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Did you know that for anybody who watches SPN in Spanish, Destiel already went canon. :) when you turn on the subtitles on Netflix, CAS saying "I love you." Translates to "Te Amo" which is singular and an I love you directed at one person, in this case, Dean. Then the "I love all of you" translates to "Amo a todos" which is an I love you in plural directed to more than one person. Just thought I'd put it out there (Spanish watcher here who is very happy at this progress!) #s13 don't fail me now

hehe yeah I read this post about it this morning:


I mean, I still err with caution to say its CANON because in the original artist’s depiction (sorry I don’t mean to sound like a dick but I’m trying to explain what I mean here) it is meant to be ambiguous and I don’t believe they have that much say over how things get translated, hence some hilarious ones from movies I know as I’m half french and see pretty random things subbed in.

But yeah, I mean it does just add to the ‘it’s canon that they are written as a romantic pairing and everyone knows’ thing that we all bang on about all the time for sure :)

I remember when 12x03 aired and everyone was talking about the different subbing versions of “morning sunshine” which were all just SO romantic, again cos I’m French I remember the “bonjour mon ange” which yeah means Angel but it means MY Angel and is ALWAYS ROMANTIC.

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Oh incidentally this was also the first instance (of a long line of them I did a gifset a while ago) of the double clarification…

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The 12x12 “I love you, I love all of you” from Mary in this episode (bookended with the “morning, sunshine” at the beginning, also in the bunker, bookends to the MoTW plot) by saying “I love you, I love you both” the first is clearly just to Sam and the second she changes it to plural to include Dean…  this is just as she LEAVES and Dean is super upset but tries to hold himself together by looking away while Sam is upset but holding more together. remind us of anything?!

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So yeah it’s just another tick in the box of ‘it’s clearly romantic and everyone who has eyes or works in the industry to recognise all the romantic tropes etc can see it’ 

I keep talking about the circular narrative of season 12 and theres just SO MUCH FORESHADOWING and SO MANY MIRRORS AND PARALLELS… The whole story is just… in hindsight it is actually a bit of a masterpiece (if you remove the Fucklemming rapey, misogynistic moments and the boring Lucifer storyline ofc…but the character stuff is insanely good, like INSANELY deep for a tv show…).

I really don’t think Dabb will fail us now :D

When You Wake Up With a Werewolf feat. Jongin

“Don’t get too hung up on work. Take some time to relax!”

You held back your sigh. “Alright, mum. I’ll call you again next week.”

Hanging up the phone, you fell back onto your bed and pressed a pillow against your face. It was lonely work here in the snowy mountains, building data on a new species of trees that your professor discovered last year. The days seemed too long and yet not long enough at the same time. Fortunately, you only had to stay here for another three weeks before the project ended.

A wet snout pressed into your outstretched palm and you peeked out from behind your pillow to see a big, black wolf staring up at you from the floor.

You turned over onto your stomach and stared back.

The huge wolf whined.

Pursing your lips, you imitated the noise. “Niiii, niiii! What are you always whining about?” You ran your fingers behind its ears. “If I had to give you a name, I’d call you Nini.”

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