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Our Little Monster

Request: Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimic him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all?

I stir the pot of spaghetti sauce with the wooden spoon and sway my hips to a light tune I hum. Suddenly I cease my stirring and humming at a crash. “Boy? What was that?” I yell from the kitchen.

Quick footsteps and scuffles are heard. Not soon after Jerome hurries in with our son in his arms with a smile. I cross my arms and look at both of them. “What did you two break?”Jerome laughs “Noting doll.” My son wiggles around slightly. Now I know he’s hiding something.

I walk over to (s/n) and pick him up in my arms. “You have something to tell me baby boy?” He stares into my eyes and hugs me. “Daddy did it.” He laughs into my shirt.

I look up at Jerome with narrow eyes. “I thought we were a team! Come on (s/n)! Don’t turn soft on me now!” Jerome says dramatically throwing his arms everywhere.

(S/n) gets out of my arms and runs to Jerome’s legs hugging them. “I’m not daddy. I promise. I’ll never be a cog! I’ll always be free!” Such a daddy’s boy.

I walk into the living room and see nothing shattered on the floor. “See? Nothing. Right buddy?” “Right!” Our boy cheers.

I look upon the floor and see little specks of glass leading to the coat closet. I turn to them again to see their nervous faces quickly change to happy innocent ones. “Boys. Are you sure you didn’t break anything?” They shake their heads. “So when I open this door I won’t find anything out of the ordinary?” Once again they shake their heads.

I nod and open the door seeing a vase my mother gave me at my wedding. “Jerome! My mother gave this to us!” (S/n) runs over and looks at it. “Grandmother has hideous taste.” Jerome laughs and mumbles “trust me buddy I know.”

I groan and pull the light switch and instead of the light coming on… a body falls down. A girl. A teenager. “Oh my gosh! Is that Molly?” I turn around and see Jerome looks slightly too happy.

This girl was the most sweetest and innocent babysitter I’ve ever met! How could this happen? “Jerome how could you do this? Why?” Jerome puts his hands up laughing. “I can’t take credit for this one baby. Look at our little monster for guilt.”

I land on my knees and look at my son seeing him smile. “(S/n), baby, did you kill Molly?” He nods and laughs. “She kept stealing our things! And she wouldn’t give me a cookie! She always talked about daddy saying how he was handsome! I wasn’t going to let that whore take my daddy!” I stare at my son in shock.

Then I pulled him into my arms and hug him laughing. “You are just like your father I swear.” I laugh and go to Jerome. “Welcome to the family business my boy.” Jerome says and kisses my head.

Midnight Reminiscing: ReggiexReader! PART ONE.

hey guys, this is a multi-part mini fic :) please leave feedback in my ask!

Summary: Reggie and (Y/N) reminisce about their sophomore relationship at a senior year house party. 

(GIF not mine, credit to @netflixuniversity. I know its a Zach Dempsey gif btw)

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|A Theory pt 3|


GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: Simply put: Shit gets REAL dolls. I was editing this while getting myself all pretty for my prom tomorrow and I was cackling all the while. Don’t kill me. Enjoy~Kae

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“So who goes first?” I heard Youngjae whisper in my ear, his hands still firmly on my hips.


“I don’t even think the brat can handle anymore. She looks about ready to pass out and we haven’t done anything” Jinyoung quipped.

“I can handle a lot more than you think” I growled before I could stop myself, removing myself from Youngjae’s hold and turning back around to face to men behind me.

Jinyoung’s statement brought me back to Jimin’s own earlier and I felt an immediate surge of anger. I wasn’t some innocent school girl, I was a grown woman and I’ll be damned if I allowed them to look at me in any other way. Unfortunately for me, they heard me.

“What was that princess?” Jaebum asked, face set.

“I’m not some innocent schoolgirl. I can handle a lot more than you think”.

I felt two fingers on either side of my lower jaw lifting my face up to look at the owner of the fingers. Jackson was looking down at me with dark eyes and, with a very fluid motion, he gripped the curve of my ass pulling me against him.

“Repeat what you just said”.

His words were blunt, dominant and  filled me with such a longing to submit to him that I’ve never felt before. My pride, however, wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“I said-”

“I heard full well what you said. I was just giving you the opportunity to correct yourself. But since you didn’t take that opportunity” He punctuated that statement by grabbing my ass roughly. 

“Let me make something clear to you” He turned me around immediately, hands tugging my hips back into his and his very obvious arousal.

Everyone in the room could sense that the playful Wang Puppy was gone.

“You haven’t seen any of what I can do. Until you successfully spend one night with me, taking what I give you, how I give it to you then those words are not to leave your lips again. Am I clear?”. His tone was authoritative and left absolutely no room for argument. 

I agree to what he says right now. Or else. I took a deep breath before slowly letting my insecurities fade away as much as possible.

“Yes” I breathed.

I felt his breath ghost over my ear hotly as he whispered “good girl”.

“I’m curious now” Youngjae mused just as Jackson leaned against the wall, pulling me to lay back on him.

“Yeah? About what?” I asked, proud of myself for forming words in this blissed out state.

“What your limits are” He began nonchalantly, pausing to walk toward me.

When he reached me, he began messing with the hem of the thin shirt I wore, before leaning down to my height.

“More specifically, if you’ll let me push them” Youngjae spoke in a sweet voice.

That sweet voice, however, was promising dirty, dirty things. But when Youngjae leaned down to press a heated sensual kiss to my lips, I knew that I was all fucking for whatever that voice was promising.

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Maybe it’s because I recently wrote a fic about this but you know what I am dyyyyyying to see? Kurt propose to Jane. Was it spontaneous? Did he buy a ring? Was it quiet, just the two of them at home? Or did he take her somewhere special? Give this to us, Gero. I need it. I need it now.

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Look, guys, Dylan decided to be a porn cop for Halloween and I’m not ok rn.

The porn ‘stache. The cheesy sunglasses. The shirt opened for maximum sleaziness. I am so into it, send help. Why self why.

(I guess Latts dressed up as a cop too? I’ll be honest, I was too focused on Dylan to realize anyone else was even there.)

la douleur exquise (5)

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10


‘Do not look in front of you, do not look in front of you.’

I repeated to myself. I figured I would be okay if I just stared out of the window gazing at the view passing by, but I was not. It’s been close to 30 minutes now and I have concluded that I have never felt this awkward before in my entire life.

The smell of Sehun’s cologne wafted over to me, invading all of my senses. I was completely surrounded by him and I began to feel like I couldn’t breathe. I’ve been wanting to open the window for the longest time but I did not have the will to move my arm to the switch on the door. 

The silence was deafening, it was too quiet. I was too afraid to move, the slightest of sounds would draw Sehun’s eyes back to me. I began to take in shallow breaths in order for my breathing to become even more silent, my leg slowly began to shake and I felt like I wanted a hole to appear beneath me and swallow me up.

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Overpowered pt 3!

A/N: Thank you soo much for all the love part 2 got! I did not expect how many notes it got. You guys are awesome. I hope you enjoy this next part. This part also has different pov again.

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of death and i don’t think there is anything else but let me know if you think there is and I’ll edit.

Y/n pov

“What’s going on y/n?” Steve asked stopping me from stepping closer to the generator. I sighed.

“I’m going to ask you for a big favor.”

“What is it?”

“Try and keep me alive.” I told him softly.

“What do you mean?”

“I  mean I have been going non-stop for a month. Steve I’m going to crash any second. I’m holding out till we get back so Tony can get Peter to the medical bay. I’m going o blow this base up and take everyone back to the tower. I’m more than likely going to go into shock after I do. And if I don’t survive…”

“Y/n… that is not going to happen.” 

“Steve if I don’t survive you can’t let them shut down.” I told him.

“You’re going to survive.” Steve told me looking worried.

“Steve I’m serious. You can’t let them. And if I do make sure you tell everyone that I love them. Especially Peter.”

“And I’m serious too. You’re not going to die and you can tell them yourself once we get back.” He stepped forward hugging me. “Promise.” I felt a tear escape. I quickly wiped it away. I know he was only trying to ease my fear, because in reality he didn’t know. 

“You ready?” I asked him.

“I feel like that is more of a question I should be asking you.”

“Course I’m ready.” I said walking over to the generator. 



Come on y/n you can do this. 

I put my hands on the generator and felt the energy course through my body. I felt awake. The light inside the reactor was slowly disappearing and the arc reactor was cracking where my hands were.

My knees started to shake.

“Y/n we got company.”

“What do you think you’re going to do? You’ll die before you can handle that much energy.” The Hydra agent that had been the shithead had entered.

“Careful Steve he has super abilities.” I said then focused my attention back to the reactor.

“SHE’S GOING TO DIE AND WHAT A GLORIOUS MOMENT THAT WILL BE!” The Hydra agent shouted. My legs were like earthquakes at this point.


“I’m good just keep him away!!!” I said as I slowly sank to my knees. There was a burn coursing through my body. I felt like I was being torn apart.

“Y/n let go of it!” Steve said yelling at me. I heard a crash. I couldn’t let go of it. It was almost gone.

“Y/N!!!!” Just a little longer. The burning kept me awake. Gone. I felt like I have drank 32 espressos.

“ Steve get the others in a group outside a good ways away from the base.” I yelled at him standing up. 

“You got this?”

“I got this.” I told him as he ran out of the building.

“Well well… looks like I was right. Your powers have very strong potential.” The Hydra agent told me catching on fire. “ So how long will it be before the energy tears you apart?” 

I didn’t answer, but instead blasted him against the wall. I walked over to him.

“ You will die here. You will never see the light of day again.”

“Is that so?” He asked swinging at me. I moved and wrapped my hand around his throat. 

“ Have I ever lied to you?” I asked and started to let the energy pulse out around me in a shield. I grinned.



The energy I was releasing was getting stronger. Come on do it. Do it. My body felt on fire. 

I woke up and was in ashes and everything hurt.

“Steve… where you guys at?” I asked over the radio in my suit.

“We’re at what is now the edge of the forest.”

I sat on my knees and looked up to see how big the explosion was. Everything had been burned to the ground and further. I shadow jumped to them.

“Everyone huddle around me or grab my arm or something.” I said and we huddled in a mass. My head was pounding. “Hold on tight.”

Steve pov.

We skidded to a stop in the main room in the tower. I got up as quickly as possible. I saw Tony yank Peter up and I moved to get to y/n and lifted her up.

“Mr.Stark I don’t feel good.” Peter said holding his stomach and stumbling over his own feet as Tony dragged him. 

“Is she awake?” Tony asked me as we ran to the medical bay.

“No.” I said looking down at her body as color drained from her face.

““Friday set up two medical beds and get some applesauce.” Tony shouted as we ran into the medical bay and set both of them down. “FRIDAY APPLESAUCE AND IVS!”

“Patient going into cardiac arrest.” the robotic medic said going to the other side of her bed hooking up the heart monitor. Her heart rate was slowing down until it hit a stop. The medic got the defibrillator out and started rubbing them together “Clear” and electrocuted her heart. Nothing. I risked looking behind me and Tony were sitting there looking like kicked puppies. The medic rubbed the defibrillator together again “Clear” and shocked her heart again. The hear monitor still had the haunting deadline. 

“Shall I do a third?” The medic asked.

“Yes.” I said fear started to pulse through my body. I promised her. Third shock. Deadline. No no no no no no no.

“Move.” I told the medic. I started to perform CPR on her myself. I started pushing on her rib cage to get her to breathe again and I kept doing CPR for a few minutes. 

“STOP IT!!! STOP!!!”  I heard Peter yell. I didn’t listen.

“Steve…” Tony said softly. The heart monitor was a deadline…… then had one beat…. then two. I kept going until her heart rate was steady and she was breathing again. It was a shallow breathing, but it was still breathing. 

“Patient is alive. Diagnosed with hypothermia. Treatment is bed rest and lots of fluids. Must stay hooked up to iv and put on a breather.” the medic told us and put a breathing mask over her face.

I let out a sigh. She was going to be ok. I looked back at Tony and Peter. Peter had tears streaming down his face and Tony looked close to tears as well. Peter tried to get up and Tony pushed him back to the bed. “ No you need to stay in bed. You need to get stable.”

“Cap…. can you push her bed over?” Peter asked. I slid her bed and iv right next to Peter’s as Tony moved out of the way. Tears were falling from everyone now and Peter reached over and brushed back y/n’s hair.  “ She’s going to be ok?” He asked.

“ Yea you and her both kid.” Tony wiped his tears away.

“What’s going on? Is everything ok?” Clint asked running in.

“Yea they’re both ok.” I said and everyone else came in.

“Is Lady Y/n awake?” Thor asked.

“No she is probably going to be out for awhile.” I told them.

“I have her favorite blanket. It’s electric.” Thor said and put it over her and turned it on. “To keep her warm. She gave me one and it is blue with thunderbolts. It’s very nice.” He walked back to the group.

Bruce walked forward and placed a book on the stand next the bed. “For when she wakes up.” He went back to the group.

Bucky had grabbed one of her plants from outside and put it alongside he book without saying a word.

“Guys we should probably leave them alone so they can rest.” I said before anyone else could step forward.

Y/n pov

I woke up with a breather on my face and an iv in my arm. I rubbed my eyes. 

“Good afternoon y/n. Its good to see you awake.” I turned and saw Vision sitting in a chair. I pulled my breather off and felt just how dry my throat was when I talked. “Hey Vision. Is everyone ok? Where is Peter?”

“Everyone is ok. Peter is in the theater with everyone else. They suggested it would be a good distraction from your absence.Shell I tell them you are awake?”

“No its ok Vision. How long was I out?”

“ About a week.” I sat up and a medic walked up o me with food and I took it graciously.

“How have you been Vision?”

“ I have been doing well, but have missed he presence of my teammate.” I finished the small fruit I was given and swung my feet off the bed and wobbled as i tried to stand up. “May I be of some assistance?” Vision offered me his arm and I took it.

“We are going to the bathroom by the way Vision. I need a shower. My suit and I are rank.” 

“I shall be outside if you need assistance.” Vision said.

“Vision I have some books you can read while you wait. I think you’d like the one that I saw on my table.”

“Excellent idea.” Vision said as I closed the door and stripped down walking into the shower. I felt my muscles relax and after an hour of scrubbing the dirt off and getting clean I stepped out of the shower.

“ Friday can you give me my yellow sweats and my nasa tee and put my suit in the wash too please?” The towel bin popped open with my clothes and took away my suit. “Thank you Friday!”

“You’re welcome.”

I got dressed and was able to walk a bit easier and breathe a bit better. My body was slowly starting to heal itself. I found Vision outside the door sitting and he was already half way though the book.

“This is a wonderful book y/n.”

“I’m glad you think so.” I smiled at him. I heard thumping and was attacked by Wanda. Her arms wrapped tightly around me and I hugged her just as tight back.

“I missed you.” She whispered.

“ I missed you too.” I said hugging her even tighter. “Thank you soo much.”

“For what? You’re the one that kept us alive.”

“You showed them how to find us.”

“You were already out by the time we got there.”

“But I had to tell Steve and Tony what to do so we wouldn’t die.”

She released me from the hug but we still held arms.

“I’m so happy your alive.”

“I am too.” I grinned and hugged her again. “I’m going to get something to drink.” I walked to the kitchen. I grabbed a drink from the fridge and jumped when I heard a booming voice behind me.

“LADY Y/N YOU’RE AWAKE!” Thor said and lifted me into a bear hug. 

“I missed you too Thor!” I mumbled into his chest.

“How are you?” He asked setting me down and I giggled “I’m doing good Thor. What should I make for din..”

“Y/N!!!” Clint yelled and tackled me.

“Hey Clint” 

“Clint get off the poor girl she probably just woke up.” Nat said standing over us.

“BUT SHE NEEDS CLINT HUGS!!!!” Clint yelled slowly getting off of me and helped me up. Nat quickly hugged me and started waddling off with me.

“SHE’S MINE NOW BARTON!!!” Nat said as she waddled with me through the kitchen. Clint ran after us and hugged me from the other side.


“Shut up We aren’t letting you go.”Nat said hugging me tighter.

“No hug me more. I was going to ask what you guys wanted for dinner. I’m cooking tonight.”

“ Pancakes!!!” Thor said butting in.

“Pancakes sound good.” Nat said her voice wavered.

“Nat are you crying?” She sniffled.

“No shut up.”

“I am.” Clint said.

“Awww you guyssss. I love you so much. “

“YO! What’s going …. she’s awake.” Sam said walking over to us. Nat and Clint released heir grip on me and I just stood in from of Sam. “Hug or cool handshake?” Sam asked.

“Cool handshake.” I told him and we performed out big handshake routine that put us in a fit of giggles. A the end I ended up hugging him anyway.

“Nice to have you back. Might wanna go check up on your boyfriend and let him know you’re awake.” Sam said pulling back.

“Mkay and we’re having pancakes tonight.” I said walking away from them and towards the movie room. Before I could reach for the door knob the door swung open and Steve walked out. I tackled him.

“Y/n!” Steve wrapped his arms around me.

“Thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know how you did it, but you did.” I told him.

“You knew I wouldn’t break my promise.” He said sitting up.

“Is Peter in there?”

“Yea. Tony is in there too.”

“Mkay I’ll see you in a bit. Also we are having pancakes for dinner. My treat.” I said getting off of him and headed into the movie room. I looked over at the seats and Peter was passed out. I didn’t see Tony anywhere until he walked in from the corner with a blanket. He saw me and stopped in front of me. He didn’t say anything.

“Tony I…”

“Are you ok?” 

“Yea I…. ow hey!” He lightly punched my arm.

“That’s for scaring the shit out of me and not telling me the whole truth of what was going on.”

“I needed you to take care of Peter. You didn’t need anything else to worry about at that moment.” he hugged me.

“ He’s asleep. I’ll let you wake him up.” Tony said pressing a kiss to my forehead. He walked away leaving me in confusion at the affection he just showed.

I walked over to Peter who was passed out in the movie chair and smiled at his messy curly hair all in his face. I leaned down and brushed back his hair. My Peter. He quickly woke up making me fall on my ass. He bent down and hugged me.

“I love you.” I told him.

“I love you too.” He pulled me into his lap. I planted kisses all over his face and ran my fingers through his hair. “Do the others know your awake?”

“You’re the last to find out. They all ran into me before I got here.” I said kissing him more. I pulled away for breath again. I smiled against his lips.

 “We’re also having pancakes for dinner.” 

Thank you for reading this far lovelies! So I can leave the story like this because I think it ended on a pretty good note, but if you guys want a part 4 leave a comment or dm me. I am also taking requests for many fandoms and/or celebrities so don’t be shy I will be happy to do it =).

i really wish that hyuck’s foundation would match his neck just Once (1 time) in his life

do u ever like… meet someone at a party and there’s like chemistry and you’re hitting it off but then it comes time to leave and you’re leFT WONDERING WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN

A Vampire’s Best Friend

To anyone who’s sad and anyone who likes Simon and Baz and dogs
Genre: domestic fluff

Word Count: 1468
Summary: Simon and Baz get a dog, but there are complications.

In the middle of the night, Snow nudges me awake.

“Baz,” he whispers. “Are monsters real?”
“What the fuck are you talking about?”
I look at him like he’s being especially idiotic.

“Of course they’re real.”

“I don’t mean like goblins and stuff…”
Or vampires, I add in my head.

“I meant like… um… don’t laugh, okay?”
“I can’t promise that.”

“Is there such a thing as… the monster under the bed?”
For a second I just stare at him, trying to figure out whether he’s taking the piss or actually serious about this. Then I burst out laughing.

“Wait,” he says alerted and grabs my arm. “There it was again.”
“Is that you, Baz?”
“What the fuck?”
“I’m freaking out a bit. Something is nibbling my toe. I can hear it breathing, I think.”

“Can you bite it?”
“I know it’s late, but… You can’t tell me that you forgot.”

“Forgot what?”

“We got a dog. Yesterday.”
“Of course I haven’t – Oh.”

“Right. You’re an idiot, Snow.”
I turn on the lights and there she sits, tongue sticking out of her mouth and wagging her tail.
“She looks incredibly monstrous, Snow,” I huff sarcastically, and a bit tiredly, “I can see where you’re coming from.”
“Stop mocking me,” Snow says, but is already distracted and starts petting her. Great. I can’t believe I’m going to have to fight for Snow’s attention with a fucking dog now.

I’m still not entirely sure what to think of her.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Simon had asked.

“Why wouldn’t I be?””
“You know, because werewolves and all? She’s related to them, that means she’s basically your enemy.”
I had been tempted to brush him off with a simple “fuck you”, but instead I answered: “Well, I seem to have a thing for my enemies,” and looked at him tenderly, only further proof that I’ve become way too soft.

“I don’t know how often I have to keep telling you this, but this is not Twilight, Snow. And if anything, she’s the g-rated version of a werewolf. I could get rid of her easily if I wanted to.”

“Which I don’t, obviously. Yet.”
She’s a beautiful Golden Retriever with fluffy long fur and warm brown eyes. Snow saw her at the animal shelter when she was still awfully skinny and her fur a dirty mess. She had been abandoned by her former owners. I can see why he likes her.

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Ten x Rose - Ranch AU

(I was totally humming ‘Fields of Gold’ while doing the second one.)

Under Attack

Request: Could I request number 5 with Chen from EXO? I really love your blog! :D I check it all the time.

5) It’s you and your bias’ hundred day anniversary. What do you do?

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo’s Chen x Y/N

Type: Fluff

My feet were heavy as they climbed the stairs to the Exo dorm. I had worked an entirely too long shift at the office today, holding on to the hope that a sudden schedule wouldn’t pop up and sweep Jongdae away on our anniversary. The lack of cars in the parking lot wasn’t a very promising sight as I continued my trek, grumbling to myself along the way. 

I arrived on the floor where the boys lived and heaved a deep breath. There was a piece of paper taped to the door and I rolled my eyes before I could even read it. I’m sure it was some kind of quickly scribbled plea for me not to kill him, but Jongdae would be gone. 

“Unlocked” it read simply. 

I tilted my head and looked up and down the hall. I felt like this was a trap. 

My hand slowly closed around the doorknob and I gave it a gentle push. The door slid open without any hesitation. I don’t know why, but I was surprised, even though the note had read of the obvious expectation.

I stuck my face into the entryway before I granted my body entrance. Something was weird. There were no sounds emanating from any area of the dorm. On a normal day, screeches, arguments, and singing could be heard from nearly every corner of the apartment. 

I popped off my shoes and tiptoed toward the living area where I stopped cold. A smile quickly spread on my lips as I stared at the very Jongdae setup before me. All of the cushions had been taken from the couches, and with the help of a few blankets, a fort stood in the middle of the room. There was a small trail of daisies trickling from where I was standing to the fort. 

I walked gingerly through the daisies and poked my head into the fort. I had expected to see a grinning Jongdae, but instead saw a small pallet sat on the floor of the fort, along with a pile of some of my favorite snacks. There was also a string of christmas lights hanging vicariously along different cushions. 

“Ouch,” I grumbled. I had leaned down on something hard plastic. I looked down to see a pink nerf gun placed by my knees with a small note. 

“This gun with ammo is yours, I have one too and you are under attack as of 5, 4, 3, 2…”

I felt a pop on my butt and I spun around, nearly taking down half of the fort. 

I glared out of the fort and saw Jongdae sprinting past, laughing maniacally. 

“Oh you are dead!” I shouted, grabbing my nerf gun and springing into action. I ran after Jongdae and quickly realized he had disappeared. I began to walk slowly, listening to every creak the dorm made. 

I walked along the edge of the hallway, going into 007 mode. 

“Jongdaaaae,” I cooed, walking slowly, trying to keep my footprints stealthy. 

“You’ll never take me alive!” he yelled, sprinting by me the opposite way, shooting behind him. A few of the nerf pellets hit me in the arm and face. 

“Jongdae!” I screeched, falling down in the hall in mock pain. I winced and grabbed at my arm as I flopped on the floor. I squinted my eyes and watched Jongdae turn around quickly, his eyes growing wide. He slowly tread back toward me and knelt in front of me. 

“Jagi, I’m sorry, I didn’t think they’d actually hurt you, are you-” he said quickly, trying to pull me into his arms. 

“You’re so gullible Chen,” I chuckled, shooting a nerf bullet at his forehead. I sprang up from the floor and ran toward the living room. 

It took him a moment to realize what had happened before Jongdae also sprang up from the floor and followed me. To my chagrin, he was much faster than I was and I quickly felt his arms wrap around my waist as I was lifted from my run and flew through the air. 

“You’ll never be able to get away from me,” he chuckled, peppering kisses on my neck from behind. He placed my feet back on the ground and waddled us towards the fort. “Happy anniversary Y/N.”

“Happy anniversary,” I repeated, climbing into the fort. He slithered in behind me and quickly pulled me onto his lap once we were situated. 

“One hundred days,” he whispered, cuddling me into his arms. 

“One hundred days,” I sighed. “And it’s the first time you got all of the boys out of the dorm.”

“I had to buy them all movie tickets,” Jongdae sighed. “Do you know how much eight movie tickets cost these days?”

“What movie did they see?” I asked, lifting my brows. 

“The longest one I could find…we have approximately two hours and eight minutes,” he chuckled, nuzzling closer into my neck. 

“I love you Jondae,” I giggled, taking his head in my arms. I paused for a moment, realizing what I had just said. Jongdae’s head sprang up and he looked at me blankly, his eyes searching mine. 

“You love me?” he whispered. “But…but…why?”

“Why?” I said breathlessly. “I tell you I love you and you ask why?”

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. “I love you too, that’s obvious, you should know that, but why, why do you love me? I’m such a pain…and I’m gone with schedules all the time…and”

“Hey,” I whispered, taking his face in my hands. “Have you ever made out in a pillow fort?” 

“Well, no…” he muttered, his thoughts still speeding through his head. 

“Well, I would love to kiss you,” I said quietly. “Because I love you so entirely, that that is all I think about constantly. Kissing my beautiful, talented, caring, intelligent boyfriend.” 

Chen looked down, a small smirk on his face. 

“Look at me,” I whispered. His eyes found their way back to mine. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he said quietly, emotion filling his voice. 

His lips crashed into mine and sent me backwards. He placed me gently on the pallet we were laying on and angled himself to lay by my side, sliding his hand up to my cheek. He balanced with the other and worked his lips rhythmically over mine. 

I felt his fingers tickle at my hips, causing me to giggle. Chen took advantage of my open mouth and slid his tongue in, halting his tickling only when I accepted the situation and kissed back. 

“I love you,” he whispered against my lips. “God, I love you. It feels so good to say…maybe I’ll just say it non stop until it sinks in that you love me.”

“So, when I call you in the morning,” I said quietly. “And I ask, ‘Hey Chen, do you have any plans for today…your answer will be?’”

A smile blazed across his face as he nodded, “I love you.”

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I Bought You Something

Anon: Got7’s Youngjae, you, and toys

Author: Admin A

Character(s): Youngjae (GOT7)/Reader

Word Count: 2,117

Summary: Youngjae has been to the store. What could he have possibly gotten for you?

“Babe! I’m home!” I heard the door shut in the front of the apartment along with the rustle of some plastic bags.

“In the bedroom, Jae!” I called from my little nest I had made on the bed, book in my hands. I heard him padding through the apartment before he poked his head into the bedroom. He let out a chuckle when he saw how bundled up I was. I set my book down, smiling up at my puppy like boyfriend as he skipped over to the bed, dropping the bags on the ground and tackling me in a hug.

“I missed you!” he cooed. I giggled, ruffling his hair.

“I missed you too baby. I’ve been thinking of you all day.” He sat back on his knees, looking me deep in the eyes.

“Have you really?” His voice was suddenly quiet, which was a bit unusual for him, especially for right when he got home. He leaned forward quickly and pressed a very firm kiss to my lips. I kissed him back out of reflex, but was still perplexed at the sudden change in his demeanor. He ended the kiss as suddenly as he started it, sitting back again. “I’ve been thinking of you too, baby. I have somethings for you.” I smiled up at him, but it quickly fell when I saw the smirk on his face.

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forbidden love chapter four {demi lovato fanfiction}

“why are we talking about this we still have a month of summer.” demi groans dropping her head on the dinner table. “because i want you both to be informed about the school going into your junior year.”  eric says pushing the brochure towards us. “these are all the sports and clubs you could join while you are there.”  “look dad that all sounds great, but sports arent my thing you know.” demi smiles pushing the paper back towards him. “what about college?” he asks. “what about it?” “think of how good it would make you look if you had baseball or basketball or volleyball or…” with each sport demi shot back a look of disgust. “sports arent for me.” demi states standing up walking towards the refrigerator. “i like to eat.” i shoot her a look. “is there anything in that fancy brochure about that.” she smiles popping a grape into her mouth. “competitive eating isnt what i was talking about demi.” eric sighs leaving the table. “well its the one thing iam good at.” demi sighs watching her dad leave the kitchen. “just ask y/n.” she says quietly. i pick up the purple folded paper reading all the activities the school offers. “dont tell me your gonna join those stupid clubs are you?” she asks sitting next to me. “i dont know maybe.” i say not looking at her. “lets go do something fun!” demi says probably trying to change the subject. “mall?” i suggest still skimming the page. “is that where you want to go?” she asks slowly taking the brochure from me. i nod looking at her while she crumbles the paper. “then mall it is.” she smiles quickly pecking my lips tossing the crumbled ball in the trash. 

30 minutes later we are in one of the many stores of the meadow ridge mall. iam picking out clothes to try on while demi is playing on her phone with a plain graphic tee in her hand. “thats all your gonna get?” i ask from over the circular rack of clothing. she nods not peeling her eyes from the screen. with a few items in my hand i head over to the changing rooms with demi following close behind me. “y/n?” a familiar voice says. i turn to see jenna a old classmate from middle school. “hey!” i smile hugging her. “how are you? havent seen you in so long! hows your mom? i heard she got married to eric!” she smiles. “iam doing well and yeah a few weeks ago. this is demi erics daughter.” i reply introducing my step sister turned lover. “hi nice to meet you!” jenna says a little to perky. demi smiles in return waving a bit. “so you work here?” i say looking down to her name tag with a small peeling butterfly sticker in the corner. she nods proudly. “you should totally come work here its so much fun! lots of cute guys!” she giggles. “ill think about it.” i smile looking towards demi who is tapping on her phone frustrated. “which room can i go in?” i ask her looking towards the little numbers hanging on the door signaling the room is taken. “umm you can use that one.” she tells me pointing to the room in the middle handing me a “three” door hanger. “hey jenna could i use the same room it will be quick just wanna try this on.” demi suggest holding up the tee. “yeah go ahead.” jenna nods not really paying attention. 

i rush into the room with demi right behind me. she is quiet for a moment. i start to pull up my shirt. she stands in front of the door just watching me. “is something wrong?” i ask quietly pulling my jeans down. she shakes her head watching my hands closely. the second i step out of my jeans her hands are around me. i look up to her. she slowly starts grinding her hips against mine. “demi!” i whisper moving away. she pins me against the wall biting her lip, she reaches between us yanking down my undies. “we cant here right now?!” i whisper shout trying to break free. “so you want to see all the guys?” she whispers in my ear. “what?” i reply as she turns me around facing the wall. “you wanna see all the guys huh?” she repeats feeling my ass with both of her hands squeezing. her fingers drift down to my pussy lips then back up to my ass. like always i give in letting her have her way with me. “no.” “liar” she spits slapping my right ass cheek. i gasp, covering my mouth quickly. demi drops to her knees kissing my cheek, sucking on it nice and slow. i bite down hard on my lip praying i dont whimper or scream out. “can these boys make you feel the way iam making you feel right now?” she asks spreading my ass cheeks apart moving her tongue around my little hole. a whimper almost escapes but i cover it with a cough. i look at the mirror while demi smiles licking it again. she has never played with my ass before like this it feels amazing. the tip of her tongue enters my little hole a rush runs through me, i grab her head in that same moment. she yanks her head away grabbing my wrists standing up. i whimper softly pouting wanting her to keep going. demi grabs at her black jeans buttoning pulling them down with her panties. flinging them across the small room she pushes me down to my knees. i look up to her waiting to see what she wants. “eat.” she demands pulling my head forward. i suck at her clit, licking her folds. she smiles looking up grinding down on my face. she is so fucking wet i love it. i love how i can do this to her. “y/n lick me baby yes princess eat my pussy.” she whispers rocking in circles. i follow her hands while they guide me deeper into her. “fuckkk please yes god yes dont you dare stop!” she mutters through her teeth. her legs are starting to shake i speed up my motion under her. wetness fills my tongue and the taste i love so much excites my taste buds. i pull away looking up to her smiling knowing i did a damn good job. she straddles my lap locking our lips together. “you think anyone heard us?” i asks kissing her breast. “yeah.” she almost laughs. we sit like this for a few minutes before demi walks out first with me right behind her. 

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FINALLY UPDATED!!! YAY! haha hope you all liked it, let me know what you thought && tell me if you want me to write a chapter five!!! thanks for reading !!

He Must Be Safe

Author’s Note: Here is my first Seduce Me Fanfic and I hope that someone likes it. If you have any requests, please message me and I’ll try to write it and credit you for your idea unless you don’t want me to. :)

He Must Be Safe

Summary: Before Seduce Me 2 and the ending with Sam. Mika is alone at home missing Sam, more than usual when she distracts herself with TV, breaking news comes to her and she loses herself and control.

Mika’s POV:

I watch as the clock ticks by as I miss Sam hugging me and kissing me. I don’t know why, but I’m missing him more than usual. It’s true that I always miss him, but today wasn’t a good day at work and I felt really lonely. I decided to distract myself with some TV while I wait for him to come home. He’s going to be pretty late tonight though because he called me and said he had to take a last minute call. I held back about telling him how much I needed him to comfort me, after all he would be home soon. I got up from the stairs of the mansion and make my way towards our bedroom. I put on my pjs quickly and jump in bed cuddling up in my fuzzy blanket as I turn on the TV. Once the tv turns on, I almost change the channel when I read BREAKING NEWS because I don’t need any more sad things to ruin my day more. Out of curiosity, I read the headline quickly and it shows, 4 policemen killed in a neighborhood shooting. My heart rate increases dramatically when I realize Sam might be there and I quickly grab my phone to call him. I dial his number as I fast as I can manage through my hand shaking.

I repeat aloud to myself, “please pick up, please pick up, Sam! Sam!”’

The phone goes directly to voicemail as Sam says, “sorry, I’m probably busy right now, try to call you later, if I’m feeling up to it.” I felt the tears swell in my eyes as I leave a message feeling the lump in my throat getting heavier.

I say barely, “Sam, it’s me, I’m just making sure you’re safe, please call or text ASAP, I really miss you and love you.” I hang up and hope that he is safe and sound. My heart gets heavy at the thought of losing Sam, I look at my hand to see my ring. I kiss the green diamond reminding me of him. I remember how happy he was asking me and I felt like I was flying as he asked me on the roof on our mansion.That was always the place I felt so safe especially with his arms wrapped around my waist. The roof was where we shared our second kiss, it’s what I imagined my first kiss to be like.

Suddenly I hear my phone ring and without a second thought, I answer with a shaky, “h-hello.” I don’t even look at the caller ID because all I want it to be is Sam to tell me he is safe and sound.

Naomi answers with a cheerful, “hey,” as she always does. She continues and says, “something wrong?”

I break down over the phone and say, “Sam isn’t answering and I was watching the news and it has a report that 3 policemen have got s-shot and I really hope it’s not S-Sam!” I start to weep and can’t hold it in any longer, my hands began to shake again and I can barely think straight.

Naomi quickly responds, “I’ll be over right away and don’t worry, I’m sure Sam is alright.” She hangs up and I’m sure she is right. After all, he is the strongest demon of the Incubus brothers. He is one of the highest chiefs too, so even not as a demon he is very strong. Still, I can’t help, but worry and worry about where he is, I miss him and love him so much. I don’t know if I can love someone as much I loved him. He was all my firsts for romantic interactions, first holding hands, first kiss, first boyfriend, I lost my virginity to him and I regret nothing. No, no I didn’t lose him, he is alive, he has to be. I hear a knock at the door and I wipe away my remaining tears, although I know I won’t be able to stop crying till I see him again. I walk fast and open the door and see a happy Naomi.

She smiles a bright smile and says, “hey, Mika,” I motion for her to come in. I close the door and when I finish she hugs me and breathe in and out. Her embrace is warm, but nothing compared to Sam’s. I still hold her though and take a calming breath. I pull away slowly and trying to give a small smile. I go quickly to the bedroom to see if there is any new news on the story. I sit down in the bed when Naomi comes in.

She frowns slightly and says, “you know, you shouldn’t torture yourself with watching this.” I look at her and try to make myself turn the tv off, but I can’t tear myself away since it’s really the source of answers if Sam is possibly okay or not. She comes and sits next to me and takes the tv remote from me gently and turns it off. I completely lose it and start to feel the tears come in my eyes again as I worry about Sam more.

I quickly mumble, “please don’t, it’s the only way I can find answers.”

She sighs a worried sigh and says, “I know, but as you watch the numbers go up, the more you will worry that one of the numbers is Sam.” I know she is right, but I can’t find it in my shaking body to listen to her, I only can hear all the unanswered questions in my head. Like, is Sam okay? What if he is injured? What if he died? What if he is paralyzed? What if I never see him again? What if he is gone forever? I instantly start sobbing as I ask myself these horrible questions. Naomi puts her arms around me again and I can’t even find the strength to hold her back. I feel my body tremble and shake and my heart pound faster as I think about Sam being gone. I hear the door open and I pull myself away from Naomi and run to see who it is. It has to be Sam, it must be, he is alive. I look up and see Suzu and I feel myself fall to my knees. My vision goes completely blurry and I put knees closer to me. Throughout my sobbing, I barely can hear Suzu and Naomi talking.

Suzu says worried, “oh shit, what’s wrong?” I can’t even bother to answer her and continue to sob harder as I know Sam could be gone.

Naomi speaks quietly as she holds me trying to somehow comfort me, “sorry Suzu, Mika is really worried about Sam and she probably thought it was him.”

Suzu hugs me too and says trying to be reassuring, “Sam is a badass, I’m sure he is perfectly okay. That explains why you wanted me to come over right away, Naomi.” I try to find some comfort from them, but all I want to know that Sam is okay. I want him to hold me letting me feel his warmth from his body. I close my eyes trying to imagine Sam calling me doofus and saying he loves me, I hear his sweet voice in my head and almost have a small smile on my face.

I breathe in and out wiping away my tears and hug Naomi and Suzu and say, “thanks, you guys are the best.”

Naomi blushes slightly and says, “thanks, but we really didn’t do anything.”

I smiled slightly and say, “really, I’m sure Sam is alright. You guys can leave if you want.”

Naomi and Suzu nodded, but Suzu asked, “if you don’t mind me asking, what changed your mind that Sam was really okay?”

I looked at my feet feeling a little embarrassed and sighed, “well I don’t know, I guess hearing Sam’s voice in my head, helped.”

Suzu teased, “oh really, what was he saying?”

Before I could answer Naomi replied, “that’s enough, Suzu I’m sure Mika has been through enough without all your teasing.”

I smile and say, “well guys, it’s getting late you guys can go home, I know Sam is alright.”

Naomi smiles back and says, “well if you need anything, just call us and we will come back.” I nod and waved goodbye to Suzu and Naomi. I decided to go back to my bedroom. I settle under the blankets and turn the tv on, but quickly change the channel and put on Netflix. I decide to put on Fruits Basket since I needed something happy to put my mood up. Rather quickly, I fall asleep.

Sam’s POV:

I’m finally home, I decided to get her some flowers and chocolates and just told her I would be home late. I didn’t think it would take as long as it did, but I wanted to get her favorite flowers and chocolates. My phone even died while walking out. I walk to the door and was about to get out my keys when I realized the door was unlocked. I opened the door and locked it behind me. I walked to our bedroom where I see Mika wrapped up in her blanket watching Fruits Basket, typical. I smile as I see her sleeping and I put down the flowers and chocolate and decide to let her sleep. I turn off the tv and climb into the bed. Out of habit, I pull her close to me and almost fall asleep when she startles awake.

Mika’s POV:

I open my eyes slightly when I feel Sam pull me close to him.

I say sleepily, “Sam is that you?”

He quickly says, “yes, doofus.” I roll over so he lets go and I smile through tears. I pull him close to me, he settles into my warmth, but pulls me closer.

He says concerned, “why are you crying?”

I kiss his nose and say, “I just was really worried about you.”

Faint: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Can I have a Draco x Reader romance imagine where Draco finds the reader passed out after a match against Hufflepuff and after bringing her to the hospital wing he confesses his love to the unconscious reader but when he isn’t looking she smiles a bit.

Warnings: malnutrition, (when you can’t find any gifs you like so you make your own)


I had barely sat down at the table for breakfast before I feel myself being yanked back up and out of my chair.

“Pansy, wait I haven’t eaten anything yet!” I call to her.

“Well, grab an apple and let’s go! We’ve got to hurry if we want good seats,” she yells, still tugging my arm. I quickly stuff an apple into my pocket and follow her outside. Today was Slytherin’s first match of the season, and they were playing Hufflepuff. Pansy always liked to sit in the front row, to make sure Draco could see her cheering for him while he played. 

We make our way down to the pitch and I feel the cold of the winter setting in with the snow falling around me. I tighten my green and silver scarf around my neck and pull my gloves out of my pockets and onto my stiffening fingers, rubbing the blood flow back into them. 

Pansy and I get to our usual seats in the middle of the front row in Slytherin’s section and sit down, cuddling close for warmth, and I completely forget about my hunger, too distracted by the cold. The match is about to begin, and the Slytherin team makes their way out onto the field. My eyes search their faces until it finds the one I’m looking for. His white-blonde head turns in my direction and we make eye contact, and I see the beginnings of a smile play on his lips. He winks at me and I feel a warmth rush to my cheeks.

The match begins, and Pansy is standing and screaming her head off next to me, cheering for our team (but mostly Draco). I watch the match intently, studying the quickness of each player as they intercept and pass the quaffle between them. There’s so much activity on the field, and it’s starting to make me a little dizzy from watching so closely.

“MALFOY HAS SEEN THE SNITCH, AND HE’S OFF, SUMMERBY CLOSE ON HIS TAIL!” I hear Lee Jordan announce, and my eyes immediately lock on Draco as he flies after the little golden ball. Summerby is close behind him, but Draco’s hand is only inches from the snitch.

“Come on, Draco, you’ve got this,” I mutter under my breath, clenching my fists on the railing in front of me. He gives a final spurt of power and his fist closes around the wings of the ball.


I jump to my feet cheering, too fast and feel my knees buckle. I look up and see Draco staring at me as my vision goes black.

An enormous grin spreads on his face as his hand closes around the wings of the little golden ball. He immediately looks back toward the Slytherin section, eyes searching for (Y/N), wanting to know if she was watching. He sees her get to her feet cheering… but she begins to sway and the look on her face changes from one of exhilaration to one of immense fatigue. Suddenly she’s not standing anymore. He is by her side in an instant.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N) are you okay?” Pansy asks, holding her unconscious best friend. Draco swoops in and lands right next to her.

“What happened?!” He asks, fear in his voice.

“I don’t know, she just passed out, and she hit her head on the bench when she fell.”

“Did she eat anything this morning?” Draco yells in Pansy’s face.

“I–I don’t think she did.”

“Take this,” he growls, holding his broom out to her. She takes it from him, as he lifts (Y/N) into his arms. “I’m taking her to the Hospital Wing. MOVE!” He yells at the smaller students around him, and they clear a path for him immediately. Draco carries her all the way to the room and lays her down on the white bed, as he explains what happened to Madam Pomfrey as she tended to her wounds.

“Is it alright if I stay with her?” he asks.

“You have five minutes, Mr. Malfoy. But she needs rest, so if you become a disturbance, I will not hesitate to throw you out,” she explains with a warning look on her face.

“I’ll be quiet,” he promises, as he takes a seat next to (Y/N)’s bed. After a few moments, he slowly reaches towards her delicate hand, picking it up and holding it between his two slightly larger ones.

“For the love of Merlin, (Y/N), please be alright,” he says under his breath, his voice cracking slightly. “I need for you to be alright. I can’t bare this world without you in it… I need you here. I love you, (Y/N).”

“It’s time for you to go now, Mr. Malfoy,” he hears Madam Pomfrey say. He gently places (Y/N)’s hand back on the bed, but before going, he leaves a gentle kiss on her forehead.

And as he turns away, a small, peaceful smile appears on her lips

Why so angry? *Aaron Hotchner*

Close the door.“ I hear Aaron say as i walk in his office.
"I know what this is about and I’m not going to apologize, because I’m not sorry.” I tell him as a close the door.
“Y/L/N, are you out of your mind? I gave you a specific order to wait for back up and you went over my word and put you and the hostages in danger. You didn’t follow the protocol and you know i will have to report that.” He tells me and i open my mouth to speak in defense.

“Hotch, if i waited, we both know he would’ve killed that boy. It was a calculated risk and i took it, why are you so tensed up about? I saved those kids lives.” I sit down and i can see it in his eyes that he doesn’t agree with me.

“And what if Morgan didn’t got in time. He would’ve killed you and those boys.” He tells me angrily.
“But Morgan did got in time and no one is dead. Let’s stop with the what ifs and look at the facts. Come on Hotchner, you and me both know he wouldn’t have killed me, based on his profile, based on my knowledge of body language. That’s why you took me on this team right? Cause I’m the best when it comes to body language. Report all you want, i still won’t apologize for my actions.” I look at him and can read it on his face that he’s not angry because i didn’t follow the protocol, he’s angry because i went over his order and i will not give him the satisfaction to hear my apology for something I’m genuinely not sorry about.

“We act like a team, Y/l/n, and i can’t trust you if you don’t follow my orders. You are my responsibility and i need to make sure everyone in this team is safe and i can’t do that with you going over my word.”

“But the team wasn’t in any type of danger, Hotch, you know I did the right thing in that moment.” I sigh looking at him.
“You are part of this team. Goddammit Y/l/n, when are you gonna get it?” He asks lightly squeezing his punch under the desk trying to control himself.

I just look at him and can’t say anything because I’m still trying to figure out what is up with him. When i first got on this team he was really protective over me and then he stopped pairing me with him and started making me work with Morgan or Rossi or any other member of this team. Lately he lashes at me with every chance he has.

I stand up and to to the door.
“You know what your problem is?” I say right before handling the knob because i just can’t seem to shut up.
He raises his brows and waits for me to continue.
“You’re too afraid to let people in.” I speak and i seem to have caught his attention.
“What makes you think that?” He asks and i look around in his office.

“Well the obvious been the loss of Hayley, and then Beth and I’m not trying to pretend i know what happened because i don’t, but when i got here i could notice your genuine interest in me and i won’t even give you arguments because we both know I’m right-”
“Oh no, please give me.” He interrupts amd behind his serious expression i can see a little smile in the corner of his lips telling me he’s enjoying this.
“Well for starters your legs, were always appointed to me, even when i wasn’t the one doing the talking, your face, just like now was more relaxed and your eye pupils were more dilated. You didn’t cross your arms when you were talking to me sending me messages you don’t want to put up walls which meant you liked talking to me. But then all of a sudden, you started ignoring me, assigning me with the others and i kept asking myself if it was because of something i did. It’s clear now that you’re afraid to let people in. You always play by the book and that one time when you didn’t you lost a dearest person, but that’s why it’s called ‘risking’. If you were to play by the book you would’ve lost Jack too. So take it from me, it’s ok not to play by the book sometimes.” I see him stare at me and i sigh.

“It’s called following the protocol amd the protocol it’s in everyone’s interest.” He tells me but i can tell he doesn’t believe himself either.
“Bullshit.” I walk towards his desk laying both my palms on it giving him a perfectly good view of my cleavage.

“Everyone? Including you?” I ask by now his eyes are locked on mine gulping.
“Don’t lie Hotch.” I scoff and he stands up.
“Well what do you want me to tell you Y/n?! That you’re right? That i can’t let people in because I’m afraid of losing them? That i think about you and the things i’d do to you every night? I think we’re passed that and we both know it’s true, but we’re working together and it’s inappropriate to have-”

“Shhh.” I cut him off. He’s what? I knew he liked me but in that way? Woah.
“What do you think about doing to me?” I bite my bottom lip and i can see his eye pupils dilating.
“I- what?” He asks looking around making sure no one heard.
“Hotch they’re all gone, just the two of us are here.” I remind him that we actually have finished with the case and I’m only here because he asked me to come by his office before i headed home.

He shakes his head clearly not wanted to tell me.
“Well you’re the one mentioning it, you might as well tell me. Come on Hotch, stop playing by the book for just one time.” I go around the desk stepping closer to him. I can see his chest raising and falling quickly and his jaw is clenched like something holds him back.
“You know, life is a book and those who don’t explore, read only one page. You really want to be stuck reading the same page for the rest of your life?” I ask biting my lips and i can see him giving in into his own pleasure.

“You’re so stubborn, you don’t quit unless you get what you want.” He steps near me and i move closer to him too, now being only an inch away.

Next thing i know I’m sitting at the edge of his desk with him between my legs kissing my lips like a hungry lion.
“So tell me.” I demand between kisses and breaths.
“Let the actions speak.” His eyes are so dark like I’ve never seen him before. His tongue is swirling around mine as his hands move onto my back and chest.

My hands go from his head to his tie getting rid of it, even though i have to admit him in a suit is the hottest thing I’ve seen.
I wrap my legs around him pulling him closer and he moves his lips to my neck sending me little pulses of pleasure.

I throw his suit jacket on the floor and his fingers play with the ham of my blouse slipping his rough hands through it, on my soft skin.
His hands lay on my bra starting to knead through it feeling my breasts.
I feel light moans escaping my lips and i move my hands to his belt unzipping the black trousers.
“Have i ever told you how hot you look dressing so official?” I smirk through the kiss and i hear a chuckle. I look at him surprised to see this side i never saw of him.

He kisses my lips and i don’t ask him why he chuckled cause i don’t want this to stop.
I palm him through boxers as i managed to pull off his dress pants and i hear my name rolling out of his mouth.
“I want to take you so bad right on this desk.” He tells me pulling me close and it turns me on to hear him talk like this.
He takes off my top and quickly unclips the bra piling the braces off my shoulders and throwing it aside.
“Up.” He instructs as he pulls down both my jeans and my panties

His left hand grabs me by the hair and kisses me so good making me so wet. The other hands travel between my legs applying pressure as it moves in circles. He kneels down and puts my legs on his shoulders grabbing my hips with his hands pulling my center to his face. His dark eyes are locked on mine as his fingers trace my wet heat. His lips attach to my clit and start sucking as his tongue starts licking me.
My head falls on the back as he eats me out. His fingers tease me as they play around my entrance
He finally stretches me out, his mouth not leaving my clit. I feel so good.
“Hotch” i moan and he smirks flickering his tongue a few more times.
“Not yet Y/n.” He stands up and crushes his lips on mine making me taste myself. My hand is picking up where it left earlier and palms his hard length.
He kicks off his shoes and gets out of his trousers allowing me to take off his boxers.

I smirk at his size partially being afraid of what it might do to me. We throw down everything that’s on the desk and i never thought such a mess could make me so horny. His lips are on mine and our tongues are fighting both wanting more of each other. I spread my legs and he jerks off himself looking at me.

“F.uck me already Hotchner.” I can’t take anymore of looking at his vein pulsating for me hardening him even more.
He takes my legs and places them on his shoulders making me lean a little in the back on my hands.
He moves his length up and down my slit making me moan in anticipation.
Finally i feel him penetrating me slowly.

“F.uck you’re so tight.” Hotch groans moving in and out of me his thumb finding its way to my clit. I arch my back as the pleasure is spreading and enhancing with every move he makes. He grabs and pulls my hair pounding in me mercilessly.
“Oh god. This feels so good.” I moan as he hits my spot and he keeps on going.
“You feel so good” the room is filled with our moans and i can feel myself getting so close. He starts moving faster and faster and i can’t hold it anymore.
“Hotch.” I want to warn him but the grunt he makes when i say his name gets me off and i release my eyes rolling out. I moan loudly as I’m so sensitive i can’t take anymore of him inside.
“Let me take care of this” i say looking as his throbbing length as i get off his desk.
I get down on my knees and look up to see biting his lip.
I pump him up and down with my hand and he slowly moans.

“I want that big mouth of yours wrapped around me.” He says and i nod softly biting my bottom lip.
“You do?” I ask getting closer licking his tip teasing him.
“Oh yeah, yes i do.” He throws his head on the back as i lick a strap of his length.
“God damn.” He cusses. I move my lips wrapping them around his tip. I feel his hands grab my hair slowly bobbing me further on his shaft.
I suck slowly as i move back and forth taking in my hands what doesn’t fit my mouth and as my free hands start caressing his balls he loses it.
He starts fucking my mouth and it feel so good to give pleasure to someone.
“Y/n..” he whispers and i know he’s close.
He comes in my mouth and i swallow his warm bitter liquid.

“Ain’t it fun not playing by the book?” I ask standing up and he smirks pulling on his boxers.
“I’m still gonna put it in my report, Y/n.” He says and i chucckle.
“I never said you shouldn’t.” I smile and he nods.
“So Jack’s having a sleepover tomorrow night, do you want to uhm..” i smile at his attempt to asl me out.
“Come and fuck? Sure..” i laugh.
“Well i was thinking more like dinner and movies, but your idea is nice too.”


Complete (Part 2)

Pairing: Reader/Calum Hood

Words: 2000+

Request: No

Rating: R

At about eight o’clock the wind picked up, and by nine it had turned into a gale. The tress in the park bowed their heads, and some branches broke off. Grey clouds scudded across the sky, making it seem as dark as night, and the wind howled like a wolf.

I stood on the balcony watching as the clouds ski past me and over the land. It began to rain. The first drops fell, big heavy drops that splash one by one on my bare arms. I stepped back a pace before turning around and shutting the glass door and stepping onto the warm heavy carpeting. I could hear the rain hitting the gravel- softly at first, but then ever louder, ever faster. I heard the pebbles grinding together under the weight of the water, and saw the drops jumping up again through the sheer force of the impact, as if they wanted to fly back into the clouds. It was the most powerful, most wonderful downpour I had ever seen. I stayed at the glass door to watch and listen before a voice interrupts my thoughts.

“Y/N” I hear Mrs. Markas voice call, I turn my head just in time to see her head pop in. “Dinner is ready,” Mrs. Markas specks while a smile forms across her lips. I nod my head before draping my Egyptian cotton robe over me and following Mrs. Markas. My bare feet made practically no noise on the marble floor of the corridor before Mrs. Markas opened the door to the banquet hall. Again, Mrs. Markas and I toke are seat in the vacant spots once again today.

The tall French doors opened and in walked the chefs and the servants. The man and women made a deep curtsy before they begin walking towards the mahogany craved table and setting down plates and rose coloured porcelain with gold edges, like the ones we had at breakfast. A light weight pot covered is reviled and roast meat is filled in front of Mrs. Markas, Calum, Christopher, and my Fathers eyes. All sorts of spices are welcomed in the air before the chef begins to cut the roast and place it on the season rice that was on our plates.

“Thank for this delicious meal that you kind and generous people have created,” I state while a stout woman wearing a cook’s hat with a few reddish curls peeping out from underneath fills our glasses with red wine. The women nods before smiling a happy smile and then bowing and leaving with the rest of the chefs and servants. I take my wine glass between my finger tips and sip a generous amount before sending a wink towards Calum’s deadly stare at my hollowed cheeks. A smile is etched across my lips before I begin to cut into the amazing mouth watering roast.

Dinner goes by smoothly. Small conversation and jokes are shared before my Father asks Calum to go to his office after dinner. From there I tense up and barley finish the bits and pieces of my roast and season rice. “I gonna head to my room now. I’m getting tired,” I speck. My Father nods his head before running his hand over his slick brown hair. I walk towards him and place a gentle kiss on his forehead before uttering out a ‘goodnight’ to everyone and heading to my room.

I lay in my four-poster bed and stare at the canopy above my head. Why did my father ask to talk to Calum. Officially it has to do with something that I’ve done. Calum doesn’t do anything. From what I know Calum is kind, generous, hilarious and remarkably adorable I don’t see how he can even get in trouble.

Duh? I thought. Officially my father has found out about us?! Us! Oh my god this is terrible. My father can’t find out about us, he would put a restraining order on Calum and fire him from being my body guard. I pulled the duvet up to my chin. Shit, I’m so fucking scared. This shouldn’t be happening. How did my father even find out about us? Could one of the servants have seen me kissing Calum while he left my one night. Shit this is terrible.

Before can even let warm tears cascade down my cheeks, there is a knock at the door. I quickly remove the Ambra bed sheets and shuffle out of my bed and make my way towards the door. I clench onto the cold gold handle of my door and open it to reveal Calum. I quickly grip his prominent broad shoulders and tug him into my room before slamming my door shut.

“What happened!” I exclaim while staring into Calum’s chocolate orbs. Calum stiffles a laugh before gripping my hips in his hand. “Nothing, he just wanted to talk,” Calum says while drawing slow circles on my hips, I roll my eyes before taking his hands off my hips. “No shit Sherlock! I mean what did you guys talk about?” I state before walking towards the expensive Ambra sheets and falling back into its comfy confines.

I hear Calum let out a breath before slipping off his shoes and walking towards the front of the bed frame while looking at me. I entwine my arms together over my chest while giving Calum a stern looking before I hear him speck. “Fine all tell you. Your Father told me that he went in my room earlier on this week and he found the- the condoms and he wanted to know what I was doing with them,” Calum states while rubbing the back of his neck, tousling a little bit of his raven locks. My eyes blow wide as I hear the information, while my cheeks turn a rosy shade.

“So what did you say?” I ask a hint of worry in my question. “I told him that I had a girlfriend and I would leave here so she didn’t know were I live and that we we’re at that stage in our relationship,” Calum says while giving me a hopeful smile. I shake my head while a smile stretches across my lips. I quickly undo my arms and gesture for Calum to come to me. I watch as he pads across the short space between him and I and sets himself right in front of me with his hands on my waist. “I didn’t want to let what we had go. I mean, I don’t have another girlfriend. I only have you, and your the only one that I will ever want.” Calum breaths while his eyes meet mine. I smile before gripping his face between my fingertips and pressing a slow teasing kiss to his lips.

“Don’t tease,” Calum voice breaths against my lips as we pull away. “Or what?” I say and smirk while he chuckles and tightens his hold on my hips, “Or you will be punished,” Calum states while I already feel wetness already beginning to drip down my thighs from his voice. “I really want to be punished. Daddy,” I speck my voice sounding small as a smile welcome itself on its lips. I hear Calum growl before roughly pulling e onto his lap, his lips by my ear while moans slips past my lips while Calum rocks my clothed heat against his nearly hard member.

“What do you want me to do to you? Mhm? You want me to hold your head down while you choke around my cock. You want my to spank you until I leave my hand print on your perky arse. You want me to choke you while I slam my cock into you repeatedly until you come all over my cock.” Calum’s husky voice whispers into my ear while I whimper in vulnerability. I feel Calum smirk against my ear before placing a kiss behind my ear and gently pushing me off him. “Get on your knees for me princess,” Calum orders, I quickly shuffle around before I’m on my knees and look up at Calum while I see him unblocking his belt while winking down at me.

I suck in a breath when Calum thick throbbing member is met before my eyes. I rise my hand and begin to stoke Calum for a few moments before I place the tip on my mouth before slipping it past my lips. Calum is huge, which is no surprise when I feel Calum’s girth stretching my mouth and it’s only the tip. Calum’s breath comes unsteady when I begin to give small kitten licks to the head of his member while Calum reaches out and begins to thread his fingers threw my hair.

It doesn’t take long before Calum can’t wait any longer and pushes more of his member into my mouth. I breath out threw my nose before I hollow my cheeks in the most sinful way and begin to bob my head. I alternate from taking Calum deep and swirling my tongue along the head, licking up the sensitive underside of Calum’s member when I come up for a breath. “Such a good girl, princess your doing so well,” Calum praises before gripping tightly on to my hair and begins fucking my throat. Calum guides my head while he snaps his hips which makes me lightly gag around Calum. Calum thrusts a few more times before tears spring from my eyes and trickle down my warm cheeks.

Calum pulls away before kneeling down and placing a kisses on my wet cheeks, sometimes capturing a tear. “You okay baby?” Calum questions, while rubbing slow circles on my neck, I nod my head and giving Calum a reassuring smile before pecking his lips and roughly tugging off his black t-shirt. Calum shakes his head while chuckling while he slips out of his shirt, he presses kisses down my neck to my collar bones. “Turn around for me princess,” Calum hums against my skin. I let out sigh before turning around, my perky ass set high in the air. I hear Calum suck in a breath before I feel his raven hair tickle down my backside.

“God, your dripping princess, do even need me to eat you out? Or do you just want my cock,” Calum chuckles while I feel his index and middle finger collect my wetness and raises it to my lips. I gently suck on them, swirling my tongue around his fingers before releasing his fingers with a ‘pop’. “No Daddy, just want your cock” I moan when I feel Calum’s  member run up in down my heat. “What do you want princess?” Calum ask in a questioning tone, my legs nearly shake when Calum rubs his member on my clit.

“Your cock Daddy, I want your cock!” I exclaim while Calum pushes in. We both moan at the same time as as my warm heat wraps around Calum’s throbbing member. Once I get use to Calum size and I tell Calum to move, his thrust are deep and rough. I moan as I feel Calum cool hand and come down on my arse repeatedly that it feels numb. “Fuck Daddy,” I moan when I feel Calum’s finger come down and begin to rub figure eights on my clit, my legs nearly shaking from the sensation. “God your beautiful,” Calum moans while he runs his hand down the curves of my body. I could feel the vein around his throbbing cock against my walls as I knew that Calum was close. We knew each others body perfectly, like we have sculptured each other.

I rise one of my hands and entwine it with Calum and with that small gesture I come while I feel Calum spill into the condom, I moan while Calum grunts while he rides out our highs. My shaking legs finally calm down when Calum slips himself out of me and walks over to the garbage and ties the condom and throws it away before making his way back to the bed. “Are you okay baby?” Calum ask in concern as he examines the red hand prints on my perky arse and and his fingertip leaving bruises on my hips. I nod my head while smiling, Calum shakes his head before gripping the Ambra sheets in his hand and pulling it over our body’s.

“Goodnight beautiful,” I hear Calum’s voice speck before I feel his soft lips press a kiss to the back of my neck. A smile is left on my lips while I entwine my fingers with Calum’s.

“Goodnight handsome.”

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