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Hello! I finally have both a working tablet again and a little bit (hopefully) of free time so i’m going to try get round to the long ass list of drawings i’m supposed to be doing - i’ll get there eventually, i swear. To those of you who are still here even though i’ve been posting jack all of my own work for months, thank you! For those who didn’t even know i did my own stuff, run now, it’s awful. 

to @mama-sally and @pyrophoricitee imma apologise right now cause you’ll have to put up with all my faceplanting keyboards and crying because _why gimp why?_ for the foreseeable future. Thanks for dealing with my bullshit, it’s much appreciated.

In the meantime, while i get around to proper stuff, have a shitty sketch of me.

Drarry Smut

Warnings/Information: Harry Potter, this takes place in Deathly Hallows (Part 2), is when Harry, Hermione, and Ron go in to look for Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem in the Room of Requirement and Draco and Crabbe and the other guy come in, modified canon stuff, mildly nonconsensual but also consensual idk?, Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter, gay shit, gay smut, two men doing sexual things, gay gay gay gay gay, kinda angsty/saddish at the end, and warning: IT’S LIKE, LONG, SO YEAH XD, also the indentation is fucked up because I copied and pasted it from Google Docs because I don’t trust Quotev not to delete my shit again.

Also I don’t own Harry Potter. Obviously. Or Drarry would be canon af.

An Even Exchange

Harry’s face lit up with a victorious smile as he fiddled with the diadem, caressing the metal and feeling his heart leap. He was now so close to being one step closer to killing Voldemort

Suddenly, he felt as though he, Ron, and Hermione weren’t alone anymore… He turned around, letting the diadem fall back into the box, and met Malfoy’s gaze.

“Well, well,” murmured the blonde. “What brings you here, Potter?”

Harry straightened himself up. “I could ask you the same,” he responded.

“You have something of mine,” Draco stated “I’d like it back”

“What’s wrong with the one you have?” Harry retorted passively, gesturing towards the wand Malfoy held in his hand, pointed at him.

“It’s my mother’s. Powerful… but it’s… not the same. Doesn’t quite… understand me. Know what I mean?” Draco’s words hit Harry deeper than Harry meant to let them go. His own wand had been splintered to pieces earlier in the year when Voldemort’s snake, Nagini, had attacked Hermione and him in Godric’s Hallow.

“Well too bad, Malfoy. I won it from you, so it’s only fair that I keep it,” Harry responded finally.

Malfoy’s face twisted into a frown, but then softened slightly, a smirk making his lips turn upward. “Fine then, Potter. I’ll just have to take something else.”

Harry laughed, amused. “What else could you possibly take, Malfoy?” The words slipped from his lips incredulously.

Malfoy didn’t respond. “Crabbe, Blaise! Get Granger and Weasley out of here.”

Almost instantly the four afore-mentioned people were fighting, shooting hexes and curses at each other. In the midst of all the chaos, Harry was caught by surprise as Draco quickly hexed him, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him away from his friends.

The moment Harry recovered from being stupefied he began struggling against Draco. “G-Get off me!” he growled.

“Accio wand,” Malfoy muttered.

Harry’s wand flew out of his pocket, into Malfoy’s awaiting hand, which tucked it into his pocket. Before he could protest, however, Malfoy was pushing him backwards. Harry landed on something soft: a bed. Wait. A bed? That surely hadn’t been there before. Why would a bed be in the Room of Requirement? There was no need for a bed…

And that’s when he looked up to see the smirk on Malfoy’s face. “I’ll just have to take you, Potter.”

Harry’s eyes widened at the dangerous implication the Slytherin’s words held.

“You don’t mean… Malfoy…!” Harry sputtered out the other’s name, his cheeks flushing rather quickly.

“Ah, shut it Potter, it’s not like you’ve never imagined this.”

Harry’s mouth opened, then shut. It wasn’t like he could deny it. He mustn’t tell lies, and to say that he’d never wanked off to Draco’s incredibly handsome face would be a complete and utter lie.

Malfoy was removing his shirt now, undoing his green tie and tossing it aside carelessly when it was loose. His other free hand held Potter’s wrists above his head. He was straddling Harry, his hips settled on top of the Gryffindor’s crotch and his legs keeping strong control over Harry’s ankles, making sure he wouldn’t kick.

All the while, Harry stared at Malfoy, unable to think straight. Draco’s elegant fingers popped open the buttons of his own shirt.

“Fulgari,” Draco murmured, pointing his wand at Harry’s wrists. Harry’s wrists were instantly bound in shining ropes, and now Malfoy was free to shrug off his shirt, throwing it to the right.

Harry jerked, his mind being yanked back to reality rather quickly as he heard some curses being shouted in the distance, Ron and Hermione’s voices standing out.

Before Harry could even turn to Draco to say something along the lines of ‘let me go!’, Draco had muttered a silencing charm, and all was quiet once more. Harry’s mouth opened, but then snapped shut as Draco’s nimble fingers skittered down Harry’s shirt, undoing buttons along the way.

“Malfoy, stop,” Harry hissed through his teeth as the large field of skin littered with bits of sparse, dark hair was exposed.

“Yeah? Why?” came the response. Draco’s fingers were twisting the hair gently

“B-Because,” was the half-assed answer.

Malfoy laughed, amused. “Yeah, right, Potter. Maybe if you had a good reason I’d actually give it a thought, eh?”

His fingers found Harry’s nipples, and now they were tormenting them, sending little sparks of something throughout Harry’s body. Harry bit his lip rather harshly.

“Scared, Potter? Scared of me defiling you?” He paused, his eyebrow quirking upwards. “Or perhaps, you’re scared of the noises you’ll make while I’m fucking you?”

It was a rhetorical question; Malfoy wasn’t seeking any answers. His words, however, had caused Harry to flush a deep red and bite his lip even harder as Draco dipped down to suck on one of Harry’s sensitive buds.

Harry’s head thudded back against the pillow. He was breathing too heavily, getting too caught up in the moment. Don’t get hard, don’t get hard, don’t get hard, he repeated to himself in his mind, reciting the mantra but in vain. Don’t get hard, fuck, you’re getting hard, it’s failing, maybe he won’t notice…

Alas, but with Malfoy’s position on Harry, his hips perfectly aligned with the other’s hips, he could feel the way that Harry’s pants were tighter than they used to be, could feel the growing bulge. Harry glanced down at Malfoy, his breath hitching when he realized that the blond was smirking back up at him.

He didn’t even notice the way that Draco subtly scooted backwards, the way that his hand was snaking downwards at a rather alarming pace, until he felt the button on his pants be popped open.

“Merlin,” Harry whispered, the words almost coming out as a whine.

Next thing he knew, the zipper was coming down as well, and then in a blur his pants were gone. His maroon boxers were strained, and Harry panted slowly as he stared steadily up and nowhere else.

It was quiet for a moment, and so Harry gasped as his boxers were brought down sharply and quickly without any fair warning. He closed his eyes, his face scarlet, as waves of humiliation thrummed through him. He refused to look Malfoy in the eye while he was in such a vulnerable state.

“Want me to stop now, Potter? Because your prick says otherwise,” Malfoy’s voice rang out.

Harry trembled as Malfoy’s slightly cold, smooth hand wrapped around him, jerking him off at an agonistically slow pace. The brunette wanted to say that he wanted Draco to stop, he really did, except if he did, it would be a lie and both of them knew it.

The slow pace started gaining speed, getting a bit quicker, and Harry’s jerking breathing morphed into a series of breathy pants and gasps. “M-Merlin,” Harry whispered again, his hips moving against his will.

Then it all stopped, and Harry let out a whimper of disappointment without even realizing it.

“Look at me, Harry,” Draco demanded. Harry grit his teeth, his arousal spiking at the use of his first name. “Look at me,” he repeated when Harry shook his head adamantly.

“Harry, if you don’t look at me I’m not going to let you come,” Draco warned.

“Bloody hell,” Harry groaned quietly, slowly letting his eyes flutter open, meeting Malfoy’s grayish blue gaze with his own, greenish blue eyes.

“That’s a good lad,” Draco praised, his lips turning upwards in a smile.

Before Harry could come up with a retort, Draco’s lips were on his own. Harry’s mouth fell open in shock and Draco moaned softly as he shoved his tongue into Harry’s mouth. Harry was trying not to think about how good Malfoy’s lips felt against his own, of how soft his skin was and how wet his tongue was as it explored Harry’s awaiting cavern. It proved to be an impossible task.

He started gently and instinctively kissing back, a hint of shyness evident in the way he did so. His lips parted again as Malfoy’s hands snaked downwards again, once again taking hold of his erect cock and stroking it at a rhythmic, even pace.

Harry started succumbing to the pleasure, his hips thrusting upwards at an erratic pace with no rhythm at all, and he whined childishly as the touch slowed. He stopped though, when he saw that Malfoy’s hands had instead gone to his own pants, undoing the button and sighing in relief as the tension was lessened slightly. For the first time, Harry realized how tight Malfoy’s pants had been, and as Draco ditched the pants, his eyes traveled down the Slytherin’s body without being able to help it.

Potter’s trance was broken with Malfoy’s voice, causing him to start to attention. “Enjoying the view from down there, Potter?” he drawled, a hand slipping beneath the hem of his boxers.

He slid the boxers down confidently (or at least, if he had any worries he hid them quite well) and Harry knew that Malfoy was smirking down at him, reveling in the look on Harry’s face, but he didn’t care. All he knew was that Malfoy was hot. His cock wasn’t any less beautiful than the rest of his body, and it matched the rest of him beautifully.

Malfoy was a masterpiece.

All these romantic thoughts were thrown from his mind as he realized Malfoy had ducked down to start kissing at his chest again. He lingered a little at Harry’s nipples before licking and sucking and nipping his way up to the brunette’s neck and then stopped to loiter there. Harry let out a quiet sort of gasp which was magnified to a moan as Draco straddled Harry once more, his hips matching up with Harry’s and causing their cocks to slide against each other in the most pleasurable way.

Malfoy was unabashedly moaning, vibrations traveling up his neck. He bit down slightly, making Harry’s back arch in a painful pleasure, before Malfoy’s lips made their way up Harry’s jaw and finally landing at their destination on the other’s lips.

The feeling of Draco thrusting and rubbing against him while he pleasurably abused his lips with his own was incredible. Harry’s mind wasn’t sure where to go and what to think; all he knew was that this felt amazing.

He was so caught up in the pleasure that he didn’t even see the way one of Malfoy’s hands was caressing his thigh, dangerously traveling between his legs slowly. The feeling of a nimble finger prodding at his entrance was enough to jerk him back to reality, and Harry jolted backwards nervously. He glanced up at Malfoy, who had broken the kiss, and found himself oddly comforted by the gentle smile that the blonde was giving him.

“Don’t worry about it Potter, I’ll make you feel good…” the Slytherin murmured in a low, lusty tone.

This time, as Draco pushed a finger into him, Harry didn’t stop him. Instead, he took a deep breath and lay back, relaxing. The Gryffindor wasn’t exactly a complete stranger to this feeling. He had gotten a little curious a couple times, and it had just… happened, he supposed, while he was having a little time to himself. But someone else doing it? And Malfoy, for that matter? This felt completely different, and a lot more pleasurable…

Malfoy had added another finger, now scissoring them and curling them and stretching him in the most divine way, searching… searching for the spot that would make Potter see stars…

Harry’s back arched suddenly, and a rush of air escaped his lips, forming the word ‘Malfoy’ as he did so. Harry had tried, but never quite found, this place within him. And now that Draco had found it, he wasn’t stopping at relentlessly pressing up against it with, now, three fingers.

The brunette’s hips were thrusting forward, essentially doing the task of fucking himself upon Malfoy’s fingers. His head lay back against the pillow, his eyes closed in bliss.

But then his eyes flew open as the fingers left him. Malfoy wasn’t replacing them with something better, bigger, and Harry whined in protest.

“Merlin, please, M-Malfoy,” he panted, his hips left thrusting against air.

“Please what?” Draco responded oh-so innocently, a smirk playing at his dainty lips.

“Y-You know what,” Harry responded with a huff.

“Ah, but I can assure you that I don’t know what,” came the teasing reply.

“Fuckin’ hell,” the Gryffindor hissed.

“My, such language from the chosen one,” Malfoy smiled, running his fingers across Harry’s lips. “Beg for it, Potter.”

Harry’s lips set in a firm line, and he shook his head. His pride was so far gone at this point, but he still had a shred of self-respect and he did not want to beg for Malfoy’s cock. His beautiful, pale, hard, delicious…

“I want you,” he murmured weakly.


“In…. in me…”

“What in you?”

“Your… m-merlin, Draco, you know what I want!” Harry burst out, exasperated and embarrassed.

“Yes, but I’m not going to give it to you until you assure me that you want it,” Malfoy responded slyly.

“You can’t m-make me.”

The Slytherin hummed in response, his head lowering. Harry’s breath hitched: Draco’s lithe tongue had darted out and lapped up the pre-cum beading at the tip of Harry’s cock and was now forming little circles around the tip.

Sparks like electricity were rushing down to his groin, and his hips jerked upwards. Malfoy relaxed his throat, going down deeper on Harry, who let out a high-pitched whimper.

Harry was utterly defeated. Having Malfoy sucking him like so was heavenly, but Draco knew what Harry really wanted… to come with Malfoy inside him, filling him up and fucking him into the bed.

“Dracoooo,” he moaned.

“Hm?” came the response, sending vibrations through Harry’s cock and putting him near the edge.

“F-Fuck me! Please, merlin, fuck me… please, I want to c-come with you in me, please,” the brunette gasped, finally breaking.

Promptly Malfoy’s mouth was removed from Harry’s cock and the blonde was straddling Harry, spreading his legs and using one hand to guide his cock towards Harry’s entrance. The head of Draco nudged at the hole, causing Harry to let out a string of curses and whimper to Malfoy to “Just do it already”, to which Malfoy abided by quickly.

As the head breached Harry’s entrance, Harry struggled to keep his hips under control, knowing if he thrust himself towards Draco it’d be too fast and too big. The Gryffindor did, however, let out a strangled moan. He looked upwards, seeing Malfoy’s head tipped back in pleasure, his bleached hair falling in just the right positions, his eyes closed and his lip caught between his teeth as beads of sweat trickled down his body. Malfoy was the perfect picture of what pleasure looked like, and Harry’s eyes couldn’t help but to travel down his body, his mouth agape in awe of Draco’s beauty.

He let his hips move forward slowly, jolts of pleasure going straight for his cock as Malfoy filled him. He felt himself gradually opening up to welcome Draco’s hardness willingly. The pain was little, the pleasure vast, and he scooted forward more to fill himself up more, needing more of Malfoy in him. Then he slid back, letting instinct take over, and began fucking himself on Draco slowly at first, then faster. Malfoy let him do the work at first, partially unable to do anything for a moment as he was full of shock and intense pleasure, and then he started thrusting his hips into Harry. Both of them let out long-awaited groans and moans, their voices mingling into one. Harry’s fingers at first clenched the sheets, but then found comfort in holding onto Malfoy’s arms, which were planted on either side of Harry.

The Gryffindor hissed in unadulterated pleasure as the thrusts sped up steadily. Draco jerked, a strangled moan escaping his lips. Malfoy stopped abruptly, panting heavily and clearly trying to regain control of himself.

“Fuck, Harry, don’t d-do that…” he stuttered out.

Potter’s hips gently continued thrusting up against Draco, who whimpered in pleasure and squeezed his eyes shut.

“Do what…?” the brunette responded, mildly confused but smirking.

“The.. hissing…”

Oh. So Draco was affected by hissing, was he?

“So oh-so perfect Draco Malfoy has a weakness, hm?” Harry let the Parseltongue slither from his lips easily, and Draco positively mewled… Harry chuckled. “You don’t even know what I’m saying yet you’re still so affected… I could be reciting potions ingredients for all you know, yet you’d still be getting off…”

“H-Harry…! Stop, please… fuck, I’ll come…” Malfoy’s hips jerked and his body trembled, tensing.

Harry obliged, chuckling lowly. Malfoy’s eyes opened, a mild glare but much lust hidden within them. “How long has that been a thing?” he prompted, subtly drawing out his S’s.

“Since… s-second year…” came the reply.

Harry’s face turned a red comparable to the rubies within the hilt of Godric Gryffindor himself’s sword. “That long…?” he whispered, half to himself.

“F-Fuck off,” Malfoy growled.

Harry swiveled his hips, and the growl swiftly shifted into a whimper. Potter was in control, and both he and Draco were aware of this fact.

“Come on, don’t stop…” Harry hissed out, thrusting his hips so Malfoy would get the idea despite the fact that he didn’t verbally understand Harry’s words. “Fuck me!”

Oh, and Draco did. The thrusts sped up quickly and soon the air was filled with the moans and gasps of the two young men.

Harry’s head lay back, his calloused fingers grasping at Malfoy’s own delicate ones as he lay with his mouth open, eyes closed.

“H-Harry… Parseltongue…” Draco stuttered out in a whisper.

When Harry opened his eyes to gaze at Draco, his face was contorted with pleasure, his hair damp with sweat.

“Come for me, Malfoy…”

Malfoy whimpered and came, his hips jerking one last time as he panted heavily, his eyes closing.

When he’d come down from his high, he pulled out gently, before leaning down.

“You haven’t come,” he observed, watching as Harry touched himself, giving himself long strokes. “I’ll fix that, love…”

And Harry didn’t even have time to process the fact that Draco had just addressed him as ‘love’… ‘love’, for Merlin’s sake… because Draco was prying Harry’s hands from the unsatiated cock and replacing them with something better, more… His lips were opening…

Harry welcomed the familiar feeling of Draco sucking him, gasping but feeling terribly empty. Malfoy, thank Merlin, seemed to sense this by the way that Harry’s legs spread a bit, and started fingering him, massaging his prostate gently but just enough to make him see stars as he hit the edge.

“M-Malfoy…” Harry whispered as he came into the mouth that belonged to the name he’d just let loose from his own lips.

The blonde swallowed, licking his lips, before hastily casting the countercurse to undo the silvery ropes around Harry’s wrists, then laying down somewhat nervously beside the Gryffindor.

The two just lay there beside each other quietly, not exchanging any words.

For just having received the best sex of his life, Harry couldn’t help but feel a bit broken inside…

Malfoy and Harry were on opposite sides, you see… It was incredibly and painfully likely that this would only be a one time thing. Yet seeing as how this was the case, Harry didn’t get up and run off… this was why Harry was laying here, his hand now tracing Malfoy’s hand.

Just them.

Harry Potter, and Draco Malfoy.

Tumblr deleted this?????? 

Idk why, but it’s gone from my blog so yeah! Fuck me, right?! So yeah my H2O Delirious piece, reposted from what seems like forever ago. Someone had messaged me saying it was gone, and I finally looked, so yup here it is again!

Please do not: use, edit, or re-upload without my permission. Thank you :D

Voyeur / 1 / Jimin

>> summary: Your best friend and her boyfriend are super kinky and want to help your first proper sexual encounter to be safe and … exciting.

>> word count: 3.8k

>> tags/warning(s): university/college au (I kNoW I do these all the time lmao) threesome (?), exhibitionism/voyeurism, fingering, dirty talk, all that jazz

- parts: masterlist / 1 / +

>> note: this has a super slow build but I feel like it’s necessary for it to be more realistic ! let me know what you think of it and if you’ve got any requests just drop them in my ask box! <3 I thought of this literally just earlier and I knew I had to write it before I forgot, so this was all done in one sitting so I apologise if it’s a bit sloppy !

It was between classes, you were sat casually in a small on-campus cafe with your best friend and her boyfriend, Jimin. Sipping at your hot beverage, you stared out of the window, watching the students bustling past. It was a Monday, a slow one at that. As you watched, your mind drifted - thinking about all the sorts of things that could be going on in these people’s lives. What were they thinking? Was their family life okay? What were they having for dinner that day? Did they like coffee? Your best friend’s voice brought you out of your daze.

“Did you hear me?” She seemingly repeated herself, snapping her fingers in front of your face, you blinking a few times to refocus your eyes. Both of them were staring at you, almost expectantly.

Clearing your throat, you tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear nervously. “No, sorry, could you repeat it?”

She sighed almost frustratedly. “I said,” you brought your cup up to your lips to take a sip of your drink, “do you want a threesome?”

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Happy Friday shipsters, and non-shipsters! I realize that I have been on a little self-imposed blogging boycott, but I decided today was a good day to have some fun. It has been a tough personal week with work commitments and a death in our family. While that can be sobering on many fronts, it also affords you time to reflect, and allows you to focus on happier thoughts and shared remembrances with those you love.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on yesterday to those awesome pictures from EW. I absolutely loved them, and I am not ashamed to say it!! FINALLY, we saw Jamie and Claire and the ship and the beach and I knew OL has arrived! While Starz as a general rule sucks at overall promo, their trailers are quite good, and EW plays up puff better than anyone. I am actually ok with that….it’s what they do. So what if some pics are “cheesy”, or over the top???…GOOD! I loved sea-swept Jamie. The messy hair, dirty shirt, splotchy fair skin…he looked fab! I didn’t expect him to look like he stepped off rhe Oasis of the Seas sprayed down with Coppertone 50, and beach blanket under his arm. He was manly, and hot! And our Claire was glorious!!! I swear, that woman could put on a rubber beach ball and make it look great. The fact that there are multiple covers was a great idea, and I am over the moon that Cait finally got one of her own!!

I have read several posts today about the bts stuff, and couldn’t agree more. We got to see Sam and Cait again in those, and it was a pleasure to behold. All I will say on that front is that there is a comfort and intimacy about them that is not for show, and just solidified my thoughts that it is still there…maybe more so than ever.

But do you know what I loved the most??? The shipsters!! Look at Tumblr yesterday. It was lit up like a Christmas tree. The gif masters were on full display with all of their glory, the word smith’s were thoughtful, funny, sometimes a “little” snarky, and overall engaging. And everyone, with the exception of some idiot anon’s had FUN!! Now do you understand why factions “attack” shippers? If not, let me spell it out for you.

Amazing women sit behind a keyboard with a community of like-minded women and accomplish in a matter of hours what it takes others weeks and months to work out. The gifs and pictures alone created more positive promo than a hired team from a major studio, and got it right! And, those same women picked up on every single thing in that photoshoot because they pay attention to the details. And, they engaged the stars on SM, which in turn caused our two leads to come out and play….with us, and more importantly, each other. For the negative Nellie’s who will scream “it’s just promo”., you’re damn right it is. It is about time they promoted the show that made them stars, at least in our eyes. But, they gave us a little peek of themselves as well, and we all know that has been buried under a rock….same as us. But, we saw what we have always seen, and I don’t need to shout it from the rafters.

My point….ENJOY it! Have fun with it! Live in the moment…it’s what we used to do. Don’t worry about what “might” happen tomorrow, or next week….only time will give us that. But just maybe, we will be surprised, just like we were yesterday. In the meantime, I am having more cake, and will walk it off later.

Fabulous job sweet shipsters. You showed up and showed out! That is what fanning is all about, and you did it together. And stop letting others steal your joy. With the talent around here, those folks are dead in the water, and they know it. They really don’t have the talent, skill, or resilience to keep the ship on lock for long.

Rock on, and happy weekend!💖💖💖

(8) Gladio’s pick-up lines

Gladio: Hey, Iggy. You feeling better?
Ignis: what about?
Gladio: Your fever.
Ignis: ?? I had no fever?
Gladio: Oh. My bad. You just looked so hot last night.
Ignis: Omfg, Gladio, not in front of the kids.

Everything has changed. (Seungcheol)

Group: Seventeen.

Member: Choi Seungcheol.

Additional Info: Member x Reader. angst. Brother!Au. Lots of curse words. And more stuff lmao. (I’ll do the second part soon!!).

Reader’s POV

Since my brother Seungcheol started dating that girl called Sohee five months ago, everything changed.

He started to grow more distant with the rest of the group and me; he spent all his free time with her, they always went shopping, went to parties, to the cinema… he did EVERYTHING with her. Everytime he was done with his training schedule, he ran to the dorms to get ready and do something with Sohee. There wasn’t any “Seventeen time” or “Brother and Sister time” anymore. It was always “Seungcheol and Sohee time”.

To be honest, none of us knew why Seungcheol was still with her, because she was actually a stuck up bitch. He never got to see her “normal-self”. Sometimes when he’s not around and we are at the dorms with Sohee -something really rare, actually- her real-self showed up; constant yelling at us, insulting me or some of the members, trying to flirt with Junhui or Mingyu -something that never worked- and picking fights with me, when I honestly didn’t bother her or anything.

The day I got into a “big fight” with her, I decided to talk to my brother about everyting that has been going on lately. All the members agreed with me, since we all wanted to open his eyes, because things can’t be like this anymore.

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To bring Joy - Pikuna - Mass Effect: Andromeda [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

I have been working more than a month on this. xD
This is not the first Jaal x Ryder fic I started writing, just the first to finish. And it took me so much longer than I wanted, mostly because of writers block and getting more ideas so that it has become three times from it’s original length. But that is normal. |D
Anyhow, first try on a Rydaal fic. I think I stayed pretty much in-character with Jaal. For Ryder I use my costum one, Ayden, and I’m still figuring out how to write her.
Really hope you guys enjoy this. x3

>>Mr. Ama Darav. The Pathfinder asks for you presence in the Tech Lab,<< buzzed the voice from SAM through Liam’s room. 

The Human and Angara had been in the middle of one of their ‘diplomatic exchanges’ - meaning Liam explained several idioms to Jaal and in return Jaal taught him how to avoid offending an Angara.

They had raised their heads when the AI had spoken and now Liam was looking at his friend with a smirk.

“Oh oh, did Ryder found something in your room that shouldn’t be there?”

Jaal huffed a laugh at this playful accusation. “There is hardly anything to find what I haven’t informed her about. She probably just wants to ask some questions.”

While he stood up from his seat, Liam leant back on his couch. 

“She does pepper you with her questions quite a bit lately, huh?” He already saw the puzzled look on Jaal’s face, so he raised his hand and quickly explained. “Idiom. Simply means she asks a lot.”

“Well, the Pathfinder is a really curious person. I don’t mind to help her out with it,” the Angara said with a shrug. 

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Guess who finally got back into drawing??? Its me, the answer is me. I got a new tablet pen and can finally get back to digital art and posting my own stuff again!!

This is an idea I have had in my sketchbook for a while again but thought it would look so much better digitalised, so first thing I do is redraw it!! Hope you like it. Please do not repost or remove caption.

(also its transparent)


So I had an assignment to watch a 3 minute clip I like and do some quick sketch drawings of the layouts and camera work, so I chose the forgiving scene from Zootopia. There is so much little things that they do that you don’t even notice! For one, in the beginning, it showed Judy looking down from an upshot, and then shows her going down to “his level,” which is setting up how she’s getting off her high horse and humbling herself. In that middle jpg there, is flips between the same two camera angles like six times. If this was any other scene this would probably be shoddy camera work, but this masterfully builds up tension as we and Judy don’t know how he’s feeling about all of this. It’s the same shot, he hasn’t moved, how is he feeling? We don’t know. We’re also looking down on Judy, a more meek position than previously looking up at her.

 And then we finally get that release from tension as it cuts to Nick, much closer, and seeing him happy. Then at the end the composition changes from Nick on left, Judy on right to them both being smack in the middle, thanks to a subtle camera pan.

Anyway, this is just me being a huge storyboard nerd while trying to do an assignment. This was really fun, I have to do this again sometime on my own time! 

Stranger feelings


“It’s none of your business” Akko crossed her arms and looked away again, pretending to be mad, hoping to keep her blushed face hidden from her grinning friend.

Sucy wasn’t satisfied with that answer. Akko’s noises had completely messed up her focus on her latest experiment.

Sucy had been working for hours and nothing had been able to distract her, not even Lotte´s random snores. However, when she was about to add her last ingredient, she heard the strangest noise. She froze as soon as she heard it. She couldn’t understand exactly what was it but It sounded like a whispered plea and it sent chills all over her body. Sucy, for the first time in hours, looked away from her potion and stared at one of her sleeping friends. Then Akko made the same noise again. Sucy’s heart seemed to stop for a second and then started to pound hard on her chest. Her hands started to sweat. She still couldn’t understand what Akko had said but she was definitely begging for something in her dreams. And it sounded so sexy.

Sucy was still staring at Akko, though she was trying to change her focus, when the sleeping girl moaned for the first time. Sucy gulped. Her mouth went dry and her eyes widened. The moan made her feel hot as though she was inside her bubbling cauldron. Then Akko slowly started to move her hips up and down. By now Sucy’s mouth was hanging open and she was completely taken by the moment and the feels. Stop it, Sucy. It’s Akko. You shouldn’t be feeling like that… Another moan. This time even louder. The hips movements became faster.

“AKKO!” Sucy managed to scream, though her voice sounded weak and way lower than usual. She was feeling guilty because of the way her body was responding to her friend´s noises. She needed her to stop doing that right now. Sucy did her best for her legs to obey her and went toward Akko’s bed, feeling almost afraid to get too close to her noisy friend. What was she going to say? I woke you up because you screwed my work by moaning and turning me on. No. Her favorite guinea pig could never know that. No one could ever know that. The whole situation was ridiculous and embarrassing.

Sucy wasn’t about to give up on her questioning. It was the perfect disguise to pretend to be interest in Akko’s dreams, although she actually was curious about it.

Akko still had her arms crossed and was facing the other way. She was probably expecting Sucy to mock her.  Sucy reached Akko’s shoulder to catch her attention and make her look at her. She regretted it as soon as her hand touched her skin.

Akko, who had her eyes closed and wasn’t expecting to be touched so soon by the subject of her dreams, jumped so high she hit her head on Lotte’s bed. The slight touch seemed to burn her skin. Sucy eyes went wide and she blushed.

“Sucy! Stop it!” Akko’s voice sounded so-oh low. “ I’m sorry I interrupted your work but give me some space. I need to breath.” Akko moved her arms to push Sucy further away from her. Sucy put her usual uninterested expression back on her face. She was trying hard to stay cool. Now it seemed like she was really upsetting Akko.

“It’s ok, Akko.” Sucy turned away. Although she loved messing up with Akko and she needed the disguise, right now it didn’t feel right. She needed to keep a safe distance.

Akko watched Sucy as she turned away from her and went back to her potions. She stared at her friend’s hips as she walked towards the desk. If she kept doing that Sucy could easily realise what her dream was about.

Sucy looked at her work. Nothing made sense. Maybe she should get some sleep and start it all over again tomorrow.


Sucy didn’t turn to look at Akko. She kept staring at her own work.

“I was dreaming about Andrew, Sucy. I’m sorry I made such a mystery about it. It’s embarrassing. But…but you’re my friend, right? I can tell you these awkward stuff. Sucy, are you even listening to me? ”

Sucy kept staring at her work. She heard Akko and she didn’t like it at all. She needed to put her best mocking face on, but she couldn’t. She felt angry.

“What are you two doing up so late?” Lotte finally woke up. She was rubbing her eyes and looking at Sucy. Her friend seemed tense. Maybe sad. She got worried.

“Akko had a hot dream about Andrew and interrupted my work.” Sucy slowly turned her head to face the girls. Her usual uninterested expression doing a good job covering her anger.

“SUCY! It was supposed to be a secret!” Akko spoke seemingly angry, but she was actually relieved Sucy believed her.

“You didn’t mention it was a secret. Sorry.” Sucy stood up and went to her bed. Akko thought her friend looked sad but wasn’t sure about it. Sucy always looked sad. It was her normal.

“A hot dream about Andrew? “ Lotte sounded confused.”But you can’t stand him…”

“WE DON’T CONTROL OUR DREAMS, LOTTE!” All Akko wanted to do was to stop talking about the dream.

“Ok, ok. I  know that.” Lotte laughed. Her friend seemed embarrassed, though she couldn’t believe she would dream about Andrew, of all people. Sucy, on the other hand, had looked awkwardly upset with this new information. When Lotte looked at her she was pretending to sleep already.

Lotte turned off the lights. She sensed something strange was going on.

Author: EvilRegalWarrior

*looking for a betareader. English is not my first language.


Epic: Hey boss-man what’s going on?

Paradox: Nothing much just looking for potential members to join our team.

Reaper: You have two literal GODS at your side. What more do we need?

Paradox: There’s more to a battle than just raw power Reaper. It’s also a numbers game.

Epic: Yeah that makes sense.

Reaper: Alright fair enough. So… What now?

Paradox: Guys wanna go grab lunch?

Reaper: YES!


Epic & Reaper: So who’d you pick anyways?

Epic: Bruh.

Paradox: Hehe. Lets just say they are quiet skilled and talented.

this was fun but ultimately hard… again. FUCK. in any case I love the whole idea of teams and stuff so i decided to try one of my own. All characters are owned by their respective creators and all art here is my own.

Reaper is created by: @renrink

Epic is created by: @yugogeer12

Clockwise is created by: @oraclesaturn2

Demi is created by @demitale

and lastly Paradox is owned by ME

(reupload since I deleted it before)

A casual Levi costest I did last week since I don’t own all the correct stuff to actually cosplay him. Even though I think my hair and makeup look good in general I don’t think it 100% captures Levi. I plan on attempting to do him again though in the future with different techniques thanks to positive feedback and encouragement from friends.

Decided to finally share this on tumblr. 

I Was Made For Loving You Pt. 2 (SehunxReaderxLay) *Angst, language.*

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Pt. 1 , Pt. 3, Pt. 4, Pt. 5

“Sehun Please!” I screamed as the car came closer to him. It had no intention of stopping.

Kai ran out into the road, and pushed Sehun out of the way, right before the car could hit him.

“What the hell!? Why would you do that!? You could have gotten killed too! Just let me die.” Sehun said, pushing Kai off of him.

“I can’t let that happen. I’m not letting my best friend die. You’re going to be okay, Sehun. We’re gonna get through this, I promise. Just, please, come back home.” Kai begged.

Chen and I ran across the street to Sehun and Kai to see if they were okay. “Are you guys okay?” Chen and I say in unison.

“Yeah, we’re fine, just a little scratched up. Nothing serious.” Kai stood up and wiped himself off.

Sehun still sat on the sidewalk, his head in his hands. Kai helped him up, and shielded him from the members who were just now starting to show up, knowing that Sehun wouldn’t want anyone seeing him like this.  “We’re fine guys. I think for now we are just going to go home and rest up.” Kai said, trying to make everyone calm down and not worry too much.

Suho helped Kai with Sehun. I hesitate a little, but go to Sehun to make sure he’s really okay. After a second, I decide it’s okay to hug him. “Please don’t scare me like that ever again, okay?” I whispered to him.

“I thought you didn’t care.” He said, looking down at me, tears mixed with rain water falling down his cheeks still.

“Of course I care! Are you crazy!?”

“I thought you’d be too busy with Lay to even notice I was gone.” His voice was still sad, and it hurt my heart that he was so torn up about this.

“I wasn’t going to leave you the way you were, of course I noticed you were gone. I didn’t know what you were planning, but I knew it wasn’t anything good. Don’t do things like that.” I said, hugging him tighter.

“I’m gonna take him back to the dorm now, okay?” Kai said, interrupting our small moment.

“Alright.” I wanted to leave with them, but I also wanted to give Sehun his space, is that what he really needs though? Space?

“Give him his space, Lauren. He just went through a lot.” Lay said, standing beside me now.

I looked up at him and sighed for the millionth time today. “What he needs right now isn’t space, Lay, he needs to know that he’s loved and he needs to get attention.” I said, making up my mind about the situation.

“But Jagiya… I don’t want you to go. If you go off and do this tonight… Then I guess we’re done. I can’t keep fighting for you all the time, it gets exhausting. It’s me or him.” He said, crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the wet ground.

I hesitate again, but nod, making my decision. “Lay, I’m so sorry, but Sehun needs me right now. I’m not just going to abandon him.” Before I can change my mind, I ran to catch up with Sehun, Kai, and Suho.

I look back at Lay, who’s standing there dumbfounded, trying to process the the fact that I chose Sehun over him. “Fuck!” He yelled into the night air.

Kyungsoo looks at me, pity in his eyes. “I’ll go take care of Lay. Be safe, okay?” He said, running off in Lay’s direction. Baekhyun follows him, giving me a warm smile before he took off.

I can’t help but feel guilty about leaving Lay for Sehun. But in a moment like this, I couldn’t just leave Sehun to do whatever. He could try to run out again.

All of us run through the rain to the dorm, and quickly get Sehun to his room. Suho gathers everyone and starts ushering the boys out the door. “Come on, let’s give these two some time alone.” He said, shutting the door behind him, after hoarding everyone out.

I slowly walked over to Sehun, a little hesitant at first to sit beside him on the edge of the bed. I’m quiet for a while, thinking everything over. Sehun seemed to notice my distraught face. He scoots closer to me, and pulls me into a hug. “Want to talk about it?” He asked, in a soft voice. I just shook my head, not wanting to make any of this about me.

He pulled me down in a laying position on the bed, and held me close to him, burying his face into my wet hair. It was a little uncomfortable to cuddle while extremely wet from being in the rain, but Sehun didn’t seem to mind. We stayed silent as we cuddled, soon falling asleep and forgetting about the events that happened today.


I was the first to wake up, I look over at the sleeping figure beside me, forgetting that Sehun was here instead of Lay. Everything that happened last night came flooding into my memory. I sighed and quietly got out of the bed, trying not to wake Sehun. Walking to the living room, I spot Kai sitting on the couch, eating breakfast and watching television. I sat down next to him, staying silent for a second, but then turning to him. “Last night,” I started. “Lay told me that Sehun had done something like this before. Can you tell me what happened, exactly?” I asked, hopeful that he would answer me.

However, he just stared at me with a blank face before answering; “You wouldn’t want to know… It was worse than this… You should know that Sehun loves you. Really loves you, and it hurts him to see you and Lay together.” He said, looking at me seriously.

I look at the ground and let a tear escape my eye. “I know.” I say, before getting up and walking slowly back to Sehun’s room.

I look at the boy, who is still in a deep sleep, and I smile. Climbing back into the bed, I pulled him close to me and snuggled my face into his chest. “Don’t do stuff like this again, okay? I love you too.” I said it so quiet that even I couldn’t hear my own voice, but I said it. I finally said it. And it feels so goddamn good to get it off my chest. Sure, no one was around to hear it, but I definitely said it.

There was a loud slam throughout the dorm, and a loud ‘where is she!?’ coming from the living room. Soon, Sehun’s door slammed open, and in stumbled a drunk Zhang Yixing.

He starred at the two of us for a split second, and his eyes turned to stone when they met mine. “Is this what you meaant by love and attention!? You fucking slept with him!? Are you kidding me!?” His words slurred, but they were loud as hell. He didn’t even let me explain before he slammed the door shut.

Sehun’s eyes fluttered open, and he sat up, rubbing his face. “What just happened?” He asked sleepily.

I shook my head, continuing to stare at the door, trying to process what just happened. “Nothing, just go back to sleep, okay?” My voice quivered as I tried not to cry.

I was so shocked by Lay bursting in like that, that I didn’t know what to do. He rarely got drunk and when he did, he never acted like this. I was almost at the point of a panic attack. Sehun notices this quickly, and he holds my shoulders, looking at me with concern in his eyes. “Are you alright? (Y/N), you’re shaking, what happened?”

I can’t even speak, I’m shaking so much. Sehun wraps me up in his balnket. “It’s Lay, isn’t it?” He asked. I managed to nod my head, making his eyebrows forrow. “Stay here.” He tells me, before he rushes down the hall to Lay’s room.

Sehun pushes Lay down easily due to his state at the moment. “What the hell did you say to (Y/N)!? She’s having a panic attack because of you, asshole!” Sehun yells down at the drunk boy on the floor.

Lay struggles to get up, but when he does, he shoves Sehun against the wall. In the other room, Suho could hear the commotion and runs into the room to break up yet another fight. Kyungsoo was next to come in, looking Lay in the eyes and telling him to let this go. “Think about what we talked about last night. Don’t blow up like this, it’s not worth it.”

The boys in the room started to have deja vu from previous fights. It was all the same comments and attemps to get the two boys to stop fighting.

Upon hearing these words, however, Lay collasped to the ground and started to break down. “How could she do this? We were so happy together. I thought she loved me. It’s all because of this LITTLE SHIT!” Lay’s voice rose and he starts shaking from how angry he was getting. “We were happy until you showed up. You ruined everything. You ruined the only thing I ever cared about!”

I walked in just in time to hear that last part. Lay’s eyes glass over totally emotionless when his eyes meet mine. He lifts himself to is bed, and tells everyone to leave.

Everyone except me leave the room. A tear rolls down my cheek as I look at his form. “Lay, I’m so, so sorry for chosing Sehun over you… But what was I supposed to do!? He was going to kill himself, dammit! I couldn’t just leave him alone.” I said, looking at my feet, more tears falling to the ground. “However, I didn’t fuck him. Nothing happened between us last night, other than the two of us falling asleep. I would never do that to you, ever. It hurts me that you think I would. Lay, I love you so much, I really do..” I paused before I said my next words, thinking about them carefully. I took a deep breath, and nodded my head as I made the decision to say what I’ve been dying to say for a while now. “But I can’t lie to you and say I don’t love Sehun, because I do… But, I don’t want to lose you. I want you by my side for everything. Just, please, don’t leave me.” I begged, finally looking up from the floor to him.

He doesn’t even look at me, but his face is full of hurt. It’s quiet for a moment and I start to believe this whole conversation is pointless, so I turn to leave the room. I’ve said my peice.

Before I can make it to the door, Lay finally speaks up. “You love him? I knew you did. I tried to convince myself that I was wrong, but dammit I knew you did.” He said, running his hands through his hair.

I walked over and sit down beside him, trying to pull him into a hug, but he only pushed my arms away. “I just… I need time to process this all. I don’t know what to do anymore. I still love you, (Y/N), but I can’t be with someone who is in love with another man and can’t chose. There are too many risks. I just don’t know what to think.”

I sigh, and look away from him. “Yeah, I know.. I’m sorry if I hurt you too much.” I stand up and walk out of his room, quietly shutting the door behind me. I walk back in, with my head hung low. “I forgot my keys.” I say as I grab them off of one of the drawers, I leave again, but have to re-enter the room for a second time. “I also forgot my phone…” Grabbing the device, I start to head out of the dorm, but Suho stops me.

“Is everything okay? Where are you going?” He asks, looking at me with concern in his eyes. I’m tired of everyone giving me that look.

I turn to face him and shrug my shoulders. “I don’t know.” I say, before leaving the dorm. I walk out into the cold winter air. My clothes are still a bit damp from last night. I have no idea what to do in a situation like this. I’m in love with two amazing boys who would give me the world if I asked for it.

I reached my car and got in to drive to I don’t even know where. I end up riding around for a few hours, until I ended up at the first place Lay and I met. It’s just some old restaurant now, but it was brand new back then. The place is shut down, but I get out of the car anyways and walk towards the old building. All the good memories flooding back into my mind at once. I slide down the window and sit with my head in my hands, tears uncontrollably running down my face.

At this point, I’m so lost, I have no clue what to do. No matter what I do, or who I chose, I’ll end up hurting one of them. I can’t handle that. I felt water fall on my arm, and look up at the sky to realize that it’s started to storm again. There’s people rushing to get to shelter, failing to share an umbrella. A man stops in front of me, looking down at me. “Are you okay, miss?” He asks, offering his umbrella to me. I only shake my head and stand up.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.” I say.

He smiled at me and nodded. “The weather is supposed to just get worse, so I’d hurry and get home if I were you.” He bowed, and started jogging in the opposite direction as me.

He’s right. I thought. I should go home, I’ll make a decison on the way.

I start to drive back home, wiping the extra tears from my eyes and trying to steady my breathing.

It’s raining incredibly hard, making it hard for me to see out of my windshield, which resulted to me having to drive extremely slow. As I drive, my phone falls from my lap onto the floor. I decided to get it later, but it starts to ring. I looked down, only able to read the name. It’s Sehun. I tried reaching for the device and managed to grab it.

“Hello? Yes, Sehun, I’m fine.” I answered, before looking up at the road. There was a car coming towards me, they were on the wrong side of the road. I swerved, and because of the road being wet, my car starts to spin in a circle and slams against a wall.

Sehun’s voice comes through the phone speaker. “(Y/N)!? (Y/N)!? I heard a crash, are you okay?” He asked, but when there was no answer, he hung up.

I haven’t written in a while! I’m so sorry about that, I’ve been SO busy with band stuff and school stuff. I hope you all understand. :)

It took me long enough but I finally got to do one of these things I love XD Redraws.

This one post went through my dash this morning and couldn’t resist cause the body language of that screencap is perfect (next gen daughters is her fathers all over again).

Lara reached Unova and stuff will happen.

Also finally introducing to you my performancetimeshipping kid Charlotte Reid, Dento’s and Elle’s oldest child. Pokemon breeder and also second in Empress Gina unit.


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Professor Layton and the Past

So I was lying in bed a few nights ago in one of the fits of insomnia I’ve had these past few days, and as usual I just started thinking.  And in this thinking I noticed something about the Professor Layton series and its villains:

All of the villains in the series, whether they be serious villains or just good people with bad intentions, share a common theme.  What is it?  

None of them can let go of the past.

For one reason or another, for good or for bad, each villainous character is obsessed with the past and, more often than not, getting revenge or trying to make things right in their eyes.  Analysis and spoilers under the cut.

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Okay, so…

Remember that long written-out Ragnarok theory/prediction I told you I was going to post? Well, Tumblr Mobile ate it 🙄

I don’t really have the energy to rewrite it, nor do I even remember some of it (that’s why I write stuff down!). So what I am going to do is post some of the theories in a few posts over the next few days. Or weeks. Or whatever. They’ll be under the tag “ragnarok predictions” when I finally do write them out again.

Also, I have decided not to read the junior novel yet, since the few places I glanced at looked completely different from what we’ve seen in the previews and clips, and I want my own theories not to be influenced by what I read!

Fight the Abuse - Version 3 (Luke)

Requested by Anon - Can you make an imagine where you have an abusive boyfriend and he’s your best friend, but he likes you so he beats your boyfriend up? and of course you end up with him (: 4/4 please ^.^

“How could you be wearing long pants and a sweatshirt?” Luke asked as he stood in front of the air and wiped the sweat from his brow.

“I’m comfortable” I lied.

“It is hot as hell out there” he said.

“I don’t know, maybe I am getting sick or something” I added, building my lie.

“Maybe” Luke shrugged and fell onto the bed.

“I have to go Luke. Chris comes home from his business trip today so I have to make sure the house is clean” I tell him. He makes a face and rolls so that he is on his stomach, looking at me.

“I don’t know what it is about him, but i feel like I can’t trust him. Be careful while I am away” he tells me. “And the offer always stands, you need me and I will put the oney into your account for a flight anywhere at any time, wherever we are.” I give him a hug and head out the door. When I get home I shower, change, do laundry, start dinner and vacuum. I sit on the couch to sew a hole that had started to form in Chris’ pants when I apparently fell asleep. I woke up to the smoke alarm going off and the house filled with smoke. I opened the windows and the door where I find a pissed off Chris. I stand stock still and know what is coming next.

“Can I not leave you home for 2 days without almost burning the fucking house down?” He yells, inches from my face.

“I’m sorry, I just- I must have fallen asleep when I was fixing the pants and I forgot about the dinner in the oven-” I said, frantically trying to escape his grasp.

“So not only does our house smell like shit, I have to wait for dinner too?” He continues to yell.

“I’ll order something for you” I try. “It will be quick, 10 minutes tops.”

“I have been eating out, I shouldn’t have to do that in my own home” he says and then he hits me. He uses the back of his hand and strikes me across the face which causes me to fall the the floor. There is a change in his attitude and he is on the floor next to me cupping my face.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to. It’s just been a rough day and I didn’t mean to hit you” he says. He does this every time and I fall for it every time. I knew I was going to fall for it again this time. He kisses my lips gently and helps me to the couch. I’m waiting for the next outburst but it doesn’t come. He lets me recover and tells me that he loves me as we cuddle on the couch.


The next day is not any better for me. I hae to go to the store and it takes me half an hour to get ready because I have to put alot of makeup to cover the bruise and when I finally make my way there, I am met my 4 sets of curious eyes.

“Why are you wearing so much make up?” Michael asks me.

“Can’t a girl go out wearing make up?” I rebuttle.

“Sure, but in the dead of summer in a sweatshirt?” Luke says.

“Stop worrying about the fucking sweatshirt” I almost yell as I push past the boys and finish up my shopping. I pay for my things and when I get back to the house I have a message on my phone.

What the hell was that all about? Are you okay? What’s wrong, you have to tell me what is wrong”

Nothing is wrong Luke, I’m just tired of you always asking about my sweatshirt.

Well it’s just a little odd that someone who was always wearing tanks and shorts has suddenly picked up the habit of wearing pants and jumpers in the middle of summer.

I said just leave it alone Luke.

I turned my phone off and left it in my purse. I wanted to tell him, but Chris doesn’t mean it when he hits me, he just gets mad sometimes and it’s my fault when he does because I’m stupid and clumsey. I take myself through my usual dinner tasks and cut up chicken, fry some onions and peppers and add sauce. I have compleatly finished when Chris walks through the door and he comes in the kitchen with a smile on. I know that I did good today when he comes over and kisses my forehead.

“Smells great, I’ll go change and we can eat” he tells me and after he walks out of the room. I set the table and place the food on his plate as he sits down. Dinner from then on goes fine, we have a pleasent conversation, the food wasn’t bad and he told me about his day.

When I stand up to clean is when everything goes wrong. I dropped a plate because I tripped over Chris’ foot and he lost it. I knew at this point that I had no option but to run but I couldn’t get away. He had me on the floor and he was punching my upper boyd and faces as he kicked my stomach. Things started to go black and I thought I heard shouting coming from the front room. I could hear my heart beating in my ears and I felt pain everywhere. I heard more yelling and through the blurriness of my tears I saw a figure fighting Chris. I tried to get up, I had to stop them.

“Please” I croaked out “Please, leave him alone” a body got closer and I cringed.

“Y/N, it’s me, it’s Ashton. This is gonna hurt but I need to pick you up. I have to get you to a doctor” he told me.

“Ashton, you have to stop the person hurting Chris” I told him.

“No, Y/N. That’s Luke, he needs to do this. We can’t let Chris get away with this” I started to squirm in Ashton’s arms.

“I’ll never forgive him if he doesn’t stop” I say and I realize that Luke must have heard me because he stopped. I heard Calum on the phone with the police and Michael was helping Ashton get me out the door. When we got in the car, I felt someone rubbing my hair.

“Y/N babe, open your eyes” I recognize that voice anywhere and I open them to see Luke. His face is bloody and I start to cry worse.

“Why did you have to do that Luke? I could have handled it on my own, you didn’t need to hurt him” I cried.

“Have you seen yourself Y/N? He was beating the shit out of you and all you did was break a plate” he told me with tears dripping from his face onto his shirt.

“I don’t want to go to the hospital. Please Luke, just take me back to your house” I told him. He looked sad but told Ashton to do as I asked. When we pulled up in front of the house, Luke makes to carry me but I insist on walking. We go right to his room and I turn around.

“Why did you do that Luke?” I asked him, looking at his chest, avoiding his gaze.

“I had to protect you” he answered while bringing me by my hand to the bed.

“Now I’ll be alone forever. He was the only one that loved me” I had started to cry again. How was I supposed to find someone else who would take someone as broken as me and love me.

“Why would you say that” I knew he was staring at me but I refused to catch his eyes.

“I’m broken, I’m messed up, I’m clumsy, I can’t do anything right - ” I tried to continue but Luke shushed me and started to clean my face of the blood I didn’t know was there.

“Did he tell you that? Because he was lying. You know I love you, I know you do and so does everyone else. I have been trying for months to get you to realize it and I never trusted him. I should have gone with my gut an just told you how I felt but I was stupid about it. Please Y/N, look at me.” I raised my eyes to his and they were glossed like he was fighting tears. He opened his mouth as if he was going to continue but instead he leaned in. When his lips found mine, it just felt……right. It felt like coming home after a long trip and sleeping in your own bed, finally seeing your friends or pets, it’s like finding that missing puzzle piece. Knowing that I would have to deal with Chris again made me pull away.

“What are we going to do about my stuff?” I asked.

“Calum and Michael are still there with the police and Ashton is on his way back there. All your stuff will be packed and brought here. You don’t have to worry about him, it’s over” he told me.

“I love you Luke”

“I love you too, Y/N” “Are you sure?” I asked. He responded with another kiss.

“I have never been so sure.”




Zeref both confuses and scares the hell outta me...
  • Zeref: oh I miss my brother so im going to defy god. oops, well fuck everyone is dead.
  • Zeref: you know what im gonna resurrect my brother and not tell him shit about who he is!
  • Zeref: finally! my little brother is alive! now all that's left to do is send him out into the woods all on his own and hope a dragon finds him - and doesn't eat him.
  • Zeref: alright. now all that's left is for natsu to kill me! His only family! Yup logic.
  • Zeref: Oh hey is that natsu?! Aw he looks so badass!
  • Zeref: wait hold on changed my mind. I hate the world cuz it hates me. Im gonna kill em all.
  • Zeref: wait changed my mind again Natsu kill me.
  • Zeref: oh hey look its natsu again! *spouts out stuff natsu doesn't understand* hope he'll figure it out!
  • Zeref: wait! Gah natsus book! Let me just *yoink* alright now what do I do with it...
  • Zeref: Alright. changed my mind again. gonna kill em all! im ready to start a war!
  • Zeref: you know what ima go fight my bro!
  • Zeref: oh hey hes strong. im getting my ass kicked... You know what I just wanna die so...