love you? that's always something I love to read about ^^

  • It’s past midnight when Bones finally makes his way into Jim’s quarters. Not that the day- and night cycle are that obvious on a space ship, but judging the tired look on Bones’ face he knows full well he just worked a double shift. “Why aren’t you asleep yet?” he asks Jim, who simply shrugs. “I was going through important messages,” he replies, and Bones huffs. “Liar. I can hear Doctor Orion MD from the speakers of your PADD,” Bones replies, letting himself fall down on the couch next to Jim, and Jim happily pulls him in closer. “Hm, what can I say? I have a thing for sexy doctors.” "You know that show is painfully inaccurate?“ Bones comments while they both watch a little further. “Who cares? It’s about the sex, the lies… it’s fascinating.” Though as the screen shows a couple of panicky doctors rushing to save an unknown alien race’s life, Bones frowns. “That’s not even how you use that tool! They can’t even hold it properly.” “Okay, Doctor Bones MD,” Jim says, placing his PADD down and crossing his arms, “you tell me how it works, then.” And honestly, Jim couldn’t care less about how these tools and instruments work. Though seeing Bones, animated and passionate about his profession, Jim listens to him fondly.
  • Bones finds Jim tired and stressed after a 4 hour long chase from an alien ship. The Enterprise suffered damage, though nothing Scotty can’t fix with enough time and manpower. Jim is still going through messages, making sure every crew member is alive and accounted for. “Are you alright?” Bones asks when he enters their quarters, and Jim nods. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he replies, leaning back when Bones places his hands on Jim’s shoulders, “how are the wounded?” “Mostly fine,” Bones says, “a few stay overnight, but they’ll be fine in a day or two.” “Good,” Jim sighs, smiling lightly when Bones pulls him up. “C'mon, you need to rest,” he says, “but before we sleep, I have something for you.” “Oh?” Jim asks, immediately interested, “is it sex? Because I’m pretty tired, but I think I can-” “No,” Bones interrupts him, “look what I found, though?” “Scottish whiskey?” Jim asks when Bones pulls a bottle out of his bag, “is that- Scotty’s?” “Why, yes,” Bones says, filling two glasses and sitting down next to Jim, “figured you needed a bit of relaxation after today. Scotty won’t miss it for a while.” Jim laughs, taking a sip and almost instantly relaxing in good company and a strong drink. “What would I do without you?” “Probably overwork yourself,” Bones replies, and Jim smiles. “You know what would make this perfect?” “Are you going to say sex? It’s sex, isn’t it?” Bones asks, and Jim grins. “You know me too well.”
  • There are times where they pass a nebula or other space anomaly, and it colors the sky around them in beautiful blues, purples, and pinks. They pass one at night, too, before Jim and Bones are both asleep. Initially just quietly talking, huddled under the warm sheets. Jim’s attention is instantly taken by the beauty of space, staring outside in awe. “D'you see that? It’s beautiful.” “Yes,” Bones agrees, though he finds himself staring at something else entirely.
  • Jim is furious. Furious because Bones wanted to join on that away mission even though Jim told him not to. He’s furious because Bones deliberately ignored Jim calling him to retreat when the battle around them got a little too heated for Jim’s liking. He’s even more furious when Spock drags the doctor out of danger afterwards, hurt and unconscious. He wants to yell at Bones so bad, but it doesn’t feel fruitful when the other isn’t awake enough to hear him, and so Jim sits at his bedside quietly, going over his argument in his head countless times until he’s perfected the way on how to scold Bones. The moment Bones opens his eyes though, he’s forgotten all of that. “You’re an idiot,” Jim simply says, leaning in to rest his forehead against Bones’, fingers cupping the doctor’s cheeks, “don’t you dare scaring me like that again.”
  • "Are you well supplied?” “Yes.” “And you’re certain there’s enough fuel in that shuttle? Because I swear to God, Jim, shuttles are fragile.” “Yes, Bones.” “Well, at least make sure you wear that seat belt properly.” “Bones,” Jim interrupts him, “I’m going to be fine. It’s just a long weekend.” “You’re traveling in a shuttle,” Bones counters him, “do I need to remind you about the dangers of traveling in small shuttles?” “Please don’t,” Jim replies, leaning in to press a kiss on Bones’ lips, “I’ll be back after the weekend, and I’ll be fine.” Bones smiles at that, arms sliding around Jim’s waist. “For the record, I’ll miss you, too,” he says, and Jim huffs. “I never said I’d miss you.” Bones laughs, arms still steady around the other. “You didn’t have to.”

radiant-anor replied to your post:                   I saw you say you liked JRRT’s paintings, and I…                

   I actually hadn’t seen some of these yet, thank you for posting them    

kareenvorbarra replied to your post“I saw you say you liked JRRT’s paintings, and I would like to know: do…”                               

                   i love the second-to-last one!!!! those trees! that water! the lines and the light and the colors!                                            

                   i was so mad when i found out he was good at drawing/painting as well as writing, how unfair                

erotetica replied to your post“I saw you say you liked JRRT’s paintings, and I would like to know: do…”                               

                   I love them too, they always look like they were drawn /by a baggins to illustrate their books                

sjkdfh he did such good ones…I love those ridic north pole ones and the non-arda stuff too, here’s a few more i have saved:


Tyler Down x Reader: Courage

A/N: Also a prompt imagine ans it’s also the last imagine for today. Prompt  13. “don’t you fucking get it?i love you!”

Warnings: Swear words

You and Tyler had been friends since the beginning of high school you met each other in photography class and then later on joined yearbook together. You hated that people always bullied Tyler you didn’t know why but for some reason they always pushed him against lockers. You had to admit that over time you developed feelings for your best friend you had dropped little hints now and then but he never seemed to get them. You were standing at your locker daydreaming about how cute you and Tyler would look together when he snapped his fingers in front of you making you snap out of your daydream.

“Huh what?” You asked as you snapped out of your daydream.

“Did even hear anything I said?” He asked looking at you.

“No sorry Ty-Ty.” You said with an apologetic look on your face.

“It’s okay. I was just saying that after school we should probably go to the developing room because Courtney had really been on my back lately about giving her the pictures.” He said again playing with his camera.

“Uh yeah okay and next time she says that just say to her that she’ll get them when we’re done.” You said closing your locker and started to walk to your next class.

“You know I can’t do that.” He said walking next to you.

“You can Tyler you can speak right.” You said looking at him.

“Yeah but I don’t have the courage to say that.” He said looking back at you.

You saw Courtney heading your way a little angry looking and you knew that she was coming over to nag to Tyler about the pictures. You quickly kissed his cheek and smiled at him.

“There will that give you the courage.” You said with a smile as you walked inside your classroom.

He looked surprised as he started to blush and then looked down and looked up and smiled at you. Sadly you and Tyler have every class together so you had to handle a lot of classes without him. After your last class you went to the developing room and already went inside to see that Tyler was already there.

“Okay how did you get here so fast?” You asked as you stood next to him.

“Our teacher let us out of class early.” He said with a smile.

“Ugh you’re so lucky. You got out of class early and what did I get Bryce pinching my ass.” You said looking down a little embarrassed.

“H-he did what?” Tyler asked a little angry.

“H-he pinched my ass but it’s okay Tyler.” You said as you turned around to hang up some pictures.

“No it’s not we should do something. I should do something.” He said angrily as he turned to you.

“What are you gonna do Tyler? You can’t do anything he’s like way bigger and stronger than you the only thing that will happen is you getting your ass kicked.” You said turning to look at him.

“Says who you don’t know how strong I am.” He said crossing his arms.

“Tyler I had to open a jar of pickles for you yesterday.” You said with a little smirk.

“Yeah okay but you don’t know how I strong I can be when I need to stick up for my friends.” He said taking a picture and also hanging it up.

“Yeah but still just let it go okay I don’t want you getting hurt.” You said looking at him.

“Okay fine.” He said looking down.

The newt day when you were walking to school you did not expect to see Tyler fighting with Bryce. You immediately ran over to the large group that had formed around them and just stood there. Right now Tyler was laying on the ground while Bryce punched him but to your surprise Bryce also had some bruises that were forming on his face. After a few seconds Mr. Porter came and broke up the fight. You wanted to go with Tyler to see if he was alright but Mr. Porter wouldn’t allow you. After the first two periods you saw Tyler standing at his locker.

“What the hell was that Tyler.” You said as you walked up to him.

“I thought you said you were gonna let it go.” You said angrily as you crossed your arms.

“I tried I really did but I just couldn’t let it go he touched you on your…you know and I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing so I told him to never touch you again and then he shoved me and I just shoved him back.” He said with a shrug.

“Why would you do that Ty in all of the time that I have known you, you would have never done that.” You said confused at his sudden burst of courage.

“Don’t you fucking get it? I love you.” He said.

“What y-you love me.” You said a little surprised.

“Yeah I do I really hope that I didn’t ruin our friendship know.” He said as he looked down a little scared.

“No of course not I-I love you to Tyler like a lot.” You said as you took his hand.

“Really!?” He said really excited.

“Yeah.” You said with a smile.

You both leaned in and he kissed you very lightly and very short on the lips. When you pulled back you were both blushing a lot and you two were smiling very large.

“So am I like your boyfriend now?” He asked as he played with your fingers.

“Yeah you are and am I your girlfriend?” You asked with a smile.

“Yeah you are.” He said happily.

💜This guy never fails to make me smile 💜
I don’t usually do these kinds of posts about someone I love, but I really wanted to establish the thing thats been keeping me strong lately. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I have been the past couple of months. I never really seem to fit in with people and find growing friendships and relationships really difficult, but ever since we met we sort of just clicked and i feel as if i never have to worry around him, I’m always at ease <3 He’s my best friend and just so happens to be the person I’m in love with as well. People spend ages looking for this kind of relationship, and i’m so lucky to have been able to find it <3 
Thank-you for being so perfect and being there for me through everything <3
💜I Love You @iceneo2k 💜

Meeting Newt Scamander For The First Time

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- Finding this platypus looking creature stealing your jewelry

- Seeing this tall slender man with fiery red hair and green eyes running towards you

-”That damned Niffler! I do apologize, miss, he’s a pesky fellow. He’s misunderstood really,” He mutters apologetically

-While catching the poor creature and turning him upside down and tickling him

- giggling like an idiot as all the jewelry falls from the Niffler’s secret pocket

- “Oh it’s fine, honestly I love Nifflers I always have, I think they’re adorable and you’re right they’re totally misunderstood. I’ve always thought so,” blushing slightly at the handsome man

- Him glancing in your direction with a surprised expression

-”Really?  Do you like Creatures? I happen to be a magizoologist, I’m writing a book called Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, I want to protect them,”

- You excitedly jumping up and down because you’ve found someone who shares your passion for creatures.

- Muttering, “I finally found someone who understands,”

-Newt slowing trusting you first before he takes you into his magnificent case

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Look who is talking about awesome people, you are like the best of the best, I ask myself everyday what have we done to deserve such a wonderful person,we love you, hope you get well soon ( I wish I was there to make you chicken noodle soup) 💙❤

smooth, i already feel better just from how sweet you are omg ☺️
thank you so much you lovely cinnamon roll, seriously you always make me feel better ilysm (and maybe now ill make some soup in your honor lmao 💜💜)

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what do your ocs like to wear? do hey care about fashion? do they like accessories?

Lavande likes to look Nice but also be comfortable. She wears a lot of wool in the colder seasons and owns like 20 differents scarves. She’s not big into makeup or accessories, but she wears bracelets sometimes.

Pistache I have not yet designed her outside of her Macaron uniform so I can’t tell you, but I think she’ll be wearing lots of hoodies. Obviously long sleeves and pants/leggings. She likes soft colors and white.

Myrtille doesn’t care about fashion that much but it’s very important for her to always take time to look nice. She never wears skirts - most of her clothes are very fitted. She dresses in vests and long-sleeved shirts, mostly. She’s the one that owns the most jewelry of the bunch.

Pêche loves looking at fashion, he could actually have a full conversation about it, but he doesn’t really put any thought into what he wears - just t-shirts and jeans. He wears a stupid snapback most of the time.

Citron loooooves to dress up! They try a lot of things, and shop at thrift stores, so they own so much clothes. It’s actually a little scary. You will never see them wear the same thing twice and they just like to mix and match pieces of clothing, which once in a while makes for a really stunning look but most of the time is just absolutely ridiculous


i was tagged by @originofsymmetry2001 to post 2 pics of myself. Thank you so much for the tag love 💖here you have ‘em! I managed to get a few decent shots of my face which is weird. i can’t wait to cut and change my hair, it will look better!
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Hey ho!! First of all I want to tell you two that I really enjoy your blog! It always makes me smile when I see your stuff on my dash!! 💖 💖 💖

Also @Ember I hope it will get better soon *bear hug* 💖 💖 💖

To me: I’m Cass, 17 and a AFAB non-binary, demifluid, demiflux pal! And I’m pansexual! To everyone reading this, you’re all great and amazing and I love you!!! 💖 💖 💖


A true blessing <3 <3 <3 <3 look @ u, rocking it <3 <3 <3 <3 

thank you so much bby, it means so much <3 <3 <3