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Make This Our Kingdom (Where Good Love Conquers)
 by caramelle/@caramelkru

“This is no time for games,” Cassian says, calm but firm. “The entire navy is on high alert.”

She snorts. “In case you missed it, the entire world’s been on high alert for about ten years now.”

Or, a Rebelcaptain Pacific Rim AU.

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Trouble, trouble, trouble.

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Hey, I don't know if you're okay with this idea, but you showed us a picture of your bookshelf and I thought it was really nice, so if you could show your room It'd be pretty cool. If you don't agree with this (or you've done it before - i haven't been all the way through your tumblr) for privacy reasons, that's fine but if you don't mind, could you?

Hey, yeah I have no problem posting pics of my room. The only reason I didn’t post a wider picture was because my room isn’t done yet, and asides from the bookshelf the room is completely empty. But I do have some pics of my room prior to the work being done. 

As you can see they aren’t great pics lol. But I will post pictures once my room is done :) xoxo

All this time when I see the gifs for The shape of water, and I see the water monster I’m like, “he looks so much like the water monster in Hellboy” and tonight I googled the actor’s name, AND GUESS WHO PLAYED THE DAMN CHARACTER?

He plays both of them, and I guessed it without knowing.

I cannot believe that Doug Jones is officially a water thingy.


“C’mon Zoro we can’t have you getting lost every time we go for a walk” Mama!Killer probably.


1. Not Like Bond & Moneypenny by WhoNatural / howlnatural  |  30k

First Sterek fic I’d ever read and it remains my all-time favorite.  I could not have asked for a better introduction to this glorious fandom.  Quintessential Human AU.

2. Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer by stilinskisparkles / felicitysmock  |  38k

Cannot even begin to describe to you the huge smile this fic puts on my face.  There is not a single characterization that isn’t absolute perfection.  Quintessential Summer Camp AU.

3. Patterns of Intention by drunktuesdays / drunktuesdaze |  17k

Oh I love it so much, I’ve read it so many times and I’ll read it so many more.  The combination of the pining and that magic has to be learned and studied and worked at like anything else makes me so unbelievably happy.  Quintessential Magic Stiles Fic.

4. Easy Trouble by Survivah / optimismology |  56k

I love ‘something made them do it’ fic and this one is incroyable.  The tons of pop culture references did make me feel like a giant nerd but also like I wasn’t alone in my nerdetry.  Not to mention I practically squealed my way through most of it.  Quintessential Sex Pollen Fic.

5. Dating Backwards by Remain Nameless / meechwoods  |  86k

Wow, I do not think there’s a fic on here that dragged me through more ups and downs than this one.  My heart was battered by the end of it and I was thrilled by it.  Quintessential Porn Star AU.

6. Jinx Removing by DevilDoll / devildoll  |  6k

Okay, there are about a million DevilDoll fics I want to put on here (ZOMBIES, FUSION, CHARACTER DEATH, CASUAL SEX, FERAL) and I know this one probably seems like the odd choice but pining.  The pining is soooo good that it’s literal perfection. Quintessential Pining Fic.

7. A Life Less Ordinary by Jebiwonkenobi / jebiwonkenobi  |  19k

There are too many elements I love for me to comment on all of them, it’s got everything you could ever want though - brilliant characterization, unique monsters, interesting friendships, snappy dialogue and perfectly broken boys. Quintessential Break-Up Fic.

8. Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain / thegloryof  |  35k

I freaking love Stiles as a late addition to the Beacon Hills way of life and I have yet to see it done better than this, because this?  Is fucking heavenly.  Quintessential Late-Addition-Stiles AU.

9. Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel / ohmyjetsabel  |  77k

Here’s the thing, I don’t like Mpreg in Teen Wolf fandom.  Here’s the thing, this is one of the most beautiful stories - forget just relegating that to fanfiction - that I have ever read.  Quintessential Mpreg Fic.

10. Somebody That I Used to Know by PercyByssheShelley  |  10k

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this fic is fucking clever to the point that I have an unholy envy of the idea, the execution and everything in between.  If you haven’t read it, you’re wrong.  Quintessential Memory Loss/Alteration Fic.

11. Give Me Back My Bones (Maybe Then We’ll Talk) by kariye / kariye  |  33k

I was done for about a paragraph into this fic.  Oh the descriptive imagery, the flow of the writing, the glorious pining and retaining something so canon as the lycanthropy in something so perfectly AU - be still my heart.  Quintessential Coffee Shop AU.

12. When the Highway Takes Me by paxlux / psychofink  |  13k

*runs around all uncoordinated-like because, ugh, running*  APOCALYPSE AU, APOCALYPSE AU, APOCALYPSE AU!!!!  I’m not crazy, I just really like those.  (Also, I’m crazy.)  Quintessential Apocalypse AU.

13. The Price by theroguesgambit / halekingsourwolf  |  18k

I love this fic, love it.  It’s so nice to see both characters fall head over heels for each other and have their own obstacles for why it can’t be satisfied.  Such good, gut-punching story here.  Quintessential Cursed Stiles Fic.

14. Spark, Smolder, Catch by qthelights / qthelights  |  18k

It’s just so beautifully written, so amazingly in-character and so perfectly jumps off canon that I can picture each line of it.  I love every single solitary bit of this.  Quintessential Canon Compliant Fic.

15. The Lovers [Murderers] in 9B by ofherlionheart / theonesyouthinkyoulove  |  8k

Oh my God, bystander fic is one of my all-time favorite things and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one done better than this!  All of the characters - original or otherwise - are so well drawn here and the misunderstandings and the building of Derek and Stiles’ relationship just, ugh, it is perfection itself.  Quintessential Bystander PoV Fic.

16. Sleeping Dogs by starsystems / savethehales  |  42k

The tropiest trope fic to ever be troped and they’re all so well freaking done too!  Not to mention, Peter is amazing in it and Stiles is a crazy wonderful clever badass.  Quintessential Trope Fic.

17. Socrates Drank Hemlock by jettiebettie / jettiebettie  |  3k

I can’t even tell you why I love this one so much but it does posit a Deucalion headcanon I’m never letting go of, has an out of the blue love confession a la Pride and Prejudice (are those not the best?), a great Peter cameo and an extremely BAMF Stiles.  Quintessential BAMF Stiles Fic.

18. Vindicated by Firenation  |  42k

Okay so Hunter Stiles fic is like my favorite thing.  And this is hot and steamy and seven shades of wrong and I am in love with it. Quintessential Hunter Stiles Fic.

19. Your Lifelong Membership is Free by minusoneday / sidekickinit  |  29k

Everyone needs a college AU and this one is incredible (yes, I’m partial to the Derek PoV - who’s shocked?) and Derek’s fascination with Stiles is my favorite thing!  Quintessential College AU.

20. Lock All the Doors behind You by entanglednow  |  26k

Do I even have to say anything?  It really and truly is the quintessential feral Derek fic.  Quintessential Feral Derek Fic.

21. Gravity’s Got Nothing on You by zosofi  |  84k

There isn’t a single misstep in this fic and the crafting of the relationship and magic and everything else is *drools* also this is the one that made me fall madly in love with Laura Hale.  Quintessential Fake Boyfriend Fic.

22. Don’t Worry Baby by kalpurna / kalpurna  |  20k

Derek’s inability to person is the best thing.  This fic is just straight up fantastic.  Quintessential Hooker Stiles Fic.

23. Amor Fati by alocalband / alocalband  |  43k

This actually has really, really great insight into canon and subtly (and more Sterek-ly) changed the way I view it and I will forever be grateful for that!  So freaking well done.  Quintessential Thrown Together Fic.

24. An Exaltation of Larks by llassah / llassah  |  25k

I owe bleep0bleep for this one, I never would have read it simply because it’s a/b/o but she was very SHEEP!!1!!1 and she was right, about the sheep and the rest of it.  It’s such a wonderful and well-drawn world and ROYALTY and sheep and Derek is so gorgeous, all-around, and the a/b/o dynamics (which I am not a fan of) was so tastefully done.  Quintessential Royalty AU.

25. I Ran (So Far) by thepsychicclam / thepsychicclam  |  34k

The plot device of Stiles taking up running as the impetus for his and Derek’s relationship forming is so well done and believable!  Also, slow build - yaaaay!  Quintessential Slow Build Fic.

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