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TOP 50 TELEVISION CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers): #50 - angela moss (mr. robot)

“I have an idea that will change the world. I know it sounds really stupid, but I know how to do it. I think it could actually work.”


Since I was born, I’ve always been the one with the favorite. I’ve had a favorite doll that I always bring with me, a favorite cousin that I shower with gifts and kisses, a favorite candy that make my teeth rot, and now I have 7 favorite boys that I love so dearly. Probably someday, I’d move on and leave this fan girl life. Maybe I’d find someone that’ll be the center of my universe as you boys are to me right now. But for now, I just want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me and for everyone. 

To Kim Namjoon, thank you for being the pillar that we all needed. With the eloquent speeches that your members wanted to express but didn’t know how and the expressive lyrics that have not only touched but also comforted peoples’ (fans or not) hearts, you’ve showed us how the right words could save and inspire another person’s life. 

To Kim Seokjin, thank you for bringing laughter and joy to everyone with your old man jokes and your ridiculous confidence. You’ve made us realize that it is always more gratifying to hear other people’s laughter mingling with our own even with the little things we say and do. 

To Min Yoongi, thank you for expressing yourself in the music that you make and the actions that you show. You’ve taught us that even through the most vulnerable of words expressed, one could still be strong and resilient yet even without the presence of words, love can still be felt. 

To Jung Hoseok, thank you for lifting everyone’s mood up every single time. You’ve made us believe that even when we think the world is always against us, there’s always that light at the end of the tunnel and all we needed is a little spark of hope to keep moving forward. 

To Park Jimin, thank you for letting your happiness shine through to your laughter and smiles. You’ve showed us that no matter how sad we’re feeling, a little act of kindness and compassion can be shown through just a little crack of a smile.

To Kim Taehyung, thank you for being and thinking completely out of the box. You’ve showed us the importance of embracing our true selves by being unique and different. and that no mater what anyone says, at the end of the day, how we accept ourselves is what really matters most. 

To Jeon Jungkook, thank you for showing us your will and determination in everything that you do. You’ve inspired us to be the best version of ourselves and made us realize that we can reach our dreams with the right amount of effort and passion for it.

To Bangtan, thank you for the beautiful songs that touch our hearts. the words you’ve written and the lyrics you’ve sung mean more to us not only because they mean a lot to you, but also because we know those words and melodies were made with the thought of us. 

Thank you for showing us your beautiful camaraderie and friendship right from the start.  You’ve taught us that platonic love is as important as every other love there is and that it should never be taken for granted because during times when we feel alone in the dark, only the people who’ve accepted who you are as a person are also the only people who’d hold your hand and never let you walk alone to make you feel that you are never alone in this cold, cold world.

Lastly, thank you for loving us every way you know how. each of you goes out of your way just to let us know that we’re always in your mind, never making us feel that we’re only on the outside looking in. with every tweet, every vlive, and even in speech acceptance stages, you’ve made us feel as if we’re all standing right there beside you, holding your hand and i think that’s what we all love the most about you. I honestly don’t know the right words to say because i have so much feelings that even hundreds of thousands of words could not be enough to express whatever it is i’m feeling right now. All I can say is that I love you guys. So, so much. And that I’m proud of whatever each of you have become in those 4 years we’ve spent with you. 

Happy 4th Anniversary to the beautiful boys who never fail to inspire me, to the playful dorks who never fail to make me laugh, to the gorgeous men who never fail to make my heart hurt just by looking at them, and to the lovable kids who didn’t fail to make me love them with all my heart. 

I love you, 방탄소년단! Let’s be together for a long time! Keep surprising people and let’s show the world why you deserve the world and more.  #4yearswithBTS

misc ask pile #1

nafisah just did this and i was in shock because i forgot i could answer asks this way and my executive function took a backseat. it also looks even nicer than the photoset method i used before. YAY.

thank you anon!! i am impressed i’ve made it this far, lmao! i had to stop day 11 early last night so it’ll be a smidgen late but IT’S ALL GOOD TBH I’m feeling jazzed about the whole month! you too have a good day!!! 👌👌

THANK YOU!!! I fancy myself a hand person….. my hands are very dainty so i guess that’s influenced my already shoujo roots. learning to draw big meaty hands for rilu and such took Some Time wahaha

OMG ANON………… ok but realtalk, me too tbh….. it’s nice to see consistent posts on my own blogs (;;;・∀・) i think i was in art block before this and didn’t even realize it until i started this, now i want to draw All The Things.

tyvm!!! it’s always been a huge foundation of our relationship as creators and like… lifeblood to a more-or-less married couple of artists hehe!!! 💖💖💖

OMG anon it is a LIFESAVER please give it a try. even if they’re just ‘around’ in the background. i’ve always loved cameos like that (as long as they don’t take focus off the main ocs ofc!) and to be honest (and only slightly related) i always thought i had 400+ ocs (and perhaps at one time I did?) but after I actually laid them all out and carefully listed everyone (and either recycled some into new designs, merged some, or scrapped/adopted some out) i realized i didn’t have as many as i thought. i highly recommend making a masterlist page on your blog, or a charahub/toyhouse/weebly site for ocs something. it’s really fun imho (but i have a fetish for organization so maybe i’m a bit biased)

as for solaris ocs, aside from the ones of mine Dye ends up drawing (yerzhi, adelaide), i actually can’t think of any… they have to be a certain sort of tough to be cameoed there, but if we think of anymore cool sets, we’ll (read: dye tbh they’re so fast at this shit) probably draw them too ;|


you looked so happy.


Buckle up for some sentimental shit. Dates are in photo captions, and I’ll edit the post in a bit with the original links for those that I’ve already posted. 

I was looking for something a couple days ago and stumbled on the first drawing I ever did of Mark. It made me pause, because I can clearly remember sitting in my Art History class at 10:30am, trying not to fall asleep and distracting myself from my upset stomach, when I looked at my pink pen and thought, ‘Hey, this matches Mark’s hair.’ At that point, I’d only been watching for roughly six months, possibly less, but something struck me that day, and that’s the first image in this photoset. It wasn’t good, as you can see, but it was fun. It made me smile because I could almost hear him saying some bullshit nonsense to accompany the expression. (I ended up drawing Jack for the first time after class since I had green on hand as well.) 

I didn’t try again for a long time. That second one is over a year later, something I doodled in my Philosophy class for similar reasons as the first time (along with a much worse Jacksepticeye doodle, also my second attempt at Jack. Maybe I’ll make a separate post eventually about that?). 

After that, I doodled YouTubers, especially Mark, a lot more. My friends and I made a Steven Universe/YouTube crossover thing at some point in there. Then came CJ’s Dark Art Contest (using their design of Dark), and that’s where pictures three and four come in. It’s… Honestly, it’s weird thinking on that; I remember sketching the pants in the fourth as I sat next to my dying friend. Her sister said he needed a bigger crotch. I was interrupted by my friend waking up and, in a drug-addled haze, asking for water and hugs. How could I refuse? She died a couple days later, less than four hours before the release of A Date With Markiplier. She almost made it to her 19th birthday, but not quite. I still remember how she liked my very first Mark drawing, despite how shitty it is; I think that’s why she liked it, though. Fuck Cystic Fibrosis. 

Then we have my first livestream drawing. Ethan reblogged that one after I went to bed and about gave me a damn heart attack when I logged back on the next day. Thanks, ya fucko. 

The two after that are my first attempts at canon Darkiplier (and Anti). Those were fun and generally well liked. 

And then there was Promiplier. That monstrosity took me over a week to complete. Fucking hell. It was originally supposed to be a livestream drawing in response to Mark saying something like “Prom is a conspiracy by the government.” First time drawing Amy and Kathryn as well. I’m honestly extremely fond of that one; after all, I put hours of thought into the colors and designs of the dresses, and the accents on all of them even sparkle. Fuck yea go me.

A wild Host appeared! It was just a few days before @hannienannah and I went across the state to see the evening You’re Welcome show in Detroit on the 11th (which was awesome, by the way!). Boy howdy there’s a side story there but that’s a whoooole other beast. But it was a lot of fun that we very much needed after a lot of bad things earlier in the day. 

That last one was done for Mark’s birthday as part of a community thing. I even made a whole explanation and universe to explain it. And, despite its many mistakes, it’s probably one of the best things I have ever created. 

So a big thank you to @markiplier for a lot of smiles when I didn’t think I could, for creating this community that I’ve now made numerous friends in, for all your charity work, but… Really, thank you for helping me find my love of drawing again (Jack, Ethan, and a few others also helped on that front lol). Thank you for all those encouraging things you say to everyone who watches, the things that are meant to drive us to try to be better, do better. Because you see that improvement right there? I never would have been able to improve so much in that timeframe otherwise. I can’t wait to see where we all go from here, myself included. 




“When I first looked at John I’d thought, Yuck, not my type. With his teddy-boy look–DA (duck’s arse) haircut, narrow drainpipe trousers and a battered old coat that was too big for him–he was very different from the clean-cut boys I was used to. His outspoken comments and caustic wit were alarming, I was terrified he might turn on me, and he soon did, calling me ‘Miss Prim’ or ‘Miss Powell’ and taking the mickey out of my smart clothes and posh accent.

The first time he did it I rushed out of the room, red-faced, at the end of the class, wishing he’d disappear. But as the weeks went by I began to look forward to seeing him. We never met anywhere but the lettering class, but I found myself hurrying to it, looking out for him. He made me laugh and his manner fascinated me. I had always been in awe of authority, anxious to please and do well, but John was the opposite; he was aggressive, sarcastic and rebellious. He didn’t seem to be afraid of anyone, and I envied the way he could laugh about everything and everyone.”

“Don’t you think Happily Ever After is a cliche theme for a wedding?”

“We’re best friends that fell in love, our whole love story is cliche, Jemma”

“Ugh, Fitz”

me: lol fuck idk how the opposite side of jodesey’s head looks. uhhhh. whatever, hes 4th dimensional. lmfao ok cool, thats both a good joke And now i dont have to worry about how to accurately draw his weird face/head in different positions 

also me, a few weeks later:


anonymous asked:

I really need to get this off my chest. I’ve always been someone who hated one direction because it was cool to hate them. My first encounter was in a store when “steal my girl” was playing and I heard it without knowing what it was and I was like “wow, this is a really cool song!”. So I looked up the lyrics and when I saw it was 1D, I just wanted to die. I downloaded it anyway, and enjoyed listening to it. My next encounter was hearing about the ‘Louis is gonna be a dad “news. (1/?)

I was intrigued, so I read up on it, did a little sneaky research and there it was. Someone on the comments said, “Larry Stylinson”. By this time I was totally intrigued so I looked it up, and I got SUCKED IN. I watched Larry Proof videos, made a Tumblr to follow you guys and look at cute photosets of them, tracked the “babygate” tag, and I’m just…I’m in love. I am a Larry, though I wouldn’t call myself a Directioner because I’ve only heard 5-6 songs in total. (2/?)

But I see their love, and I see you guys, and I can’t wait for the day they come out, and its so funny that something like BABYGATE turned me into a LARRY, me, a 1D hating person, ships Larry SO HARD. I know I’m late to the party, which is why I asked about RBB because I had no clues about that, and whether its handled by the band or by fans, and just, so many questions..I just hope what I feel is true and they really are together.. Sorry, I just really wanted to tell someone. (3/3)

Babygate….. a stunt to prove Louis is in fact straight and not in a relationship with Harry is what turned you into a Larrie….. i’m …. how does a stunt fail so hard??? Why are modest management/syco the worst PR teams ever????

Thank you so much for this message! I love reading on outsider’s POVs (although you’re not much of an outsider any more, heh?) 

I love my Hope

You all might be thinking this will be something super inspirational. NOPE. JUST LOVING ON MY GIRLFRIEND, WHOSE NAME IS HOPE. JUST LOOK AT HER

fuckin’ beautiful

cute as hell, probably didn’t know I even took this picture

sexy too, just look at her, this was at my prom last year

of course no photoset of her would be complete without her being the best goofnut she is

and finally, a picture taken on the day we first met. It’s been a long time since then and we’ve both grown a lot. It’s been two years since we started dating and 2.5 since we met, and you’ve made everyday special, loving, and a little bit better than if I had been by myself. You’re the best girlfriend I could ask for, and I love you, Hope. Happy two year anniversary.