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Do you think Sonic Boom episodes can sometimes be too meanspirited (ex Just a Guy, Fire in a Crowded Workshop, Cabin Fever, etc)?

well i actually liked Cabin Fever and Just a Guy a lot heheh XD but yeah, some episodes can get to be a bit meanspirited…

but at least to me is not such a big deal??  i mean it does a annoy me on a level.. but i actually get to enjoy most of episodes anyways..

the only one thing that bothers me its that this meanspirit opens a door for character develoment.. i mean.. it looks like Boom!Sonic’s friends have some things to work out as team and as characters individually.. and i would love to see that in the series.. but that’s my only issue with it.. X)

selfie! :DDDD

ive wanted to draw a picture of void for 2 days and i ended up drawing three different ones until i managed to make one that i actually liked i dont know why it was so hard but anyways here is a picture of the world’s most obscure sonic character probably

childhood favs
(please listen to this while looking cuz I had it on freaking repeat the entire time)

Messy Classic and Modern Sonic doodle I had a while back :D
Classic Sonic is so cute and fun to draw!

Jules and Bernie need more appreciation tbh
Actually, a lot of Archie Sonic characters need more respect :^)
*please do not use this art or image in any way without my given permission- thank you!*
Sorry about the inactivity lately, sometimes I just forget I have a Tumblr??


obv. since it’s doomsday or w/e people are jumping straight to “IT’S SONIC 06 AGAIN!!!” but

even tho it’s Doomsday it’s like, still colorful and looks like Sonic, so i rly have no problem with this? it’s nice, Sonic 06 had no color

i think this shot has more color than all of Sonic 06


kisumi really likes to mess with haru, especially when it comes to makoto

fun fact: haru was way on the other side of campus before he felt his “KISUMI IS NEAR/TOUCHING MAKOTO” senses tingling

Meet Sonicton Harley II.

So in an RP group where a friend of mine plays Grandpa Harley, on a quest to find all the children he fathered, they made a joke in the OOC Discord about how fast Grandpa “gets the job done” ifyouknowwhatimean, I latched on to the word “fast” and proposed suitable mood music for Grandpa, and then made a joke about the mpreg scene in Sonic Dreams Collection

Then I took the joke too far, like I usually do. 

From Discord: 

the child Jake “Hassington” Harley had after a night of passion with a charismatic stranger with a carefree attitude

On one of his many travels he ended up in a world celebrating its freedom from a tyrant and his mass-produced, robotic dystopia

Grandpa Harley being Grandpa Harley, he didn’t exactly stick around, but did make sure his child was provided for. Sonicton grew up in a big house a little ways outside of one of Mobius’s cities. His dad, Sonic, also having terminal wanderlust, is often out travelling. Sonicton either came with him or was left with friends or relatives (as the son of a legendary hero, there’s never a shortage of volunteers) until he got older and wished to stay home on his own. Unlike either of his dads, Sonicton doesn’t have the thirst for adventure or thrills. He prefers what he views as the secret language of the universe: MATH.

He also collects novelty ties and socks and keeps a spice garden and several pets. He mostly socializes online, often in communities of coders and programmers. Gets lonely sometimes, but doesn’t mind being alone. Wants to be an accountant, but isn’t sure what the family will think.

I’m now genuinely attached to my hedgehog-hybrid nerd son. Forgive the wonky pixel art, I was working with a larger image of the original Genesis sprite in Photoshop and that made the task of editing the single “pixels” difficult.