look i dont care if you hate him


Btw, here’s part2A:


WARNING: this textpost is super. super. long.

I WILL LITERALLY. MAKE. THIS TEXTPOST. EXTREMELY LONG. ON. WHY. I THINK. OUMA. ISNT. BAD. (in the end its still my opinion so dont attack me without thinking you dumbfucks)


For now let’s ignore the fact that his personality, talent, backstory, and whatever isn’t real (if you’ve finished the game you’ll know what I mean). In the meantime, let’s establish this:

He’s a liar. He’s the supreme leader of DICE, to put it bluntly, a prankster group consisting of 10 other “goons” who’re his most beloved. He’s intelligent. He’s manipulative.

He’s a kid.

It’s plain as day. We can all see it throughout the game that he’s childish, teasing, and loves to entertain. And that’s part of his personality. He loves to fool around and do stupid things like draw really kiddy “inventions” of out-of-this-world weapons that can never come true. He’s a curious boy and does anything to not stay bored. But that doesn’t sound anything like an Ultimate Supreme Leader, does it? So when something you do contradicts evidence, you gotta comply with the evidence and shut the fuck up. Or else people will question your credibility.


Kokichi Ouma is the most honest boy ever. Fabricating his emotions with lies so frequently that people actually mix up his lies and truth. They think his tears are the lies and his malice is the truth. They might be right about the tears part, seeing how he does shed some crocodile tears in early parts of the game, but they’re definitely wrong about the malice part! And I can prove that! (lol am i shuichi enough for you)

The evidence would be the DICE group itself. 11 people travelling around the world committing harmless “crimes” for entertainment. Of course, with Ouma being the leader. For who? Not clarified. However, they have a “no kill” policy. Now let’s have a little trivia here:

Why would they input a “no kill” policy when doing their ‘crimes’ around. the. world?

Well if you’re smart, you’d realise by now why. Going around the world killing people as their form of entertainment would be rather dark and the entire world would be trying to bring their asses to jail with a death sentence. Plus, if you put such a rule, you’d be clearly against killing itself, right? So you’d have to be someone of high position to finalise that rule, right? Like a leader, right?

Putting two and two together, having Kokichi Ouma participate in the killing game would be the most cruel thing to do. But hey, he’s an Ultimate Supreme Leader, he can’t fuck his title up by appearing like a childish, scaredy cat. So what does he do to keep people from finding out about his actual personality?

I’ll let you think about that.

^1st case body discovery. Might I also question: Wouldn’t this be his first body discovery? Kokichi Ouma, who hates killing, witnessing a murder committed and a dead body laying before him. Pretty cruel.

^2nd case body discovery. Oooh, guess our lil’ supreme leader hasn’t warmed up to dead bodies yet.

^3rd case body discovery. I mean, can you blame him? Or anyone, for this matter?

^4th case execution. Ohh, what’s this?


^Look at this, right after the execution. Sure, he went all fucking psycho after that. But… is this the face someone who enjoys seeing people suffer would make? I’d say he’s the one suffering the most. Well, no matter why he was so attached to Gonta, the fact remains that he was. And just like all of us here, when we get so attached to a character, we fucking cry when they die or they’re the murderer just because.

^5th case body- oh wait he died.

Well, for his dying words, it’d be pretty “like him” to say something like “Oh, but that’s a lie. Or is it?” or some bullshit like that to throw people off guard if he was truly the lying bastard we all thought he was. See, final moment are critical. It always brings out the truth in people. It’s just a matter of whether people want to believe it or nah. Especially for Kokichi Ouma.

Quotes from Ouma, “I had to think this game was fun to survive… I had to lie to myself!”

Can I- Can’t I just end my opinion with his statemen- no? Okay, moving on.

Well, guess now it’s pretty obvious why I’m saying that Ouma isn’t a “naturally evil-born person”. and this pretty much sums up why he lies and what his real personality is actually like.

Oh, one more thing to show you guys he isn’t bad:

My lil’ boy spending his time drawing fantasy-like weapons and-

-His main fullbody picture. Hmph, looking all evil and mastermind-y, smirking and looking down on others, holding poison- BUT IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY


I’d say, if anything, Kokichi Ouma was a terrible liar. Well, indeed, he was good in covering up and confusing people, but he still slips out his lies. Luckily, no one believes what he says anymore so he gets away with that. But if someone like Shuichi knew and believed his motive video, his drawings, his kid-like self, and sincerity about Gonta, he’d probably be able to say that Ouma was a terrible liar too.

Jaded: Part Three


Summary: The time is 1976, the era where rock and fame was booming across the city of Los Angeles. In hopes to leave a life of misery behind, you sold your life for your dream. Within the span of 24 hours, you find yourself fresh off the bus - right into the hands of the Chaos Club, and the owner who took a chance on a girl like you. Bucky Barnes.

NOTES: Cursing, Dirty Talk, Cocky Bucky, 70s!Bucky, Smut.

let me know what you think guys :) 

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Everyone needs to leave the guy who plays Rhaegar Targaryen alone

i dont care if you hate the character, thats not his fault, hes just doing his job.

and a big fuck you to all the people who shit on him for his appearance…ye are a bunch of blind assholes, that casting is amazing, him and kit actually look similar 

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If it’s not a bother... would you mind writing a bit more about Demi logan? Or any side?

I can whip up some HC’s!

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  • Virgil is practically relieved. His own nerves too high when he even considered anything more than friendly actions such as hugs or long conversations.
  • He wasn’t per-say ace, but Logan helped him feel content that anything more sexual was not a needed part of their relation as neither of them desired it.
  • Logan was also comforted to find someone who shared his views. That he was not alone in feeling this way.
  • They both comforted one another.. often sharing their views on feeling, broken or scared.
  • Logan’s cure for Virgil was warm beverages. Snuggles and all the supportive sweet nothings he could offer.
  • Meanwhile Virgil would bring up flags, knowing it was a rather funny topic Logan enjoyed, seeing as he related so much to Dr copper from Big bang theory.  He could always tug a smile on his face after showing him the history of Demi’s and Aces. Pulling out whiteboards and drawing silly little historic images, his calm tone soothing as Logan listened intently.
  • Virgil whole-hearty embraced him. They both had limits and they both greatly respected and cherished them.
  • it was a beautiful moment, when Logan was reading, Anxiety curled on him, Logan had felt warm and content. Virgil’s face was so close and without so much as the shifting of his book from under his nose, He placed a kiss on Virgil’s forehead, softly. Virgil looked up, wide eyed, cheeks flooding with pink. But he wasn’t upset. His shaking palm reached round to cup Logan’s.
  • Extremely slowly he dragged Logan’s face back to him, Wiggling upwards to meet at a better angle. Their lips met, but barely. brushing like feathers against one another. So faint, but full of…meaning.


  • Patton started off.. confused. He wanted nothing more then to cuddle and smother Logan in all his love at once. To engulf him like a wave of warm kisses and affection.
  • As time went on and his crush grew, he realised.. something was off about that Technique.
  • Logan would get, more uncomfortable, shifting awkwardly as Patton’s lips touched his cheek. He would be blushing, but fidgeting slightly. Hands wringing in his lap.
  • Patton finally getting the message one evening after being so distraught that he was upsetting his new partner, questioned him. Tears welling in his eyes.
  • “Am I do something wrong? Upsetting you?.. I- i just want to show you I care.. but It seems to.. make you get all .. awkward around me.. and I hate it, I dont want you uncomfortable.. tel me Lo.. w-what am I doing wrong? Am I being too much?”
  • Logan rubbed between his eyes. Nerves filling his quick paced heart.
  • “Look.. Pat.. I-.. I was worried to tell you. But, I’m whats known as Demisexual. “
  • Patton stayed quiet but confused, he knew to stay silent, that was how their dynamic worked. He loved to listen to Logan’s explanations.
  • Logan paused. “Do you.. know what that is pat?”
  • Patton shook his head, frowning and nibbling his lip. Logans hand touched his shoulder lightly.
  • “Well you see, it means that I struggle with attraction. it takes me awhile.. to feel close to someone.. to form a bond or connection.”
  • Patton’s hand was drifting to his mouth, wanting to bite his nails at his distraught state. “S-so.. you don’t love me?”
  • Logan raised an eyebrow, stunned. “N-no pat.. I-I definitely have very,very strong emotions towards you, positive and happy ones. I assure you I’m not leaving.”
  • Patton nodded, wiping his face. “Sorry, Im silly huh..”  
  • They both fell into comfortable science before Pattons hand snaked over and grabbed Logan’s.
  • “What can I do to make this work then? How can I help”
  • And that night, after long explanations, and a few boundaries set. Is how Patton ended up, head on Logan’s shoulder blanket surrounding them. Legs intertwined as they watched Star Trek together, eating popcorn and drinking hot coco, in the dim light of the TV screen.


  • Prince was the overly romantic type and although at first, it bothered him, Logan was swiftly withered down to a blushing mess.
  • Roman just seemed to notice, getting items he needed, being sweet in his gestures, but remaining.. distant. Allowing a bond to grow, to bloom.
  • In fact, Logan barely noticed it at first. Smiling as he thought of the royal.
  • His hand was spinning the new pen he was gifted, A pair of men, watching the glitter that swirled in the fountain pen.
  • Roman wandered in, noticing his far-off state, and snuck up, a single, blue rose in his hand.
  • “I thought I may find you here. I have brought another.. offering.” He said, nerves wavering.  
  • “And.. I thought.”  He began as Logan looked up, cheeks warm as he took the rose, inhaling deeply.
  • Logan watched him patiently to find the words.
  • “Well, I thought, perhaps, you’d like to be my.. Boyfriend?.. or perhaps mate.. whichever name suits..”  Romans hand was rubbing on his neck as he struggled, his heart practically falling from his mouth.
  • “I know it takes.. time to form connections and you may have none with me.. but I send you these things, and your smile just brightened my day.  Hearing you ramble about the stars.. or anything puts me at ease.   Your knowledge in areas unknown to me.. is so impressive.”  
  • Roman bites his lip unsure. “I know I’m going on..” He bends down to rest on his knees before logan. His shaking hands gently grabbing Logan’s.
  • “But I love you Logan.. and.. I wish to know If you would ever feel the same. mind you.. in your own time and speed.”  He smiles, looking down, insecure.
  • Logan’s hands tightly held the Royals. His face red and his chest fluttering.
  • “You have done nothing but kept your distance.. letting everything happen slow.  I.. I would like nothing more the to date you Roman, to hold you.. and to even kiss if I may.”  
  • Roman stuttered out a ‘Oh’ .  Logan’s hands slid into his hair. Curling into the soft locks.
  • Roman caught the cue, lifting from his knees as he met Logan in the middle.
  • It was a tad rough from roman. Nipping at Logan’s lip tenderly. Logan let out a small gasp, but followed the effort, Pulling roman closer. ;;
  • Roman just seemed.. to know…to understand,  And it filled Logan with such a feeling of freedom and acceptance.
  • They slowly slide from the kiss, Romans strong arms tightly winding around his middle, head resting on his stomach.  Logan’s hands ruffled his hair as they sat in silence. Ready to begin something they had really, already begun.

A Snowbaz fanfic in which Baz hears Simon crying one night

(This is my first Fanfiction that I’ve ever shared publicly, so please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy!!!)


It’s late when I get back to our room (I was rat hunting). 2 AM, or just past. I’ve done this a million times, I know how Simon sleeps, I know when he has nightmares, how to get rid of them without waking him up, and I know how to move about the room without him noticing I’ve even come in. I know. Tonight it’s different. I noticed almost immediately: he’s lying too still, and his breathing is irregular. He’s awake. He doesn’t turn to look. I get into bed, pretending not to notice. I usually fall asleep to the sound of his breathing, but I can’t concentrate when I know he’s still conscious. I hear his breathing stop, and suddenly a low sob. It wrenches my heart right out of my chest. Simon Snow doesn’t cry. He’s the chosen one, the Savior of the Mages. Simon Snow can’t cry. He eats sour cherry scones, and talks to Penelope, and kisses his perfect girlfriend with his perfect lips. I’m lying here in the dark, aching to hold him, because Simon Snow doesn’t cry. I should go help him…He doesn’t want my help.

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what are your thoughts on the treatment of the boy by Dammek?

mod spoon here !!! i know ur probably expecting like a short answer saying something along the lines of ‘its bad !!!! poor xeffy……. :(’ but im nothing if not thorough and i want to explain my feelings on the matter !!! the other mods may add on later if they please ^-^

disclaimer: i do believe what dammek has done has hurt xefros and i think that is so horrible bc xefros doesnt deserve that at all !!!! everything i say in this post explains why i sympathize w/ dammek and refuse to make judgements until we know him more. i do not excuse his behavior and i think what he has done is terrible but i think these things explain why just hating him is being unfair

first off: i see a Lot of myself in dammek. and i mean a L o t

in fact, dammek hate causes me a lot of heartache because it could easily be directed at me and the only change would have to be the name

in the past, particularly online, ive treated the people i care about like GARBAGE i just didnt know that what i was doing was bad until they would be like ‘ur a garbage person who treats me like garbage and i hate you !!!’ and then block me.

in real life…….. i still kinda treat people like garbage sometimes

i say, all the time, ‘haha i treat you all so terribly why are you still my friends?’ and while it looks like im joking im really not

the thing is: its because im both unaware that im doing something wrong and that if i do know im doing something wrong i dont know the alternative

dammek seems to genuinely care about his moirail. he really really does. i have a Big Feeling that not one person has ever called him out for anything ! and that everything hes doing, while poor, doesnt look terrible to the eyes of other trolls because their society is so fucked up.

he probably had xef butler for him because xef had an interest in butlering and he was like ‘oh you like that ?? uh uh ok then we’ll do that !!!’ in like. the worst way possible

he probably wanted xef to stop playing arena stickball because it was dangerous and xef was expendable to every team. so he just. had xef do other things

he made xef that microphone for christmas, and my personal hc is that it lowers xefros’ voice bc hes trans !!! how wonderful is that

hes never said that xef should stop apologizing. did you see how upset he was when joey called it annoying ? its likely not something hes used to

dammek probably is focused on other things in his life and doesnt see the effect its happening on his moirail. and when it gets pointed out to him, its going to hurt real bad. r e a l l y bad

second off: i think a lot of people are forgetting this is alternia and are blaming dammek for some things that…. arent him

the alternia we’re used to is essentially run by feferi, who is kind and believes the hemospectrum is stupid

the alternia we’re seeing now is run by trizza, who hates lowbloods and is a tyrant

the hemocastes are a lot more enforced in this alternia ! this is likely a Big Part of why xefros thinks so poorly of himself !!! and it likely influenced dammeks poor behavior

there are no adults to help them grow. they get animals that can protect them but never speak. and popular media, which seems to mostly be trizza going ‘LOOK AT ME im perfect and if you dont think so then imma Kill You :)’

they also likely dont know what a healthy moirallegiance looks like

as we’ve seen in the comic, the quadrants are really hard to navigate !!!! and all of the moirallegiances we’ve seen have been… not great except for meowrails, and even then its kinda iffy bc of how overprotective equius is

i do believe the Ideal moirallegiance would be similar to being qpps in this world, only a romance, because i do indeed believe it is a romantic feeling

i just dont think they have any good models to base their relationships off of :/

lastly: dammek likely has severe paranoia and is running a fucking revolution and is a c h i l d (same age as me but im aware that im a child that is still growing)

dammek is an anarchist that believes no one should own anything and that there should be no ruler of alternia.

unfortunately hes a little hypocritical, seeing as he puts his sign on a lot of things and all of his guns glow his blood color, and tends to act tyrannical

but anyways, hes running a revolution in an empire that kills you if you dont mow ur lawn

if one thing goes wrong. one single thing. him, xefros, and everyone involved will get killed without a second thought

so his paranoia is understandable

he obviously uses code allllll the time because his fear is that someone will notice and kill them, and his cameras on xefros’ house and room are likely so he can make sure his moirail is safe

he randomly tests xefros just in case they have to run

xefros says that dammek is the one pulling all of the strings

thats a lot of pressure for a 14-15 year old, especially if the consequence for messing up is mass murder of you and everyone youre working with

hes also !!! a child !!!!!! doing his best !!!!!! all of his mistakes are likely because no one has taught him that theyre not okay, and hes been given all of this power and influence

hes a bronzeblood w/ a highbloods position and he is on a power trip

earth will bring him back down, jude will likely tell him hes a jerk and teach him The True Meaning Of Friendship, and dammek will realize everything hes done to his moirail has been hurting him this whole time, and he will be crushed

i know i was every time someone told me i had been hurting them for so long


aaaaanyways huge long super rant about dammek over, i do think that what has happened to xefros is absolutely terrible and it hurts to think about how long hes been suffering like that !!!! i hope he gets to heal from it and that joey teaches him true friendship… like gosh

Dear SebaCiel fans...

Today I have realised something…

I’ve felt a connection that I have never felt so deeply about…

It was just so intense and wonderful at the same time…

I couldn’t take my eyes off it…

Then I’ve finally realised what you guys were talking about this whole time…

The way Sebastian looks at Ciel…

The way he secretly desires for him…

The way he wants to place his fingers on the Earl and savour his taste…

Is it love? Is it lust? Who cares?…

There it was sitting right in front of me…

24 golden chicken McNuggests…

I was beautiful. It really was…

I finally understood how Sebastian feels and looks at Ciel…


P.s: Please don’t take this seriously.

jeon ‘only pay attention to me jiminie-hyung’ jungkook

or in other words jealous!kookie aka jeonlous aka hovering jungkook. warning: this turned way longer than expected. there might be a second part, pls excuse my gross screenshots.

^ ok, let me explain. this is NO MORE DREAM mv making. you know, i keep saying this but there are people who still DONT get HOW MUCH jungkook HATED jimin back then. like, he hated him so much, look at him interrupt the jin/min hug with a “what’re you doing without me?” WHAT’RE YOU DOING WITHOUT ME??!! what the hell jungkook? jimin can’t hug others without your permission? jealous jungkook at his finest.

look at this beautiful moment between hobi and jimin

yup…baeutiful moment indeed.

he doesn’t care…nope, they can do whatever they want. 

tony: “you look nice.” 

jungkook: not feeling it.

look at jimin asking if tony wants a yogourt drink. isn’t that cute.

jungkook: no.

taetae and chimchim singing together. how cute are they??

who’s that behind them? any guesses?

jungkook: *drinks from jimin’s water bottle, throws it beside him to get his attention, fails*

also jungkook: *hits tae with a soccer ball, when tae moves away, he RUNS to sit beside jimin, looks satisfied*

jungkook: i don’t care. yeah, keep doing whatever you’re doing. 

jungkook why are you PUSHING hobi out of the way WHILE LOOKING AT JIMIN??? what the hell?? i need detailed explanations, bro. 

aww…look at jimin backhugging namjoon, so cute…

jungkook does not approve. namjoon’s face im dying…hes like pls keep me out of it.

gif credits: @jikookruinsmylife 

i didnt realize how many moments there were.

billy hargrove more like billy HARDgrove oops sorry not sorry hate me if you want?

hes trash but i couldn’t help sketching him,he looks like a freakin’ lost boy! AHH also im drawing the kids but like a serious thing not like this crapXD

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Idk how much social media you're going to involve, but I'm hoping for discourse. Like "hey ppl who say "katsuki yuuri has won xxx medals with anxiety what have YOU done?" just straight up admit you dont care and actually hate mentally ill ppl smfh" or "look I don't ship Viktuuri but it's clear Viktor is devastated by what happened, so can we pls acknowledge this hate between them is/has been all this time super damaging for him and stop beating this dead horse". Fictional meta/discourse ftw

There is going to be an absolute ton of fictional discourse in the next chapter!

anonymous asked:

I hate myself. Any advice?

Pretend you got this friend. A friend that works for you 24/7. This friends helps you to do EVERYTHING, they help you to see, to hear, to taste, to touch, to feel, to love, to hate, to walk, to eat, to drink, to breath, to wake up, to sleep, to laugh, to EVERYTHING.

And at the end of the day, you thank this friend by telling them “I hate you.”

Its unfair, right?

Look. This worked for me, i dont know if it will for you. But i stopped hating myself because i stopped seeing myself as, well, myself. And started to see that guy in the mirror as someone new, someone i could meet. I started to see him as a friend. Someone to take care of, to worry about, to love.

Because…IM the one that will get myself out of that hole. Its useless to call out for help because IM the one who’s supposed to my MY hero. Not anybody else.

I know myself. And Im SUPPOSED to know what to do to help me.

Best Friends to Lovers!Woozi

A/N: I’m going to….die……….i hate myself rn……ok i’ve got plenty of free time now!!!! so i’m not going to be doing anything so send requests please!!!!

  • ok so first of all this is going to be a bulleted fic
  • why????? bc i feel like it goes best with the request
  • right so first off since you’re his only female friend cuz well first of all that was the request
  • but also he’s an awkward bean so i cant imagine him having female friends outside of you anyway
  • you guys go way back,,,,to like grade school
  • you’ve always been the outgoing type and you guys met bc you pestered him into going out with you (in like a totally platonic way! for now i mean)
  • you’re usually the one who invites him to everything
  • like seriously if you hadn’t known him for so long you’d think he hated you but you knew he was rlly work driven
  • he does show affection to you to, just usually in the form of sending song snippets to see your reaction or doing underhanded nice things (giving you little presents claiming to just have had them lying around, slipping gifts into your pockets (you see him every time but its cute so you dont say anything))
  • so sometimes you show up to the studio with like kfc just to make sure he isnt dead
  • and you’re really affectionate towards him and he acts like he hates it but he secretly loves it
  • you actually realized you liked him in like, seventh grade
  • you were getting ready to go to a movie with him and were panicking over what to wear, and what would look good, like way more than usual
  • and then you were like “wait why do i care so much”
  • but eventually you know you have to confess
  • so one day (after seventeen just won an award of some kind so he’s in a good mood) you’ve dragged him out for a picnic on this rlly pretty hill with like an entire confession speech planned out in your head
  • but it all just kinda slips from your mind as soon as you see him you are super whipped
  • so you two are are just eating sandwiches while jihoon’s telling you a story about another one of the gag trio’s antics and there’s a sinking feeling in your stomach
  • “ummm y/n? you’re kinda pale, are you ok?”
  • so you set your sandwich down, take a deep breath and look him in the eye
  • “i like you, jihoon. a lot, actually. and it’s understandable if you dont love me back but i just wanted to tell you that i’ve liked you since the seventh grade, oh my gosh that’s dorky but i have, and you probably know, don’t you? I mean i’ve been super obvious and stuff, like coming over to your studio all the time and bringing you stuff, but i really do care about you and a worry about you a lot, and whether you’re overworking yourself and oh man, I’m rambling, god jihoon just please say something.”
  • jihoon is just kinda sitting there stunned with a hella red face
  • “……………repeat that please?”
  • “lee jihoon, i am not. you heard me, now will you just say something you loser.”
  • “…..you like me?”
  • “did you not get that?”
  • “Y/n.”
  • “………yeah.”
  • “Since the seventh grade?”
  • “That’s what i said.”
  • and then after he’s done processing this huge grin spreads across his face and it’s breathtaking and he goes “well then i hope it’s ok with you that i’ve liked you since the FOURTH grade”
  • n you two just sit there for a while
  • just eating
  • sandwiches (why sandwiches you ask? bc i want some n dont have any fucking bread but anyway)
  • until you lean over and just straight up ask him out
  • “so we’re dating now right”
  • and tomato!woozi is just like…..
  • “i guess so”
  • n u guys go on your first date (which isn’t really a date, it’s just a hike in some random mountain, i dont know mountains in korea, just pick one)
  • it’s sort of awkward at first but you crack some jokes and you two are pretty much back to normal
  • that’s kinda how your relationship is
  • pretty much best friends but with more kissing
  • and you dont even try to hide your affection anymore
  • it’s jus rlly cute
  • i wanna be friends with woozi????
  • woozi’s gf????
  • anyways i hope you enjoyed this it was kinda crappy i apologize

anonymous asked:

Bran is not "hands down the most hated character alive". You'd be surprised by the number of people who champion him even now. I don't think even the majority of the fandom hate Bran either. Just that those who do are very vocal about. The same ilk who care about cheap spectacle over substantive storytelling and think that the best "acting" involves a character emoting all over the place. Despite what Benioff and Weiss have done, Bran's haters are attacking him for the wrong reasons. (cont).

(cont 2). Bran’s haters or detractors are the same people who go off on him because Isaac Hempstead Wright had the temerity to go through puberty. I’ve actually read from people saying that they considered Isaac’s performance being weak because - wait for it - he no longer looks like a ten year old. This sort of rationale behind their dislike should tell you need to know about their mentality. Bran could be taking control of both Winterfell and the dragons, and his haters would still hate him!

i dont mean to be debbie downer here but i think youre underestimating how mad people are at bran for being a big meanie to poor little sansa, and those who dont care about sansa are mad that it was bran and not arya, and those who dont care about either just think bran is creepy and a loser. It seems overwhelmingly that most people hate bran now. I’ve seen very few people championing bran beyond confusedly trying to make sense out of why the show just took a rusty blade and brutally assassinated his character worse than anything I’ve personally ever seen on a tv show before. and of course the first thing i stumbled upon when opening tumblr for the first time today was a lovely spoiler about bran making meera cry before she leaves, so you know, just twist that knife even more and make sure everyone knows bran is the biggest piece of worthless shit ever. Thank you d&d, for the millionth time, we fucking get it, you hate bran. 

(and maybe even isaac? thats a different rant but they totally threw him under the bus and left him to take 100% of the blame for doing EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASKED and then couldnt even deign to spare a second in the After the Episode explaining what they fuck they just did.)

Granted i’ve stopped checking as much, but the reason i dont think anyone that wasnt championing bran before isnt championing him now either is because, what is there left to champion in the first place? He’s literally not even a character anymore. There is NOTHING left to root for. a lot of people just want for their favorite characters to simply be HAPPY by the end of the story, but if your favorite character is/was bran well..  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

jungkookie...you’re staring

following thirsty kookie, we now have heart eyes!jungkook; 

remember how jungkook hated jimin? 

oh yeah…the hate was REAL. 

yup, since the debut days…

(x) you okay there, jungkook-ssi? does this also count as thirst?

(x) obviously he’s not staring at jimin laughing. no way. 

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^ when jimin walked into the room. he totally doesn’t care. 

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when will i get over this moment? answer: never. are you confessing jungkook?

i dont even know what to say…

i can hear his breath hitch because he’s hit once again by how beautiful his jiminie-hyung is *dodges bricks*

jungkook obviously hates jimin. look at that disrespectful way he’s staring at him. 

why does it look like jungkook wants to slam jimin against the nearest wall and kiss the shit out of him? and why does jimin look oblivious as fuck? does this count as thirsty too? idk. 




(x) why does jeon lean over other PEOPLE to STARE at JIMIN???

(x) he’s boring holes to the side of jimin’s face what the fuck jungkook???

listen to me, EVERYONE is looking at hobi bc he’s about to dance, but not jungkook. why is he staring at jimin? 

i feel like this pic is not talked about enough. we are seeing jimin through jungkook’s eyes, literally. he took this picture. jimin looks like an absolute angel, like this pic is so…warm and im in tears bc of this ship once again. 

someone stop me from making these. i realized jungkook stares a lot this could have like 15 parts wtf. 

  • Me: *brushes teeth everyday, mornings and nights*
  • Parents: You have really bad teeth.
  • Me: *Showers and combs hair everyday*
  • Parents: Your hair looks like shit.
  • Me: *Tries to boost my self-confidence every morning*
  • Parents: You aren't that attractive. Like, people are going to have to get to know you to fall in love with you.
  • Parents: What do you mean you hate yourself? Why is that?
And then he was there.

Can you write something for Zico? He’s my ultimate bias and I loooove everything you write! x😍

Life with Zico

‘Oh, sorry.’

You look embarrassedly up at the figure you’d crashed into on your way to your next class, blushing when you see that it was Jiho and quickly attempting to move out of his way…but his hand on your shoulder stops you.

‘Don’t be.’ 

That cat like gaze was staring into you again like it always did, the gaze that had you so completely infatuated with this boy that you could barely stop yourself from tripping over your own feet when you heard his name mentioned.

You stand there, shy, awkward, and nervous as you wait for him to say something else, only to receive his cold, blank stare back at you, the look seeming to be jumping with something akin to excitement. 

‘Were you on your way to class?’ He asks suddenly, quickly snatching your book from your arms to see what it was as you stutter out an answer. 

'I… uh… yeah… i was on my way to-' 

'Lit class. Of course, i knew i was meant to be somewhere. -hey, do you mind walking me there?… i know we’re like 4 weeks into term but i still cant find my way there.’ He chuckles at his own lacklustre approach to educating himself, and if he was anyone else you would have kicked him to the curb and told him to buck up his ideas or he’d screw up his future. 

But this was Jiho. 

And if the look in his eye as he looked at you was anything to go by, you didnt want to turn him away just yet. 

'Yeah… sure.’

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Hi it’s me shadow-trash-bag anon, I haven’t read the manga so that’s probably why I didn’t recognise him - I just kinda assumed it was an intentionally shadowy character and like a fool completely forgot that quirks were a thing. Thinking about it now I honestly can’t believe I though you were just drawing him like that ‘mystery purposes’ lmao. Anyway sorry for any inconvenience mate, I absolutely love your gorgeous work and I’m overjoyed at the update

no prob dude, i forget ppl dont read it, he’s actually not all shadowing in the manga, he has feet that stick out from his weird robe thing, but i didnt think that look would look very… kingly