look i get to customize a classic

just some thoughs on the “new character” sihlouette of Sonic Forces

  1. its not Bubsy, of course XD but it’s sihlouette looks too much like that due to their head shape and because the kind of body it has and its just funny to joke about it.. (although it’s already getting old X’D )
  2. i highly doubt its Blaze or Shadow XD
  3. it looks pretty classic styled, his hands and feet proportions look less big than a modern styled character.
  4. it has pointy ears and it looks like it has a tail but that’s still not something for sure; people think it could be a cat or a wolf
  5. if this is going to be a character customization thing i don’t think that would be that bad and it kinda would fit with the “join the resistance” thing…
  6. and yet this is still just speculation.  º3º
  7. still if its just a new character, i hope is a lovely one :)

OK so here’s how to use xkit real easy w/ pictures 

First open a new tap and search for “The new xkit”

Open the link that takes you to the chrome webstore

ok then just follow the instructions to add xkit as an extension

Once you’ve done that open up tumblr and xkit will begin loading. A lil popup will show up and just press “Refresh page and begin using xkit.”

then you’ll see a little popup on the xkit icon, click it and cancel the tutorial.and then click it again to bring the xkit box back up. then on the bottom bar, click the “Get Extensions” tab

Now you see a list of all possible extensions to add so just scroll down on that list and look for these things: 1. editable reblogs

once you find it just click the green install button. be sure you haven’t installed the “edible reblogs” extension which is different from editable reblogs, and not at all what you want. 

Also I recommend getting Classic Notifications, Classic Search and Tag Viewer

Once you’ve installed those or whatever you like, go back to the bottom bar and click the “My xkit” tab, this will let you customize your extensions

Click on whatever extension you want to customize, note that some extensions come pre-loaded. use the mini scroll bar to scroll through customization options and check/uncheck the boxes of whatever you like. Be aware that some extensions do not have any customizable options. Most of the ones i’ve suggested do not but that is because they are quite simple, singular function extensions that don’t need it. Once you’ve customized to your liking, hit the update button. You technically shouldn’t need to do that, but i like to, just to make sure. 

Now say you’re unhappy with an extension or you accidentally installed edible reblogs instead of editable reblogs, and you want to uninstall one. simply click on that extension, still in the “My xkit” tab and click the uninstall button

That’ll get rid of it. Finally just click anywhere outside of the xkit box to close it and your done. One last thing you’ll probably notice that blue popup notifcation on your screen in the bottom left. to get rid of it forever simply click on it, it will bring the xkit page back open, and click on the news letter to open it. then just close out of it again

Now you’re using xkit and everything is much easier!

For @twatcitytrick who deserves something that makes her happy.

Aaron sees a lot of different people in his shop. 

People looking for the latest release from the latest X-factor winner. People looking for obscure death metal from Finland. People looking to branch out, listen to something alternative and spacey. Even people looking for the odd classical album, or the old-school vinyl collectors. 

But Aaron hasn’t seen anyone like this in the shop before.

Clearly rich, well dressed with that arrogant air and way of walking. Also, quite clearly confused. Like a deer stuck in headlights. Lost in a sea of good music. Aaron can just about guess what he’s looking for. 

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adeeltoast  asked:

Do you have any tips on cosplays of Harley Quinn that does not reveal too much skin??

You are far from the first person to ask this! 

Off the bat, I would recommend classic Harley, but that is kinda a hard costume to get/wear. Like there’s a cheap officially licensed classic Harley costume but in my opinion, it just doesn’t look good. So this would probably be a little harder to do because you’d have to either make it yourself or have it made custom, both of which are difficult and or expensive. I mean there are other knockoffs out there but that’s always a risk. 

Lego Harley would be really cute and would be a much easier costume to do! It also hasn’t been done a whole lot yet.

I don’t know how much skin you’re comfortable with, but Assault on Arkham Harley is really cute. It’s like her classic costume modernized. The only revealing part of it is the midriff. 

DC Super Hero Girls Harley is super casual and very modest. I would say this is one of the easiest costumes to make look good.

And of course, you can always do your own design! Choose elements from her other costumes and take inspiration from those, or do your own unique thing!

Hope this helps!



Jack frowned at the crowded bookstore. He usually tried to go on week days, but the next three weekends would be spent on roadies and then, he wouldn’t have time to shop for his parent’s presents. It was getting closer and closer to Christmas, if one was to judge by the amount of shoppers on a Tuesday evening.

He waited in line for the information desk, watching the new releases displayed around him. The History display was further away, he was stuck reading the titles of romances and science-fictions, neither were very much his style.

‘Hi!’ said a cheery voice. ‘How may I help you, today?’

He was faced with a young blonde man wearing the company nametag, a manic smile and styrofoam pellets clinging to is clothes.

‘Huh… I- Is Shit- I mean, Mister Knight, here?’

‘I’m sorry, he’s unavailable today, caught a nasty bug, left us a little bit short-staffed!’ said the young man with a nervous laugh.

‘Huh- It’s okay, I can come back- ’

‘Oh, are you Mister Zimmermann? He said you came on Tuesdays, left this note for you…’ he grabbed a handwritten note taped to the computer screen. ‘Tell this - huh, I can’t say this word while I’m working - that I managed to find that out of print book he was asking about, I had to call the editor’s personal number, oh geez, he knows we’re not allowed to do that, and the book should be here in eight to fifteen weeks.’

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TalesFromYourServer: Lady orders her Chick-Fil-A while on the phone.

I’ve had this story for a while and I feel like it fits this subreddit the best. When I was 16 I was a “server” at Chick-fil-A for about 3 months. As most of you may know, CFA lives by treating the customer with the utmost respect, training most employees up to 16 hours on exactly how they are to deal with customers. On one given day I was working a mid-day weekday shift, so practically nobody was in the restaurant and I was the only one behind the counter at the moment. As I’m sitting there staring blankly into space, a middle aged white lady in a full pants suit approaches the counter, clearly fully engaged in a phone conversation. I see this, but decide to greet her as I would any other customer with the classic “Hi ma'am! Welcome to Chick-fil-A! How may I help you?”

The lady almost cuts me off, and simply barks “Get me a chicken noodle” without even making eye contact. I’m a little taken back by both her rudeness and the fact that she would decide to order a chicken noodle soup out of everything on the CFA menu, but I respond kindly with “Sure thing ma'am! Will that be for here or to go?” The lady gives me a look of disgust and barks back with a loud “SHH! Can’t you see I’m on the phone!? Just put in the order!” and slaps a 20 onto the counter.

At this point I’m just at a loss for words. Why would you try to order while on the phone? Why not just put off the phone call for a minute, or wait to order until the call is done to order? There was literally nobody else in the restaurant, so she wouldn’t even have had to wait extra time in line, but all of that’s beyond me.

I put it as a to-go order, and ask “Can I get a name for the order?” which is met with another SH and finger. I end up just awkwardly standing there while she continues her phone call, seeing as I have to put a name in to continue and finalize the order. Now visibly more frustrated, she looks at me and says “Why aren’t you taking the money!?” to which I respond “Ma'am, I have to put a name in for the order to continue, the register won’t let me bypass this screen until I put something in.”

I thought I was at a loss for words until I heard what she had to say next. “Holy shit, just put in any name!” Why!? Why not just use the energy you used telling me off to just tell me your name? There’s no way her name could have been longer than the 9 syllables you used for that sentence, but here I was having to come up with a name for some random lady to finish her order. I put in “Amy” because that just seems like a bitchy name to me, and finished her order.

The lady finishes her call, and starts asking me to get all this extra shit for her soup like crackers and hot sauce, and I oblige. She sees her soup comes through the little food window, and instantly nags to me “Hey! I think thats my soup!”

Since I’m only 16 at the time, I’m not allowed to handle food, only work the register. Had this been any other customer I would have just grabbed the soup and put it in the bag, not hard. But I saw this as my chance. I look at the lady, smile and say “I’m sorry ma'am, I’m not allowed to handle your food. Someone else will be here shortly to help you.” She looks at me with her frustrated stare and just nods. She ended up waiting 15 minutes just for my manager to come out and get her food, and another 5 while my manager tried to find an Amy that didn’t exist who had ordered a chicken noodle soup. Pretty much the biggest fuck you I could give her without being fired, and though it wasn’t much it felt liberating in the moment.

TL:DR A lady orders food from me at Chick-Fil-A while on the phone, doesn’t answer any of my serving questions and ends up having to wait 20 minutes longer for her food because she didn’t want to take 5 seconds to tell me her name.

By: youngpastrycook

Stole my iPod? Have a custom virus.

(warning: long story)

This all took place many years ago when I was a freshman in high school. I had bought an iPod nano (hot shit back then!) with money I had earned by helping my neighbor, and as I didn’t make much, I was pretty protective of it. My scumbag sister had also recognized that it was worth a few hundred. As I later found out, she had stolen it and given it to a friend (temporarily) until the heat was off.

I suspected this immediately when it wasn’t on my desk where I knew I left it. I asked my parents if I had done something that warranted a punishment, but neither had touched it. Clearly, I needed evidence to pin my sister.

As a freshman, I was pretty computer savvy. At the time, I was learning a few programming languages and had a good feel for novice hacking. Nothing serious, but enough to get in trouble at school kinda thing.

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squidmatsus! im definitely not the first one to do a splatoon and osomatsu crossover thing but i still wanted to get this out here
i just
really like both things lemme live

i started on these like 6 months ago and then ditched it but i got around to finishing it tonight. this isnt the best work i can do, but im glad to finally get this out and posted. i think i stopped working on it for so long because i was frustrated with the drawing method i had to stick with 

i know the gear doesnt really work out with some of their weapons and god knows how oso got to level 50…i kinda just went with whatever Looked Good

i have LOTS of headcanons and ideas but i doubt i can get it all drawn gggggh

also here are my old Concepts™  


Got a submission from Kusal. His description didn’t really turn me on but I emailed him and I got an immediate response with a link to some photos. Wow…what a brillinat job he’s done of a beast of a bike, the Honda Goldwing

Hey Rex,

Picked up an old and tired 81 goldwing that had fringe leather saddlebags a carpet covered sissy bar about 3 feet high and tall bars where someone wanted desperately to make a goldwing look like a harley.

Brought her home, took it apart and turned it in to a bob tailed bagger with vintage shoei hard bags to match the lines of the bike. Custom seat on modified pan with custom lighting, electrics and finished in several coats of white gold pearl.

Thing about the goldwings is that they have great bones. so I wanted to take off all the weight they carry and create a stripped down tourer that looked classic, kept things simple and had the same long distance riding comfort/ergonomics without looking tacky.

She gets compliments almost every time I take her out, so made me think I should submit to your blog.

Thanks man.Kusal

anonymous asked:

au prompt where Tae is Jin's younger brother who's still in high school and Yoongi develops a crush after they meet but Jin is super overprotective of Tae, and doesn't want him to be dating anyone (especially not someone older than him like Yoongi is) because his previous boyfriends/girlfriends had taken advantage of him or treated him badly

Sorry for taking so long to get this prompt done anon! Please forgive me! <3

please note: Taehyung is an 18 year old senior in high school in this fic. therefor he is legal (by American standards). 

warning: some cursing and mention of abuse.


“You’re in deep shit.”

“I know.”

“Really, Hyung? Him? Our of everyone, why did it have to be him?”

“I know, Namjoonie.”

Namjoon shook his head, a look of pity on his face as he watched Yoongi down his seventh shot for the night. They were wasting their money at a bar not too far from their college. 

Considering the circumstances, it had to be done. 

“He just had to waltz into my life with his stupid smile and stupid hair and stupidly attractive knowledge of classical music. He doesn’t even look the type, Namjoonie. I had no warning.”

The bartender rolled his eyes at Yoongi’s drunken ramblings, and went to go wipe down the tables. Namjoon and Yoongi were the only customers left in the place. 

“Jin hyung is going to kill you,” Namjoon assured him, like the best friend he was. “No, actually, he’s going to skin you alive… and then he’s going to kill you.”

Yoongi groaned and dropped his head on to the table. He was probably going to get a red bruise on his forehead, but he honestly didn’t care. It was nothing compared to the damage Jin could inflict on him. 

“Why does he have to be Jin’s brother? Why does he have to be in high school?”

Namjoon squinted at him through dazed eyes. He had taken a few shots as well. “Am I supposed to have an answer to all of these questions?”

Yoongi childishly kicked his feet in a mini temper tantrum before sucking in a deep breath. He sluggishly got up and sure enough, there was a mark the size of Seoul on his forehead. 

“Let’s go home,” he dejectedly mumbled to his roommate. “Maybe I should just sleep it off.”

Namjoon frowned. 

“You can’t sleep off feelings, Hyung.” 


Yoongi did pretty good for the next couple of weeks. 

He didn’t think about that fateful day at Jin’s house at all. He didn’t think about Taehyung walking down the stairs while they were all studying in the living room. He didn’t think about being struck speechless. 

No, Yoongi was in the clear. He decided that all he’d have to do is never go to Jin’s house ever again. 

Yeah, that’s it. 

Sadly, the universe found a loophole. 

“Hello?” Yoongi hastily answered his phone. He just reached campus and he was already late for class. He didn’t have time to discuss new recipes and the latest gossip with Jin. 

“Oh… is this Namjoon hyung?”

Yoongi came to a screeching halt in the middle of the hallway. 

He pulled his phone away from his ear and stared down at the caller ID.

The words ‘Jin Hyung’ stared him in the face. 

So why am I hearing Kim Taehyung’s voice?

“Um…. no?” he slowly answered back, after pressing the phone to his ear again. “This is Yoongi.”

There was an awkward pause, and then a sharp gasp could be heard, making Yoongi wince. “Oh! Yoongi-ssi! The small hyung!”

Yoongi frowned. 

He was not that small. 

“Yeah…” he grunted out. “The small hyung.”

“I’m so sorry, I meant to call Namjoon hyung,” Taehyung apologized. “He promised to help me with my math homework.”

Yoongi started walking down the hall again, his pace much slower now. 

“Is that so? Well, um, good luck and all that. Math can be a bitch sometimes.”

Taehyung laughed into the phone. “So true, Hyung!”

It took everything in Yoongi not to physically clutch his chest. The kid’s laugh was going to be the death of him one day. He’s going to hear it and just collapse on the spot. 

Also, the fact that Taehyung wasn’t bothering to be formal made something in his stomach flutter. 

“Look kid, I have to get to class now but It was great hearing from you,” Yoongi told him, lowering his voice and trying to sound like a cool hyung. 

“You too!” Taehyung chirped. Yoongi could easily picture his rectangular grin. “Hey, before you go… would it be ok if I called you again, sometime? On my own phone? I just remembered how much you like classical music too!” 

Yoongi was outside his classroom now. 

The smart thing to do, for both his and Taehyung’s future, was to coldly make up an excuse for why he didn’t have time to chit chat with high school students, but he took the stupid way out instead. 

“Sure. It’s nice talking to someone who appreciates classical.”


It was only a matter of time before they got caught. 

Yoongi and Taehyung’s nightly phone chats discussing Bach and Vivaldi soon turned into face to face meetings. Then their cafe meet ups turned into “not a date” trips to the movies. Then their so called “not dates” turned into stopping by each other’s houses and cuddling while watching Netflix. 

They did everything in their power to keep it from Jin. Namjoon was privy to everything from early on, a sly smirk gracing his features whenever he caught the two sharing headphones on the couch and immersing themselves in Beethoven, but Jin was kept completely in the dark. 

Until one day…

“Yoongi, can you please come over? There’s something I would like to discuss with you in person.”

Yoongi swallowed nervously and glanced across the table at a curious Namjoon. Jin didn’t often call him with such a serious tone. It was starting to remind him of the disappointed his speech his mother gave him when he told her he was going to a performing arts college. 

“Um… now?”

“Yes, now,” Jin stated firmly. 

‘Who is that?’ Namjoon mouthed to Yoongi, but Yoongi just nudged him with his foot and mouthed back to him to keep eating his food and mind his own business

“Alright, I’m on my way.”

“Thank you.” 

Jin hung up with a resolute click, and Yoongi was now one hundred percent sure he was in trouble. 

All of the color left his cheeks when a thought came to him. 

Oh god… does he know about me and–

“It was Jin hyung, wasn’t it?” Namjoon asked around a mouth full of rice and Kimchi. “He found out, didn’t he?”

“Stop talking with your mouth full,” Yoongi snapped, desperately trying to ignore his dongsaeng’s truthful words. “You’re spraying rice all over me.”

“Ok, ok.”

Yoongi left the table, telling Namjoon he’d back in a few hours. 

He also told him to start preparing for his funeral if he didn’t make it back before midnight. 


When Yoongi got to Jin’s house he was only slightly surprised to see Taehyung sitting on the couch in the living room, looking like a scolded puppy.  

“Hello, Yoongi,” Jin greeted calmly. “Please, have a seat.”

If Yoongi wasn’t scared before, he definitely was now. He knew Jin and what that tone meant. He witnessed many fights in high school that started out with Jin using that tone. 

The poor bastards had no idea what was coming their way when Jin spoke in that calm and collected way. 

But Yoongi knew. 

“So,” the oldest of the three started, arms firmly crossed over his broad chest. “You wouldn’t believe what I heard today, from one of my friends in the acting department.” 

Taehyung’s leg was shaking a mile a minute. Yoongi wanted to reach over and stop it, but something told him touching Taehyung probably wasn’t a good idea at the moment. 

“What did they tell you?” he asked.

Jin smiled. 

It was downright scary. 

“They told me they saw you and Taehyung-ah at the movies last week. Strange, huh?”

Now Taehyung was biting his lips. 

Yoongi always told him he shouldn’t do that. 

“Not that strange,” Yoongi muttered. He contemplated lying, but that would only make Jin even more upset. The next best thing was to try and make the situation seem like not that big of a deal. “Taehyung-ah and I talk about classical music together sometimes. There was a movie showing that had a soundtrack full of the stuff, so we decided to go together.”

Jin narrowed his eyes. 

He took a seat in the love seat across from them and let out a dark chuckle. 

“I don’t doubt that’s the truth, Yoongi, but, you see, my friend also told me something else.”

Yoongi frowned. “Something else?”

Taehyung couldn’t sit still any longer. 

“Hyung, please don’t be mad at Yoongi hyung! I’m the one who called him! I–”

“I’ve already heard enough from you, Kim Taehyung,” Jin interrupted him. “Have you already forgotten everything that happened last time?”

Yoongi turned to Taehyung with confusion written all over his face. “Last time?”

Taehyung looked like he was on the verge of tears. “I can explain–”

“That something else,” Jin continued, “was you two holding hands. They also said they saw Taehyung kiss your cheek, Yoongi. Can you believe that? Even congratulated me on my brother finding ‘such a nice boyfriend’.”

Jin was absolutely livid now. 

Yoongi knew there was no excuse for something like that. To this day he can still feel the tingle of the kiss Taehyung had planted on him. He can still remember how it caught him off guard and sent his heart into overdrive. 

“I’m sorry, Hyung. I–”

“You’re sorry?!” Jin exploded.

Yoongi cringed, the apology dying in his throat. 

“You’re in college, Yoongi! Taehyung is in high school, he’s my little brother! As my friend, I should be able to trust you!”

“It’s my fault, Hyung!” Taehyung yelled, trying to take some of the blame off of Yoongi. “I kissed him, he didn’t even know I was going to do it! Yoongi hyung was just being nice to me and I–”

“Why do you always do this, Taehyung? You throw yourself at these older guys and when they break your heart i’m the one who has to pick up the pieces. When will you learn?” 

Taehyung looked at his brother, tears welling up in his eyes. He let out a chocked sob before running up the stairs and slamming his room door shut. 

Yoongi stared at the stairs, feeling useless. He wanted to go to Taehyung and comfort him, but he knew Jin wouldn’t even let him step a foot in that direction. 

“Did you have to be so harsh on him?” Yoongi whispered. 

Jin nodded. “Yes, Yoongi, I did.”

Then he sighed, his gaze softening a little as he rubbed his temples and sunk into the love seat. “I don’t know what Taehyung has told you about his past relationships, or if he even told you about them at all, but a few of them were pretty bad… especially his most recent.”

Yoongi balled his hands into fists where they rested on his thighs. “What happened?”

Jin rubbed a hand down his face, the bags underneath his eyes much more noticeable now. 

“He was an abusive asshole.”

Yoongi sucked in a breath. 

“For months, Taehyung-ah hid the bruises from me, and it wasn’t that hard for him to do it. The guy made sure to leave them small and in unnoticeable places. He was also… he… he’s the first person Taehyung-ah has ever… been with… do you understand what i’m saying, Yoongi?”

Yoongi nodded. He couldn’t trust himself to speak. He was seeing red. 

“Taehyung-ah was only sixteen at the time. He didn’t know any better. He thought he loved this man, so he wanted to do everything to make sure he stayed with him. I’m so glad I found out about it before it could go on any longer. Taehyung-ah was mad at me for a few months after that, but after a while he started to understand just how toxic that relationship was.”

“Please let me go to him, Hyung,” Yoongi breathed. “He’s probably crying and I just… I want to make sure he’s ok.”

Jin searched Yoongi’s face, taking in the worried creases lining his face. 

He deflated, like someone had popped a hole in him and let all of the anger out. 

“I know you, Yoongi. I know you aren’t a bad guy and… maybe I shouldn’t have came at you two like that, but… he’s my little brother. He’s all I have left since our parents died, and I don’t want anything to happen to him. He’s already been through enough.”

Yoongi nodded. “I understand that completely, Hyung.”

Jin sighed. He looked away and stared at the stairs. 

“Go to him.”

Yoongi stood up. “Thank you.”

He rushed up the stairs and opened Taehyung’s door as soon as he got to it. 

The sight of the boy laying all curled up in bed with a lion plushie in his arms nearly made Yoongi’s heart give out. 

It was the same plushie he had won him at the movie theater, when they were messing around with the crane machine while waiting for their movie to start. 

“Y-You’re still here?” Taehyung whimpered, hugging the lion further into his chest. 

“Of course I am,” Yoongi answered without hesitation. 

He walked to Taehyung’s bed and immediately pulled the brunette into his embrace. 

“Jin hyung told me everything.”

Taehyung stiffened. 

“It’s ok,” Yoongi assured him. “You’re still Taehyung-ah to me. You still have the cutest smile and most addicting laugh ever.”

He could feel Taehyung melt into him, all of his muscles relaxing with relief. 

“I’m pretty sure your smile is cuter, Hyung,” Taehyung teased. He leaned back and grinned up at Yoongi despite his red rimmed eyes. The boy’s ability to bounce back no matter how sad he is, was something Yoongi really admired about him. 

My smile?” Yoongi laughed. 

Taehyung nodded with a giggle. 

“But it’s all gums, Tae!”

Taehyung forced the side of Yoongi’s mouth upwards, the giggles continuing to bubble up from his mouth. “But that’s what makes it cute!” he argued. 

Yoongi playfully rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright, you win.”

Taehyung’s smile widened triumphantly. 

His hands traveled from the corner of Yoongi’s mouth to his jawline and then his neck. He played with the pale hair at the nape of the older male’s neck, and his grin softened. 

“Thank you for cheering me up, Hyung… and for not giving up on me.”

Yoongi looked from Taehyung’s eyes to his nose to his lips, and then back up to his beautiful brown irises again. 

“Who else would I be able to talk classical with?”

Taehyung laughed, bright and happy, before attacking him with a kiss. 

And this time it wasn’t on the cheek. 


This turned out way longer than it was supposed to. 

I hope you liked it anon!

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 3

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ I found enough time to write this part (and I’m working on the next already) and I really enjoy the turn this story took, making it a lot easier to write it than I thought :D I hope you enjoy! ♥


Summary - You can’t get your mind off James, after skyping with him and meeting with Miles is a nice distraction, until he notices that something’s up with you.

Words - 1,055

Warnings - mentions of grinding?

Originally posted by nicoise-salad

A/N: Getting the stucky vibes really hard from this gif…holy shit *lady-boner*

“And he grinded that bastard like-” 

“Miles…”, you whine, falling back in your chair with a annoyed sigh. “Why are you still in a relationship with him, if he doesn’t even care?” “Because I love him. If you would love someone, you would understand me”, he pouts, crossing his arms. You gulp heavily, your heart pounding when James comes to your mind. You shake your head, helplessly trying to push him out of your mind. You just hope Miles didn’t notice.

“Y/N? What are you hiding?”, he asks, narrowing his eyes and a smug grin on his lips. His eyes grow wide, when he sees your awkward reaction and understands. 

“No way!”, he almost yells not believing, lowering his voice when he notices the looks of the other customers. “Don’t tell me you found someone. Who is he…or she?” “Ugh, Miles, shut up.”

“So there is someone! Tell me everything!” Miles gets way to excited, only sits on the edge of his chair and leans over the table, not wanting to overhear any detail.

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Little Black Dress by @zizizrites
Pairing: Zayn/Liam
Rating: PG

It’s almost closing time after a quite hectic Friday night. The club is blessedly quiet, the music turned off now, and Liam is re-capping and re-shelving bottles when he notices him again.

There’s a lad sitting at the end of the counter, on one of the few secluded stools on the corner, the ones that not even the flashing lights of the dance floor manage to reach fully. His hair is shaved to almost nothing, just a hint of black to guess a colour, and he’s holding his head in between both of his hands, elbows resting on the wooden counter top, and an empty glass paired with a turned over and equally empty bottle in front of him.

Liam remembers him from earlier when, a couple of hours ago, he just walked into the room, handed Niall some notes and asked for a bottle of tequila. He ignored the lemon slices and the salt shaker but took the glass and started pouring himself shots.

Liam had been too busy mixing drinks to pay him any attention after the initial glance in his direction, but he thought that he had already left. Now he’s the last person still in the club, though, with Liam cleaning up and Niall busy taking stock in the backroom.

“Hey,” Liam says, soft, moving closer slowly and trying not to spook the bloke. “Can I take these?” he asks, gesturing to the empty bottle and glass. The other lad jumps a bit, startled by Liam’s voice like he was dozing off. He takes a few second to gather himself and register his surrounding, then looks at Liam with hazy eyes and nods.

“Yeah, sure,” his speech is a little slurred but still plenty understandable for the amount of alcohol he consumed. He looks around again, realizing the place is closing up, and makes a move to get up, swaying slightly on jelly-drunk legs. “Sorry, I’ll get out of your hair.”

Liam reaches over the counter to steady him, placing a hand on his shoulder, guiding him back to the plush stool.

“Sit down a minute more, mate,” he says setting a glass of cold water on the bar. “Sober up a bit,” he prompts, smiling encouraging at the weary drunk lad.

The bloke nods once, before sipping at his water. He looks at Liam like he can’t figure out why he’s helping him, his eyes almost spelling out a surprised Who you’re doing it for? amazed but confused. When he’s done, Liam refills the glass and goes on cleaning, taking in the wobbly smile he receives as a thank you.

He’s drying a glass with a dish towel when a smoky voice catches his attention. He turns around and sees the guy’s head fall down a little like he was about to fall asleep, and then snap back up, eyes quickly thanking stock of where he is again and then centering on Liam.

A lazy smirk colours his lips, shifting the features of his face, making him look even younger. He can’t be older than Liam, he reckons, twenty-five at most, but the way he carried himself inside, like the weight of the world was heaving down on his shoulders, made him look ancient. Liam wonders for a second what could have happened to this beautiful man to make him want to lose himself at the bottom of a bottle for a night.

“So, did you came here alone?” his drunk companion asks, probably aiming for flirty but falling way off the mark. He’s still on the wrong side of tipsy, and he’s probably not thinking about the words coming out of his mouth, so Liam just looks at him with an amused tilt on his lips. He watches the realization of what he just said creep over on his face and then the lad dissolves into a fit of giggles, wayward limbs slumping over the bar counter and almost knocking over his glass.

“Sorry,” he mumbles when he manages to catch his breath. “M’ a bit smashed right now, my head isn’t making sense, sorry. M’ Zayn,” he says, holding up an unsteady hand for Liam to shake. “Thanks for the water. Yeah, I should have opened with that.”

Liam smiles, gentle and endeared. There are rings adorning slim fingers, pleasantly warmed up by body heat, but they feel foreign and harsh alongside smooth skin.

“Liam,” he answers, picking his rag back up and grabbing a new glass to dry. “Rough night?” he asks.

It’s such a cliché line, classic scenario, a bartender striking up a conversation with the dejected customer, but Zayn looks like he could use someone to talk to and Liam isn’t about to let him walk out right now, not when he’s still intoxicated enough to get himself run over or something.

Zayn sighs, scratching his head and then resting both palms on the bar, gathering himself, trying to pull himself together before sitting up a bit straighter.

“Yeah, you could say that,” he confirms. He looks at Liam, eyes intense and almost stone cold now, searching his to ponder if it’s really worth it, telling a stranger about his problems. Something in Liam’s face must convince him it is, or maybe it’s his friendly persona, the openness of his stance, making him look familiar and safe, trusting, non-threatening. Or maybe it’s the trope of bartenders and how most people seem to think they’re good listeners.

“I broke off my engagement,” Zayn sighs, head falling back down and hitting the counter, with purpose this time, like he’s punishing himself. “Fuck, I just threw the last two years of my life in the gutter.”

Well, Liam wasn’t expecting that. He’s surprised, very much so, because Zayn is undoubtedly young, too young to have been engaged, too young to be so heartbroken over a failed love. But that’s how life seems to have gone for him.

“That’s rough, mate,” he says, because he doesn’t have the words to console him, doesn’t know what to say to someone who looks like everything he was building just fell down. “How come you did that?” he asks. He’s curious, if he’s honest with himself, and he can’t fathom a reason why Zayn would do that if the results are the one Liam’s seeing. It doesn’t make sense.

“I kinda realized I’m gay,” Zayn says, face hidden in his hands, muffling his words. His voice breaks a little. Not in a cry, though, but in a laugh. Hysterical and haunted, almost panicked. “I’m— fuck. I couldn’t do that to her.”

It’s worrisome, the way he says it, like it’s something wrong, tainted, that he tried to run away from as long as he could, until he reached a breaking point and couldn’t pretend anymore.  

“Hey,” Liam says, leaning down to try and catch Zayn’s eyes. He sees him peeking through a couple of his fingers. “There is nothing wrong with that,” his voice is steady, wanting to make Zayn believe that. “It’s alright.”

“No, it’s not, Leeyum,” the vowel stretch out, making his name sound foreign in a northern accent that sounds familiar. It reminds him of afternoons spent on the pitch chasing a ball and trading friendly banter with Tommo, but it tastes new all the same.

Zayn buries his head in his hands again and Liam looks at him with sympathy. He knows what it means to realize the person you’re with isn’t the right fit for you, he knows. It can be scary, but Liam reckons that that can be said of anything that will set you free.  

“It’s too late now, I need to tell my parents,” Zayn goes on, words muffled. “Fuck, I need to tell my sisters,” he realizes, shuddering at the thought. “I need to tell them before the press finds out.”

He moves to stand, like he’s gonna run to his family right now, tell them everything in a rush, but then he catches sight of  Liam, scrunching his nose in confusion and looking at him quizzically.

Zayn stiffens, shoulders tensing and lips freezing in their half parted state, eyes snapping up to look at Liam fully, a hint of fear and apprehension in them. He must realize that he’s just another club-goer to Liam, though, because the stiffness in his back eases minutely.

“You have no idea who I am,” he says, more statement than a question. Then he starts laughing. This time, the sound is beautiful, melodic and captivating. For a crazy second, Liam has the desire of savoring it, saving it on a record to be able to play it back. Then the second passes and Zayn quiets down, still giggly but looking at Liam with curiosity.

“Let’s try this way,” he says and starts singing.

If Liam thought they way he laughed was melodic, it doesn’t even compare to his voice now. The rich smoky tones lure him in, making his skin feel hot, something heavy settling in the pit of his stomach. Liam suddenly feels vulnerable, even if it’s Zayn the one exposing himself right now, but he feels like his voice is stripping him of his defenders, sneaking between his bones, reaching inside of him and pulling at his heartstrings.

The song is broken and melancholic, it talks about a staged love and the hopelessness of a happy ending, about how it’s difficult to keep hoping and stand your ground when everything seems to be against you. Liam wants to know how this story ends, but Zayn stops singing after a minute or so, expression expectant, a tiny but confident grin on his lips.

It hits him then, the next verse playing in his mind when he realizes he heard that song before, playing on the radio in the club, in Louis’ little sister room, everywhere. His face and his name he never learned, but that voice, that the recognizes.

The realization must be clear on his face, because Zayn smirks a little, just for a second.

“That probably sounded awful,” he says, impossibly bashful, rubbing a hand over his shaved head in what Liam is starting to think it’s a nervous tic. “I’m still halfway drunk.”

“What, no!” Liam hurries to say. “That was amazing.”

“Thanks, I guess,” Zayn mumbles like he’s suddenly embarrassed by the miniature show he just performed, like it was brought to life by drunken confidence alone. “I should probably get going now, call my family before things get out of control.”

He takes a step toward the door  but his legs are still numb with tequila and he wobbles, rocky feet betraying him.

“Wait,” Liam says, kind eyes pleading him to stay. “Let me call you a cab, you’re in no shape to wander around.”

“It’s fine,” Zayn reassures him, one hand gripping the edge of the stool he was sitting on for balance. “My place it’s just a couple of block away.”

Liam isn’t having any of it, though. There is no way he’s going to let him walk around in his current state, with the risk of him getting mugged this late at night, looking like an easy target.

“Then let me finish up, and I’ll walk you there,” he prompts. “I would rest easier if I knew you got home safe.”

Zayn studies him for a long moment before sitting back down.

“Fine, but I’m about to fall asleep so you better hurry if you don’t want to carry me,” he agrees, a touch of snark suddenly spiking his voice. It’s fitting, Liam finds, more Zayn. He doesn’t know where the thought came from, they’re strangers, but it feels true.

“Take a nap then. There’s a couch in the back,” Liam says, bright and relieved, motioning Zayn toward the door behind him. “I’ll wake you up when I’m done,” he says, wiping down the counter.

Zayn staggers on his feet, a hand brushing over various pieces of furniture to keep himself upright on his way to the back room. He stumbles a couple of times but when Liam hear a light whomp, it’s the sound of a body hitting cushions, and a pleased smile stretch his lips, staying in place until he’s done cleaning up.

Niall reappears an odd ten minutes later, a bewildered look on his face.

“Mate,” he greets. “Is that Zayn Malik sleeping on our ratty couch?” he asks.

“Yeah,” Liam answers, cataloging the name in his mind. “I offered him a place to crash while I finish up.”

“Only you, Payno. Only you,” Niall shakes his head, bemused and baffled at the same time. “Can I take a picture? I could sell that piece of garbage on eBay, man! ‘Here laid Zayn Malik,’ we’d make millions,” he rambles after a second, manic grin in place.

“No, you cannot do that,” Liam states before the Irish bastard actually goes through with his idea.

Niall pouts at him. “Party pooper,” he grumbles before tossing a bundle of keys to Liam. “I’m done here, you okay to close up and show sleeping beauty his way out?”

“Yeah,” Liam nods. “Night, Ni.”

Niall salutes him, walking backward toward the club exit.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!” he stage-whispers, before running out the door.

Liam flips him off anyway before rounding up the last few glasses left scattered and checking that all the doors are closed, leaving just the employee’s exit to be dealt with.

Zayn is snoring softly on the couch, an arm thrown over his eyes to keep the light out and a leg dangling off the edge. He looks impossibly unguarded and unafraid, and for a moment Liam wonders what will happen when the news of his failed engagement gets out. How his career would change, if he was to come out. If he has someone to talk to about that.

It’s not supposed to be his problem, not at all. He’s not supposed to care about what will happen to the famous singer that randomly stumbled in the club he works at, but there’s something incredibly intimate about seeing someone at his lowest, about a stranger trusting him with this huge secret.

Maybe, if Zayn would like that, Liam could be that someone, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to him. A friend.

Silly thoughts, Liam thinks, shaking them out of his head.

He crouches down, gently shaking one of Zayn’s shoulders.

“Hey,” he murmurs when blurry eyes focus on him. “Come on, Z. I’ll take you home.”

Skinny Enchilada Stacks

My mom loved enchiladas. We’d go for enchiladas a few times a month, which is actually pretty frequent, now that I look back on it. Personally, I could never handle really spicy food…but there was something about the gooey, cheesy enchiladas, drenched in sauce, that made me throw caution to the wind every time. 

I’m not going to claim that I know how to make authentic enchiladas, or hell, Mexican food. These Enchilada Stacks are a great way to satisfy your craving for Mexican food without the extra work that comes with rolling each enchilada. The recipe is delicious - it tastes just like I remember, and is so easy to throw together. It might not look like the traditional thing, but trust me, it tastes just like the classic. Top off each serving with fresh Queso Fresco, tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, olives, and cilantro - the whole enchilada.

Believe it or not, this recipe is also #GlutenFree! Traditional yellow corn tortillas keep this nice and simple. I also used ground turkey instead of ground beef, and made my own taco seasoning. This is such a fun dish for entertaining or for a weeknight meal with your family. Chop up all the toppings and set up a little enchilada bar! That way everyone can customize their own :) Let’s get cookin :) 

What You Need: (Serves 6-8)

- 2 ½ - 3 cups enchilada sauce - my grocery store only had Las Palmas, but my friend recommended El Pato or La Victoria enchilada sauce as the best

- ½ medium yellow onion

- 1 pound ground turkey (or beef) 

- Yellow Corn Tortillas - for my baking dish, I used 14 tortillas, cut in half

- 2 cups (8 oz) shredded Mexican cheese blend

- Cacique Queso Fresco 

- 2 cloves garlic

Homemade Taco Seasoning:

- 1 tsp chili powder

- 1 ½ tsp paprika

- 1 ½ tsp cumin

- 1 tsp onion powder 

- ¾ tsp garlic powder

- ½ tsp sea salt

- dash cayenne


- 1 cup shredded lettuce 

- 1 tomato

- fresh cilantro

- sliced black olives

- 1 avocado

What To Do: 

- Dice half an onion and 2 cloves of garlic. 

- Mix together the homemade taco seasoning. This helps to cut down on the extra sodium that comes with store bought ones. :) 

- Heat a medium skillet over medium heat with a drizzle of EVOO. Dump in the onions and allow them to slowly soften. Add in the garlic as they start to turn translucent. Season with salt and pepper. 

- As the onions turn clear, add the ground turkey into the pan and break it up with a wooden spoon. Season it with the taco seasoning mixture and continue to stir it all together until it’s incorporated. 

- I had asked my friend for advice on making these as authentic as possible. One of his tips was to make sure you warm up the tortillas before placing them in the baking dish. He said that raw tortillas don’t cook up well when wet. So, on a nice flat pan, gently warm up the tortillas. If you were to make classic enchiladas, this also helps prevent tearing when you’re rolling them up. 

- Cut each tortilla in half. I used 9 halves per layer for my baking dish. 

- When you open a package of Queso Fresco, it’s generally in a large block. Break it up with your fingers - it crumbles up beautifully. If you haven’t had queso fresco, I definitely hope you try it out. It’s arguably one of the lightest, freshest cheeses and is such a great accompaniment to tons of dishes. It’s fresh, bright, milky, and mild. 

The first time I ever had queso fresco was in Alicante, Spain, atop a smoked salmon sandwich. I was blown away and asked the server about the cheese, and have been hooked ever since. 

- Set up a nice little working station with your tortilla halves, shredded cheese, queso fresco, cooked turkey, enchilada sauce, and baking dish. 

- Start by adding a layer of enchilada sauce in the bottom of the pan. 

- Place tortillas down in the bottom of the dish. It’s easiest to place them with the cut side facing outwards towards the edge of the dish. 

- Pour a layer of sauce on top of the tortillas, ensuring that they’re nicely saturated. 

- Next, a layer of ground turkey, then queso fresco, then shredded cheese and more sauce. 

- When I shot this, I was a little nervous that a ton of cheese would make it too gloopy and that it might not be able to stand up once baked. That’s not the case. PUT TONS OF CHEESE IN EACH LAYER!

- Start the next layer, exactly the same way. Tortillas, sauce, meat, cheese, sauce.

- Keep going! I did 3 layers of tortillas. After the third layer, I topped it off the rest of the meat, sauce, and tons of shredded cheese.

- Cover with foil and bake at 375F for 20 minutes. Take the foil off after your timer goes off so that you can get some nice browning!

- Top off each serving with as much tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, queso fresco, lettuce, and olives as you want. Don’t forget hot sauce or sour cream as well! :) 

Regarding working at a LGS and having friends who play magic there.

Because of a thread on reddit I realize that  people have a huge misconception regarding running an LGS…

A lot of people think that having two to four customers holding economy together for an LGS is great…. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Some think that if you are running a LGS it’s all dance on roses and that things turn out great n all as long as u got them regulars…no…

When I worked in my store i can be fair n say there was three people that held the economy together for the store ( far as i know, my boss kept the incomes hidden for me so idk)

But yeah basically there was three friends of mine who kept buying box after box after box after box…and now im not talking bout planning to buy a box… im talkin bout buying a box, opening it, realizing they got nothing, then buy another and repeat. In the end they got REALLY sour bout it but kept coming back for more.

Now this sounds good and all from a business stand point? 


because then there was those days this person had no money and were literally never there at the store. Those weren’t fun days I can tell you that. 

Same when Modern Masters 2015 came out and two other people kept buying packs just…cuz…. ofc they didnt get what they wanted and they also became sour. 

Now these were my friends, so at one point i legit told them “ Are you really sure you want your fourth box of Fate Reforged this week just to get ugin?” and yep, they bought it and i couldn’t do much. Ofc they did stop and think for a minute and in the end I think they realized that they cant spend money over n over on legit gambling just to get one card.

I didn’t want to lose trust from friends, cuz in all seriousness i would’ve been the one who got into windy weather at the end of all them boxes. 

Anyway, my ex-boss. So he kept telling me that my town was in no where near the sales amount he get in his village. W/e i think that cant be right. the village where he lives is the size of a street with less than 500 people living there. 

Then during a release-draft I went there and oh lordie….. thats when i saw the reason why he could keep on having the store open there and not in my town ( well despite him taking semester on the money i brought in for the store without telling me tahat is.

There in the room, 3 people all covered in booster packs.

Now i too have bought a box at one point during release just for the fun of it… but ehhhhm. One was sitting with two boxes (w/e), then the second with four boxes…. then the third had bought 7 boxes of eldritch moon and was on his way to buy the 8th box ( which he did)… 

Now I am not one to judge people or say this or that bout someone…but I asked the guy eventually like “ Making playsets?” and his reply kinda shocked me:

“No i’m just trying to get a playset of liliana the last hope”

Now I can say with most certainty that none of you readers have ever bought 8 booster boxes (at a slightly higher price than the norm) to get a playset of a mythic planeswalker… 

I was a bit taken away by this but what really made me realize what had happened was when the guy was woefully putting away all the cards into some large christmas-gift box that he had also bought.

He had pulled 1 liliana…  

Now I might be a bit bias, but I didn’t really enjoy the enormous smile from my ex-boss at this time. The guy had realized he had wasted over 900 dollars ( 7500 kr) on stuff he didn’t need and my ex-boss was just like some goddamn sunflower in the room smiling at “ how much he as sold today”

So here is where i might differ;

I would never sell someone 8 booster boxes if they had told me they were looking for a playset of a specific card…. I am not kidding. 

To me, the guy seemed to have a classic case of gambling problem rather than “having fun opening booster boxes”…there’s a limit to that no matter what person you are yanno… But also, if that person had stopped buying cards then the store would’ve lost an extreme amount of income, and thats where the fault in having one customer being the sole reason a store is up and running comes up. If a guy is buying 95% of whatever you get in, and then they suddenly stop…oops! What are you gonna do with them wares now? Bottomline, this is simply a rant.

People need to remember that Regulars buying 8 boxes =/= as good as 8  different people buying boxes. Focus on having a great atmosphere, host fun events for newcomers, women-only drafts for those who are insecure around men, make people feel at home.

Don’t feed clear obsessions and unhealthy atmospheres. You’ll end up shutting the store down when those people move/stop going.

lululawrence  asked:

Emmy. If each of the boys were cars, which cars would they be and why?

Hi Sus! thanks for the amazing question! I’ve been thinking about this a lot, i went with ot4. I couldn’t find anything sleek or fancy enough for zayn, but my closest bet is a batmolimo.

I think

Louis would be a classic Aston Martin.  It’s sporty, compact and curvy, classy and speedy, just like Louis. For a more modern choice, the Mercedes Benz Louis tested that one time, very compact and curvy, but more modern and rough, like the difference between award show Louis and skater Louis.

Niall: He’d be a classic yellow vw bug, or a modern vw convertible. in yellow, because he’s sunshine personified. They’re sturdy, calm, enjoyable cars, and as a VW bus he’d have room to relax and be his relaxing teflon self. The Convertable, because he likes a bit of style now and again. I was going to go with the bigger one, but doesn’t this little bus look like Niall??

Liam: Don’t mistake this for an insult, but he’d be an older ford pickup truck, with lots of wear, preferably with a custom design, most likely flashy.  Reliable, safe, strong, will get you where you want to go with a bit of edge. Conjures up images of strong men like Liam lifting bales of hay. Imagine one of these with flames, or maybe some of his tattoos on it, the arrows along the side. Liam, is surprising, and I think he’d make a good looking custom pickup.


I spent an our trying to decide what car harry was and it was so hard, soo I went with these, because harry could never be just one thing.The video is Harry to a t.

Harry would be this car, hands down. (or a hippie bus). He has so many aspects and facets of him so many little bits and pieces and parts, he’s funny and kind. He loves rainbows and bad jokes, and he’d be this car. So many secrets and pieces to discover. Always something new.I also think he’d probably be a Posrche of any style, obviously because he has that flair. (vintage suits him best though).

bonus hippie bus because I’m indecisive like that.

attackonhunter-deactivated20151  asked:

I have a prompt for you. I planned to write it, but ended up dropping it because of all the stories I'm working on. Maybe you'll like the idea? : Touka was a struggling university student who desperately needed a tutor. The manager ends up getting her one. Needless to say, it's Kaneki. I planned to write it with both of them being ghouls, but whatever, if you decide to take it! :p

Title: Tutor
Pairing: Touken
Warning(s): I’m very good at evading crucial scenes, I’m so sorry. a very sweet fic haha.

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