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Re:THG Chapter 23-24

Hopefully I’m on track?  Sorry, I’ve been slowly getting back into Tumblr and everlark stuff.  Life has been crazy, including being bitten by dogs, and trapped by bear, plus other every day stuff that’s trying to ruin my routine and writing time.  But that’s Alaska for you.

Finnick/Peeta & Annie/Katniss -  Several things jumped out at me in these two chapters which made me stop to look at Finnick and Ananie as mirrors of Peeta and Katniss.  Finnick is great with his ability to manipulate people with his charm, so is Peeta.  Finnick takes a wound to the thigh, as did Peeta.  Finnick is madly in love with a girl who is broken.  So is Peeta.  Finnick, despite whatever else his fake Capitol personal is, we come to realize is smart, compassionate and sacrificial.  Just like Peeta.   Annie’s strategy in the games was to hide.  That was Katniss’- flee to the woods.  Annie survived because she was the best swimmer of the tributes.  Katniss is almost assuredly the best swimmer in her whole district.  (If not the only swimmer.)  She went mad after her partner died after being beheaded.  Katniss went mad (in MJ) once she thought she’d lost everything, which included Peeta’s ‘head’ (his mind) being taken from her.   Just sayin’, maybe this is a mirror worth further exploration?  If it’s been brought up in my absence, apologies.

“They say who murdered Three.”  This technically isn’t chapters 23-24 BUT since this is where Katniss figures out the clock, including the ‘tree at midnight’ I thought it would be a good place to put this observation that’s been rolling around in my head.  I can only count three people that Katniss “murdered” in the trilogy.  And I’m defining murder as different than killing in IMMEDIATE defense of self or others, the same sense of the word immediate I’d use for jury instructions.  (And I’m not talking about justified, just talking about whether the killing was necessary in that moment.) The first was in THG when Glimmer died.  The second was in MJ when she kills the Capitol citizen in the house they emerge into.  The third is President Coin.  So in this song SC gives us in MJ we have the parallel in Katniss’ life.  And ultimately, Katniss  does, in fact, say the line, ‘meet me at the tree.’

P331 - Maysilee Donner’s death and the songbird.  So do I have this right, that she was Haymitch’s fellow tribute, Madge’s aunt, Lilly’s best friend, and the original owner of the MJ pin?  If so, it’s interesting that SC has Katniss mention in one sentence directly or indirectly, people who represent every member of her family dying.  Her father, Rue (who represents Prim), and Maysilee (who represents Lily because it’s her friend, and she expressly links her to her mother rather than Haymitch in the sentence.  That’s heavy, and dark, and just another example of how subtle of a writer SC is.  Because she definitely speaks to the reader subconsciously as well as overtly.  I think that might be one of the reasons the books stick with us so hard and so long and so deep, like a wound but also like a love.

p338 - Katniss figures out people are trying to save Peeta.  It didn’t affect me much, because I saw all the movies before I read all the books.  (Don’t shoot me.  I way prefer the books, but if not for the movies I wouldn’t have read them.)  If I had just been reading the books one at a time AS THEY CAME OUT, not knowing MJ was on it’s way, this little revelation of Katniss’ would have scared the pee out of me that SC was going to end CF as a tragedy where the MC dies. Ooof that would have been some serious angst!

P345 top to mid p347 - Sitting on Peeta’s lap.  I just want to point out she’s sitting on his lap and in his arms being comforted that entire two and a half pages.  And a lot happens during that time, it’s not just a minute or two.   So in Chapter 24 there isn’t just the “beach scene” (*****which someone needs to repost the time computation to show that that make-out/super painful goodbye kissing scene was actually a LONG time***) but there’s also a large chunk of time they’re melded together at that point too.