look i dont care if you hate him

some rough bby solas doodles. obv i took a lot of inspiration from avatar here. I like the idea that solas was a kid once and if weekes wants to disprove the idea that solas was once a baby, i challenge him to physical combat

Anon RP/ the-teenage-fox/ the-teen-foxy :

“Bonnie you know i would never do that.”  He was silent for a moment and looked, away his grip on Bonnie’s hands loosening. “But… i suppose I am partial to blame. I was just messing around and pretending to bite one of the kids, but something happened and my jaw snapped on them.”

“What happened was all a terrible tragedy but i would never do that purposely.” Foxy hated thinking about the past. It wasn’t really something he could look back to without being reminded of what happened. He looked down and sighed.  “Freddy refuses to believe me and he blames me for why not many people come here anymore… for what happened.”

“But i don’t care about him or what he thinks.” He said looking back smiling. “I have you now and you are all that matters to me”

It was a painful story to listen to. Everyone knew what happened, but nobody really got to talk about it with exception to Freddy who never lived it down. Bonnie felt… ashamed that Foxy would feel so hurt by his past. He should’ve been more supportive, should’ve stood up for him more even against Freddy. He should’ve been… more of everything.

And to think Foxy considered him as more than just a friend.

“Foxy I-” The rabbit stuttered. Where should he even begin?

“I always believed in you. You were the best of us, the crowd favorite.” Bonnie let the words flow on their own. Foxy used to be, indeed, the most fun out of all of them. Little boys often gathered in bigger numbers on the fox than even Bonnie and Freddy onstage. Foxy was wonderful with children, and Bonnie looked up to him for that. He loved him for it. The rabbit reached, both hands now clasping Foxy’s hand softly as he looked down on them. A quiet realization nudged his next words out of him. “To be honest, I think you might have been… sort of my favorite too.”