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I used to wonder about the ed exchanging his life years thing, but then arakawa drew him at 80 years old right? Or is that not "canon"?

Hello yes, it is canon! (oh my god this is like, months old wow I’m so sorry)

Arakawa drew a little “Ed’s Life” kind of thing, and his gravestone said 88 years old:

Progression from top to bottom is: 20, 15, 11, 30, 40, 80, 88

I believe this is from one of the art books, or some other sort of extra (however I’m not entirely sure), but I hope this answers your question!!

and oh my god I can’t believe I took so long, Ed is probably already 30 by now :’)

he looks so much like Hohenheim at 40 I’m gonna cry

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right now i have a very simplistic style and they look very...flat. what methods have you used to reach the style you have today?

oh style is not the right word to use here… hmm… bc artist’s “style” is something that should be unique so i cant help you to teach you do my style, but i guess i can tell you what helped me to step a little farther from flat to… not so flat?

well first of all for past 3 years I was studding some animation principles such as rhythm, squash&stretch, overlaps, straight vs curve, etc(tbh i saw a lot of tutorials about this here on tumblr and even from few different artists so if you want to know about this more you can search for it and i think you will find it - no big deal)

second thing that helped me a lot is life sketches lessons - where you can sit and draw naked ppl who take different poses in different amount of time(i think you can find something like that in city where you live, and if not you can draw from youtube videos that made specially for this like this one )

life sketches helps me to analyze the volume of body, how does it fit in perspective, how body works and in the end i just start to remember how some of poses look like XD

(sketches help me to train myself but to be honest 70% of what i drew there are trashy and so bad haha)

also one thing that i want to say about style and being “unique” that I always steal something from others - from ppl, from movies or illustrations. I just try to notice what exactly I like in someone’s style and then try to do it too? like:

these are just details but than more of different details you will try to hit at once than more “unique” and NOT stolen it will look like(especially if you also will add something from your own heart of course), so noone will blame you that you are thief? I GUESS??? I HOPE??????

(idk it still looks flat and lame ups)

P.S. - if you are one of these artists that i definitely stole something from, i really hope you are not mad… and im sorry! i know you are watching me and i feel so bad tbh oh no <X’’’’’D aaaa….

so good luck you anon with YOUR artstyle and conquering the volume in your drawings!!!


Two of my faves!
On the first one there are some quick sketches of people that looked good, so I drew them. In class xd Two of the might and up as Simon and Baz from Carry On. On the other page I have some randm stuff, mostly fangirly drawings. Like Charlie Heaton and Joe Keery kissing. I WAS SHOOKKK!!! It was honestly the greatest moment of my life. And Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield… Ugh man. Too much gay to handle

Clothing Design: Tips and Tricks

Alrighty, so–little things I’ve learned while drawing outfits. This won’t be too comprehensive or anything, but just a loose collection of tips and tricks. This is specifically for more JoJo-like designs, where realism isn’t the goal.

1. Take Inspiration from Real Life Fashion BUT Do NOT Draw It Directly

What do I mean by this? Well, back when I was in [REDACTED] fandom, I somehow got it into my head that More Like Real Life = Better. I got a Polyvore account, made a Pinterest, and started creating all of these outfits from everyday fashions, and some stuff from the runway end of things. I’d make stacks and stacks of outfits like this, for each of my characters. There was just one problem.

When I actually drew them on my characters, they all looked dull as hell.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking at current or historical fashion for your characters! Studying how garments move, how they’re cut, what sort of sleeves and openings are possible are vital for any good character designer to know. But do not copy them stitch for stitch.

Real life garments are not designed for fiction. They won’t have the same clarity of design or silhouette. What looks good in real life will look positively boring on the page, and unless you’re trying to go for historical fiction or something that quite literally takes place in the exact same world as ours with no fictionalized elements at all, that’s not what you want to go for.

You want a character that pops. Drawing ordinary outfits from ordinary clothing is a good way to make sure that doesn’t happen (unless you’re very very skilled).

2. External and Internal Silhouette

As an artist, you probably know what I mean by silhouette, and if you don’t, a simple rundown is this: the silhouette of a character is their overall shape. If you were to draw a simple outline of a character and fill it in completely black, you’d have a silhouette. Having characters with distinct silhouettes is essential to good design, and a lot of emphasis on silhouettes is put on the actual body shape of the character – tall, short, skinny, fat, round, square, etc. And this is important! As a character designer, you should absolutely vary your characters like this.

However, something equally as essential is the silhouette of their clothing. Clothing provides a silhouette all its own, and can help emphasize the shapes already present on your character. Not only this, but some clothing can create a silhouette within the character, and we call this an internal silhouette.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s Josuke:

This is his external silhouette. You can very easily tell who it is; the pose is clear and the hair is a dead giveaway. But since this is about clothing, we’ll focus on that. His uniform is cut in such a way that it emphasizes his shoulders and his hips. The flow of the garment billows out at the bottom and gives him a bell-shaped silhouette on his lower half. All of this serves to give him a very distinguishable hourglass shape, and most of his poses work with his outfit to keep it flowy and in motion.

This is his internal silhouette. Because most of his uniform is dark, the way it’s pinned open towards the top (revealing a lighter undershirt and shaped in a rough heart) draws your eyes towards his face. It’s simple and non-distracting and communicates a clear design, as well as adds visual interest to an otherwise plain outfit.

When working with a character’s outfit, be sure to keep both external and internal silhouette in mind!

3. Accessories – Less is More!

Now, clearly the amount of accessories you add to a character is going to vary according to what kind of design you’re shooting for. A queen is definitely going to wear more complex accessories than a simple farmer, and as with everything, there are exceptions, so this is more a suggestion than a hard and fast rule.

When it comes to accessories in general, though, you should only add as many as it takes to emphasize aspects of the character you cannot communicate through silhouette. The message you’re trying to communicate should be as clear and easily understood as possible, and cluttering a character’s design with too many accessories is an amateur mistake.

For an example of good accessorizing, I take you to another JoJo, or should I say GioGio?

This is Giorno. His external silhouette is a little less distinct, but is helped by his braid. His internal silhouette carries the majority of the work here, with his boob window and embroidery giving visual interest. But where his design really shines is in the strategic use of accessories.

Here are his main accessories: three big, bold ladybugs. These are the true icons of his design, as not only are they easily visible at a distance, distinct in design, and a color that contrasts with the majority of his clothing, but they ALSO create a secondary internal silhouette that backs up the boob window, once again helping to lead your eyes towards his face.

Again, I’m no professional, and these are simply things I’ve picked up along the way. Hopefully you find them helpful!

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How does one create a world so deep, detailed and interesting like the Elder Scrolls series?

I think the strengths of TES lie in three things:

1) The collaborative and organic nature of its creation. The universe wasn’t created by a single person, and its creation did not follow a formal design document or anything of the sort. A great number of people made things up as they went along, often competing or riffing of each other’s ideas. They were young and didn’t know that they were breaking all the rules.

2) A solid set of design principles, most notably the unreliable narrator. TES purposefully stays away from definitive answers and invites both its official writers and its fans to contribute opinions and viewpoints, rather than facts. Ken Rolston (who was a legendary designer long before he came to Bethesda) is quoted as saying that good lore should tell the story from the perspective of a god, a common man, and the common man’s dog.

3) References. Whether it is Homeric epics, Jungian metaphysics, or real life history, I think good references both for style and content are the number one thing a creator can do to improve their work. Don’t draw from other fantasy settings, draw from the things those fantasy settings drew from. Read books on cultures and periods you know nothing about. Look at art you’ve never seen before. Follow some blogs featuring regions and voices that are missing from your experience.

i bet they only let real senior detectives map out crimes on their cork boards with red string. because i bet everyone who becomes a detective really wants to do that and they get a little too into it. like they break out the red string for the most minor of crimes. like, “okay so this guy robbed the convenience store, right? this is a still from the security camera footage. so i got the line going from him to a picture of the store there, okay? now, he robbed the store with a gun so as you can see, there’s a line, it’s going from his right hand to a picture of a gun i got off the internet. now that’s the same type of gun that he used, that’s just a much better picture. oh and these are sub-strings coming off the gun to a picture of bullets, just to help me visualize, you know, all the pieces in motion here. now as for motives or connections to a larger crime ring, i’m unsure at this time. a lot of these cases are the result of a poor upbringing, depression, uh, heavier psychological issues are always at play. kind of abstract stuff to depict with, polaroids, so just to represent that, there is a string coming off of his head here, where obviously dark thoughts tend to manifest, to a picture, now i drew this with stuff i just had at the office and one trip to michaels, just to kind of represent…inner demons. so this is a child, in a room and he’s looking up at these shadowy, faceless figures. i did that with charcoal. uh, and yeah they just represent things that might have been plaguing him. maybe the figures are his parents or other people in his life that failed him in some way? maybe it’s society as a whole. kind of open to interpretation there, but as a detective this is my job, to interpret these clues. he’s still on the loose actually, so that explains, i just thought this was cute, it’s a line going from him to a picture of the earth and i just sort of drew a big question mark on that. like, ‘where is he? where’s his head at?’”

To Collide Once More

~Just an idea I got after hearing Lost Stars. Feedback is always appreciated. Gif credit to maker~ Admin Thumper

Genre: A lot of angst and some smut 

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Description: “When stars collide, like you and I, no shadow blocks the sun.”

You couldn’t believe it. After three years of trying to move on, you are standing face-to-face with the boy that tore you apart. Jeon Jungkook opposite from you, him standing behind Jimin and you behind your best friend. You were asked to be her maid of honor and Jungkook was, of course Jimin’s best man. This was a major problem for you. You had to be control yourself not to push pass your friend aside and strangle him. Although you thought you were over him, all the emotions from three years ago collapsed on you.

               Jeon Jungkook had grown a lot since your last encounter. He was taller, built, and muscular; his hair was cut short and dyed a dark blond. His face had thinned out and his jawline more pronounced. You silently cursed him for becoming even more beautiful. It didn’t help that he was looking you up and down during this whole rehearsal like you were his prey. You wished you had worn something more conservative with his eyes on you; your skin tight pants and V-cut shirt, which was showing a bit more cleavage than you would like. You were not going to let him control you throughout your friend’s wedding. You just had to be civil and get through this.

               The priest finishes explaining what will happen tomorrow and everybody claps and smiles at each other. Soon you are all exiting the church and walking to you cars.

               “Yah! _____, is everything okay?” Your friend asks as your engine sputters.

               Could this day get any more frustrating? With your forehead on your steering wheel, you yell out. “I think my battery is dead.”

               A small crowd has gathered around your car in minutes, different groomsmen trying to jump start it. Sighing with annoyance, you walk off a bit and light a cigarette. Taking a long drag you look away from the church and your growling car. The stars twinkle brightly, allowing you to smile for the first time today with actual joy.

               “It’s nice to see you smile again.”

               Your heart drops, along with your smile. Although the voice is deeper than you remember and raspier, you know the owner. You try to think of a witty comeback but your brain goes dead at the sight of Jungkook stepping in front of you, his face lit up by the lights from the church.

               “You shouldn’t smoke. It’s not healthy.”

               “Like you care.” You sneer back.

               He shrugs a bit. “Who said I don’t?”

               “Really? Let’s not have this fight again. We’re not together anymore, you don’t have to worry about me. Okay?” You drop your unfinished cigarette, suddenly the calm atmosphere gone. You turn to walk away but Jungkook grabs your arm.

               “Why are you still mad at me then?”

               Without answering you pull your arm away and head back to your car that continues to make unnatural noises. “Any luck?”

               “Sorry ______, looks like we’ll have to call a tow truck.” Jimin says, as the guys clean their hands shaking their heads. “Do you want us to give you a ride?”

               “It’s fine!” Jungkook is suddenly at your side. “I’ll take her.”

               Jimin looks between you two, the history of your relationship no secret to anyone in the wedding party, thanks to your friend’s over chatty aunt. “Uh, it’s no problem.”

               “Hyung, you guys go. I promise as your best man, I’ll take care of _____.”  You hated that he was talking about you like you weren’t there. “______,” Jungkook finally addresses you. “You don’t mind, right?”

               It felt like a challenge and you were not about to back down. “Whatever, let’s go.”

              Twenty minutes of driving in silence, Jungkook breaks it with a loud sigh and a question. “So, how have you been?”

               “Please, just don’t. Let’s just smile nice and pretend to be happy at this wedding for our friends’ sake. Shouldn’t be too hard for you.” You speak the last part under your breath, unfortunately he still heard you.

               “What’s that supposed to mean?”

               “Just drive.”

               In a spilt second, Jungkook is pulling over and parking on the side of the deserted road. He turns off the car and adjusts himself in his seat as much as he can to look at you.

               “What the hell?” You practically yell.

               “Why do you hate me? What did I do that was so bad in our relationship? You were the one that wanted to leave.” He is looking at you with stern determined eyes.

               This doesn’t frighten you, only enrages you more. “I get it, you’re an idol and there were certain things that were expected of you, but you treated me like I was under you. Like you were some goddamn king!”

               “I never thought lowly of you. Whatever you think you saw was in your own mind.”

               “I was your best friend! Before any of them! I was the one staying up late helping learn new moves and improve your singing! Sure, I wasn’t able to help once you hit it big but I was your damn girlfriend. You changed so much.” You shake your head, suddenly scared to speak the words that you really wanted to say. “You fell out of love with me.”

               He scoffs, only causing more rage to rise in your chest as tears slip from your eyes. “I was always in love with you, _______.”

               This time you scoff.

               “______,” he tries to move closer to you, even going as far to hold your hand in his as he wipes away some tears. “Out of everything that changed in my life, you were the only constant. When you broke up with me, I tried to mend things with you but you drew farther and farther away.”

               “Jeongguk,” you barely whisper out. “I don’t believe you.”

               Finally, you look into his eyes and Jungkook closes the distance between you two. His warm lips send a lightning bolt through your body, every ounce of angry has been flushed out and replaced with a new sensation, lust. You missed his kisses. They were always sweet, wet, and hungry. His kiss now is deep but wanting, three years of longing built up and finally released. His kissing has gotten better. You think to yourself, as your hands slide up the back of his neck and into his blond hair.

               Jungkook’s hands stay placed on your sides, every once and awhile his thumbs slightly rubbing your breasts. You hated yourself for falling into this so easily. He could simply pull away and show you that you’re still not over him but there was something in the way he kissed you. The way he was touching you. He wanted you just as bad.

               Suddenly, he pulled way and your heart dropped. This is it. I was too blind and horny to see through him. Jungkook stares with his dark brown eyes into yours. “You don’t believe me? I’ll prove it then.”

               He’s soon at your neck, kissing and sucking on it. His hands run all over your body, trying to find where he can make you moan the most. Wearing your V-cut sweater didn’t seem like a bad idea anymore. Jungkook pulls the right side of the shoulder down to the point where he rips the shirt exposing your lace white bra. A smile creeps across his face as he rips the rest of your shirt off and goes for your bra next. His mouth is on your left nipple in seconds as he begins kneading your right one.  You’re angry at him for remembering that’s your weakness and even more furious at yourself for allowing a moan to escape your lips.

               This only excites him more you notice once he’s kissing your neck and you allow your hands to roam over his dark jeans, feeling his bulge throbbing. Grabbing him hard, Jungkook groans in your neck and grinds his hips into your hand. You pull off his shirt, hitting your hand on the door.

               “Ow!” You both giggle and continue your heated make out, your pain quickly replaced by your lust. Crawling to the back seat, you pull Jungkook’s arms, forcing him to follow you. With more space now, it’s easier to slide off your tight pants, revealing sexy white lace panties.

               “Were you planning on this happening?” He chuckles out, kissing your lips hungrily as his hands slip under your waistband. A hiccup of a gasp leaves you as his fingers play on your clit. Soon, he teases your opening; slowly putting one digit in and quickly pulling it out, making your shiver. As he gingerly inserts two fingers, his lips graze your ear. “______,” his voice is a low growl. “You’re so wet. Have I always had this effect on you?”

               Shoving the two digits in all the way, you scream in pleasure and that’s the answer he wanted. After some moments of him fingering you, Jungkook removed his fingers licking them then going to his own pants to remove them. Soon, he is on top of you, looking into your eyes.

               “Yah, _____?”

               You look at his in a lusty daze. “Jeongguk…” You beg, sick of all the foreplay. It’s been three years since you had been with anyone. Since you were with him. It’s not like you didn’t want it with other guys but it seemed weird. Something was always off. Something about the guys weren’t right. They were never Jungkook. The boy. The man that knew how to kiss you. Please you. Tease you. Grind into you in just the right way, finding your sweet spot and making you scream in bliss.

               “I love you.” He says, making sure you can see it in his eyes and soon you would feel it in your body as he lowers his head and gives you the sweetest kiss. He enters you and you exhale a passionate moan in the kiss. This would be the night you remembered for the rest of your life. It didn’t matter if you two ended up together again. This would be the moment that marked you as soulmates. The most passionate experience you both would ever have. That night you were just two stars colliding.