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Murdoc Niccals | Strobelite [2017]


♥ D-13 until VIXX-OTPS’s fourth anniversary: 10 reasons why Leo and Hongbin fans love them so much ♥


I still have the birthday card you gave me that says, “Happy birthday, I hate you. Hate, Sam.”


Rick’s Hair  [requested by @mamagrimes6 ]


Your Daily Killian Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 365]



I’ve now made a year’s worth of gifsets for this series and I just wanted to thank everybody who has shown their love and support for the Daily Pick-Me-Ups. This series wouldn’t have kept going without all of you. The messages and the tags showing love for the gifsets I make here , as well as the continuous reblogs and likes, are genuinely what keeps me doing this on a regular basis. Seeing that these Pick-Me-Ups are actually bringing a little spark of joy (or feels) to someone makes the whole thing worth it. I look forward to continuing making these for you all for as long as I can. Hope you enjoyed the first ‘year’ and enjoy the next just as much!

Compilation Posts

i’ve noticed that it’s become a trend on here for compilation posts to start circulating. what i mean by a compilation post is the op is collecting a variety of gifs, screenshots, and photos to make a sort of “list” about whatever topic they choose. this may be a “sexy jimin” post or a “savage yoongi” post, but no matter the topic a lot of these posts are using stolen and reposted work

how do you spot when something is stolen? @jjeonguk wrote a great post about it here. some of the tips include gifs being different sizes and/or styles, being watermarked with a url other than op’s, and being tagged with things like “bts smut” just to get their post into as many searches as possible.

reposters in general really piss me off, but thankfully most of the time once they’re called out they stop and/or the community bands together to make sure the stolen work isn’t being reblogged. but these compilation posts are popping up on my dash quite frequently. i never see anyone calling them out, and i never see people questioning if it’s stolen. plus, they’re getting thousands of notes. whole blogs seem to revolve around generating these kinds of compilation posts full of stolen content, and people keep letting it happen

here’s an example of what these posts with stolen content look like:

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I came across a post late once about Mary Morstan gaslighting John Watson. I didn't get to read it and I didn't reblog 😭 Could you shed some light on that? Personally, I think it's true if we consider that John was isolated after TRF and I remember him saying as he proposed that "he knows it hasn't been long" and then there's Mary off handedly saying "I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you" *rolls eyes so hard at that btw* Anyway, any light you can shed will be much appreciated.

Hi Nonny!

Oh, you have come to the right place, lovely! I’ve a tonne of posts about Mary and her “alleged” abuse of the characters, summed up in these links below:

Hope those help, Lovely!


EPIX Road to the Outdoor Classic, Episode 4 - Patrick Kane to Jonathan Toews: Cappy, stay hot.

i suppose “stay hot” is their Thing now:

edit: some people have told me that they hear patrick saying “kempny, stay hot”, not “cappy” - some others have said they hear “cappy”. (personally i hear cappy because i’m not hearing an M or N sound when he says it and he’s looking at jonny.) but y’know, this is a PSA, because i probably heard him wrong and then the whole gifset is wrong /o\


They all deserve to die. Tell you why, Mrs. Lovett, tell you why! Because in all of the whole human race, Mrs. Lovett, there are two kinds of men and only two. There’s the one staying put in his proper place and one with his foot in the other one’s face. Look at me, Mrs Lovett! Look at you! No, we all deserve to die… Even you, Mrs Lovett, even I! Because the lives of the wicked should be made brief. For the rest of us death will be a relief. We all deserve to die…


Give me your hand. Don’t be afraid, Nasir. It feels good, right? Like silk.

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constant rambling + starmora (gifset or fanart, it doesn't matter) ✨

this palette reminds me of Everybody Talks for some reason

send me a character + a palette and i’ll draw it (ver. 1)


Iba Hachirou CGs - Hakuōki: Shinkai - Kaze no Shō (薄桜鬼 真改 風ノ章) (2015) /  Hakuōki: Kyoto Winds (2017) 

Part 1 of (probably) 4, by request.

Link to Part 2

Aaaah this took a second ^_^;. Iba has a bunch of CGs in this that only change very slightly, so I made gifs to get them all into one post. 

Iba looks SO much like Okita, the more I look him. O_o

I really like how the ‘Fade to Rasetsu/Fury’ gif turned out. I’d love to make a whole set of those, and I may. I’d have to figure out what to do with Harada/the Oni trio, though. I’d hate to exclude them. :( Suggestions?

Edit: gifs now work :P

caskofamontillados  asked:

I just looked at someone's tags from the gifset you just made and they mentioned that Marvin looks so young there and it made me think about how in act 2 he acts SO MUCH more unsure and vulnerable like you'd expect to see earlier but it's BECAUSE he has grown so much and is opening up more and going through more so he's dropped this facade and imo that's why he looks younger.

YES I READ THEM AS WELL AND I AGREE 1000% !! Even his whole posture and his wardrobe changes drastically — like someone made that fantastic post that described how he wears hoodies/loose button down shirts/jeans in Act Two, while in Act One he had horrible ties/formal shirts/suit jackets, and overall he’s just so much softer and more vulnerable, like you said!!

Gif Tutorial

So I was asked by a couple anons to do a tutorial on how I make my gifs and now that I’m done with exams I decided to do it. This is the first tutorial I’m making so I hope whatever I say makes sense to those who are interested in it. And before I start explaining I’d like to say that this is the regular method I use to make my gifs and it’s something I ended up with trying many tutorials I found online throughout the years. So if you find any similarities with other gif tutorials that’s probably why. I would also like to remind you that the settings I use always change with each scene and lighting so if you want to use it, you’ll need to adjust them for every gif differently.

So I’ll be explaining how to go from this:

to this:

Or how to make this (which is basically the same)

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anonymous asked:

I was curious about your Timeless plagiarism tag and I looked it up but man, the whole issue looks complicated as fuck, also I didn´t find anything in the article about the similarities, so yeah I don´t know... it's not like Spain invented time travel or anything... I mean Doctor Who?!

Sorry it took me so long to answer but I’ve been looking for a good way to explain the whole thing.

You’re right, the situation is complicated but imagine this: you have this little tumblr blog where you post some gifsets and you are proud of those gifsets and obviously you want them to have more notes. So, you just go to this famous tumblr blog, very popular in the fandom, with tons of followers and you say to them “hey, check out this gifset I made please, I think it’s good, so if you like it maybe you can reblog it so more people can see” And guess what? The big blog really likes your gifset and it’s not reblogging it at the moment but at least they seem interested and they are even asking for more… until one day they stop answering your messages and a few months later you find out they are reposting you gifsets and theirs are getting more notes than yours, the original ones… Pretty unfair, right? Well in this story NBC and Sony are the famous tumblr blog, Timeless is the reposted gifsets and El Ministerio del Tiempo/The Ministry of Time the original ones.

And when it comes to similarities there’s a link to the lawsuit where, in page 11, you can see them all enumerated. I don´t watch Timeless so I really don´t know how much they’ve copied but I can tell you some things about the Spanish show so you can compare:
-The Ministry of Time is a secret time travel organization whose agents are trying to protect history by preventing it from being changed.
-The time travel patrol consists in: a woman who is an expert in history, a soldier and a paramedic who lost his wife and he’s still grieving and wants to go back in time to see her and maybe save her. (I think in Timeless it is the soldier the one who lost his wife, right?).
-They go to different missions but the plot mainly revolves around the same antagonist who is suspected to be working as a double agent, although at the end it’s a little more complicated than that. But no spoilers!

I know there are a lot of things that they haven´t done, like in the Spanish show the agents are from different times: Amelia is a feminist from the XIX century (and one of the first women who went to college in Spain), Alonso a XVI century soldier who is always freaking out about modern stuff, and Julian, the widower paramedic, is a XXI century guy.
But anyway, the other similarities cannot be just coincidental, even now that has been proven that Sony had access to the scripts.

This doesn´t mean I hate Timeless or that I hate people enjoying Timeless. No. What I don´t like it’s people not acknowledging the original work and the creators. And I want justice to be made because the producers in Spain had a big budget problem for the shows third season that was only solved when Netflix came to the rescue, but it was a problem that maybe could have been avoided having NBC and Sony paid for the rights.

Hopefully all of this will be solved at some point and you’ll have Timeless in the US and we’ll have El Ministerio del Tiempo in Spain, and who knows? Maybe some crossovers even…