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A Snowbaz fanfic in which Baz hears Simon crying one night

(This is my first Fanfiction that I’ve ever shared publicly, so please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy!!!)


It’s late when I get back to our room (I was rat hunting). 2 AM, or just past. I’ve done this a million times, I know how Simon sleeps, I know when he has nightmares, how to get rid of them without waking him up, and I know how to move about the room without him noticing I’ve even come in. I know. Tonight it’s different. I noticed almost immediately: he’s lying too still, and his breathing is irregular. He’s awake. He doesn’t turn to look. I get into bed, pretending not to notice. I usually fall asleep to the sound of his breathing, but I can’t concentrate when I know he’s still conscious. I hear his breathing stop, and suddenly a low sob. It wrenches my heart right out of my chest. Simon Snow doesn’t cry. He’s the chosen one, the Savior of the Mages. Simon Snow can’t cry. He eats sour cherry scones, and talks to Penelope, and kisses his perfect girlfriend with his perfect lips. I’m lying here in the dark, aching to hold him, because Simon Snow doesn’t cry. I should go help him…He doesn’t want my help.

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Idk how much social media you're going to involve, but I'm hoping for discourse. Like "hey ppl who say "katsuki yuuri has won xxx medals with anxiety what have YOU done?" just straight up admit you dont care and actually hate mentally ill ppl smfh" or "look I don't ship Viktuuri but it's clear Viktor is devastated by what happened, so can we pls acknowledge this hate between them is/has been all this time super damaging for him and stop beating this dead horse". Fictional meta/discourse ftw

There is going to be an absolute ton of fictional discourse in the next chapter!

jeon ‘only pay attention to me jiminie-hyung’ jungkook

or in other words jealous!kookie aka jeonlous aka hovering jungkook. warning: this turned way longer than expected. there might be a second part, pls excuse my gross screenshots.

^ ok, let me explain. this is NO MORE DREAM mv making. you know, i keep saying this but there are people who still DONT get HOW MUCH jungkook HATED jimin back then. like, he hated him so much, look at him interrupt the jin/min hug with a “what’re you doing without me?” WHAT’RE YOU DOING WITHOUT ME??!! what the hell jungkook? jimin can’t hug others without your permission? jealous jungkook at his finest.

look at this beautiful moment between hobi and jimin

yup…baeutiful moment indeed.

he doesn’t care…nope, they can do whatever they want. 

tony: “you look nice.” 

jungkook: not feeling it.

look at jimin asking if tony wants a yogourt drink. isn’t that cute.

jungkook: no.

taetae and chimchim singing together. how cute are they??

who’s that behind them? any guesses?

jungkook: *drinks from jimin’s water bottle, throws it beside him to get his attention, fails*

also jungkook: *hits tae with a soccer ball, when tae moves away, he RUNS to sit beside jimin, looks satisfied*

jungkook: i don’t care. yeah, keep doing whatever you’re doing. 

jungkook why are you PUSHING hobi out of the way WHILE LOOKING AT JIMIN??? what the hell?? i need detailed explanations, bro. 

aww…look at jimin backhugging namjoon, so cute…

jungkook does not approve. namjoon’s face im dying…hes like pls keep me out of it.

gif credits: @jikookruinsmylife 

i didnt realize how many moments there were.

Ot4 who’s basically got their way around the band – the sound, the creative process, specifically their white privilege have the guts to question why would zayn leave the band and felt like that?? Don’t come at me, telling it was a fun experience, that why would Zayn leave like that and say “things” and all that shit when all those 5 years everything was catered to the 4 of you. ZAYN EXPERIENCED A LOT WHILE IN THE BAND - ALL THE GOOD AND MOSTLY BAD NOW THEY are trying to make Zayn the villain here yet again - but if you have an ample of comprehension on your body he has OPENLY TALKED ABOUT HIS ANXIETY, and EATING DISORDER on his book. OPENLY shared his illness when he didn’t have to but still has COURAGE TO DO SO. HOW HE SAID ITS TIME TO LOOK AFTER HIMSELF, HOW HE IS GRATEFUL FOR THE EXPERIENCE AND THE OPPORTUNITY BUT Y'ALL DONT UNDERSTAND THAT!! My blood is boiling of anger, because here we have Liam saying and doing shit again like what he did after Z left. He’s just a shit acting like a goody but fck him! fck all these ot4 stans who have nothing good to say and be blinded by all these shit and lies their precious ot4 say


Shameless self-promotion~ 😅😄 just a shitty fanfic I wrote…many moons ago 😂 anyways…enjoy😀 ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌ Namjoon. He was always smooth-talking. I knew exactly what his purpose for this was. He wanted me to become weak, to swoon over him, just like all the other girls. However, Im not like that. Definitely not. I wouldnt faint right away just because Namjoon -my for eternity cursed  rival- was talking to me. Everything that came out of his mouth was gibberish, anyways. He was always critizising me, making me look bad. He has always been better than me, what he made sure to let me know. Everywhere, everytime he was teasing and provoking me. Oh, how much I hated this! But I didnt care! No! Not a tiny bit! I tried to stay strong, to ignore him and his words. I didnt want to show him any weak spot of me and take advantage of it, never ever! I just wished he would disappear and leave me alone.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I know what you are trying to do, Make me fall for you, Oh why, I want you to leave, And leave me alone  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ “If thats not my favourite loser, Y/N!”, I could hear an arrogant voice saying. “NAMJOON!” I hissed at my rival, annoyed as hell. He was just grinning all over his face while I gave him death glares. How I hate this guy! “What do you want this time?”, I asked him annoyed. It seemd Namjoon would always appear wherever I was going. Thats really strange. “No, wait… I already know what you want to say *I, Namjoon,  am so much better than you! You are a loser! I am one step ahead of you* Am I right?” Namjoon was just grinning at me. “Seems like you were riveted by my words while talking to me, isnt it? You remembered quite alot! Im really touched!”, he said ironically, “Just shut your god-damn mouth  and leave me alone already, will you? Come on, get the fuck off!”, I complained and tried to shove Namjoon away from me. However, he opposed to do so stubbornly. “Hey! Y/N, this is a free country… I am allowed to stay here… you know?”, he grinned at me in a know-it-all manner. “GRR! But you are not allowed to if you keep on annoying me all the god-damn time! Get the hell away from me and stop bothering me!”, I got mad. No matter what I said he twisted my words to his liking and teased me with it. “Nah. Dont want to.” he responded grinning and crossed his arms in front of his body unwillingly. “GRR! NAMJOON!”, I shouted.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Everywhere I go,You’ll always be there,Try to give you hints to leave (But it’s like it came of the other ear)  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ “Tch! Do whatever you want, I dont fucking care anymore!”, I replied coldly, turned around and left. “Such a bastard! Who does he even think he is?!” I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!“, I mumbled angrily to myself, distancing myself from Namjoon, while cussing. Namjoon was looking at me leaving while grinning.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I don’t care what you do I don’t care about you I don’t care get a clue Cause I don’t really like you, I don ’t really like you  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I went directly into the cafeteria, but I had to see there triggered the rage inside me right away. There he was again. Arrogant as always. Namjoon and his dumb friends, or whatever. Everyone was gathered around him. Laughing, whispering and gossipping. I couldnt stand his so-called friends. I couldnt stand any person of this group in general! They all thought they were something else, just because they were rich, spoilt brats. And Namjoon was no exception. I gave them a sour glare. Of course, Namjoon noticed me right away. He grinned and winked at me. “URGH?!” I couldnt help it, and I also didnt know why, but because of this my face went bright red. He was so damn arrogant! I couldnt stand this guy! Quickly, I looked into another direction. He drove me up the wall! Namjoon. He was a mystery, which I couldnt clearly make out and didnt make any sense for me. On the one hand he teased me like there is no fucking tomorrow but on the other hand he seemed to be rather interested in me. More than he was in other girls. He was way too interested, for my taste. I didnt like this behaviour of Namjoon! I hated him so much!  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ You and your friends are dense You don’t make any sense It’s all at your expense Cause I don’t really like you, I don’ t really like you  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Annoyed from this whole situation I went into the library. I still had to finish a project. I looked for a quiet spot and grabbed some books and my laptop and started working on my project. At least this will distract me from this prick. After a while I was quite satisfied with the presentaion I had so far. “Very Goo-”, I was about to clap my hands in satisfaction. “Nothing will come out of this crap.”, I heard Namjoon arrogantly say. He was standing right behind me, staring at my laptop. “NAMJOON?!”, I shouted shocked. “What are you doing here again? Dont you see that Im busy?” Grinning he leaned down. “I just wanted to give you some useful tips… from an expert, you know? You will never have a chance against me!” He started to chuckle. You could literatelly see steam coming out of my ears. “GRR!” I was so damn pissed. And hurt. I really wanted to just start crying. But not in front of him. Not in front of Namjoon! He would just pick on her even more. Why was he doing this to me? Why? Couldnt he pick someone else to bully? He was always provoking me, and only me. I coped long enough with all this shit! I tried long enough to ignore his dumb-ass comments. However, I had to admit that his words hurt me everytime, over and over again. I couldnt take this anymore. Ive had enough! I hated him! Like poison!  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Why have you done this to me (You know I’m busy) Oh why I’ve been nice so far But I can’t take it anymore  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Some time went by since that incident in the library. But my mind still didnt change a tiny bit about my rival. I hated him! Still! No matter where I went - Namjoon was there. I was so irritated by him. I didnt understand whats that supposed to mean. I hated him. But everytime I told him that, Namjoon didnt seem to care. Instead, he preferred to just grin at me widly. “GRRR!” His behaviour totally got on my nerves. Couldnt he unsterstand already? I was so pissed this moment. “I told you that I cant fucking stand you, you prick! Got it?”, I yelled at him. Suddenly, he came close, dangerously close. “You are lying…”, he just said. “Huh?” I didnt understand what he was trying to say with that. “You are lying… If you are being honest to yourself, you find me irresistible? Dont you, Y/N?, he literally breathed into my ear. He couldnt hold back his grin while saying this. Immediately, blood rushed into my head again, I was bright red,  I didnt like that state of mine at all. "Th-Thats not true! Im not lying! I hate you! I really do!”, I tried to confirm my words once again. Without success. Namjoon just answered with his trademark grin again.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Time passes by and you wonder why I’m not gonna lie, You mean nothin’ to me  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I went mad! I always had to let myself be treated like a little kid by him. I couldnt stand it. I couldnt stand him! I hated him! “I just want to make something clear, Namjoon…”, I started irritated, and pointed threathening onto his chest with my index finger. “I will tell you this for the last time, and you better listen well… I FUCKING HATE YOU!!! GOT IT?!, I made myself clear loudly. "I HATE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH!”, I shouted and didnt notice how awfully close I got to his face. “Eh..?!”, suddenly this unwanted blush on my cheeks again. Namjoon just grinned at me widly. He started to chuckle. “EH?!”, at this point I was totally confused. I told him that I hated him, didnt I? Why did he start to chuckle?! I seriously didnt understand Namjoon at all. All of a sudden he stared me deeply in the eyes, again with a smirk on his lips. Again he got dangerously close to my face. Only a few millimeters seperating our lips, but before our lips even touched, he whispered: “I hate you too, Y/N… I hate you, too…”, a satisfied smirk showed on his lips. And suddenly he pressed his lips against mine. He smirked into the kiss. I could feel it exactly. I didnt know what to do. More and more blood rushed into my head. I was blushing so bad. What in the world was Namjoon, my rival, doing to me!? Suddenly I felt how Namjoon basically begging for access with his tongue, and softly nibbling on my lower lip. My face turned even redder, if that was even possible. I didnt let him access my mouth and pressed my lips together. But I couldnt withstand for a long time and I just let it happen. Namjoon started kissing me passionately. I felt his grin against my lips. This bastard. I didnt like this whole situation at all. However, I enjoyed this kiss in a strange way. I knew for sure that I would regret this kiss. When Namjoon finally broke the kiss he just smirked at me, for the ten millionth time this day. By now my face showed the darkest red shade possible. “See? I told you, that you find me irressitable!”, he grinned and kissed me again. I was mad as hell and embarrassed. “No! No! No! You heard me correctly! I fucking hate you!”, I yelled at him, still blushing madly.  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ I said I don’t really like you  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫ Namjoon started chuckling. “Yeah, and you heard me correctly…. I hate you, too…” he smirked. “Dont you think this is a mutual feeling?”, he grinned and stroked my head lovingly. His words and action made my face turn red again, and I looked kinda shocked at him. “EH?!”, I exclaimed. “I FUCKING HATE YOU NAMJOON!!”, I yelled at him with a red head. He just chuckled and hugged me. “I hate you”, I mumbled into his jacket. I didnt want him to win over me. But I had to admit it felt quite good. “I hate you” I didnt want to give up already. He stroked my hair again and pressed me against him. “I hate you”, I was ashamed but also smiled and just held onto the jacket of my, for eternity cursed, rival. “I fucking hate you…”  ▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫▫  I don’t really like you…

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jungkookie...you’re staring

following thirsty kookie, we now have heart eyes!jungkook; 

remember how jungkook hated jimin? 

oh yeah…the hate was REAL. 

yup, since the debut days…

(x) you okay there, jungkook-ssi? does this also count as thirst?

(x) obviously he’s not staring at jimin laughing. no way. 

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^ when jimin walked into the room. he totally doesn’t care. 

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when will i get over this moment? answer: never. are you confessing jungkook?

i dont even know what to say…

i can hear his breath hitch because he’s hit once again by how beautiful his jiminie-hyung is *dodges bricks*

jungkook obviously hates jimin. look at that disrespectful way he’s staring at him. 

why does it look like jungkook wants to slam jimin against the nearest wall and kiss the shit out of him? and why does jimin look oblivious as fuck? does this count as thirsty too? idk. 




(x) why does jeon lean over other PEOPLE to STARE at JIMIN???

(x) he’s boring holes to the side of jimin’s face what the fuck jungkook???

listen to me, EVERYONE is looking at hobi bc he’s about to dance, but not jungkook. why is he staring at jimin? 

i feel like this pic is not talked about enough. we are seeing jimin through jungkook’s eyes, literally. he took this picture. jimin looks like an absolute angel, like this pic is so…warm and im in tears bc of this ship once again. 

someone stop me from making these. i realized jungkook stares a lot this could have like 15 parts wtf. 

some rough bby solas doodles. obv i took a lot of inspiration from avatar here. I like the idea that solas was a kid once and if weekes wants to disprove the idea that solas was once a baby, i challenge him to physical combat

Planet Earth: Chapter Four - This could be a trap

This is Chapter 4 of Planet Earth read Chapter One, Chapter Two and Chapter Three first! ________________________

Your name: submit What is this?

30 Minutes before:

“You are not really a member of the guards right?” Murphy asked Bellamy.

“No, but the guards will come here soon, unless we stop them. You dont actually think they forgive your crimes, right?” Bellamy said with a provoked face.

“You got a point?” John Mbege asked while he stand next to Murphy.

“No I got a question. They locked you up, send you down here to die and you want to help them?” Bellamy asked and laughed.

Murphy and Mbege looked confused to each other.

“You wearing this bracelets, dont you? This things tell them, we are alive.. that the Earth is survivable. Take them off and they will think you’re dead, that Earth isnt safe.” Bellamy smiled to them.

“If we do, whats in it for us?” Murphy asked and looked to Mbege with a smile.

“Bellamy!” Octavia yelled.

“Someone is gonna help me to run things.” Bellamy said and turned to Octavia.



It was evening and already dark after Finn, Monty, Jasper, Clarke and Octavia came to the dropship. Octavia told her older brother what happened to you, he didnt believe it.

“Wait there are others here? Like who? Radioactive zombies?” Bellamy laughed. “Thats ridiculous.”

“My cousin was hit by a spear and if you didnt made it or one of your little monkey, then no its not a joke and its not ridiculous. We’re not alone and we have to save her.” Finn said serious.

“Bellamy what are they doing?” Clarke said as she looked behind him to the campfire. “What did you done?” She asked shocked and looked at his arm.

“They took them off, like Murphy and Mbege. Everyone is going to take the transmission bands off, they burned them.” Wells said. “I couldnt stop them… Clarke are you okay?” He asked her best friend.

“Yes I’m fine but why Bellamy? Are you crazy? The communication system is dead, this bands are all we got, take them off and the Ark is thinking we dying.” Clarke said.

 "Thats the point, Princess. They send us down to die, now? They are gonna die. We can take care of ourselves.“ He said while the others took the bands off behind him. "Can we?” He turned around and asked the people behind him.

“Yes!” The people shouted and lifted their arms up. 

“This is not a game Bellamy, our friends.. our familys are up there.” She said with a very serious and angry look. “We’ll not survive this on our own, we need them.”

“My friends and family are already down here, those people?” He said and looked to the sky. “Those people, locked my friends and family.. Those people killed my mother for having a second child.” Bellamy said and looked to Octavia. 

“Bell, stop.” Octavia said and looked sad.

“No Octavia, down here there are no rules. We do whatever the hell we want.. whenever the hell we want!”

“Yes, yeah!” The others agreed with Bellamy and showed it, they continued and took off their bracelets.

“Princess, Chancellor Son.. you can try to stop us. Kill me, you know why? WHAT EVER THE HELL WE WANT!” He yelled and everybody with him.

This was enough for Clarke and Octavia, they went into the dropship. Finn walked forward wanted to kick their asses but Monty stopped him.

“Finn, stop! We need Bellamy to find Y/N.” Monty said and looked Finn in the eyes.

“Why? He’s not going to help us.”

“He has a gun.. and if we give him a reason, he will.” Monty said and smiled to Octavia. “You saw Octavia and Y/N, they are friends.”

“I understand.” Finn said and walked over to Bellamy who was on the Campfire to see his work.


“What do you want?” Bellamy asked annoyed while Finn showed him he wanted to talk alone with him.

“I heard you’ve a gun.”

Bellamy showed him the gun.

“Good you’ll need it tomorrow, you’re going to help us saving my cousin.” Finn smiled and Jasper came join in.

“And why the holy hell should I do that, to get myself killed? No way, thanks.” Bellamy laughed and turned around.

“You hurt your sister a few minutes ago, you know that right? And you’ll hurt her again, if you are not saving Y/N.” Jasper said serious while Bellamy was confused and turned around to them again.

“And besides you need her too, if you want them,” Jasper looked to the campfire were Murphy took bands off. “to follow you. Y/N kicked two asses today in less then 30 seconds. She let Murphy and the other guy look like little children.” Jasper and Finn smiled.

“You dont know if she is alive.” Bellamy argued.

“They took her, they need her. She is alive.”

“How do you want to find her?” He asked Jasper.

“Finn is good in track read, he’ll find her.”

“Okay, I’ll come with you.. Now could you please leave unless you want to take off your bands.” Bellamy said provoke.

Jasper and Finn went off into the dropship to Clarke and Octavia.


“Did you hit him?” Octavia asked sad. 

She was still hurt because Bellamy mentioned her mother. She blamed herself for her death.

“No, I did not.” Finn laughed as he stepped in.

“What did you do?” Clarke asked next to Octavia.

“Jasper convinced him to rescue Y/N with us tomorrow.” Finn said with a sarcastic smile.

“I’ll come with you.” Monty said and walked in.

“Okay.” Finn said.

“No you wont.” Clarke argued.

“Excuse me? She is my best friend, I need to save her, like she did it for us. She came down her just for us, to watch over us.” Monty said and looked to Jasper.

“I know but Jasper and you’ll stay here. You two are too important, if we lose you.. our chance to survive is zero.” Clarke said. “Monty you can try to rescue the communication system and Jasper will help you.” Monty and Jasper nodded.

“We should sleep now, this will be a tough day tomorrow.” Octavia said and she lay down on the floor and put her jacket over her body.


Next day:

Finn was already awake and woke everyone else, he wanted to go as early as possible. Bellamy, Clarke and Octavia came to Finn who was waiting impatient.

“Hurry!” Finn said.

“O, wait. You’ll not come with us.” Bellamy said he hoped she would understand.

“No, I’ll come with you.” Octavia said sharply.

“Octavia I need you to be save. Murphy is going with us and you’ll stay with Atom.” He said and Murphy walked by.

“I dont need a Babysitter.” She said sharply.

“Yes you do. ATOM!” Bellamy yelled and Atom came. “Dont let her out of your eyes." 

Atom nodded and Finn, Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy went into the woods.


After 1 Hour walking around in the woods, nothing. 

"Since when are we in the rescuing business, huh?” Murphy asked as he walked next to Bellamy.

“She is my sisters friend.” Bellamy said and looked than.

“This is not the only reason.” Murphy argued but Bellamy didnt answered.

“Bellamy, Murphy come here.. Finn found something.” Clarke said.


“This is Y/N’s ring.” Finn said as he knelt on the ground and showed Bellamy, Clarke and Murphy the ring. “She would never take it off.”

“This could be a trap.” Murphy said.

“I dont care.” Finn argued serious and walked on, he followed the trail and Clarke followed him.

“I hate this guy.” Murphy said annoyed and Bellamy laughed.


Meanwhile on the dropship:

“Atom stop following me!”

“I’ve to watch over you and I’ve you wouldnt run away, like a little girl, I wouldnt do that.” He argued and had to laugh.

Octavia tried really everything to get away from him but nothing worked, so she ran into the dropship, upstairs to level 2 were Monty tried to save something of the communication system. Atom tried to follow her but she was to fast, when she made it upstairs, she locked the door. She wanted to distract him so that he would not longer follow her.

“Octavia, open the door.” He said pissed but she didnt.

“Nope, go away.”

“Could you please be quiet? I try to work.” Monty said annoyed.

“What do you do?” Octavia asked.

“He’s trying to connect this wires and get the communication system online.” Jasper said with a smile.

“That looks interesting.” Octavia laughed.

“You can stay.” Jasper said.

“If she’s quiet.” Monty argued.

“I’ll and I just wait until this donut face is gone.” Octavia laughed and walked over to Jasper and Monty.


Hours passed but after a while, Finn, Clarke, Bellamy and Murphy came to a place where a strange tree stand. They examined the ground, looked under the bushes. This place looked very suspicious and as Murphy went to the other side of the tree, he saw your bloody face and body, tied up on top.

“Gu-Guys over here!” Murphy yelled and they came.

“Y/N!” Clarke said shocked. 

“I thought they throw a spear?” Murphy asked as he looked on your body.

There was no wound through which a spear could went. Your face was bloody and your stomach was cut a bit, a few stabs on your arms and legs but nothing to see from a spear wound.

“We’ve to get her down.” Finn said and walked forward but Bellamy stopped him.

“This is a trap. You see the ground?” Bellamy said and lift the grass up.

They wanted to impale them.

“So what should we do?” Murphy asked and crossed his arms.

“Finn, you’ll jump on the tree, cut her off.” Bellamy said self-conscious.

“She’ll fall down.” Clarke argued.

“I’ll catch her.” He argued and looked serious into Clarke’s eyes. “You’ll watch if anyone is there, got that Murphy?”

“Yes, lets do that.”


Clarke handed Finn a knife, Jasper gave her to defend herself. He didnt trust Murphy. Then Finn jumped on the tree, climbed to the top and tried to cut the lianas which hold you. Bellamy tried to find a save place to stand, everywhere could be a trap who could kill him.

“Ready?” Finn asked, he hat cut all lianas except one, the one who hold you know.

“Ready.” Bellamy said when he found a save place.

Finn started to count. “1-2-3!” He cut you off and Bellamy catched you.

“Hey little Angel.” Bellamy whispered into your ear. “She is unconscious but still breathing.” He yelled up to Finn.

Finn came down and wanted to hug you but-

“Bell-BELLAMY WATCH OUT!” Clarke yelled as a puma came out of nowhere.

It all happened so fast, the puma running and wanted kill Bellamy and you. In the moment Murphy ran to Bellamy, took the gun and had to shoot 4x on the Puma to take him down and kill him. Then Finn took the gun and shooted again.

“Now, we have food.” Murphy laughed sarcastic and Finn had too.

“The bullets are off, this were 5 shots.. Bellamy its a 6 shot magazine. What did you shot?” Clarke asked confused.


Meanwhile on the Ark:

“Abby you need to come with me.” Jaha said as he walked into the control center were Abby asked herself why the kids were dying so fast.

“Whats going on, Jaha?”

“Kane is been shooted.” Jaha said Abby ran into the medicine station.


On the Ground:

“You did what?” Clarke asked shocked. “The Vice President? How did you get that damn gun?”

“An officer gave it to me, he said if I didnt shot Kane.. I’ll get floated if I try to get on the dropship.”

“Someone wanted to kill Kane?” Clarke asked again.

“Everyone wants to kill Kane.” Murphy argued.

“No, they want Jaha dead. Kane was just distraction.”

“I dont care, we’ve to get out off here, come on now.” Finn said.

“Bellamy, we’ll talk about this later..” Clarke said and Bellamy nodded.

“I’ll take care of her, Murphy and you’ll take care of our food. You three will change every 30 Minutes or we wont make it to the dropship.” Bellamy said.

“You cant carry her the whole time.” Murphy argued again.

“I can and I’ll come on now.” Bellamy said and lifted you up. “I got you.” He said to you as you open your eyes a bit.


Meanwhile on the Ark:

“I need more blood here, now!” Abby yelled.

“Abby this is too much blood, you cant give him more.. this is against the rules.” A nurse said.

“MORE BLOOD!” Abby said angry.


After 8 Hours she finally saved Kane’s life. Jaha came in.

“How is he?" 

"He’ll made it.” Abby smiled.

“How many blood did you use?!” A doctor came in.

“As much as I had.” She said.

“That is against the law, Chancellor you need to float her!” The doc. said and Jaha looked to Abby.

“Hey, If you wanna float me, do it. You’ve your Vice president.”

Jaha laughed. “That’s true and I’m not going to float you for that.”

Abby nodded.

“What? She need to be punisht!”

“She’ll but not yet. Now we need to find out who shooted Kane.” Jaha said to the doc and Jackson came in.“

"It was Bellamy Blake, his sister is on the dropship.” Jackson said and showed Abby and Jaha a picture of Bellamy.


On the Ground:

After 8-10 Hours Clarke, Finn, Murphy, Bellamy and you finally made it to the dropship.

“They’re back!” Someone yelled and Octavia heard it. 

She was still up with Monty and Jasper because Atom was waiting downstairs til she came out, she was fell asleep but when she heard that her big brother came back she finally opened the door and went downstairs to see him. Monty and Jasper were going with her, they wanted to see if you’re okay.

“Bellamy!” Octavia said and ran to him. 

You were still in Bellamy’s arms. He carried you the whole way until Jasper came down and took you into the dropship with Monty. Clarke went with them, she knew a few things about medicine and wanted to clean your wounds.

“Are you okay?” Octavia asked him while she was huggin’ him.

“Yes I’m fine, but my arms hurt.” He had to laugh and Finn too.

Finn and Murphy laid down the puma. 

“Thank you, man.” Finn said glad and walked into the dropship.


“How is she?” Finn said as he stepped in.

“I need water, hot water bring me some!” Clarke said 

Finn, jasper and Monty went out too get some, from the others. (They brought this afternoon water)

“You’ll be okay, just stay with me.” Clarke said worried and touched your head.

After a few minutes they came back with water.

“The wounds are infected Y/N, I need to clean them.. please hold still.”

Clark poured the hot water on you, and it burned, it hurt and you started to scream so loud as you possibly could.

“HOLD HER DOWN!” Clarke yelld to Finn and he did.


After this hot water shower, she sewed the wounds up and let you rest. Finn was with you, then he fell asleep until it was evening. Then Monty and Jasper looked after you and told Finn to eat something.

“Hey if you want that you’ve to take of your transmission bands!” Murphy said to a guy. “Go over there.”

“What are they doing?” Finn asked Clarke as he came out.

“If you wanna eat something, you’ve to take the bands off.” Wells copied Murphy’s voice and Finn and Clarke had to laugh.

“We’ll see.” Finn said and walked over to Murphy and took some food.

“Hey If you want that-” Murphy started.

“You’ve to take your transmission blabla off, I know.” Finn laughed and turned to Clarke. “But you know what? Down here there are no rules so, whatever and whenever the hell we want.” Finn said with a smile and went to Clarke and Wells.

“Lets eat.” Finn said and give Wells and Clarke some food and Clarke glanced to him.

Bellamy saw that and went to Murphy, together with Octavia.

“We need to do something.” Murphy said sharply.

“And we’ll but not today, eat something with Octavia. I’ll be right back.”


Bellamy walked over to the dropship, he looked to Jasper and Monty.. They were on the fire and wanted something to eat too. Then he stepped in and over to you.

“Hey” You said weakly.“Thank you for carrying-”

“Shh, it’s all good. How are you?” He said and knelt to you. You were on a tiny bed which Jasper built in the afternoon.

“I’m good, I think” You smiled. “Thanks to you.”

Bellamy smiled too.

“Can I ask you something?”

“You wanna know, why I rescued you? Because you’re the first friend of my sister and you dont judging about her for having a brother. You understand her.” Bellamy said and smiled again.

“No thats not what I meant.” You said weakly again.

Your wounds hurt so much when you started to talk but you wanted to ask him, you needed to ask him that.

“On the first day, after I kicked your guys asses.. You called my Angel why? I mean I kicked them so badly and you say Angel?” You laughed but it hurt.

Bellamy smiled and looked down.

“You learned how to defend yourself, you wanted to bring Kane down.. You spied the Ark for 6 months and did everything to get down here and as you came down here, you were nice to a girl who was locked up just for having a brother.” He stopped and looked at you. “And I know, you known her.. On the dance party where I saw you the first time, you must have been 15-16? I dont know anyway.. you were nice to Octavia even when you couldnt saw her face and she danced like a crazy person” Bellamy smiled.“You did everything so you could save your cousin and your friends, you’re a good Person.. like an Angel.” He said, holding your hand then he gave you something. “Finn told me this is your ring, I thought you might be wanted back.” Bellamy pulled the ring on your finger. “Get some rest. I’ll stay here until Finn comes back.”


Meanwhile by Finn, Clarke and Wells:

Finn and Clarke told Wells everything about today and what they had done after that Clarke were confused.

“You know what’s weird?” Clarke asked Finn who was eating.


"Why didnt they kill her? I mean, the traps and she on that tree with so many steps and wounds.. They could have killed her but they didnt.”

Finn stopped eating. “And they could have killed us.. when we went over the bridge to cross the lake.” He said and looked into the woods.

“This whole thing was a trap, they wanted you to find her.. to bring Y/N back. This was the whole trap.” Wells said shocked.

Clarke stood up and walked to the dropship, she saw Bellamy when he went in.


“Bellamy?” Finn said, he followed Clarke. “What are you doing here?”

“Monty, Jasper and you were eating. I wanted her save, I mean I dont wanted to carry her for nothing.” He laughed.

“Bellamy we need to build a wall, Y/N was a trap. They wanted to know where we are.” Clarke said with a serious face.


This was part 4 of Planet Earth. I’ve you’ve any Ideas just send me some, I would like to hear them and I would glad about positive comments. :)

I am from Davao City and no, I am not a terrorist.

Not all people from Mindanao shoot guns and throw bombs. If you say that war is normal here, I dont care which school are you from, I look at you at a whole new level of stupidity.

Where is the President? He’s having a meeting in Russia, not having a vacation. Please, understand that our President is a person too and is not capable to do anything with a snap on his hands. He is working on it, in fact he already declared Martial Law for the sake of Mindanao. No, he is not making the ISIS a reason to declare it. Besides, innocent people won’t be punished. So stop sending him hate because you yourself are not helping and you are causing even more war among Filipinos by complaining and hating on Social Media.

Guys, please. We live in one country and we call ourselves Filipinos. Have an open mind of what’s really happening.

Minho: I’m Not Used To It

Sorry I am not active these days, there is a lot of stress. I have started and almost finished this imagine a long long time ago, so i decided to end it and share it with you. 

You looked up at him through your eyelashes. He was currently eating his food uncomfortably, averting his eyes from you. You gritted your teeth. What in the world could he possibly be mad at you for?
You had come up from the box 2 months ago, and were already close with the Keeper of the runners. He was one of the firsst people you spoke to when coming out of the box.
Now, you stared at the boy in front of you. It wasn’t often that he was quiet at dinner, but when he was, he was pissed.
When trying to grab his cup and not look at you, he accidentaly spilled the water, ruining both his and your food.
“Shuck!” You yelped, as you tried to save as much as you could of your food. You were a runner as well, and you were damn hungry when you came back.
All your attempts were in vain, your food was ruined, acquiring a mushy goey soup like appearance. “Dammit,” you muttered, your stomache growling. You were damn hungry, and you had been looking forward to dinner for a while, even if Frypan’s cooking wasn’t award winning.
Minho didn’t say anything yet, he just stared in shock, looking at your quick angry moves.
It was one of the days in which you felt the world caving in. It was as if the walls were suffocating you. You had a constant feeling of someone frowning upon you, always upset with your behaviour. Always mad at you. Although the rest of the Gladers did prove that they cared about you, you felt unwanted.
“Look, I dont know what the shuck is your problem with me these days. What made you suddenly hate me?”
Your breathig was irregular, as angrily glared in his direction, staring at the raven hair, as he avoided looking at you.
It was as if you were the plague.
“Look, I dont know…”
You looked at him as though he had grown another head. You heart sunk, maybe he just didnt want to hang out with you anymore. Even if he was there for you since the beginning. Even if he had seen you at your shukiest times yet. It hurt you.
Tears brimmed your eyes, and you started to gather your food on your tray, picking it up and turning towards the Kitchen.
“Hey! Wait up shuckface!”
You were walking quickly, not wanting anything to do with him at the moment.
“Leave me alone” you grumpled, quickening your pace.
A hand grabbed your arm, twisting you around to face a broad chest, not letting you get out of its tight grip.
“I didnt mean it like that.” His voice was of an eeire calm, you could almost feel him grind his teeth as his grip on you slightly tightened, bring a small pain in your arm.
“Well I did shuckface.” You hissed, this time looking him in the eyes.
Your eyes were dark.
There was anger, confusion, fear and a deep sense of repulsion, amost hatred emanating from them. They were glossed over, filled to the brim with tears, that you were refusing to pour. Your lips were parted, taking in deep breaths as your hands were in shaking fists, ready to lash out. You looked terrifying.
You were beautiful.
Different chills ran down Minhos back. However, an unpleasant feeling grew in his stomache. His face turned into a frown. He truly was the cause of that?
Had he made you hate him so much. He couldn’t let that happen. He would never be able to let himself do such thing to you. The small sniffle you let out as you struggled to wrench your arm out of his grasp made his heart shatter.
It was his last piece of control
“I love you.”
You whipped around, ready to smack him. Your heart was beating at the speed of a race horse. How could that ever be true. Why would he ever ignore you.
And why did you care so much?
“I dont like this. I dont like being in love. I can’t focus on anything, especially when you are around. I tripped. I shucking tripped and stumbled in the Maze because I was thinking about you. I’m the keeper of the Runners for a reason, and that is not because I run around in a frilly skirt and skip like a sissy. I kept my head on my shoulders. I cant do it anymore. I tried to keep away from, tried to control it.”
His voice now was raising to an angry boom.
“I don’t want anything here! ANYTHING! Do you understand? I just want out. But now, with you, I want you in my arms. I want you to be mine. To be happy. To be safe. That matters more. I… I’m not used to that.”
His voice ended in a murmur, a whisper flying in the wind.
He was back at looking away from you now, as he slwoly started retreating.
“I’m not used to it either.”

‘you dont know me’ she says as she repeatedly bang her fists against the hard chest that belonged to the man that had seen her like this before.

‘you dont understand’ she excuses with her eyes closed shut and her breathing hitching every time she feels a new tear forming on her cheek.

'you dont care’ she accused while his hands gently gripped her wrists to cease her attack on his torso. his eyes were soft as he stared down at her.

'you dont love me’ she sobbed before digging her face into the chest she had just abused. her hands were trembling and her tears stained the fabric, but neither cared. he wrapped her arms around her small body, bringing her closer so he can lay a gentle kiss at the top of her head.

he shakes his head before placing a finger under her chin to force her eyes to look upon his, 'i hate that you think so low of me because if you really think that, then you really dont know me either’.

—  JB💘 // Can you truly ever know someone without knowing yourself?

i just really want newt to have a big crush on herms and he is one of those people who when they have crushes they do whatever they can to impress their crush so he always is tryin to be like yeah hermann look at this cool thingamaboop i did and hermann is very apathetic about it (like he doesnt downright insult it but he doesnt seem v interested) so eventually newt gets fed up which leads to their fighting and bickering and eventually one night when its late and both of them have been working till satan’s asscrack of dawn and hermann finally is like listen newton i actually have been really impressed by your work i just dunno how to tell you/praise you for it b/c lars never really did for me and newt’s like i dont care ur still a huge douche and hermann looks down and knows he is a huge dick and that newt probably hates him and then he looks up and newt is standin in front of him and gives him a half smile and mumbles “but ur my favorite huge douche” and smOOCHES HERMS RIGHT ON THE LIPS AND THEY GET TOGETHER AND HERMANN APOLOGIZES FOR HOW SHITTY HE’S BEEN AND SHOWS HIS APPRECIATION FOR NEWT’S WORK AND EVERYTHING IS DIGUSTINGLY CUTE 

Lashton : When Princess is jalous

Ashton was out with bryana making Luke jalous

Hope you enjoy


Luke woke up as every morning cuddled to his stuffed penguin but something was missing today he turned to his side and saw that the bed was empty next to him his boyfriend wasnt here so he got up and went searching for him Mr pengy still in his arms . He went to the living room and saw Malum cuddling on the couch watching a film , they were all four in a band and each dating someone from the band .

“ Guys were is daddy ” Said luke rubing his eyes still sleepy

“ Euh sorry Lukey he went out with euh Briana ”

“ W-what ? But why ”

“ Just ask him when he get back bud ”

“ Okey i will be in my room then ” Holding Mr pengy closer Luke went back to his room.


All Ashton wanted to do after being tired and out all day was to cuddle and fall asleep next to his boyfriend so with that in minde he walked in there shared house with there other bandmates and was meet with two horny teens making out on the couch .

“ seriouslly boys you have a room for it so please ”

“ hey ash euh hum ”

“ where is Lukey ”

“ in his room he didnt went out of it all day ”

“ What why i will go see him ”

The curly haired boy walked to his room and saw his princess curled into the bed the stuffed penguin he brought to him for there first date in his arms . he walked to the bed stradlling his lover and kissing his cheek .

“ hey princess whats going on the boys said you didnt get out of the room all day you ok ”

“ go away to your bryana im sure you dont care about me anyway ”

“ w-what ?”

“ why you always go out with her …. Do you love her more than me ”

“ No … No baby boy never you know that im only doing it for the managment so the fans think im straight and we are not dating and with bryana we are just friends i love you and only you ”

“ liar go away you hate me you are ashamed of me ”

“ princess look at me ”

“ No ” said the blue eyed boy buring his face into the pillow , getting mad by the way his boyfriend is acting the shorter turned luke so he was looking at him .

“ i said look at me luke ”

Not being able to hold it back any longer luke beging to cry rubing his eyes .

“ No baby boy dont cry please im so sorry and stop rubing it it will hurt ”

“ its all hurt anyway ”

Taking Lukes hands away from his eyes ashton kissed both hands sweatly then pecked both the teary eyes tasting the salty tears .

where does it hurt also princess ”

“ here ” finished the shy boy pointing to his cheeks and right after his daddy kissed them . then he pointed to the place where his heart was next to his chest pouting Ashton waisted no time in taking the band tee his lover was wearing off then kissing the spot

“ better baby boy ”

“ no there is still here ” giggled the taller puting his hand on top of his crotch “

After that said the shorter unziped lukes pants and took them off along with his boxers

” No wait daddy i was joking i already did it euh i … “ regreting what he just said he put his hands in front if his mouth .

” ow you naughty boy you like touching your self “

” i … Im sorry daddy its just i saw your pics on tumblr today and … You were so hot and … Couldnt help my self “

” does it feel as good as when daddy touch you princess “

” never daddys hand feel so good “

” so youre all prepared now babyboy wanna please daddy too “

Nodding eagerly luke turned buring his face into the pillow ass up in the air for his daddy

” please daddy “

” such a nice ass you have here princess want me into you baby ?“

” i need you ashy please “

” ok hold on baby boy “

Taking off his clothes the curly haired boy got ready to be into his princess placing his hard one in front of lukes pretty pink hole But before pushing it he paussed and looked over at luke .

” you sure youre ready princess “

” stop with the teasing ashy and fuck me already “

” ow neady are we baby boy “

And without warning he pushed it all the way into luke earning the loudest moan the blue eyed boy can make

” F-Fuck daddy so good “

” can you come again for daddy but without touching your self just by me fucking you “

” y… Yeah move daddy please “

Ashton begin to trust out and in in a slow motion leting time to his boyfriend to relax around him .

” Fuck faster ashy “ moaned luke trying to reach his arleady hard cock

” No i said dont touch princess “

Speading the movement the shorter boy finally found his lovers prostate leting him a moaning mess underneat him

” i … Ashy i cant im …“

” come for me baby boy i know you want it “ whispered ashton in a husky sexy voice into the tallers ear trusting harder into him , and after a last trust luke finally come all over his chest and the mattress ashton following him not longer after pulling off of luke his hot cum running down his boyfriends legs and dripping on the bed as he layes down next to luke and took him closer so they can cuddle

” shouldnt we clean “

” later im tired now i just wanna cuddle the hell out of my cute princess that i love “

” i love you too “ he paussed for a minute nuzzling ashtons neck then said ” Mr pengy was watching us “

” seriouslly luke you had to ruin it “


My first smut ever omg did i fuck up sorry :’(

When He’s Sick {Avengers Preference}

Tony: Tony would have two stages to being sick. The first stage would him not believing that he was sick; ‘I’m fine, (y/n)-ACHOO- just allergies.’ He’d continue working in his workshop, even JARVIS would say to him to go to bed but Tony would be like ‘I’m fine, now concentrate’. He’d refuse any help you wanted to offer. However, the second stage, would be Tony confirming and accepted that he is sick. He’d spend all day in bed, sniffing and sneezing. He’d be so grateful for your help but we all know that he’d totally keep over exaggerating his symptoms and even though you knew what he was doing, you’d roll with it.

Steve: Because of the serem, Steve didn’t think he could get sick but then he did get sick and he’d be so confused at first. Steve was always really sick before the super soldier serem so I think he’d be used to being ill. He’d always tell you that he didn’t need you to help him and that he didn’t want you to worry about him. When you did take care of him, he’d always thank you and be so lovely because it reminds him of when Bucky used to have to look after him so he’d be so grateful towards you for helping him.

Clint: Clint wouldn’t mind being sick. He’d quite enjoy the calm, peaceful time to himself. Sure, it would be nice to not be puking up his guts but you can’t have everything. He’d always say that he’d get you sick but would urge you to stay in bed with him all day. He’d probably try and get you sick on purpose so that he can take care of you. He’d really love you taking care of him and feeling sorry for him but let’s face it, Nat would come in and be like ‘shut up, Barton, get up we’ve got a job to do’.

Bruce: Bruce wouldn’t like being sick at all. He’d hate how groggy he felt and how not controlled he felt. He’d be scared of sneezing too hard and the other guy would appear (though obviously that wouldn’t happen). He’d tell you that he was okay and that you didn’t have to look after him but you’d do it anyway because you know that he secretly likes it. He’d always be so sweet and thank you for everything and would try his hardest to not infect you but if he did infect you, he’d take care of you.

Pietro: Pietro would hate being sick. He always wants to do something but because he’s sick, all he can do is sit in bed. He can’t run, can’t eat, can’t do anything except feel sorry for himself. He’d always try and get you to kiss him but you’d be like ‘ew no i dont want to get sick’ but he’d pout and you’d do it and totally end up sick too. He might hate being sick but he’d love the attention you gave him. He’d always let on that his illness was worse than it was and would do this for like four days after he got better.

Thor: Thor just wouldn’t understand human illnesses. He’d get so confused. ‘This disease has bedridden me. It is worthier than me.’ He’d try to pretend that it wasn’t affecting him at first I think. He’d brush off his persistent cough and ignore the nausea but then you’d suggest going to bed and he’d stay there for days. He’d feel sorry for himself I think and would often pretend his symptoms were worse just so you’d pay more attention to him. Thor - the Norse God - is a drama queen.

jisbon 7x07

jane saying he will come with her to deal with family stuff

lisbon say he doesnt have to 

and i love patrick just end the maybe game “do you want me too?”

“I would very much like you too.” - lisbon

“Then ill come." 

"Then we will do it together” - jane

hand holding when shes checking on him

Meeting the family

“So your patrick its always fun to meet one of teresa’s boyfriends” - lisbons brother

“This your boyfriend?”- Lisbons other brother

“Yeah” - Lisbon, awww

“Look I dont like keeping secrets from her I care about her…

….and I care about the people she cares about.” - jane

his face when he sees teresa

being a cute couple

jane telling her its okay her brothers dont hate her 

he gets why she left why she feels awkward around her brothers

she  doesnt get mad that jane knew what was going on with her brothers

“It’s not my business” - Jane

“Thankyou” - Lisbon

being cute he was about to give her his beer but bro steps in 

her brothers like jane

“Im glad we came back” - teresa

she says he can read her mind so this might not be suprising

“I love you” - Lisbon

jokes he’s suprised

{Requested by the lovely the-life-of-bambiiii :3}

Your boyfriend Andy was attacking you non stop with kisses on your neck and cheek. You couldnt resist when his lips caressed and danced on your neck, it was the biggest turn on for you. “Andy come on thats enough!” You yelled giggling at the tingly and ticklish feeling that was going up and down your body. “I dont think so.” He said in a very seductive tone. Soon he gave you an evil grin and started tickling you all over. You started laughing even harder than before, your face turn more and more red. “Andy!!” Was all you could shout. He wasnt gonna stop until he saw how red you were becomming. “Oh shit!! Youre dying! Okay I’ll stop!” He yelled a little frightend letting you go.

You caught your breath before you spoke to him. “Dam what were you planning on doing? Tickling me until I exploded?!” You questioned. “Trust me babe I just wanted to make you laugh not kill you!” He assured you.
“Im sorry.” He added with the most adorable puppy pout ever. You couldnt resist his cuteness when he did that.
“Why must you do that to me?! Im supposed to be mad at you!” You said.
“Because you like it and because it works.” He replied in a cute tone. You giggled and lean in kissing his oh so sexy lips. The taste of his lucious lips upon yours was delicious and another great turn on to you. His lips literally got your body heated.

The two of you kept kissing and kissing, your lips connected with each other not wanting to part for even one second. You didnt even realize that you were on top of him feeling his awesome chest. You both quickly leaned away from each other when you heard the doorbell ringing. “Fuck…” Andy muttered dissapointed and annoyed. “Who could that be?” You asked getting off of him. You opened the front door became shocked when you saw who it was. “(Y/N)!!” Jason, your childhood friend exclaimed. “Oh my gosh!! No fucking way! Jason!! I cant believe it!” You happily shouted jumping into his arms. He carried you and swung you around side to side.

Andy was NOT liking what he was seeing at all. He quickly got up from the couch and goes over to you guys. “Hey!! Whats up! Who are you?” He asked with a stern expression. Jason put you down, “Oh Im sorry (Y/N) I didnt know you had company.”
“Company?…” Andy muttered a little irritated. You grabbed his arm and pecked his cheek, “Andy, this is my best friend Jason, Ive known him since I was 8, and Jason this is Andy, my boyfriend!” You happily introduced. Jason extended his hand to him, “Hey man its nice to meet you.”
Andy hesitated for a moment but shook his hand, he only did it because of you. “I still cant believe youre right in front of me, I havent seen you since high school dude!”
“Yeah, it was a shame that I had to move away huh? Well anyways now that Im here how about we go and catch up, I have so much to tell you.” Said your best friend. Jason glanced at Andy and saw that he was giving him the most deadliest stare ever.

“Well…thats if its okay with you Andy..” he muttered. You held his hand and smiled, “I promise I wont take long love.”
Andy smiled at you and kissed your lips passionately in front of Jason. Making things pretty awkward for him. “Dont come home too late.” He tells you.
“Promise, I’ll be back,come on Jason.” You said as you left out the door. Hours had passed but you didnt even feel the time pass by, you didnt even realize how much text messages and phone calls Andy was giving you. It was way passed midnight but you and your best friend were talking to each other non stop. You were sharing old memories, Jason was talking about his life back home, and you were telling him about what you were doing with your life now. Pretty much the conversation became deeper and deeper as time went by. And it didnt even stop there.

Each day your boyfriend became more and more irritated with Jason. You were spending most of your time with him, not even making any time for Andy anymore. Even if he wanted to take you out you already had made plans with Jason. It was becomming a huge disaster and you didnt even know it. As you came home from spending yet another day with Jason, Andy didnt even bother to look at you as you pecked his cheek. “Hey babe!” You greeted. He was silent though, not even a whisper came out of him. “Uh helloooo? I believe I said hi.”
“Yeah I heard you.” He replied.
You rolled your eyes and sighed, “Whats wrong?” You asked.

“You know thats the most stupidest question you could ever ask me.”
You became a little annoyed now,
“I dont care if its stupid Andy you better answer me.” You demanded.
He stood up from the couch and faced you, “You really wanna know? Okay then, I fucking hate that youre hanging out with Jason!! Youre spending all of your fucking time with him and it annoys me!! The way he looks at you! The way he hugs you! The next time I see him Im going to beat his ass and youre not gonna stop me!” He yelled. You just stood there, serious at first, but then you snorted and began to giggle. “The hell are you laughing at?!!”
“Im not laughing at anything! I just think its adorable that youre jealous.” You tell him.
“What? Je…you think Im jea..I am not fucking Jealous (Y/N)!!”
“Oh? So you DONT think that hes trying to take me away from you?”
“Hell no!!”

You shrugged, “Fine.” Was all you said as you headed out the door. “Where are you going?!” He demanded. “To see Jason, since youre not jealous or anything I figure its okay to go back and hang with him, later.” You say.
Andy immediately grabbed your hand, “(Y/N)…” he sighed. “Dont go…” he begged. You stood there and crossed your arms. “Okay…maybe I was a little jealous..”
“A little?”
“Okay! I was jealous of fuck okay?!”
You smiled and cuffed his sweet face with your gentle hands. “Andy, honey you have absolutely nothing to worry about, I would never leave you for anybody in this world, okay I love you waaay too dam much to even think about dating someone else.” You assure him. “Youre too important to me..” you added. He couldnt help but smile and have his face light up at your sweet filled words. “Really?” He asked gently caressing your hands. You nodded, “Of course, and I gave you my heart Andy, thats something that I will never ever give to anyone else…youre so cute when you get jealous you know that? I love you” You said.

“I love you too baby..” He said smiling. His lips quickly locked together with yours again like before. His arms wrapped around your waist as his kiss became deeper and deeper on you. It was more intense and heavier than before, the both of your bodies heating a little as your lips became more and more wet. The next thing you knew you were on top of him again like before. The doorbell rang again, “Aw man!” Andy groaned annoyed. You smiled, “Dont worry..nothing will stop me tonight.” You assure him kissing his wet lips again. Meanwhile outside, Jason was standing by the door knocking, “(Y/N) I know youre home missy come on open up!” He called out. Jason flinched at the rough and loud voice of Andy shouting two words…

(That was adorable x3)

okay time to talk about the first gif in this [x] gifset

Just look at Jess. Look at his face. No, really look at his face. Most of the time we see Jess around Liz, or even talking about Liz, he looks exasperated, tired, basically just done. She was the woman who neglected him for the first 16 years of his life, only to send him off and dump him on a relative. He watched her go through numerous boyfriends and husbands, and then watched each and every one of them fail. Basically, this woman has caused him nothing but pain.

And yet, when she touches her forehead to his, when she shows him affection, love, he closes his eyes. Jess actually closes his eyes, almost as if he’s trying to commit the moment to memory, to take in the full experience of Liz showing him a sign of love, of his mother showing him love. 

You know what this moment resembles? Let me point you to the bottom right gif of that same set. Yep, when Luke hugs him. You know when else? Oh, I don’t know, why don’t you take a look at this [x] gifset. Right again! When Rory shows him affection. Jess tends to close his eyes when people he loves show him love back. He wants to remember the moment, to remember the feeling. Because as much as he hates the way she treated him, as much as he hates her for sending him away, for not being able to take care of him, for dating all those jerks, he still loves his mother. He can’t not love his mother. 

Look at Gomagori in this picture, he’s so adorable

Gamagori was one of those characters that the show makes you hate at first but as the show goes on you start to realize how cool he is and maybe even start to like him (Im pretty sure there are some people out there who dont care much for him, but I like him). I really like this screen shot of him cause he doesnt smile that often and this ones a true smile.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT (Andy Biersack Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely forthedaisy :3}

A/N-Its been a while since Ive written a smutty one lol x3

“Are you sure your parents arent gonna be back soon?” Asked your boyfriend Andy, a little breathless as he was on top of you, kissing you all over, one hand stroking your cheek, another pulling your dark grey v neck, exposing your see through black lace bra.
“Dont worry…I know them…and they will come home later…” You assured him trying to catch your breath.
With that being said, Andy continued to do his amazing job of arousing you. At moments his oh so wet and warm tounge would replace his lips on your neck. Causing you moan a little, you were enjoyin every bit of this moment, his hands feeling you all over your tender body. He went down a little you pulled your shirt even more, completely exposing your bra. His long fingers tracing your clevelage, feeling the fabric of the black lace.
As his perfectly shaped and soft lips were about to meet your breasts, you froze and held his head tightly pressed against your boobs.
“Shit…” you whispered.

Andy struggled a little to get himself up, but you held him down on you.
“Hmmm!!! mmmm!!! mmmmmmm!!!” he muttered loudly.
You smacked his head and shushed him.
“Be quiet babe, I think my parents are home…” you whispered loudly.
“Hmmm?!!!!” he muttered loudly again.
“I said shut up!” You tell him once more through your teeth clentching together. There was complete silence for a moment, Andy still trying to get up, he couldnt breathe with his face burried and squished in your tits.
Your eyes widend as you heard your father’s voice, even more when you heard your mother’s.
“Fuck!” you said pushing Andy away. He gasped for air and even opened your window.
“Dammit babe you were drowning me!” He says huffing.
“Im so sorry love but my parents are home, I just heard them, you need to get out of here.” You warned. He looked down on himself then back at you, “The hell am I supposed to do about THIS?!” He questioned pointing down.
“Sorry..youre gonna have to take care of that on your own.”
“Fucking great.”
“Sorry again, now go out the window before they come in!” You opened your window a little more wider and he was able to escape.

“Till tomorrow my love…” He says dramatically waving at you from the ground.
You giggled and blew him a kiss which he caught and left running before your mom and dad spotted him.
You sighed of relief and quickly ran to your mirror, changing your shirt, and fixing your messy hair.
You gasped when you saw your doorknob turning.
You jumped on your bed and wrapped yourself in your blanket even though your body was still heated from what almost happend.
Your dad came in and you shut your eyes pretending to be asleep.
“(Y/N)? Honey you sleeping?”
“Hmm..” was your response.
“Sorry sweetie, I didnt know you went to sleep early, goodnight.” Said your dad kissing your head and leaving your room.
As soon you heard your door close again you got back up and pulled Andy’s leather jacket from under you. You held it close to you and sniffed it, it smelled just like him, so manly and captivating. You cuddled with it the entire night.

The next day, you were walking home, remembering about last night and just laughing. You were hoping for it to happen again without interruptions, and lucky for you, your parents were going away to visit a relative, which of course you told them that you werent gonna go because you had an important project to work on in school.
As you came home, your parents were giving you a stern look.
“Hey mom hey dad.” you greeted.
“(Y/N) we need you to be completely honest with us.” says your mom.
“Honest about what?”
“Have you been seeing this boy Andy when we told you not to?” she asked.
Nothing irritated you more than your parents interrogating you. Both your mom and dad hated Andy with a passion, they never accepted him just because of the way he dressed, his tattoos, his music, etc.
Like every parent who never understands, they saw Andy as nothing more than a devil worshipper.

“Why do you ask?” you questioned back.
“Because we dont know what goes behind our backs young lady so its best to come clean right now.” Warned your father.
You shook your head and crossed your arms above your chest, “So youre saying that you have no trust in whats so ever, well if thats the case, then I have no reason to talk to you guys at all!” you yelled storming off to your room.
Your dad was about to tell you something but your mom stopped him. You remained in your room until they left the house.
Whenever your parents visited a relative they would be gone for a very long time.
You hated that you werent honest with them about seeing Andy, but it wouldve gone bad for you either way, so there was no point of telling them the truth.
Later on, you called Andy over, of course he came, especially when you told him your parents werent home.
He held you close to him on his crossed legs, gently rocking you back and fourth, giving you sweet and tender kisses all your face and lips, petting your sweet smelling and soft hair.
“I just dont get it…why cant my parents just be understanding? I feel like I cant talk to them about anything, theyre like complete strangers, I really wish they didnt see you the way they do.”
You said hugging him.
“Aww baby, I know you do, I wish they didnt hate me either, but, as long as they just look at my appearance Im always going to be bad to them.”
“Well I dont care, I love you the way you are.”
He leaned his forehead against yours and smiled.
“Back at ya beautiful.” He gently mumbled. You kissed his lips and he burried his face into your neck.

He sniffed you out a little and smirked. “Are you wearing the perfume I like?”
You giggled and nodded, “Mhmmm.” you hummed.
“You know how that scent gets to me (Y/N).”
“Well then take it all in.”
You knew that perfume of yours turned him on, its how he got on you last night.
You felt really tingly inside when you lips making out your neck.
“Hmmm..” he groaned almost growling, you loved it when he made that sound.
He pulled the strap down of your top and then his lips proceeded to kissing your shoulder.
Gently laying you down on your bed.
He was pressed against you so much that you him getting hard as his gripped your breasts like before, sliding your top off, you doing the same with his shirt.
Your breaths getting hotter, your lips wetter as the kiss became deeper and sexier.
His tounge going inside your mouth, your lips sucking on it, moaning as you were doing so.
“Uuhhh..” you cooed, when his hands were replaced by his lips sucking on your nipples, the rush and the high of his wet lips feeding off your breasts made your body heat up and sweat even more.
Soon you took the rest of each other’s clothes off. Both your nude and sweaty bodies against each other once more.
He became even more harder than before, he wanted to be inside you badly and you wanted it so much too.
“Im sorry baby I can contain myself…” he whispered heavily.
“Its okay…” you whispered back.
With all his strength opened your legs and pulled you against him, tracing your inner thighs and private part making you have another orgasm.
His hard groin now moving inside of you, he groaned even louder and your orgasm became very high as well.

The amount of pleasure you were both feeling was sensational. Your bodies trembling at the addrenaline, Your breathing becomming even more heavier. Sweat dripping down your heads.
You thighs were on on fire, the more he grinded into you, the deeper you wanted him to go, the wetter you were getting. You felt like you were gonna cum at any moment now, but you didnt care, you didnt want this moment to end.
You got up sat him down, with your parts still conntected, now you wanted to be the one to make him extra happy.
He held you by the waist looking up at you as you wrapped your legs around him.
You contined to hump him, going up and down or going around in circles or just grinding slowly.
Your hot lips met again, but your moaning kept interrupting you from kissing him.
It was almost over, he felt like pulling out of you any minute now, he laid you back down on your bed and pinned you by your wrists giving you a villan smile.
“Thanks sexy but Im in charge here.” he roughly said. You bit your bottom lip feeling his tattooed arms up and down.
“Then finish the job…” you striked back.
He continued but then suddenly..
You froze and you slowly turned your head to the door, where your shocked parents were standing.
“M-mom..d-dad!!” you stuttered.
“YOU!!” Screamed your father to Andy.
“Oh shit!!” Shouted Andy, quickly pulling out of you and getting off.
“Youre dead come here!!!” He tried to grab Andy but he was too fast for him, you pulled the blanket over yourself and tried to stop them.
Luckily Andy managed to escape out the window.
You couldnt help but laugh because he was still naked when he jumped out, but you saw that he quickly put on his clothes and ran away.

“Dammit!!” Your dad said punching the wall.
They both stared at you in shock, you didnt know what to say, so there was just silence.
Not even a whisper came out of either one of you.
And thats how the rest of the night was, nothing but awkward silence.
Two weeks has passed since you and Andy were caught, your were grounded, your phone was taken away, also your laptop, so you had zero communication with Andy. It was hard for you not to see him, and of course it was also hard for him too.
Your mother kept making you take pregnancy tests, and it always came out negetive or a sad face. Your father kept talking to you about STDs, life was miserable.
Now you were just sitting on your room reading one of your favorite books, but suddenly you heard a rock being thrown at your window.
You opened it and your face lit up seeing your boyfriend waving and smiling at you.
“Andy! what are you doing here? we cant see each other!”
“I dont care, I had to see you!”
“Aww, I miss you!” you tell him with a cute pout.
“I miss you too a lot! look, no matter how long your parents keep us apart, I promise you I will never leave you okay?” he says. You smiled and nodded, you were worried about that happening, but now that he told you those words, you didnt have a worry in the world. “Back at ya handsome.”
“HEY!!!” Shouted your dad.
“Shit! I love you babe!!” Said Andy running away.
You laughed and sat back down on your bed, grabbing his leather jacket that you still had from under your pillow, holding it tight and smiling…
“I love you too Andy…”

(True love never fails x3)