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Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover

I would call the crossover a decent success. I will say if I was a Bones fan I wouldn’t be thrilled with that ball of weirdness crashing onto my show, but all in all, they did a fair job of keeping each show distinct and melding the disparate worlds together (except Crane – more on that in a minute). But it also drove home some important truths.

1.      Sleepy Hollow is trying to be Bones. When I watched Bones, many years ago, it was a pleasant sort of show. But it wasn’t the sort of show you sit down and watch with rapt attention. It’s background noise. It’s what you watch when you’re folding laundry or cooking dinner. That’s why it’s been so successful in syndication.

And so far this season, that’s largely what Sleepy Hollow has been. I’ve even become somewhat discouraged from writing meta because everything is just right there on the surface. I don’t feel like there are dots to connect; I feel like whatever this fandom comes up with is more compelling than the milquetoast the show will eventually feed us. But maybe that’s what it wants to be.

This isn’t a slam. There is a place for laundry folding shows. I’m just not sure it works for Sleepy Hollow.

2.      Bones is so confident and sure in what it wants to be. Part of that is from 11 seasons, sure, but from the very first minute it has its shit handled. The tone is consistent throughout. Even when things are moderately more serious (not much of that in this episode), it still feels like itself. Sleepy Hollow hasn’t figured out how to do that. It’s always struggled with this, but the balancing of the magical and the mundane has really been hurt this season. Sleepy Hollow needs to figure out what it wants to be and own it.

3.      Sleepy Hollow needs to learn how to light its people. Going from the crisp, clear Bones cinematography into the BLUE LENS FLARE HELL that Sleepy Hollow has become was jarring.

4.      Anyone who says the show would be about romance if the leads got together needs to freaking watch Bones. Both their primary and MAIN SECONDARY characters are married with children. It was mentioned in casual, breezy passing. I don’t think we ever actually saw a child or a kiss. It was just part of the background. So let’s stop the nonsense.

All right, let’s get into our bullet points:

  • Oh wow. I forgot how many maggots there are on Bones. All righty, then.
  • Despite the magic, demons, and sexy snake people on Sleepy Hollow, Angela’s computer is more supernatural than any of them. Changing someone’s hair and giving them face studs does not change their physiognomy and thus would not affect face-recognition software. And I swear to God, when she called up candlelight on her computer and it worked I gave this crazy bark of laughter and scared the cat. That is not even a little bit how that works.
  • So, let’s tally up all the relationship metaphors in this episode: They’re like Brennan/Booth! They’re like Angela/Hodgins! Oh hey, the murder victim was in an odd-couple relationship with a good Catholic boy and it all just worked! HM.
  • All right. Let’s do this. ICHABOD CRANE, FIGHT ME. All season he has been both overly aggressive and overly regressive. It feels like he’s moved backwards, been actively infantilized. The way he acts around mundanes is unacceptable. He has been in the present day for more than two years now. HE WAS A DAMN SPY. In this episode Howe praises him for his stealth! Yet we have him talking to Brennan and Angela like a complete freak I suspect would have been out of place even in 1781. Look. I get it. That’s the Crane schtick, Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. But it’s not funny to have him behave in these ways. It’s quite frankly rude and off-putting. His insistence on acting like an offended owl when people look at him funny is just absurd. He used to value manners; good manners is making other people comfortable. He’s actively refusing. I understand wanting to cling to your identity. I understand that the show wants to cling to its identity. But at least in public, he needs to tone his shit down. Let him be flowery and weird in private, let us see him working hard to fit in. But he’s honestly a danger to himself and Abbie acting the way he does and I’m sick of it. I honestly do not like him even a little bit now. And Tom Mison (yes young man, I’m using your real name so you know it’s serious), you’re not helping. I understand being frustrated with this show. But it’s your job and you’re overacting all over the place and throwing so many eyebrows I think you poked my eyeball out with one.
  • People casually referring to Abbie as “Agent Mills” makes me happy. But I swear I haven’t heard so many people referring to each other as “Mr.” or “Ms.” since I was 8. Do people still do this?
  • Brennan telling him that he and Abbie need to bone: If the possibility wasn’t there before, it is now. If you don’t know, now you know.
  • Also, Crane looking scandalized when Hodgins fistbumped him proves that it’s a sex metaphor.

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I think part of the reason I like Sleepy Hollow and Elementary and Hannibal is that the people who created them clearly looked at popular shows that are exclusively about white dudes (in this case Supernatural, Sherlock, and Dexter), then looked up all the common complaints about those shows (features white men almost exclusively, almost no acknowledgement that the LGBT+ community exists beyond cheap jokes, long hiatuses for very little payoff, poor treatment of women and people of color, glorification and romanticizing of violent criminals), and threw them out the window while leaving in all the things that made those shows popular

So you still have a badass pop horror/urban fantasy show where people fight demons, but there’s a diverse cast where even if one of the women does die, it doesn’t kill off 90% of the female representation on the show. 

You still have a modernized Sherlock Holmes, but with a diverse cast, a Sherlock (and head writer) who doesn’t openly despise women, you get a new episode every week with a hiatus of no longer than a year, actual gay and trans* people showing up occasionally, while still preserving the proven formula of the crime procedural. 

And you still have a show that explores the inner workings of a serial killer, except there’s multiple women and people of color in the cast, the violence is intentionally left ungendered, the serial killer is purposely made unsympathetic (even if people will stretch to their limit to sympathize with a white male serial killer), and there’s very little chance that it will, after eight seasons, leave you with a poorly-prepared poop sandwich of a finale that makes you wish you never wasted your time watching the show in the first place. 

And the thing is, those shows were almost immediately smash hits, because they are literally delivering exactly what people are asking for. 

A Letter to Sleepy Hollow

I’ve been relatively quiet about the debacle that is Sleepy Hollow which is odd considering my intense passion for the show. I’d written fic and reblogged fanart. I’d converted people to fans – for which I will forever be deeply sorry. I created meta and hung out in chat rooms. In some ways, my life had become Sleepy Hollow. During the course of this season, I saw that the show I loved hadn’t actually ever come back and so, I slowly and quietly let it fade away. I did my grieving of it shortly after it returned from its midseason break. I’ve seen everyone’s commentary and while what I have to say isn’t anything new, it is mine and I want to add to the discourse.

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I started to watch Sleepy Hollow

You can notice that if you see my recents reblogs, but I HAVE TO do this post. I was talking to my friend about Teen Wolf and then I was like woah I need more series to watch, so she sent me link to watch Sleepy Hollow. In the first minutes of the first episode I wasn’t paying atention at all BUT THEN ABBIE MET ICHABOD AND I WAS LIKE “WOAH DAFUQ DUDE NO I SHIP IT SO HARD THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL NO NO I CAN’T DO IT ONE MORE SHIP WILL DESTROY MY LIFE” and here I am, a complete Ichabbie trash looking for good blogs do follow.

And if anyone threaten or be a racist jerk with my babies this person’ll wish never was born. 

And how can’t you ship them? They’re so beautiful.

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And please, there are so many funny things to do with them, as if Ichabod isn’t funny enough. posdifpojfopiomd

I don’t think we can even compare Nicole Beharie wanting to leave Sleepy Hollow to any other shows where this happened. Because those lead actors were getting other job offers left and right, and as talented as Nicole is, she wasn’t being given It Girl attention from the media. One thing I’ve noticed about Hollywood is that only one black woman can get that kind of attention per year. Just look at how many comparisons were made towards Sleepy Hollow and other shows with black female leads, they tried to imply that there was rivalry for ratings between Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, Empire, and HTGAWM, and of course none of these actresses engaged with the press about this and openly supported one another. Even if you don’t want to believe that Nicole was treated poorly, look at how rapidly the show decreased in quality from season 1 to season 2, actually you don’t even have to finish season 1 to see that, the character of Luke was tossed aside, never to be seen or spoken of again, Andy, who could have continued to be Abbie’s connection to the underworld was sidelined, by season 2 Frank’s storyline was a complete mess, Henry who could have been an amazing villain,was turned into a whiny brat, Katrina was a witch with no useful powers. Hawley was obviously going to be used to drive a wedge in between Jenny and Abbie,and let’s keep it real no one wanted to see that. And to top it off, Nicole Beharie, one of the leads for the whole damn show, was pushed to the side just to prop up Crane and Katrina’s relationship. Can anyone even remember if Abbie did anything else in season 2 besides paying the bills for those two, and sending them out on dates? Season 2 was a mess, and Nicole being left off the Dvd commentary, must have been the nail in the coffin for her, I can’t imagine how devastating it was for her to see her acting peers getting accolades for their work, and here she is being ignored on her own show. I give her props for sticking it out that long, when it became so obvious that this show was not supporting her. Although I feel bad for the cast and crew, I’m done with this show.

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Can I just say how freakin’ excited I am for this upcoming season!!! Like there is a good chance, my OTPs will be the center of attention for this season, and I just can’t wait….

The Vampire Diaries- All I have to say is “BAMON IS COMING”

ARROW- Have you seen the promos for “Olicity

Scandal- Yall still mad Olivia left with Jake or nah? #Olake

Sleepy Hollow- Word on the street….Abbie gets a potential “love interest” and Ichabod gets jealous….wait? what about Katrina   I’m sooooooooo here for it….#Ichabbie 

Only thing missing that would have made next season perfect is 

My all time loves #Careese (John and Joss)…..Their story wasn’t over yet….Sigh…Damn YOU Nolan!

Overall, I’m looking forward to September and October!!!

If I sound like a patronizing asshat, please let me know.

I want to say I am so sorry to the WOC who watched Sleepy Hollow because of Abbie Mills. She deserved better but so did you.

Watching Sleepy Hollow made me much more aware of how POC are treated on TV/in the media. And I am thankful for being able to see and learn from the fandom on tumblr, because this show brought us together.

Y'all deserve to have many beautiful things, many shows and movies you can watch and feel connected to. I can find (and have) other replacements for Abbie easily - there’s a lot of women on TV who look like me. It’s not fair and it’s not right. I am so sorry you aren’t heard because of a bunch of fuckwits. I’m sure this is just a other painful example. I am sorry for all of us who stuck with the show but especially for you. It’s not right.

If the show runners can’t see the magic they had in Nicole, they don’t deserve our ratings. I could probably carry on watching the new spin - I still like the genre - but I won’t.

Y'all deserved so much better than this. Hugs to all who Abbie meant something to.

Can you imagine how cute they’re going to be with their banter when their children want to wear crazy things?

“But Mum I think it looks fine.”

“You know, your mother once made fun of how I dressed as well and I still believe her opinion to be wrong.”

“Crane, that’s because you wore the same dirty clothes for weeks.”

mad as hell tho

‘cause like they used katrina ok they basically raped her and used her as an incubator for their stupid devil and now they’ve gone and made the damn thing look like an actual baby all cute and soft

and now katrina’s gonna get attached to it 'cause apparently since she housed the damn thing in her womb she’s attached to it 'cause of motherly feelings, fuck you very MUCH ichabod for that SHIT

I’m so mad

I don’t even like katrina and I’m so mad about what they’re doing to her

block me if you don't wanna hear my thoughts about some real shit but

Moments like these make me even more salty they killed Luke like??? A man committed to her and her alone. Nobody’s “kinda wife” or “kinda ex.”

(like except luke to abbie but that’s the point there?! who what when where why?!)

I feel like Black women’s relationships, when they happen on screen, always gotta have a catch. Somebody’s second, or teased about without really being allowed to unfurl fully and unabashedly…

I’m looking at a few shows here..(cough the walking dead cough cough richonne) and even though they’re not over these facts still remain in the now and I’m wary to trust things will manifest our way even though every finger, toe and limb is crossed for it to be…

Especially when on both TWD and Sleepy Hollow you got Black women who risk their lives for white characters (White men and women) with hardly any protection or recuperation (especially look at how Michonne was treated vs. how much she did for Rick & the group. Especially all the violence she was made to endure but oh she’s a “strong” woman she can handle it right)…

I mean Ichabod shows obvious concern for Abbie but his attentions are preoccupied and actually endanger her (we ain’t forgot about that map) and while Ichabbie could be endgame and (should?!) when all this ichtricka ish which they insist is real is completely resolved but in the meantime, Abbie deserves love from a “baggage-less” source (so no blondie aint gonna cut it if he’s still doing stuffnthangs with Miss Jenny.).

In the same way Michonne deserves a soft touch and someone to SHOW they care about her that is of her peer group. Yes Mamachonne is magic but there’s something weird about the only one who can show any sort of close companionship and physical affection with her is a young boy. And they just completely dropped the dixonne connection that has some obvious history like wtf was that about?!

Last night’s episode with Beth was a great show of the disparity of how Black women are allowed to be represented vs. white women like Katrina (damsels, innocent, who also can grow into their own and be stronger) and yet get to balance love relationships. Like Katrina got a husband and a headless boyfriend (lbvs), Beth has had TWO boyfriends, one maybe relationship that we were allowed to see played out unlike Dixonne that was some off-stage BS and then dropped, and then you got her and Noah which might not be a thing but still. but still.

And what Abbie got? A pending love triangle with her little sister’s ex boyfriend (please no) and two men of color who really loved her but were killed. And Richonne; will they insist on giving us sideline scraps that put us in constant disbelief, background scenes we gotta zoom into to gif? Like I said, the show ain’t over, i’m going off of what i’ve seen in the past and what i’m seeing now (and i’m parched as hell).

I’m hoping they’ll give us more than this on both shows. That these Black women are allowed to have more than this. But we’ll see. And I will remain hopeful. But I shall remain realistic too and needed to note my concerns or else they’d keep boiling in me..

anonymous asked:

I unfollowed foxsleepyhollow. I read all the comments on your response and on that mod's ask to you, and there was nothing but respectful discussion and criticism of her problematic stance and understanding of her unwillingness to talk about race exhaustively, but she responded with some passive-agressive bs about how ichabbie shippers are toxic and mean (you should add that to the bingo scorecard) and she didn't bother to analyze her own thinking or what anyone respectfully said, so I'm done.

Firstly just to be super-clear: I’m not encouraging anyone to unfollow foxsleepyhollow, especially on account of my comment or the response to it, but I obviously respect and understand your decision to do so if that’s what you want to do. I just don’t want you or anyone to think I’m actively bashing them or anything, that wasn’t my intent, my intent was to voice my wishes for a more open-to-discussion and all-inclusive fandom. 

And as far as the response from the mod goes, I do get where they’re coming from on a personal level and I didn’t mean to imply that any people of color were obligated in any way to devote their time to discuss race or race related issues. My comments were aimed at foxsleepyhollow as a blog run by several people (presumably where at least one of which might be willing to address these things, or there being the possibility of adding on someone who is) and as being a major SH blog on tumblr. I don’t know why they responded personally instead of via foxsleepyhollow, but I assumed they were speaking on behalf of the foxsleepyhollow blog since they made it clear they were a mod. 

Anyway, if you’re looking for another source for Sleepy Hollow stuff I recommend sleepyhollowcentral which is recently started and still building up but it’s sort of in the same general wheelhouse as FSH. (And I’m not just suggesting that because I know the person running it and have a little bit of a hand in it myself. Not just…)

Sleepy Hollow, I believed in you.

When I was young my dad told me that I had “a flare for the dramatic.” He’s definitely the only person who has said it *that* way, but I’ll admit to being a passionate individual. So when I liken continuing Sleepy Hollow to the most grueling, tiresome, and thankless parts of my job, I concede the hyperbole.
However. For eighteen weeks every semester it is my job to wait. Wait for my kids to pretend to be interested. Wait for my kids to remember that they were coming to school. Wait for my kids to demonstrate their continued existence by uttering words that don’t sound suspiciously like “hate” followed by “you.” I wait for teaching to make sense, wait for that moment where you’ve made a difference—I wait for these things and, more often than not, they never come.
I have children of my own, and I am always waiting on them. I suppose one may argue I wait for my husband to do…stuff.
When my entertainment is good (I’m looking at you GoT and HTGAWM), I don’t mind waiting. I can wait.
But Sleepy Hollow. I don’t want to wait. Sleepy Hollow is the kid that tells you he doesn’t want to be in school and is waiting a few more weeks to drop out. You put more into him than he puts into himself. You are surprised when he, in fact, does what he said he would. You’re saddened by it. I have waited for Abby to *not* be the convenient sounding board for all of Crane’s wisdom and colonial name dropping. I’ve waited to care about Katrina as something more than a damsel in need of saving. I’ve waited for Jenny to be more than an occasional backup to Crane drama.
I am tired of waiting. I want my entertainment to deliver. I shouldn’t have to wait for it to be good—it should be good already.
Sleepy Hollow, you are dismissed.

ETA:: this post is about my problems with Sleepy Hollow. This does not mean that GoT and HTGAWM are not problematic. I realize we aren’t all able to interpret author’s purpose, so here is my disclaimer. :)