look i have a sonic

selfie! :DDDD

Jules and Bernie need more appreciation tbh
Actually, a lot of Archie Sonic characters need more respect :^)
*please do not use this art or image in any way without my given permission- thank you!*
Sorry about the inactivity lately, sometimes I just forget I have a Tumblr??

childhood favs
(please listen to this while looking cuz I had it on freaking repeat the entire time)


obv. since it’s doomsday or w/e people are jumping straight to “IT’S SONIC 06 AGAIN!!!” but

even tho it’s Doomsday it’s like, still colorful and looks like Sonic, so i rly have no problem with this? it’s nice, Sonic 06 had no color

i think this shot has more color than all of Sonic 06


Alright here we go– sonic commissions will be open for the next week! I’m offering sketches with flat color, as well as full color characters. Couples are on sale for $15 ($25 for full color)! hmu if there are any questions about pricing.

I’ll draw OC’s and canon characters, anything is fair game for the most part, nothing nsfw but otherwise feel free to request whatever you’d like! 

shoot me a message or email me at mimiadraws@gmail.com if you’re interested. Thanks guys ✨✨





also i drew this earlier today and i was going to post it first but i decided it was probably better if i posted the ones from last night first

i can never figure out how to get rouge’s legs to not look slightly weird


According to an old file date the 24th of April might be Coast’s original date of creation back in 2008. So to celebrate her birthday I redesigned her future girlfriend, Tropic Paradise the Fennec! She’s super bubbly, a year older than Coast (but a little shorter because Coast is pretty tall), pansexual, and is a tour guide and helper around her village in Adabat.

The picture below I’m still working on but since I’ve been spontaneously working on about 6 different things at once it may take a while 8D;;