look i made a new friend wow

Ashton Irwin masterpost

hello enjoy me talking about my sunshine thank you that is all

oh fuck you too fletcher

dammit ashton


jesus you look nice in leather



fucking dick

the girl is gorgeous tho

you sweaty hot piece of shit

wtf is this fandom

ok that was 100% not needed

oh wow pls fuck me

you fucker

wtf is this sorcery



no thank you satan not today

oh wow 

its 2pm and im screaming

the selfie evolvement

are my feelings irrelevant to you

why do you look so good


more like break me with your jawline

hot fuck

where tf are these from

me when i get new merch

dammit irwin

this was my fav ashton

aged 20 still gold

oh fuck me

fuck you and fuck me

you breathe oxygen can we fuck now

bang me

10/10 would bang

actually my fav outfit on him tbh

pls bang me

this made me cry farewell friends

^^^i made that oops

he dropped his drum sticks here


hey zac

fancy seeing you here ashton

fuck boy round 2

dont play the innocent game on me

cuddle me


why snapback why snapback why snapback why snapback

zac efron 2.1

one of my fav gifs


let me breathe for once

he looks like a jealous bf holy

oh wow

sweaty and still hot

yeah i love you too

one night stand??????????????

*asks: are you a fuck boy’

when you see food that isnt yours


calum from the hairdressers

well grand finale i hope you enjoyed me crying

New icon guys!!!!

I made this for my 5000 followers!!! It’s been A YEAR. 

I can’t believe how much has happened… and how many friends I’ve made… and how much I’ve improved in art… just wow. I’m so happy. 

Thank you so much for supporting me, and having fun with me as we act like the crazy fans we are.

Keep smiling, I love you!

(See below for what my old one looked like, hahaha!)

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