look i know they're supposed to be fighting


“Didn’t you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive.” - 春野 サクラ

actual things the signs have said to me
  • Aries: *talking about minion dildos* No way, capitalism is not goin in my ass
  • Taurus: HOW DO YOU LIVE YOUR HOUSE IS A FUCKING HOBBIT HOLE Jesus fucking Christ, anyway, do you have any popcorn or not because I brought some if you dont
  • Gemini: ALL of the fucks are gone apparently there are none in my wallet I cannot find them. be free my fucks
  • Cancer: ....Onions are like ogres... they make you cry? but how can we so unfairly judge ogres what if they're like shrek and they're just trying to lead a humble, honest life
  • Virgo: today I bought a shrek mask online because it was $2 and I had a gift card it's a little big though but it was on sale
  • Libra: I was with you even BEFORE conception sooooo obviously I'm not fake
  • Scorpio: ....And yeah so to sum it up, basically they were gonna have a knife fight over me and my dad said I couldn't go with boys anymore. I could've joined the knife fight and won tho
  • Sagittarius: there's an orange on the ceiling ! look ! why aren't you looking ? it's really up there haha!! JAY KAAAYYYYY is this what being dead feels like....can u feel death tho
  • Capricorn: these cheese balls don't even taste good tho? they're supposed to be premium brand I'm??? you know what fuck this I'm gonna move to Canada and become a lesbian and change my name to Lesley and only eat apples forever. im #DonE
  • Aquarius: that feel when your school plays dubstep wii music over the announcements for five minutes straight #goals

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The thing is w/e relationship those 2 have w/ those supposed SOs I gather they have to be okay w/ the way they're treated in public, we can judge from afar but we don't know the real deal… But still I can't stop thinking about how Sam treated his supposed gf at BAFTAs, he did exactly what Trump did to Melania at the inauguration, didn't help her out of the car, left her to be escorted inside by others and looked bored/miserable sitting by her at the table, that's what's most disturbing to me 😣

You know why I’m not disturbed? She has benefitted from this. She has gained a few thousand new followers SOLELY because of Sam while allowing trolls to fight and wage war on her Instagram, maligning real people in this fandom who haven’t done anything wrong. She didn’t even do any social media promotion for her own made for TV movie, the only promo she seems interested in is the innuendo that keeps the Sam and Outlander fans interested in her.

I’m not going to answer another ask about her poor treatment, because I can’t find a violin small enough to play. I don’t condone what goes on on her IG account, but I’m not going to sit around and worry if Sam is treating her the right way or not. Not my relationship, not my issue.

Lol, the English media wants Neymar punished for the words he had with the City-'fan'!?? Are they out of their minds?? This is what I meant when I said they will make Neymar the bad guy. I knew they would all turn it around and make HIM look bad and the City-'fan' a poor innocent boy... That's how the press works sadly.  Creating headlines talking about 'a fight with a City-'fan'?! GTFO please. A heated argument is what you can call it. I don't see anyone fighting!? The press should do what they are supposed to do: inform the audience. Now they're just trying to stir some shit. And BTW I love the fact that some haters suddenly think they know everything about Neymar just because they watch a Champions League game or two. If you follow FC Barcelona or Neymar in general you know that he isn't diving like he used to. But I guess when you watch 3 matches of Barca a year you wouldn't know that. Or when you seen a video of Neymar diving from years ago. Yeah you're a real 'football expert' now, go ahead and talk about how much he dives again. LOL, GTFO please.

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Assuming Chara is the narrator, I think in the Pacifist route, Frisk may have actually redeemed them, or at least restored (or maybe forged to begin with) their faith in humanity. During the Asriel fight it almost seems like they're cheering you on at some points. And for that matter, what does the fight against Asriel even look like from Chara's perspective?

This is my interpretation too. Chara is supposed to be a mirror of the player, similar to other RPG protagonists we get to give our own names. I think it’s safe to say that Chara becomes just as fascinated with Frisk’s ability to Spare enemies as we, the players, are. They may even care just as much about the NPCs as we do, getting to know them through Frisk.

I’m also a big fan of the idea that Chara is the one who keeps bringing Frisk back from the dead, since we hear Asgore’s last words to Chara over the death screen. If this is true, then Chara might actually be the one who refuses to let Frisk die during the fight with Asriel. It could be their one independent act in the entire Pacifist route - the one act that the player has no control over.

So if we feed into Chara’s desire to kill, they eventually grow into a demonic entity who destroys the world regardless of our input, and if we choose to let Chara be soft and do things Frisk’s way, they redeem themself and save Frisk regardless of our input. We decide what Chara becomes.