look i finaly made a thing


A strange encouter during a sure to be strange case…

This all started with a conversation I had with my sister. I was talking about that erised mirror and at one moment I was like “Hey, imagine Castiel coming across this mirror and getting confused when all he sees is him and Dean making out, and calling Dean, but then all Dean can see is the exact same thing and they both stay there confused”. And my sister was like “Yes, and then Sam comes in only to see it too!”. Because litterally everyone wants them to finaly do it! It made us laugh like crazy, hope you can find it funny too:)


Actual dialogue:

“So it was true.“

“How does this thing even exist?”

“Entertaining I’d say.”

“Such an interesting artefact…”

"Who the fuck invented  this?!”

“Is it the future?”

“More like what happens in their head!”

“I cannot say I am really surprised…”

anonymous asked:

You should seriously drop the fucking annoying idea of Elsa and that imbecil Albert and finaly do some Hansla. Joseff would have been more appealing if he were bi or gay, really. And if Heidi is 15, why does she look like she is 25? And I don't see any Anna in neither of those kids. They look like Kristoff himself geve them birth XP Joseff girlfriend's name is awfull. Who made that up. Im only looking forward to Heidi's guy :D After that, you should really die or something :/

I’m sorry, you must’ve completely missed the part where I gave a fuck.

On another note,
It’s one thing to talk about my OC’s but don’t you fuck around with my friend’s character. That’s something I won’t tolerate.