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coraline au stuff

so this is just all the stuff i’ve been writing down on my phone about this au, if anyone wanted to read about any of the actual story? kinda??

not all the ideas are mine, i’ve been talking with a couple different people and they’ve all had really amazing ideas!! i just wanted to make that clear (like the au was my idea but my friends have helped make the story better lmao)

also!! i’m still working on things and this isn’t really finished but i felt like i had enough where people could come read everything and see what’s up

i’ll put everything under a cut just in case no one actually cares lmao

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anonymous asked:

are you able to masterlist some roommate au's!! i'm dying for more they are amazing


Of course, here you go :)

  • Hjerterum by littlemovie (Lejla)
    Summary: Isak cleared his throat. “Hi,” he tried again looking at who, he gathered, was the ever-elusive third roommate. Even walked to the fridge, keeping his eyes glued to his feet. He took two cans of coke from his shelve and a bag of chips from the counter before making his way down to the basement again, shutting the door behind him. Isak huffed out a breath. “Well, that’s rude,” he mumbled to himself, going back to his sandwich and picking the knife up from the counter. He grabbed a coke from his own shelve in the fridge and made his way to his bedroom, closing the door behind him. Or Isak and Even are roommates and it’s not going well.

  • Kollektivet by hellagroovy
    Summary: ”I can’t go back there. I can’t go back there, you gotta understand.” ”Alright,” Eskild repeated. He bit his bottom lip slightly. He was too kind for this world, and he didn’t even want to think about what his roommates would say if he dragged a complete stranger home. So he didn’t. Think about it. Instead, he sighed slightly and squeezed his eyes shut. He was so going to regret this. But he didn’t want to leave the poor boy all alone on the street when it was dark and cold outside. ”Why don’t you come with me then? You can crash on my couch.”

  • you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else by cosetties
    Summary: Isak’s roommate is probably homophobic, or whatever, but that doesn’t stop his crush from forming. 

  • 02:21 by dahlsen 
    Summary: He had been approached by a few guys in the last hours but had sent them all away before he even looked at them. Isak was not interested in guys (okay, yes he was, just not today), he was interested in getting himself drunk enough to forget everything. What if instead of Eskild it’s Even who finds Isak at a gay bar at 2 AM?

  • I’m yours by verlore_poplap
    Summary: Another Friday night, another shitty date.

  • Things Look Different in the Morning by allyasavedtheday  
    Summary: “So,” he says, drawing the word out. “I told Even he could stay here.”Isak blinks, convinced he’s misheard. “Eskild,” he says flatly. “We don’t have a spare room.” Eskild straightens his back, expression turning sheepish. “That’s the other part…I was thinking he could stay in your room?” * In which Even needs a place to stay, kollektivet gains a new roommate, and Isak just really wants to sleep.

  • Never Have I Ever by Sabeley
    Summary: “What’s it like to kiss a boy?“ “I could show you.“ Or the one where Isak and Even are roommates who make out on occasion (in a completely platonic way, of course).

EDIT: Some newer ones!

  • du lyser opp rommet (you light up the room) by hippopotamus
    Summary: Isak has never told his roommate Even that he’s scared of the dark, but Even finds out anyway when there’s a powercut. (He’s also never told his roommate Even that he has a huge crush on him.)

  • almost like calling it love by piginawig
    Summary: fake dating!au; “I have to go to the party,” he stated. “I have to show him that I’m okay, I’m pre-med with perfect grades and yeah, maybe I’m single, but-“ “What if you weren’t single?” Even said suddenly, biting his lip.Isak choked. “Um, what?” “Like, what if you took a boyfriend to the party?” “I don’t have a boyfriend, Even,” he said, frowning. Even didn’t look deterred. “What?” “I could be your boyfriend.” Isak choked again. “Like, pretend,” Even clarified, and Isak felt slightly sick.

  • thought i had you in the palm of my hand that night by hippopotamus
    Summary: Hate to Love!au & uni!au; They’re roommates, and they don’t get on at all. Until they do, at which point Even decides to develop a useless crush.

  • Guess for once i can’t pretend by henriksen
    Summary: Jonas shook his head, “Nah, man. I think Isak’s type is more ‘tall and slender’ than 'strong and muscular’.” Or, Even started to go to the gym and Isak was totally cool with it. Definitely.
In Which James Falls in Love With his Boss and his Boss’ Weird Boyfriend

Barely edited and in a different format and a mostly new perspective? Wooz is doing new things? Whaaaaat? Also, OT3 returneth.

It’s right after a big heist that James discovers that his boss and his boss’ weird friend are in a relationship. He walks into the main room of the safehouse after taking inventory and finds them in a very passionate kiss that James feels should be on the cover for one of his mom’s romance novels. He doesn’t say anything and just turns around and goes back into the other room.

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temporaliter  asked:

after all the garbage, I mean 'news', we've been hearing about s7, do you have any fic recommendations? anything good you've read lately? I'm looking to erase the whole of s7 (and 6 and 5, too, if I'm honest) from my mind :P

Originally posted by britivana

I don’t know what this gif is, but it felt accurate. Here’s a quick list of fix its, old classics that have really stuck in my mind, and a bunch of new stuff. FIC AWAY.

Amazing fix-its season by season

Mickey Mantle vs. the T-Rex, by ZoePlacid, was written between s4 and s5 and it’s so incredibly well written and beautiful. It’s very sad, but hopeful in the best kinda realistic way. Ian/Mickey & Mandy working together.

Once a Gallagher, by merle_p. Great post season 5 fix it, the Gallaghers love Mickey and fight to keep him around. Ian fights for Mickey. Mickey & Lip bonding <3

We’re Not Scared & Familiar by MimiLaRue are two really brilliant post season 5 fix its that I love. Beautifully written and really lovely, and I’m a sucker for the tag ‘magical realism’. 

The New Year by LanJevinson (even though I haven’t read the second part yet because my fragile feels can’t handle it - I need to get a grip) are literally canon for me since I stopped watching the show.

Bunch o’ classic AU

The Halfway House by MintSauce is one of my early absolute favorites, it’s my fic equivalent to comfort food.

Rookie Mistakes by Delgay. Classic hockey AU is classic for a reason

Absolutely everything The Rat has written, but especially Flyboy and the Gearhead (space mechanic Mickey and pilot Ian and probably my favourite fic ever), Make the change (Mickey tries to get laid and Ian drives a cab, I think about this one a lot and my whole brain kinda hums it’s so good) & Test Run (I might be a lil biased, but this Star Wars AU is a triumph) <3 <3 <3 <3 like seriously 

I’d follow your love down a dead end street, by ZoePlacid, 10/10 makes me ugly-cry and 100% my favourite soulmate fic ever. 

Twenty-One, oh man, dystopian future AU. I haven’t read the last part (I have a problem, OK? I need to take my time with things that are long and emotional and brilliant) but yes. Vive la revolution.

Twelve Months. Y’all probably already read everything that Anomalously has written, and I could be recommending A World Alone or The Boyfriend Experience because they’re brilliant. But this is a short beautiful thing that I’ve re-read time and time again and it always makes me feel a little bit better about whatever ails me.

Eighty-four by kissteethstainred, I have a thing for numbers in titles. Judging by the number of kudos likely is you’ve read it, but hey. It’s time-traveling and kismet and a whole lot of warm feels, go on. Re-read it.

Ongoing and new stuff that are really great

Dealbreaker by Gemmavich, really nice AU about a bet but no unnecessary drama and a lot of sexual tension and feelings. (edit: argh I can’t believe I spaced on writing the author’s handle on this one and didn’t notice for so long, I suck)

Backdrifting, by Violet_Jones. Smart and funny about Ian and Mickey breaking up in season 3 and then reconnecting several years down the road.

Rhythm, by ObsidianQuill, is on its last chapter now, can you believe it? Mpreg, but also kind of a season 5 fix it and a really good one at that. 

Mickey Milkovich is Hot, by kubrickpotter, is a sexy, funny, properly well written smutty thing about everyone wanting a piece of Mickey (Carl just found a second dvd, this is gonna be goooood)

Hope is the thing with feathers, by Drago, super cute new AU, Ian buys a couple of birds and gets hung up on the guy selling them.

I’ll keep holding on by GaleTheSnail, canon compliant up to and including 6x1, wip about Mickey and Ian reconnecting after 8 years. Really good read so far.

Just a piece of paper, by PrettyCalypso. I’m slightly obsessed with this story? Mickey gets released early and because of a diagnosis agrees to marry Ian for insurance purposes. It’s a bit bleak, no-nonsense but hopeful, and probably not for everyone (totally get it if no one ever wants to read about Mickey being sick, ever) but I really, really like it.

Kiss your fist and punch me in the mouth by xSheepie. Boxing AU that’s looking real good so far. Mickey is a trainer and Ian has an older boyfriend who is probably about to get royally dumped.

It’s a deal, by shamelesstravesties, sweet high school AU escapism batman. Ian has a shitty boyfriend and, let’s face it, Mickey is irresistible. 

Feels like we only go backwards, by Violentsdelight. Mickey gets out and tries to figure out his life. I know I’ve read the first two chapters but I can’t remember if I’ve read more. I remember it seemed very promising!

The Ex by LivingInWonderland, Ian and Mickey reconnect in New York. It’s heavy on emotion and really takes its time to sort through and mend everything that happened in canon.

There’s probably a lot more but I need to stop at some point : (

Hey canon,

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misssunnysweden  asked:

Excuse me, but the link to "Justice is not a demon unless you make him so" on the Anders defence masterpost leads to a password locked blog. Can you perhaps sum up the arguments?

Ah, balls, that happens sometimes. I’ll see if I can’t find the post on my blog and fix the broken link, although giving a summary might work too haha

(EDIT: I did find the original post on my blog, but this one is far more in-depth, so I’ll keep this one as the link in the masterpost. The original post can be read over here)

If that’s the post I think it is, it was the one that first tied in something Solas said with DA2 and friendship vs rivalry with Anders

Basically, Solas claims that spirits are demons that have been denied their purpose. Personally, I’m inclined to believe him on that, given that he is one of the very few characters with the ability and experience to know such things. So if spirits turn into demons when they are denied their purpose, what does this mean for Justice and Anders?

It’s also important to note the differences between the friendmance and rivalmance for Anders. In the rivalmance (or just the rivalry without romance), Justice takes control more often (one example being that Hawke can nearly convince him to undo whatever he did in the Chantry, but Justice takes over and refuses), and Anders mentions having blackouts that give him blanks in his memory. These events are not shown or even mentioned in the friendlier relationship

Now, some people have argued these things are still happening, he’s just not telling Hawke about it, but a) he’s not a very secretive character (one lie in 6 years, and it’s a pretty shitty and obvious one at that), he has no reason to lie about this, particularly when he feels like Hawke is supportive towards him, and b) what Solas said may be in play here. It stands to reason that these things are not happening because Justice’s nature has changed less, or at least not in the same way

Why? Because of how the rivalry plays out (I admit I’ve never seen the whole thing, and part of me knows I probably should for meta reasons, but the rest of me knows I probably can’t handle it. Look it up on youtube for the scenes, because I am not comfortable going down that road right now). Hawke basically emotionally abuses Anders the whole way through, and constantly tries to convince him that the cause of mages is stupid, and not worth fighting for. That’s he’s wrong about everything, that the Circles are okay, that he’s an abomination and needs to be caged. And because Anders has such a fragile sense of self, he does start to believe it. Hawke keeps insisting he abandon the cause, and part of him starts to want to as a result

This is what causes the conflict with Justice. Justice took on the cause of mage rights when they merged, so when Anders starts to pull away from that, he’s pulling Justice away from it against his will. He’s denying Justice his purpose right then and there. So Justice starts manifesting more often, because he’s now on the path to becoming a demon. He’s frustrated because he can no longer pursue what he set out to fix, and it ends up corrupting him to the point that he begins to forcibly take over against Anders’ will

Meanwhile, in the friendship, Hawke actively encourages Anders, is nice to him, supportive of him and his cause. Anders doesn’t feel torn between the two, and he doesn’t believe he should abandon what he set out to do. Justice is never pulled away from it, and can fulfill his purpose through Anders’ actions without having to interfere (except when Anders is in danger/emotionally compromised)

It’s the difference between Anders and Justice moving towards a healthier, more true merger and Justice heading down the path of becoming a demon and forcibly controlling Anders in order to achieve his goals (goals that used to be theirs). But the important thing here is that which outcome happens depends on how Hawke treats Anders. Hawke’s relationship to and treatment of Anders literally decides whether Justice is still Justice, or if he actually is on his way to becoming Vengeance

So yeah, it’s the player character’s fault if Justice ends up becoming a demon, or at least well on his way there. Because he only does if Hawke tries to force Anders to abandon their cause, denying Justice his purpose, which is perfectly in line with what Solas says about spirits vs demons

no chill

Basically, Dex has a one night stand, Nursey loses his chill (but was it ever really there in the first place?), and even though he’s an idiot, Nursey gets what he wants.


         Nursey is bored as all hell and it’s only 9:00 in the morning. It’s Sunday, so there’s literally nothing to do all day and even though he’s only been up for half an hour, he’s already run out of things to entertain himself with. He decides, as it’s too early in the day to give up, that he should go to Dex’s dorm and pester him into joining Nursey at an all-you-can-eat breakfast bar place. There’s actually a pretty good one down the road from Annie’s that Nursey knows Dex will love.

         So Nursey grabs his keys, his wallet, and his jacket because it’s still kind of cold out, and heads over to Dex’s building. He gets up to Dex’s dorm and knocks twice before yelling that he’s coming in. Dex gave him a key a few months ago, just for emergencies and stuff, but Nursey loves to misuse it and get Dex riled up. Nursey is just wondering what shade of pink Dex will turn when he yells at Nursey for barging in when he sees the shirtless guy in Dex’s bed.

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anonymous asked:

I first sent this to some1 who doesn't like kidfic, so now I'm here. I had a dream about the party coming upon a dying tal-vashoth woman who'd just had a baby and everyone being like "Well, Dorian and Bull can raise it," and Bull is like "????!" but DORIAN is "Yes, give me the baby. Who's my little star, it's you! Biggest baby Pavus in generations, aren't you? Why are you looking at me like that, Bull, make yourself useful and wind this fabric around so my hands are free and the baby is secure."

HELLO ANON YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE, i should just change my blog title to “kidfic <3″ because i think i could probably read and/or write kidfic every day for the rest of my life and be content with my lot in life. this is who i am. it’s who i want to be.

i tend to write bull as liking kids more than dorian but i’m starting to love the opposite (ty for starting me down this road, chaoslindsay), and boy howdy let me tell you i absolutely love this idea. (WHAT A GOOD DREAM BTW.) here are some thoughts i had because i have a lot of feelings okay:

A qunari child would be so outside of Dorian’s childhood expectations for himself, and the demands placed on him by his parents and society, that it’d be easy for him to look at the child and not think immediately of a future where this child would be groomed and molded into the perfect heir, as they tried to do with him. So it’d help to eliminate some of his own unreasonable compunctions, and he’d just be frigging delighted 24/7 with this tiny creature who fits in his arms. A qunari that fits in his arms, who’d have ever thought, whose horns haven’t even started growing in.

And Dorian – who hasn’t maliciously thought of Bull as a beast in years, who hasn’t said the words even jokingly in months – still finds himself struck with what he was taught about the Qunari, what he still thinks when a new Vashoth joins the Inquisition. And now, every time the child opens his wide dark eyes and blinks lazily up at Dorian, every time he seems surprised by his own hands waving in front of his face, every time he laughs and squawks and hiccups after he’s done crying… Dorian thinks he can do better, for this child. He will. 

He rocks the child in his arms late at night and whispers against the tight curls springing out of the sweet crown of his head, coaxes him to sleep for papa, darling, that’s a good boy.


Vivienne is not particularly fond of the mess and chaos that accompanies a child, but she finds Dorian the information he needs, reaches out to her contacts in Rivain for anything on the rearing of qunari children. Sera and Varric are delighted by the child, Sera playing peekaboo with him for what seems to Dorian hours, Varric self-editing his own novels into naptime fare, until the babe yawns and slips under. It takes some time for Dorian to accept what he can’t help but think is charity – until Vivienne tells him one evening over a glass of excellent wine that friendship is not charity, Dorian. Do not think yourself above or undeserving one of the chief tenets of a relationship. And oh, it is a help, because Bull is…

Bull is supportive, and does as Dorian asks him to do. But Bull seems to be all thumbs when it comes to the child. He holds him in stiff arms, glancing down at him with brief looks, never lingering, like he’s checking that the child is still there but doesn’t want to dwell on it either.


Every time Bull looks at the kid, he thinks of the potential children he has who are still under the Qun, who maybe inherited his penchant for caring too much, for going too far, and what happened to them when he went Tal-Vashoth. There’ll be records, people tasked with watching them, if that first pregnancy took then that kid should be old enough to have been in their role for a while. What’d he bring down onto them? His tama didn’t deserve it, she did her best with him; but what about the kids who got whatever desirable traits the tamassrans wanted to breed for – and then the shitty stuff too? It’s not their fault, but it’s on their heads now, whatever insubordination they were born with.

It’s… unsettling then, to be handed this kid with the expectation that he’s not gonna fuck him up.


“What’s his name?” Bull asks quietly, arms still stiff but hand gentle under the child’s head.

Dorian breathes out loudly, half tired laugh, and crosses his arms – and then promptly uncrosses them, concerned the pose makes him look as frustrated as he feels. “Every name I know is Tevinter. I’m not sure that’s appropriate.” Which is true, but also a ploy to force Bull to make some sort of decision – Dorian’s been combating the fear that Bull’s not wanted this since they first agreed to take care of the child, that Bull said yes because it was the right thing to do, because Dorian wanted it, because Bull still stumbles over wanting things for himself…

“Kid needs a name,” Bull says, and he caresses the kid’s temple, the little bump that’ll one day sprout into a horn. “Okay if we call him Felix?”

Dorian can’t speak past the lump in his throat. He tries, an unflattering creak making its way out his mouth, and then he’s nodding, unable to look away from the tenderness in Bull’s touch.

Weird Thoughts

Here is a Mace fic - requested by veryhartistic. This may well turn into a multiparter.

Lies. SFW.

Mamrie has started wearing a black leather jacket.

Grace doesn’t know why, but she really notices it, while she edits her video. Mamrie talks about farts relentlessly, and all Grace can watch is the way that the collar of Mamrie’s jacket moves against the skin of her neck.

That’s a weird thought.

So she finishes the editing, readies it for uploading, and leaves it at that.

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