look i made that thingy for the first time

Friends…. I have a confession to make. I’m sorry. It’s my fault that Barb from Stranger Things got eaten by that monster thingy in episode 3. I made a foolish mistake, that, looking back, I can see was impetuous and reckless. During the first episode I saw Barb with Nancy and I thoughtlessly muttered ‘that’s a lesbian right there.’ I can only surmise that the writers heard this and acted accordingly. In hindsight I can only apologise for what I have done. I doomed this poor girl mindlessly and sealed her fate with my rash words.
I only hope that you can learn to forgive me in time

Sry about the lazy looking snack thingy whatever that is lmao


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Also I just have something I really wanna say so please read this, I’m not good at wording stuff idk sryy

I just wanted to mention how much the Mesemoa. irumii chatroom has made my life so much better. I’m not the type to join groupchats because of my really bad anxiety, but this is the very first chatroom I’ve ever felt comfortable in. I remember the first time I joined the group and I was so scared to speak but I’ve gotten so much better at talking to you all. You all have really had such a positive effect on my life! I might not know as much about Mesemoa. as you guys, but you make me feel like I’m truly a part of the fandom. I really wish my family would understand how much this chatroom has helped me, even though 90% of the time we’re all just screaming and acting crazy XD I’ve never been able to be a part of something like this and I just can’t believe I’m actually talking to people and not having an anxiety attack 24/7. I actually consider you all as my second family even though that sounds really lame (I know sry but It’s true I really love you all) I swear I’ll try to do whatever it I can to support Mesemoa. and support all of you!
Thank you all so much for letting me be apart of this group/family!



The silence never used to be so awkward. Well, it never used to be awkward at all. The thing was maybe it wasn’t awkward for him, but God was it for me.

My eyes slowly trailed off to his brown ones as my head turned, but I quickly looked away when our eyes met. Why was I feeling so awkward because of the date? After all, Valentine’s Day wasn’t supposed to be so special. It was just a commercial holiday, wasn’t it?

But spending it with my roomate Calum felt slightly different. We were not best friends. We didn’t even know each other before we actually got to be roomates. But we did learned to enjoy the other’s company. We both weren’t the one to talk a lot though, but we always found a way to make it enjoyable.

“Should we order something to eat?” He finally asked as he struggled to find something good on the tv. I guess he was trying to avoid cheesy movies for us to watch on Valentine’s Day. I was thankful for that.

“Pizza?” I suggested.

“Indian food that’ll be,” he flashed a smile at me and I giggled, glad to feel a bit less nervous.

“You surely are the nicest roomate,” I mumbled as I held my blanket tighter. He loved to keep our place cold while I hated it.

“I’m even gonna pay for you!” He announced and I rolled my eyes. I let him make a call for the order and logged in into my Netflix account to pick something to watch. “They say it’ll take a while… You know, Valentine’s Day and stuff,” he muttered as he pulled on my blanket.

“Hey,” I whined.

“It’s cold,” he stated.

“Are you fucking serious?” I asked with a frown.

He grinned at me in silence and when I was expecting it the less, he stole my blanket. A loud sigh escaped my mouth before I stood up from the couch and headed to our fridge to get myself a beer.

And then it wasn’t just one beer. Calum and I shared a few until we didn’t feel like it and the hunger was getting the best of us. We both weren’t drunk, but we were almost there. We sat on the couch and waited for our takeaway, watching that awful movie on Netflix.

“We should have gone for pizza,” I pointed out, sighing.


I looked at him and noticed every detail about him. He looked good, maybe more than good.

“Okay,” I whispered but somehow his head had turned already, “okay,” I repeated with more assurance this time. “This is a one time thingy,” I said as I straddled him, his eyes now alert. My hand cupped his cheek, our eyes met and I leaned in. I made the moment last forever and then our lips touched.

The kiss was gentle at first. I always thought Calum would be very gentle, but I never thought he’d be this careful. But then things started to get heated as we kissed with more passion and his hands grabbed my hips tightly.

“This is good,” I heard him mumble as I worked on his neck before I moved back up again to his mouth.

“I know,” I smiled.

This time he kissed me and surprised me when his hands went down to my butt, squeezing it. A small moan escaped my mouth as I rubbed my hips against his.

“I didn’t think you were the Netflix and Chill kind of girl,” he chuckled before he kissed me again.

I quickly pulled away and shook my head no.

“Hell no, I’m not doing that. Turn the tv off,” I ordered and he rolled his eyes. “I just don’t want you to call me the Netflix and Chill girl,” I explained, knowing he would totally do that.

He finally turned the tv off and the one time thingy turned out to be so addictive that it turned out to be a multiple time thingy.


I’ve been drunk since Friday and I heard a thingy on the radio about one direction fans forcefully introducing the world to a song called No Control, and like I LOVE no control, and all my friends were too hungover to function today, so I drank some more and made this 👍

Boyfriend! Yoongi

Hi guys, this is my first imagine thingy? that was made just out of boredom, so I’m not even sure if its any good. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it :))) fun fact: suga is my ub and he honestly makes my life so difficult like can u not

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  • Becomes sweg $uga when around others
  • dorky Yoongs when he’s with you
  • His laugh makes you feel butterflies like the first time you met 
  • Actually the first time you met was most likely at a music store 
  • He was just chilling and looking at his favourite hip hop albums over and over again 
  • When he notices you
  • He has to take this opportunity bc damn he can’t even take his eyes off you 
  • You guys talk about music for ages until you decide to actually introduce yourselves properly 
  • And he invites you to go get a coffee with him before he has to return back to the dorms 
  • More talking about music 
  • You guys depart, but not before exchanging numbers
  • It didn’t take him that long to confess to you after he figured out that he had fallen 
  • He would have seemed chill about it but internally panicking 
  • He later realises it was the best decision of his life
  • And you realise saying yes was your best. 
  • So proud to show off that you are his
  • But hates it when people look at you 
  • So over protective when you guys are with the other boys 
  • “Don’t even lay your eyes on her”
  • “Yah, Park Jimin, what did I just say?”
  • And maknae line feat Hobi highkey teases you two the entire night 
  • “I don’t think we should leave hyung and (Y/N) here alone” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • Taehyung then earns a punch in the shoulder
  • From both Yoongi and Seokjin 
  • Bc Seokjin also mothers you which is hilarious but cute 
  • But like 90% of the time Yoongi will be scribbling down lyrics
  • Random outbursts of creativity omfg 
  • Like you two could just be talking about the most random shit like which colour is the best 
  • And then he will suddenly run for his notepad or computer 
  • And having to literally drag him home because he insists he must work just a little longer 
  • “Just 5 more minutes, please?”
  • Ofc he eventually gives in because nothing beats warm cuddles 
  • You two always end up just lazing around whenever you have some downtime 
  • Eating instant ramen bc no one would be bothered cooking 
  • And sleeping like all day 
  • ”(Y/N), I’ll sing you to sleep" “…please don’t”  
  • sings like in I Need U vocal/rap line swap srsly 
  • ends up in a rap battle 
  • but don’t even try otherwise you will end up in tears (by accident of course) 
  • whenever he does fuck up and says something wrong or you guys have a stupid little fight he just gives you and himself space 
  • comes back to apologise via a sweet song he composed literally within half an hour 
  • I’m not okay 
  • seeing that gummy smile brightens up your day instantly and makes you forget about everything else 
  • And whenever you come home stressed or upset he tries his best to help you
  • Because he understands how frustrating it is 
  • By listening to what you have to say and attempting to give you advice 
  • And yay back to cuddles again 
  • Starts goofing off if you’re still sad 
  • “You liek dis chainz?”
  • cringey af aegyo 
  • He would always want you to share your problems with him, but he is unsure how to open up himself 
  • But he tries 
  • So whenever he does is when you know he really trusts you 
  • Never let go of this dork
  • Bc he would honestly be an amazing bf and ugh kill me I am so biased 
So I just watched One Punch Man up to episode 7 in one sitting and:
  • This is the most well-made, with the most casualties, comedy series that I’ve ever watched. Most of the time it looks soo good that I have trouble to remind myself that it’s a comedy show, and at first I’m not sure if I should laugh or what with all the gores and gross and mood-whiplashes but the more I watched the easier for me to get used to it hahaha. Not sure yet if it would have more plot (it definitely has tho, with the whole Hero Registry thingy in later eps, and other superheroes are intriguing) but it’s entertaining enough even as it is. The amount of explosions hurt my ears and I love explosions in action series AND THE ANIMATION, DANG. At some point it’s straight up superhero genre then at some point it butt-monkey-ing everyone, makes me sigh for all of them and just wanna pat them, especially Genos because if he’s not a cyborg he would be dead like million times now lol. Tl;dr, IT’S AWESOME. Definitely a good laugh and very nice-looking.
  • SAITAMA. Now, I feel you bro. Not that I ever or would ever feel what you’ve been through but I could feel how you find all of this no fun at all, because even WATCHING you fight (is it still called a fight if it’s just one punch?) is no fun lmaooo. I mean just look how indifferent this guy is. I empathized for this egg man, no wonder he’s kinda turned into a triggerhappy (just look his dream scene in ep 1) now. Yet I can’t help but feel so proud everytime he kicks some butts and super irritated when people walk all over him and being ungrateful to him and I cannot deny I’m swooning when he’s drawn cooly I just. Ba-dum-tsh.
  • GENOS. I love him because:1) NOIZ AND CLEAR’s LOVECHILD WITH KAGEYAMA’S VOICE AND INTENSITY how can I not. 2) The music that plays in his fighting scenes, actually all his fighting scenes alltogether which are…hot, pun intended. 3) He’s a good wife kid and those mechanical abs looks great in an apron. 4) He’s such a buttmonkey lmao. 5) HE’S SUCH A SWEET IDEALISTIC KID see what he says in episode 7 aww. I love when he’s rambling 47612987 words of justice. I love his admiration and loyalty towards Saitama. I love this walking little nuclear reactor.
  • THE OST. I’M SOLD. DAT GUITAR RIFFS. THE FIGHT SCENES BGMs. THE NOT FIGHT SCENE BGMs. The super shonen opening. What’s with the sweet shoujo-ish ending theme tho with its romantic lyrics that makes me imagining…things lol I mean it ends with the shot of Saitama’s (and Genos’s) room lighten up, I just. I have the full version of it on my mp3 already, it’s so sweet. I really like Genos’s theme, it works well with the explosions he produces.
  • I coulnd’t recognize Daisuke Namikawa and Yuuki Kaji. I usually could. What the heck I’m a failure.

I’ll probably read the webcomic and manga when I have time.