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#70- While one of them is on the phone (Sabriel- Sam x Gabriel)

Requested by @comics-and-manga-gurl for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: smut, oral sex, semi-public I guess? since they could possibly be heard?

A/N: This is my first Sabriel, and while it’s short, I have to admit I really enjoyed writing them. Won’t be my last. Feedback greatly appreciated!

Sam hears the almost silent rush of wind. Most people wouldn’t. It’s too quiet. But Sam’s not most people. And hunter instinct aside, he would never not hear the flap of wings that brought an angel. Especially his angel.

He turns in his chair, cell phone still pressed to his ear. Dean’s voice rambles on the other side, deep and raspy and irritated at the current mission he was on. But Sam can’t hear him anymore. His senses have all shifted, centered on the angel leaning against the wall, looking right somehow against the backdrop of ugly motel wallpaper.

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This is a request for my lovely @chaos-in-pink thanks for requesting and helping me develop the idea to write it! Check her out for Brendon Urie short fics! She takes requests too! Enjoy <3 <3 <3

Music Is My Religion

It was late evening when my parent’s dropped me off at Brendon’s house, I was staying over while they went away for the weekend, they didn’t trust me staying home alone since they found out about my ex, it pissed them off a lot that I had had a boyfriend in school, they wanted me to follow this whole no sex before marriage, marry your first boyfriend crap. I hadn’t had sex but hey I could have fun right? We pulled up and I came bounding in with my bags, hugging Brendon’s parents, I knew what room I would be sleeping in from staying there before, I quickly went and dropped my bags in the room, heading to Brendon’s to see him.

“Hey!” I beamed, popping my head round his door with a smile, he smiled back, sitting up on his bed, he had his glasses on and a baddy hoodie, writing down music on a scruffy notepad. He looked so cute.

“Oh hey, you’re staying this weekend? I thought it was next.” He smiled, running a hand through his messy hair, I giggle, sitting on his bed with him.

“Nope, my parents are away this weekend until Monday, I’m here for 3 nights.” I giggled, we hadn’t seen each other in a week, which was an eternity for us, we were used to seeing each other pretty much every day even though we went to different high schools this year, he finished earlier than me so he’d come over and pick me up and we would listen to music or do school work at one of our houses. I was almost 100% sure he liked me as much as I like him but religion got in the way, he seemed to hesitant around me.

“Oh… ok, I forgot, had a lot on my mine.” He looked away from me, sighing slightly, I was about to ask what was wrong when his parents disturbed us.

“You two, we’re gonna watch a movie.” We both stood, heading out of his room and downstairs, his parent’s tried to get us to be downstairs as much as possible whenever they were in, they seemed to have a problem with us being alone together. Maybe they got the idea that two teenagers, who weren’t supposed to be having sex, in the same room and alone was probably a bad idea. We padded down into the living room, Brendon grabbed a blanket from one of the chairs, inviting me to share it with him, we sat top and tailed on the couch, he nudged my legs gaining a small giggle from me. We toned down a little when we noticed a stern look from his mom, they trusted us, but we couldn’t push it, whenever we even showed the slightest hint of flirting we were sharply reminded they were in the room. His parents had put on the newest James Bond movie, I don’t remember the name, Brendon was transfixed as we watched it, giving me the off playful kick or touching my leg with is foot. Was he flirting, did he like me, was I just mistaking innocent things for more than they were, I began to think maybe having a boyfriend and experimenting a little had changed my thought processes. Things seemed to escalate quickly, a sex scene came on the screen, I wasn’t overly bothered by it but Brendon seemed uncomfortable and fidgety while it was on screen, his cheeks a little red and flushed, eyes flitting around the room, I supressed a giggle as I watched him. The movie finished eventually, it was late by then, his parents insisted we got to bed and get some rest, we would be home alone tomorrow, I wondered wht they thought about that.

My room was freezing that night, I stirred and wriggled in bed, hugging my blanket close to me, I checked my phone, it was 1am, I just couldn’t sleep, there was so much on my mind. I was desperate to find out what was wrong with Brendon. It tossed and turned for another 20 minutes before I eventually decided to get up and go to Brendon’s room, it was only when I got to his bedroom door that I realised I was quite skimpily dressed but I’d already knocked so it was too late now.

“Hmm…” I heard a groan from inside the room, I opened the door, poking my head around, I could see him curled up in bed, the covers wrapped up around his face.

“Brendon… I can’t sleep.” I whispered slightly, slipping through the door and smiling at him through the dim light of the room.

“Mmm, come in.” He mumbled, sitting up, he was shirtless, his hair sticking up and messy, I sat down next to him on his bed, pulling the covers over my bare legs, his eyes ghosted over my body slightly before looking back up to my face.

“I couldn’t sleep, my room was freezing, sorry if I woke you.” I smiled, noticing now he was wearing sweatpants, he gave me a sleepy smile back, tilting his head slightly.

“It’s ok, you can crash in here if you want, I have a thicker blanket.” He smiled so sweetly, gently touching my hand, we sat in silence for a moment, I thought, I wanted to know what had been bothering him, I hated it when he kept secrets, we told each other everything, that was just the way we went.

“Brendon, what’s wrong?” I asked, shuffling a little closer to him on the bed, my leg brushing against his own.

“It… look it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.” He looked away from my eyes, trying not to meet them, I touched his arm again.

“Hey, don’t keep things from me, you know you can tell me, we tell each other everything.” He smiled a little, his eyes warming slightly. “Come on, you know you can trust me.” I gave him a gentle hug, nuzzling into his neck a little, he moaned softly, his arms touching my back as I pulled away.

“Well, it’s complicated.” He sighed heavily, both of us huddled close on his bed.

“I’ve got time.”

“Ok, well, promise not to judge me?” He blushed, I nodded. “Well, I’m having doubts, about all this, the religion, being a Mormon, going on a mission for the church, I just don’t know if this is for me, I think my parents might kick me out if I tell them. Fuck, I’m a mess.” He babbled out in one long sentence, that whole sentence relieved me so much, I felt the same way.

“Brendon… I get that completely, I feel the same.” His eyes widened, a small smile forming on his face, he seemed to sit up straighter and gain more confidence. “I have felt like that for months, I don’t want to be a part of this anymore but I don’t know how to tell them… maybe if we do it together, with both our parents?”

“That’s actually a pretty good idea.” He looked away, thinking another smile forming on his face. “Seeing as we’re being honest, can I tell you something else?”

“Of course.” I tilted my head to the side, wondering what was about to come out of his mouth next.

“Well, Y/N… I um… I like you. I have done for ages, I got so jealous when you had a boyfriend, I guess I always wanted it to be me.” I grinned widely, another wave of relief washing over me. I shuffled closer to him, pressing my lips against his, he seemed shocked but kissed me back, his arms resting in his lap. The room was dimly let, that blue hue that came with the moonlight filling the room, his face looked so perfect in this light, hair floppy and slightly messy, dark eyes meeting mine as I pulled away, smiling at each other. His breathing was slightly elevated, one warm hand moving up to tuck my hair away from my face, resting on the back of my head, pulling me back to him, out lips meeting, moving in time with each other. His hand slid onto my waist, holding it lightly as we kissed, my lips pressing harder against his, our tongues touched lightly, my hands sliding more firmly onto his shoulders, pulling him closer to me, I moaned softly as he we shifted on the bed, he pulled away sharply, looking at me as he blushed.

“We should stop… my parents…” I climbed out of the bed, moving over to lock the door, I couldn’t resist moving my legs either side of his hips, he looked up at me blushing, hands resting on my hips, his breathing fast, eyes widened.

“Relax… its late they won’t catch us.” I purred softly, kissing him again, his hands holding me close as I kissed him, his moans filling the room as I touched his hair.

“But… we can’t… I know where this is going, my parent’s will flip.” He looked up at me through hungry eyes, biting his lip without realising.

“Brendon… everything will be ok, how would they even find out, I mean if we like each other then its ok right? I mean, what difference would a piece of paper make. I want this. I want you to be my first.” I stroked his hair and face gently, he smiled, his eyes meeting me own, hands moving up to my waist, pulling me closer.

“I want this too…” He whispered shyly, I pressed my hips down lightly, feeling him hard in his sweatpants, one hand ghosting over my bare legs.

“Then relax, they won’t find out, I, I love you.” I smiled, he blushed at me, I couldn’t resist pressing my lips against his neck softly, grinding my hips against him, I hadn’t had sex but I could use my experience of other stuff to make him feel good right.

“But…” He started, his hands stroking my thighs, biting his lips. “Ugh fuck I can’t, I can’t argue with you, I’ve wanted you for so long.” I kissed him again, sliding my hands down over his sweatpants, gently stroking, feeling him hard under my hands, his head lulling back as he groaned. “God…” He breathed softly, gripping my thighs lightly, his hands slid onto hem of my shirt, gently pulling it over my head, breathing out slowly as he looked at my chest and stomach. “You’re… you’re so hot.”

“So are you.” I teased, stroking his chest, biting my lip, I was getting so turned on, wanting him more and more.

“Lay down baby.” He whispered, husky and low in my ear, stroking my back, I giggled, slipping off of his lap and flopping down on the bed, he shifted on the bed, leaning over me, he held his weight off of me, leaning down to kiss me, the muscles in his arms flexing slightly. He slowly slid my shorts down my legs, leaving me completely exposed on his bed, hands touching my body shyly, his breathing fast.

“Brendon…” I whimpered, his breath catching in his throat as I moaned his name, holding his shoulders, he climbed in between my legs, looking down at me in the dim light, he looked so nervous, I touched his cheek gently. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s just, I’ve never done this, I… I don’t want to suck at it.” He stuttered slightly, blushing again, his bare skin slightly sweaty already.

“I haven’t either, it will be ok, we can just take it slow.” I pulled him into another kiss, his body pressing against mine, feeling warmth in between my legs, pressing them together, I needed more, this was turning me on so much. His tongue touched mine, our hands exploring each other’s bodies, he touched my thighs and chest, slowly moving his hands, as if he were memorising every part of me, he watched his own hand, moaning slightly. I couldn’t stand this anymore. “I’m ready.” I whispered, taking a deep breath, he looked at me nervously, nodding his head.

“Ok…” He panted slightly, looking nervous, his pushed his sweatpants down, gasping as his erection sprang free, I felt him hard against my thigh, his breathing rapid, his hand slid between us, gently rubbing the tip against me. “Fuck.” He whimpered softly, his forehead leaning against my own. “You sure you’re ready?” I nodded, feeling his hips shift against me, I gasped out, gripping his shoulders, my eyes widening as he pushed inside, my back arching as he pushed all the way in. “Oh jesus. That feels so good. Are you ok?”

“Yeah… it just stings, I’ll be ok.” I smiled, stroking his hair and forehead, gently touching his back slowly, he waited, perfectly still, breathing fast in my ear. After a little I felt ok enough for him to move, nodding for him to move, his hips shifted back slightly I gasped, his lips meeting mine his lips tender against mine, it felt pretty good, he pushed back in, stopping.

“Um… there’s, something in the way… I umm.” He stuttered, he was so cute and nervous, I gripping his shoulders knowing what it was.

“Just push through it ok?” I encouraged him, bracing myself, I knew what was coming, he nodded and drew his hips back, pushing back in, he pressed harder, I yelped as I felt the resistance give, that tearing sensation spreading through me, he froze, looking down at me concerned.

“Are you ok?” I nodded, shifting my hips slightly, moving my legs so they rested on his hips.

“Yeah… you can carry on.” He nodded, his hips shifting, moving back, then forward again, he began to build up a slow rhythm, his head lulling forward, moaning loudly into my ear, he quickly got used to it, his movements steady and slow, hand stroking my body, kissing my neck. He was making me feel so good already, I heard myself whimpering against him, my fingers gripping at his back, he began to speed up slightly, throwing his head back. “Y/N… this feels so good.” He groaned, his forehead leant against mine, both of us giggling breathlessly, he stopped for a moment, smiling at me, our breathing rapid, stroking my hair gently. “I love you.” He whispered, kissing me gently, his hips beginning to shift again.

“I love you too.” I gasped out, his hands held my hips, his moans growing louder, eyes wide, his dark hair flopping everywhere, starting to cling to his forehead as he was sweating. He gripped me tightly, one arm sliding under my waist, pulling my body closer, shifting my hips so he hit a sweet spot, I whimpered loudly, my head lulling back into the pillow back arching up. I felt my body beginning to tighten, like my muscles were all focussing on the same spot in the pit of my stomach, his hips moving faster and faster, breathing rapid, like he was losing control, his groans turning to growls, one hand sliding onto my thigh, his finger tips digging into my flesh slightly, I felt so good I couldn’t handle it. I never expected my first time to feel like this, I never expected sex to feel like this at all, why the hell did I wait so long for something that would feel this good.

“Baby… I can’t hold back.” He groaned, his hips bucking slightly, throwing his head back in pleasure before his lips crashed down against mine, our tongues touching as he moved, his movements desperate and hungry, the way he looked at me was like he couldn’t get enough of me, like all he wanted was me and this moment and how it felt.

“Brendon… It feels so good.” I whimpered in pleasure, feeling my stomach tightening again, I had no idea what it was but it felt so good I didn’t care, he gripped me, almost yelling out in pleasure as he hit that sweet spot again.

“I’m close… god you feel so good.” He grunted, his hips speeding up again, hitting into that spot over and over again, my body tensing up tighter and tighter, I felt like I was about to break, my eyes wide, mouth open as I panted desperately, writhing in pleasure under him. A few more movements and I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt like my world was crashing down, waves of pleasure hitting me over and over again as he moved, throbbing and twitching inside me, groaning in pleasure.

“Brendon!” I yelled out in pleasure, gripping his back, my nails digging in slightly.

“Fuck Y/N!” He groaned out too, I felt him twitch, warmth pooling in my stomach as he came inside me, his breathing rapid and desperate, his muscles tense, he kept moving for a little longer, breathing heavily against me, I shook under him, clinging to his body, he shuddered as he stopped moving. His lips met mine, kissing me softly, stroking my hair, both of us breathless and gasping, clinging to each other on his bed.

“Brendon… that was amazing.” I gasped, he rolled off me propping himself up so he could meet my eyes.

“I know… I can’t believe we just did that.” We both giggled again, he pulled me into his chest, cuddling up to me on the bed. “It felt so good. Did I hurt you?” He looked down at me through concerned eyes, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

“It hurt but it wasn’t your fault. It felt so good after though.” He smiled with pride, holding me close, feeling his naked body against mine our damp skin touching.

“I can’t believe I waited so long for that… I’m definitely not waiting for it again. I teased, stroking his chest, he chuckled. “I love you.” I whispered, stroking his chest and hair, he pulled the covers over us gently.

“I love you too.” He mumbled, the covers over my shoulders now, we cuddled up, not speaking for a while, it wasn’t an awkward silence, just contended.

“We should sleep.” I nuzzled against his neck, kissing it softly, our breathing slowed and relaxed now.

“Yeah… goodnight Y/N.” Telling our parents everything was going to be fun, one us being together and two us both wanting out, at least we had each other to get through it I guess, I felt so content, I knew I’d be ok with him with me.

I hope you enjoyed it guys! <3 <3 <3

Interlude: A Pattern of Stillness (TMNT 2012, GaVG 'verse)

Summary: You’re not the chosen one.

Rating: Mature (references to past torture, not graphic; characters suffering from PTSD). 

Word count: ~5300

Note: This fic takes place a few hours after the end of Walking Wounded, and overlaps slightly with the events in Interlude: Simple Gifts. Miyamoto Usagi belongs to his eponymous series of comics by Stan Sakai.

All thanks and love to hotmilkytea and servantofclio for their beta’ing and support! <3

I guess I still had one Interlude left to go. So many dark moments to illuminate!

All updates to the GaVG ‘verse are tagged with “gavg”. 

TMNT fic masterpost


Leo takes his time over breakfast, not speaking, barely listening to the voices around him as he cuts the cinnamon roll on his plate into tiny, tiny pieces. His throat aches with every swallow, but he keeps eating, one methodical bite after another. Usagi may not be looking at him, may only be a warm, implacable presence at his side, but his friend is paying attention, even if his focus seems to be completely absorbed by Mikey’s never-ending monologue. 

It’s clear, even to Leo, that Mikey isn’t actually saying anything. Oh, he’s forming words and sentences, and some of them even make sense, but what he says doesn’t matter. Doesn’t even register. What Mikey’s doing is filling the silence as only he can, distracting the dark tendrils trying to creep into their bright, worn kitchen with noise and laughter. Misdirection. Camouflage. 

I don’t thank him enough for this, Leo thinks, his hand shaking as he tries to lift a meager forkful to his mouth. I don’t thank any of them enough. 

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