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Hi Holly! I’ve been wondering and I want to ask you: what got you into Kylux? In my case I got into it through you, your writing is art and I don’t want to miss a single piece of it.

I saw people complaining that it was a ship and was like ‘wait who was Hux’ and looked at some fan art that made him feel more like an interesting character than my initial impression of him in the movie had (I saw it twice without realizing he had a name!). What really tipped me over the edge was this piece of fan art, I think. Hux just suddenly seemed interesting, and as someone who’d been insta-obsessed with Kylo and was into the idea of shipping him with someone, and hadn’t had a villain ship I’d gotten into since 2008….. this dynamic seemed ideal :D



Here is my newest ship for 2018 I want to happen but most likely will NEVER happen but I would like to see… even if it is just friendship. I have watched many animes now…. One of them is the Ancient Magus Bride and I also got the Labyrinth for Christmas… and wow, I love that movie… so who do you think reminded me of the Labyrinth?

Pidge and Lotor!

Ever watch that one scene where Jareth is in the Maze? He sings to Jen that “He moves the stars for no one”… remember. I love that scene… I imagine it with Lotor telling Pidge that he moves the stars for NO ONE… and wow… so yeah… my shipping senses have captured me… look at all the art I did… and these are the completed sketches. In addition, I love Altean Lance and Galra Keith… I need to make a chibi of them before the winter vacay is out.

However, what could I NAME this ship? I have no idea. I mean I thought up of “Polo” or “PidLo” or Kator (Kate and Lotor) But I cannot wrap up a name for it… Back in the 2000’s we used to dub it by initials before the whole Bradgelina came to be and made people combine names. We used to ship ZAGR (Zim and Gaz Romance) but now its got to be something else… but what? Pidge and Lotor… Hmmmm…. Someone please send me a suggestion. I know I may be the ONLY one in this ship… and I get that… it is okay but hey; I get to enjoy this little boat of mine… but still would be nice to get a name to this little ship…

I JUST GOT THE NAME THANKS TO @mutantgurls ! She told me it is LOTIDGE… And I love that name… what a cool ship name. Thank you @mutantgurls … You rock!

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So, the request was to do a one-shot series type of deal so… Look forward to an unhealthy amount of Sean related stuff (smut included!)



He was blindly scrolling through twitter, re-tweeting a post here and there before sighing.In a few days he was to leave for a Youtuber convention – and no, it wasn’t because he wasn’t excited to see his friends, he was just tired. Checking a few things online, his eyes roamed back to twitter a confused brow raised at the number one trending topic - #markipliercantdance and #allhailthedancingqueen took the second place.

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It takes Poe a moment to realise that Rose is addressing him, and that the look on her face is one that definitely means business. He’s managed to find a quiet spot on the Falcon and somehow Rose has found him, and decided to… point him out?

“Me?” Poe replies, pointing at himself.


Poe is really happy that Rose is recovering, and that she can use the makeshift crutches well enough to get around. However he’s now a little concerned that she’s damaged her brain a little.  

“Are you okay, Rose?” Poe asks, “You seem a little…”

“You told Finn you hoped we’d be happy together.” Rose replies, whacking his leg with one of her crutches, “What are you doing?”

“I really don’t know.” Poe replies a little frantically. He’s confused, he thought he was being a good friend, and actually he does genuinely hope they’ll be happy together. Maybe he’d hoped that he and Finn would be happy together, but Rose is great. She’ll make Finn happy.

Rose sits down next to him with a little effort. Poe holds a hand out to help her down, but she just fixes him with a glare. He puts his hands back on his knees, and lets her work it out. No sooner has she leaned her crutches against the wall than she speaks up.

“You love him.” She says, matter of factly, with no preamble.

Poe has an unfortunate tendency to reply honestly when people say this to him. Both Leia and Rey know that, yes, Poe is head over heels. Both Leia and Rey also told him to tell Finn. Both Leia and Rey got some banthashit excuse as to why he couldn’t.

“Yes.” Poe admits, “But - ”

“And you told Finn to be happy with me.” Rose repeats.

“Okay, are you going to explain exactly why you’re mad at me anytime soon, Rose, because I’m really confused.”

“Finn is great. He’s cute, funny, sweet and he’d be a great boyfriend.” Rose says, “But I’m not in the habit of dating guys that are already into someone else.”

“He and Rey…”

“You, you idiot.” Rose slaps his arm, “How do you not know this?”

“He kissed you.” Poe points out.

“I kissed him. I told him we needed to fight for the people we loved.” She explains, and Poe has already heard this story from Finn, “And I was hoping he was going to come to you, and tell you that was you. He could let me down easy when I recovered, and instead you Poe Dameron told him to be happy with me!”

Poe would be impressed by how she made his name sound like an insult, but he’s too caught up on the ‘I was hoping he was going to tell you he loved you’ part.


“Please go find Finn, and tell him you want him to be happy with you.” Rose tells him.

“Rose, I - ”

“Leia will let me throw you off the ship.” Rose tells him.

Poe doesn’t want to know how Rose knows that, but he can’t dispute her. He pushes himself to his feet. He looks down at her, holds out a hand to help her up. She shakes her head, “I think I might just wait here until a cute Jedi comes along to help.”

Poe smiles at that, “If I see one, I’ll send them your way.”

Rose smiles up at him, “Oh, and Poe?”


“If you break Finn’s heart, you might want to check your engines.” She says, still smiling widely.

The instant all five of my fingers touch your neck, you’ll start crumbling from the skin of your throat.

I’ve never done a screencap redraw before!! this was a lot of fun :D also the first time I’ve ever managed to draw deku successfully which probably tells me something >>

Mistake (part 2/??)

Poe Dameron x reader

A/N: thank you so much for reading and for all your feed back. Enjoy. (Warnings: mentions of sex? Sadness?)

Here he was months ago, drinking away his sorrows at the local cantina, right next to the base. The black drink in his hand continued to swirl in his glass, urging him to drink more and more, as if he needed to be told twice.

It had been a long an d stressful couple of weeks and this was among the only free time he had gotten to clear his head. But the drinks weren’t doing much to distract him, merely providing the method for him to be alone with his thoughts.

And right now, that was pretty dangerous.

So he tried to down the rest of the terrible drink and order another, if he was lucky, he’d get drunk and pass out, then he’d finally be able to fall asleep.

“Can I get another?” A soft, calm voice spoke up from behind him and he quirked his head to see one of the most beautiful women ever squeezing in next to him at the crowded bar.

He recognized her as one of the mechanics who serviced his ship but he never got a name. And there was something in his heart telling him he might as well ask for it now.

“Hey.” He said, trying to be casual as he turned to face her, before downing the rest of his drink and waving the bartender for more.

“Evening Commander.” She responded, facing him while her drink was being made.

“You’re a mechanic right?” He questioned, eyeing her up casually as she looked away to grab her drink.

“Yeah, I work on your ship sometimes.” She said effortlessly, grabbing her drinking and sipping most of it down. “I’m (Y/N).” She introduced.

“You already know my name.” He said with a smirk on his lips as she returned the eye up he had given her moments ago, this time not as casual as he had been. Or how he thought he had been. He thoughts could’ve been skewed because of the drinking but he convinced himself he wasn’t even that drunk.

“That I do, Commander.” She added with a quick laugh, continuing to down her drink with ease.

“You drinking alone tonight?” He questioned, getting his new drink from the bar tender and moving to focus entirely on her.

She glanced around him to a booth in the back where she had been drinking with two acquaintances, both of whom seem to be thoroughly enjoying each other’s lips right about now. Then she turned back to Poe with a light shrug, “looks like it.” She commented, staring up at him with her big eyes.

“Could I interest you in some company?” He said slyly, casually dragging his tongue over his bottom lip as he watch her chuckle but keep drinking.

“I could go for that.”

It didn’t take them long to drunkenly stumble back to Poe’s room, lips eagerly pressed against each other, hands free to explore each other’s bodies.

Poe let his fingers slide down her now bare back, sending shivers straight to her toes but she didn’t seem to mind, it only egged her on. She pulled at his curls, tugging his face back into hers as she took his bottom lip between her teeth, biting gently. It wasn’t long until they were in bed, her body effortlessly straddling his, every move getting her to shout “Commander.”

“Call me Poe.” He whispered into her neck and she wasted no time calling “Poe, Poe-

“Poe!” A different voice called and he was quickly shaken awake by a cold hand to his shoulder. He groggily rubbed his eyes, looking up to see General Organa standing over him, a look of concern coating her face.

“Are you alright Poe?” She questioned endearingly, resting her hand on his hand now as a soft gesture of her concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said, pulling his hand away abruptly.

“You fell asleep halfway through our strategy meeting.” She noted and watched how he shifted anxiously, looking around to see the room now empty.

“Sorry.” He released as he released a deep breath.

“When was the last time you got a good nights rest?” She questioned further, staring at him with eyes he knew could see past any lie he attempted to throw at her.

“Not for a few days.” He said casually but she raised an eyebrow and he corrected, “or weeks.”

“Stars, Poe.” She sighed out, clearly distressed by the state he was in though he had tried time and time again to urge her that he was fine. “Why haven’t you been sleeping?”

He carefully considered his words, knowing he couldn’t exactly tell his superior officer that he was longing for the touch of the woman who broke his heart, even if Leia was sort of like a mother to him.

Thankfully for Poe, Leia picked up on his hesitation and nodded in realization of what he meant by his silence.

“She broke things off?” She questioned and he nodded solemnly, adverting his eyes in embarrassment. He felt weak. He stopped being himself, stopped sleeping, eating, functioning all because a girl broke his heart. “I’m sorry-“

“Don’t be, there wasn’t much to break off apparently.” He said, charging each word with emotions he was trying to keep at bay. But Leia understood his pain and wouldn’t hold it against him.

“Let me guess, she wanted to keep things secret but you wanted to tell the whole Galaxy?” Leia pressed on, making Poe look up at her in surprise from the truth she ‘guessed’ at. “Don’t be so shocked, I used to be a young woman Poe, I know what you two are going through.”

He chuckled heartlessly and leaned back in his chair, rubbing his hand over his face, pressing in on his nose and temples.

“You know what’s crazy, I was always mad about her wanting to keep things secret. And it wasn’t until we broke up did I realize I don’t care who knows as long as I have her. But it’s a little too late for that now.” He added, trying to hold back any emotion that came with this confession.

“You need to take care of yourself Poe, even if you’re heart is broken.” Leia said, almost as an order though he could hear the concern in her tone.

“Yeah.” He sighed out in agreement but he had no intentions of making that effort.

He was pure exhaustion and couldn’t do a damn thing about it. His body was so used to falling asleep after a night with her and pretty exclusively only after a night with her. Every time he closed his eyes to sleep now, he was distracted by the stress and dark memories that plagued him before they started sleeping together. She was the one who distracted him, or more aptly, gave him something he wanted to focus on.

Since that night they met in the bar, he hadn’t been the same person. He wasn’t as stressed, now having the perfect way to not think but just do when in bed with her. He wasn’t nearly as depressed, refocusing all the time he spent dwelling in the past imagining a future for them.

Now he laid awake in his bed at night questioning everything he could, and more recently, he questioned his skill as a pilot.

Most of their missions had been cancelled because the resistance wanted to lay low, afraid that any oncoming attacks could mean the end of their fight. Which meant Poe hadn’t been back in his X-wing for a while. Another part of his regular routine that was disrupted and killing him inside.

All he wanted was to go out on a mission, be successful and come back home to find her in his bed. And the thing that surprised him most about these visions was that she wasn’t naked in bed. She was fully clothed and effortlessly beautiful and all he wanted was to hold her close and never let go.

It wasn’t about the sex anymore for him, though he couldn’t exactly call that a downside. He had been in love with her practically since she said “Evening Commander.”

And now it was all gone.

She avoided him while they were both out on the hanger floor, she never serviced his ship anymore, not that he needed it though with all flights being grounded.

He needed to talk to her, to explain everything, to convince her to take the leap and to see where her own emotions could take her.

But that was impossible if he could literally never find her.

“I’m gunna go try and sleep, thanks for the talk General.” He added halfheartedly, standing up and turning to leave. But not before the General could grab his hand and keep him for an extra second.

“I know this is hard for you Poe, but don’t let one little downfall ruin your entire life.” She urged and he nodded before walking out of her office.

It was on his walk back to his quarters that he spotted her deep in conversation with a fellow mechanic. He froze upon seeing her, frightened that he’d say or do the wrong thing because his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

And when she felt the strength of his stare from across the hanger, she too froze in the middle of her conversation. She wasn’t as bad as Poe, she was actually quite the opposite. He could tell because before she saw him, she was smiling brightly into her conversation. Did she even care that he had confessed his love and she turned him down?

The only thing he could tell was she wasn’t one hundred percent over it, otherwise she would’ve paid him no attention as she caught him staring.

She seemed to have said goodbye to her fellow mechanic before she turned and began walking towards him and he swore his heart started beating overtime. Every step she took closer to him, the more nervous he felt. Until she stopped just a few feet in front of him.

“Stop staring at me.” She ordered directly and his heart fully stopped.


“You’re staring at me, please stop.” She pleaded, like every bone in her body was disagreeing with the words that came out of her mouth.

“I want to talk to you.” He said, after finally gathering the energy to string so many words together.

“Not here.” She spoke, surprised he would even suggest such a thing. She turned to walk away but he grabbed her forearm and stopped her.

“Then come to my room?” He begged with his eyes which she refused to look at. “C’mon, you broke my heart, you owe me a conversation.” He said. It came out more angry and distressed then he planned for it too, illustrating for her the devastating effects of her breaking things off had on her.

“Later.” She responded before ripping her arm and walking away, glancing around every so often to make sure no one was watching nor listening.

But she did end up showing at his door later that night, disobeying very rational thought in her mind.

She was afraid of what would happen.

He was angry and wasn’t sleeping but she was feeling guilty and lonely. The past weeks, she had been more alone then ever before because she felt she didn’t deserve affection or even attention from anyone because of what she did. She knowingly broke things off with a man she cared about for her career and her reputation even after he confessed to being in love with her.

That was the first time that had happened. People didn’t love people like her. She was cold and typically distant. But some how he saw past her cold disposition and feel in love with the version of herself she wished she could be more often. The early morning giggler, the woman who could fall asleep in a mans arms, the blushing babe. The innocent youthful soul she felt she had buried a long time ago in order to fights for the resistance.

It didn’t help that she worked around pilots all day either. All they could talk about was how Poe Dameron was off his game for some undefined reason. She hated hearing them talk about how he wasn’t sleeping or focusing, how they were glad they were on lock down otherwise they wouldn’t trust him to fly his own ship. She hated knowing she was the reason.

So coming by his place tonight was a way for her to ease her conscience. Or at least, that’s what she had planned it to be. She hadn’t expected for her heart to melt as soon as he opened the door, wearing casual sweats.

“Water?” He questioned but she shook her head no, so he gestured them both to sit at his table.

“You look like shit.” She commented under her breath as she stared at her hands resting on the table.

“I know. Haven’t been sleeping well. I guess my body got used to a luxury I recently lost.” He responded and she laughed gently before the room fell silent between the two of them.


“I haven’t stopped. If you were wondering.” He interrupted her, also not looking up to meet her eyes, just assuming they were boring holes in his head.

“Stopped what?”

“Being in love with you. Can’t help it.” Every word that came out of his mouth sounded defeated and that hurt her even more.

She couldn’t think of a response so he took it upon himself to keep talking.

“Stars, I miss you so much. Not the sex, but you. I know I want more then we ever signed on for but I’m willing to renegotiate our terms, anything that gets you back in my life.” He begged, looking up expecting to meet her eyes only to see her looking down.

“You know I can’t-“

“I don’t care if people know, tell no one, tell everyone, it doesn’t make a difference. Not if I have you.” He pleaded.

More silence came next as she prepared her response in her head.

“There’s too much at risk for me. Everything I’ve worked for-“

“Could be gone tomorrow. All of us could be, we’re fighting a war.” He defended.

“The war is exactly why we should be focused on assignments and not each other.” She argued and he laughed in disbelief.

“I can be professional!” He argued back but this time it was her who was laughing.

“You only ever call me by pet names, you insist on ambushing me while I’m working-“

“I’ll stop all of that. I won’t even talk to you while we’re working if you don’t want me to.” He defended, he was willing to do whatever it took to have her.

“It’s not that easy, Poe, I wish it were.” She sighs out, both of their eyes lifting to meet each other’s.

“Tell me what I have to do to make it easier and I will. Babe, I need you.” He pleaded, reaching forward for her hand but she pulled back.

“That’s the thing. You talk about me like you can’t live without me.” She continued.

“Isn’t that romantic?”

“No, it’s manipulative and unhealthy. For either of us. You are amazing on your own Poe and you’re letting my ending things ruin who you are!” She argued back

“So you not wanting to be with me, you’re trying to teach me a lesson?” He asked confusedly.

“No! I just-“

“I don’t understand, you keep coming up with excuses but none of them are that you don’t feel the same way. You’ve actually never told me how you feel about me, just how you envision us together would go, and you won’t even give me a chance. If you don’t like me the way I like you, just say it!” He argued back, voice growing in both tension and volume.

“Of course I love you Poe!” She shouted, almost out of breath, quietly thanking the designer of this base for making was soundproof. “I love you and I loved what we had. But that only could work for so long. I can’t be in a relationship with you and I can’t watch you tear yourself apart because I can’t. Don’t you see how hard you’re making this for me?” She continued, not even trying to control her volume.

He didn’t say anything, he just say there silently, staring back at her. But he ended up not having to say anything, because the base shook violently, throwing them to the floor, signaling the base had just been hit.

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so i found this book about elsa’s gay adventures at a local book store

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I call this, “all the knights are a lil bit in love with merlin part 6″ aka that time Lancelot was thinking about protecting merlin (not arthur for gwen because why would he have sacrificed himself if that were the case? merlin was going to take arthur’s place therefore arthur would have been fine and dandy so he did it to save merlin)

More all the knights are lil bit in love with merlin


I’m selling these two framed and hand mounted pieces of my bone mandala ( 14x14’’) and the ‘’Cadaver Dance’’ (40x16") embellished painting. 

They are unique, one of a kind artworks, looking for a good home, hopefully before Christmas!

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Somnum Exterreri

Warnings: Some angst. Fluff. Mentions of anxiety.

Word Count: 2518

A/N: Requested by Anon <3

What if the Reader is his SO and they’ve been having nightmares so bad that they’ve decided to stop sleeping. At first everything is fine and well, but one day she faints from exhaustion while with him and she has to explain her nightmares and he has to comfort her when she wakes up?

Btw, if the title is literally just latin for nightmare, i thought it sounded cooler like that lol. 

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Y/N gripped the silken sheets tightly, her chest heaved as she tried to comprehend what was going on around her, trying to will her eyes to open.

It’s just a dream.

But it wasn’t just a dream, no, this was the same nightmare, over and over, playing in her head like the sound of his voice in agony.

Kylo, she breathed.

He stood in front of her, a blue lightsaber plunged through his heart; and she fell to her knees, watching the blood spurt from his mouth and chest. His hands reached out for her, “Go.”

She couldn’t. Her limbs were frozen from shock and fear, her eyes refusing to blink, trying to process the scene in front of her. The crunching of the snow beneath her boots filled her ears as she tried to run towards him, but no matter how fast she ran, she wasn’t moving.

Kylo’s voice was weak, Go.

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