look i did a stupid thing

It was my responsibility to do this, therefore I am not sorry.


Good things about Rogue One:
-sassy Vader
-sassy K-2SO
-Baze calling Jyn “little sister”
-Cassian being a gentleman and NOT murdering Jyn’s dad on the first date
-the look Cassian gives Jyn right before battle, like they can communicate without speaking
-the fact that Cassian and Jyn lead their rebel army TOGETHER, not just one of them taking over and the other blindly obeying
-no one can ever call the architect of the Death Star stupid ever again
-Chirrut blindly (bad pun intended) following Cassian and Jyn even though they just met
-the nickname “stardust”
-the fact that the plans were called “stardust”
-the Jassian confirmed hug
-Jyn’s character development in two hours is seriously impressive

Bad things about Rogue One
-did Shakespeare write this script?
-I get that death is inevitable
-but was it really necessary
-to murder
-e v e r y o n e
-even the people that received the transmission were murdered
-no one was safe
-the robot died
-the hero died
-my soul died
-the first time I ship the main girl with someone and THEY BOTH DIE

Alright, it took this long for me to get to Mount Lanakila in Pokemon Sun, an area where it snows, so I could finally evolve my Crabrawler. It’s essentially the victory road part of the game, so that’s how late it takes to get Crabrawler’s evo.

And now it’s happening!

It’s been days, but now I get to see what it evolves into! All I know is that it has something to do with a yeti, so it’s probably gonna be fighting/ice now.

And holy shit there it is! It’s really kinda… doofy looking, I guess. Like seriously, what the fuck is up with its head? Goodbye cool punchy crab, hello yeti abomination. 

Oh well, at least now I know that Crabrawler evolves into a


Wait, what is this thing called?

Excuse me.




I was called a selfish ingrate (or some variation of that) almost everyday as a child. So obviously I’ve struggled a lot with feeling selfish. How would I not?

Anyways, one time my friend offered me a chip she wanted me to try. It took a lot of convincing but I finally broke a small piece off. I looked up and just saw her staring at me with a weird look on her face.

“Why did you break off a piece instead of eating the whole thing?”

And what she said next touched me more then she’ll ever know.

She told me I was “worth a whole chip.” And yeah, it sounds stupid, but imagine hearing someone say you’re worth something when you’ve been told your whole life you deserve and are worth absolutely nothing.

And yeah, this whole story seems miniscule. But the point is, if you have a friend who’s been abused, realize how far simple words of kindness go. You can’t break down the feelings of shame and worthlessness without love and compassion.

So thank you for all of you out there that help us see the light in ourselves that out parents tried to put out.

The Party part 12/?

L: Oh yeah? I WILL enjoy the rest of the party!!!

L: ugh, stupid Keith, I run all over for like an hour looking for him and this is how he thanks me, Unbelievable 

L: that thing on his face look painful though, how the hell did he manage to get a burn like that? I hope he knows where the burn cream is….

L: Although, even if he did know where it was, it would be hard to bandage an injury like that on your own.

L: (don’t chase after him don’t chase after him don’t chase….)

L: dammit

L: The hell? How’d he manage to get that far, he must of bolted.

Dating George Weasley Would Include...
  • always trying to surprise you (scare you) when you don’t expect it, all just to say hi or something
  • while he’s always super confident and stupid with Fred, before actually asking you out he’d be ever so slightly more awkward around you
  • Like he’d still be stupid don’t get me wrong, but he’d be more careful what to say
  • admiring you from afar before he grew the balls to actually talk to you
  • Fred fucking notices
  • Ginny being your biggest shippers
  • he’d try to play it cool that he’s dating you but is actually super giddy about it
  • “I told her to wear that shirt today how good does she look”
  • “Did I tell you this thing about Y/N…”
  • “Y/n got a 90% on her Transfig exam can you believe it”
  • “I don’t even talk about her that much shut up”
  • stealing each other’s food
  • like even if you were in other houses
  • you’d make up such elaborate and insane strategies to steal like a single potato wedge
  • him trying to make you laugh 24/7
  • him helping you with homework
  • because he’s secretly so smart but keeps it under wraps
  • “George when did you even get smart”
  • excuse me
  • not gross PDA but the occasional hand holding
  • him telling Fred how much he likes you
  • “omg Fred she looked at me did you see that”
  • “god her hair looks pretty, like it always does but it needs saying”
  • *ears prick up* “that was so Y/n’s laugh I know her laugh and that was it”
  • “ah, Fred, she looked at me again”
  • “Fred I think she might have a crush on me”
  • “George you’re DATING
  • saying comments for the soul purpose to get you to blush
  • o v e r   p r o t e c t i v e
  • “George did you do the potions homework?”
  • “What potions— FUCK”
  • natural lounging position: his arm around you lazily
  • Fred would 100% say things about you to get him jealous
  • like Fred would say something like “Looking good Y/n” with a wink
  • George would just go quiet and have the iconic Weasley response of annoyance: red ears
  • having to reassure him that you’re only his
  • of course he believes you because he loves you
  • this was super long I apologise if you made it this far I congratulate you

Request: Could you make a ’_____ with George Weasley would include’ post because I’ve seen a bunch with Fred but I can’t find any with George. Thanks a million!!

I HAVE WANTED TO DO ONE OF THESE FOR AGES! Also turns out I read it wrong so I did the standard ‘Dating whoever would include’ sorry! I never had any inspiration to do one of these but here was my loooong attempt


Oh what’s wrong now Cole?

Dad won’t preform a blood magic binding ritual on me! I saw the guys at Adamant get one! Why can’t I have one?! MUUUUM!

I said no Cole!

But you like magic and spirits and bindings… Last night I saw you and….

Saw what? You said you locked the door Solas!

He doesn’t need doors…I forgot he doesn’t need doors!

You have to be kidding me…

Look Cole I can get you a Rivaini Amulet, it’s basically the same thing.


Solas why did we keep a spirt who is essentually a 10 year old in an adult body?

Because you thought it would require less care than an actual 10 year old.

Things Allen has probably said

100% sure he’s said this at some point, you can hear the accent.

“Look at all you chuckleheads over here, being stupid”

After everyone helps get something done together “Yeah! I did it”

At a meeting “Look at everyone here, a bunch ‘a idiots standing in a circle”

To Matt “Don’t even think about it, Pancakes” 

To Oliver “Oh try me, ya Willy Wonka Wannabe”

Looking at Luciano “Look at Stabby McThrowy Knives over here”

“$400,000 dolla’s to fire that gun, huh? Yeah, money well spent. Those $200 dolla bullets ain’t so hot when they don’t hit nothin’, are they?

“I got it, I got it, I got it”

“You have got ta be kiddin’ me”

“Ya know, if you didn’t want me ta kill ya, you coulda just said something”

“Diagnosis: you suck”

“Haha! Look at you! You look like you ran through traffic!”

“You know I usually don’t kill idiots this fast”

Trying to get attention from S/O “Babe, babe, babe, babe, baaaaaaabe… babe-”

And many more-

I’m so done. So fucking done. I couldn’t even understand what some people can’t understand. It’s so simple. It’s like “2+2”. STOP. STOP HARASSING THE ACTORS. How could someone who claims themselves as those actor’s fans treat them like shit. What is wrong with you? They are just kids! For fucks sake! Most of them are under 18. Did you forget that? Don’t you think they are stressed enough for being a teenager? How dare you ask them those nasty things!! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You are hurting them. I swear to God, I am dead serious, if any of them leaves the show just because of fans’ ignorance, I swear to God I’ll hunt those fans.
You’re spoiled so easily. “Oh, look! David is so funny and sweet. He treats fans good so we can harass and ask him or his friends stupid shits” “Oh look! Henrik has such a good heart but he has a girlfriend, I have to harass her”. “ Oh look, Yousef is so funny and he replies people’s snaps. I have to ask stupid questions and bother him” David deactivated his instagram. Henrik deleted his photo with his girlfriend because of all these nasty comments. Yousef made his snapchat private. Only people who he accepts can send him messages now. And what about Tarjei? Those little nasty shits harass his friends. People hacked him and shared his photos. How small your brains are? THIS IS NOT LOVE. THIS IS OBSESSION. IT IS NOT LOVE, IF YOU ARE HURTING THEM. If they start to hate fans, I’ll blame you. Only you. This is not Tarjei’s or others fault. THEY OWE YOU NOTHING. NOT A FUCKING THING. GROW THE FUCK UP AND STOP THIS STUPIDNESS.

  • abusers: And then I said "I wont do it again" ahahahaha can you believe they bought it, it's their own fault at this point for being so stupid, of course I'll do it again I'll do it for as long as I damn well please
  • abusers: I'll do it and then pretend it didn't happen just to really fuck with their brain and to escape any consequences, haha look how lost they look now!
  • abusers: If I say they're hurting me when they call me out I can get away with anything, lol
  • abusers: I'll say I only hurt them because of that one thing they did - lol, look how anxious they're now when doing things! I'm so powerful and I love it
  • abusers: I'll just call them insane if they confront me
  • abusers: wow they look happy, it pisses me off, let's remind them of what a failure they are using every single one of their insecurities
  • abusers: that's better, mental breakdown and suicidal depression, know your place, stupid
  • abusers: I'm still a great person tho my victim just doesn't count as a human so anything I do to them is justified and should be taken as a joke! :)

u ever look at stupid sappy shit that yo dumb 13-16 year old self did at the time like when i was 14 i used to bike to this large open field and stare at the sunset listening to One Wish by Ray J on my ipod nano and wonder when i would ever find a boyfriend like bitch for one thing you’re like 14 and another thing you gonna find out in three years that you like to eat pussy 

the eyes to pull me in (lucaya)

basically i wrote this for secret santa and i thought it could use a repost ;) also, if you read this, shoot me an ask and lmk if i should change my url to trahgedy or not!!

It was never supposed to get that far. Lucas and Maya, together. Before that night, they could maintain the tremulous balance, so close to toppling. No one was supposed to get hurt. No one was ever supposed to acknowledge that they did get hurt. If it wasn’t for the rain and the stupid, stupid bus, then things would probably have worked out alright for just a bit longer.  But it was just Maya Hart’s luck to get caught in a thunderstorm.

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New oc! Her name is Vit! (I am not creative with names at all, seriously, Vit just means white in Swedish, like I said, names is definitely not my thing)
She is a skelinkton! A white one! I don’t know if white ink even exists (I did try to look it up) and if it doesn’t… Well now it does! Maybe I’m just stupid and it’s obvious if it exists or not XD
Anyyyway, the creator of skelinktons (I think, correct me if I’m wrong) is the one, the only @7goodangel

When I am feeling dreary, annoyed, and generally unimpressed by life, I imagine what it would be like to come back to this world for just a day after having been dead. I imagine how sentimental I would feel about the very things I once found stupid, hateful, or mundane. Oh, there’s a light switch! I haven’t seen a light switch in how long! I didn’t realize how much I missed light switches! Oh! Oh! And look– the stairs up to our front porch are still completely cracked! Hello cracks! Let me get a good look at you. And there’s my neighbor, standing there, fantastically alive, just the same, still punctuating her sentences with you know what I’m saying? Why did that bother me? It’s so…endearing.
—  RETURNING TO LIFE AFTER BEING DEAD Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Do you remember that moment when Vilde told everyone to divide into pairs and EVEN looked at Isak?

😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
And then when Isak left EVEN definitely later searched for him and heard him in the toilet and came in to wash his hands.


And then he did that stupid thing with the paper to get Isak’s attention. 

That is so cute I can’t. I’m done, guys 😵

Hello tumblr world! I saw a post a while back where someone was asking Disney to make this poster so they could have it for things. It was a tiny, pixelated image and I thought….I could redo that, make it bigger and make it look authentic and nice! So…I did! I did the majority of the poster in Illustrator and I did Wander and Silvia in Photoshop. I took the Ps pics and placed them in Ai for this fabulous look! It’s big enough it can be a poster! While I recreated this it is not mine at all. It belongs to Disney. Everything belongs to Disney. It’s not exact, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out!

I feel the TVD writers. Bamon was just becoming too strong of a thing. Everyone was craving it, like the Teen Wolf shippers when Sterek was becoming a high demand, they gave Bonnie a love interest like they did for Stiles and Derek.

They gave Bonnie a love interest in hopes that Bamon shippers would somehow jump off the ship and swim over to Bonenzo.

And I mean, fine, if they wanted to do that, do it, but with no development?

There’s a sudden three year time jump and BOOM, Bonenzo’s a thing?

And those stupid fucking flashbacks they gave us do not count as development.

It’s nothing, that’s what it is.

Like okay, I’ll give them this. Bonenzo, from certain angles, with good lighting, on good days, very rarely looks somewhat cute.

But this.

Will never look as beautiful as this


Or this

But you know, I really do see what you guys were going for TVD writers. You guys failed though. 

Scare Pewdiepie 2

I. Cannot. BELIEVE. This! I just found out that “Scare Pewdiepie Season 2” is canceled and I am just OUTRAGED.
Yesterday, there was a story about Pewds on the news where they said some horrible things about him. Nobody ever looks at the GOOD things he does. They only look at his mistakes. They don’t mention the money he raised for charity, they don’t mention the 53 MILLION people who love him and who’s lives he changed. They only care about the stupid things he did. I’m not denying the fact that he has made mistakes. I am well aware of those mistakes. But he also apologized. Nobody talks about his apology.
So much effort and so many resources were put into the show. Felix nearly lost his mind in the process of making the season.
There were so many guests who went out of their ways to take part in the show. From different continents even!
We were all waiting for it (even though I couldn’t watch it anyways because YouTube Red doesn’t work here), I saw how excited Felix was and how happy he was after it was over. The cancelation of the show annoys me so much because the people who canceled it were willing to ignore the blood, sweat and tears that went into the show, (and into everything else that Felix does), and just ruin everything. I know I don’t know what happened behind the scenes and everything, but I just can’t ignore the INJUSTICE that is happening before my eyes and say nothing.
You, the person reading this, let’s join forces and try to change their minds. Peacefully.