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Make This Our Kingdom (Where Good Love Conquers)
 by caramelle/@caramelkru

“This is no time for games,” Cassian says, calm but firm. “The entire navy is on high alert.”

She snorts. “In case you missed it, the entire world’s been on high alert for about ten years now.”

Or, a Rebelcaptain Pacific Rim AU.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I don't know if you're okay with this idea, but you showed us a picture of your bookshelf and I thought it was really nice, so if you could show your room It'd be pretty cool. If you don't agree with this (or you've done it before - i haven't been all the way through your tumblr) for privacy reasons, that's fine but if you don't mind, could you?

Hey, yeah I have no problem posting pics of my room. The only reason I didn’t post a wider picture was because my room isn’t done yet, and asides from the bookshelf the room is completely empty. But I do have some pics of my room prior to the work being done. 

As you can see they aren’t great pics lol. But I will post pictures once my room is done :) xoxo


“C’mon Zoro we can’t have you getting lost every time we go for a walk” Mama!Killer probably.

I got booored and this happened-

Black Friday @crowfry

I love how flippin’ cool my starbound character looks