look i did not expect to have movie katniss and movie gale feelings okay

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My birthday is December 19th. I would love some arranged marriage or friends to lovers with HEA ending. Smut is always welcome

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Happiest of birthdays! Just for you, the always incredible @peetazeus has written this precious little piece of Everlark, just for you! Enjoy!

Winter Wonderland

Rating: M, for some swearing.

A/N: Happy Birthday! I hope this fic lives up to your expectations and I hope you enjoy it! Have an amazing day and an amazing Christmas!

There was an echoing of slamming lockers as the final bell of the day rang, everyone out of classes and grabbing their books.

“You sure you don’t want to come?”

Katniss shoved her Biology textbook into her old hunting backpack and shook her head at Johanna, her friend who had unsuccessfully been trying to convince Katniss to go to the Panem ‘Winter Wonderland’ fair tonight.

Every year her hometown Panem held a big Winter Wonderland fair. For a small town, it was quite impressive and attracted a lot of visitors. Throughout the years it got better and better, and this year was supposedly “The best one,” straight out of the mouth of the head coordinator Effie. Their football team had won state, so it was a big celebration for them and tonight was the opening night.

Everyone was going. Katniss’ little sister Prim, her friend Gale and his girlfriend Madge, his family, everyone in school and on her street. Even her mother was going and she had days where she didn’t get out of the bed. Basically the whole town.

“I’ll pass. But have fun,” She said, smiling at her as Johanna shut her locker. Johanna and her boyfriend Thom were going tonight along with Annie and her boyfriend, Finnick. They were both Katniss’ friends but there was so much fifth-wheeling Katniss could take.

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Movie Discussion

If it’s possible to feel both emotionally drained and overwhelmed at the same time, then that’s how I feel about watching this movie, especially coming back from the double feature last night. I cried more times than I did during the screening the night before. 

What started out as a me writing a full review has turned into a massive essay, but who is surprised about that, right? instead of one full post, i am dividing into three act parts, since there’s a lot to digest and to not to make it too long of a read for anyone interested to. Act One covers the opening sequence to the first Real or not Real scene, and I am discussing them scene by scene, so there’s lots of spoilers in great detail, FYI. 

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