look i actually made something!

Someone added the tag ‘silly homorobos’ to one of the comics and the image of Zenyatta taking selfies with Genji immediately hit me xD

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Hey look, I actually made something on time, neato.

Also drawing skeleton legs is a pain, but so worth it.

P.S. There should be more Sans in that shorts dress meme, I’m honestly kind of disappointed that there isn’t any.

If anyone has read “I bet you’d look good on the dance floor” by @yaboybokuto , you’d understand why I literally LOST MY SHIT when my vegetarian friend brought this over to my house to make dinner. After about 10 minutes of consecutive giggling, I had to explain why I was laughing because she thought I was making fun of her. Thank you, you’ve ruined nutcheese for me. 😂


Here’s to VIXX, the group that blew me away with their out of this world concepts. Before meeting them I didn’t really pay attention to concepts or teasers…now, I scout the internet in order to decipher every single hint that’s been given. And then you even find out the members themselves have been giving Starlights hints on future concepts MONTHS before said comeback was even announced. So here’s a tribute to all of VIXX’s eras, each one an adventure of it’s own, a new world to explore. I’m so grateful to have met VIXX and very very proud that they have gotten this far. Four years, and counting! Happy 4th Anniversary VIXX~! 

close to you: a heith playlist.

only like?? a half hour ish late for @heithweek!! art credit to my wonderful friend @nd-lance. <3

;I’m In Here (Outside Hero)
;To Be Secret (SayAdamWheresEve)
;Burn It Down (Fitz and the Tantrums)
;Here Comes a Thought (Nathan Sharp)
;Quiet (Subway Static)
;Wild (Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Clara)
;What You Mean To Me (Sterling Knight)
;Stand By You (Tyler & Ryan)
;Thinking Out Loud (Michele Grandinetti)
;Don’t Wait (Joey Graceffa)
;Astronauts (Rachel Platten)

advice for the signs based on people i know
  • aries: when under heavy fire, deflecting the bullets into allies isn't always the best idea.
  • taurus: not all your problems can be laughed off or bottled up. the smile is bound to crack, and the jar is bound to overflow. why are you so scared to open up?
  • gemini: don't play games with people. stop sending so many hints and start telling people what you really want.
  • cancer: be more daring. stand up for yourself. try new things. don't be afraid to go after what you really want.
  • leo: at times you can just be a porcupine looking for a hug. learn to let people go if they don't have enough padding, and find people who are more suited to the job.
  • virgo: not everything is a puzzle. even if it were, figuring yourself out is a better place to start than everything else.
  • libra: what you're looking for isn't always far away. take a closer look at what's around you and you might be surprised by the chances that are already laying at your feet.
  • scorpio: nothing is permanent. when you're caught in a storm with no turning back, adjust your rain boots, zip up your coat, and just push forward.
  • sagittarius: your problems will not fix themselves. don't complain about how they aren't getting better if you refuse to work on them yourself.
  • capricorn: find the balance. don't throw yourself into only one thing at a time and neglect all the other things around you during it. sometimes you need to take breaks.
  • aquarius: numbness can't kill, but when you can't feel a severed arm, it can be a problem. start thinking about your feelings, and start thinking about the feelings of others around you. keep the good intentions, ditch the blindfold.
  • pisces: coping mechanisms can kill. stop running away from everything that troubles you. being a hypocrite hurts others more than it does yourself. take a deep breath. some things take time.

ASTRO as cinnamon rolls [x]

I’m working on a little project where I sort through and clean out the 14k likes i’ve accumulated in my 8 years in tumblr.

It’s… a lot.