look i finally do my own stuff again

It took me long enough but I finally got to do one of these things I love XD Redraws.

This one post went through my dash this morning and couldn’t resist cause the body language of that screencap is perfect (next gen daughters is her fathers all over again).

Lara reached Unova and stuff will happen.

Also finally introducing to you my performancetimeshipping kid Charlotte Reid, Dento’s and Elle’s oldest child. Pokemon breeder and also second in Empress Gina unit.


[click image to enlarge]

Zeref both confuses and scares the hell outta me...
  • Zeref: oh I miss my brother so im going to defy god. oops, well fuck everyone is dead.
  • Zeref: you know what im gonna resurrect my brother and not tell him shit about who he is!
  • Zeref: finally! my little brother is alive! now all that's left to do is send him out into the woods all on his own and hope a dragon finds him - and doesn't eat him.
  • Zeref: alright. now all that's left is for natsu to kill me! His only family! Yup logic.
  • Zeref: Oh hey is that natsu?! Aw he looks so badass!
  • Zeref: wait hold on changed my mind. I hate the world cuz it hates me. Im gonna kill em all.
  • Zeref: wait changed my mind again Natsu kill me.
  • Zeref: oh hey look its natsu again! *spouts out stuff natsu doesn't understand* hope he'll figure it out!
  • Zeref: wait! Gah natsus book! Let me just *yoink* alright now what do I do with it...
  • Zeref: Alright. changed my mind again. gonna kill em all! im ready to start a war!
  • Zeref: you know what ima go fight my bro!
  • Zeref: oh hey hes strong. im getting my ass kicked... You know what I just wanna die so...