look i made a thingy

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks


A curious smile tugged at the old woman’s lips as a small laugh came from her, amused that the other would have even the slightest interest in her. He was a curious lad, but one she did find somewhat interesting at at least. A clawed digit tapped against her cheek as she finally spoke up, deciding to indulge the young man. 

“So.. You have piqued my interest, lad. Tell me, why would one such as yourself want an old woman as yours for the day? I am suspecting it is for the same reason I am always sought after.. Either power or to have me teach them to transform into a dragon.” The last statement brought a small laugh from her. 

woah!! look! i made this kind of map/tree thingy of most of the fandoms i’ve been in ever since i joined tumblr

yall should make yours aswell if u want to

Got started on my Dís cosplay this weekend and made some ear jewellry :’).