look i made a speech bubble

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This isn't for Scout, but how do you make your icons?

I use an amazing, FREE neat thing called Paint.Net!

It’s simply wonderful. I use it for all my icons and editing needs.

But specifically, how I make my icons is taking the comic pannels / fanart I wish to use as my icons. I thorw it into Paint.net, cut it roughly into a square and then edit out anything that could make it look bad ( for ex., speech bubbles from the comics).
I then keep cutting the picture until it looks like an ok square to me and resize it to 100 x 100.
By then, my Icon looks like this!:

After that, I slam onto it (on a different layer) a one coloured overlay, the same size as all my icons:

It’s super simple but? I literally made that in like a few minutes and I thought it looked nice so I went with it.
Anyway, I set the full layer (with the red square) on “Multiply”. Then, I go back to the first layer / the icon you’ll be using as your rp icon, and mess with it’s hue and saturation until it looks good. In the end, I get this:

I… Honestly do it the easiest way possible. I mean, it doesn’t look bad and I actually really like it. I hope you didn’t expect anything mind blowing, Photoshop C 8719873, special particle gif effect kind of tutorial. I just slam on a one coloured overlay, press multiply and pray tbh


look i made some icons,,

lance is so pure in the comic,, 

so here!! have some panel edit icons!! scuse if they are not perfect, but they each had a speech bubble and its a lil difficult to edit those out ;~;

feel free to use!! no need to credit, but just don’t claim the edits as yours!!

hope n’y’all enjoy <3

First Step

My first ever Dragon Age: Origins fanart, fished out from the murky depths of my computer for your enjoyment.

Made with Copic Markers!

Text in their speech bubbles:

Leliana: “Mm…Our Warden has become quite dashing…”

Oghren: “Is it time to drink yet?”

Morrigan: “This party contains both a dog and a golem yet Alistair is still the most mentally challenged…”


Shale: “Begone, wretched creature!”


Zevran: -censored-

Wynne: “Sten, please tell me you didn’t steal that! How could you?”

Sten: “The child had no need for it. He was too fat already.”

Loghain : “Sorry. So Sorry. I am a worthless human being.”

Dog: *radiates love and perfection*

Granted, this was before I read the DA novels and decided that Maric was 100% more of an asshole than Loghain.

Each time I look at Wynne I get really sad.