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Cassian Commander of the Night Courts Armies

Azriel Night Court spy and Shadowsinger

There was something rough hewn about his features - like he’d been made of wind and earth and flame and these civilized trappings were little more than an inconvenience

But the second male, the more classically beautiful of the two… Even the light shied from the elegant planes of his face. With good reason. Beautiful but near unreadable…

evan, looking into a cup: what kind of tea is this?

jared: oh, i just boiled some red bull

evan: *screams into the void*


Take this!

Auntie Bells

by reddit user Pippinacious

Auntie Bells wasn’t really my auntie, or anyone else’s for that matter. I’m not sure she even had any real family at all. It was just what everyone called her. She’d been a fixture in the neighborhood since long before I was born and there wasn’t a single person who didn’t at least know of her.

She was something of a living legend; a crazy cat lady type without the cats. It wasn’t unusual to look out your window in the dead of night and see Auntie Bells shuffling down the street, big walking stick clutched in one hand, her tameless hair shining white in the moonlight. And if you didn’t see her, you’d hear her. Auntie Bells took her name from the bracelets she wore on both wrists, strands of twine run through a countless number of tiny bells that tinkled with her every movement.

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“I liked the building, not you.”

A/N: Hope this breaks my writing hiatus.  I tried to make this as realistic as possible. I might have more parts if you guys like it. 

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 3,175

I wasn’t sure which neighbourhood I was in or how I exactly got there but I didn’t care. As I passed further into the blocks of residential houses the more they began to bloom with colour and greengage. I felt like I was returning home.

I continued listening to my music out of one earbud and ambled my way down the streets, the shutter on my camera never seemed to stop. Everything was perfect and it had been so long since I felt this way.

Toronto was good for me but it also was different. It was nothing like back home and after living on The Rock for my whole life I wasn’t used to change. Moving to Toronto I expected that my abilities would expand and flex but after the third month, I was feeling trapped. My source for photography was suddenly limited and I was trying to learn to adapt.

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Jeongyeon: Look what I found on the stairs instead of the hamper. Someone’s little “I <3 Tokyo” panties!

Momo: Ahh! You know I hate that word!

Jeongyeon: PANTIES.

Momo: AHHHH! 

Dahyun: Woah, can you guys take this fight to your room, I wanna watch Celebrities Under Water.

Dahyun: [clicking at the TV] Oh nonononono, where’s Celebrities Under Water on the DVR?

Momo: I deleted it.

Dahyun: Wh-why would you do that?

Momo: I don’t want the playlist menu cluttered with a bunch of shows I’m not into!

Jeongyeon: Look! If you wanna keep staying in the dorm then no more eating ethnic food in our bed!

Dahyun: Yeah, and no deleting my wet celebrities!

Jeongyeon: And no more panties on the stairs!

Momo: AH, I don’t like that word!

Dahyun: Well too bad! Stairs stairs stairs!



Jeongyeon: …She meant panties.

Dahyun: …now I’m embarrassed.

anonymous asked:

Tell me all the hot goss about Lord Byron. xoxo gossip academic I guess

oh my GOSH Nonnie I’m so glad you asked 

because I went looking for some good sources on Lord Byron goss and I found out Archive. org has a page of ANECDOTES OF LORD BYRON , FROM AUTHENTIC SOURCES 


okay here’s just one, from Thomas Moore and Samuel Rogers:

When we sat down to dinner, I asked Byron if he would take soup? ‘No; he never took soup.’ — ‘Would he take some fish? — 'No; he never took fish. — Presently I asked if he would eat some mutton? 'No; he never ate mutton. — I then asked if he would take a glass of wine? 'No; he never tasted wine. — It was now necessary to inquire what he did eat and drink; and the answer was, 'Nothing but hard biscuits and soda-water.’ Unfortunately, neither hard biscuits nor soda-water were at hand; and he dined upon potatoes bruised down on his plate and drenched with vinegar. — My guests stayed till very late, discussing the merits of Walter Scott and Joanna Baillie. — Some days after, meeting Hobhouse, I said to him, 'How long will Lord Byron persevere in his present diet?’ He replied, 'Just as long as you continue to notice it.’ I did not then know, what I now know to be a fact — that Byron, after leaving my house, had gone to a Club in St. James’s Street, and eaten a hearty meat supper.



omg have another:

Byron savoured being a faux military General. He constructed two small stone forts on the edge of his lake and launched a fleet of toy ships, which he spent entire days directing while hidden in his fort. He even got his servant to sit still in a small boat in the lake and ‘command the ships’, involving pushing them around and making cannon and whistle noises with his mouth.

and one more :

 While he was studying at Cambridge, he was told all pet dogs were banned (wanting his bulldog Smut living in his dorm). Byron was so annoyed he bought a tame bear instead. He’d walk the bear around the grounds on a chain like a dog and got great pleasure from the terrified reactions.Byron tried to get the bear enrolled as a student. He said, ‘I have got a new friend…a tame bear…they asked me what I should do with him, and my reply was, ‘he should sit for a fellowship.’ 

OKAY THAT’S ALL FOR NOW but thank you so much for that ask, Nonny 

I’m gonna hope Byron Fans tag on with more Byron Adventures because he is always Storytime Gold!