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Midnight Reminiscing: ReggiexReader! PART ONE.

hey guys, this is a multi-part mini fic :) please leave feedback in my ask!

Summary: Reggie and (Y/N) reminisce about their sophomore relationship at a senior year house party. 

(GIF not mine, credit to @netflixuniversity. I know its a Zach Dempsey gif btw)

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Our Little Monster

Request: Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimic him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all?

I stir the pot of spaghetti sauce with the wooden spoon and sway my hips to a light tune I hum. Suddenly I cease my stirring and humming at a crash. “Boy? What was that?” I yell from the kitchen.

Quick footsteps and scuffles are heard. Not soon after Jerome hurries in with our son in his arms with a smile. I cross my arms and look at both of them. “What did you two break?”Jerome laughs “Noting doll.” My son wiggles around slightly. Now I know he’s hiding something.

I walk over to (s/n) and pick him up in my arms. “You have something to tell me baby boy?” He stares into my eyes and hugs me. “Daddy did it.” He laughs into my shirt.

I look up at Jerome with narrow eyes. “I thought we were a team! Come on (s/n)! Don’t turn soft on me now!” Jerome says dramatically throwing his arms everywhere.

(S/n) gets out of my arms and runs to Jerome’s legs hugging them. “I’m not daddy. I promise. I’ll never be a cog! I’ll always be free!” Such a daddy’s boy.

I walk into the living room and see nothing shattered on the floor. “See? Nothing. Right buddy?” “Right!” Our boy cheers.

I look upon the floor and see little specks of glass leading to the coat closet. I turn to them again to see their nervous faces quickly change to happy innocent ones. “Boys. Are you sure you didn’t break anything?” They shake their heads. “So when I open this door I won’t find anything out of the ordinary?” Once again they shake their heads.

I nod and open the door seeing a vase my mother gave me at my wedding. “Jerome! My mother gave this to us!” (S/n) runs over and looks at it. “Grandmother has hideous taste.” Jerome laughs and mumbles “trust me buddy I know.”

I groan and pull the light switch and instead of the light coming on… a body falls down. A girl. A teenager. “Oh my gosh! Is that Molly?” I turn around and see Jerome looks slightly too happy.

This girl was the most sweetest and innocent babysitter I’ve ever met! How could this happen? “Jerome how could you do this? Why?” Jerome puts his hands up laughing. “I can’t take credit for this one baby. Look at our little monster for guilt.”

I land on my knees and look at my son seeing him smile. “(S/n), baby, did you kill Molly?” He nods and laughs. “She kept stealing our things! And she wouldn’t give me a cookie! She always talked about daddy saying how he was handsome! I wasn’t going to let that whore take my daddy!” I stare at my son in shock.

Then I pulled him into my arms and hug him laughing. “You are just like your father I swear.” I laugh and go to Jerome. “Welcome to the family business my boy.” Jerome says and kisses my head.

|A Theory pt 3|


GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: Simply put: Shit gets REAL dolls. I was editing this while getting myself all pretty for my prom tomorrow and I was cackling all the while. Don’t kill me. Enjoy~Kae

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“So who goes first?” I heard Youngjae whisper in my ear, his hands still firmly on my hips.


“I don’t even think the brat can handle anymore. She looks about ready to pass out and we haven’t done anything” Jinyoung quipped.

“I can handle a lot more than you think” I growled before I could stop myself, removing myself from Youngjae’s hold and turning back around to face to men behind me.

Jinyoung’s statement brought me back to Jimin’s own earlier and I felt an immediate surge of anger. I wasn’t some innocent school girl, I was a grown woman and I’ll be damned if I allowed them to look at me in any other way. Unfortunately for me, they heard me.

“What was that princess?” Jaebum asked, face set.

“I’m not some innocent schoolgirl. I can handle a lot more than you think”.

I felt two fingers on either side of my lower jaw lifting my face up to look at the owner of the fingers. Jackson was looking down at me with dark eyes and, with a very fluid motion, he gripped the curve of my ass pulling me against him.

“Repeat what you just said”.

His words were blunt, dominant and  filled me with such a longing to submit to him that I’ve never felt before. My pride, however, wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“I said-”

“I heard full well what you said. I was just giving you the opportunity to correct yourself. But since you didn’t take that opportunity” He punctuated that statement by grabbing my ass roughly. 

“Let me make something clear to you” He turned me around immediately, hands tugging my hips back into his and his very obvious arousal.

Everyone in the room could sense that the playful Wang Puppy was gone.

“You haven’t seen any of what I can do. Until you successfully spend one night with me, taking what I give you, how I give it to you then those words are not to leave your lips again. Am I clear?”. His tone was authoritative and left absolutely no room for argument. 

I agree to what he says right now. Or else. I took a deep breath before slowly letting my insecurities fade away as much as possible.

“Yes” I breathed.

I felt his breath ghost over my ear hotly as he whispered “good girl”.

“I’m curious now” Youngjae mused just as Jackson leaned against the wall, pulling me to lay back on him.

“Yeah? About what?” I asked, proud of myself for forming words in this blissed out state.

“What your limits are” He began nonchalantly, pausing to walk toward me.

When he reached me, he began messing with the hem of the thin shirt I wore, before leaning down to my height.

“More specifically, if you’ll let me push them” Youngjae spoke in a sweet voice.

That sweet voice, however, was promising dirty, dirty things. But when Youngjae leaned down to press a heated sensual kiss to my lips, I knew that I was all fucking for whatever that voice was promising.

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All I Need

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“throw your keys in the bowl, kiss your husband goodnight”

House of Cards - Radiohead

(exo x reader)

(2.1k words)

WARNINGS: angst, swearing, smut in later chapters, cheating, alcohol

A/N: I’m sorry I am straight trash and haven’t touched this story in so long! That will change though I have a goal to finish this and a lot of free time rn so!!! I hope you like and let me know what you think??? oh and please if you haven’t read this in order from the first part!!

first part    -     second part      -       third part    -    last part

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la douleur exquise (5)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


‘Do not look in front of you, do not look in front of you.’

I repeated to myself. I figured I would be okay if I just stared out of the window gazing at the view passing by, but I was not. It’s been close to 30 minutes now and I have concluded that I have never felt this awkward before in my entire life.

The smell of Sehun’s cologne wafted over to me, invading all of my senses. I was completely surrounded by him and I began to feel like I couldn’t breathe. I’ve been wanting to open the window for the longest time but I did not have the will to move my arm to the switch on the door. 

The silence was deafening, it was too quiet. I was too afraid to move, the slightest of sounds would draw Sehun’s eyes back to me. I began to take in shallow breaths in order for my breathing to become even more silent, my leg slowly began to shake and I felt like I wanted a hole to appear beneath me and swallow me up.

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Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

I Bought You Something

Anon: Got7’s Youngjae, you, and toys

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Youngjae (GOT7)/Reader

Word Count: 2,117

Summary: Youngjae has been to the store. What could he have possibly gotten for you?

“Babe! I’m home!” I heard the door shut in the front of the apartment along with the rustle of some plastic bags.

“In the bedroom, Jae!” I called from my little nest I had made on the bed, book in my hands. I heard him padding through the apartment before he poked his head into the bedroom. He let out a chuckle when he saw how bundled up I was. I set my book down, smiling up at my puppy like boyfriend as he skipped over to the bed, dropping the bags on the ground and tackling me in a hug.

“I missed you!” he cooed. I giggled, ruffling his hair.

“I missed you too baby. I’ve been thinking of you all day.” He sat back on his knees, looking me deep in the eyes.

“Have you really?” His voice was suddenly quiet, which was a bit unusual for him, especially for right when he got home. He leaned forward quickly and pressed a very firm kiss to my lips. I kissed him back out of reflex, but was still perplexed at the sudden change in his demeanor. He ended the kiss as suddenly as he started it, sitting back again. “I’ve been thinking of you too, baby. I have somethings for you.” I smiled up at him, but it quickly fell when I saw the smirk on his face.

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Under Attack

Request: Could I request number 5 with Chen from EXO? I really love your blog! :D I check it all the time.

5) It’s you and your bias’ hundred day anniversary. What do you do?

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo’s Chen x Y/N

Type: Fluff

My feet were heavy as they climbed the stairs to the Exo dorm. I had worked an entirely too long shift at the office today, holding on to the hope that a sudden schedule wouldn’t pop up and sweep Jongdae away on our anniversary. The lack of cars in the parking lot wasn’t a very promising sight as I continued my trek, grumbling to myself along the way. 

I arrived on the floor where the boys lived and heaved a deep breath. There was a piece of paper taped to the door and I rolled my eyes before I could even read it. I’m sure it was some kind of quickly scribbled plea for me not to kill him, but Jongdae would be gone. 

“Unlocked” it read simply. 

I tilted my head and looked up and down the hall. I felt like this was a trap. 

My hand slowly closed around the doorknob and I gave it a gentle push. The door slid open without any hesitation. I don’t know why, but I was surprised, even though the note had read of the obvious expectation.

I stuck my face into the entryway before I granted my body entrance. Something was weird. There were no sounds emanating from any area of the dorm. On a normal day, screeches, arguments, and singing could be heard from nearly every corner of the apartment. 

I popped off my shoes and tiptoed toward the living area where I stopped cold. A smile quickly spread on my lips as I stared at the very Jongdae setup before me. All of the cushions had been taken from the couches, and with the help of a few blankets, a fort stood in the middle of the room. There was a small trail of daisies trickling from where I was standing to the fort. 

I walked gingerly through the daisies and poked my head into the fort. I had expected to see a grinning Jongdae, but instead saw a small pallet sat on the floor of the fort, along with a pile of some of my favorite snacks. There was also a string of christmas lights hanging vicariously along different cushions. 

“Ouch,” I grumbled. I had leaned down on something hard plastic. I looked down to see a pink nerf gun placed by my knees with a small note. 

“This gun with ammo is yours, I have one too and you are under attack as of 5, 4, 3, 2…”

I felt a pop on my butt and I spun around, nearly taking down half of the fort. 

I glared out of the fort and saw Jongdae sprinting past, laughing maniacally. 

“Oh you are dead!” I shouted, grabbing my nerf gun and springing into action. I ran after Jongdae and quickly realized he had disappeared. I began to walk slowly, listening to every creak the dorm made. 

I walked along the edge of the hallway, going into 007 mode. 

“Jongdaaaae,” I cooed, walking slowly, trying to keep my footprints stealthy. 

“You’ll never take me alive!” he yelled, sprinting by me the opposite way, shooting behind him. A few of the nerf pellets hit me in the arm and face. 

“Jongdae!” I screeched, falling down in the hall in mock pain. I winced and grabbed at my arm as I flopped on the floor. I squinted my eyes and watched Jongdae turn around quickly, his eyes growing wide. He slowly tread back toward me and knelt in front of me. 

“Jagi, I’m sorry, I didn’t think they’d actually hurt you, are you-” he said quickly, trying to pull me into his arms. 

“You’re so gullible Chen,” I chuckled, shooting a nerf bullet at his forehead. I sprang up from the floor and ran toward the living room. 

It took him a moment to realize what had happened before Jongdae also sprang up from the floor and followed me. To my chagrin, he was much faster than I was and I quickly felt his arms wrap around my waist as I was lifted from my run and flew through the air. 

“You’ll never be able to get away from me,” he chuckled, peppering kisses on my neck from behind. He placed my feet back on the ground and waddled us towards the fort. “Happy anniversary Y/N.”

“Happy anniversary,” I repeated, climbing into the fort. He slithered in behind me and quickly pulled me onto his lap once we were situated. 

“One hundred days,” he whispered, cuddling me into his arms. 

“One hundred days,” I sighed. “And it’s the first time you got all of the boys out of the dorm.”

“I had to buy them all movie tickets,” Jongdae sighed. “Do you know how much eight movie tickets cost these days?”

“What movie did they see?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“The longest one I could find…we have approximately two hours and eight minutes,” he chuckled, nuzzling closer into my neck. 

“I love you Jondae,” I giggled, taking his head in my arms. I paused for a moment, realizing what I had just said. Jongdae’s head sprang up and he looked at me blankly, his eyes searching mine. 

“You love me?” he whispered. “But…but…why?”

“Why?” I said breathlessly. “I tell you I love you and you ask why?”

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. “I love you too, that’s obvious, you should know that, but why, why do you love me? I’m such a pain…and I’m gone with schedules all the time…and”

“Hey,” I whispered, taking his face in my hands. “Have you ever made out in a pillow fort?” 

“Well, no…” he muttered, his thoughts still speeding through his head. 

“Well, I would love to kiss you,” I said quietly. “Because I love you so entirely, that that is all I think about constantly. Kissing my beautiful, talented, caring, intelligent boyfriend.” 

Chen looked down, a small smirk on his face. 

“Look at me,” I whispered. His eyes found their way back to mine. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said quietly, emotion filling his voice. 

His lips crashed into mine and sent me backwards. He placed me gently on the pallet we were laying on and angled himself to lay by my side, sliding his hand up to my cheek. He balanced with the other and worked his lips rhythmically over mine. 

I felt his fingers tickle at my hips, causing me to giggle. Chen took advantage of my open mouth and slid his tongue in, halting his tickling only when I accepted the situation and kissed back. 

“I love you,” he whispered against my lips. “God, I love you. It feels so good to say…maybe I’ll just say it non stop until it sinks in that you love me.”

“So, when I call you in the morning,” I said quietly. “And I ask, ‘Hey Chen, do you have any plans for today…your answer will be?’”

A smile blazed across his face as he nodded, “I love you.”

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He Must Be Safe

Author’s Note: Here is my first Seduce Me Fanfic and I hope that someone likes it. If you have any requests, please message me and I’ll try to write it and credit you for your idea unless you don’t want me to. :)

He Must Be Safe

Summary: Before Seduce Me 2 and the ending with Sam. Mika is alone at home missing Sam, more than usual when she distracts herself with TV, breaking news comes to her and she loses herself and control.

Mika’s POV:

I watch as the clock ticks by as I miss Sam hugging me and kissing me. I don’t know why, but I’m missing him more than usual. It’s true that I always miss him, but today wasn’t a good day at work and I felt really lonely. I decided to distract myself with some TV while I wait for him to come home. He’s going to be pretty late tonight though because he called me and said he had to take a last minute call. I held back about telling him how much I needed him to comfort me, after all he would be home soon. I got up from the stairs of the mansion and make my way towards our bedroom. I put on my pjs quickly and jump in bed cuddling up in my fuzzy blanket as I turn on the TV. Once the tv turns on, I almost change the channel when I read BREAKING NEWS because I don’t need any more sad things to ruin my day more. Out of curiosity, I read the headline quickly and it shows, 4 policemen killed in a neighborhood shooting. My heart rate increases dramatically when I realize Sam might be there and I quickly grab my phone to call him. I dial his number as I fast as I can manage through my hand shaking.

I repeat aloud to myself, “please pick up, please pick up, Sam! Sam!”’

The phone goes directly to voicemail as Sam says, “sorry, I’m probably busy right now, try to call you later, if I’m feeling up to it.” I felt the tears swell in my eyes as I leave a message feeling the lump in my throat getting heavier.

I say barely, “Sam, it’s me, I’m just making sure you’re safe, please call or text ASAP, I really miss you and love you.” I hang up and hope that he is safe and sound. My heart gets heavy at the thought of losing Sam, I look at my hand to see my ring. I kiss the green diamond reminding me of him. I remember how happy he was asking me and I felt like I was flying as he asked me on the roof on our mansion.That was always the place I felt so safe especially with his arms wrapped around my waist. The roof was where we shared our second kiss, it’s what I imagined my first kiss to be like.

Suddenly I hear my phone ring and without a second thought, I answer with a shaky, “h-hello.” I don’t even look at the caller ID because all I want it to be is Sam to tell me he is safe and sound.

Naomi answers with a cheerful, “hey,” as she always does. She continues and says, “something wrong?”

I break down over the phone and say, “Sam isn’t answering and I was watching the news and it has a report that 3 policemen have got s-shot and I really hope it’s not S-Sam!” I start to weep and can’t hold it in any longer, my hands began to shake again and I can barely think straight.

Naomi quickly responds, “I’ll be over right away and don’t worry, I’m sure Sam is alright.” She hangs up and I’m sure she is right. After all, he is the strongest demon of the Incubus brothers. He is one of the highest chiefs too, so even not as a demon he is very strong. Still, I can’t help, but worry and worry about where he is, I miss him and love him so much. I don’t know if I can love someone as much I loved him. He was all my firsts for romantic interactions, first holding hands, first kiss, first boyfriend, I lost my virginity to him and I regret nothing. No, no I didn’t lose him, he is alive, he has to be. I hear a knock at the door and I wipe away my remaining tears, although I know I won’t be able to stop crying till I see him again. I walk fast and open the door and see a happy Naomi.

She smiles a bright smile and says, “hey, Mika,” I motion for her to come in. I close the door and when I finish she hugs me and breathe in and out. Her embrace is warm, but nothing compared to Sam’s. I still hold her though and take a calming breath. I pull away slowly and trying to give a small smile. I go quickly to the bedroom to see if there is any new news on the story. I sit down in the bed when Naomi comes in.

She frowns slightly and says, “you know, you shouldn’t torture yourself with watching this.” I look at her and try to make myself turn the tv off, but I can’t tear myself away since it’s really the source of answers if Sam is possibly okay or not. She comes and sits next to me and takes the tv remote from me gently and turns it off. I completely lose it and start to feel the tears come in my eyes again as I worry about Sam more.

I quickly mumble, “please don’t, it’s the only way I can find answers.”

She sighs a worried sigh and says, “I know, but as you watch the numbers go up, the more you will worry that one of the numbers is Sam.” I know she is right, but I can’t find it in my shaking body to listen to her, I only can hear all the unanswered questions in my head. Like, is Sam okay? What if he is injured? What if he died? What if he is paralyzed? What if I never see him again? What if he is gone forever? I instantly start sobbing as I ask myself these horrible questions. Naomi puts her arms around me again and I can’t even find the strength to hold her back. I feel my body tremble and shake and my heart pound faster as I think about Sam being gone. I hear the door open and I pull myself away from Naomi and run to see who it is. It has to be Sam, it must be, he is alive. I look up and see Suzu and I feel myself fall to my knees. My vision goes completely blurry and I put knees closer to me. Throughout my sobbing, I barely can hear Suzu and Naomi talking.

Suzu says worried, “oh shit, what’s wrong?” I can’t even bother to answer her and continue to sob harder as I know Sam could be gone.

Naomi speaks quietly as she holds me trying to somehow comfort me, “sorry Suzu, Mika is really worried about Sam and she probably thought it was him.”

Suzu hugs me too and says trying to be reassuring, “Sam is a badass, I’m sure he is perfectly okay. That explains why you wanted me to come over right away, Naomi.” I try to find some comfort from them, but all I want to know that Sam is okay. I want him to hold me letting me feel his warmth from his body. I close my eyes trying to imagine Sam calling me doofus and saying he loves me, I hear his sweet voice in my head and almost have a small smile on my face.

I breathe in and out wiping away my tears and hug Naomi and Suzu and say, “thanks, you guys are the best.”

Naomi blushes slightly and says, “thanks, but we really didn’t do anything.”

I smiled slightly and say, “really, I’m sure Sam is alright. You guys can leave if you want.”

Naomi and Suzu nodded, but Suzu asked, “if you don’t mind me asking, what changed your mind that Sam was really okay?”

I looked at my feet feeling a little embarrassed and sighed, “well I don’t know, I guess hearing Sam’s voice in my head, helped.”

Suzu teased, “oh really, what was he saying?”

Before I could answer Naomi replied, “that’s enough, Suzu I’m sure Mika has been through enough without all your teasing.”

I smile and say, “well guys, it’s getting late you guys can go home, I know Sam is alright.”

Naomi smiles back and says, “well if you need anything, just call us and we will come back.” I nod and waved goodbye to Suzu and Naomi. I decided to go back to my bedroom. I settle under the blankets and turn the tv on, but quickly change the channel and put on Netflix. I decide to put on Fruits Basket since I needed something happy to put my mood up. Rather quickly, I fall asleep.

Sam’s POV:

I’m finally home, I decided to get her some flowers and chocolates and just told her I would be home late. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did, but I wanted to get her favorite flowers and chocolates. My phone even died while walking out. I walk to the door and was about to get out my keys when I realized the door was unlocked. I opened the door and locked it behind me. I walked to our bedroom where I see Mika wrapped up in her blanket watching Fruits Basket, typical. I smile as I see her sleeping and I put down the flowers and chocolate and decide to let her sleep. I turn off the tv and climb into the bed. Out of habit, I pull her close to me and almost fall asleep when she startles awake.

Mika’s POV:

I open my eyes slightly when I feel Sam pull me close to him.

I say sleepily, “Sam is that you?”

He quickly says, “yes, doofus.” I roll over so he lets go and I smile through tears. I pull him close to me, he settles into my warmth, but pulls me closer.

He says concerned, “why are you crying?”

I kiss his nose and say, “I just was really worried about you.”

Faint: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Can I have a Draco x Reader romance imagine where Draco finds the reader passed out after a match against Hufflepuff and after bringing her to the hospital wing he confesses his love to the unconscious reader but when he isn’t looking she smiles a bit.

Warnings: malnutrition, (when you can’t find any gifs you like so you make your own)


I had barely sat down at the table for breakfast before I feel myself being yanked back up and out of my chair.

“Pansy, wait I haven’t eaten anything yet!” I call to her.

“Well, grab an apple and let’s go! We’ve got to hurry if we want good seats,” she yells, still tugging my arm. I quickly stuff an apple into my pocket and follow her outside. Today was Slytherin’s first match of the season, and they were playing Hufflepuff. Pansy always liked to sit in the front row, to make sure Draco could see her cheering for him while he played. 

We make our way down to the pitch and I feel the cold of the winter setting in with the snow falling around me. I tighten my green and silver scarf around my neck and pull my gloves out of my pockets and onto my stiffening fingers, rubbing the blood flow back into them. 

Pansy and I get to our usual seats in the middle of the front row in Slytherin’s section and sit down, cuddling close for warmth, and I completely forget about my hunger, too distracted by the cold. The match is about to begin, and the Slytherin team makes their way out onto the field. My eyes search their faces until it finds the one I’m looking for. His white-blonde head turns in my direction and we make eye contact, and I see the beginnings of a smile play on his lips. He winks at me and I feel a warmth rush to my cheeks.

The match begins, and Pansy is standing and screaming her head off next to me, cheering for our team (but mostly Draco). I watch the match intently, studying the quickness of each player as they intercept and pass the quaffle between them. There’s so much activity on the field, and it’s starting to make me a little dizzy from watching so closely.

“MALFOY HAS SEEN THE SNITCH, AND HE’S OFF, SUMMERBY CLOSE ON HIS TAIL!” I hear Lee Jordan announce, and my eyes immediately lock on Draco as he flies after the little golden ball. Summerby is close behind him, but Draco’s hand is only inches from the snitch.

“Come on, Draco, you’ve got this,” I mutter under my breath, clenching my fists on the railing in front of me. He gives a final spurt of power and his fist closes around the wings of the ball.


I jump to my feet cheering, too fast and feel my knees buckle. I look up and see Draco staring at me as my vision goes black.

An enormous grin spreads on his face as his hand closes around the wings of the little golden ball. He immediately looks back toward the Slytherin section, eyes searching for (Y/N), wanting to know if she was watching. He sees her get to her feet cheering… but she begins to sway and the look on her face changes from one of exhilaration to one of immense fatigue. Suddenly she’s not standing anymore. He is by her side in an instant.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) are you okay?” Pansy asks, holding her unconscious best friend. Draco swoops in and lands right next to her.

“What happened?!” He asks, fear in his voice.

“I don’t know, she just passed out, and she hit her head on the bench when she fell.”

“Did she eat anything this morning?” Draco yells in Pansy’s face.

“I–I don’t think she did.”

“Take this,” he growls, holding his broom out to her. She takes it from him, as he lifts (Y/N) into his arms. “I’m taking her to the Hospital Wing. MOVE!” He yells at the smaller students around him, and they clear a path for him immediately. Draco carries her all the way to the room and lays her down on the white bed, as he explains what happened to Madam Pomfrey as she tended to her wounds.

“Is it alright if I stay with her?” he asks.

“You have five minutes, Mr. Malfoy. But she needs rest, so if you become a disturbance, I will not hesitate to throw you out,” she explains with a warning look on her face.

“I’ll be quiet,” he promises, as he takes a seat next to (Y/N)’s bed. After a few moments, he slowly reaches towards her delicate hand, picking it up and holding it between his two slightly larger ones.

“For the love of Merlin, (Y/N), please be alright,” he says under his breath, his voice cracking slightly. “I need for you to be alright. I can’t bare this world without you in it… I need you here. I love you, (Y/N).”

“It’s time for you to go now, Mr. Malfoy,” he hears Madam Pomfrey say. He gently places (Y/N)’s hand back on the bed, but before going, he leaves a gentle kiss on her forehead.

And as he turns away, a small, peaceful smile appears on her lips

Complete (Part 2)

Pairing: Reader/Calum Hood

Words: 2000+

Request: No

Rating: R

At about eight o’clock the wind picked up, and by nine it had turned into a gale. The tress in the park bowed their heads, and some branches broke off. Grey clouds scudded across the sky, making it seem as dark as night, and the wind howled like a wolf.

I stood on the balcony watching as the clouds ski past me and over the land. It began to rain. The first drops fell, big heavy drops that splash one by one on my bare arms. I stepped back a pace before turning around and shutting the glass door and stepping onto the warm heavy carpeting. I could hear the rain hitting the gravel- softly at first, but then ever louder, ever faster. I heard the pebbles grinding together under the weight of the water, and saw the drops jumping up again through the sheer force of the impact, as if they wanted to fly back into the clouds. It was the most powerful, most wonderful downpour I had ever seen. I stayed at the glass door to watch and listen before a voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Y/N” I hear Mrs. Markas voice call, I turn my head just in time to see her head pop in. “Dinner is ready,” Mrs. Markas specks while a smile forms across her lips. I nod my head before draping my Egyptian cotton robe over me and following Mrs. Markas. My bare feet made practically no noise on the marble floor of the corridor before Mrs. Markas opened the door to the banquet hall. Again, Mrs. Markas and I toke are seat in the vacant spots once again today.

The tall French doors opened and in walked the chefs and the servants. The man and women made a deep curtsy before they begin walking towards the mahogany craved table and setting down plates and rose coloured porcelain with gold edges, like the ones we had at breakfast. A light weight pot covered is reviled and roast meat is filled in front of Mrs. Markas, Calum, Christopher, and my Fathers eyes. All sorts of spices are welcomed in the air before the chef begins to cut the roast and place it on the season rice that was on our plates.

“Thank for this delicious meal that you kind and generous people have created,” I state while a stout woman wearing a cook’s hat with a few reddish curls peeping out from underneath fills our glasses with red wine. The women nods before smiling a happy smile and then bowing and leaving with the rest of the chefs and servants. I take my wine glass between my finger tips and sip a generous amount before sending a wink towards Calum’s deadly stare at my hollowed cheeks. A smile is etched across my lips before I begin to cut into the amazing mouth watering roast.

Dinner goes by smoothly. Small conversation and jokes are shared before my Father asks Calum to go to his office after dinner. From there I tense up and barley finish the bits and pieces of my roast and season rice. “I gonna head to my room now. I’m getting tired,” I speck. My Father nods his head before running his hand over his slick brown hair. I walk towards him and place a gentle kiss on his forehead before uttering out a ‘goodnight’ to everyone and heading to my room.

I lay in my four-poster bed and stare at the canopy above my head. Why did my father ask to talk to Calum. Officially it has to do with something that I’ve done. Calum doesn’t do anything. From what I know Calum is kind, generous, hilarious and remarkably adorable I don’t see how he can even get in trouble.

Duh? I thought. Officially my father has found out about us?! Us! Oh my god this is terrible. My father can’t find out about us, he would put a restraining order on Calum and fire him from being my body guard. I pulled the duvet up to my chin. Shit, I’m so fucking scared. This shouldn’t be happening. How did my father even find out about us? Could one of the servants have seen me kissing Calum while he left my one night. Shit this is terrible.

Before can even let warm tears cascade down my cheeks, there is a knock at the door. I quickly remove the Ambra bed sheets and shuffle out of my bed and make my way towards the door. I clench onto the cold gold handle of my door and open it to reveal Calum. I quickly grip his prominent broad shoulders and tug him into my room before slamming my door shut.

“What happened!” I exclaim while staring into Calum’s chocolate orbs. Calum stiffles a laugh before gripping my hips in his hand. “Nothing, he just wanted to talk,” Calum says while drawing slow circles on my hips, I roll my eyes before taking his hands off my hips. “No shit Sherlock! I mean what did you guys talk about?” I state before walking towards the expensive Ambra sheets and falling back into its comfy confines.

I hear Calum let out a breath before slipping off his shoes and walking towards the front of the bed frame while looking at me. I entwine my arms together over my chest while giving Calum a stern looking before I hear him speck. “Fine all tell you. Your Father told me that he went in my room earlier on this week and he found the- the condoms and he wanted to know what I was doing with them,” Calum states while rubbing the back of his neck, tousling a little bit of his raven locks. My eyes blow wide as I hear the information, while my cheeks turn a rosy shade.

“So what did you say?” I ask a hint of worry in my question. “I told him that I had a girlfriend and I would leave here so she didn’t know were I live and that we we’re at that stage in our relationship,” Calum says while giving me a hopeful smile. I shake my head while a smile stretches across my lips. I quickly undo my arms and gesture for Calum to come to me. I watch as he pads across the short space between him and I and sets himself right in front of me with his hands on my waist. “I didn’t want to let what we had go. I mean, I don’t have another girlfriend. I only have you, and your the only one that I will ever want.” Calum breaths while his eyes meet mine. I smile before gripping his face between my fingertips and pressing a slow teasing kiss to his lips.

“Don’t tease,” Calum voice breaths against my lips as we pull away. “Or what?” I say and smirk while he chuckles and tightens his hold on my hips, “Or you will be punished,” Calum states while I already feel wetness already beginning to drip down my thighs from his voice. “I really want to be punished. Daddy,” I speck my voice sounding small as a smile welcome itself on its lips. I hear Calum growl before roughly pulling e onto his lap, his lips by my ear while moans slips past my lips while Calum rocks my clothed heat against his nearly hard member.

“What do you want me to do to you? Mhm? You want me to hold your head down while you choke around my cock. You want my to spank you until I leave my hand print on your perky arse. You want me to choke you while I slam my cock into you repeatedly until you come all over my cock.” Calum’s husky voice whispers into my ear while I whimper in vulnerability. I feel Calum smirk against my ear before placing a kiss behind my ear and gently pushing me off him. “Get on your knees for me princess,” Calum orders, I quickly shuffle around before I’m on my knees and look up at Calum while I see him unblocking his belt while winking down at me.

I suck in a breath when Calum thick throbbing member is met before my eyes. I rise my hand and begin to stoke Calum for a few moments before I place the tip on my mouth before slipping it past my lips. Calum is huge, which is no surprise when I feel Calum’s girth stretching my mouth and it’s only the tip. Calum’s breath comes unsteady when I begin to give small kitten licks to the head of his member while Calum reaches out and begins to thread his fingers threw my hair.

It doesn’t take long before Calum can’t wait any longer and pushes more of his member into my mouth. I breath out threw my nose before I hollow my cheeks in the most sinful way and begin to bob my head. I alternate from taking Calum deep and swirling my tongue along the head, licking up the sensitive underside of Calum’s member when I come up for a breath. “Such a good girl, princess your doing so well,” Calum praises before gripping tightly on to my hair and begins fucking my throat. Calum guides my head while he snaps his hips which makes me lightly gag around Calum. Calum thrusts a few more times before tears spring from my eyes and trickle down my warm cheeks.

Calum pulls away before kneeling down and placing a kisses on my wet cheeks, sometimes capturing a tear. “You okay baby?” Calum questions, while rubbing slow circles on my neck, I nod my head and giving Calum a reassuring smile before pecking his lips and roughly tugging off his black t-shirt. Calum shakes his head while chuckling while he slips out of his shirt, he presses kisses down my neck to my collar bones. “Turn around for me princess,” Calum hums against my skin. I let out sigh before turning around, my perky ass set high in the air. I hear Calum suck in a breath before I feel his raven hair tickle down my backside.

“God, your dripping princess, do even need me to eat you out? Or do you just want my cock,” Calum chuckles while I feel his index and middle finger collect my wetness and raises it to my lips. I gently suck on them, swirling my tongue around his fingers before releasing his fingers with a ‘pop’. “No Daddy, just want your cock” I moan when I feel Calum’s  member run up in down my heat. “What do you want princess?” Calum ask in a questioning tone, my legs nearly shake when Calum rubs his member on my clit.

“Your cock Daddy, I want your cock!” I exclaim while Calum pushes in. We both moan at the same time as as my warm heat wraps around Calum’s throbbing member. Once I get use to Calum size and I tell Calum to move, his thrust are deep and rough. I moan as I feel Calum cool hand and come down on my arse repeatedly that it feels numb. “Fuck Daddy,” I moan when I feel Calum’s finger come down and begin to rub figure eights on my clit, my legs nearly shaking from the sensation. “God your beautiful,” Calum moans while he runs his hand down the curves of my body. I could feel the vein around his throbbing cock against my walls as I knew that Calum was close. We knew each others body perfectly, like we have sculptured each other.

I rise one of my hands and entwine it with Calum and with that small gesture I come while I feel Calum spill into the condom, I moan while Calum grunts while he rides out our highs. My shaking legs finally calm down when Calum slips himself out of me and walks over to the garbage and ties the condom and throws it away before making his way back to the bed. “Are you okay baby?” Calum ask in concern as he examines the red hand prints on my perky arse and and his fingertip leaving bruises on my hips. I nod my head while smiling, Calum shakes his head before gripping the Ambra sheets in his hand and pulling it over our body’s.

“Goodnight beautiful,” I hear Calum’s voice speck before I feel his soft lips press a kiss to the back of my neck. A smile is left on my lips while I entwine my fingers with Calum’s.

“Goodnight handsome.”

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Eye Love You Just the Way You Are Part 3

Originally posted by hardyness

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

 Word Count: 3,247

Summary: Negan has put Carl through so much, he and Y/n just deserve a break.

Warnings: cursing, slight NSFW, death, spoilers

Author’s Note: Part 3 is finally here! Sorry it took me so long to finish writing, I hope the anon that requested along with everyone else finds it to be enjoyable and worth the wait ! This will probably be the last in this series, however I was thinking of starting a longer series soon after I finish up another imagine I’m working on (I will post details later asking for opinions). Requests are still open for now so send them in while you can ! Enjoy !

~~~~ (Y/n POV) After Negan had forced us to help cook a meal for Rick to come back to, he began to feel impatient, like waiting was no use. “I’m not waiting for your dad anymore,” he spoke up, causing me to look up from my lap and in his direction. “I don’t know where the hell he is… But Lucille-” he paused, sending Carl a smirk. “Is hungry.” My eyes followed his hand as he placed his bat in the empty seat between him and Olivia. “Carl, Y/n, would one of you pass the rolls ?” He smiled. Carl and I looked at each other and then to the basket of bread. “Please ?” He spoke up, feeling impatient yet again. I picked up the basket and passed it to Carl, who delivered it to Negan. Was this happening right now ? Did this man think that after all that’s happened, he could just make himself at home like this ? I felt sick, I didn’t want to eat the food he forced us to cook with him. I wanted to wake up in Carl’s bed, like this was all some sort of nightmare. Carl and Olivia started to eat, trying to keep him satisfied, while I stared at my empty plate. “Something a matter, Y/n ?” Negan pulled me from my trance. “I’m fine, I’m just.. Not hungry.” I averted my gaze from his, trying to spare me any problems. He paused to look at me before speaking up again. “‘Not hungry’ ..” He chuckled “I spent all this time making us a meal and you’re just ‘not hungry’ ?” I continued staring at my plate, pissing him off even more. “That’s correct.” He chuckled again, placing his fork on his plate and interlacing his fingers under his chin. “You’re gonna eat the meal that I so graciously made you,” he commanded. “And you’re gonna look at me when I’m talking to you.” I sighed and lifted my head, first looking at Carl, who’s face showed concern, and then Negan. “Eat.” He told me. I nodded frantically and reached for the pot of spaghetti, causing him to lean back and smile in victory. Carl must’ve noticed my reluctance when eating, because I felt his hand brush against my knee. I looked at him to see him nod in the direction of his hand, as if telling me to look. Once my eyes followed his path, I saw an open palm laid on my thigh. Slowly, I placed my hand in his under the table, sighing a breath of relief. Having his hand in mine made me feel comfortable, hopeful, calm. A few minutes had passed of silence and slow eating. Carl had to be seeing how uncomfortable I was, so he scooted a tad closer to me, filling up the semi emptiness I felt at that moment. We all awkwardly sat and chewed on our food, not daring to say a word, however Negan had other plans. He placed his fork down, fairly forcefully, and cleared his throat. “Fine !” He yelled, causing everyone’s heads to turn to his direction. “If no one’s gonna say anything, I will. Kid, you gotta let go.” Negan was staring blatantly at Carl and he tilted his head in confusion and hatred. “What ?” He asked, not understanding his request. “You think I haven’t noticed ? You two touchin’ and scootin’ on each other like that, all that lovey-dovey shit, it’s gotta stop.” He pointed at the two of us. “Why ? It isn’t bothering you.” Carl spat to him. “Actually, kid, it really is. Don’t make me separate the two of you, Lucille is nice and comfy, she don’t feel like switchin’ her seat.” Negan looked Carl dead in the eye. Carl glared daggers at him as he let go of my hand slowly, pleasing Negan. “That wasn’t so bad, was it ?” Negan smiled. He then wiped his mouth of any excess food. “Well, I think I’m quite full. Y/n, take care of the dishes, will ya ?” I placed my fork on my plate and stood. “Fine.” I spoke harshly, carrying the empty plates into the kitchen sink. “Olivia, you’re relieved of your duties, take Judith upstairs for me and you can go, thank you for being such a dear.” I could hear the sadistic grin on his face without even looking at him. Olivia took her upstairs and quickly left, as he went to sit on the couch. I began scrubbing the dishes in the sink, trying to work out my frustrations, when I felt a hand trace the small of my back. Jumping slightly, I turned to see Carl, hair falling in his face. “Sorry.” He whispered. I shrugged and turned back to finish the dishes. “You ok ?” He leaned against the counter to get a better view of me. “No.” I spoke. He let out a sigh and placed his hand on my shoulder, comfortingly. “I know you aren’t either.” I lifted my head and finally faced him. “I can tell, I can feel it in your muscles. You’re tense.” We made sure to keep our conversation quiet so Negan wouldn’t hear. Carl hadn’t responded. “Carl, come on.” I wiped my hands clean of water. He looked at me with confusion. “Let’s go, you obviously need a break from.. Him.” I gestured subtly to Negan. “We can’t, you said that yourself. Besides, he wants me to stay with him constantly..” He whispered. “You’ve been decent to him, couldn’t you just ask permission ?” I asked him. “He would never let me.” He responded. I grew frustrated, the need to be alone with him getting bigger. “Carl, just ask. Please.” I closed my eyes as I spoke to him. “Y/n listen,” he began. “We both know Negan doesn’t trust us together, he’ll get suspi-” “I need-” I interrupted him, however I cut my own sentense off, unsure of what to say. “I need you. You and me, upstairs, alone.” I stared deeply at him, grabbing his hand gently. “Please.” He looked at me, eye widening and filling with passion and desire. He then looked behind me to see Negan on the couch, and began heading in his direction. I turned to watch. “Negan,” he called. Negan sat up, eyebrows raising in Carl’s direction. “I need to ask you something.” Negan chuckled and nodded for him to continue. “I would like your permission for Y/n and I to go upstairs, alone.” Carl asked quietly. I could tell he didn’t feel like asking permission, didn’t feel like falling into submission. But he knew he had to. Negan snorted. “Excuse me ?” He asked. “No way.” “Please,” Carl retaliated almost immediately, before taking a breath to calm him down. “Please. We’ll only be a moment, just let us be alone.” Instead of answering, Negan began to laugh. “Kid, you’re asking’ me permission for you to go bang you’re girlfriend ?” He pointed to me, causing a hard glare in his direction. “That.. Is.. Classic !” He laughed continuously. Carl stayed silent, not proving him right or wrong. All of a sudden, there was yelling outside on the porch. “Dammit, this was gettin’ good. Go on kid, let me see what’s up out there.” He suggested, standing and walking out of the door. I began to walk towards Carl when he turned to face me. He grabbed my arm and practically dragged me upstairs behind him. “Carl,” I called out. We made our way to his bedroom as he threw me onto his bed. “What are you-” He cut off my sentence with a passionate kiss, knees on either side of my hips. His one hand planted itself next to my head to give his body support, while the other reached up to grab my cheek. Of course I kissed back, but I knew I needed to talk to him. I pulled my face away from his. “Carl, I need to talk to you.” I spoke up in a serious tone. He lifted himself up and off of me, taking a seat in front of me. “I need you. I needed you before, and I need you now.” He basically exploded, like he’d been keeping this in for a while. “l thought I could kill Negan, I really did, but then, I failed. Its been a real shitty week, all I want right now is you.” He explained to me. My head filled with wonder at what exactly happened while he was with Negan. “Please tell me what he did to you. Everything he did.” I begged him, grabbing his hands in my own. Sitting like this reminded me of the first time we confessed to each other, our first kiss, when he first showed me his wound. Look how far we’ve come in only some months.. Carl looked to me and squeezed his hands around mine, preparing his words to speak to me. “He has wives, said I could ‘look at them’, he made me carry around a tray of food, he made me take off my bandage while he judged me, made me sing to him while he swung his bat around, made me watch some poor guy get burned with a hot iron. Like I said, a real shitty week.” Carl spoke quickly and all at once, wanting to get it over with. “What did he say about your eye ?” I asked him almost immediately. He stayed silent and avoided my eyes. “What did he say ???” I asked again, louder, forcing Carl to look at me. He stayed silent for a second before finally talking again. “He said it was disgusting, 'no wonder you cover it up’, asked me if I’ve ever looked in the mirror.” He teared up. “He asked if he could touch it.” My eyes widened as rage filled my veins. “Did he ?” I asked. He shook his head side to side. “Carl.. You don’t believe any of that, do you ?” His eye looked away yet again. “Sometimes I do.” He admitted, tears falling down his cheek as he winced from the pain it caused his wound. “Hey,” I started to tear up as well. “Please don’t cry.” I wiped his tears away as his face leaned into my hand. “You don’t have to feel that way, you’re absolutely beautiful, and you can’t let Negan get to you like that, you have to stay strong.” I smiled sympathetically. “You’re my only strength, Y/n, you know how to fix me, and you’re the only person I feel whole with.” He laughed weakly. He grabbed my hand from his face and pressed it against his lips, kissing it softly. He began to place soft kisses up my arm, causing a slight smile to grow on my features. He continued until he reached the area between my neck and my shoulder, taking a breath. “Please..” He begged, voice low, filled with desire. “Just let me do this..” He went back to kissing my neck, more rough this time. “Carl..” I moaned slightly, entangling my fingers through his hair. He kissed his way up my neck and reached my jawline, slowing the pace slightly. He stopped altogether and pulled his face up in front of mine. “What if he catches us ?” I asked him. He licked his lips and stared at me deeply. “I don’t give a shit.” He spoke clearly, almost immediately slamming his lips to mine, taking me by surprise. He kissed me hard and lustfully, like it would be the last moment I spent with him. His lips melded against my own while his hands explored my body. Soon enough, he went back to sucking on my neck, most likely leaving marks. I let out a soft moan when his hands found their way under my shirt, which only encouraged him. He began to rub my sides while he quickly pulled back to speak. “I love you so much, Y/n. Just forget about everything that’s happening, just this once.” His lips gently glided across my skin. “I love you too, Carl. I’ll do anything for you..” I breathed, enjoying the feeling of his kiss. This continued for a while, him teasing me with the bliss of his presence while I sat and let him forget about everything. All the tears, all the pain, all the bad in the world, it all seemed to just melt away in this one, short lived moment. ~~ At this point, I was a mess, moaning and panting like crazy, while we had barely even taken off our clothes. I could tell Carl wanted this to last for a while, he seemed to be taking his time. His body grinded against mine while his hands continuously rubbed my waist. My hands were entangled in his hair, gripping it tight. All of a sudden, there was a loud bang coming from outside. My eyes shot open and Carl sat up quickly. “What the hell was that ?” He asked, panicking slightly. “It sounded like a gunshot..” I spoke. I started to get up, however he grabbed my arm. “It was probably nothing.” He said, unsurely. I sighed. “Carl, that was a gunshot, we have to see what’s happening.” I stood up and went towards his door. He eventually followed me out. Once we rushed downstairs, he stopped me with his arm. “Let me go first.” He told me, opening the door. I nodded and followed him outside and onto the porch, where Olivia stood watching a scene unfold. “You tried to KILL me ??” We heard a yell. Upon getting outside, we saw Rosita on the ground with knife held to her throat, and a VERY pissed off Negan. “You shot Lucille !” He yelled, waving around his bat. “She got in the way.” Rosita spat in response. The sight was horrifying. Spencer laid on the ground in a pool of his own guts and blood, Negan seemed the angriest I had ever seen him, even angrier than when we first crossed paths, which sent shivers down my spine. My eyes began to water when Carl reached his hands behind him for me to grab in comfort. “What the hell is this ??” He picked up an empty shell casing off of the ground. “S'this home made ?” Rosita just glared at him as Negan commanded the blade be put to her face. “Tell me who made this.” He snapped. “It was me.” Rosita lied through her teeth, causing a chuckle out of Negan. I disregarded everything after that. I couldn’t focus, I was terrified. I knew he was going to kill someone else. I fell into Carl’s arms, crying softly. He embraced my body. The feeling was enough for me to zone out until I heard the two most terrifying words. “Kill somebody.” I heard Negan say flatly. My eyes widened as I pulled away from Carl and stared at the woman pulling her gun out quickly. “No ! It was me !” Rosita cried, but to no avail, the gun was pointed in my direction. I knew I was going to die. I closed my eyes and grasped Carl’s hand tightly, preparing myself as the trigger was pulled. “NO!” I heard Carl cry, squeezing my hand in his own. Nothing. I felt.. Nothing. Slowly I opened my eyes to see Olivia on the ground in front of me, a bullet in her cheek. “No..” I called out softly. Tears formed in my eyes like a waterfall as I fell to my knees, sobbing. “I thought we had an agreement !” I heard a familiar voice yell. Rick was finally back.. Negan responded with something, but I lost focus. I stared at Olivia’s lifeless body and cried. Carl eventually kneeled as well to comfort me. “It should’ve been me..” I sobbed. Carl hugged me tightly and pet my hair soothingly. The rest was a blurr. Negan had eventually left after getting his point across, and so did everyone else in the street. I, however, didn’t move. I stayed by Olivia’s dead body, silent. I had no more tears left in me, so I just observed. Carl hadn’t left either, he stayed and let me grieve. He rubbed my back soothingly, providing me much needed support. “I’m sorry, Olivia.” I whispered. “Thank you.” A few more seconds of silence passed when I heard someone walk onto the porch. “Carl, go inside for a minute.” It was Rick. Carl cautiously and confusingly stood. “We’ll be inside soon.” Rick assured. He had to have wanted to talk to me, but my mind stayed planted on Olivia. Carl stepped inside as Rick fell onto his knees beside me. “Y/n,” he put his hand on my back. “I’m sorry you had to see all this.” I shrugged. “Its our lives now, I guess I’ll get used to it.” I spoke dryly. “It WAS our lives, but I won’t be. I promise you.” He sighed. “Lately, I’ve probably been at my lowest point in all of this, but Michonne, she pulled me out. She told me that we can fight and we can live. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.” I looked at him in slight confusion when he stood and held his hand out for me to grab. “We won’t do it without you.” He smiled. I grabbed his hand and stood with him. “Get Carl, we’re going to the hilltop.” He said. A smile of releif grew on my face as fell into Rick, hugging tightly. He immediately hugged back. “Thank you.” Tears of happiness made their way down my cheek. I pulled away slowly and rushed back inside. My hurried actions must have startled Carl, because as soon as I ran through the door, he stood instantly. “Y/n, is everything ok ?” He walked to me from the couch. I quickly met him half way and slammed my lips to his, hands on either of his cheeks. I pulled away after a few seconds and smiled brightly. “We have to get ready. We’re going to the hilltop soon.” I said. “What ?” He asked in disbelief. He and I both knew what it meant. His eyes filled with confusion and incredulity. “Carl, I know this sounds like another spout out of loss and anger but this is for real. Your dad, he said it. We’re gonna do it. We’re gonna go to the hilltop and get help and weapons and we’re gonna see Sasha and Maggie and Enid and anyone else and we’re gonna-” I spoke quickly, but was interrupted by another kiss on my lips, as if to shut me up. Carl pulled away and looked at me with a smile on his face. “We’re gonna end this, we’re gonna take back our lives. I love you, Y/n L/n.” He said to me. I smiled again. “I love you too.” I pushed his hair behind his ear to see his full face, wound and all. “Just the way you are.” I spoke. Carl kissed my forehead. “No, Y/n, just the way WE are.”

{Welcome Home} Ricky Horror

(Hey guys, I made this quite long ago so… It’s probably pretty bad. I hope you guys like it…)

Your POV~~

I hopped around my house on one foot while I shoved my other into my black converse.

Ricky was coming home today from Australia and I was going to surprise him at the airport. I mean, sure, it wasn’t the cleverest way to show someone that you care, but, oh well.

I jumped into my car and sped to the airport. To be honest, I was late by about half an hour. I just hope the plane was delayed. I was occupied by my make up and hair. I suck at making wings with my eyeliner, but it seems it was being nice today. I didn’t style my hair in any fancy way, but it takes forever to get rid of the knots.

I arrived at the entrance to the large building and walked inside, being sure to avoid the crowds of people. I stood on my tip toes to try to see over the crowds, which did nothing, considering I was quite short. All I needed to see was six guys wearing black.

I spotted a tall figure wearing a black beanie and I immeadeatly smiled. It was Chris. And Chris equals Ricky is near.

I pushed my way through the crowd to the strangly tall and skinny guy who stood out.

“Chris!” I smiled, giving him a quick hug which he returned.

“Hey, Y/N. Looking for Ricky?” He asked with a devilish grin.

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Yes… What’s with that creepy grin? It’s… creepy.”

He shrugged and grabbed his luggage, walking towards the rest of the guys.

I scanned the crowd for Ricky until something ran right into me and wrapped it’s arms around me.

I looked up to be met by Ricky’s blue eyes. “Why, hello there, Richard.” I smiled, turning to him so I could wrap my arms around his neck.

“Why, hello there, Y/N.” He chuckled.

“What’s with Chris? He has that creepy grin he gets when he’s hiding something.” I asked, watching as Ricky’s happy expression changed into a nervous one.

“Um… I don’t know.” He muttered, pulling away from me and picking up his luggage.

I sighed, shrugging to myself. “Let us be on our way.” I gestured towards the automatic doors.


When we arrived at the house I plopped down on the couch. Ricky took his bags upstairs and came back down when he was done.

“What do you want to do?” He asked as he took a seat beside me.

I yawned and laid my head on his lap. “I want to sleep.” I sighed.

He began to stroke my hair and hum. “Then sleep.” Ricky whispered.

I shifted positions and got more comfortable. I closed my eyes and let sleep take me.


Ricky’s POV~

As soon as she fell asleep I lifted her off of my lap and placed a pillow where I once was so she wouldn’t just lay on a flat couch.

I looked around the house and sighed. A lot had to be done before she woke up.

I started by placing a new tablecloth on the table along with clean plates.

Tonight was the night I would tell her Motionless in White would be going on yet another tour in about a month. I wanted to ask her if she would come with us. I also had to ask her something else, but I’m not sure if it’s the right time.

I headed upstairs to take a shower and make myself more presentable.

I took a shower, did my hair (not really, just fixed the parting), pulled on a black button up shirt as well as black skinny jeans. I did put just a tad of eyeliner on, but not really that noticeable.

The whole time I was thinking, “thank fucking god Y/N is a heavy sleeper.”

I went downstairs and went to the closet, pulling out some candles. I set them throughout the house, using my lighter to light them up as I put them in a good place.

I turned off the lights and took a step back, admiring my work. The house was lit with the dim light of the many candles I set up. The table had red roses in the center with small candles around it.

This is as fancy as I get and she better like it or I think I’ll just curl up and die. Wow, that’s kind of sad. Well, tonight is really important. Even if this is a candlelit dinner, the food isn’t as fancy. I pretty much burn down houses everytime I cook. So… I just ordered some wings and pizza.

“What the hell..?” Y/N asked, making me jump in surprise and spin around.

Your POV~~

I woke up to a very dim room. Why did it get so dark? I thought the lights were on… I couldn’t of slept that long…

I stood up and messed with my hair a bit, trying to get it back in order.

Ricky had dissapeared to some place which made me a bit confused, wondering where he would of went.

As I rubbed my eyes, my vision began to clear up, showing dozens of candles lighting up the house. I walked to the dining room, seeing that there was a certain path of candles leading there. (A/N: Talk about a fire hazard. Oh well.)

I saw Ricky, his back facing me. He was staring at the table which had lovely roses and candles on it.

“What the hell..?” I mumbled out, still tired, my mind desperately trying to keep up with my movements.

“Y/N! I, uh, didn’t see you there.” Ricky said awkwardly.

“No shit, dork.” I giggled. “What’s with all of the candles?”

“I need to talk to you. It’s not bad! Well, it depends on what you consider bad…” He rambled on and on for probably a solid minute.

I cut him off my giving him a short peck on the lips. “Are you going to tell me or not?”

“Y/N… Ugh, sit down.” He sighed, pulling out the chair for me like a gentleman.

I sat down and watched him silently as he sat in the chair opposite from me.

“Fuck, alright, Y/N… Motionless has another tour in about a month.” He said quickly.

I stared down at my hands and began to frown. “How long?” I asked.

“Six months.”

“You just got back.” I whispered.

“I know, but you didn’t let me fnish.”

I looked up from my hands and raised an eyebrow at him. “Then go ahead.”

“The guys and I were wondering if you would join us and be our merch girl.” He said, making it more like a question. I started to smile, but hid it. I pretended to think about it and let him wait a few seconds, keeping him in suspense.

I was staring at my lap until Ricky broke the silence. “I also have another question for you.”

I didn’t look up as I heard his footsteps coming towards my chair. “Shoot.” I said simply.

“(You full name), will you marry me?” Those words made my heart skip a beat. I looked up to see him beside my chiar on one knee, a silver box in his hands, holding a beautiful ring.

My mouth hung open, unable to get words out. Tears began running down my burning cheeks as I nodded my head quickly. My arms wrapped around his neck as I practically pounced on him, making us both fall to the ground. I kissed him passionately and finally found my voice.

“Yes! I will marry you.” I smiled as he slipped the ring on my finger.

Pack Night

New imagine! Enjoy! we have a few others on the way and what we think will be the start of a series coming!!!


Saturday’s are the day of pack sleepovers. There is always one every other weekend and they are always tons of fun. Tonight is the first day of summer vacation so you guys are going to be going big. Games. Lots of them.

            “Okay pack. We are going to start with a game of messy twister and work from there. I hope you guys wore the right kind of clothing.” Scott says as we all head to the basement where the floor is concrete so it won’t really matter if we get red, yellow, blue, or green paint all over it.

             “We will split into our teams and at the end of the night the team with the most points will pick the movie to watch.” Lydia says as she steps forward and stands next to Scott. They are obviously the team captains. “I will be picking first. Isaac.” Lydia says pointing to the tall boy with dark curly hair. Scott goes next, “Liam.” “Allison.” “Stiles.” “Malia.” “Kira.” “Boyd.” “Derek.” It is down to me and Jackson. I know they are going to go for Jackson. I’m always last to be picked and always will be. It’s not like I don’t have any supernatural powers. I’m a phoenix for crying out loud, but I can’t do anything more than kindle fires and see in the dark. Which neither help very much in a game of Twister. As far as the night vision is concerned Jackson has it too. It is Lydia’s pick and she doesn’t have real good reason to pick me, but she does anyway. I’m kind of a little shocked that she picked me over Jackson, but then I see Isaac smiling at me as I walk up so I know this is his work.

            Isaac and I have been best friends since grade school. I had been super supportive when Derek turned him, not wanting to lose a friend. When I met the pack I was stoked and I instantly became friends with Kira, Allison, and Lydia. Next thing I knew I was kindling fires and flipping out about it. The first person I went to was Isaac and he helped me through it. Now I’m here at a pack meeting standing next to my best friends. With his arm around my shoulders we walk over to the edge of the twister set.

             There is a big glob of paint on each dot and extra paint for various rounds. Isaac and I stand on the same side and looking across the twister mat. Liam, Stiles and Derek are first up from Scott’s team, and Isaac, Allison and I are first up for Lydia’s team. We follow the commands of left foot red and right hand blue, left hand yellow, right foot green and so on in so many different combinations until we are all a tangled mess. I’m face to face with Liam with my leg under Isaac and my arm over Stiles. One wrong move and we all come tumbling down. We hear the command left hand yellow and I try to take my hand gingerly off the circle, Stiles jerks and I pull my hand to my chest as a reflex only to lose my balance causing me to grab something, which was Liam and who comes toppling down taking Isaac with him. Soon enough no one is left standing and we are all covered in paint of various colors and shades. We are a mess. Lydia, Scott, Malia, Boyd, and Kira are just cracking up, while Allison, Stiles and I groan in pain. All the werewolves are just fine, but those of us without healing powers are going to be sore as hell since Derek and Isaac pretty much fell on everyone in some way.

            “Okay, next game is glow in the dark hide in seek. I have the glow in the dark paint upstairs and there is no use of night vision in this game, understood?” Lydia says as we all make our way up the stairs nodding. We get to the main floor and head to the bathrooms, there paint in all of them and we are instructed to be in the shower or tub to be painted. There are 4 bathrooms total so we split ourselves up and get painting. Allison paints me while I paint Isaac and Isaac then paints Allison. All the girls come out pretty much in shorts and a sports bra while all guys just go shirtless.

            “K. We all ready? We are going to start at the woods entrance and there are flags throughout the forest. Isaac and I set the up so we are going to be the seekers. There are enough flags for everyone to grab one, get back to the entrance with all 10 flags and your other 5 team mates before the opposing team, your team wins more points. And don’t worry, I’ve been tracking the points so far, my team won because Lydia’s player caused the fall. You guys ready? Let’s go!” Scott says and we all walk out the door and immediately start to glow. It was beautiful.

            We all get to the entrance and the last thing we all hear before we take off is “No supernatural powers guys, remember that!!!” from Isaac. Allison and tag team it in a way by at first running on the trail together and when we hear footsteps behind us we split up.

             I take off running into the woods. I don’t see the hole as it is just a tad bit dark. I turn around for a split second to see if anyone is following and then the ground drops from under me then rises again. Like it is a trench. I let a shriek escape my lips as I fall and then a groan when I hit the other side. The edge it at my knees and I am going with such momentum that it bends my knee in the wrong direction. I hear a crack and know it’s not good. I look down using my night vision at this point to see I have scrapes from the many rocks and sticks that sticking inward on the trench. I have blood flowing down my leg, I find where it is coming from, and it came from the back of my knee. With the knowledge I am deathly afraid to look and see what happened knowing that I didn’t actually hit the back of my knee. I look at the back and see what looks like a fairly thick stick protruding from my leg. Only I know it’s not a stick, it is my bone. I’m stunned at first, not realizing I had that kind of power and then I scream. Like the way Lydia would. The first one by my side is Malia. I guess she was nearby or could smell the blood. One of the two, then it was Isaac and Liam and so on until everyone from the pack was there. Malia was already starting to pick me up and Scott calling his mom at the hospital, I wasn’t far from the entrance so the just took me there and set me down.

            “Okay, now Y/N this might hurt. Like a lot, way more than the pain you are in right now, but I’m going to put the bone back in place.” Scott says. “My mom said that’s the best we can do for now. We are a few blocks from the house and I’ve already sent Liam there to get some bandages so we can try to stop the bleeding.” With those last words he places his hands around my leg and pushes the bone back in. He is right it hurts like hell. Way more than the pain I could ever imagine. I bite my lip to stop a scream from escaping. Malia is supporting my back, so I lean against her, and Isaac is holding my hand. I feel my body temperature rising with every bit of pressure applied by Scott. “Almost there. Just about half an inch left.” And then the bush beside me catches fire. I didn’t think I could do that! Scott’s pressure suddenly stops. “It’s done.” I keep my eyes closed not wanting to look at the blood.

The next thing I know I’m in a hospital bed. The whole pack is there. My leg is in a cast and the doctors left me crutches, which are now being used for fun by Stiles. Isaac is right beside me hand in hand asleep. Liam is the first to notice that I’m awake and asks “How are you feeling?” I start to answer when Stiles starts speaking. “Great actually. I could use some water though.” “Stiles I wasn’t talking to you.” Liam says annoyed while pointing at me.

            “I’m fine, a little sore, and bummed about the cast, but other than that great.” I say waking Isaac who looks at you in astonishment. “I can’t believe you are already awake.” He says thrilled.

            “It’s been 2 days, how much longer did you want her unconscious?” Derek says.

            “I’ll just go get my mom, let her know you’re awake.” Scott says walking out of the room.

            “Well I’m glad you’re up, short stack.” Isaac says with a grin.

            “We all are. We’ve been here for two days, but hey! What are friends for right?” Lydia says with a shrug making you giggle. And she is right, friends should always be there for you, and I’m glad mine are.

Runaway Heart Chapter 21

“I-I can’t believe it…” I muttered, leaning against the wall outside my room. “This whole time, it’s been her.” I covered my face in my hands. I had just witnessed something I shouldn’t have. “I had my suspicions… but I somehow convinced myself it wasn’t her.” It happened when I was carrying Ladybug to a safe place. “It was so obvious…” Ladybug had fallen asleep when a bright pink light flashed and suddenly, it was no longer Ladybug that I held in my arms. I panicked and brought her to my house. “Plagg… how long have you known?”

“I’ve always known.” Plagg replied, “Kwami can easily tell who are Miraculous holders. They give off a certain wave that other humans don’t.” I sighed.

“So, you’ve known this entire time and never thought to tell me?”

“Nope!” Plagg replied, “After all, is that what she would have wanted?”

“No…” I said. She wouldn’t have wanted that, her identity  is very important to her. “What am I going to do now?” I sank down to the floor, hiding my head in my knees. “There’s no way I can possibly face her without seeing Ladybug…” My heart swelled as a sudden lump formed in my throat. “If I tell her the truth, then she may get mad…” I sighed. “What if I told her that I loved her? Would that make a difference?”

“Don’t do that.” An unfamiliar voice said. I looked up to see a small red creature floating above my head. “It’s not Marinette you love, you love Ladybug.”

“But Marinette is Ladybug, Tikki.” Plagg said. The red creature sighed.

“I know that, Plagg. I’m her Kwami.” Tikki then turned to me. “Adrien, just because Marinette is Ladybug, doesn’t mean you love her.”

“W-what do you mean?” I asked.

“Think about it like a movie. Ladybug is just a character that Marinette plays. It’s mask that she uses to hide behind during a performance. It’s true, they are the same person, but you fell in love with the mask itself, not the actor behind it.” Tikki replied, “If you were to tell Marinette that you love her, and she finds out it’s because you know she’s Ladybug, she’ll be heartbroken.”

“Why’s that?” I asked. Tikki sighed.

“She likes you, Adrien. A lot. And it’s not because you’re Chat Noir either, she doesn’t even know about that, it’s because you’re Adrien.” Tikki said. “Please, don’t do it. I don’t want to see Marinette get hurt like that.” I looked to the floor. I didn’t want to see that either.

“But, what am I supposed to do? I can’t pretend that I don’t know! I’m sure whenever I look at her I’ll just see Ladybug.” I buried my face in my knees and pulled at my hair. “I don’t know what to do!”

“Do what Adrien would do.” Tikki replied. I looked up to her again. “Nothing has to change between you two. You two can still be like friends you have been up until this point. Nothing’s changed for Marinette, she won’t know anything’s different between you two. So, what would Adrien do if it were just Marinette laying sick in his bed?”

“If it were just Marinette?” I thought about this. What would I do if it were just Marinette? “Soup.” I replied. “I’d make her soup.” And that was what I was going to do.

I picked myself up from the ground and started to walked to the kitchen. I quickly grabbed a small pot and placed it onto the stove. I turned on the stove and grabbed some vegetables from the fridge.

“I didn’t know you could cook.” Plagg remarked, fishing out some Camembert.

“Only soup.” I replied, pulling out a knife from one of the drawers. “I used to make it all the time with mom.” I stopped for a second, shook the thought out of my head. I started to cut up the vegetables.

After I finished making the broth, I added the vegetables and noodles and let them boil for a while. Once I felt as though I had let it cook long enough, I grabbed a bowl and filled it to the brim with soup. I placed it on a small tray with handles on the side and lifted it up, being careful not to spill it any where.

“Plagg, grab a spoon for her.” I said. Plagg groaned loudly and pulled out a silver spoon from the drawer. He flew over and sat on the tray, holding the spoon. “You’re going to have to move.”

“I know, let me rest until we get there!” Plagg laid down on the tray. I rolled my eyes and started to walk back up to my room. As I drew closer, I moved one of my hands to the bottom of the tray and balanced it. Plagg flew into the collar of my shirt.

I knocked on the door to my room and heard a cute high pitched squeak. She was awake. I placed my hand on the doorknob but hesitated. I took a deep breath.

“It’s just Marinette.” I reminded myself. “Just Marinette.” I slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.

Dirty Niall Imagine - Friends with Benefits

Anonymous said to nialler-imagines21:Can you do a dirty imagine were y/n and Niall are friends and fight and things turns out dirty?😊❤️

(Y/N)’s POV:

I was so excited for Niall to come over it’s been years since. No honestly since Niall got his new girlfriend he hadn’t any time for. I didn’t like her, she didn’t like me, because I always liked Niall more than a friend and she knew, so she wasn’t happy about me and Niall spending time together. Niall and I knew eachother since he started at Xfactor, but he never saw in me what I see in him. I would give up everything just to be the one, he loves and he is making love to. But I won’t tell him, it would ruin everything, he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore then and I can’t risk that, a friendly cuddle is better than none. 

So Niall and I planned to have a sleepover at my house today, because the last time we saw eachother literally like 4 months ago. And I couldn’t be more excited. 

Later that night my doorbell finally rang. I quickly opened my door and and smiled widely as I saw Niall. 

“Niall!” He quickly opened his arms and we hugged for minutes, I wouldn’t want to let go so he did. 

We walked in and sat on my couch. 

“How have you been?” Niall asked.

“Ok, but I missed you a lot. What about you?” 

“I have been great, spend a lot time with my girlfriend, she is just amazing” he smiled a bit but it looked a bit fake. 

“So you didn’t miss me?” 

“Sure I missed you but you know my girlfriend-” it already started to annoy me and I got really jealous.

“Are you just here to talk about your girlfriend and literally tell me that she is more important than me?” 

“(Y/N) what’s wrong with you I am here for a few minutes and you already get angry with me, are you jealous of her or something like that?” 

“I just think she isn’t the girl for you” 

“And what gives you the right to judge that?!” Great he wasn’t here a few minutes and we were already screaming at eachother. 

“Oh Niall open your eyes, she just want your money” 

“Oh yeah sure, why can’t you just respect that you aren’t the only girl in my life anymore?!”  

“I respect that but I just can’t stand her!” Instead of screaming back he just walked towards me, because while we screamed at eachother we stood up. I walked backwards because Niall looked a bit scary. As my back hit the wall Niall was just inches away from me. His body pressed against mine and his eyes staring into mine. What was he doing? His eyes were almost black, pure lust. Lust? 

“You look so hot when you are angry” he whispered in my ear, his lips touching my ear a little bit, the I could feel them move a little behind my ear trailing kisses down to my neck. “Niall what are you doing, you have a girlfriend” 

“Shhh love, I know you want that as bad as I want it” he started to suck on my neck until he found my sweetspot. 

“Fuck” I breathed heavily. Niall smirked because he found what he had searched. He kept kissing and sucking, while he pressed his crotch against mine and fuck he was hard, I could feel it through his jeans. 

“All for you” he smirked. Then Niall pressed his lips against mine for the first time ever and damn it felt good. My hands wrapped around his neck playing a little bit with his hair while his hand trailed to my bum. He squeezed it a bit, so I moaned, he used his opportunity to push his tongue in my mouth. While we were making out, he lifted me up, so my legs were wrapped around his waist. He pushed me against the wall and started to suck on my neck again.

“This is so wrong” I moaned. “But I need you Niall” 

“Then we should take this upstairs” Niall carried me up to my room and laid me on my bed. He quickly pulled off his shirt and crawled on my bed to me. I sat on him, trying unbuckle his belt, while he removed my shirt. This kept going until I only had my panties on and Niall his boxers. You could clearly see the outlines of his dick and damn he looked huge. 

“Like what you see?” he smirked. I got on my knees and finally pulled his underwear down so he was naked. And I was right he really was big. I licked from the base of his cock up to the tip and looked at him with puppy eyes. 

“Fuck, you look so hot” Niall moaned. First I slowly swirled my tongue around the tip but then I tried to took his whole length in my mouth and start to suck. 

“Uhhrgh” I heard Niall above me, his hands were in my hair, trying to find something to hold on. Then he stopped me, changed our position so he was laying above me now. He removed my underwear and started to kiss from my neck down to my belly and even more down to my pussy. Then he stopped and started to smirk. 

“Tell me what you want” He isn’t serious right? I was never really noisy when it comes to sex. I couldn’t get a word out. 

“Oh now are you the shy one ok I understand, what do you think of this” he kissed me shortly between my legs “or of this” he started to touch my clit “or this” with that he started to suck and finger me. I couldn’t help it anymore and started to moan. After a while he came back up to my lips again and started to kiss me again, while one of his hands went between us, grabbed his dick and guided it to my opening. 

“I am gonna make you scream my name” Niall whispered in my ear and pushed his whole length in me. 

“Oh my god Niall!” 

“Yeah that’s it” he trusted in and out really quick, trying to find my g-shot. 

“Ah FUCK!” he found it. He kept pounding in me, while I was a moaning mess. I started to feel my high coming. 

“Niall I -ah- think” 

“I know shh- I am close too” he moaned. His trust got sloppy and he grabbed the bedsheets tight, trying to find something to hold on. I pressed my hands in his back, probably leaving some scratches. 

Then the pleasure overtook me and I came. “Ohhhhh Niall” Niall just grunted and came too. He rolled beside me and both of us were laying there heavy breathing and sweating. Then it hit me Niall just cheated on his girlfriend with me. I quickly got up and started to search for my clothes, this was a big mistake but a mistake that felt really good, the sad point is I always will be a friend of Niall and just a friend, nothing more.

And When the Rain Falls

“…it turns to snow.”

For searlait’s book project. I’ve been wanting to play around with Elsa and rain for a while now. I like the idea of her not really being able to go out in the rain, since her powers would freeze it and wreck her clothes, or at least not being able to use her powers properly when it’s raining.