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😏Just Friends [Part 1] (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Imagine being best friends with Ethan but hooking up with his brother Grayson. What’s worse? Keeping it from him. You’re 22 while Gray is 18. You guys randomly met while you were hanging out with Ethan and well, things happened. But neither one of you wanted to be in a relationship, so instead you guys decided to just be friends…with benefits.

Warnings: Mild teasing/Fingering [Gifs are not mine]

A/N: I am happy to announce I am working on a new mini series with my babe @cassmoreiraxo aka @4odolans so sit back, relax, and enjoy FWB Grayson

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“It’s always so cold here.” I complained chuckling. Ethan was laughing too. We were baking a cake for a Youtube video on cooking with your best friend and I was basically freezing my nips off.

“I mean I’m hot so if you’re cold just hold me.” He smirked while laughing again. He was mixing some batter for the cake.

“Ethan!” I screamed at my best friend who had just splattered cake batter on me. “What

the hell was that for?” I snapped rolling my eyes. Ethan was just doing his loud laugh when I noticed the batter wasn’t coming off.

“Come on Y/N it was for a prank. If it’s that big of a deal you can go put on one of my shirts or something.” Ethan pointed to his room. I groaned in frustration, but I hated having cake batter on me. It was sticky and started to drip some. I rolled my eyes as I ran off to his room as ruffled through his closet. The only problem with Ethan was he was smaller than me chest wise. I was short and curvy and my bra size was a DD. I had rather large boobs that would not fit in his shirts. I shuffled through until I found one of his football jerseys from forever ago. I took my cake battered shirt off and grabbed the blue jersey until I heard the door open.

“Ah Ethan I’m naked!” I screamed holding the jersey in front of my exposed body. I turned and noticed it was not Ethan standing there gawking at me with his jaw wide open, but it was his twin brother Grayson. “Grayson!” I screamed as I tried to hide my body more. I’ve only hung out with him a few times, but damn he was so attractive. I know Ethan and him look alike, but something about Grayson just drew me in. “What are you doing in here?” I asked, but he just looked at me.

“Is that my football jersey?” He asked with a chuckle.

“What? No it’s Ethan’s. He got cake batter on my clothes so I came in his room to change. Why are you in here?” I asked as I slipped the jersey on. He started laughing.

“Well first of all Y/N, this is my room. And that makes that my jersey.” He said with a smirk. I looked around and noticed that there was no Nicki Minaj poster hanging up. I was in the wrong room.

“Oh my God Gray I’m so sorry.” I stuttered completely embarrassed, but he just chuckled.

“Keep it. It looks good on you.” He said biting his bottom lip with a laugh. I could feel my cheeks start heating up. I was wearing my black yoga shorts with Gray’s giant jersey on me.

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“Y/N!” Ethan shouted as he ran into Grayson’s room. “My room is on the other side. Sorry about that Gray. Y/N just doesn’t know how to listen sometimes.” Ethan laughed.

“Nah it’s cool. See ya around Y/N.” Grayson said as he pulled his shirt off revealing his toned body which caught my attention.

“Gray if you could try and stay clothed until we left, that would be nice.” Ethan laughed as Grayson just shrugged.

“I mean it’s only fair. I saw Y/N shirtless so I figured I would return the favor.” Gray says with a cheeky smile.

“What?!” Ethan snapped which caused us to laugh. As we were walking out of the room I felt a firm grasp on my butt which when I turned around I noticed a smirking Grayson. He bit his bottom lip as he raised an eyebrow at me. “Y/N!” Ethan snapped.

“W-what?” I asked a little caught off guard. Grayson snickered.

“I said pick a movie.” Ethan handed me the controller to the PlayStation for me to pick a movie on Netflix. I picked Something Borrowed as I sat back against the couch. “Do you guys want anything?” Ethan asked Grayson and I. I shook my head.

“Bro it’s a little cold. Can you grab me a blanket?” Ethan nodded at Grayson’s request as he left the room. I looked at Grayson as the movie began. Neither one of us said anything until Ethan came back with a blanket. He chucked the blanket at our direction as Grayson started laughing. He spread the blanket out over his legs while eyeing me. I could tell by his nodding he was offering me some of the blanket. I wrapped up my legs a bit as Ethan plopped on the floor with a bowl of popcorn. I took a handful of popcorn in my mouth as Ethan and I both started laughing. I leaned back against the couch as I pulled the blanket more on my legs. I pulled out my phone as I was scrolling through Instagram.

About thirty minutes into the movie I was starting to feel a little tired. I leaned back against the couch as I let out a yawn, only to feel a hand on my knee. I looked over to where Grayson was sitting. He had a straight face for the most part, but he had a smirk slightly appearing on his face as his hand slowly slipped up my thigh. I swallowed my breath as his hand went in between my thigh. His thumb rubbed circles on the outside of my shorts as I gave him a look of irritation and shock. I was irritated he was doing this right here and right now. Ethan was less than 5 feet from us and Grayson was really doing this. It was taking every bit of my attention off of the movie too. Ethan would flip if he knew what was happening. He always warned me about being with Grayson, but I was never worried until now.

“Come here.” Grayson’s arm had snaked around my hip as he pulled me closer to his lap. My back was facing him as I was slightly against him. His lips connected to my neck which made me hold back a moan. His lips were warm against my cold neck as I pulled the blanket over us more. My hand brushed against his crotch as a way of teasing him myself, which seemed to work. I earned a growl which made Ethan turn to look at us.

“You guys okay?” He asked which we both just nodded. He shrugged his shoulders and turned back to the movie. Grayson started kissing down my neck to my shoulders.

“You know how hot you look in my football jersey?” He whispered in my ear as his hot breath sent me spinning. I pushed myself up against him as I felt his hard dick poke me through his shorts. My mouth was left agape as I started to blush hard. I straddled Grayson as best as I could while I was still facing away from him. I spread my legs over his lap as I gripped on to his thighs for support. He slipped his hand inside of my shorts as he nibbled on my earlobe. His thumb applied pressure through my soaking panties. “I’m gonna take these off.” He says as he wiggled me out of my shorts and panties as he tossed them over behind the couch. His other hand sneaked up inside the jersey he squeezed one of my breast which made me bite my lip to hold back a moan. I pushed myself against him again earning another growl.

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“Two can play at this game.” I whispered to him while pressing my lips to the corner of his mouth. I giggled lightly until I felt Grayson slide a finger inside of me. I let out a moan which caused Ethan to turn his head towards us again. From Ethan’s point of view he could definitely see how close we were. I was basically on Grayson’s lap.

“Y/N?” Ethan asked, but Grayson didn’t stop fingering me there. He slipped in two fingers while I tried to maintain a conversation with my best friend. I honestly wanted Ethan to leave the room so Gray could fuck me so hard with my ass in the air while the room is filled with our moans.

“Y-yeah E?” I struggled to get out while Grayson’s fingers curled up towards my clit. I just wanted to ride Grayson right here and right now. He could unzip his jeans and I could ride against him, but he just kept fingering me.

“You okay? You keep making noises.” Ethan wasn’t dumb, but I wasn’t about to offer any information about his brother fingering me right here on the couch with him right here in front of us.

“Yeah just a cramp.” I lied through my teeth as Grayson’s fingers curled to find my G-Spot which made me bite my tongue hard as I bucked my hips back against Gray’s hard cock. Ethan turned back towards the movie which I knew he knew what was happening. I knew Grayson and I couldn’t date because Ethan would lose it. Grayson continued to finger me harder and faster. I could feel my core tightening as I attempted to thigh ride him too. I couldn’t get over what was happening, but it felt so good.

“Just a cramp? Baby I’m gonna make you so sore you won’t be able to walk. How do you plan to explain that to him?” Grayson’s hot whisper sent chills throughout my body as his lips connected to my collarbone again. I continued to ride against his thigh the best I could while he fingered me harder. “I can’t believe you’re letting me do this. With my brother, your best friend, right here. We could get caught any moment, but you don’t care huh?” He cooed in my ear. “You just want me to make you cum. Right here and right now.” He vigorously rubbed my clit back and forth harshly as I bit my lip to hold back a moan. I could feel that knot tightening in my stomach as I could feel my toes begin to curl. “Cum on my fingers. I want to taste you.” He growled in my ear as he fingered and rubbed me harder. My body jolted as I felt myself begin to get extremely wet. I continued to ride Gray’s thigh until I felt satisfied with myself. Grayson slid his fingers out of me and pulled them out from under the covers. He slipped them inside of his mouth as he made a sucking sound only him and I could hear.

“I’m gonna call mom.” Ethan said as he stood to his feet and walked into the kitchen. No doubt in my mind he was going to tell her everything he heard.

“Hey tell her I said hey.” Grayson chimed as Ethan left the room without another word. “By the way, you taste so good baby.” He whispered as he pressed his lips to savor the moment. That’s when I knew I was fucked.

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Part 2


A random doodle!! I’m trying to get used to digital art again, because I didn’t make any for like three weeks haha


You’ll be eating your own words once he hits puberty…[AU]

Sometimes I forget that Kaiba is 3-4 years younger than Ishizu.