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Tbh I love your content and personality but what made me wanna message was actually to thank you for inspiring me to go to the gym. I honestly wanna start living a healthy life and be happy and bring happiness to those around me, but I'm also shy of my body because of terrible things I have done to it :^/ I would say it off anon but maybe I'll post a pic once I start to gain confidence ill tag and thank you again. Ps my fave cat Pokémon is Incinaroar cuz I wanna look as confident as they do.

It means so much for me to know that I’ve given you the inspiration to hit the gym! It makes me even happier that you’ve gone through this sort of change, I believe that you can do it! Thank you for taking the time to write this! You have no idea how much I appreciate knowing this! I’m happy for your sake and I hope that it has helped you a lot, my friend! I wish you nothing but luck and that you’re able to achieve your goals as the greatest Incineroar ever!

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Could you write a scenario for Tenya visiting his brother in the hospital but sees a person he doesn't recognize in his brothers room. And after talking with them he realizes thet they're Tensei's s/o. Also have a nice day.

Once I finished writing this, I realized that I changed the setting a bit, I very much hope this is still okay. If not, feel free to request this again. I also hope I could write this well enough and that you’re going to like it! Have a wonderful day as well =)

Iida pauses when he sees the stranger stepping up to his brother’s hospital room. They pause to look at the name tag at the side of the door and Iida clears his throat.

“Excuse me, can I help you? Are you looking for someone?” He asks, a brittle smile on his face. Usually, he would be kinder, more sincere in his smile, but he still feels the despair and fear over his brother clinging to the back of his neck and his stomach is in knots, a faint sense of nausea and shock tingling along his bones and leaving a bitter taste on his tongue.

The stranger looks up in surprise and after a moment, gives him a warm smile, which surprises Iida just as much as the hidden exhaustion he can see in their eyes.

“You must be Tenya, Tensei’s little brother?” They ask and at his confused nod, they give him a small, polite bow.

“I’m his partner. I came as soon as I could once I was notified. This is his room, yes?” They glance at the tag again and worry their lip for a moment. Then they glance at him again. “Would you like to come in too?”

Iida is about to say yes, until he remembers that he has seen his brother already and he will probably appreciate to talk to his partner alone. Clearing his throat a little, he shakes his head.

“No, thank you, I will wait.” Just as Tensei’s partner turns away with a nod, Iida finds himself reaching out, stopping them. A bit of his pain is slipping through when he speaks again. “He’s not…I mean…”

He doesn’t know how to say it. He doesn’t know how to prepare them for the way his brother looks, for the dull expression in his eyes, for fear to become a clinging blanket along limbs. How can he tell them, that he’s worried about his brother and scared for him? How is anyone supposed to fix this? It will be so hard; recovery will take so long…looking at his brother’s partner, the words die in his throat.

They slowly reach out and gently touch his arm; just a light, reassuring pressure and their face is serious.

“I promise, I will be here for him. I won’t leave him alone, no matter how bad it is. With you and his family by his side, I know he’ll recover. And I will be with him as well, as much as he allows me to.” A shadow of a smile appears on their face, though it’s one of the most sincere things Iida has seen in days. “He’ll get back up, I believe in him.”


binnie will always be better at 4-cut selcas than me

my favourite time of the month has arrived once again, so here I am, next to the most beautiful boy alive!! why am I still comparing myself to moonbin, i don’t understand

also catch me wearing bin’s colour!!


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halla you guys! ok so this is kind of a specific request?? so its ok if you don't know many, but I was curious if there were any fics where the boysquad finds out about evak by walking in on them like holding hands or kissing or something? Thank youuuuuu!!!

Hi, dear!

The only fic I can think of with this scenario (aka the boys find out about Isak and Even being together by accident) is the one below. Specifically, it happens in Chapter 5

  • love and condoms by evenbakkas
    Summary: Isak was about turn on his heels and say “Fuck it” and go home, when a tall, slender-looking boy approached him from down the aisle. Shit. “Finding everything okay?” he asked once he reached Isak, his face entirely consumed by his smile. Judging from his choice of clothing, the boy definitely worked here. And, by the black letters scribbled on his name tag, the boy’s name was Even. Great.. Or: Isak owes Eskild a favor and Eskild sends him out to buy condoms where he runs into a tall boy who is a little too eager to help him. 

No problem! I hope you enjoy ♥


this is pretty rushed and its A BIT too late for this to be a 5/20 drawing but i love narancia and i hope he had a good birthday wherever he is <3

Ohmygosh SO many of the tags on that post of mine are things along the lines of ‘I used to have a Sonic OC’ ‘maybe I can use them’ or ‘I haven’t thought about my OCs in years’ and things to that effect.

SEE? THIS. THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT! Look around you! Look at how many people are suddenly thinking about the OCs they made when they first got into Sonic and it’s not necessarily with shame and revulsion… it’s suddenly with NEW APPRECIATION. All these people who had OCs, once upon a time, but who probably put them aside out of shame because of the stigma surrounding it.

Now SEGA has said ‘Hey! No, that’s okay! Your OCs are valid and awesome! Make them! They can do what you always dreamed of and help Sonic save the world! They’re canon! They’re in the story! They’re important!’

And suddenly all these fans are rising from the depths, shedding the shame and embarrassment and thinking ‘Maybe that OC is okay after all..?’and ‘I should revamp them and try again…’

THIS is how it’s going to change things! THIS is why it’s important! THIS is what I’m so thankful to SEGA for!

So, again and again, thank you, SEGA. For giving us the one thing the Sonic fandom has needed for years.

Acknowledgement that this is 100% acceptable and okay. ♥


Pictures of Cheritz’s newest merch: body pillow covers featuring the Defender of Justice 707 and Mr. Trust Fund Kid, Jumin Han. 

Themes are above, and are ‘Seductive Butler 707′ and ‘Possessive Jumin in a suit’. 

Interesting that Cheritz created 707′s off the fan poll, but there’s no mention of that for Jumin…and ‘provocatively disheveled looks’, Cheritz, you’re killing me. 

the wardrobe

James: Look at him being all “I’m a cool teacher”. Wanker.

Lily: Shut up you are just jealous.

James: Jealous? Jealous?! He became everything we hated Lils.

Lily: You are as dramatic as Sirius today Jamie.

James: Ooh, the Longbottom kid is first, I bet he is afraid of Augusta, Merlin knows Frankie was.

Lily: Did he just say-

James: Oh yes he did. That bastard bullied that kid so much, he became his biggest fear.

Lily: I- I’m-

James: I’m so excited! He is gonna make Snivellus look like Augusta, I remember that red handbag!

*Wands at the ready, Remus opens the wardrobe Snape walks out*

Lily: *watching warily* He looks so different, like he is taller.

James: It’s because the poor kid is scared of him shitless, Riddikulus Neville come on.

*Riddikulus and Snape is now wearing Augusta’s clothes*

James: *doubles over laughing* Moony– You– legend.

Lily: *tries not to laugh, fails* If Severus hears this–

James: *still laughing* Moony doesn’t give a fuck.

Lily: *grinning* I can see that.

James: Merlin– that hat. It suits him well. *tries to regulate his breath*

Lily: *smiling* That smirk on Harry’s face is all too familiar. 

James: Like father, like son.

*Boggart morphs into a mummy in front of Parvati*

James: That Parvati girl did well! 

Lily: Oh my– Seriously Seamus, a banshee?

James: I mean, kid has a point, that thing is scary.

*Dean walks up to the wardrobe*

Lily: A severed hand, like the one from the Addams Family?

James: From the what?

Lily: Don’t worry about it, Muggle thing. 

James: I know most Muggle things.

Lily: *disappointed* I never had the time to show you this one.

James: *changes the subject* Oh, Ronniekins of course has spiders for Boggarts.

*Harry walks up to the wardrobe, wand at the ready, looking excited*

Lily: It’s Harry’s turn, what if–

James: It wouldn’t assume his form Lils

Lily: But

*Remus throws himself in front of the Boggart*

Lily: Of course, it’s the full moon. 

James: The one thing he is scared of. 

Lily: He probably thought what we thought, still protective of the fawn.

James: Well, of course he is, don’t you remember how scared he was when he first held him?

Lily: *with a smile* Of course, I do

James: Well at least there’s someone who’s looking out for him now.

Lily: Soon, he will have Sirius back, too.

James: If the idiot doesn’t get himself locked up for committing the murder he was locked up for.

Lily: Well, that’s a possibility but Remus is sensible, I trust him.

*cue to the scene where Remus says “together” and Lily just stares at the camera like she’s in the office*

Lily: Have you ever seen a Boggart?

James: Yeah, once when I was 18 and I couldn’t do shit until my mum came and found me.

Lily: What did you see?

James: All of you guys were de-

Lily: *looking away* Oh, I- I see.

James: Those are foul creatures Lils, I’m actually glad Moony stopped Harry from facing his Boggart. 

Lily: Me, too. 


i got commissioned back in feb for some quick busts of sock from welcome to hell and i figure now that they’ve actually been paid off i can probably share these here

Regarding Chubby MC ask...

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but

in a little under 2 months, I managed to get 10,000 notes on this thing! @_@

It’s amazing how quickly it increased, I planned to start working on this once it was at 9,850 and somehow before I could even get it done, it hit 10,200+

Not only that

1000 followers….I had like, under 200 before this I’m quite sure. Gais. Wowe.

I’m pretty sure that’s the fault of our sweet but insecure chubby little MC. People have confessed it.

I don’t know if you guys know but I love looking at your reblogs and comments, and reply as much as I can. I never had anything so popular before so I treasure such little things <3 And I love looking at your insane tags. I even save them.

if you look closely you’ll even see that’s at 71 (tho it’s not just chubby MC they’re just my fave tags)

It’s really flattering for me since my work was never that popular uwu;; Because of chubby MC some of you have sent me asks just to say thanks, shared your stories and thoughts, and some have even shown interest in my OCs. *cries, I am a proud author-sama .>_<.*

So I wanted to say something to Chubby MC, which I think Chubby MC and I would also like to say to all of you.

Hope you all find the love Chubby MC got from you guys in your personal lives too!

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"I can start with how I went to marine science camp as a kid and end with that time I accidentally brought a flamethrower into the county courthouse" --- PLEASE EXPLAIN IM SO CONFUSED D:

So, when I was a kid, my parents worked full time, so during the summer, my sister and I were enrolled in day-camp so we’d be adequately tired when we got home, and my FAVORITE  camp was Marine Science Camp, run by MSI on the banks of redwood creek, right off the San Francisco bay.  It was AWESOME: we got to dissect squid, there was a literal shark tank, which we got to fish leopard sharks out of and Tag Them For Scientific Research, ad we’d go out on the boat once a week and do things like haul a net full of fish out, use a scoop to study benthic creatures and look at plankton under a microscope.  I realize now we were essentially doing transects, dissections and other field/lab work for a bunch of grad students but it was FUN.  

I totally wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up and would tell anyone who asked me what I was into about nematocyts and oceanic acidification until The Adult realized their mistake and fled.

At the same time, I was pursing an aggressive interest in the visual arts, which my parents heavily encouraged, becuase they are excellent parents and because it;s was a QUIET hobby unlikely to result in bodily harm, unlike my sister, who got into karate and Theater, which is a surprising dangerous combination.

But then i got to college and realized an issue with this plan: I, hands down, SUCK at chemistry.  I did okay in into becuase I’m great at taking standardized tests, and the teacher got suspended halfway through the semester for getting into a fistfight with another prof for poaching his grad student, but Organic Chemistry was a disaster.  I’ve never been good at arithmetic, and balancing chemical equations is something i need the dang molecule models for. So marine bio was a No-Go.

So I switched my major over to Art, which turned out to be kind of a disaster (the school managed to lose an entire semester of my grades because the Art Department kept really sloppy records and i ended up dropping out and resuming college elsewhere) and AMAZING, becuase I took a human figure drawing course with professor [REDACTED] who announced on the third day of class:  “SWEET THE FOOLS JUST GAVE ME TENURE.  CAN’T FIRE ME NOW, SO LEMME SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE A FLAMETHROWER”

The thing she actually taught us was how to modify a culinary butane torch to empty the canister at a much higher rate than any manufacturer anywhere recommends, which gives you and AWESOME bigass jet of blue flame, but only lasts about 30 seconds per container.  She also showed us how to make bandeliers so we could carry multiple containers, “just in case”.

In more practical lessons, we were in class when the first gov’t shutdown happened, so we didn’t have money for models, so she oped to bring in various animals for us to draw instead.  there was the usual cats and dogs, but also chickens, horses, a farm hog, a 12-foot Burmese Python and a baby deer that had been abandoned on her porch.  It was really fun, both becuase animals are amazing, and becuase they don’t hold still, so you learn to draw REAL FAST, which is a skill that’s served me well since.

A few years later, I was summoned for Jury Duty, and had to show up at the courthouse for selection.  HOWEVER, I’d put my usual bag in the wash the previous night, so I grabbed my old school backpack to take with me because I knew I had a sketchbook in there to amuse myself with.

I forgot I also had my flamethrower in there.

I live in a pretty low-crime area, so the metal detectors are actually pretty far into the building- you don’t get scanned until you’re actually going into the courtroom.  So for about three hours beforehand, I was sitting in the hallway having a Nice Chat with one of the state park rangers and the CEO of the local call center.  We get called in, and as we walk through, my backpack sets off the alarm.

“Fuck.” I say abruptly remembering what would have set it off.

“Do you have anything metal in your backpack?” the security guy asks me.  I think he was expecting me to say glasses.

“I forgot that I have my flamethrower in here. I’ll just leave this outside.”  I explain, hoping I’m not about to be arrested.

“Please open your bag or leave it outs- your WHAT?”  Dude stops halfway through his routine.

“Flamethrower.  I made it in art class and will definitely be leaving it here.” I say, carefully putting my bag on the table, zipper open , and pointing at the small butane torch.  The guard looks at it, looks at me (pls note, I am small, white, feminine and conventionally attractive so YOU BET privilege was happening here), before deciding that Art People Are Dumb and waving me in after wanding me to make sure I hadn’t accidentally brought anything else in my pockets.

I was not selected for jury duty.

In other news, I still have it, and it still works.  I use it for mass-toasting creme brulee.


PJO // HoO cast size / height comparison chart

for the purpose of finally getting some full body practice!!
These guys’ proportions are important to me.

Art by me
Do not edit or redistribute on other websites without my permission.