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Nicknames: jo 

Star sign:  virgo

Height:  5′38 or 164 cm (this question is starting to annoy me too…)

Time right now: 6:17am

Last thing you googled: flannel

Fave music artist: idk

Song stuck in my head: Elenco de Soy Luna - Linda

Last movie I watched: ok it’s either fantastic beasts or me before you, i can’t remember exactly

Last tv show I watched: riverdale 

What I’m wearing right now: real casual clothes, aka my trousers, a simple shirt and a jersey 

When I created this blog: almost a year ago

The kind of stuff I post: mostly shadowhunters right now, with some riverdale and soy luna here and there

Do I get asks regularly?: no :( 

Why did I choose my url: because magnus is bisexual and everyone should know that (wtf if you don’t????)

Gender: female

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff

Pokémon team: i didn’t played pokemon go lol

Favorite color: blue and green 🙄

Average hours of sleep: depends on the day 

Lucky number: i don’t believe in this

Favorite characters: all my favorite characters? holy shit ok naming the tv show ones Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood, Isabelle Lightwood, Luke Garroway, Jace Lightwood, Simon Lewis, Maia Roberts, Veronica Lodge, Cheryl Blossom, Josie McCoy, Matteo Balsano, Ambar Smith, Gaston Perida and etc

Dream job: lol who knows

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1

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“The book is mainly lyrics and text,” Olivia said, “so I didn’t think it was fair to add a lot more photos.”

Instead, she focused on gathering more lyrics for songs he never released, such as “Mother Divine” — “It’s a lovely sentiment,” she said, “and something he did sing over the years, maybe as a mantra” — and a light-hearted toast to his former band mate, “Hey Ringo.”

Sample lyric: “Hey Ringo, there’s one thing that I’ve not said/I’ll play my guitar with you till I drop dead.”

Her goal was to spotlight the songs Harrison released after the original book came out. “Several albums came out after that book was made in 1980, which was pretty early on. I really started looking for songs recorded after that.”

Extract from ‘Olivia Harrison reflects on the music and a book marking what would have been 'Quiet Beatle’s’ 74th birthday’ by Randy Lewis LA Times 24 Februray 2017


(ps that is my copy of the extended edition of I, Me, Mine’!)

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 


Ever since the new Gorillaz song came out, the one thing everyone’s been confused/weirded out about is the Spongebob clip at the end. 

Granted, it is pretty weird, even by Gorillaz standard’s. 


I did some research and I was able to find the clip where the ending came from, take a look;




i will never leave him. it will be this, always, for as long as he will let me. if i had had words to speak such a thing, i would have. but there were none that seemed big enough for it, to hold that swelling truth. as if he had heard me, he reached for my hand. i did not need to look; his fingers were etched into my memory, slender and petal-veined, strong and quick and never wrong. “patroclus,” he said. he was always better with words than i.

Water Under the Bridge

Summary: Going through a rough patch, you and Bucky separate. And you determine whether your relationship can go back to what it was.

Word Count:2,560

Warnings: None.

A/N: So, I really love this song and I have had this idea for quite a while. I hope you all like! Thank you to Kumi for looking over this for me! @mellifluous-melodramas 

“Catch for us the foxes,
The little foxes
That ruin the vineyards,
Our vineyards that are in bloom.”
Song of Songs 2:15

It started with the small things. Things you brushed off and left for later, miniscule details that became thorns stuck inside your flesh over time.

Bucky wouldn’t separate the colors from the whites whenever he did laundry. You’d order the wrong pizza topping. He’d leave the coffee grinds inside the machine overnight and you’d be in a hurry the next morning and would have to clean the entire coffee machine before using it. You’d forget to buy milk even after using the last bit of it and not tell Bucky there was none, forcing him to not eat cereal even when he had poured himself a bowl.

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i. she is the first thing i see in the morning, and she is all tangled hair and dark eyes and stretching legs and white sheets and tired smiles. i look at her and see everything i have ever wanted and i think WHY DID YOU BREAK HER HEART?

ii. i dance with her at midnight in the middle of a stranger crowd. she is laughing and her voice is breaking as she chants the words to a song that will always remind me of her. i hear that voice and all i want is for it to whisper my name, and i think WHY DID YOU BREAK HER HEART?

iii. she cries to me on the phone at 3am, and i bite my nails and beg for a way to ease this pain she is feeling, a way to comfort her and love her the way she needs me to. every sob is ice through my chest and i think WHY DID YOU BREAK HER HEART?

iv. we are silent as we drink our coffee and read our books, inhaling the burning fire and this mornings perfume and nothing but passion and passion for each other. she’s wearing her glasses and she drags her eyes from her novel to look into mine, and i think WHY DID YOU BREAK HER HEART?

—  you left her in pieces, but i will fix her | j.r.
Post Break-Up Sentence Starters

For all your angsty “I still love you” needs 

(send a sentence and a name x) 

  • “Just give me a reason to come back.”
  • “You’re not good for me.”
  • “How come I can’t let go of you?”
  • “I never forgot.”
  • “I had to get new bedding because I couldn’t lay in it without you there.”
  • “It was never your fault.”
  • “I never wanted things to end.”
  • “Our song came on and I needed to talk to you after hearing it.”
  • “You’re still in my dreams.”
  • “Did you move on?”
  • “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.” 
  • “The song was about you.”
  • “Do I look like I’ve moved on?”
  • “I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall, but at least it would keep you here.”
  • “I’ll wait at our restaurant ‘til closing time.  If you don’t go then I’ll stop trying.”
  • “No one will suit you like I did.”
  • “He/She didn’t answer any of the calls or texts.”
  • “Did he/she say anything about me?”
  • “If this is the last time I see you, know I love you more than anything.”
  • “My parents asked about you.”
  • “How am I supposed to let go?”
  • “He/She posted a picture with another guy/girl on Instagram.”
  • “I need to go fix what I had with him/her.”
  • “It’s been months, but it’s still you.”
  • “Give me another chance.”
  • “All the memories replay in my head so often.”
  • “Do you ever think of me?”
  • “I was lying… I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.”
  • “So you’re seeing someone new?”
  • “I’d give up so much to have another chance.”
  • “What happened to us?”
  • “I don’t remember a fight, or a reason, so what happened?  Why did we break up?”
  • “My friends keep telling me to get over you.”
  • “My friends kept telling me to fix things with you.”
  • “I didn’t know you’d be here… He must’ve set this up.  Us meeting again.”
  • “You’re still as beautiful as I remember.”
  • “Can I buy you a coffee?  For old time’s sake.”
  • “You always were a bit clumsy… How about I help you get home?”
  • “I’m just trying to find reasons to keep us talking, honestly.”
  • “I miss you.”
  • “I didn’t want it to end, but I thought you’d be better off.”
  • “I haven’t gone to that diner since we broke up.”
  • “I found way too many break up playlists since it all ended…”
  • “Hey… I can’t believe you actually answered.”
  • “H-How have you been?”
  • “You sent so many drunk texts… I had to come over and make sure you were okay.”
  • “It was all my fault.  Every piece of it.  Why do you blame yourself?”
  • “Apparently you left this sweater at my place all that time ago… I could’ve got a friend to give it to you, I guess, but… I don’t know.  I just came without thinking.”
  • “We were so good.”
  • “No! I-… I’m… I’m not dating him/her.  I can’t.  It wouldn’t be fair.”

ok so all i need in my life rn are compilations of

  • every time jungkook stood behind jimin when they received awards;
  • all backhugs (especially those in which they rested their chin on the other’s shoulder);
  • every time jungkook followed jimin like a lost puppy;
  • every time they sat on each other’s lap in group photos;
  • all the times that they harmonized in the songs;
  • every time jungkook looked at jimin when he wasn’t speaking at all;
  • every time jungkook did the tongue-on-cheek jeonlous thing when jimin interacted with another member;
  • every time jungkook praised jimin;
  • every time they posted video/photos together on twitter;
  • every time jungkook posted something on twitter after jimin’s tweets with/about another member;
  • every time they took pictures/filmed each other sleeping;
  • every time jungkook did something stupid to make jimin laugh;
  • every time they touched each other for no reason;
  • all the jikook parts during no more dream, blood sweat and tears and 21st century girl performances.
things daveed did during hamilton that were absolutely incredible
  • refused to sit at the lil picnic table during aaron burr, sir, instead just hovered and beatboxed like a precious baby
  • sounded SO PROUD of himself when he figured out how to pronounce anarchy
  • during the story of tonight he kept trying to put his arm around oak and anthony and lin and they kept shoving him away to hug other people and he was just wandering around gripping their shoulders and looking like a third wheel it was so cute
  • attempted to hit on angelica until ham threw him out of the way and he shrugged and was like “ok i’ll go chat w peggy it’s no big deal there’s three of them” 
  • bopped to literally every song 
  • did the daveed special arm thing when he rapped to guns and ships (u know the one i’m talking about) 
  • jumped off of tables and bounced around while not missing a single beat bc he’s literally a beast i don’t understand
  • “you are the WORST BURR” was so aggressive like same, bro
  • when he came out for what’d i miss the crowd went insane and he was encouraging it!! like trying to hype everyone up and halting the song so he could listen to the applause
  • looked so offended when ham pushed washington out of the way. like “who is this lil bitch lemme fight him” 
  • constantly pushed on his hair so it would puff up and have more #style
  • he kept fucking GIGGLING whenever oak would say ANYTHING his little VOICE would GIGGLE i almost LOST IT
  • correction: i did lose it. i lost all of it.
  • “whaaaaaaaat”
  • refused to shake burr’s hand during the election of 1800, instead walked forward so his chest forced leslie’s hand to curl into a fist 
  • made it rain with the reynolds pamphlets
  • bounced around on his seat and GIGGLED. AGAIN!! i CANNOT with all of the GIGGLING!!!!
  • sounded so exasperated when he said “believe me, i tried” 
  • daveed just looked like he was having so much fun the entire time like i have never seen anyone be more infectiously happy ever. he was having the time of his life and so was i 
{January 2017 challenge!}

Seeing as how we’re only a dozen days away from January, I came up with a January challenge. Publish pics & posts as you follow along! Tag “#AlicesJanuaryChallenge” so I can see everyone’s lovely contributions. (although seeing as how I’m still a relatively young blog, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the only one doing this! :P)

  1. Describe 3 things that will be left behind in 2016.
  2. What are you proud of having accomplished in 2016?
  3. List 5 things you look forward to in 2017.
  4. Remove/unfollow at least one negative person from social media. Why did you choose them?
  5. What 3 people are you thankful for in particular today?
  6. What is something you will try to improve about yourself this year?
  7. What’s something that you’re nervous about regarding 2017?
  8. Doodle a flower–or a whole garden!
  9. List your top five favorite songs of the moment.
  10. What new book are you reading or wanting to read? If you’re not reading it now, when are you going to read it?
  11. How is your New Years resolution going so far? Or do you not have one?
  12. Five ways to win your heart!
  13. Today’s Friday the 13th! Describe an unfortunate or unlucky time in your life from the past 13 months.
  14. One month away–who do you want as your Valentine, and what kind of date do you want to go on?
  15. Elaborate on three things that you like about yourself.
  16. Share a photo, video, or gif that always makes you laugh.
  17. What are your pick-me-up foods and/or drinks? Treat yourself to one of them today.
  18. What 3 things are you thankful to have in particular today?
  19. Treat yourself with yet something else today–candies, a latte, a massage, extra fries, that jacket you’ve been eyeing, anything!
  20. What quote has inspired you recently?
  21. Doodle an octopus.
  22. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. How did the conversation go?
  23. Give somebody a random note of appreciation/gratitude/love. Let’s see it! Upload a pic of the note.
  24. What’s one of your favorite episodes of a favorite TV show?
  25. Show us a picture of something you ate today.
  26. Doodle the weather today.
  27. Name something on your bucket list that you hope to do this year. Plan for it!
  28. Lyrics to a song stuck in your head right now.
  29. What good thing has already happened in the first four weeks of 2017?
  30. Doodle your happy place–real or imaginary!
  31. What are you looking forward to in February?
Dating Park Jimin Would be Like


  • he’s S U C H a switch
  • and i don’t mean that just in the sexual sense
  • literally one day ur gonna get cute squishy shy chimchim who kisses u but giggles and can’t look u in the eye
  • the next HOUR he fukcin gives u a lap dance or some shit or just like undresses u with his eyes and licks his lips and flashes his tummy all the time like damn dude can you c h i l l
  • but most of the time u get darling sweetie pie Jimin who loves to cuddle and hold u close 24/7
  • i dont think he would be as touchy as Taehyung just bc Tae has No Shame when it comes to his gf but then Jimin is a Smol Shy and wants to love u but he gets v v shy and embarrassed 
  • not bc he’s embarrassed to be around u or to love u but bc he’s still kinda insecure about himself 
  • bc ur so ethereal and beautiful and kind and all around a Total Package 
  • and he doesn’t feel like he brings much to the table
  • which when he gets in lil sad moods bc of these feelings u make it ur NUMBER ONE GOAL to cheer up ur darling Squish 
  • if he’s feeling bad about not having abs for the fans then you go online and show him all the comments about how they love him when he’s chubby
  • and u tell him that it doesn’t even matter what they think bc you love him chubby and you love him the way he is with no changes to anything
  • but if he really wanted to, you would offer to go work out with him to keep his spirits up and he would a d o r e that
  • u probably would die from trying 2 keep up w him and he would have to piggyback you home and put u in a warm bubble bath to ease ur aching muscles but its the thought that counts and he really truly appreciates how much effort u put into him and doing anything to make him feel good about himself
  • when he wants something really bad u get the dreaded Puppy Eyes and you can’t escape them
  • U and Suga both mope over that fact that u both are weak for park Jimin
  • being besties w Taehyung and going on dates with Jimin and Tae just tags along
  • the first few times he does this ur worried about him being the third wheel but it ends up that you’re the third wheel lmao Vmin am i right
  • you can never stay mad at him for very long and vice versa he could never be angry at you for more then 20 minutes max
  • when you argue its over little things like him leaving his wet towel on the bathroom floor or you leaving stuff like yogurt out of the fridge too long bc u forgot about it
  • and even when you have more serious fights where doors are slammed and there are raised voices and he has to leave your apartment for some air and time to himself to think
  • he always comes back even if it’s at 2 AM bc he just CANT go to sleep without apologizing and telling you he loves you bc anything could happen and he doesn’t want his last memory of you to be an argument should something bad happen to you 
  • like that is his worst fear that he would be away on tour and something would happen like you would get in an accident or the saesangs would attack you stuff like that
  • and those fears would pop up in his head every time he left the apartment when u two fought and he would forget how to breathe until he snapped out of it and fuckign SPRINTED his ass back to your place
  • and he would burst into your room (bc he used his key okay he didn’t kick down the door. u gave him a key after the second time he did that)
  • and he would see you laying on his side of your shared bed, curled up in a tiny ball, a pile of tissues in the trash can next to you, and tiny sniffles and hiccups coming from you every once and a while
  • Jimin would ever so quietly walk around to the side of the bed and kneel down in front of you, and his heart would just break
  • you had messy hair, your face was covered in dried and fresh tear tracks, and you were holding onto the little stuffed kitten he had won for you on your first date
  • he would start crying as well and he wouldn’t want to even dare to touch you because he didn’t feel like he deserved to hold you if he had caused the person he loved the most so much pain
  • but you would say fuck that and throw your arms around his neck and he would break down and start sobbing into your neck, wrapping his arms so tightly around your waist and drawing you so close to him you two were almost one person 
  • and the two of you would just rock back and forth until you both calmed down and gave makeup kisses
  • and then comes the makeup sex ;)))
  • so i see a lot of conflicting things on here
  • either he’s Mr Dom, second to Namjoon(who i firmly believe is 100% DADDY but that’s for another time) or the Subbiest sub to ever sub.
  • and personally i think he’s a switch? it really just depends on his mood
  • like i probably have said that for every one of these that i have done lmaoooo but seriously 
  • it just depends on his mood either he’s kissing you gently and his touches are so soft and he’s taking you so slowly and lovingly and caressing every inch of your body, practically worshipping it as he kisses every inch of skin he can get his lips on
  • or he’s fucking smacking your ass as he takes it from behind and pulls your hair while dirty talking you
  • there’s just no in-between 
  • except for maybe morning sex bc he would want you to take over in the morning and be on top but damn he wants to touch you so bad
  • ur sex life can be described as Mindblowing 
  • bc with his dancer hips and his stamina and your ability to toughen up and take it for as long as he wants to you
  • most of the time you can’t actually remember what happens bc it’s so amazing lol 
  • he’s pretty vocal but not as much as taehyung lmao the only one louder then Tae is Hobi(of course) but he’s a pretty close 3rd 
  • he strikes me as a moaner and a whiner? sometimes he groans when he’s close to finishing but usually he’s a p consistent moaner
  • he’s v cuddly like i said before
  • his favorite this is pillow talk
  • after yall are done w ur thing he likes to draw patterns on your bare back while you lay on his chest, nuzzling his neck and you have to guess what he’s drawing on your back
  • literally when i say he loves pillow talk he LOVES IT
  • like Jimin basically has sex w u, not just bc ur the bomb dot com w a smoking hot booty but bc its so he can just bask in the warm afterglow of your lovemaking session but also talk about serious things and silly things and the in-betweens 
  • this is your guys favorite time to talk about the future
  • he shyly tells you that he wants to marry you someday and he almost launched himself out of bed if u hadn’t tackled him and gave him lots of kisses 
  • it’s nothing permanent yet, bc he’s still really focusing on BTS promotions and growing as a group and as a dancer and singer with them 
  • but you don’t mind him taking his time and waiting for him
  • and he loves that more then anything 
  • like to him that’s the biggest sign of love you can give him is just being patient and waiting for him with anything you two do
  • Jimin would try to be almost as dedicated as you to your relationship as you were
  • bc he feels like it’s the only way to pay you back for waiting for him to have time for you while he’s working 
  • if he’s away on tour over your birthday or your anniversary or something he’ll arrange it so that he can send something to you can be face timing you as it arrives at your door so that he can watch your face as you open it
  • facetimeing 24/7 when he can’t be there with you
  • no matter if you’re texting, calling, face timing, or seeing each other in person he NEVER fails to tell you he loves you 
  • you come with him to inkigayo once and almost cry backstage when BTS wins the first award for their comeback song 
  • and he runs backstage to you after its all over and he picks you up and spins you around in a hug and gives you kisses and Jimin is looking up at you from under those long lashes and he just pushes some hair out of your face and when he puts you down he gives you a promise ring he was saving for your 2 year anniversary but he just couldn’t wait
  • Jimin has you wrapped around his finger but he never really realizes it bc he think that he’s wrapped around your finger and it’s true u could ask this boy for the moon and he would give it to you and he could ask for the sun and you would get it for him
  • his love is intense at times but it’s sweet and kind and gentle in the best possible ways 

end my life this series is making me slowly lose my mind
also i feel like these scenarios are slowly getting longer?? idk guys give me some feedback here ro send me some lil prompt ideas!! i love doing reactions but i haven’t done any in a while. 
<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

When we landed at this airport in Boise, from Portland, this lady from our plane came up from behind as we walked down the terminal. She approached me and said “Taylor, I just love your song [Tim McGraw] and want to wish you great things in you career.” I looked and her and said, “Well, THANK YOU! Who did you talk to?” I was convinced that one of them [her mom/label reps] had talked to the lady on the plane and told her about me and my song. The lady said “No one.” Then I said “Well, how did you know who I was?” The lady said “Because I listen to the radio and I watched your video”. This was the first time someone had actually known who I was. I just walked over and hugged her, and said, “You’re the first person who’s ever done that – thank you!” It was an amazing moment to remember, and I always will.
—  Taylor Swift talking about the first time someone knew who she was
I just noticed something cool about Fantastic Mr Fox

So I was rewatching Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox on Netflix and I noticed something,,,

in this scene Nancy Adams’ song ‘Love’ is playing on a radio, the same song from Disney’s Robin Hood, looks like Wes is a fan of the original animated fox couple 

Also bonus observation Mr Fox uses poisoned blueberries throughout the film, so did the Zootopia creators put the whole Blueberry thing in as a tribute to Fantastic Mr Fox?

Originally posted by a-zootopia-fan

So if there is a animation in the future with a Fox main character will he be in love with a kiss ass bunny?

ryan: and you know louis from one direction, but now he says, okay i’m doing my thing you have in your head what you’ve done whats the first convo about what you want to do?

louis: this to a certain degree happened by accident, i wasn’t sure last year what i was going to do on my own, i was going to stay writing because i love writing, but this was one of the first songs coming out of those sessions. i was just looking at the radio, there’s a lot of this stuff on the radio now, it’s different enough from one direction, so i did it.