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Watching some of the 1960s Jetsons episodes made me want a bby Kara on Krypton cartoon before I remembered that later everyone dies. 

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Okay so, this is actually one of my favorite pages of this short story. Shield Knight’s arm is in a sling because at the very end of Shovel of Hope when we find out that she actually escaped from the tower, it looks like her arm’s broken. 

Also I have drawn Specter getting decked by Shield Knight like twice now.

EDIT: Made Shovel Knight’s speech bubbles a little darker so it’s easier to read!

EDIT EDIT: Hi I am a DINGUS and forgot to put the knocking otomatopoeia on the fourth panel so it… didn’t make sense but I am home from work and it does now SO

John no. Don’t listen to yourself!

Yes this had to be made. Im not apologizing for memes!
but yeah this is the whole Hellblazer summed up in one drawing :’D

[Thank you everyone who watch me shade this on livestream]

Checking In

A while back @spartanlady16 requested a fic from me. It’s taken me longer than I meant, but I have finally finished it. Thank you so much for being patient with me. I hope this story makes you smile. 

Summary:  Bruce was in Spain, on a business trip not hunting down a criminal organization, meaning Dick had no reason to worry. Except he hadn’t been in contact with Dick. Or Damian. Or Tim. Or Jason. And he’d made a habit of checking in once a day. Maybe Dick was worried, and maybe his other siblings were too, so could he really be blamed when somehow all four of them ended up being prosecuted for breaking and entering?

Words: 4k +

Rating: General

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The text arrived while Dick was at work. He was typing up a report and his eyes had started to glaze over from staring at the screen too long when his phone buzzed on the wood. It rattled his coffee cup, spoon still in and now jingling. The noise made him jump, his hand splaying over the phone to settle its shockwaves, before scooping it up.

It was from Bruce and contained a picture of a stick figure that was attempting to look threatening, with a finger thrust out toward the screen. It was obviously a father, with its tie and balding hair. Above him, in a speech bubble were the words: Whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office I will find you…You have my Word.

Dick snorted and tried to hold back a further giggle, but the pun pulled it out of him after only a few moments of resistance. His laugh caused a few heads to turn and he had to put a hand over his mouth to stifle the giggles.

He sent back: Good one B. It was even better than Bruce’s joke from the day before about Tim being in prison and ‘breaking out’. All over his face had been the punchline. It took Dick a moment to connect the two, and when he did he’d had to step out to contain both his laughter at the joke, and his continued laughing at the image of Tim with zits all over his face.

He went to tuck it into his desk drawer, but a hand stopped him. It was Joe one of the guys who’d looked over. “Nah-uh. What was so funny, Grayson?”

Dick flipped the phone over and pulled the text back up. Joe looked over it and cracked a smile. “From your dad?” he asked.

Dick smiled. “Yeah, it’s kind of his thing.”

Jason was fumbling for his phone charger at four in the morning, when his phone buzzed in his hand. His stint of patrol had ended half an hour earlier and he was ready to pass out, just not before he plugged his phone in. He didn’t want to wake up to a dead device and fourteen missed messages from Tim gradually panicking about his lack of communication. Of all his brothers, Tim could work himself up the most when it came to checking in on him.

He ignored the buzzing until he found the charger and plugged it in. He flopped onto the bed, on his back, and held the phone above his face, the blue glow sure to keep him up for another half hour if he let it.

The message on the screen brought a small smile to his face. Tired as he was, he was happy he’d checked it. Six words were all he’d gotten, and they were all he needed: Good job tonight. Get some rest.

He shook his head, he’d seen Bruce for maybe twenty minutes over the whole of patrol. They’d come together over a drug deal both had been tracking. It was an easy take down, made easier by having both Batman and Red Hood there. Still, the words warmed him as he dropped the phone onto his nightstand and rolled under his blankets. The old man was still trying to tuck him in, even long after he was out of the manor. Tonight he figured he’d let him.

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For the meme thing, would you consider doing "grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU"?

Derek has a real problem. Well, not a problem, a crush. It’s just that his crush is on his chem partner, and the scrawny guy he used to tease about not being able to keep up with during their running exercises, and his favorite person to sit next to in the dining hall and make up conversations other people were having with. His crush is on Stiles. Stiles that threw himself into the desk next to Derek’s two years ago and told him they were going to be partners, and hadn’t given Derek a choice in the matter. He’d declared Scott— his very best friend— had abandoned him to sit with his girlfriend, and that Derek was going to take his place. 

Derek never had actually taken Scott’s place. Scott would flick paper aeroplanes over to Stiles’ desk, and they’d hit Derek in the face, instead. When Stiles followed Derek into lunch, and began detailing the racy argument a couple two tables over were definitely not old enough to be having, Scott would join in from the other side. When he wasn’t staring dreamily at Allison. Derek had gained two friends for the price of one, and not been able to get a word of protest in about it. 

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I’m sorry I just love that these two are trekkie dweebs and I was drawing Halloween stuff and this dumb thing happened I’m sorry

(Allen is @wdgadget‘s of course <3)

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when you said you were going to take off a week, how did you do the chat to look like in the game?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time making a chatroom edit template in Photoshop, actually. You can find the template I created here. I mostly use them in fanfics. If you check out my #MM Chat Edits tag on my regular blog ( @zentherainbowunicorn ) you can find some more resources if you’re hoping to make your own chatroom edits as well.

I animate the chatrooms, too – I’ve made a tutorial for that here. It doesn’t include everything – I don’t touch on animating the graphic speech bubbles or the emojis, for example – but it’s somewhere to start if you’d like to animate them as well. One of my most recent examples is this one, which you can find in video format + sfx here.

Hope that gets you started!

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Ooh could we please get some QuiObi with them as professors. It's s bit predictable but something fluffy would be nice. Thanks.

Okay this took a lot longer than intended, but I kept having to look stuff up! Gosh I love writing in this au, thank you Nonny!

             Obi-Wan sighed. Pulling off his glasses and carefully setting them down on the desk in front of him, he rubbed his hands over his eyes. Outside, rain fell steadily, as it had been for most of the afternoon, pattering against the single window in his office and filling the otherwise silent air with gentle white noise.

             Leaning back in his chair, Obi-Wan closed his eyes and pretended for a moment that the stack of paperwork and marking that was slowly but steadily trying to consume his desk, and thus his life, was not there. It was getting late, and despite the weather creeping closer and closer to stormy outside, it was warm in his office. He yawned, and then shook his head.

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Hey, so everyone keeps talking about things in LMJ that disappointed them, and that’s fine! But I feel that people are talking only about the negatives and nothing about the positives. That isn’t to say I don’t have some problems with the game, but, at least in my opinion, there was more good than bad! So I’ve decided to make a list of some of the things I enjoyed in LMJ!!

-The story!! There was only one that I didn’t like, and that would be the third case, but only because of the ending, everything else was fine (Ernest’s reaction to Katrielle’s outfit was 👌👌👌). If I had to choose my favorite case it would either be case ten or the final case.

-The characters! Katrielle and Sherl and also reoccurring characters like Inspector Hastings, Mayor Lowonida, and Madame Doublée! They’re all great characters!!

-There’s an entire case dedicated to helping Inspector Hastings get a gift for his wife. I’m so glad that Level-5 made another inspector that loves his wife.

-Ernest Greeves. He deserves his own spot on this list. He is the best boy and I love him.

-I enjoyed the music! I’ve seen some mixed opinions on this but I personally really enjoyed the soundtrack, and as both a violin and piano player, it’s great.

-I liked the art design! I didn’t really mind the speech bubbles, because I didn’t really cared how they looked but I think that the little trunk menu looked cute, and the backgrounds where amazing as always!

-Layton Brothers Mystery Room was mentioned in the game! And it wasn’t retconned!!!

-I liked most of the jokes!! Particularly Sherl’s humor (“Kill me now! Or at least tell me it’s the first of April!).

-Wow I can’t believe Ernest Greeves has two aunts, four uncles, and a cousin now.

-I still suck at the puzzles!!! But they’re still fun!!!

Those are only some of things I can think of right now, but I’ll add more when I remember! If you have anything that you liked that you want to talk about, feel free to add on!






(speech bubble translations in the captions)

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Yo, can we be friends and talk about our OCs because Hitomi sounds gr8 and I want her to be friends with one of my little quirk marriage babies. Also, your writing is amazing and you're one of the people that inspired me to start my blog. Just wanted to let you know that you're great. Please tell us all more about your OCs though, I'm so so excited just by seeing the one you mentioned!

OOOH MY GOSH YES WE CAN BE FRIENDS!! I LOVE TALKING ABOUT MY OCS W/ PEOPLE (and shipping them too, if you’re down for that lmao!!)

if you wanna see more of my OCs my main blog is @alturkabuterimon !! I post all my art and such there ^o^

im gonna put this under read more bc ima include pics of my ocs and it’ll get lonnnggg

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This one goes out to @vishnya-azraq who I just discovered likes OFF through the ol’ ask box. Since I love that game and didn’t get to do everything I wanted to for Inktober, I made this a bit late. Inkvember we can call it.

So here we have Dedan, a boss from the game OFF and my favorite character. As you can see he is, as always, shouting foreign expletives at you (which are separate enemies that you actually have to fight in the battle. Yes, the speech bubbles with characters I can’t read are enemies that he spawns as you fight him. I don’t make the rules). He’s also looking a bit malnourished with them ribs showing. Guess times are tough for everybody.

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Hello! I’ve only recently started following your blog but I’m already in love with the content you produce. It brightens my day when I see your posts on my dash. Seriously though, how do you get your outlines to look so smooth? I can never seem to get it right myself, so any tips would be really appreciated. Also, keep up the great work!

Thank you!! I’m glad you enjoy my content, hopefully I’ll keep it coming for a while yet!

As for outlines, I’m not sure I can offer any good advice that doesn’t come down to “practice a lot”, hahah. I’ve been told I have a very steady hand for lines, though since being made aware that Sai has a stabilizer setting, I’ve been using it a bit more liberally for speech bubbles and the like.

I guess my general tips would just come down to these:

  • Warm up your wrist properly before doing lineart. Whether you do this by sketching or by stretching exercises, it should help your hold relax.
  • Have confidence in your lines! If it’s a long one, use your whole forearm to form the line rather than just shifting your fingers.
  • Avoid “chicken scratching” as much as possible (that is, breaking up solid, long lines into smaller ones). Commit to the full line whenever you’re able.
  • Don’t be shy to use any pen stabilizer tools you find, they might give you the confidence you need and you can minimize their use over time.
  • Use brushes with high settings both in sharpness and density.
  • Work big! Shrink down to post.

Those last two tips obviously need no practice, but experimenting with the tools you use to draw/lineart could help, too.

I’d also like to thank all the kind peeps who send me encouraging messages. I might not reply to them right away, but please be sure that I love each and every one of these messages and they bring a smile to my face whenever I spot them! I just tend to not reply right away and then fear it’s a bit too late for a private reply, hahah. ; u;

@thenana525: Thank you!! I’m glad my silly crackship can cheer you up!

@sugawara-kkoushi: Thankee!!! Being absolutely honest, I tend to try and mimic the MP100 style a bit when I draw stuff for it, and if I’m not trying to copy that, I’m usually staring at florbe-triz‘s cute fanart and I feel I’m very influenced by it. |´∀`●) I’m glad the outcome feels fitting for the series!

@alalcrumo: THANK YOU!!!

@moonblook: (〃∀〃)ゞ You’re welcome!!!

And a big thank you to the people who send in love through anon, too!!!

Fic: The Magic Fort

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: Chris asks Natalia an important question inside the magic fort. Fluffy :)

Thanks for reading!! xx


Chris stood in the doorway, a secret smile pulling on his face. He watched Natalia flip through a recipe book, inaudibly chuckling when her soft humming reached his ears.

She had been attached to that book for almost an hour now. Which had worked in his favor, allotting Chris the secret time apart in order to set up everything before she realized he had disappeared. The whole day he had been sweating bullets. Originally, the plan was for his sister to keep her out of the house while he worked on the surprise. But Natalia had cancelled the spa day, stubbornly insisting on a lazy movie marathon Sunday – just the two of them.

How could he say no?

Luckily, something had jogged her memory during the credits of the last film and she had begun to panic about not having the official menu set for the end of summer dinner party they were hosting. That was the needed distraction that had saved his ass.

Coming up behind her, Chris tried to be stealthy in his steps to not make his presence known quite yet. When he reached her, hands clasped behind his lower back, he ducked his head and murmured in her ear, “Do you trust me?”

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