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the first time Andrew looks at Neil with the "you're my answer" expression??

  • It’s a subtle thing, so quick it could easily be missed.
  • It’s not so much “you’re my answer” as it is “this is meant to last and it is terrifying how much I want it to.”
  • And Andrew is angry enough that Neil made him feel like this and that he is terrified of losing Neil that the look isn’t so much a love-sick one as it is an annoyed one.
  • Maybe it happens when Neil tells the whole truth, more to him than to the feds, and insists on being Neil Josten and staying with the team. When Andrew realizes that Neil is really going to stay with him and not disappear.
  • Maybe it’s in the van when Neil says “Neil Abram Josten” and sounds like he’s clinging to this reality and staying with Andrew and the rest of the team. When, finally, Neil Josten is a real person that is going to stay with him and not a runaway lost cause or a pipe dream. But Neil’s too busy tracing the shape of Andrew’s key into his palm to even notice the way Andrew is watching him.
  • Maybe it happens while Andrew is holding the package with the matching armbands he bought for Neil clutched against his chest, waiting for the right moment to hand them over, while Neil blathers on about their future and tells Andrew “Choose us” and Andrew is overwhelmed by how tempting those two words are.
  • Maybe it happens when Andrew places Neil’s hand on his chest and Neil knows this isn’t a real yes and is more worried about Andrew’s comfort than how much he wants to touch Andrew.
  • Maybe it happens when Riko raises his racquet to hit Neil and Andrew charges over on instinct to protect Neil because Neil is his future and for once Andrew actually has the possibility of a future beyond graduation and he is clinging to that and he won’t let anyone take that away from him.
I don’t know if I will have the time to write any more letters, because I might be too busy trying to participate. So, if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn’t know what I was talking about, or know someone who’s gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don’t happen. And there are people who forget what it’s like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen. I know these will all be stories some day, and our pictures will become old photographs. We all become somebody’s mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here, and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song, and that drive with the people who you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.
—  Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
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author’s note: wow okay I’ve never written for tom holland before but here goes nothing??? I hope you don’t hate this but on the off chance you do, pls hate silently (read more bar is added because I wrote out what come to mind for Tom’s proposal and it made everything look so much longer lmao) 


  • Okay but like
  • Can we all just take a minute to imagine what marrying Thomas Stanley Holland would be like
  • Just getting engaged to that boy would be magical
    • He’d have this whole big thing planned
      • Literally every member of the Holland family plus Harrison would be involved in putting things together because if we’re being honest they all loved you just as much as Tom did

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I love how even if I’m trying to make a serious point, some of you all look for a single thing to emphasize and you completely miss my point. You can interpret that point I made about Tom however you wish, but the point that a few of you seemed to come to wasn’t accurate and completely missed the point I was TRYING to make.

And when someone has worked pretty much all summer on a project like that, and has put so much of their heart and soul and then dares to ask people to give it a look, here’s a tip; be constructive, not destructive. I was brave enough to share my ideas and, you know what? I think it’s a great fanfic. I think it’s pretty awesome. It’s the first one I’ve completed.

I really thought this fandom would be a bit more supportive of people’s ideas. Like I said before, we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. Because tearing someone down doesn’t benefit anyone.

I recently became aware that I had missed one additional comic book that had come into my household a few months earlier. It was this issue of SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, which was bought for my younger brother, Ken. It did eventually end up with me as well, but only after it had been reduced t tatters, the cover and outer wrap both gone, which may be why I didn’t recall it. Also, it was written way below my then-current reading level, so that too may have made it less noteworthy to me. In any event, let’s take a look at the thing.

I’ve written much earlier on this page about how much I liked the Electric company TV series which ran on PBS (Channel 13 in my area, WNEW). And even though I wasn’t a Marvel fan at this point, the best and most noteworthy episodes were those that featured a Spidey Super Stories segment on them. (Though I must confess I was generally more enamored of their home-grown animated super hero, Letterman.) It was still such a rarity to see a super hero depicted in real life that those skits were a real treat, for all that they were very simplified and even silly. The comic book was no different.

John Romita has told me that he was proud to have been associated with SPIDEY SUPER STORIES and the CTW crew whose mission to encourage children to read resonated with him. By this point, though, several months in, John wasn’t all that involved apart from doing covers and the occasional touch-ups. But he did mention that Marvel’s deal to allow CTW to feature Spidey on the Electric Company was virtually a gratis deal, as were the terms of publishing behind SPIDEY SUPER STORIES, the easy-reading children’s tie-in comic book. It was considered a public service then, even by tight-fisted Marvel. (As well as a way to expose potential young readers to the Marvel characters early.

This particular issue featured a book-length epic celebrating the nation’s bicentennial, which was all over the place in 1976. Doctor Strange sends Captain America and Spider-Man back in time so that Cap can met his heroes, the men who helped to found our nation. But Kang, irritated by all of the bicentennial celebrating, vows to change history so that the British win. And so, the time-travelers end up on the eve of the Boston Tea Party, and Spidey and Cap foil Kang’s plans to prevent it.

This is about as succinct an explanation of Kang as you’re ever going to get!

At the mid-point, the story is paused for a second tale, this one an adaptation of one of the live action Spidey sketches that ran on the Electric Company. In this one, Spidey battles the Stomper, who uses his huge feed to stamp on ceilings, step on toes, stomp on mail, and just generally step on the little people all around him. It doesn’t take long for Spider-man to catch up wit the Stomper, web him up and remove his oversized shoes, rendering him helpless.

After that short diversion, the larger story picks up again, this time with Kang appearing in 1775 and destroying all of the lamps in the tower meant to signal Paul Revere’s famous ride. Dr Strange transports Spidey and Cap there, they beat the heck out of Kang, forcing him to retreat, and then Spidey uses his spider-signal to substitute for the destroyed lamps, thus insuring that the Colonial Militia is warned and ready for the arrival of the Redcoats.

The final act takes our heroes to Philadelphia in 1776, where Kang intends to prevent the signing of the Declaration of Independence with a bomb attached to the Liberty Bell that will wipe out the city. But Cap and Spidey settle his hash, Spidey webs him up and Cap is able to defuse his explosive, thus allowing our champions to witness the historic moment firsthand. Then everybody, even Kang, is returned to the present to conclude the bicentennial party that opened the issue. 

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My crush is so cute and i think it’s safe to say we’re a thing now!!!! He’s super sweet and so attractive omg he’s kind of a genius academically but he has no common sense whatsoever n it’s so adorable :((( sometimes I look in my Snapchat memories and he leaves random selfies and they’re really bad bc he can’t take good pics of himself but it’s fine bc I’m whipped lmao

Omg your crush sounds so adorable and it’s nice to hear that a cute love story is happening !!! Thanks for telling me bc this made me smile 🌹💖

I just watched the last episode of Will and Grace and whilst I feel like the reboot is stumbling a bit I would strongly advocate watching this episode. 

Jack is often the comedic fool of the show but this week he was the one to speak an important lesson, a lesson that resonated with me and I imagine so many people. 

A lesson that I think everyone should heed - to think about the things they say and do through their child’s eyes. 

I related to Skip because all I heard growing up from my father was that being gay was wrong, that it was unnatural and like Skip it made me think that there was something inherently wrong with me, something that needed fixing, that I had to push down and hide.

It wasn’t until I left my father’s house that I realised that there was nothing wrong with me. I wasn’t the one who was broken but that he was because he couldn’t look past his own hatred and homophobia to see that I was still his daughter. 

We don’t speak or see each other anymore and I have no desire to have him in my life because I know what his lack of acceptance feels like. I know how small and hurt it made me feel. I remember how it made me hate myself for not being what he called “normal”.

I wish that everybody had a Jack McFarland in their lives to tell them that who they are is incredible, that they’re not broken, that even though it will be hard, it will be worth it. Everyone should feel like they can live their truth and a lot of parents out there could do with stepping back and thinking about how what they say makes their child feel. 

People shouldn’t grow up feeling like they’re broken or unnatural or whatever homophobic/transphobic comments fill their household. They should grow up feeling accepted, feeling loved and feeling safe enough that they can be who they are without their own parents telling them their freaks. 

I don’t often say you have to watch this episode, but I want everyone to watch ‘Grandpa Jack’ and sit back for a moment and let the lesson sink in. 


Finally getting around to posting my nearly full raccoon. I think I’m missing two vertebrae, a whole bunch of filanges, the entire sternum, and a tooth or two.
This was my first major VC project, and I’m pretty happy with how he turned out. I know I made some mistakes because I had no books to go by (only Google Images…), but it’s fairly accurate :D

You can see from the image of his skull that he has a weird thing going on with one of his canines. I had the grad student I help out take a look at it, and she says it looks like he was attacked by another carnivore (based on the scrapes) and it led to him permanently losing his canine. It’s healed over, so he didn’t die from this, or at least not immediately.

Found this badass dude in the park with the help of Big Super Bone Hunter Pupper.

A lot of people like to give me hell for constantly redesigning and revising my designs, but like, I look at things like this and I completely ignore what they’re saying? Yeah, I redid Arcee’s design three times in the span of a week, but every time, the design looked a little better, refined. Crotchplate wasn’t working, so I just made her torso one piece. Made her chubbiness look a little more natural. Finally got her helmet “hair” to look the way I wanted. Also made the vehicle grill/chest look better.

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i feel like when people think of poc or darker skinned people in general their mind automatically goes to the same skin tone, and refuse to believe any lighter skin tone is considered darker or poc. people need to stop hating on peoples self sims because there is no physically possible way to get it to look EXACTLY like yourself. seesh. you sim is gorgeous and so are you.

thaaaaank you anon. i was thinking the exact same thing. like if i made sims of my dad’s side of the family, they would assume i’m whitewashing them too lmao. my dad’s side of the family WOULD look white if they didn’t have black features.

so my parents used to fight constantly. i woke up to their screaming matches and dinner would end in screaming and throwing things and i would fall asleep to them screaming and it made me hate them and marriage and whenever i prayed, i would pray that they would love each other again and anyways 6 years later, my mom the other day said, “it’s like, i actually miss him when he’s not around. and when i see him, my heart flutters. i feel so silly” and now im writing a paper and they’re getting on my nerves, singing and dancing and flirting and kissing in the kitchen as my dad cooks dinner and anyways the point is they get on my nerves either way so at least they’re lovey and happy now

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i also blame the fucking nuzzle. like sansa looked so sweet and relieved and i was like oh ma god this is happening


it’s made up of so many bad little things, the way they jump into each other, Jon’s face when he closes his eyes, but THE NUZZLE is by far the worst bit

honestly if Sansa comforts Jon after his inevitable targ induced meltdown in s8, he better nuzzle

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Any tips to get your thoughts out by using a bullet journal? Do you let people look in it? If yes do you private stuff in it? (I suffer from different mental illnesses and I think it's hard to find answers to it)

I don’t normally show people my journal unless they are curious about what it is. Even then, I only show them my calendar or weekly set ups. My personal pages are made for my eyes and use only. 

I actually have used my journals for mental health many times. I’ll make a post about the things you can add for mental clarity. Hang tight!

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I'd been thinking this for a few days... how do you think Harry and Jay relationship was?? I think she treated him like a son idk

Ohhhhhh anon. I definitely think he was like another son to her. She loved him, anon, she truly did. I’m on mobile, so I can’t post them, but I have photos of her looking at him like he was made of stardust more than one time. He lit up her world. I think of him like her bridge over troubled water.

The thing is, he’s an amazing human with an incredible heart for others. He’s giving, and kind. Remember how he stayed in London when they were filming Dunkirk while Louis was in LA so he could visit Jay in the hospital?

She loved him. She really did. She was so proud of him then and is so proud of him still. Of all the things I “know” about the boys, I know this for absolute certain.

I increasingly think about the fact that Genji’s gone through two near complete reworks of his entire body. First was the time they made him a cyborg, obviously; the Blackwatch look is probably how he appeared for the first years in there. Then, afterwards, though we have no evidence to this happening after his involvement with Overwatch and I do firmly believe it was an upgrade to the initial design it is possible that it was done after he left - unlikely, but possible, the whole thing has regardless been changed to the present day look, which basically means he had to go through another extremely invasive series of surgeries and modifications after the ones that had already been performed on him.

Because there is literally nothing similar about the two looks, yet both are canon - it’s not just a matter of in-game skins, as these looks both exist in the lore as parts of his timeline. It’s very clear that the Blackwatch look is much less advanced than the second one, which not only covers his entire body but also seems much more protective than the initial one, with less vulnerable parts such as exposed cables and what I believe are some sort of artificial veins, no visible (or remaining) flesh such as the exposed half of his chest and the human arm, and even his toes have been removed and his foot turned into a less fragile uniform design.

It haunts me, to be honest.

edit: No, no, the second look is definitely an Overwatch upgrade to the original. It shows up in the Doomfist animation, confirming that his body was reworked within a few years of the original one.

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what is your advice for the best practice in designing your own characters? I"m trying to teach myself to draw and so far all I can even attempt is looking at something and replicating it. I want to be able to say hey I made that without a reference.

First of all: using references is perfectly fine. It’s been said a thousand times, but how can you draw something if you don’t know how it’s made? You look at other people - yes, pics are ok too - and you replicate them with your own style. With time and practice (a lot of time and practice), you learn to tweak features, or mix this nose with that mouth. Art takes inspiration from real life, just like novels, poems and everything else. So, never be ashamed to use references, all right?

Now… if we wanna talk about how to make an interesting character, with interesting face features, well, i’m afraid you’re asking the wrong person :P My Ellyna is basically me, with bigger eyes, squarer chin and wavy hair XD 
Most of the times I draw her (and every time I make interesting and lively portraits of her) I take pics of myself and use them as a reference.

If you’re interested in creating many characters who are not all alike, I would suggest practicing to draw a lot of different faces, especially if they’re out of your comfort zone; there are a lot of websites/blogs like http://portraitsfordrawing.tumblr.com/ that list portrait pics for exactly this use. It will help you recognize and memorize different face features, giving your brain tons of material to put together a lot of new faces :3

Well, I hope I helped you at least a little bit ^^ I wish you a lovely day, and never give up, ok? *hugs*

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If Aizawa's hair is used to make his scarf, doesn't that mean at some point he came to school or whatever with like really short hair? He'd look miserable and Hizashi would have a crisis.

LOL so basically i think it’s just barely made of his hair, like enough so that it’ll float because of the minor/near useless levitation quirk he has, but the main element in it is the steel alloy. so yeah, aizawa probably grew his hair out and then cut most of it off to make that thing and then grew it out again. 

Pin Striped Wrapping Paper

IT’S TIME!!!! 💜💙💜💙 JuminV Week take 2! 😍😍😍😍

JuminV Week Day 1: Birthday | Vacation 🎈

Word Count: 836

~~~ 💜💙 ~~~

Birthdays weren’t usually a big thing. A few gifts, then a quiet family supper with his father. Occasionally his mother would join them, but that just made things even quieter as an awkward air would envelop the table. The only real thing Jihyun would look forward to was spending time with Jumin. The boys had been friends for a couple of years now, only becoming closer since he crashed so suddenly into the young, mint haired boy’s life.

September 9th. Another year came bringing yet another birthday. Jihyun sat outside in the mild weather, kicking some pebbles beneath his feet as he waited for the obligatory supper ahead this evening. Chin in his hands, he glanced up as he heard the crunching of footsteps coming up the walkway.

He smiled, pushing himself up and running to meet the visitor halfway. Clad in his usual suit and tie even on the weekend, Jumin approached with a decorated box in hand and a sly smile most would miss on his face.

“Jumin!” Jihyun cried out, meeting up with the other boy. Any excuse to see his friend was well founded, but he had to admit this was one of the best days for it. A welcome distraction to say the least.

“Happy Birthday Jihyun.” Jumin greeted warmly, offering the box to the now older boy.

“Pin striped wrapping paper?” Jihyun giggled, accepting the gift. It was so like Jumin, the vertical lines perfectly lined with the edges of the box. Atop the box however, a misshapen blue bow sat. He examined it carefully, lifting the edges of the ribbon, wondering why there was such a difference between the two elements.

The younger boy shifted, playing with his cufflinks in a nervous habit. Steel eyes burnt into the mint haired boy. “Are you going to open it or just look at the wrapping all day?” He asked impatiently, the more Jihyun poked and prodded the gift, the bow in particular, the more antsy he became.

Turning his attention from the gift, Jihyun smiled lopsidedly. “I’m going to open it, I was just marveling at the wrapping.” He chirped, taking the edge of the bow into his small hands. Pulling on it, the ribbon slowly unraveled, the misplaced hard work coming undone. With it, Jumin seemed to relax, straightening up and releasing his cuffs. Blue eyes examined the other boy in wonder, before returning to carefully removing the wrapping paper. “…it really is beautifully done.” He said quietly.

“I know how to tie a tie, not a present’s bow.” Jumin mumbled under his breath. Jihyun’s smile grew, his suspicion coming to light, but deciding to keep quiet about it. Pin stripes removed, a plain brown box laid underneath. The older boy examined that too carefully, Jumin’s patience wearing thin once more. “Jihyun, just open it.” He commanded.

Jihyun just giggled again, having fun watching Jumin’s reactions. “Alright, fine.” He said, huge smile on his face as he opened the box. Considering Jumin Han’s background, an extravagant gift should have been expected, yet, inside the plain paper box, a small cactus plant sat. Admittedly, he was confused for a moment, but soon the huge smile from just moments ago returned, possibly even bigger than before. “I love it Jumin, thank you!” He said earnestly, lifting the small pot out.

A small smile played on the heir’s lips, glad his friend liked his unusual present. “I have been told there are many benefits to raising plants, and cacti are relatively easy to care for. It should be simple.”

Jihyun nodded, looking over the small plant. He lifted a finger, gently touching the spines. They were as sharp as they looked, as he hastily removed them, a disapproving pout coming from Jumin. Jihyun flashed a sheepish smile in return. “I really do love it, thank you again.” He said as he turned to lead Jumin up the remainder of the pathway. The sun was still high in the sky, so it would still be a few hours left yet until he had to attend supper. “I’ll place it inside, then let’s go walk through the gardens! I’ll grab my camera too.”

Jumin nodded in acknowledgement as Jihyun slipped inside. He hurried to his room, careful not to drop the pot. Placing it on his nightstand, he smiled in satisfaction. It really did fit well, and livened the place up. It was a wonderful gift. He then grabbed the Polaroid camera from his desk and hurried back outside to meet with Jumin.

“Alright, let’s go!!” He said excitedly, taking the dark haired boy’s hand and leading the way back around the house.

Jumin could only smile at the boy’s exuberance, willing following his desires. Like the cactus plant, he was sure their friendship would last for a very long time, and that this would be far from the last birthday the two would spend together.

The two boys would endure all things, no matter how painful or difficult.

~~~ 💜💙 ~~~

Alright, so

Lately, I’ve been repeating the mistakes I made last year with school, not doing like, any work at all. So, I really really need to get off of this damn site. I’m going to log out and maybe delete the app, as I’m only really on Tumblr on my phone, but I’m not sure. I may come back on weekends, but that’s still iffy. I’m sorry about this, but I’m not going to be able to come back for a while. It’s probably going to be past November, honestly. I don’t have a queue or scheduled posts, but might put some things up, who knows. I’m really sorry about this, but I need to put my schooling first, and I need to do the hiatus right this time. Thank you guys for being awesome.

If we are mutuals, message me for further information/contact info, if you would like.

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LND was absolutely amazing. ALW fixed up a lot of minor things to make it make more sense (Beauty Underneath, Please Miss Giry, little composition things. A lot of them were so small you wouldn't have even noticed unless you were thinking about them but they made a big difference) and visually it's stunning. A bit cramped, but that may just be because the Fisher is a small stage. ALW came up and gave a speech before the show about how things may not work. It was wonderful. MMP is a star!

Also, during Beauty Underneath, a zombie-looking bride stands with a spotlight on her– a homage to Mirror Bride, I’m guessing?             

Revised or not, I must admint I’m still not on board. Can’t get past that storyline and those lyrics. The libretto kills what could have been very good.

Buuuuut. I agree that it’s a visually lovely piece, with a good score. It’s a nice spectacle. Aldo cool to see how a new ensemble handles it, and I can only imagine that MMP is a cool Meg Giry.

That does indeed sound like a mirror bride nod, with the zombie-bride-thingie getting a spotlight during Beauty Underneath. Is that one of the roles Rachel Anne Moore covers? Kinda sounds like this one:

Thank you for the tidbits of info on the current US Tour of LND!