look i made it transparent


I love them??? please excuse the bad anatomy I haven’t been drawing people 

Performing Azura - Fire Emblem Heroes

These past 20 days I’ve been watching drawing streams and drawing tutorials while doing the Inktober challenge. Felt pretty jaded after all that inking, so I’m taking a break by doing some digital and putting into practice of what I learnt.

Also I’m trying new brushes. The old brushes I used were very ‘solid’ and opaque, which I felt made my drawings look stiff. This time I used a textured and transparent brush. It was challenging at first but changed the way I would normally do things which turned out to be really fun.

“Cheers, luv!”

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Next Up: Symmetra





Arthur: “Mőrdu'víə wasn’t really destroyed; more like, defeated. Anyway, this is Howard, my Royal Advisor. He’s been with me since I was a kid”

Howard: “Greetings! For the mean time, I am the one acting as regent in the Kingdom of Feidhelm since Prince Arthur here is still a wee kid to take in charge of the Kingdom”

Arthur: “I’m not a kid! I’m 723 years old!” 

he’s quite the fighter