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Angel Munakata and demon Fushimi - Reisaru? Then demon Munakata and angel Fushimi, please! Thank you. ^O^

First scenario, say Munakata’s like the head of an important clan of angels whose job is to hunt down wayward demons on earth and send them back to the underworld. Munakata’s known for being extremely talented, all of his men are extremely loyal to him and there’s some unrest amongst the higher angel hierarchy that Munakata’s possibly going to attempt to raise himself to a higher status at some point due to being so ambitious. Munakata of course remains unfailingly polite when dealing with his superiors even as he makes it clear that he finds many of them to be wholly unsatisfactory. Maybe it’s like something where at some point in the past the Munakata family actually had some human blood in their lineage and that’s why he’s been consigned to demon hunter, like only angels considered of lesser breeds are able to interact with filth like demons and survive. Due to this though no one in Munakata’s family has ever been able to rise in the ranks of the angel hierarchy. Munakata intends to change that, like he’s been instrumental in keeping the world in balance through his capture and subjugation of demonic forces and he intends to become a High Angel so that he can bring proper order to the world.

So one day Munakata’s given an assignment to take down an extremely dangerous dark summoner known as Fushimi Niki, who’s been calling up demons from the underworld and setting them on the human populations. Munakata sets out to defeat him (ooh Munakata with a flaming sword) but when he arrives Niki’s already been torn apart by his own demons. Munakata defeats those demons and then turns on the last demon, a small one that’s been chained to a tree nearby. This demon just looks up Munakata with a bitter smile on his face as he tells Munakata to get it over with. Munakata is intrigued as something about this demon appears different from the others. It turns out that Niki used dark magic to fuse his own son with a demon, and Fushimi Saruhiko has been suffering ever since. Fushimi’s pretty much given up on everything and assumes that Munakata will be kind enough to just end his life and be done with it but Munakata finds this kid intriguing and decides to defy orders and bring Fushimi up to heaven instead as one of his own men. There’s a ton of outcry against it and Fushimi is constantly looked down upon by other angels but within Munakata’s clan he becomes invaluable, Munakata is able to use Fushimi’s talents to their fullest extent and it only makes Munakata more powerful to have Fushimi by his side. For Fushimi’s part he’s constantly uncertain, not sure how to deal with his angelic savior who he doesn’t trust, even as Munakata constantly treats him kinder than anyone ever has before. But Niki’s spell is also still on him and maybe Fushimi’s slowly devolving into a demon entirely and he’s afraid that eventually he’ll lose what humanity he has left and then Munakata will have no choice but to destroy him. Unknown to him though Munakata’s trying to find a way to purge the demon from Fushimi without killing him, no matter what he has to do to achieve it.

Opposite situation, maybe Fushimi is an angel of the clan Homra, who are tasked with using purifying fire to destroy underworld demons and mages who may threaten the material world. Fushimi is considered one of their strongest fighters but he is in a constant state of insecurity, say in this AU it’s Fushimi whose family has a strain of human blood in them (ooh or even better demon blood, like Niki was a demon and Kisa an angel, Fushimi is accepted into the ranks of the angels but it’s made clear to him that no matter how much anyone in Homra tells him that he’s one of them he will always be seen as something tainted. All the other angels have white wings but Fushimi’s are pitch black, marking him as an outsider). Fushimi is miserable in Homra, being near all these pure angels makes him feel keenly the difference between him and them and even though they treat him like one of their own Fushimi knows he’ll never really be one of them and someday they will cast him aside.

One day Fushimi’s sent alone to search out what’s reported to be a cult forming around a dangerous demon lord who needs to be defeated, Fushimi assumes this will be easy and he’ll just slay the demon and be done with it. What he finds instead is this peaceful village in the middle of a country torn by civil war, the demon lord Munakata has set up that place under his protection and basically runs the town as its leader. Rather than suffering though all the people have become fascinated by Munakata’s charisma and cleverness, while other villages are falling apart or starving Munakata’s used his intuition rather than his demonic powers to keep everything in order and running smoothly in the town. Fushimi initially assumes that Munakata’s using some kind of glamour on the townspeople but eventually he learns that no, it’s just the force of Munakata’s personality that has made the villagers elect him as their head. Munakata himself claims that he means the town no harm but Fushimi’s suspicious about his true motives. Munakata offers to let Fushimi stay by his side for some time and observe, and if he still feels Munakata is worthy of killing at the end Munakata will allow Fushimi to kill him willingly. Of course as the days go on Fushimi himself becomes fascinated by Munakata’s desire to shape the world using his intellect rather than his power, even as Fushimi tells himself that he’s going to kill this guy soon enough and there’s no point in becoming interested in the works of a demon. Munakata himself is actually hiding out in the mortal world in search of a demon lord named Hisui who could upend the order of both the underworld and heaven, and he feels Fushimi would make an invaluable asset to this. However Munakata is also aware that if he recruits Fushimi then Fushimi will be branded as a fallen angel and will never be able to return to heaven again.


“And apparently he’s like this because someone [pointed glare at Nina] left her brother with Velouria for an afternoon and she taught him to eat gARBAGE”

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If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc

Young Zeref Portrait

Can’t believe Mashima looked at this face and said “yes I think I’ll destroy his life and trap him in it for centuries.” >:) I find myself drawing young Zeref a lot as I play with brushes and styles. I don’t usually get attached to basically non-canon characters but I can’t get the original Dragneels out of my head <3

Please do not alter or repost :)

The Lightning Prince ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶  the last chapter totally didn’t make me cry

Male Disney: Jellal | Gray | Freed

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Happy Birthday @chychymazzu!! Have a wonderful day and I hope you like this present heheee yes I was the anon asking your favourite character the other day, it was all part of my plan mwahahaa! I wanted to give something back to you since you give so much to this fandom with requests and your beautiful art!

Anonymous said: Red in a costume for the outfit request thing please?
How about in halloween costume, maybe a vampire?

I missed drawing him and this was pretty fun to do! Fear him for he is Red the Fruit Vatpire, here to steal all the candy apples.