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Okay so, this is actually one of my favorite pages of this short story. Shield Knight’s arm is in a sling because at the very end of Shovel of Hope when we find out that she actually escaped from the tower, it looks like her arm’s broken. 

Also I have drawn Specter getting decked by Shield Knight like twice now.

EDIT: Made Shovel Knight’s speech bubbles a little darker so it’s easier to read!

EDIT EDIT: Hi I am a DINGUS and forgot to put the knocking otomatopoeia on the fourth panel so it… didn’t make sense but I am home from work and it does now SO

John no. Don’t listen to yourself!

Yes this had to be made. Im not apologizing for memes!
but yeah this is the whole Hellblazer summed up in one drawing :’D

[Thank you everyone who watch me shade this on livestream]

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For the meme thing, would you consider doing "grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU"?

Derek has a real problem. Well, not a problem, a crush. It’s just that his crush is on his chem partner, and the scrawny guy he used to tease about not being able to keep up with during their running exercises, and his favorite person to sit next to in the dining hall and make up conversations other people were having with. His crush is on Stiles. Stiles that threw himself into the desk next to Derek’s two years ago and told him they were going to be partners, and hadn’t given Derek a choice in the matter. He’d declared Scott— his very best friend— had abandoned him to sit with his girlfriend, and that Derek was going to take his place. 

Derek never had actually taken Scott’s place. Scott would flick paper aeroplanes over to Stiles’ desk, and they’d hit Derek in the face, instead. When Stiles followed Derek into lunch, and began detailing the racy argument a couple two tables over were definitely not old enough to be having, Scott would join in from the other side. When he wasn’t staring dreamily at Allison. Derek had gained two friends for the price of one, and not been able to get a word of protest in about it. 

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New lettering for the comic!

When the comic starts back up on the 10th (this Saturday!), it’ll have a better, smoother look that will also be easier to read! 

I know a handful of you told me the godspeak was hard to read, and I agree. It didn’t hit the mark I wanted it to while being readable, so I created a new font to replace it. The regular font was readable at least, but it wasn’t very smooth for the eyes to read, so I made new font for it too.

I’ll be slowly replacing the pages in reverse order with the updated letters, and for the older pages that have outlines on their speech bubbles, I’ll be removing the outlines so the comic appears more cohesive as a whole.

Hope you guys are getting as excited to sail with the Black Lion’s crew again as I am!

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when you said you were going to take off a week, how did you do the chat to look like in the game?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time making a chatroom edit template in Photoshop, actually. You can find the template I created here. I mostly use them in fanfics. If you check out my #MM Chat Edits tag on my regular blog ( @zentherainbowunicorn ) you can find some more resources if you’re hoping to make your own chatroom edits as well.

I animate the chatrooms, too – I’ve made a tutorial for that here. It doesn’t include everything – I don’t touch on animating the graphic speech bubbles or the emojis, for example – but it’s somewhere to start if you’d like to animate them as well. One of my most recent examples is this one, which you can find in video format + sfx here.

Hope that gets you started!






(speech bubble translations in the captions)

Alright, so since I’ve seen a lot of people acting as if Jasper is never coming back or doubting her return, I decided I’d make a post proving she is definitely coming back. Not sure if anyone’s already made one about it, but since I keep seeing people say “I hope she comes back” or “She’s never coming back”, I’m assuming not.

Sooo, first off I’d like to point out something Mod Peridot mentioned in a chat with me. I’ll just copy paste what she said here.

“It’s literally being foreshadowed everywhere in the show right now.
Steven’s speech about potentially being able to heal "half corrupted” gems, for one. The fact that even post-corruption, Jasper’s still relevant. Hell Amethyst spent 90% of her time AS Jasper in back to the moon, she was talked about for several min in Bubbled, they mentioned her a few times again in Kindergarten Kid, and Sardonyx brought her up and made a joke about her in Know Your Fusion. I really doubt they’d keep bringing her up in like every episode and even making jokes at her expense if she was really gone.

+ Smoky did look a little uncomfortable at Sardonyx joking about her demise so"

and finally, definite proof that Jasper is coming back: About three months ago, Pearl’s VA Deedee posted a picture on Twitter of herself, Amethyst’s VA, Steven’s VA… and oh, what’s this? Jasper’s VA herself, Kimberly Brooks. And as it’s been said before, crewniverse is typically a year or so ahead in episodes.

Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there so people could relax about that. She’s going to return. It’s only a matter of time.

-Admin Jasper

[16.11.12] B.A.P Noir Jamsil fansign  fan account

It’s kind of late but here’s my fan account for the Noir Jamsil fansign! It was really hectic that day for me as I went for the Music Core prerecord then stayed for the churros that they prepared for the fans and then suddenly they decided to have a fanmeeting to thank all the fans who came– If the fanmeeting got any longer I would have been late for the fansign xD

Order: Zelo (JH) -> Daehyun (DH) -> Himchan (HC) -> Youngjae (YJ) -> Jongup (JU)


JH: Hello!
Me: Hello~
He looked up at me again this time as well and finally wrote noona at the end without me having to tell him xD
I quietly watched as he did the sticky notes.
Sticky note 1: A really pretty girl is walking past! What would you do? -> He thought for a while before smiling as he wrote “Uh… (stay quiet) shy shy”
Sticky note 2:  You always forget to write ‘noona’ every time I come, I should just call you oppa ㅋㅋ Junhong oppa~ -> “I wrote today!! >_<”
He then looked up and pointed at where he wrote noona with a big grin.
JH: Look, I wrote it today!
Me: But there were more days you didn’t write than you did!
JH: I’ll remember from now on!! 
He then took his marker and drew “♡_♡” next to where he wrote noona.
Me: Are you tired..?
He thought for a really long time before looking back up at me with a smile
JH: Hmm.. I’m fine~
Me: It’s alright to be tired…
JH: It’s just that I’m not satisfied with today’s performance.. Every performance we do there’s always something I wish I could have done better..
Me: That’s not true! You did really well today, you were really awesome!
He then smiled really big and gave me a high five before drawing a face on the bottom of the page with a ribbon and a speech bubble that said “Thank you!”
We both smiled and said goodbye before I moved onto Daehyun.


Me: Hello!
DH: Hello~
He looked at the sticky note.
DH: Hm.. What could you do?
Me: Mm.. What should I do?
Daehyun smiled really big and cheeky before speaking.
DH: Sing for me!!
For a brief moment I did consider singing but I was taken back because that’s not what I expected and I just basically went “Huh??” which made him laugh really loud.
Sticky note 1: To me you’re the kind of person who gives me strength and help me feel better during hard times ♡ To become this kind of a person to you, what should I do? -> “Stay the way you are!”
By then I was already blushing, I seriously would have sang if I wasn’t taken back so much orz
Sticky note 2: Please write something cute and lovely to the point I’d want to hit something! (Something unique ♡)  -> “흐규흐규” (which is like.. a cute crying sound in korean lol)
Sticky note 3: Youngjae won’t be friends with me.. Even though we’re both 94! Only 4 months apart!! What should I do? (I’ve been rejected 4 times ㅠㅠ) -> “Just speak informally!”
DH: Go up to him and be like Yoo Youngjae! You and I are friends! You are 94, I am 94! Also tell him that Daehyun oppa said he gives permission!
(Okay but this is what happened last time I told Youngjae that Daehyun gave me permission over here- Look at Youngjae’s part XD
Me: Okay I’ll try!! Ah.. I wanted to ask, do you still have the drawing I drew for you..?
DH: Hm..? What kind of drawing was it?
Me: It was of you singing! Holding a mic and and it was done in pencil!
DH: Uhh.. I usually remember all drawings…
Me: Oh.. you don’t remember mine..?
DH: Ah.. I’m sorry! I usually send all drawings given by fans to my parent’s house so it’s probably there!! Dont worry about it, I’m keeping it well!
He then gave my hand a shake before turning the page over to Junhong’s and he laughed at Junhong’s drawings before looking up and hoding my hand again.
DH: Thank you for coming today~
Me: Thank you! Bye~
DH: Bye~


HC: Hello~
Me: Hello!
HC: You always have the same hairstyle~
Me: It’s always the same ㅋㅋㅋ
HC: Is it like a style you’re trying to trend? ㅋㅋㅋ
Me: Nah, it’s just the most simple and comfortable to maintain!
HC: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I see
Sticky note 1: Last time I came, I said I won’t be able to come ntil 2017 because of my graduation exhibition project but look at me here now.. Please scold me ㅠㅠ  -> “End it soon.. You can do it!”
Sticky note 2: What did you save the members’ names as on your phone? -> “Yongguk -> 빵롱궈
Daehyun -> 댐추이
Youngjae -> 영차이
Jongup -> 종업쁘
Junhong -> 주농이”
HC: I already said this a lot of times though-
Me: Ah.. really? ㅠㅜ
HC: Anyways when’s your exhibition?
Me: December 14th!
HC: I see! What kind are you doing?
Me: I’m doing illustration like character designing-
HC: Ah but things like that can be drawn really quick if you concentrate, right?
Me: No.. My professor keeps telling me to do it again ㅠㅜ
HC: Ah.. Fighting!! Goodbye~
Me: Thank you, bye!!
He held my hands tightly before I moved on.


YJ: Hello~
Me: Hello!
He signed and moved onto the sticky notes right away.
YJ: Are you an early 94?
Me: No.. But I always ask you this..
He looks at me and blinks a few times.
Me: I’m a 94–
YJ: Ah an early 94??
Me: No…–
YJ: Just a 94?
Me: Yeah–
He quickly grins and write on the first sticky note.
Sticky note 1: I’m asking you again like usual.. Lets be friends!! After 4 rejections it should be about time you accept me! -> “Dont want ㅎㅎ”
YJ: Why do you want to be friends with me?
Me: Because we’re the same age and I’ve lived out of Korea my whole life so I’m not used to the whole early 94 system-
YJ: Ah I see~ But still no ㅋㅋㅋ
Me: ㅠㅜ Can you please write this sticky not for my friend?
He quickly moved onto the second sticky not which was for a friend so I won’t be revealing here!
Sticky note 3: At the beginning of Skydive you’re laying on the floor, what do you think about during that time? -> Here he was running out of time and the staff was telling me that I had to move on so I didnt think Youngjae would fill it out but then he quickly wrote “Ah.. sighs…”
YJ: Thank you for coming, bye!!
Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Goodbye
We held hands and I moved on ㅋㅋㅋ


JU: Hello
Me: Hello ㅎ
Awkward silence…
Sticky note 1: Your acting in the MV was really real that it was kinda scary.. Are you interested in acting later on? -> “Not really”
Sticky note 2: Why did you betray the other members in the mv? -> “I didn’t like them”
Me: Thank you, goodbye~
JU: Goodbye~
Always stuck on with what to say with Jongup because he’s quiet and I’m quiet unless they start talking first.. Next time I’m going to think of more things to say with him.. ㅠㅠ

I really enjoyed this fansign since I was on the second row so I was really close to them. I had a lot of eye contacts with Zelo, Daehyun and Himchan ;u; Himchan seems to always recognize me now, it’s great xD

Thank you for reading!

Small(?) post concerning mistranslations and Reiner/Bertolt shipping

So, this has been bugging me for a while since I see a lot of people doing this, shipping Reiner with Bertolt or really just assuming that Reiner is gay/bi given words everyone thought he said in chapter 38. Specifically, this page…

Now, from this it looks like Reiner is admitting that he isn’t interest in women. But, there is an important detail that even some translators missed like the ones doing the translation I’m using as an example.

Look at the two speech bubbles and compare them. See the difference? 

The bubble on the left is coming from Reiner, as indicated by the part of the bubble extending towards him. The bubble’s on the right, however, have no such indication, which means they are coming from someone off screen, Ymir.

The translators missed this detail and because of that, translated the bubble to make it look like Reiner is saying it, when in reality, the bubble should really read something like “What a shocker… I didn’t think you looked like a guy who’s interested in women.”

Basically, Ymir made a gay joke, and Reiner responded by calling her out on it since she, a gay person, is making the joke.  

As for Reiner’s actual sexual orientation, it’s made pretty clear that he has a crush on Krista, so he is most definitely interested in women, he could possibly be bi, but he is most definitely not gay as so many people here seem to believe because of this panel. Which doesn’t really make sense to me since even if this translation was correct, there are still the multiple times Reiner made comments about Krista, either concerning her looks or how he wanted to marry her (please know that I do hate the Reiner/Historia ship and I enjoy watching it sink like any other Historia/[Not Ymir] ship).

As for Bert, it’s also made pretty clear that he has an interest in Annie. Again, he could be bi, but him being gay seems about as unlikely as Reiner being gay. 

Now, I’m not saying people can’t ship them, they can continue to ship them if they want, and I don’t necessarily dislike the Reiner/Bert ship either, I just felt like sharing this important translation detail since I think more people should be aware of it. 

Since it appears that the common rules of comics aren’t well known on here, at least going by soldiersregret’s pleasent little rant, I’ll post the official translation from Crunchyroll to show what the conversation is supposed to look like.

And there we have it. 

Apocalypse no Toride Final Chapter Pics and Summary

I read this manga on a whim, it’s something far different than my usual fandoms, so I don’t usually post stuff like this….but I just couldn’t leave this fandom hanging out to dry in the end. I could practically taste the desperation for this chapter. So I bought the final volume and have all the juicy spoilers under the cut.

 Be warned, this post is very long because it has pictures for the entire chapter.

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aaaaa i would really like to make one of those chat edits [and make it look as authentic as possible] but idk about the speech bubbles? the icons?? the spacing between each person??? the foNT????? idk ur edits look so real like its from the game and i need you to teach me ur ways

Okay, so! Slightly disorganized crash course on the basics of my chatroom edits below the cut. (If more people want an actual guide or something I can probably sit down and make one sometime, just let me know ^^ This guide assumes you have some basic knowledge of GIMP or other photo editing software)

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Perciver: Percy catches Oliver with Marcus Flint, for anagnorisismagenta.

Percy leaned- more like collapsed, really- heavily against the wall, his eyes wide and his hand over his mouth. It only took a few moments for Oliver to stagger out of the Prefects bathroom, hastily doing his belt back up. His hoodie was still pushed up, and his hands moved to tug it down next.

“I know,” He said, his voice rushed and breathless. “I know, we shouldn’t have done that there, I’m sorry, please don’t…”

If he said anything more than that, Percy didn’t really hear it. Walking in on his crush seemingly about to have sex with Marcus Flint had been the last thing he’d expected to happen when Oliver was made Quidditch captain and got access to the same bathrooms Percy did.

It made a sick sort of sense, he supposed. All the tension that must have been created by not only being on rival Quidditch teams, but rival captains in rival houses had to come out somehow, and really, what better way than this?

A half-hysterical laugh bubbled past the hand clamped over Percy’s mouth, and Oliver stopped in his pleading speech to give him a worried look.

“I just,” He began, and his voice came out far higher and squeakier than he really would have preferred. “I really can’t believe that you’re dating him.” It was a rather abrupt, harsh way to end all his private little fantasies of gathering his courage and asking Oliver out, going on secret little dates to Hogsmeade and cuddling in the corners of the library, good luck kisses before games.

“We’re not.” Oliver insisted, perhaps a little too quickly. “We just- fuck, sometimes, I suppose.”

Percy flushed. He liked the sound of vulgar words on Oliver’s lips, even if it went against all his good-little-boy, Prefect instincts. Most things about his attraction to Oliver did.

At least, he reasoned, he knew Oliver did like boys now. And he really wasn’t dating Marcus.

“I won’t report you.” He promised, and smiled behind his hand as Oliver breathed a sigh of relief.

Fic: The Magic Fort

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: Chris asks Natalia an important question inside the magic fort. Fluffy :)

Thanks for reading!! xx


Chris stood in the doorway, a secret smile pulling on his face. He watched Natalia flip through a recipe book, inaudibly chuckling when her soft humming reached his ears.

She had been attached to that book for almost an hour now. Which had worked in his favor, allotting Chris the secret time apart in order to set up everything before she realized he had disappeared. The whole day he had been sweating bullets. Originally, the plan was for his sister to keep her out of the house while he worked on the surprise. But Natalia had cancelled the spa day, stubbornly insisting on a lazy movie marathon Sunday – just the two of them.

How could he say no?

Luckily, something had jogged her memory during the credits of the last film and she had begun to panic about not having the official menu set for the end of summer dinner party they were hosting. That was the needed distraction that had saved his ass.

Coming up behind her, Chris tried to be stealthy in his steps to not make his presence known quite yet. When he reached her, hands clasped behind his lower back, he ducked his head and murmured in her ear, “Do you trust me?”

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Triple Flowey: Alternate Events

Howdy! As this was my first “big” event with a big limit and lots of moving parts, a lot of things that I thought would happen or planned for ended up not taking place due to (or thanks to?) one question or another totally changing the flow of events. Since it’d be a waste to leave them, I’ll instead go through them in this post, showcasing some unused art and events! In chronological order, of course.

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