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an alt for day two: Lions/Mice of Rarepair Week, but i wasn’t Feelin’ it, so i posted something else asjdlhlasjd but i didn’t have anything for day 5 (Summer/Winter) so i’m just gonna post this instead <3 

polydins ahoy!

“Paladins, I need you to…” Allura’s steps faltered as she looked up from her data pad. The living area was completely devoid of its usual residents.

Which was very strange, considering this is where they all congregated during their free time.

Her brow furrowed as she tucked the pad on the arm of the couch as she pulled up the castle map to look for them.

A faint squeak caught her attention, causing her ears to twitch. “Hm?” She paused, tilting her head. “The hangars? Good idea, Platt!”

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One Girl and Two Boys - part 2

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader is dating Steve until he gets hit during a mission. Slowly, Reader and Bucky will get to know each other better and transform their friendship into something else.

Word Count: 1,354

Warnings: Language, Angst, Major Character Death (it’s still a love triangle just bear with me)

A/N: Oh God, what did I just do… ;) joke, I have a plan

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[Part 1]

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A few days passed and the super serum was slowly wearing out. The constant bickering with Tony was starting to exhaust you. When he asked you to join a mission, you looked at him as if had grew another head.

“Are you serious?”

“I know you’re worried about Steve, but lives are in danger and I need you on the field.”

“I’m not going.”

“God, have you always been like this or did Rogers rub off on you? You’re as stubborn as a mule!” He shouted and saw that everyone was watching from the living room. He put both palms down on the table and leaned forward.

“I know you’re under a lot of pressure. You’re worried sick, and I am too,” Tony said calmly. “But we have to keep going. It’s hard enough to see the man who killed my parents in cold blood walk around the building that I own.”

You sighed and slumped down in your seat, rubbing your fingers over your tired eyes. “Tony, we’ve been in this kind of situation before, but this one? This one is different and honestly, I don’t think I can go on like this.”

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WestAllen At The Moves: Romance Edition - Still Feb 14th

Hi Everyone! I apologize for taking so long with this announcement, but I wanted to carefully consider everyone’s comments. There were good arguments for both positions.

I decided, after careful thought, to let the event go on as planned with a few tweaks that I will get to in a bit. Someone pointed out that rather than a distraction, all the surely wonderful works could actually be something to look forward to. After voting or during breaks etc. And it might be a nice thing to have. And since it will be Valentine’s day, voting or no, and some wrote with that idea in mind, I can see why they’d want to post on that day.

However people have mentioned time to me so here are two tweaks that I think will help with that:

-For Multi-Chapter fics you only have to post the first chapter on Feb 14th

-In about a month’s time there will be a small reprise of the event (kind of fitting considering the theme 🙂). If you’re participating and you want to prioritize voting for now, you can post your work then instead of this Tuesday.

That’s it! I don’t know how much reaction there will be to the works on Tuesday if there is heavy voting, but I’m guessing that knowing there are wonderful fics and other artwork waiting might be a good thing :) Fun fact: Feb 14th this year is Ferris Wheel Day. And what lovely comic couple do we know got engaged while on a Ferris Wheel? 😉

Mom comes at me during dinner: “How am I racist?”

Me: “…where did this come from?”

Mom: “You posted a video the other day. How am I racist?”

Me: “Did you watch the video …?”

Mom: “I don’t remember. But how am I racist? I looked up the definition and it just said that racists think one race is superior to another. I don’t think that. I’m not racist.”

Me: “Uh, well. You should. Go watch the video first. And um. Educate. Yourself?”


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Ahhhh!!!! Your working on a RoyJay fic!?!?!?! You literally just made my day by saying that. Seriously. I'm like super insanely excited now. Lol thank you!!!!

Awwwwwwww, thanks nonnie!!! :D Yes, Ive been working on it for a little while and it spawned from something @obiwantoddjinn brought up during one of our conversations so you have her to thank ;)

Im really excited to post it, so look for it in the next few days~~

One Girl and Two Boys - part 3

Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers

Summary: Reader is dating Steve until he gets hit during a mission. Slowly, Reader and Bucky will get to know each other better and transform their friendship into something else.

Word Count: 1,295

Warnings: Language, Angst, Funeral 

A/N: We’re moving slowly, but we are going somewhere ;)

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[Part 1] [Part 2]

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Hospital Morgue | The day after Steve’s death

Sam and Bucky were standing behind you while you looked at Steve.

“He’s so small.” You ran your fingers through Steve’s soft blond hair. “I’ve seen pictures of him from the 30s, but, I don’t know, he’s still the most handsome man I’ve ever seen.”

Bucky and Sam remained quiet.

“When’s the funeral?” You asked, holding back a sob. When they didn’t answer, you looked over your shoulder. “What now?” You frowned when you noticed the way they fidgeted. They looked at each other and sighed.

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zerogeass liked your post:here’s a starter call for the mini event going on…

✫ Of course the Scientist has to be up to something during this day as well. She’s not sure if this is dangerous or harmless, but seeing these arrows flying by and hitting people and causing them to show affection is…..a little frightening.  

THAT’S WHY she’s in Cittaspa. Hands are on cleaned windows and she’s looking out, “Look at this. I mean…It’s nice to see everyone getting along.” It really is. It’s a whole lot better than fighting a HUGE beast, after all.


My name is Zoe and I’m studying a Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services at the Australian Institute of Design in Brisbane, Australia.

My college includes a “tribal” themed look as part of the syllabus. As an Aboriginal Australian this made me very uncomfortable but I was also sick that day, so I didn’t attend class. This is something I’m grateful for now.

Several students across different classes did blackface and were not once stopped by their trainers. Trainers went as far as to post photos of these “looks” as examples of brilliant work in our student Facebook group, as is done regularly to highlight the day’s best works.

Another student commented on these photos immediately calling it as it is; blackface. Then ensued a few days of absolute nonsense during which another ATI student was humiliated in from of their peers in a “group meeting” called to ask that the “bullying” on the Facebook page be stopped. No one criticised the work of these people or bullied them in any way. I have receipts that clearly show my friend and I saying that this is blackface and blackface is unacceptable, nothing else.

I have sent multiple emails to my head of department and some high-level management of the institute and am still awaiting response beyond “we’re sorry your feelings got hurt”.

They have issued public apologies which I have just learnt is because of these screenshots. Apparently Twitter has named and shamed them and I am so glad.

I’m tagging popular beauty tumblrs (and literally anyone else who I think would give a damn) whose artistry and ethics I respect and adhere to because I want to get this out there on tumblr too.

Myself, other Aboriginal students and those who stood up for us were ignored and effectively told to get over it until Twitter got a hold of this. Please help us effect real change in our classroom in a way that values our input as POC and First Nations People.

The Australian Institute of Creative Design has a public Facebook and Instagram page, both easily found by searching “Australian Institute of Creative Design”.

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Done with this art!! ;w;) 

oh yeah I’ve forgot about something, I’d actually draw this based on a fic wrote by @sh-04e -san during the Valentines Day. I’m really sorry for not mentioning you.. how bad am I.. ;w;) 

for those who haven’t read it yet, you can find the fic here http://sh-04e.tumblr.com/post/110973275876/the-last-waltz-akakuro-valentines-ficlet

anyways, I hope you like it because I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome even tho it looks crappy ;w;)/

p/s : please do not remove the watermark ;w;) I really appreiate it


Posting for


week because, earlier this week when I put on the bindi for the first picture, my first thought was “I look really Indian,” and my first instinct was to change that. But after seeing all the incredible and amazing people and posts during reclaim the bindi week has helped me realized that it’s okay to look Indian, no matter what anyone will say; it’s okay to wear something of my culture and be happy with how I look with it on. Which is why, when I put on the bindi on today to take the last pictures, I didn’t feel the panicked need to immediately remove it. I, for once, wasn’t scared of how different I looked with it on; I sort of even liked it. But that doesn’t mean I will go around wearing a bindi every day as a fashion statement. The bindi is not a fashion statement; it’s part of a culture, it has cultural significance. I will wear it when I’m wearing cultural clothes or attending cultural event; not when I’m in non cultural clothes and want to wear something fashionable. Because the bindi isn’t a trend; it’s not a fashion, and if it’s not part of your culture and you’ve been wearing it simply because it looks pretty, please stop. You’re disrespecting a culture and it’s people and traditions, and you’re taking something that’s not yours to have. You’re wearing something that, if a desi person wore freely around like you do, they’d be ridiculed and called names and maybe even be hurt, while you’re being lauded for your “fashion”. If someone who is South Asian has invited you to partake in an activity that required to wear a bindi;that’s okay for that one time. But if you’re wearing one as a trend, please please stop. And shout out to everyone who’s posted or supported this amazing movement; you’re all incredible people and thank you so much for helping me realize it’s okay to look different and to be me.

I couldn’t continue my headcanon event with s6 narrative so I was looking for an altarnative then this was suggested by an anon and I changed it a little bit. So I’ll be sharing 5 underrated moments of season 6(not specifically amongst steroline fandom but in general sort of) and my top 5 favourite moments of season 6 during hiatus. I’ll post them one by one in different days It’s sort of hard to find underrated moments since we over-analyze even tiniest glimpses lol so I’ll just choose some moments.

5 Underrated Moments

# 5

While this broke hearts of many, others thought it meant something, some of us got confused about whether he listened to the voice mail or not. Today we know what this meant but by the time episode aired it wasn’t that crystal clear to many of us. It was even worse for the non-steroline shippers and we had to deal with stuff like “he doesn’t care about her” while the meaning was opposite.

So the meaning of this; when he lost Damon Stefan couldn’t deal with the pain so he chose to run away, start over. The first episode showed us %95 of the time Stefan was happy and moved on but in that %5 you could see the glimpse in his eyes that he wasn’t happy and he was pretending It was easy to miss but not to us! It’s really a brief moment but supported by Ivy’s words.

Ivy: Your friends you never talk about call you and you get all weird.

( gif by vampire-diaries )

He created a prison for himself, a safe place from pain, where he could not see the “sun” that he was forbidden to see cause of his unthinkable growing feelings. It’s still not clear when he realized his feelings but to me **as I wrote in many of my headcanons before he confessed** he realized it before he started over which was kind of supported by his words **but yet to be considered a fact**.

Stefan: I don’t know when it became more than friendship but it did and it scared me so I pushed it(kind of “you”) away.

Imo he was in denial, he didn’t know how important she was for him so he needed a moment of hit, of realization which was in 6x07 and 6x08. Keep in mind that pushing her away didn’t mean losing her when he was grieving Damon. In 6x05 when he comes to her in search of help about Ivy he tried to learn if she still wants him around.

Stefan: So just a couple of hours and then you’ll never have to deal with me again.
Caroline: Is that what you think I want?
Stefan: I don’t know. You tell me.

He started to feel like he’s losing her after 6x03 and this is just projecting out what’s in his mind that’s bugging him and trying to get a clarification of the reality that he’s in ***and the reality that he was avoiding*** He breaks down and gets a bottle of bourbon just after she tells him to get in his car and go. It was the first time he got bourbon in s6 which could remind him of his brother.(Drinking bourbon the first time was mentioned by someone that I couldn’t remember atm)

Anyway back to the main topic. Stefan was trying so hard to keep his prison intact.

Stefan: Hey, Dean. I think a zero might’ve fallen off my paycheck.
Boss: Oh, yeah. I had to dock you 200 bucks.
Stefan: For what?
Boss: Dan Zimmer said you put a ding on the hood of his Shelby.
Stefan: Dan’s wife put a ding on the hood of his Shelby.
Boss: That’s funny. Sounds like you’re calling my best customer a liar.

Since when money became this much of a problem?? ***Or just compell another auto-repair job Stefan!!!!*** Yeah sure his boss was a douche but in my point of view he had anger/patience issues as well because of the strong need of keeping himself under control and this was one of those moments, uncontrollable expression of pressed feelings. He was holding himself so bad that he was about to explode but still keeping it together so that his prison wouldn’t crumble on him. A glimpse of light, Caroline’s voice mail finally got him react, as in screaming.(oh btw this is also parallel to 6x13 where Stefan got her anger out and got her react) He couldn’t even listen to the voice mail because he knew her voice could open cracks on the walls of his prison, he knew she could make him feel, he knew she could take him back to the reality, he knew that the more he’s around her denying, pretending would be harder and he would brake down so he pushed her away the most. This when I first watched it was the clarification of how important she was and is for him. Though it took me a while to figure out the big picture and come up with more accurate headcanons this was the moment made Stefan’s strong feelings for her clear to me. I feel like this moment will always be overshadowed by the other amazing steroline scenes so I consider this an underrated moment.

Btw take that anon haters! I told you all^^

When Bilbo returns home and the hobbits are auctioning off his belongings, the auctioneer says the items are “Shire-made” and not “dwarvish reproductions.” It’s always stuck out to me because, well, dwarves are pretty important to this story.

Then, during my latest viewing, I realized that there’s something present in that scene that kind of is a dwarvish reproduction:


Reproductions look very much the same as their originals, but the difference is clear enough that they lose their value. The same is true of post-adventure Bilbo. He was whisked away by dwarves, changed by his experiences with them, and sent back as a similar but not completely identical version of himself. He still looks Shire-made and acts Shire-made to a certain extent, but something is different. So what do the hobbits do? They value him less.

As we know, the Bilbo who returns to the Shire is “not the same” Bilbo who left it. The one who returns has a dwarvish signature. And I don’t just mean the ones on the contract.

I’m happy today.  You know why?  Things are moving again and we needed them to based on the posts I’ve seen the last few days because people have been left to stew in their uncertainties during the inactivity.

Does it suck that all parties involved are made to look like assholes? Yes.  

Is this something I already kind of expected and came to terms with long ago? Yes.

What am I doing now?  Sitting back with imaginary popcorn and watching this trashy soap opera play out.  I’m half rooting for Liam, Harry, and Niall to join the Twitter fray.  

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

I met Kyle at a venue in Elmhurst Illinois. Its what made me look up MDE. He helped my friend Emma when she had a seizure at the show. He kept me and my friend Kelsey calm during it. It ment so much to me and I’m glad I met him that day. Without My Digital Escape, I wouldn’t have something to look forward to every day. 

Was He or Wasn’t He?

Since it is a bit quiet right now and I have received several messages from people enjoying the content on my blog, I thought I would share something that has received the side-eye from a few of us. Based on Josh and Karlie’s previous history of social media manipulation (cough Myanmar/Burma cough) you may find this a bit curious.

On December 27, 2015, Josh posted this pic (no location identified):

Josh’s picture looks very similar to this one below (posted 31 weeks ago by a California woman who tagged Joshua Kushner):

On December 28th, Derek Blasberg’s boyfriend post this pic of scenery from St Bart’s and tagged Karlie, Josh, and others.

On December 29th (during the day), one of their other friends posted this pic of scenery from St Bart’s and tagged Karlie and others. 

On December 29th (very late in the evening), Karlie posted this pic with the caption, “Nerding out tonight with Grandma seeing Star Wars”. So Karlie wasn’t in St Bart’s yet. She says she was in St Louis with Grandma and Kimby, yet her friends were tagging her in St Bart’s for two days.

On December 31st, the first pics of Karlie in St Bart’s surfaced, with near daily pics of her thereafter until she returned to NYC on January 3rd. 

On January 3rd, Tamara Mellon’s young daughter posted this pic of Karlie on the airplane returning to NYC and tagged Joshua Kushner on a barely seen foot wearing pink socks. Someone asked her in the comments if Josh was there. She didn’t answer the question. Tara Mellon was at Karlie’s 21st birthday party and is also close to the Kushner brothers.

So Karlie was in St Bart’s from December 31st to January 3rd, and there were no pictures of Josh. 

At first glance it looks like Josh was on a tropical vacation based on his jelly fish picture. Maybe he was. Or maybe he was implying he was in St Bart’s (using a later gram of a jelly fish from a visit to California 31 weeks earlier) …….and with the help of his friends who were tagging him in pictures.

I suspect that if Josh was in St Bart’s he is saving pictures to use for future buffering moments when Karlie spends time publicly with Taylor. You know how it works: Josh posts a picture of Karlie then Kaylor happens soon after.

But until I see a picture of Josh in St Bart’s, myself and some others are not convinced he was there.

To the Josh is shy and doesn’t like pictures crowd ….just scroll his Instagram account. There are selfies with buddies and a large number of pictures of Josh by himself and with others. He is not adverse to the camera.

To the Josh is a private person we should not discuss him crowd …..B.S. He ‘dates’ a supermodel, posts pictures of her on his public social media accounts, and exploits his relationship with her for profit on his investments.

Thanks for the positive feedback I have been receiving. I receive a lot of help from others. Credit Whaler13bg for finding the second picture above.

Rey wants to kiss Finn. She realizes that when she catches herself staring at his lips at various moments during the day - when he smiles, when he frowns, when he purses them in concentration or when the tip of his tongue darts out to run over them - and despite trying to be subtle about it, he catches her several times. He gives her an amused, albeit slightly puzzled, look, and a “What? Do I have something on my face?”

He has no clue that she wants to grab his face in her hands and plant a strong kiss on his mouth right then and there.

In response, and in order to try and keep her cool, she’ll say she was staring off into space, apologize briefly, then leave. She knows she can’t keep doing it - especially considering that it’s just a tad bit weird.

But she can’t help herself. She tries to stifle the feeling - and is even successful for a few days. She manages to avoid looking at his lips and instead focuses on his eyes - his warm, dark, kind eyes (though, truth be told, that doesn’t help much)…

Until one day it gets to be too much. She can’t stand holding back anymore - it’s not something she’s ever really had to do, considering that she’s never felt this way about anyone else before, and she doesn’t like it.

So she goes looking for him. She finds him about to enter his room and calls his name. He turns, blinks, and smiles.

“Hey,” he says. “What’s going-”

Before he can finish, Rey takes his face in her hands, notes the brief flash of confusion in his eyes, and kisses him - a little too hard and a little too fiercely and a little too clumsily - but she doesn’t care. All of her frustrations from holding in this urge come tumbling out - and it feels so nice.

Finn is completely frozen, even when she pulls away. For a minute Rey’s heart constricts - she can’t read the expression on his face. What if she overstepped some personal boundary of his or something? What if she just pushed him away? What if he didn’t feel the same and was incredibly weirded out -

Her thoughts are interrupted by Finn stepping forward, and pressing his lips against hers, and now it’s Rey’s turn to be shocked, but she recuperates quickly, and they’re both smiling into the kiss, and Rey draws her arms around his neck, and Finn’s hands drop to her waist to tug her closer against him. The kiss starts slow and sweet and gentle but begins to build into something passionate and needy and Rey can’t stop herself from moving her hands to his chest and -

Rey’s eyes snap open and she abruptly sits upright in her bed, her sheet slipping off of her. Her heart is pounding in her ears and a fine layer of sweat beads on her forehead. That was…interesting, she marvels. She’s never had a dream like that before - and about Finn, too.

The dream remains impossibly vivid in her mind as she slowly sinks back into her bed, knowing all too well she’s going to have a very difficult time going back to sleep.

Not Just Revenge...

Starter for @mis-chara-cterization

* [Doggo suddenly awakes in his post with a start! Looks like he had a nightmare during his mid-day nap.]

* Hah…Geez, I need to see someone about these nightmares…Something about a human and they…Nope lost it, darn. Not like theres a human around anyway…

* Or…Is there? Ugh, head hurts…Whatever…

* [Doggo suddenly hears someone walking in the snow, he sneaks a peek out at the coming traveler. They look like a human. A kid? Doggo decides to duck down behind his counter until they pass by in front of the post.]

* Better take it easy on a kid like this…Maybe give them a hint…

Hi guys!

I’m popping in during my busy day to post something that is probably a bit controversial based on what I’m seeing happening on my dash….

Take a deep breath! Slow down!

I love that everyone is excited about all the Emma, Hook, and Captain Swan related spoilers that have been hitting us this week. It’s been a really fun time and the news all looks very promising. I’m not going to say manage your expectations … but I am going to just give a little warning:

Headcanons are not canon.

Last year I saw the fandom melt down after 4A because the arc didn’t resolve in the way that people wanted it to. It really wasn’t fun to look at my dash for a couple weeks because it was filled with disappointment. The writers intended to focus on different characters for last year’s mid-season finale and a lot of shipmates took it really hard.

I just don’t want to see everyone explode in anger if this arc doesn’t end the way they want it to. We’ve got a lot of good news and there are a lot of good theories bouncing around. Please, continue posting them but let’s just all remember that it may end up going a completely different way than we expected.

Now, keep having fun!