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90s au where R is really rich and les amis keep asking him "bro you're fcking loaded where'd all this come from??" and he always makes up stuff to keep them from knowing like "i run an international drug empire" or "I sold every single one of my bones and replaced them with rock candy" and les amis never know. then, one day, him and enjolras are getting personal. and enj asks him, for the final time, "grantaire, where did all your money come from?" r looks soulfully away and whispers: (1/2)

“I make money by being the person who claps in the friends theme song”

Plot twist, Grantaire actually comes from a rich “we’re basically royalty” family and never told anyone in the ABC cause royalty and nobility isn’t their gig and he was scared they wouldn’t accept him because of it.

So he keeps telling hilarious lies.

just a little bit of your heart is all i want

Jake Peralta doesn’t like to snoop.

Okay, that’s a lie. He can’t help himself. Any sign of a secret threatening to be exposed, he needs to get to the bottom of it. According to him, it’s a natural human instinct. Everyone else thinks it’s just a Jake Peralta instinct. 

So when he glances down at the trash can next to the bathroom sink while brushing his teeth one night, a rectangular blue box takes over his eyesight. 

And - you guessed it - he can’t help himself.

He reaches down and picks it up, his eyes scanning the small print over and over. Then the panic sets in and the assumptions roll through his mind. He has two options right now - freak out and ask Amy if they need to start baby-proofing their apartment, or calmly ask her what the hell is going on.

He decides to go with the latter.

“Hey, babe?” he calls out, walking back into the bedroom with the box clutched in his hand.

“Yeah?” Amy’s sitting up against the headboard, a concentrated frown hiding behind her reading glasses, and today’s copy of the New York Times sprawled across her lap (she likes to do the Sudoku puzzles at night. Jake doesn’t question it anymore).

“Is there anything you need to tell me?” Jake asks, holding the box up in plain sight.

Amy glances up at him, then at the box. Then back at him, then back at the box, then back to her newspaper. “Nope,” she replies, a small grin appearing as she scribbles a bunch of numbers down on the page.

“You sure? Because this little guy right here is telling me something different.”

Amy rolls her eyes, taking off her glasses. “Jake-”

“Ames, if you were a murderer, you’d be terrible at it. I mean come on, you can’t even hide this evidence properly! You’re literally asking me to arrest you.”


“Wait, are you a murderer? Oh my god, have you been pretending to be a detective this entire time? Captain Holt would be so disappointed in you.”


“Actually you know what? That’s pretty good, faking being a police officer to cover up your crimes, maybe you can get extra points for sneaky behavior-“

“JAKE!” Amy yells. He stops rambling, finally, and stares at her.

“Did you actually look inside the box?” Amy asks. “Or did you just jump to conclusions as always?”

Jake frowns, looking down at the box again. He moves over to the bed, sitting on the edge, then shakes the box lightly. It rattles, indicating that there is indeed something inside that he probably should have investigated before. He reaches with his other hand to open the box, but stops and throws it to Amy.

“I don’t wanna touch it,” he explains with a shudder.

Amy lets out an exasperated sigh - bed time is never boring - before grabbing the box and pulling out the small white stick and holding it up. “It’s negative,” she says, pointing at the single pink line, “see?”

Jake squints at the object, feeling his body instantly relax when he sees one line instead of two. “Okay,” he lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Negative. Okay. Cool cool cool.”

Amy gives him a tight-lipped smile, slipping the test back into the box. “Don’t worry, no tiny humans will be running around this place any time soon,” she reassures him, throwing the box into the small rubbish basket underneath the nightstand.

Jake smiles back but it doesn’t reach his eyes. He slips under the bed covers with a sigh, sliding into the warmth with an odd feeling gnawing at his heart. He still has a million questions about this insane little object that almost just had the ability to change his life. And Amy’s no moron. She can sense when something’s wrong with him.

“Okay, what’s up with you?” she asks, shifting closer to him.

“Why did you take the test in the first place?” Jake blurts out, surprising himself because he was pretty sure he’d said that in his head and not out loud.

Amy takes a deep breath and shrugs. “I…was late,” she admits, a light shade of crimson heating her cheeks.

“But you’re on birth control.”

“Yeah but it’s not always 100% effective, I wanted to be sure. And I didn’t think it was necessarily worth hiding because it wasn’t positive. No biggie, right?”

“Right,” Jake replies. A wave of relief washes over him and he relaxes. “Right, right, right. So, no kids yet?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

“No, not yet,” Amy replies, linking her arm with his.

“But…one day?” he asks hopefully.

If there’s ever been a moment that’s melted Amy’s heart, it’s this one. She grabs his hand, linking her fingers with his gently. “One day for sure,” she promises, kissing him softly on the cheek and resting her chin on his shoulder.

“So just to be completely sure, you’re definitely not pregnant?”

“Well, I’m not late anymore, babe.”

“Oh, gross.”

Hall of Mirrors (pt. 9)

“Do you think you can move that bookshelf over a bit, Google?” The droid complies with a little grumble, and Amy can’t help but smile at him.

Mark and Host sit in the corner. “So this is what it’s like for you all the time?” Mark asks, a blindfold over his eyes.

The Host reaches over and flicks Mark’s ear, causing Mark to freak out a little bit. Host smirks. “Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like all the time.”

Wilford covers his mouth with both hands and continues to giggle loudly. “He’s going to flip when he sees this!”

Bim elbows him in the side. “Help me with the plants and quit squealing like a little girl.” Wilford rolls his eyes and moves the potted plants over to the window where they’ll have plenty of light. Bim smiles at their work. “Remember, I left their watering schedules on the desk, Amy.”

Amy smiles and walks over to Mark who is fidgeting nervously. “Thanks Bim. I’ll remember that.” She kneels down beside Mark and puts her hand on his knee. He jumps a little. “Are you doing ok?”

He smiles, but even without seeing his eyes, Amy can tell that the smile only goes so far. He’s having a hard time, which is understandable with Dark’s constant oppression over his thoughts. “Don’t worry about me,” Mark says softly, even though he knows it’s a useless thing to tell her at this point.

“We’re going to fix this. It won’t be much longer.” Amy pats his knee a bit before getting up and taking a look at where Google has moved the bookshelf. “That’s perfect, Googs. Thank you.” She pokes the android in the side, but he doesn’t react except to flash his blue eyes at her. Amy ignores it and starts to rearrange some of the shelf’s contents from where they shifted.

Dark walks in moments later and stops dead in the door, looking around with his usual steely gaze. “What is this?” He storms in, slamming the door behind him and pointing his finger around at all of them. “What are you all doing in my office?

Amy turns to him and rests her hands on her hips. “Oh, this isn’t your office anymore. It’s mine.” She gestures around. “What do you think? I want to hang a few more posters on the walls, but other than that…”

Dark’s explosion cuts Amy off mid-sentence, and Google quickly moves to place himself between her and Dark as the Ego races forward in a raging fury. “Just who do you think you are?” He swipes the droid to the side, but Amy doesn’t flinch as she comes face to face with Dark.

She glances down at Google, and the droid nods up at her as he scrambles back to his feet. Amy turns back to Dark and smiles. “Let Mark go. Now.”

The Ego’s eyes cut over to where Mark is sitting nervously, gripping the arm rests of his chair so tight that his hands shake. Somehow, even with the blindfold on, to keep Dark from seeing through Mark’s eyes and finding out what they were doing, Mark can tell he’s being watched. He removes the blindfold slowly and swallows. Dark seethes, “Our agreement was that you would not tell anyone.” Dark smirks. “You know what that means…

“He didn’t tell me, Dark,” Amy says, completely monotone. Dark’s eyes return to hers, and she can tell he’s about to attack. “Let him go, or else.”

Dark laughs in her face, aura swirling around her, waiting to sink its teeth into her. “What? What will you do to me?”

“Oh, I won’t do anything.” Amy points over Dark’s shoulder. “She will.”

Dark spins around quickly to find Wilford and Ed holding Peevils’ mirror only inches from his face. The figment in the reflection smiles at him sweetly as Dark tries to protest, “Starlight, I…” She puts a finger to her lips, winking at him, before she surges forward and grabs the front of his shirt. Kicking and screaming, she pulls him into the mirror with her.

With his abilities, Bim quickly seals the mirror again and gives a sigh of relief. Amy turns to Mark and rushes to him. “Did it work? Mark?”

He blinks a few times before looking down at her with a smile, a real smile that lights up his eyes and melts Amy’s heart. “Amy, you’re a queen!” Mark gets up, sweeping Amy around and into his arms. “You did it! I can’t believe you did it!”

Amy laughs and wiggles out of his hold. “Hey, what happened to trusting me?”

Mark kisses all over face. “I know. I’m sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you, and I’ll never, ever doubt you again.”

Amy squinches up her nose and giggles until he finally releases her again, and the Egos rush in for a group hug. “So, can we have breakfast now?” Wilford asks. “Because I’m hungry.”

Host pokes him in the stomach. “Oh, yes, and if you don’t get food right now, you’re going to simply waste away.”

“Precisely,” Bim says for Wilford with a laugh.

Ed props the giant mirror against the wall and smirks as Dark beats against the glass. “What are we going to do with the power couple?”

Dr. Iplier makes a face. “I suppose we can put them downstairs in Dark’s cell… just in case.”

Silver nods. “That sounds like a good idea to me.”

Google crosses his arms over his chest and watches the two dark figments argue behind the glass. “It feels good to be a free android again,” he says more to himself than to anyone else, but Ed claps him on the shoulder.

Mark gives Amy another kiss. “So, now that you’re the boss, what will we do next?”

Amy glances around at Mark and the Egos all smiling and watching her, happy and finally free, and she thinks that she couldn’t ask for a more perfect family in all the whole world. “Let’s go eat breakfast already!”

The End?

Want You (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 3,815

Warnings: Swears? (IDK) SMUT LOTS OF SMUTTY THINGS. (im going to hell come join me)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait! My classes have been kicking my butt recently but I’m glad to be back! PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OR WHATEVER YOU WANT! I LOVE TALKING TO YOU GUYS! I HOPE YOU ENJOY! I LIVE TO PLEASE YALL SO SEND ME FEEDBACK!

Modern Laf x reader at a high school or college house party with the squad and laf and reader were just really good friends but the gang tries to get them together because they’re like perfect for each other

-Same anon from the modern house party laf x reader here again! btw I will be very okay if it’s a little smut ;)))

Could you do a Lafayette x reader where the reader always flirts with him but he just thinks they’re being friendly so it gets increasingly risqué and finally the reader just gets fed up and is all “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” Not those words exactly of course lol (I did use these word exactly and I’m not sorry. It was too great not to use)


You sat at the desk trying your best not to close your eyes. You leaned on Lafayette’s shoulder and let out a sigh. “Are you tired mon ami?” he questioned still looking up at the professor. You nodded, and Lafayette’s big hand went to caress your cheek. You let out a sigh and sat up once more rubbing at your eyes. You knew it was a bad idea to stay up all night but you had procrastinated on your homework, and instead thought about Lafayette. Your eyes started to droop down when you got elbowed on the side by Alex. You glared over at him only to see him wiggling his eyebrows motioning at you and Lafayette. He knew that you had feelings for Laf, and he was relentless with trying to set you two up. You elbowed him back and turned your head to Lafayette. He was gorgeous, how could you not have feelings for him? You had been flirting with him for the past month but alas, you had gotten nowhere. Either he didn’t like you back, or he was utterly clueless. You were caught staring when Lafayette turned so he was looking at you, he chuckled. “What are you looking at?” he said. “Oh, nothing. Just enjoying the view.” you said winking at him. He laughed it off and returned back to his notes, leaving you defeated once again. You sighed before you turned to your empty notebook and began doodling. You heard Alex stifling his laughter at your rejection but you continued to scribble in your notebook.

The time came when your class was dismissed and you finally felt like you could breathe. You quickly gathered your things and tried to rush out of the class to your apartment when Alex stopped you, Lafayette trailing behind him. “Hey, Y/N. There’s gonna be a party at mine later tonight. You and Laf should come.” he smirked. You internally screamed at his effort, and before you could decline Lafayette replied for you. “That’s fantastic! We’ll be there.” he said moving so he was next to you, intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt electricity jolt up your arm at his contact. Alex practically ran out of the room to his next class, leaving you and Lafayette just standing there holding hands. You were the one to tear your hand away. You used it to tuck a hair behind your ear before turning to Lafayette. “So, I guess we have to go to a party?” you laughed. “Come on Y/N. It’ll be fun! Maybe you’ll meet somebody special there…” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “I already have somebody in mind.” You said raising your eyebrow hoping that he would catch on. “It’ll still be fun.” it flew right over his head. You sighed in defeat turning to walk away. “I’ll see you there!” Lafayette said, giving you a half smile. You turned around and felt your heart melt. You gave him a slight wave and walked away with your heart pumping.

You arrived at your apartment to see your roommate sitting at the table. “Hey Y/N” she chirped. You had no idea how she was so happy all the time. “Hey Eliza.” you said heading for the couch for a nap. You face planted into the soft cushion and relaxed against the plush furniture. “You’re going to the party right?” Eliza asked stirring her tea. “Mmhhmm” you muffled, your head still in the cushion. She laughed slightly before walking over to you. “Laf is still not picking up?” She questioned rubbing your back. You moved your head so you weren’t suffocated. Your pout answered her question. “Well, I guess we’ve just gotta show him what he’s missing.” she said. Eliza was the first person to know about your feelings for Laf. She accidentally told Alex, and Alex told everyone, and everybody knew within a few weeks. Everybody but Lafayette. It was frustrating to see him flirt with other girls, other girls flirt with him, and him giving attention to girls. Girls that weren’t you. Your usually flirty nature did not break you out of the friendzone and you had virtually tried everything. Physical contact? Nope. Pickup lines? Nope. Flirty conversation? Nope. Suggestive comments? Nope. Eliza pulled you off the couch and into her room. You groaned, being dragged across the apartment. “Please Eliza. I’ve tried everything. There’s no reason for me to look nice. I just wanna sleep.” you rolled your eyes, before trying to rub the exhaustion out of them. “Nope.” she smiled, popping the P. She dug in her closet before pulling out a black silky fabric. Your eyes widened and she just smirked at you, handing you the dress. Both of you knew what that dress was. It was your “desperate dress”. You guys had bought it as a joke after seeing it on a mannequin but it had come in handy. It brought boys over at the bar like nobody’s business. You and Eliza had promised to use it only in emergency situations. She had worn it once at a party after Alex had cheated on Maria. He came crawling back like a lost puppy after seeing her. You held the dress in your hands, your mouth open. “I don’t know if I wanna go anymore.” you began. “No. no backing out now. We got the dress out.” Eliza replied sharply. “Well… go put it on!” she clapped, pushing you into the bathroom. You resisted slightly before finally being shoved in the bathroom. You slipped out of your sweats and t shirt, leaving you in your underwear. You pulled the dress over your head and it hit mid thigh. It was essentially a lingerie slip, but it was marketed as a dress making it “socially appropriate” to wear out. You looked in the mirror and let out a frustrated groan when your bra straps were clearly visible against the thin string straps of the dress. You shrugged before you unclasped the bra and tore it off. It wasn’t like Laf was even going to notice. You walked out of the bathroom to see Eliza there, eagerly holding a pair of mary jane pumps in one hand and a deep red lipstick in the other. You laughed at her efforts and took the heels and sat on the edge of the bed to strap your feet into them. “There’s no way he’s not going to want you now.” she cheered. You giggled with her. “I hope so.” you said crossing your fingers. She sat you on the floor and pulled out her curling iron. You two sat there while she curled your hair, you didn’t know what you would do without her. “So if he wants to tap that, would you let him?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. She was so crazy when she was inside. “I dunno…” you mumbled, a blush rising to your cheeks. Eliza looked at you through the mirror before her eyes widened. “You totally would!” laughed. Your face turned red and you slapped her arm. “Shut uppppp” you said hiding your face in your hands. “Don’t worry girl… Just use protection.” she just couldn’t help herself. You groaned into your hands and just shook your head. After sitting on the floor for 30 minutes she helped you up, and before you could adjust, she dragged you into the bathroom once more. She spent a good chunk of time trying to teach you about makeup while you just stood there clueless. In the end she handed you the tube of deep red lipstick and nodded for you to apply it. You pulled the tube and leaned in to the mirror to apply a precise, bold lip. You leaned out again to be surprised at what you saw. “I…” Eliza looked at you with unsure eyes. “I… I look so hot.” you finished. A look of relief flooded over her face and she nodded in agreement. “Get ready for him to be begging for you.” She smirked and you smirked back in response feeling confident.

You two arrived at the party, and the minute you stepped into Alex’s apartment all the eyes followed you to the dining room where Alex was talking to John, Herc, and Lafayette. “Hey babe.” Alex said, snaking an arm around Eliza’s waist. John and Herc were looking at Eliza and Alex, but Lafayette’s eyes were roaming all over your body the minute you walked over to him. You looked over at Lafayette, feeling his eyes, but when you looked he was looking into his drink. You frowned and moved closer to Eliza. You slowly integrated yourself within the conversation and John and Herc finally looked over at you, only for them to drop like flies. “Holy shit Y/N.” John said, practically drooling. You giggled flirtatiously, slapping his chest. “Oh shut up John. It’s not like you notice me anywhere else.” you said rolling your eyes. “I didn’t know you were so hot.” Herc blurted. You laughed and just shook your head. You looked to where Lafayette was standing, but he was off with a leggy blonde flirting with her. You frowned and turned back to the group slightly disappointed. Alex and Eliza both followed your eyes to Lafayette and were also frowning when you turned your back to him. You slightly sighed before leaning against Eliza, completely hopeless. “Go talk to him” She whispered. You looked at her. “Do I have to?” you questioned like a little kid. She pushed you in his direction and you cursed under your breath before walking over to him, fixing your dress.

“Hey Laf.” you interrupted his conversation with the blonde. She looked at you, unamused but Lafayette turned his attention to you. “Oh hey Y/N. I’ll talk to you later Kelly.” he said to the blonde who walked away giving you the stink eye. “You look hot.” you said adjusting his collar for him. He didn’t even flinch. He just took it like every other girl did this for him. “Thanks Y/N.” he said casually. You let your hand linger on his built chest for a little while longer while looking at him, batting your eyelashes. “I’m hungry. Wanna go see what they have in the kitchen?” He asked killing your vibe. You dropped your hand and followed him into the kitchen utterly defeated. He began to dig in the fridge and you leaned against the counters frustrated. “Laf..” you began. “Hmm?” he questioned, head still in the fridge. “I need to ask you a question.” you said. You were stumped beyond belief and you just needed answers from him. He turned around so he was facing you, his eyes searching your for some kind of sign as to what you were going to say. “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” you blurted before you could stop yourself. You shot a hand to your mouth and he looked at you wide eyed before a dark look fell over him. “I dunno mon ami, that would be nice.” he smirked. Your hand fell to your side and you looked at him, shock all over your face. You opened your mouth to say something but no words came out. “Why so quiet Y/N?” he taunted moving closer to you. “Cat’s got your tongue?” he backed you up so your hip was pressed against the counter. “I- “ you tried again but nothing else came out. His mouth was so close to yours and his hands were on both sides of you on the counter. He was the one to initiate as he fiercely pushed his lips onto yours. You immediately kissed back, adrenaline pumping through your veins. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. Your bliss was cut short when Alex walked into the kitchen. “Hey guy-” he stopped mid sentence when he realized what he had just walked in on. “Oh um sorry. Continue” he said before dashing out. Laf pulled away and looked at you, and you just looked at the floor blushing. “I- I gotta go.” you said before ducking out of Lafayette’s arms and out into the busy crowd that was in the living room. You left Lafayette in the kitchen confused and hurt. You didn’t know why you ran away. Maybe it was because you had only thought of what it would be like to be with him not what the reality would be like. Did you like the thought of him or the real him? You found your way to the small bathroom and locked the door behind you. Your head was spinning and you looked in the mirror. You ran a hand through your hair and counted to 10 breathing in and out to get your heart rate somewhat normal. An abrupt knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts. “Sorry! I’m coming out.” you said pulling the door open and walking out only for you to run straight into a body. You stumbled before a pair of strong arms helped you steady. “Are you alright Y/N.” It was Lafayette. You looked up at him and nodded slightly. “Listen, I’m sorry I was so aggressive. I just. That dress just. I-” he tried, you had never seen him at a loss of words. You smirked before you pulled him into an empty bedroom. It was in that moment you knew. You wanted Lafayette, whether he was just as good in real life as you had imagined in your day dreams you’d have to find out for yourself. But you were willing to take a chance on him.

“What-? Y/N?” he questioned when you locked the door behind you. “I’m going to take you up on that offer” you said walking over to Lafayette who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He didn’t know what you were talking about until you sat on him, facing him. Your legs straddling him.  You began to slightly grind on him. His hands immediately went to your hips, gripping them tightly helping you move on him. You used your hands to push him back onto the bed so he was lying down. He looked up at you in awe and you began to undo the buttons of his shirt at a rapid pace. You wanted him here, and you wanted him now. “Eager are we.” Lafayette smirked. “Awe babe, you’re gonna regret that.” you shot back now fumbling with his belt. You stripped Lafayette of his pants and underwear leaving him in the nude. You climbed on top of him and began to kiss his neck. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” he moaned out while you sucked on the skin of his collarbone. “Then why’d you never say anything.” you said in between sloppy kisses down his abs. “I never thought I could get you.” he shuddered when you got to the base of his length. “Ahh, so you want me?” you teased, your thumb swiped at the tip of his member before you wrapped your hand around it beginning to pump up and down slowly. Lafayette’s eyes closed and he let out a deep groan from his throat. You stopped moving and he shot his eyes open at the lack of pleasure. “So you want me?” you asked you hand stilled around his length. “Oui, I want you.” He said making eye contact with you. You slowly began to move your hand again. “Who?” you taunted again moving a bit faster. “Y-you.” he moaned out. You gradually picked up speed. “Who?” you asked again. “Y/N. You. Y/N” he breathed out, his eyes shut and his head thrown back onto the mattress. You loved the way he said your name, the way it rolled off of his tongue. “That’s right.” you said before you bent down so that your mouth was around his member. You began to suck at the tip lightly before taking all of his length at once causing his leg to jerk in pleasure. “Ooo-ooh Y/N” he moaned at the new sensation. And there it was again, the way he said your name made you more turned on if it was even possible. You continued to suck on his length, making sure his length grazed the rough top of your mouth just to hear him moan your name. You stopped instantly when you felt him twitch inside of your mouth. You gave him one last suck before moving back up so you were face to face with him. “Y/N…” he whined. You took his hand and put it between your legs at the dripping wet fabric. “That’s what you do to me.” you said and he instantly stopped whining, his eyes wide. His hand tore from your heat to the black slip dress you had work to the party. “This dress…” he began. “As much as I love it, I think it’s best it comes off.” he said lifting it above your head. That left you hovering over Lafayette braless, your boobs inches from his face. You could’ve sworn his eyes popped out of his skull. You left him staring at you as you rolled off of the bed making your way to your purse. You made sure to sway your hips a bit more than usual. You pulled out a condom and made your way back over to him, his eyes never left your body. You slipped out of your thong and crawled back onto the bed. He instantly tried to lay you down onto the mattress but you pushed his chest so he was against the silky bedspread. “Not today.” you rasped, leaving Lafayette to look up at you with nothing but love and lust. You tore the condom out of its wrapper carefully before you used your hands to roll it down onto his hard member. You teased him by moving back and forth so that the tip of his dick moved between your folds. Lafayette let out a frustrated groan, involuntarily bucking his hips up at the contact. You lifted your heat from his length. “Y/N Please.” Lafayette moaned. You slightly lowered yourself so that his dick was making contact with your entrance. “What was that?” you were going to drag this out as much as you could. “Y/N. Please. I want you.” He was begging at this point. “Huh?” you questioned before you eased down so that just his tip was inside of you and you pulsed around him. “I want you. I need you. Y/N please.” he practically shouting, the frustration evident in his voice. You slid down his length fully, throwing your head back in pleasure. You stayed for a second getting used to his size before moving. Your knees were pressed to his sides and you began to bounce up and down. You started by moving up just half of his length before going back down, but eventually you pulled away fully before slamming back onto him. “Ohh my god Lafayette.” you moaned, your hands pressed against his chest. His hands made their way to your hips and helped you set a steady fast rhythm. “Ah-haa. Y/N” Lafayette shuddered as you slammed back onto him. “Lafayette. I’m- m so so close.” managed to moan out, your legs beginning to shake. At that Lafayette began to thrust upward to meet you. His hands gripped tightly at your hips as he slammed up into you. “I’m gonna… oh my god… please.” now it was your turn to beg to him. “Come on baby. You’re doing so well.” he purred, still slamming into you at a fast speed. He felt you tighten around him and he slammed into you harder, “OH My-” pleasure washed all over you as you began to see white. Lafayette continued to fuck you through your orgasm following not long after. “Y/N, Ahh-hhahhh” he took a shuddering breath before he released into the condom.

You got off of Lafayette allowing him to dispose of the condom before making his way back to the bed only to see that you weren’t there. You stood in the corner getting dressed unsure if you had messed up a perfectly fine friendship because you were sexually frustrated. You stood staring at the corner as you pulled the dress over your shoulders when a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist. You turned around to see Lafayette with a sheepish grin on his face. “Listen I get if you don’t want to be friends anymore. I pushed you into this because I couldn’t contain my sexual desires, and I’m sorry.” you said trying to hide your embarrassment. “Well of course I don’t want to be friends after this.” he said. Your heart fell to the floor and you looked at your bare feet. He used his hands to cup your face so that you would look at him. “I want to be more than friends. And not that friends with benefits bullshit. I want more. I want you Y/N. I wasn’t lying when I told you that.” he said, you blushed remembering what you had made him do and say just minutes ago. “Really? I don’t want you to be with be just because we had sex…” you began. “Non. Never. I want to be with you because you’re a beautiful person Y/N, inside and out.” he said with a crooked smile. “Okay.” you said returning his smile. You both got fixed up and left the party hand in hand. Eliza raised an eyebrow at you when you were leaning into Lafayette’s chest when he was explaining to Alex that he and you had to leave. You just blushed and shook your head. “Ok, you guys can leave. I’m only letting you leave because you guys are together though. This has been months in the making.” Alex sighed patting Lafayette on the back a smirk plastered on his face. He was clearly satisfied to see you two together.

You sat before class leaning into Lafayette’s shoulder. “So what’s our next date going to be?” Lafayette asked. “Hmmm… What about-” you were cut off when a fuming Alex ran into the classroom making a beeline to you and Lafayette. “Hey Alex-” you said worried about his behavior. “Don’t hey Alex me. You two had sex on my bed at the party didn’t you.” He spat, his face red. You turned to Lafayette with wide eyes who looked at you with the same expression before bursting out laughing. “Oh my god that is disgusting.” He said. “On my bed?” “Hey it’s your fault.” Lafayette said wrapping an arm around you. “WHAT? How is this MY fault?” Alex asked. “You’re the one who’s been trying to set us up for months. And like in true Alexander Hamilton fashion you got what you wanted.” he said pressing a kiss on your forehead.

Love Bites

Request: “could you do like a small hc or one shot of Ethan and sisterplier being together for over a year and they go to the office one morning forgetting to hide like marks/hickies and the team finds out they spent their first time together and try to keep it from overprotective mark!”

Warning: reference to smut? indicated smut? idk how to warn that lmao

Y/N was holding hands with Ethan when they walked into the office, Amy waving happily at her boyfriend’s younger sister. Y/N returned the wave and brought over the coffee that Amy had asked for, leaving Ethan to deliver the coffee to the boys. 

“Oh my god,” Amy groans after she takes a sip. “Thank you- seriously.” Y/N nods and sits down next to the blonde, gasping in pain when she sits wrong. “Y/N?” Amy gives her a concerned look, her brow quirked. Y/N shakes her head and readjusts with a pained smile. 

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First Kiss (Modern Sonamy)

(I don’t own this image, second, it’s not even the image I wanted -puffs up cheek- but whatever, why is there no picutres of Amy’s head leaning up to kiss and Sonic not moving but hidden behind it??? come on!)


Upset by Sonic disappearing and not saying goodbye, Amy had worked hard to help the others keep Eggman at bay, until finally…

She teared up in anger when she saw him, acting like nothing was wrong.

Although she had been thrilled to hear he’d come home, and amazed when they said he showed up randomly to save them from Eggman’s invasion, she was still trying to stay a little mad at him.

Before he left, she had thought nothing was wrong. But she was crushed when she found out what had happened to him. Being thrown into another dimension… knowing he might never be able to return.

But return… he did.

She clutched her fists tight to her sides, arms straight and down.

She struggled to not run to him, wrap her arms around him and just simply cry in relief that he was back.

He stood there, up on the hill, with one hand relaxing on his hip and a neutral smile upon his face.

Did he even see her? Or look right through her?

“Long time no see,… Amy.” He raised his head. His eyes kept a serious, firm expression… but his mouth was still curled into a smile.

What was he doing..? Couldn’t he see how much she…

She shook her head, and lowered it as her shoulders started to bounce. “You… you were gone an awfully long time…” she barely got the words out of mouth before her lips started trembling.

He continued to smile, without showing much reaction to her.

She felt her hands going numb from squeezing them so long, but spoke again. “When we last saw each other… you didn’t say goodbye. You knew it was risky and you didn’t say anyting.. did you even know.. how much I… how much I missed you?”

That was the last thing she could say, before the tears silenced her for a moment as she sobbed.

Now, he started advancing, closing his eyes a moment as if settling something within his mind before coming closer to her.

“You… You should say something next time!” she blurted out, and jumped into his arms, something he seemed to expect as she cried over his shoulder.

“I waited for you for so long! What were doing over in that dimension! Sight seeing!? I’ve tried to be so strong and help fight. I’ve tried to not think about if you never… I couldn’t stand thinking that I was fighting for a future that… that might not..”

When she quieted down, he held her back, dipping his head down slightly too, and gently saying, “I missed you too… Amy.”

Suddenly, she was scooped up into his arms bridal style, something that she had long forgotten for some time.

She wiped her eyes, trying to see clearly. “W-where are we going?”

“Home.” He smiled, looking down at her.

Her face pursed up again and she rubbed her head against his chest. “I don’t want to go home. I just want to be with you. You were gone for so long. I want you to promise you’ll stay this time. Stay… and don’t ever go away again!”

With seeing how desperate she looked, he realized the others would surely see her red eyes and distraught state.

Going off of wisdom, he decided to take her further into the wilderness…


Amy sniffed under a tree as she rested on Sonic’s chest. His arms were up and hands behind his head. He seemed to be chilling as she let the last bit of her emotions slip out.

Finally, she rubbed her eyes and looked up to him. “You never promised.” she pouted, but then looked away. “But.. I guess that’s asking too much of you.”

She knew he couldn’t control the wacky adventures or daring fleats his life naturally took him on. And no matter how much she pleaded, he was the hero of the world.. more so then her own…

Sonic finally opened his eyes and looked up then, at the stars.

It had gotten so late..

“Back in that other dimension… there didn’t seem to be a way out.” He took a finger and stuck it in his ear, cleaning it out, seeming fairly unemotional or unattached to what he was saying..

“I often thought of you guys.. the war with Eggman… and how you all were doing. I did get some help from that dimension, but it seemed to be taking forever. I even thought of that future you were talking about… The one you’re fighting for… And what would happen to it.”

Amy stared up at him, a little awestruck as she realized he was saying he was worried about her while he was away.

He looked down then, smiling that smae ol’grin.

“Wouldn’t want to disappoint ya, if you had to change all your big plans.” he winked, as she felt touched by his sentiment.

“Sonic…” her eyes shook, before new tears threatened her eyes.

She wiped them away and got up, holding her fists up by her side to show some new strength or courage.

“I’ll keep fighting for our future, Sonic! No matter what!” she smiled and giggled, closing her eyes as he looked a little confused.

“Our future?” he blinked, and tilted his head in curiosity.

She nodded, putting her hands on her hips. “Well, of course! I know you’re not 100 percent thrilled about it yet, but I’m gonna make it worth it! Hehe~” she got up and started walking out of the forest, as Sonic quickly strode up beside her.

“I can carry you back, Amy..” his voice was suddenly softer.. as if a child’s.

“Em-mm.” she shook her head, continuing in new found spirits. “I want to give my eyes time to cool down and not look like I’ve cried in front of the others.” she stuck her tongue out a moment. “You’re not the only one who likes to keep up appearances!”

He watched with a new expression, as if deep in thought and looked down.


He stopped walking, as Amy suddenly halted in her stride too and looked back over her shoulder. “Hmm?”

“….” he stared at the ground for quite a second, before speaking again.

“I’m worried… Amy.”

She lost her smile.

“That we’re not fighting for the same future…”

She had to think a moment too at that statement… before her bubbly self came back through and she turned fully to Sonic, rocking slightly on her heels before spreading her arms out dainty by her sides.

“It doesn’t matter what futures we’re fighting for, Sonic! The important thing is to fight to get the chance for a future!”

His eyes widened and he looked up, thinking upon her profound words before rubbed under her nose with her finger, mimicking his cocky attitude as she held her head up high.

“What’s wrong with multiple possibilities for a future? As long as you’re with me, I’ll always be happy wherever I am!” she flicked out her pointer finger and winked, waving it around to continue to tease him in his mannerisms.

He smiled and closed his eyes looking down gain.

“Now, it’s getting late. We should head back soon-”


                                                      Kiss me.”

Amy’s eyes blinked open, still frozen in the frame and pose she was last in, before turning, a bit awkwardly, and crunching her body up a bit.

“W-…what did you say?” she blinked in almost unbelief, still trying to keep her smile on her face, but it was squiggling into a nervous one now. Two distinct sweat-drops showed upon the side of her head…

“When we’re alone like this…  out of the public eye… you can kiss me. But I can’t give you anything back.”

She remained silent, not sure what- on the last strands of earth- he was talking about.

He looked up, seeing her expression, and  suddenly struck an actor’s pose; a cheeky look in his eyes before acting it up.

He shrugged and turned his head away, “Really, Amy. I give you an opportunity to get what you want and you just freeze up like that?”

He then shook his head. “Once in a life time opportunity.. letting it slip out of your grasp, just like that.”

He then raised his head up, as Amy still wouldn’t move…

“…Time start.” he winked.


He suddenly thrust out his hand, “5…”

“W-wha?” She sweated, nervously, slightly swaying her arms in a flailing manner of surprise. “What are you-?”

“4!” he withdrew his thumb into the palm of his hand.

“3…2…!” he kept pulling fingers down and back, the last finger remaining was his pinkie, that he left there a second longer while Amy charged him, panic all over her face.

He braced himself, lowering the hand down with that same neutral smile on his face.

She stopped the second she came up by his face, and kept her head down, shaking…

One hand held by her heart, hearing it race quickly…

“Well? Are you going to fight for your future or not?”

She raised her head, pouting at his taunt.

What had gotten into him!? A-all of a sudden asking her to..

She shivered a bit… but slowly began to lean up, and close her eyes.

He watched her… before keeping his hands to his sides, and after a second, closing his own eyes as well.

It wasn’t anything special or glamorous.

It was light and sweet to the touch.

Nothing fancy, just a first kiss, a first try, and first experience.

When she pulled away, she realized he really didn’t do anyting. He didn’t move away, or flinch, or anything!

This made her slightly upset, as he smiled and grinned widely, taking only a second to open his eyes to look at her before closing them again.

“There.. now I’ve got an idea what future you’re fighting for.”

She tensed up.

“D-did..” she shook a moment, holding her hands tightly in front of her.

“Did you just allow me to do what I w-want.. without really wanting it?”

“Huh?” he tilted his head, moving back slightly as his hands went up. “I thought you’d be happy about that..” he blinked, acting innocent as a child again.

This made her more furious, as she shook her head and turned away.

“I don’t want to just kiss to kiss, Sonic! That’s not what my future is! Nor what it looks like!” She then flung herself back around to him, shouting a little more authoritatively… “My future isn’t about what I want! It’s about what we both want!”

His eyes remained locked to hers.. processing..

She lowered her eyes, seeming sorrowful now that he didn’t understand that.

“I won’t count that as our first kiss.. because that’s not how I wanted it to be like..” Her small tears returned, making Sonic panic a moment that he did something wrong.

He waved his arms out in front of him.

“H-hey! I thought those were gone by now!” he seemed worried, but with great care, narrowed his eyes and stepped forward again.

He pushed his lips into a tight line, before lightly pulling Amy closer to him.

“I’m not sure I completely get it, Amy… But when we’re alone like this… would you mind showing me again? What you mean?”

She looked up, amazed again by this child-like sincerity, but also that he was really trying to grasp the future she fought for so desperately.

“…Sonic…” she was more than touched, she was starstruck.

(There is more to the story, lol. But I think I should leave it here ;) Hope you enjoyed it!)

I imagine mostly kissing [11th doctor]

Words // 407

Warnings // None

A/N // This is very short, I’ve been writing a book and because I’ve been going a little too hard on that I’m kind of discouraged from writing but it’s nice to write for this blog as most of it’s sweet and short. I’m planning to write longer things soon! 

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“What’s wrong Doctor?” Amy asked, the four of you had decided to have a quiet and nice little plain day on Earth, just a rest in between travels. You, Amy and Rory were actively watching the film whilst the Doctor was talking about something. In the end Amy noticed how he was constantly flustered, a pink blush on his cheeks which was never there.

“What? Nothing. Nothings’ wrong. Why would there be anything wrong?” He asked and spoke a bit too quickly which the three of you noticed, he seemed rather nervous. More nervous than he had ever seen whilst the four of you were in a life-or-death situation.

“C'mon Y/N, I promised Rory I’d get the groceries this time since I make him cook.” You laughed whilst nodding and went away with her, it was completely true what she said as her and Rory did make an agreement like that.


“Doctor,we need to talk.” Rory finally said, he and Amy had both been talking about when this moment would come because both of them had been noticing how pink the Doctor was whenever Y/N was around or when she was looking directly at him or talking, he turned a dangerous shade of crimson most of the time and to the two of them it was obvious but of course to the Doctor it wasn’t.

“Why?” He asked but he did jump up to his feet and seemed ready for anything that might come.

“If you imagine Y/N, yeah. What do you imagine?” Rory simply asked right to the point and he blurted out: “I imagine mostly kissing.”

“Right,” Rory said, actually not expecting him to be this direct about it all, he imagined he had to convince or point it out a bit more to him but for once he didn’t seem oblivious. “Good, that’s good yeah.”


“Y/N?” The Doctor called out, you had just helped Amy place the groceries in their kitchen when you heard his voice and followed where it seemed to come from, he was standing in the middle of the living room with Rory nowhere in sight.

“Yes?” You asked.

“Well, if this is what I think it is and if it’s right, which it obviously is than I think.. I think I’m in love with you.” He said, he was slightly tripping over his words which made him more adorable. You grinned.

“I was wondering when you’d say that.”

Am I the only one who’s absolutely loving Shamy this season? And I mean, not that I never not loved Shamy. Cause I always have, but it feels like it’s been forever since they’ve been this much in agreement with each other. 

For the most of these last couple of seasons, Sheldon and Amy have been mostly about… Amy pushing Sheldon and Sheldon resisting. And eventually, when he’d bulge and give in then that’s where the feels would kick in. And that was cute and nice, but I’m glad we’re over that.

Season 4 was fantastic not because they were basically the same character but because the writers spent most of their time convincing us that Sheldon could fall for someone. And he did, even if he didn’t admit it until 4 seasons later.

It was about how intellectually compatible they were and even though back then Amy was just a ‘female Sheldon’, it was really fun and interesting to watch.

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Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 4)

(Sorry, everyone! I know I usually post something by now, but it’s been a rough morning! Have some adorable, Ego domestic life!)

It’s lunchtime, and some of the Egos are already gathered in the kitchen in search of sustenance when Mark walks in. To say they all stop what they’re doing to stare is a bit of an understatement. Silver actually drops his freshly baked pie, and Bim pours milk until his glass is overflowing in his hand.

The Host steps in behind Mark and sighs. “Not again, Silver.”

The superhero Ego finally stops gaping at Mark and looks down at his ruined pie. “Oh, I guess I wasn’t really paying attention.” He leaves to get the mop and bucket.

Bim finally stops pouring milk and looks down at the soiled cuff of his suit before sighing and setting the glass aside. “You didn’t bring Amy with you, did you?”

Mark shakes his head a little. “Sorry.”

Wilford, head stuck in the refrigerator, stands suddenly. There’s a muffled bang when his head hits the inside of the fridge before Wilford spins around. “Who ate the last of my lasagna?”

“You ate it yesterday, Will. Remember? No one else would touch your food.” Bim pulls a box of Poptarts down from the pantry and starts nibbling on one while he sips his milk. “I’m afraid we don’t have much in the way of food.”

“It’s fine,” Host says, pulling Wilford away from the refrigerator by his suspenders. “I’ll make something.”

This has quite the effect on the other Egos, Mark notices. Bim’s eyes go wide. “Are you going to make enough for everybody?”

Host shrugs. “Sure, I don’t see why not.” The Host gestures towards Bim. “Get the skillet. I don’t know where it is anymore.” Bim runs to find the skillet. Usually they have to hide if from Wilford after he watches “Tangled,” so it’s most likely in Google’s office. “And you,” Host gestures to Wilford, “get me a big bowl, some milk, two eggs, and the cinnamon. I swear if you try to snort it again, I’ll let Red incinerate you.”

Wilford starts rustling around for the necessary ingredients, and Mark stands back as Silver reappears with a spatula to scrape up the pie and the mop. “I’ll take that,” Host says, plucking the spatula from Silver’s hand, “Please, don’t use my spatula to scrape food off the floor.”

Host narrates softly as he searches for something and then smiles triumphantly when he finds a loaf of bread. “How do you feel about French toast?” he directs the question towards Mark.

“It’s… good?” Mark answers, not meaning for it to come out as a question.

“Good,” Host says. Wilford hands him the bowl full of ingredients, and Host begins carefully mixing them together. Bim sets the skillet on the oven and turns up the heat. Without even asking what he turned it on, Host reaches over and turns the eye down a bit. “Bim burns everything,” he explains to Mark before he can even ask.

Silver finally gets the remains of the pie cleaned up before Wilford can start eating it off the floor. “Can I be of any assistance, Host?”

Host starts soaking the pieces of bread in the bowl and nods towards the formal dining room off the kitchen. “Sure, go set the table for everyone. I can hear the Doctor coming now.” Host places two pieces of bread carefully in the sizzling skillet, avoiding burning his fingers. “And don’t forget the syrup! Keep it away from Wilford until I get the toast done!”

Wilford makes a face at the Host’s back. “I can sense you doing that, Wilford. Go have a seat while I finish up.”

Mark laughs a bit to himself as Wilford stalks off, and he grabs some plates for Host to put the French toast on when it’s done. “Is this normally how lunch goes around here?”

Host shrugs. “We don’t always have breakfast for lunch, if that’s what you mean.”

The Doctor walks into the kitchen a moment later. “Host, French toast, really? That’s not very healthy.”

“It’s got eggs in it,” Host argues. “Besides, you can put fruit on yours, if you want.” Dr. Iplier shrugs and goes to find a spot at the table.

Mark watches him go and then looks back to the Host. “I didn’t know you could cook, Host. This is impressive.”

“If you want extra pieces of toast, you can just ask. No need to butter me up,” the Host replies flatly as he begins to plate the food. “Speaking of butter, grab some, will you? And please,” Host says, flipping a piece of toast in the skillet, “don’t eat it.”

Mark gasps a little in surprise as he reaches into the fridge for the butter. “Host! I didn’t know you watched my videos!” He can’t even imagine how the Host would watch his videos, but he thinks it would be rude to ask.

The Host shakes his head. “Shut up and sit down before you make me burn this.” But as Mark leaves, he sees the little smile on Host’s face, and it makes him smile, too.

anonymous asked:

hello! I really enjoy your blog & your writing & ur different opinions about things! I was wondering, if it's not that much of a bother if you could write a platonic!shadamy u know them being rlly close pals with a bit of sonamy on the side! Have a great day 💖

Aww, thank you so much! I love discussions and just sharing in our love for the same things~ Anytime my friend! :Db

Now precious anon, for your viewing pleasure, I give to you..


Your Platonic!Shadamy


“Ow! Err… twigs!” Amy tried to make her way through the brush, trying to keep up with tracking down Sonic and the team before she spotted a familiar looking silhouette in the distance.

She gasped, excited as ever as her quills went slightly up in her moment of stressful release. “I did it! Oh, finally! Son-!”

She took off after the image before finally seeing the figure move into the light.

She blinked her eyes, studying the black and red before it clicked in her mind.

“…dow?” she stepped back, unsure at first if she should make her presence known. She withdrew her arms back to herself and put them together up by the collar of her dress, turning slightly as if to leave the setting should he spot her presence there.

“But…” she re-positioned herself towards him, lowering an arm down to peek out and spy on him a moment. “What would he be doing way out here?”

After seeing something flash in the sky, a few fumes of flaming jetpack engines landing next to Shadow, she realized he may be working with Eggman; she noticed the robot’s familiar appearance too.

“Metal!” she placed her hands over her mouth, listening…

After misinterpreting the one-way conversation, Amy jumped out, determined to accuse Shadow of foul play, before Metal used her distraction to attack him.

Seeing Shadow not able to put up much of a struggle, different to how she usually viewed him, she suddenly realized something was horrible wrong with Shadow, and immediately jumped into the fray.

“Hyah!” She slammed her hammer against his metallic skull as Metal was about to pierce a powerful claw down on Shadow.

He stumbled up to his knee, having been knocked down on his back, eye squinted shut and arm limp as he held it to it’s side.

“Why… are you helping me?”

Amy stood, protectively, in front of Shadow as Metal Sonic shook his head, looking like he meant business and even ticked that she interfered.

“Because. Something’s wrong. You were getting beaten up out there.” Amy stated her observations, but didn’t look back at him.

Metal, in his rage, shook his metallic fingers around in front of him, threatening her to make a move as she held her hammer back, as if a baseball player ready for the ball…

“I was wrong about you, Shadow. And this is me admitting my faults and trying to make up for it!”

Metal came bursting out towards her.

That’s when she saw it.

Her eyes widened as she noticed Metal Sonic having a strange yellow glowing aura she hadn’t seen before, something so faint, you had to be close up to see.

As she lowered her hammer a moment, she saw his engine carrying Shadow’s limiters.

She deduced then that some sort of theft must have happened, and Metal Sonic was being powered by the limiters, meaning that Shadow must have used up all his ‘ultimate power’ and couldn’t recharge at his usual fast rate of recovery without storing some of his power back first.

She lowered her head down with a quick glare.

“That’s not fair!” She cried out, and dodged the claw strike, as she raised her hammer again.

“No one likes playing dirty!”

She slammed her hammer into his back, then continued to wham Metal Sonic down as he flinched on the ground, his body being impaled into the rocks below him, before they shattered under the raw power of her slamming Piko Piko Hammer.

“That’s enough.”

Shadow rose up, as Amy suddenly snapped out of her ‘destroy the annoyingly stupid robot that vaguely reminded her of Sonic and past traumas’ before looking up curiously at Shadow.


He walked over, kneeling down, he threw his hand back.

“Wait… you’re not gonna-” Amy held out a hand, before screeching as she saw his hand dive into the spiraling engine of Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic whirled in a frenzy of sounds and noises, while Shadow’s eyebrows twitched vigorously at the pain of his hand being shredded before grabbing his limiters, and yanking it out.

His teeth were so gritted together that he felt a hardness in his jaw ache at just moving them apart to breathe aloud.

He put the limiters on, his chest moving up and down at the amount of effort and pain endured, before looking down at Metal Sonic.

“I appreciate the concern…” he then turned to Amy, seeing she really did a number on Metal Sonic for him.

“But I have business elsewhere.” he turned away from her, walking off…

Before he collapsed, a slight and fainted cry of exhaustion catching upon the wind that made Amy race towards him.


As he went down, he heard her voice in the background, before feeling a strong but almost … gentle pair of arms hoist him up.

He opened his eyes into a squint, looking over and seeing Amy having wrapped an arm around her shoulder, and her other arm carried him by the waist.

“What… do you think… erk… you’re doing?” Shadow spoke through the pain and exhaustion.

“I’m helping a friend, don’t you have one of those?” she squinted an eye down, realizing he wasn’t as light as she hoped for, and continued to move on, smiling. “Heh, if Sonic was here, he would do the same!”

Shadow wondered about that, examining her expression and realizing it was the same as that annoying blue hedgehogs.

He turned away, dipping his head down and trying his best to alleviate some of the weight.


When Shadow awoke, he smelled a delicious odor of sorts that had stirred him alive.

With his limiters now prohibiting some of his power from being exposed, it was able to be converted and used for healing instead of mass destruction.

He felt his hand, and noticed as he brought it up in surprise that it had been bandaged, and was nicely and neatly taken care of.

He looked over to see that he was lying on a bed of leaves, and to his left- Amy was cooking over a fire she had constructed.

She heard something rustling and turned, smiling kindly to Shadow.

“Oh, good! You’re up and alive!”

He groaned, leaning up before reaching to his stomach.

Another moment of surprise that made him blink twice.

He looked down at his stomach, “I.. Feel little to no pain…”

He saw that his stomach was full of smashed up, gooey substance covered with leaves… and squished a little between his fingers, looking at it closely.

“Hand-made ointment. I’m pretty good with mixing things together.” she winked, “Good cooks make good nurses too!” she chimed, before bringing him over something in a bowl. “Here. It’s good for survival after a fierce pummeling like that… ah! I mean-! Y-you totally could have taken him under the right circumstances!” She took one hand and waved it rapidly, trying to erase from the very air around her the moment of her slip up, not wanting to offend him.

He simply reached over and grabbed the bowl from her, ignoring her words and taking a sip of the soup.

“Ah.” he moved away, his tongue being slightly burnt.

“Careful!” Amy moved forward, crawling a bit to be at eye-level before happily blowing on the bowl.

He watched her enact the kind gesture with a sense of gentle elegance before opening her eyes and smiling back at him. “You don’t eat a lot of hot foods, do you Shadow?”

He frowned deeply, before testing the smell over his nose, feeling the steam had died down a bit and then took another sip.

Just the right temperature.

“What are you doing all the way out here, anyway?” Amy leaned back, but smiled as she saw him taking his time to slurp the nutritious meal.

He pulled the bowl away and looked down, “Metal Sonic had stolen my limiters… I was simply retrieving what was mine.” He then side-glanced to her, still keeping a rather cold demeanor, but to Amy, he seemed to be showing a much more softer side.

“And you? What would Sonic be doing here. Looking for Eggman, I presume?”

“Emhmm! Guess you got me there! I’m tracking Sonic and the others down. But I’ve…” she looked around where they were, before looking a bit embarrassed as she returned to addressing Shadow. “I may have lost a step or two…”

She sweat dropped, closing her eyes and smiling sheepishly.

He ‘hmph’d, as if expecting half as much from her, making her pout as he closed his eyes and continued this meal.

“I never asked for your conveniences.”

“You never ask for anything.” Amy pouted, before smiling warmly to him again. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t help out a friend in need.”

He looked up at her as she rose to her feet. “Friend?”

She reached down and took his bowl with both hands, before turning to him with a beautiful smile of mercy, “Everyone deserves one.” she winked, and then took the bowl, walking off.

He watched her go, suddenly dipping his head and giving a concealed closed-eyed smile, before returning to a neutral frown as he arose.

Amy turned then, “Where are you going now?”

“Your blue hero is probably worried about you.” he folded his arms, giving her a look before closing his eyes again, avoiding her gaze by dipping his head and then looking behind him.

“I suppose it’s only fair to return such kindnesses with one of my own.”

“Shadow? Being kind?” Amy sarcastically put a finger to her cheek, looking up at the sky as if she spoke that in complete innocent.

He twitched with an anger mark.

“I could leave you to struggle with the night-life horrors of this foreign land.” he glared up at her, almost threatening her to stop making fun of him.

“Woah, woah, hey now! Take a joke with a sense of humor, why don’t ya…” she patted the air to try and calm him down, but he noticed too much of Sonic in her, and resented it.

At least she was more tolerable… however…

He held up a hand to his bandaged one, looking down at it’s orderly fashion, done with much care and diligence.

“I’ll happily take your offer, Shadow.”

He looked up then, almost as if being pleasantly surprised she would.

But why wouldn’t she? It was logical to take the advantage of his request.

She put out the fire, dancing a moment as the flame caught to her boot she was using to stomp it out. After watching her flail a moment and then scratch the back of her head, being clumsy, he immediately wondered how she could make it on her own.

‘Now I see…’ Shadow thought, stretching his mouth to the side of his muzzle to frown, observing her as she came closer. ‘This is why Sonic continues to keep her close by… easier to protect that way. She seems to need a lot of care at times… though,-’

He offered her his arms, and she positioned herself so he could lift her up, bridal style.

‘I suppose it makes up for itself… when she returns such kindnesses.’

He looked forward, and skated off like a jet!

(No real ‘direct sonamy’ but I hope it was enough to keep you smiling how Shadow can have a soft spot for a kind gesture xD)

*’No wonder Sonic keeps you close by.’ He relaxed his eyes, seeming annoyed as he kept his arms folded. ‘You’re high maintenance.’ XDDDD LOLOLOLOL


Okay, I tried to keep an open mind. And to a 95% degree, I don’t blame Sheldon. Although that 5% of me feels if the tables were turned and Amy did what Sheldon told Her not to do in 10x23 tag scene, he’d be hurt. Yet he did it, hanging out with a woman who had a history of hero worship of him. But the fact that bitch ( whom I despise) took advantage of him and he walked into her trap has now tainted what should have been a calm and joyful proposal. This seemed like a reaction out of guilt; either because he was upset and didn’t see the signs and felt bad, like he’s a cheater like his father, or god forbid, someone else’s kiss interested him and he panicked. (Even if he was stunned and didn’t kiss her back) Guys, I don’t mean to be a downer. I’ve waited years for this. And I wasn’t expecting wine and roses. But this took something sacred away for me with Shamy. Amy’s face said it all. To me, she didn’t look happy shocked. She looked scared shocked. Like “Sheldon, what did you do?’ And I hate that. I hate it.

A Date with Darkiplier (pt. 7)

(This is the final chapter of ADWD, friends! Apologies, it is a bit long, but I had a whole lot of stuff to fit into one part. So, here it is… My advice? The end is never the end is never the end is never…)

Amy wakes from a nightmare in a cold sweat. She’s in a room that she barely remembers, underneath covers that smell like someone else, and she feels her heart begin to race inside her chest. The last thing she remembers is…

“You’re mine now, Liebling.”

Amy puts her hands over her ears in a failed attempt to make the voice go away. Someone knocks on the door, and Amy makes a noise in reply, unable to speak just yet. The wooden door opens slowly to reveal the Host. Of course, she thinks, this is his room. The lights are low, there’s a plethora of books, and a personal coffeepot that the other Egos certainly don’t know about. Host takes a few cautious steps into the room, placing a hand on the dark wood of the four-poster bed Amy has been lying in.

“The Host…,” he stops. His voice is strained, and there are obvious bruises around his neck like someone tried to choke him. It’s likely someone did… Amy reaches for him, and he comes near, sitting on the bed beside her. “I’m s-sorry.”

Amy shakes her head and grabs his hand. “No, don’t.” They sit there like that for a few silent moments just holding onto each other before someone else knocks on the door. It’s Dr. Iplier come to check on Amy.

He shines a light in each of her eyes, checks her pulse, all the typical doctor-y things. “We had to sedate you. You were in shock when we found you, and you were fighting and shouting…” Dr. Iplier rubs a hand on the back of his neck. “C-can you tell me… what did he do to you?”

Amy grips the Host’s hand tighter, and she’s sure she must’ve cut off all blood-flow to his fingers by the time she finally speaks, “He came after me, and I had to…” She takes a deep, shaky breath, “Is he dead?”

Dr. Iplier sighs and shakes his head. “Unfortunately, no. No one can kill him except Mark, in a sense. It’s part of what an Ego is. We’re… somewhat immortal until forgotten, until our Originals abandon us, but he’s weak. He lost a lot of blood.” The Doctor shakes his head. “Amy, if he had hurt you… And the things that we did…,” he’s starting to lose his temper, and the Host looks up.

He clears his throat and whispers in a crackling voice, “The Doctor feels a calming sensation flood his mind. He understands that he could not control himself under the influence of Dark’s aura and that Miss Amy does not hold it against him.” The Host turns to her and gives a gentle smile. “Right?”

Amy nods and tugs on the Doctor’s sleeve. “I saw the effect that it had on Wilford, and he’s the most hard-headed person I know.” She smiles even if it doesn’t reach her eyes. “I don’t blame any of you for this.”

The change in the Doctor is visible. His shoulders relax at the Host’s words, and his face relaxes into a smile at Amy’s. “You can come see Mark in the clinic whenever you feel well enough. You should be fine as long as you take it slow.” With that, he steps out of the room.

At the mention of seeing Mark, Amy feels her heart skip a beat. The Host stands and helps Amy out of the bed. She’s still wearing the black dress. “I need to change,” she tells the Host, and he nods, leading her over to an antique wardrobe crafted from the same dark wood as the bed. It contains a few simple t-shirts and some slacks. Amy grabs one of each along with a belt and slips into the Host’s bathroom to change. She shoves the dress into a trash can and pulls her hair out of her face, twisting it back and pinning it in place with a pencil she finds stashed in one of the drawers.

The Host takes her down to the clinic without saying a word. When they get there, however, Amy can’t make herself get out of the elevator. “What did Dark do to him? It’s my fault Mark came here in the first place. What if I can’t face him?”

Host lays a hand on her shoulder. “The only person at fault here is Dark, and he won’t get away with this, Amy.” His voice drops, becoming darker, angrier. “I’ll make sure of it.”

Amy places a gentle kiss on his cheek. “Don’t hurt your voice, Host.”

“He hurt you.”

Amy shakes her head. “He only kissed me.”

“He hurt you here,” the Host places a finger on her left temple, so delicately that Amy almost can’t feel it. “I can tell.”

Amy steps into the clinic, leaving the Host in the elevator. “I’ll come see you again before I leave, Hosty,” she whispers as the doors close. Amy looks around the clinic. Ed and Bim are sitting back to back on top of Red while Dr. Iplier treats their bruises and minor cuts.

“Uh, guys?” Amy asks, completely confused.

When Bim sees her, he almost jumps to his feet, but he looks down and makes a face. “Red tried to hurt Dr. Iplier, so Ed and I stopped him.” Bim smiles at her.

Ed nods and hooks a thumb at Bim. “This one tackles like a lineman, know what I’m sayin’?” Bim waves it off, but Amy can tell he appreciates the compliment. She’s just glad to see that they’re both ok.

“Google, Oliver, and Green weren’t affected by Dark’s reprogramming,” the Doctor says, dabbing rubbing alcohol at a cut on Bim’s head. “Google managed to put up some sort of firewall in time, but he couldn’t save Red. They’re working on a fix now, but until then…” Dr. Iplier looks down at a very angry Red and sighs, “We have to hold him down somehow.”

Amy bites her lip and looks around awkwardly. When the Doctor notices, he points her towards one room in particular. Amy runs to the door and takes a deep breath before stepping inside. Mark’s eyes are closed, and he’s hooked up to so many bags and machines… Amy tiptoes over in her bare feet. He’s covered in cuts and bruises. There’s even spots of blood like needle-pricks under his fingernails. Amy bites back tears, running her fingers through Mark’s hair gently.

His eyes flutter open, wandering around a bit until they find her face. Amy can’t stop herself from pulling him to her, wrapping her arms around him and sobbing into his shoulder. “Oh, Mark. I’m so glad you’re alive!” When she notices he isn’t hugging her back, she pulls away. “Mark?”

Mark blinks once, twice, and then, “Wh-who are you?”

Amy staggers back away from the bed just as Google storms into the room. He looks like he’s about to say something when he notices the way Amy has pressed herself against the wall of the hospital room. “Amy?” When she doesn’t answer, he says with a twinge of worry, “We can’t find Wilford, and we’ve tried interrogating Dark.” The droid sighs. “He says he’ll only talk to you.”

They’ve put him in one of the basement cells, tied to a chair. Amy can tell that Google’s idea of “interrogation” is quite violent. “Stand him up,” she commands the three droids that have fallen into line behind her. They untie Dark and force him to his feet.

Amy knees him in the groin, and when Dark hits the floor, she places two fingers under his chin, raising his face to look at her. “You’re going to tell me what you did to Mark and what you’ve done with Wilford, or I’ll let the droids teach you there are much worse things than death.” He smiles, so she punches him in the mouth.

Dark leans over, spitting out blood. “Oh, Amy.” He looks back up, and he’s not triumphant anymore. All she sees in his eyes is spite. “Did you really think that this was over?”

Oh, come now. You weren’t expecting a happy ending, were you? These things are seldom so simple…

Note: A high school AU that may or may not go anywhere.

Sheldon didn’t want to go on a date with Sarah. He didn’t want to go on a date Victoria. He didn’t really want to go on a date with Rebecca. Even before his brother, Junior, broke Rebecca’s heart. Really, Sheldon didn’t want to go on a date with any of the girls him mama was trying to set him up with.

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I think you might be as in to Jake wearing glasses as I am.

seriously tho like picture this:

  • jake working on a case and having to squint/move close to watch surveillance videos (which has already happened) 
  • also having to look real close to fill out his reports for holt
  • jake ignores amy’s constant requests for him to get his eyes checked
  • finally amy has had enough and she knows he would never willingly go with her so she tells him they’re going paintballing
  • upon passing the paintball place jake snaps his head and looks at amy and he’s like ames we passed laser tag turn around and amy says “oh yea i did” with a smile on her face and keeps driving
  • then jake realizes where they’re going and the fear sets in
  • at the doctor’s office they’re sitting in the waiting room with a bunch of business men and women in boring (as gina would say) ‘amy clothes’
  • jake has his arms crossed and slumped in his chair and he whisper exclaims “this is the worst! why would you ever bring me here? only old people need glasses and you but you were born in your 50’s”
  • amy just glares at him and after a second he again whisper exclaims “im sorry but I’m just really upset right now I’m getting glasses like an old person AND i’m not paintballing”
  • fast forward to after the examination and it turns out the bitch was rly blind as suspected and now they’re picking out glasses and amy chooses ‘andy style’ glasses and he hates them but he loves amy so ofc he agrees to them
  • and now back at the precinct they’re at their desks and amy says ‘arent you glad we went jake?’ and he’s like “ugh yea i guess but I’m letting you know right now i will be putting them on my penis” and yet again she just glares at him for a really long time
  • the end
and that is all in life i ever do

Summary: “I was wondering if we might talk to Auvergne about the trade routes,” she says, “and I was also wondering if perhaps you would like to get married.”

There is a small pause. The candlelight flickers.

“Tomorrow?” says Aramis, and Anne turns back to look at him right as he fully understands what she just said, which is either blessed or unfortunate, Anne’s not sure, because his eyes widen to an even more comical degree than they did before and he seems to have difficulty closing his mouth after the “tomorrow”, which had a crack at the end.

WOW I AM TRULY SOMETHING i just. i really feel like i cope with final exams by writing fic. anyways, the title of this document was “ana maria i thought ud never ask”, all in caps, which is copyrite @emilybrontay and this fic is completely For Her. the meme [amy santiago voice] “come on, anne” is a recurring theme in this fic. also, the title is from the END CREDITS ZORRO SONG which is truly an Icon in itself and very very annamisTM. takes place in between athos leaving and anne and aramis kissing in those gardens!!!! wow!!! i love happy endings.

Anne has always liked the candlelight.

It is yellow, and buttery, and warm in so many ways, and perhaps there has always been a part of her that has gravitated towards warmth. Even as a child, she would watch in fascination at the way the lights danced across the wall of the nursery when her governess moved, candle in hand, scolding them for refusing to go to sleep. Her sister Maria, Anne remembers, shied away from candles, because they threw shadows on walls and she was sure, in her nine years of age, that bad things lurked in those shadows.

Anne has become well-acquainted with the bad things in the shadows, over the years, but her love for the candlelight has not changed. Nor has her love for warmth, which she is feeling now, sat as comfortably as one can be this late at night over the desk in the first minister’s office, pouring over taxation documents. She has not seen Maria in a very long while, and her heart aches for her sister’s smile, but she thinks that if she were to see her little sister again she might tell her that candlelight now marks the evening, and the evening means tucking little Louis to bed with a soft kiss to the forehead, and ridding herself of heavy, ceremonial dresses, and no longer having to smile at people she does not particularly like.

And evenings mean that she is allowed to be alone with Aramis, pouring over taxation documents.

In the small hours of the night.

It is not quite bliss, but if her sister was here right at this moment, Anne would be tired enough to not think of the consequences before telling her that it is almost, Maria, almost bliss.

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A lilsister with a lilgilfriend

(Teamiplier x Lil sister!reader)

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Request: How about Mark’s sister saying that her “partner” would be at vidcon. Teamplier thinks it means “boyfriend” but they see her run up to a girl about her age and kiss her. Oh, and Amy is the only one that knows that the sister has a girlfriend.

You were so incredibly excited for tomorrow. You texted your girlfriend with a big grin on your face as she told you what time she’d be at vidcon. You were very vague when you told Mark that your significant other would be at vidcon you were still afraid of his reaction to the news about your girlfriend. The only person that knew the truth was Amy, you and her had grown really close and you trusted her enough to share a lot of things with her. 

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Wolfiplier Fic Part 2

Here’s part 2! I wasn’t expecting so many people to like part 1 AAAHHHHH!!! But really, thank you guys for the kind words, they really inspired me to write this asap so here you guys go! Just as a side note, I may not update this fic on a daily basis, but I’ll still do my best to keep it relevant! enjoy!

@paperbaghero​ Here’s part 2! It’s a bit shorter than part 1, but I was so excited to post this and I found a decent stopping point so, heh, here ya go!

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Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 10)

Amy and Bim sip at their tea and chat as the Egos take turns harassing Mark about videos. “So, how have things been since…” Amy trails off, raising an eyebrow and hoping that it will suffice to finish her question for her.

Bim traces his finger along the rim of his mug and sighs. “It’s been… interesting, to say the least.” He chuckles and shrugs his shoulders, looking up at Amy and smiling. “Mark seems to be trying really hard, though. That’s a nice change.”

Amy glances over at where Google is making demands and Mark is trying to swat the droid’s finger out of his face. “Yeah, it’s going to take some getting used to.” She sets her mug down and pushes her hair behind her ear. “Mark says you’ve started a garden on the roof! Can I see?”

“Of course!” Bim jumps up, holding his hand out to Amy. “Miss Nelson, would you please accompany me to the elevator?”

“Why, yes, good sir! I would be honored,” she says, taking his hand and letting him lead her to the elevator and onto the roof. As they step into the sunlight, Amy feels herself tip to the side oddly. “B-Bim!” She grabs for him as she falls, the corners of her vision going fuzzy.

Bim staggers to catch her and keep her from hitting her head on the concrete, but he begins feeling similar symptoms. “Amy? Amy!” Bim’s vision fades and goes black as he slumps against her and falls into a deep sleep.


The Egos finally allow Mark to look up for long enough to notice that Amy is nowhere in sight. “Hey, did anyone see where Amy went?”

The Host raises his hand. “I believe that Bim might’ve taken her to see his garden.”

“Well,” he gets up from the table, stretching his arms above his head, and sighs, “I’m going to go check on her, ok?”

The Host, Wilford, and the Doctor hop up with him. “Can we go, too?” Dr. Iplier asks. “Just to make sure that Miss Amy is well?”

“Guys,” Mark backs away slowly, “I’m sure she’s fine. I just want to…”

Host sits down, motioning for the others to do so as well. “Mark wishes to no longer be in our presence. Please allow him personal space to go be with Amy.” The other Egos look from Host to Mark and back before sitting back down although Wilford makes of point of giving a particularly annoyed huff as he sits. Mark feels a little guilty about the disappointed expressions on their faces, but he has to get away before they drive him insane.

Mark gets to the roof only to find Bim Trimmer lying on the ground just outside the elevator. “Bim!” Mark kneels beside the Ego and shakes him awake. Bim looks around sleepily and blinks up at Mark. “Bim, can you hear me? Where’s Amy? What happened?”

Bim shakes his head, trying to clear away the heavy fog that still rests over his mind. “We-we were having tea, and I wanted to show her my garden… We came up here, and something was wrong. Amy passed out, and I-I fell asleep, too.” Bim sits up. “Amy? She’s not here?”

Mark shakes his head and pulls Bim to his feet. “Let’s look. I mean, maybe she woke up before you, but… I have a really bad feeling about all this.” They get up and turn around only to find Bim’s garden in shambles. The vegetable boxes of have been overturned. The flowers have been uprooted and scattered around the roof.

Bim gasps and shakes his head. “No, no, no.” He runs over to where the remnants of the garden are and picks up a few crushed Morning Glories. “Who would do this?” Bim turns back to Mark as the realization dawns on both of them, and they say,



Mark slams open the door to Dark’s office and storms over to the Ego’s immaculate desk. He grabs onto the front of Dark’s collar and drags him to his feet. “Where is Amy? What’s your ploy this time?” Mark throws Dark back into his chair. “And really? You had to destroy Bim’s garden, too?”

Dark looks genuinely confused. “I-I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

“Stop lying to me! Where is she?” Mark sweeps everything off of Dark’s desk and onto the floor.

The dichromatic Ego’s shell cracks wildly as he stands, coming eye to eye with Mark. “I told you,” he says slowly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Dark grits his teeth and tilts his head to the side. “What would I gain from taking Amy? From wrecking the garden? A bullet, that’s what I’d gain. You’ve already made your point very clear on that subject. SO TELL ME, WHY WOULD I PROVOKE YOU ANY FARTHER, AS YOU ARE NOW PROVOKING ME?”

Mark takes a step back, and Bim’s jaw drops in surprise. “He-He’s telling the truth?”

Dark nods and composes himself once again. “I swear.”

Mark sweeps his hair out of his face and tries to contain his growing fear and rage. “Then, who else would’ve done this? Who else would want to take Amy?”

“Uh oh.” Mark, Dark, and Bim turn to look in the doorway of Dark’s office where Wilford Warfstache stands looking very concerned. “I think I might know who did this,” he explains. “It’s not good.”

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What you do think about Amy and Jake's personal growth this season? I'm really interested in your opinion about Amy

hi i got this message a while ago but i’ve been rly distracted so i’ll answer it now hi

so basically we started the season with them having been apart for 6 months and jake’s fear that he expressed to holt actually came true: it was weird when they were reunited and weren’t acting normal. which is totally understandable. when you have zero contact with someone for six months, it’s pretty much a given that it’s gonna need some getting used to when you get back together. and then finally the thing that brought them together in the first place, police work, reinstalled the connection they have and they were literally able to communicate with two head nods???? like that’s magical and beautiful. and then jake met her dad and that went pretty well!!! and then the fugitive episode happened and this is where things really got good. they knew they wanted to move in together and they both are competitive so they didn’t wanna give up their own apartments. and the only logical way to solve that was with a “crazy ass bet”, which was a beautiful callback to their competitiveness in s1 and s2. and ultimately jake let amy win because he loves her!!!! and she loves him!!!! and “your happiness is worth way more than winning some stupid bet”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i cried. and then chasing amy. jake was so supportive of amy wanting to become a sergeant and he did everything he could to help her and keep her thinking positively. and he proved that he knows her so well omg when he was roleplaying and talking about the folders!!!! and then he found out that she went to the roof from the bet. and she was just up there thinking about their relationship. amy “wants to be the youngest captain in the nypd” santiago was about to give up her dreams because she was scared it would mess up her relationship with jake and things would change too much. and although their relationship has been going slow, the place they’re currently in is such a good place to be!!!! and jake wouldn’t let her do that obviously because she’s “too good for that” and the fact that he always knew she was gonna be his boss also proves how good they are bc even before they were dating he knew it. and now we come to the finale. amy is willing to wait FIFTEEN YEARS for him to get out of jail (i know he obviously won’t be in jail for that long but it’s the thought that counts). and when they were talking in the car they both looked just so sad and i’m pretty sure jake had tears in his eyes and i’m still recovering from that tbh

so in conclusion, this season has been really great!!! and sure, there weren’t as many milestones as we hoped for (wink proposal wink) but what we did get just proves that engaged/married/pregnant or not, their relationship is healthy and SOLID and nothing could possibly tear them apart

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So, I just made the pottermore test and got Gryffidnor. But I don't understand why. I've taken multiple different quizzes and each time I got Hufflepuff. All my friends said that I was a Hufflepuff at heart, and now pottermore says that I'm in Gryffindor. I'm very upset, because I was 100% sure that I was in Hufflepuff! So guys please help me, am I in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff???

You’re very, very, very much a Hufflepuff.


1. Pottermore is a terrible sorting method and puts nearly 50% of people in Gryffindor anyway. (Source: that one survey I did a long time ago but also small scale Amy and Caitlin both originally got Gryffindor. Additionally, Jamie got Hufflepuff and I always manage to get Ravenclaw. Though just 4 of us for a tiny sample size, there still was an accuracy of 0%. )
2. Look how upset you are. You wouldn’t be so upset if you weren’t so sure of being in Hufflepuff. Otherwise you likely would consider Gryffindor and perhaps make the switch (which I hope a lot of people don’t do when taking Pottermore), but you obviously don’t want to. So don’t! Again, Pottermore is not final. And as we say repeatedly on the blog here – you know yourself better than any internet quiz.

-Justin (Slytherin)