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@yootsart Reblogging a post is hardly being a “good ally”. It takes zero effort and costs you nothing, incurring no risk and asking for no change in behavior. Getting notes by guilt-tripping people into reblogging a post they otherwise wouldn’t proves nothing.

You can reblog supportive posts all day and night and all it means is you look “safe” - at the end of the day you might be just another asshole. I recently made the mistake of believing that someone’s performed allyship on tumblr actually meant they knew the score and could be trusted offline, only to lose a friend of six years.

Comments like “[x demographic] won’t reblog this” doesn’t get people to change how they feel or behave about the topic. It just creates a moral signaling situation in which publicly demonstrating that you’re a Good Ally becomes the incentive to reblog. “[x demographic] okay to reblog/please reblog” is different because it isn’t a kind of passive-aggressive challenge that invites insincerity and virtue signaling.

Hello! Me again, back with another pose dump for Sims 3 :p 

So this time round I’m giving you guys all the poses I made in January (excluding the ones in my other pose dump)  

So you’re looking at 70 poses which is quite a nice number a think. Also quite a mix, there are 

  • some selfie poses
  • family poses
  • couple poses
  • etc…

I’ve also included the animation files and you are welcome to modify the couple poses

ONLY to suit your sims height

as the couple poses were made for sims with a big height difference. Other than that please follow my TOU

And yeah, I think that’s it? I track the tag: marshmallowsims so if you want me to reblog your pics then you know the drill :D 


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only a tiny annoyance but lots of ppl are reblogging that wolf cane post with “what’s the POINT of the cane if there’s not a sword in it” (yes i see the pun) and “you can still bludgeon people with the cane” and i realize when i made the post i didn’t realize it would be funny to that many people so i didn’t include the part where it was about me looking for an actual walking cane for my terrible legs, but like you realize that there’s another, main reason why people buy canes

tbh I kinda hate posts explaining why aphobia isn’t real and why ace/aro people aren’t actually LGBTQIAP+ because they just remind me of the same posts I saw made about bi people. They read the same to me.

And that shit was so damaging to me, I looked for other people like me online because irl was a bigoted shitfest but apparently my orientation was the wrong one there too! Whenever I interact with anything queer I still feel a bit like a fraud, like we shouldn’t really be there and are just self-centered leeching frauds.

I’ll never be able to really trust anyone that makes, reblogs or agrees with those posts :/

I hate this idea people have made of people like, fetishizing themselves by creating representation where-ever the fuck they want it.

Like, if a straight dude looked at every female character and said “lesbian” you could possibly consider that his motive is fetishization, but a lesbian calling her favorite characters lesbians is not fetishization. it’s hard to call “Velma from Scooby Doo is a lesbian reblog if you agree” fetishization of lesbians, especially if it’s a post made by a lesbian and reblogged mostly by lesbians

There is actually porn of Velma from Scooby Doo and other female characters, drawn for straight men to get off to. Is that fetishization? Yea! 

But honestly I’m so tired of “Autistic people calling characters autistic is fetishizing autism” “Lesbians calling characters lesbians is fetishizing lesbians” “Trans people calling characters trans is fetishizing being trans” because it’s literally just people finding or creating representation and there’s such a difference from things that actually fetishize each of these things. Calling the search for representation fetishization is so blatantly a call to avoid consensual visibility and it’s obnoxious

Okay so I made a post yesterday with just a casual reminder that Margaret was in fact a well loved, philanthropic, helpful, intelligent, charitable person and so many people have reblogged it and I’m looking at tags and there’s so much love for the real Margaret Beaufort, not the Gregory Demon and it touches my heart! 

Beaufort Hi-Five to y’all

sad-angelzz  asked:

i looked at their blog (stalker suggestions) and it made me actually upset someone told them a therapist would encourage what they're doing i wanna die

Oh my fucking god a therapist would absolutely NOT encourage that what the fuck… maybe writing your thoughts down in a private journal to vent but not in a public space where other people can be like “yeah this is so good and relatable keep posting so I can reblog these posts and make it part of my creepy aesthetic” like… no? Putting your thoughts down in a public space won’t make your thoughts go away, it’ll make them worse. These people are grasping at fuckin straws lmao

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U keep using Sao in the tags what is this foreign language?? What does Sao mean? Is it an emotion? A place? A person?????

Hello! Thank you so much for your message. I have a tagging system to try and keep some kind of organisation to the kind of posts I make and so that I can find them easier if I need to go back to them.

SAO has nothing to do with 1D, it’s just an acronym for my blog - Sex at Oxbridge (www.sexatoxbridge.com) - so I preface what I’m tagging with it to make it unique and specific to my blog.

sao1d is for my original One Direction-related posts. So, no reblogs, just things that I’ve made.

sexatoxbridge is for my non-1D original posts…so like the “When I want to make a cup of tea but realise I’ve run out of milk” with an angry cat gif or something. I started also using sao posts for this since if you put sexatoxbridge into the search it usually comes up with a lot of 1D.

www.sexatoxbridge.com is the tag for posts on my actual website, which some people don’t realise I have. I started a blog about my sex life at uni before knowledge of Larry hit me like a bus. I still post there as well, but less One Direction and more my (currently non-existent) love life.

40daysoffriendship speaking of my website, this tag is for a series I started there called 40 Days of Friendship in which my best guy friend and I spent 40 days in constant contact and hung out all the time to prove that we could be just friends.

sao replies is for replies to asks, or if I comment on something and add my own bit to it I’ll tag this, I also used it to tag all the posts I made for people last week since it was a reply to them asking me to.

sao lol is for things I’ve reblogged that make me actually laugh out loud and that I want to be able to easily find again. Like that post about lions jumping 36 feet in the air I posted earlier. Mega lol. Only look at this page if you want to laugh very hard.

sao art i like is reblogs of cool art or music I see on here. Also tagged a post about Harry’s bum as ‘sao art i like’ because it’s art as well. It’s mainly just a lot of aesthetically pleasing things. Hence Harry’s bum.  

saobuzzfeed is for articles that I’ve written on Buzzfeed. (Mainly about Larry.)

I hope this answers your question! xx

(Also djfigosd for whatever reason people have actually been reblogging that post I made about the Anatolian shepherd documentary, like the post that turned into all-capsing and saying “WHY DON’T YOU SHOW US /INTERESTING/ THINGS ABOUT THESE ANIMALS” and I have utterly no problem with it but it’s hilarious that that happened that was literaly an offhanded rant about something most people don’t even know about at all i just sdjfgosdfg)

Okay, I have to make another post about this because some of y'all are really disrespectful towards people who don’t like the Noctis and Luna ship. You look like hypocrites saying “it’s okay to like whatever ship you want” and then to turn around and say “people who don’t like the ship are in denial and ignorant.” You’re contradicting yourself and clearly stating that it’s actually not okay to dislike/hate a ship which had (I’m gonna say it AGAIN) a HORRIBLE plot. Telling people to face it won’t just magically change someone’s perspective on a ship. Y'all don’t see me saying Noctis and Luna shippers are ignorant for liking them. That’s cool that you like them together I’ve said multiple times. The fact that you all are very twisted and aggressive with how you state your weak facts from the scenes in the game (the ones that could also be seen as a Noctis worried and frightened for Luna as a CLOSE FRIEND) gets annoying. Us who don’t like the ship have our own views and you all who like it have yours. Our opinions on it are BOTH VALID. Don’t belittle or treat others like trash or irrelevant just because they don’t like your ship. That’s the biggest level of ignorance when you diminish someone else’s views on something without hearing them out. I listen to people and their views on Noctis and Luna and they listen to mine. We get why each other would view the ship in different ways, but some of y'all just don’t care and will shove facts in someone’s face just to prove a point. Smh


Don’t message, send asks, or comment to me about this unless we are friends because I’m too upset right now to talk about it

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Hey girlie So i accidently deleted my blog and I'm like rlly freaking out. We had been mutuals for a while now, u high-key one of my faves on here. <3 Anyway I lost all my followers, posts and shit. Ur one of the only urls I actually remembered. I know ur on a hiatus rn but if u see this could u pls spread the word?? I made a post about me situation and I've asked a few people as well but I need all the help I can get. I literally don't know what I'm gonna do lol especially so close to acowar

Argh that really sucks!!! (And thank you X3) Hopefully the staff can do something, otherwise it looks like the only thing you’ll have is likes and reblogs to sift through… fiNGERS CROSSED


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About the loss of faith in humanity post you just wrote, I just want to say that I feel like that a lot, too. I'm looking to have a career in journalism so all I seem to hear is bad news and horrible people every second of the day. But then I start scrolling down Tumblr and see all of the nice and accepting posts that you write and reblog and it makes my day that much better. So, thank you for helping restore some of MY faith in humanity. Keep strong and know that you make someone's day happier!

Wow. Thank you so much. This made me feel so much better, honestly. This is so so so important to me you have no idea. Like… saying I actually help restore some of your faith in humanity?? I…I’m not crying you’re crying.


so here it is, the big reveal of the thing I posted a few days ago. but what is it?

it’s a pre solarpunk idea I’ve had for a while that really fits with solarpunk. it’s called the Scale Armor Project, the intent being that garments made out of individual scales put together could serve as protection against blunt force in protests, occupations etc. but I also wanted it to be beautiful. so here are the features:

1. two layers of felt (real felt, not the kind you buy in sheets at the craft store) to serve as the main body
2. cloth to cover the felt, to be decorative and to be a better surface for embroidery
3. embroidery, to serve as more thickness and also to hold the layers together
4. beadwork, to help deflect things more. I was inspired by something I learned about on Wikipedia. the Romanov girls and women had to be shot in the head at point blank range because all the jewels and things on their dresses deflected the bayonets. sorry for that image.
5. six hand sewn eyelets. so the scale can be attached to others or to an article of clothing
6. stitching around the perimeter (in this case blanket stitch) to hold everything together at the edges
7. needlepoint lace stitches on the back, to provide yet another layer and to hold down all the loose ends of thread. another layer of felt could also be used but that’s less visually interesting
8. makers mark. mine is the blue thing near the top right

now let’s talk about use. do they could be attached to one another using the eyelets, or attached to existing garments, and easily be replaced if damaged directs their modular nature. the most obvious things that come to mind for me are a vest or using a single scale and jewelry chains to put one over the back of your hand. their use wouldn’t be limited to situations where protection is necessary but also just as nice looking normal clothes.

i also imagine that they could be bartered and traded with fellow solarpunks, or produced en mass to commemorate special events. this would be made possible due to their modular and interchangeable nature.

please reblog, tell me what you think, and if I get enough interest (at least 5 people who would actually make them) I’ll release a zine with detailed instructions, patterns, and ideas. it would cost about $1, to handle shipping and production costs. however I want this to be a community project so feel free to share instructions with others, etc. I just feel that a tumblr post would be an insufficient format for the type of thing I’m imagining.

if you are interested, reblog hung is great but also please SEND ME A MESSAGE. I’m also open to further questions


I made a tutorial thing for the roleplaying community to make the posts easier to read when doing threads. This could work for comments/reblogs in general but I don’t know if people would actually go through the trouble of copying and pasting everything that’s already there.

As far as I know, there’s nothing you can to make things look nicer on mobile because on mobile you can’t copy the bolds and italics and stuff. Once I find a way, I’ll make a tutorial for that too.

Anyways, here’s this one.

Cartoon Porn and Why I Have Made Posts

Since people are running away from my blog because I have made comments about cartoon porn and reblogged a post that gave links to people who actually work toward helping CSA victims, I suppose I should explain how it relates to non verbal autism.

Non verbal autistics are sexually assaulted by their caretakers. Not because of cartoon porn, but because the caretakers know we can’t report them in ways that will be believed.

I am tired of people blaming art for the acts of predators. Predators are to blame for their acts and there is NO evidence that looking at pictures turned them into predators.

I have been sexually assaulted by people who are attracted to children more times than I want to list here (or think about) simply because I look like a child and cannot speak. None of them carried pictures of cartoons around, looking at them, before getting the urge to assault me. Nope. And not one blamed seeing cartoons on the “need” to have sex with me. The ones that were arrested didn’t even cite cartoons as their motivation - they cited a lust for childish bodies that they always had. I was a convenient victim because I cannot speak and they misunderstood that to mean I cannot communicate.

It happens a LOT, and non verbal autistics trained through ABA to never say “no” are even more at risk.

Cartoon porn has nothing to do with sexual assault. 

Training your autistic child/ward to accept inappropriate touching has a lot to do with sexual assault.

Stop blaming cartoons for the actions of people with bad intentions - the people would do it whether or not the cartoons exist.

signal boost, studio ghibli fandom!

Imagine a tag full of gorgeous gifs & edits of your favorite Studio Ghibli movies….

Actually, you don’t even have to imagine because those tags exist!!! The #studioghibligif tag and the #studioghibliedit tag are full of gifs/edits made by very talented bloggers. So, track the tags, tag your original gifs/edits with these tags, and visit the tags every now and again to find things to reblog.

But, we need to keep anything that’s not a gif/edit out of the tags. Take a look at other fandoms’ “official” tags where people have decided to properly use and respect the tag (#gotgif, #hpgif, #dwedit come to mind, not a text post or askbox reply in sight).

I hope we as a fandom can have tags as wonderful as other fandoms’ tags. Actually, I know we can. So, spread the word by reblogging this post and thank you for reading! 

while I have your attention

please check out justwhitefeminismthings!

It’s a great idea, run by (as of this writing! maybe more mods in the future!) a great person.

Fellow white feminists, I’m especially looking at you, but as important as this kind of blog is to us it is not FOR us. FOLLOW THE RULES, which right now means reblog the memes but do not add commentary to them and do not submit anything. DO NOT SEND THEM BASIC QUESTIONS ABOUT HIW TO ALLY. The mod actually made a post after repeated asks but again, THIS IS NOT FOR US. This is for people of color to vent over the ways in which we have failed them. Our job here is to listen, signal boost, and reevaluate ourselves.

We are all the products of a racist, white supremacist society. We have spent all of our lives learning racism. We are, as a result, racist. We need to be called out. And we need to be open to being called out.

If the idea of this blog is bad for your mental health, self-care comes first, but anyone who is made angry by the concept of this blog – anyone who is right now gearing up to send them “polite” messages about how they’re dividing us – needs to unfollow me right the fuck now.

It’s been a good day for me. I’ve been firmly in my lane all day. But I am a white feminist, more than capable of White Feminism, and I know how important it is for me to be reminded, continuously, of where my lane is. To be aware of my privileges (thin, able-bodied, neurotypical, cis, white) in the same way that I am aware of my disprivileges (female, queer).

I have fucked up in the past. I will fuck up in the future. But following blogs like justwhitefeminismthings helps me. It will also help you.

( geekandmisandry, ask-an-mra-anything, misandry-mermaid (you reblogged me once a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away)… I owe what small platform I have to you completely, but can I borrow a little more of your power for this?)