look i did the t hing!!!!!!

So, I’ve become like OBSESSED with Lucios legs. PERSONALLY, I am convinced he is an above the knee amputee. Overwatch’s twitter, as well as that of Michael Chu have both responded and said he has real legs. However this seems to contradict his in game appearance. If you look at the articulation points on his leg “armor”, there is no way it could rotate at the knees and ankles if there were human bits inside. People can argue about weather a persons legs could FIT inside, but the point remains even if they did, they couldn’t articulate as they are shown without metal plates cutting THROUGH his achilles tendon and hamstring. Here, you may be having a hard time visualizing.

In pink I have highlighted the barrel shaped hinge joints his legs seem to be made of. I filled in with orange, the implied form. Even if there were somehow a hole perpendicular, so a leg could fit THROUGH that tube, that joint COULD NOT ARTICULATE because the tube itself wouldn’t bend. 

Its late. its like 5 AM and I haven’t slept but THIS IS NOT HOW ARMOR WORKS. Especially armor that is as mobile as he is in game. Now if there were NOT a leg trying to intersect THROUGH those joints, and they just moved on their own, it’d be fine. its basically just a hinge.

The art supports that they are fully mechanical. Either that or blizzards art team REALLY doesn’t understand armor joints. The pneumatic muscles are very similar to those on Genji’s new Blackwatch skin and that makes me think its also likely a similar form of cybernetics. This runs counter to what was said on the official twitter, but until its shown in a comic or cinematic or voice line to be one way or the other, it just seems like its one of those things that’s up in the air.