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“But right now, belief is all I am.”

Did y’all see the Doctor draw strength from River’s words. Her beliefs about him, is who he wanted to be. And it saved him. 

I can’t do this no mo.


                                             -Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Day 1: Friends and Rivals


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08

  • Boruto: Dad, I got a girl pregnant.
  • Naruto: Oh god.
  • Boruto: Don't freak out.
  • Naruto: Oh god.
  • Boruto: Dad, why are you dialing ANBU?
  • Naruto: You're going to need protection.
  • Boruto: No, I needed protection before.
  • Naruto: Oh god. It's not Sarada, is it?
  • Boruto: Well-
  • Naruto: We're going to need more ANBU.
  • Boruto: No, but Dad, I proposed-
  • Boruto: She said yes-
  • Naruto: Teme's going to kill me.
  • Boruto: I think if we're just calm and rational about this-
  • Boruto: But Dad-
  • Naruto: *pulling out suitcases*
  • Boruto: *sighs*

Basorexia - (n.) The overwhelming desire to kiss.

“I remember. I was sick and alone, and you were leaning over me. And you must have been sad or something because your eyes were insanely blue. I mean, they always are. But they were like…like comets. And I’d never seen anyone so stunning. And I kissed you. And it was uh, it was okay that I was…It was okay that I was going to die because I’d gotten to kiss you.” - Mon-El


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine rewatch + best quotes per episode, as decided by my followers

1x01, “Pilot”

Special mention:
“Okay, two points to make here. First: Rihanna? You…and then, *:・゚✧ Rihanna ✧ ・゚ :* .”

Unusual Word Headcanon Prompts #1
  • Acersecomic: How much effort do they put into personal grooming and hygiene?
  • Biblioclasm: Is there something about themselves they wish fewer people knew about?
  • Cacodemonomania: Do they believe in the paranormal? If so, have they had any supernatural encounters?
  • Dactylion: What are their views on swearing and profanity?
  • Enantiodromia: What's the most extreme personality shift they've gone through in their life?
  • Fanfaronade: Are they one to boast? What things are they prone to brag about, if any?
  • Gorgonize: What distracts them when they're trying to get things done?
  • Hamartia: What is their worst character flaw that they themselves don't recognize?
  • Infandous: What topics will they refuse to speak about?
  • Jettatura: If they could place a magical curse on their worst enemy, what would they want the curse to do?
  • Ktenology: Have they ever planned a murder, whether serious or not? If so, describe what they planned to do.
  • Leptosome: How is their body image?
  • Montivagant: How often do they get lost?
  • Noegenesis: Are there any topics that they love to think about deeply?
  • Ostentiferous: What's the unluckiest thing that's ever happened to them?
  • Pogonotrophy: What are their thoughts on facial hair, both on themselves and/or others?
  • Quockerwodger: Who do they most often mock?
  • Recumbentibus: What was their greatest victory?
  • Scripturient: Are they a good writer? What do they usually write, if anything?
  • Tarantism: Describe their dancing style.
  • Ultracrepidarian: What do they think they know more about than they actually do?
  • Vernalagnia: Does their mood or outlook on life change with the seasons? If so, how?
  • Welter: What subject will they never fully understand?
  • Xenization: How do they feel about interacting with strangers?
  • Yonderly: What kinds of things do they think about when they zone out?
  • Zugzwang: What's the trickiest problem they face in their life right now?

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