look i made an art thing


Hey everyone.

I’m having some pretty bad financial issues right now, so I’m opening up super cheap commissions, basically until I make enough to get by.

I’m gonna say a solid $10USD for basically any commission right now.

No slot limits or anything, just get in contact with me and we can work it out. I’m expecting to turn these around fairly quickly too, so look out for that.

If you can, please share this around with anyone you think might be up for this.

I have a few free commissions from a previous thing I was doing, and I’ll be posting them as they get finished on http://ryodraws.tumblr.com/ like I do.

Go ahead and either DM me here, on ryodraws, or at ryodraws@gmail.com

Thank you, you’re saving several lives ;___;

(The recent pile of free commissions are all furry due to the nature of the offer I made, but I definitely do more than just furry art. I’ll try to do some reposts of other arts I’ve uploaded around, or just upload other things I’ve never posted yet, so that there’s more of a ‘portfolio’ to look through. I also do landscape stuff and painterly images. Just ask and chances are I’ll probably be OK doing it.)

Important Announcement:

Alright everyone. As you many of you know I took a short hiatus to deal with some personal issues. I decided to come back early because I needed some human interaction that wasn’t work related. I’m still going to come here and talk and have fun with my mutuals but I’m making the decision to limit my time on this site. I love my mutuals. I love the friends that I have made here. But this site is toxic in many ways and although it is admirable that so many people here want to stop horrible things happening in the world I need to take a backseat to that for my mental health. I need to stop looking at my feed so much. It’s filled with so much that overwhelms me. I need to focus on myself and my own life. I’m planning on quitting my job next year and starting my own business. I’m thinking of creating a separate account and creating an art blog. I will message and tag my mutuals so that you can follow that new account once I get it set up. I will still use this one for fun. This new account and blog will strictly be for my art and commissions.

It’s time that I take control of my life. My mental health is important to me. I need to prepare myself for when I quit my job because I can’t stay in customer service anymore. That is also necessary for my mental well being. Starting my own business is my path to independence and control over my own life.

I thank all of you who are my friends here. I’m still here. And I cherish our friendships. I hope you guys understand.


Public reminder: Raven is a bombshell.

So this is actually gonna be part 1 of a little comic series I’m gonna be doing for team STRQ’s experience with their own Vytal festival dance! All of which should be made to stand on their own, but I just wanted to share my little headcanons for how I think things went down. ❤

This comic in particular came from my desire to draw Raven in a slayin’ dress, and to showcase how I think her relationship with Summer Rose was like, but more of that is to come!

this looks really bad but i trIED WH O OPS

 i wanted to animate thomas  really badly because like,, aghhghg 


hes a great person and all the times he’s said nice things about my art, its made me continue to draw, and since i started watching him everything in my life got so much better?? like wow aaagh ,,, recently he’s been saying suCH NICE THINGS about my art and it makes me so happy and makes me cry tbh because like,, he’s always there for everyone its so sWEET I CANT

so like,, thanks for lighting up my life, thomas 

everything you’ve done has helped me through so many dark times 

Because of you I joined a groupchat about you and it inspired me to make an actual Twitter account instead of a side one, and ever since all the people in the community have made me feel so welcome aaaaa

i’m gonna end this here because im ranting whoops,,, anyways i hope u like it ,, aa aa a @thatsthat24

Part 3 (/6) of the Gangsey series, Ronan Lynch! Glaring menacingly at poor unsuspecting Henrietta townspeople

Part 1: Blue | Part 2: Gansey | Part 3: RonanPart 4: Adam | Part 5: Noah | Part 6: Henry

The Gangsey

In which Noctis is caught staring at his beautiful boyfriend!
@destatree needs to stop enabling me to do these things. Its a never ending circle of goodies now—-but like, it’s Promptis so I guess it’s okay!
        Little panel thing based of of this Lil Promptis thing she wrote! I’m in promptis hell.
One of these days my screen tone things will be clean I promise


I’ve only shared my SW fanart here on Tumblr so far, but art is really just a side-hobby to my real passion - costuming.  I mainly focus on historical costumes, so when I first watched TFA, I instantly noticed all of the similarities between Kylo’s outfit and women’s fashion from around 1909, especially since there was a big fad for pleated sleeves and collars around that date.  So one of the first things that I did after watching the movie was to doodle this little dress idea and start looking for historical garments with Kylo-esque elements. I made my Edwardian Kylo costume last summer, and I got to wear it to a con with some friends who designed their own historical versions of Star Wars costumes from a wide variety of eras. I think we confused a lot of people, but it was a ton of fun!  The dress on its own can pass for an authentic Edwardian gown pretty easily, but I also made some more obviously Kylo accessories - like the saber-hilt parasol, belt-buckle, and a First Order enameled purse - so people will get the joke.  


This was lowkey for Mother’s day (for Mama Holt!!)! But I made the other thing- sad so INSTEAD!!! I drew my HC of how Sam and Colleen (The canon Holt parents) met! 

(Purely fanon, dudes but let me dream- SHE’S GOTTA BE A FIGHTER PILOT. LIKE- LOOK AT PIDGE!!!! LOOK AT REBEL!MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS THE ONLY EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!