look how zayn is looking at them

Harry is going to be the best dad. Proof:

i c o n i c


this is so funny hahahah



never let this moment die (“MAKE SOME NOISE FOR ERIC”)

Look how happy he gets at the POSSIBLITY of there being a baby near

I love how prominent he is in lux’s life (uncle knobhead) ((LOOK HOW HAPPY HE IS))

Even theo is shook #same

And finally, this. I love how playful he is with them ugh

I could go on and on but tumblr has a 10 picture limit HAHA

He’s really created a tapestry of self, which I think is what was so jarring about comparing “Sign of the Times” to everything else: I think you — or maybe it’s just me — inherently want to listen to an artist’s solo debut and “get” them. Like the way Brodie explains how Zayn very overtly distinguished himself as a particular brand of artist, or the way you know exactly what you’ll get on a Drake mixtape. But Harry’s album is almost the musical equivalent of, “Hey, come see my room!” when you make a new friend in high school or college. Like, “Come see all the things I like! Look at my records! Do you like my posters? Look at this sick lamp!” And to that end, Harry Styles is a very bold and brave declaration: He’s not hiding what he likes or who he is or what he wants us to know about him. He loves arena rock and he loves classic rock and Britpop and he likes ’00s-era British indie. He’s not a snob, and while I think we all already knew that, it’s exciting to see that inclusive approach applied to his solo star cotillion.

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Oof I miss my beardy boys together!

Ooooofffff indeed nonnie. 

imean do I cry myself to sleep every night thinking about how much I miss these idiots together like this?

Do I sit here and think about how much I miss how they made each other smile like they hadn’t just hung the moon but the entire solar system?

How they rocked the ‘spies just about to receive their top secret mission to topple evil dictators and nip home via KFC when they’re done’ look (BONUS POINT TO NIALL but honestly, the way they look so intense,  “Yeah, but what sauce should we order with the popcorn chicken when we’re done Zayn,”  *heavy sigh from Zayn*  “Beats me, I just hope they don’t run out of gravy.”)

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Staring into the crowd and into mine and your soul.

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F$cking shit up at awards shows

Messing about at awards shows

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Flirty giggly sunshines with Angus.(MY EYES - look at them)

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The TIU junkets (should have been renamed jewel-ets cos of how precious these 3 were and Narry too).


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Soft bubs, yes even with Louis’ expression

Trying to look tough bubs

They’ll be the death of all us bubs

*NUDgE WINK bubs*

LISTEN JUST WATCH THESE AND CRY  (it has the walrus impression the second one which is one of my fave moments ever plus strawberry lace race where Zayn is distracted by Liam) 

And just hope that we have the majesty of these 3 beautiful beardy boys

who are now such great men in our lives together again soon.

I could’ve literally gone on forever cos I loved how they were perfect foils for each other, how they were so important for each other (STILL ARE), how they had their in jokes (STILL DO)  bus 1,  shpine/shmile,  how tall are you?  Miley Cyrus moment with lilo losing it with Zayn chucking it away. 

When they were judging hard during the Miss America interview. 

All the early beardy boys before they were beardy boys. We’re all a bit loose today *cue Louis losing it*  

The only three people in the world that would ever persuade me to get onto a plane again.

I should shut up really but I don’t want to…but yeah…ONE DAY. 

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What A Feeling - #1 Heart Rates & House Parties

*July 2017

“Good morning, good morning,” Nick Grimshaw said over the radio airwaves. “We have a full house in the studio this morning because Y/Band’s/Name is joining us. Why don’t you all introduce yourselves so our listeners know that you all are in fact here with us.”

“What’s up, London,” your brother, Mitch, said into the microphone. “Mitch is here.”

You laughed shaking your head. “Hiya, it’s Y/N, thanks for having us Grimmy,”

“Even though its a bit early, I’m here too,” Jeremy yawned.

“Can we get this lad some coffee?” Taylor laughed.

“He’s already had like four cups on the way over,” you laughed.

“It was a long night,” Jeremy laughed.

“Oh, was it now?” Grimmy smirked. “Anyway, since you lot are our guests, why don’t you pick the first song of the hour?”

“Uh, okay, lads what should we pick?” You asked. “This is a lot of pressure.”

“What’s your favorite song right now?” Nick asked.

“I can answer that!” Taylor smirked. “She’s obsessed with Harry Styles’ solo album.”

“No, I’m not!” You blushed. “But it is a great record, you have to admit that.”

“I don’t think anyone was denying that,” Nick laughed. “What’s your favorite song from his album?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you laughed. “Uh, why don’t we go with Only Angel? That’s like a good morning song, right? It starts off all nice and slow and then bam it turns into a jam.”

“Good god, never say that again,” Mitch laughed.

“Alright everyone, here is Only Angel by The Harry Styles requested by none other than the beautiful and talented Y/N,” Nick said before starting the song.

After the song finished up, you went into the actual interview.

“Okay, so you all are family, right? Mitch and Y/N, you two are brother and sister and then you Jeremy and Taylor are brothers, but you all are cousins?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, it’s just a big family gathering,” you laughed.

“So, how did that work? Did you all just decide to form a band one day or what?” Nick asked.

“Um, well, we grew up in a very musical family. Our Dad was a professional drummer and songwriter for many well known artists, so we just grew up surrounded by music. But as far as us becoming a band it literally all started in our garage,” Mitch laughed.

“Yeah, anytime we’d all get together, we would just go to the garage and start messing around with our guitars and other instruments. I’d say by the time we were about fourteen or fifteen is when we started taking it more seriously and writing our own songs and performing them outside of the garage and our families,” you said.

“And here are, almost ten years later with seven number one record breaking albums and countless awards,” Nick laughed.

“It’s crazy to think about really,” Taylor said. “That we’ve been doing this for so long and our fans are still wanting to hear new music from us and coming out to our shows.”

“We’re really thankful and grateful for our fans because if it weren’t for them, we  wouldn’t be here after all these years in the business, but honestly I think that it helped that our fans are sort of growing up with us. When we came out with our first record, I was almost sixteen at the time and now I’m almost twenty six, you know? So, as we were growing up and experiencing life, we wrote that into our music and our fans were experiencing similar situations,” you said.

“Well, it’s really a great record and we love it, we play your songs all the time. Thank you all  for stopping by today with your busy schedules, we loved having you,” Nick smiled.

“No problem, thanks for having us,” Taylor smiled.

Once you all were off the air, you took off your headphones and shook everyone’s hand.

“How long are you going to be in London?” Nick asked you.

“Um, we’re here all week,” you smiled.

“Great. I’m having a bit of a house party with close friends tomorrow night, would you want to come?” He asked. “All of you are invited.”

“Sure, sounds fun,” you smiled. “Need us to bring anything?”

“Just yourselves!” He smiled giving you a hug. “This is gonna be so fun!”

You laughed shaking your head at him before grabbing your things and leaving the BBC Studio.


“Hello everyone, we’re here with none other than movie  star Harry Styles, here to talk to us about his new film Dunkirk,” Nick said into the microphone.

“Hi,” Harry laughed putting his headphones on.

“So, how you doing? Last night was a huge night for you,” Nick said.

“Yeah, it was a great, I’m a little exhausted, but I’m good,” Harry said.

“Good, good,” Nick said. “Now, I saw Dunkirk yesterday at eight in the morning and it was rough. I was so emotional and it was just a fantastic film,” Nick said.

“Thanks, yeah I get a bit emotional watching it myself, which I’m not sure if that’s okay, you know crying during a movie that I’m in,” he laughed.

“Only if it’s in a cool way,” Nick joked.

“Always,” Harry laughed.

“Now, we know when you’re performing for shows, you have rehearsals and what not, but when it came to memorizing your lines, how did you go about it?” Nick asked.

“Uh, I mean I just had the script with me and ran my lines with some friends or as it got closer with some of my cast mates like Fionn or Tom, but yeah it’s a lot harder to remember lines than rehearsing music,” he laughed. “Although, I’m really glad there was very little dialogue as a whole.”

“Okay, so now we’re gonna play a little game,” Nick said. “I’m sure you’re wondering why there’s a heart monitor behind you.”

“Yeah, I’m a little worried right now,” Harry laughed.

“Too bad,” Nick laughed. “So, what we’re gonna do is the Doctor is going to hook you up to the heart monitor and we’re going to show you a series of images and some other things and see how you really react to them.”

“Oh god,” Harry laughed shaking his head.

The doctor hooks Harry up to the machine and they wait for his normal heart rate before beginning.

“It’s like you’re at a steady 65, so let’s begin,” he said. “The first picture we have here is of you and your Mum from last night’s premiere.”

“She looked beautiful,” he nodded.

“Okay, heart rate is still steady,” Nick said. “What about this one? Former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik in a leather jacket and no shirt ensemble.”

“That’s a great look,” Harry said. “But personally for me a little too sweaty.”

“I agree and Harry’s still staying at a steady rate of 65,” Nick said. “Now, what about this one? This a photo of a Y/N from Y/Band’s/Name. What do you think of her?”

Harry started blushing and tried to hide back a smirk. “I’m sure she’s a wonderful person,” he said quickly.

“Have you ever met her before?” Nick asked.

“No, I haven’t,” he responded.

“Your heart rate has increased to almost 80,” Nick smirked. “Now, Y/N was actually on our show just yesterday morning and she’s quite the fan of you, why don’t you listen to this.”

“What’s your favorite song right now?” Nick asked.

“I can answer that!” Taylor smirked. “She’s obsessed with Harry Styles’ solo album.”

“No, I’m not!” You blushed. “But it is a great record, you have to admit that.”

“I don’t think anyone was denying that,” Nick laughed. “What’s your favorite song from his album?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” you laughed. “Uh, why don’t we go with Only Angel? That’s like a good morning song, right? It starts off all nice and slow and then bam it turns into a jam.”

“How do you feel about that?” Nick smirked.

“I I-uh, I’m glad she’s a fan,” he said nervously. “I’m a fan of hers as well.”

“Uh oh,” Nick laughed. “Your heart rate’s rising. We’re almost to a 100 folks.”

“No, it’s not!” Harry blushed shaking his head.

“Yes, it is,” Nick laughed. “I think it’s save to say that you might have a bit of a crush on Y/N?”

“I just like her music is all,” Harry said.

“I don’t think so, your heart rate is officially over 100. I think this is a new record,” Nick joked.

“I hate you. I hate all of you,” Harry laughed. “You two are idiots.”

“Oi, who are you talking about?” Nick asked.

“Lou and Harry,” he said pointing to them behind the glass of studio.

“Well, we’ll let you take this one home,” Nick smirked handing Harry the picture of you.

Harry shook his head and Nick went off the air. The doctor unhooked Harry from the monitor and he got from his chair.

“Sorry about that mate,” Nick smirked.

“I hate all of you,” Harry repeated

“Yeah, yeah,” Nick laughed. “You’re still coming round to my party tonight, right?”

“Maybe,” Harry said. “I don’t think I should after that,” he smirked.

“Oh, come on,” Nick laughed. “You know you’re still coming and you can’t hate us forever.”

“Alright, alright, I’ll be there,” Harry laughed. “But I still hate you.”

“After tonight, I don’t think you’re gonna hate me at all,” Nick smirked.

“And why is that?” He asked.

“Oh, just wait and see,” Nick said.


It was the night of Nick Grimshaw’s house party. You decided on a simple outfit of tight black jeans, a nice blouse, and some heels. You met everyone down in the lobby of the hotel before getting into a car to drive to Nick’s house.

“Hey Y/N, did you check Grimmy’s show this morning?” Jeremy smirked.

“Nope, I was sleeping,” you laughed. “Why what happened?”

“Oh, you mean you don’t know?” Taylor asked.

“Obviously not,” you said rolling your eyes.

“Harry Styles was on there today and he played some game with Grimmy involving a heart monitor and Grimmy brought you up, Harry’s heart rate rose to over a 100, supposedly,” Mitch said.

“Are you serious?” You laughed with a bit of blush on covering your cheeks.

“Yeah, I saw the video,” Jeremy said. “He was blushing so hard over you complimenting his album.”

“I bet he’s so embarrassed,” you said.

“I say he thinks you’re hot,” Taylor said.

“I highly doubt that,” you said. “He probably was just getting embarrassed or something, I mean that causes a rise in your heart rate too.”

“Even if that’s the case, it’s obvious that he’s not the only one embarrassed,” Taylor smirked.

“Fuck off,” You laughed pushing him back to his side of the car.

Truth be told, you did have a little bit of a crush on Harry Styles. You’ve never met him before, but there was obviously a physical attraction towards him and you were a huge fan of his music, even when during his One Direction days. Your crush though, was simply a crush and you were sure there would be no way he had a crush on you.

You all arrived to the party and walked inside. Since a few people from the radio and the music industry were there, you knew some people in attendance. You went straight over to grab yourself a drink and went through the crowd of people to mingle.


Harry arrived at Nick’s house with some of his close friends. When he walked inside, he got himself a drink and went in search of the host. He found Nick over by where the music was playing, of course, he thought to himself.

“Harry!” Nick said hugging him.

“I see you’ve had a few too many already,” Harry laughed.

“Eh,” he said. “I’m just a bit tipsy.”

“I can tell,” Harry said.

“I’m so glad you came! There’s someone I want you to meet here,” Nick said.

“Oh, really? Who?” Harry said.

“Y/N,” Nick smirked.

Harry almost spit out of his drink. “W-What? Y/N’s here?”

“Yep. I invited her yesterday when she was on the show,” Nick said.

“Wait? You knew she was going to be here tonight?” Harry said. “And you still went along with the heart rate shit?”

“Look, Lou told me about your little crush on her and she’s obviously a huge fan of you, so why don’t you just go and introduce yourself to her?” Nick said. “You never know, sparks may fly, music might be played…”

Harry shook his head. “I can’t. Not after what happened today. If she’s seen that, she’ll probably think I’m like obsessed with her.”

“You kinda are though,” Nick joked.

“No, I’m not,” Harry groaned.

“Anyway, just go talk to her mate. It’s a party, it’s what people do,” Nick said.

“I can’t just fucking walk up to her,” Harry said.

“You do it all the fucking time to people,” Nick said.

“I know, but I don’t think I could with her,” Harry said looking around the room.

He blushed when he saw you talking with your bandmates and some other people he couldn’t really see. You were laughing at something and he couldn’t help, but admire your smile. You looked really beautiful and he wanted to talk to you, he did, but his nerves were taking over. He hadn’t ever felt like that in his whole life and he doesn’t even know you.

“Fine, if you won’t go and talk to her, I’ll introduce you two myself,” Nick said grabbing Harry’s arm and pulling him towards where you were standing.


“Oh, Nick, hi,” you smiled when you saw Nick making his way to you.

“Glad you were able to come Y/N,” he smiled hugging you. “All of you, really. So, I thought I’d introduce you all to my best mate, Harry. Y/N, Jeremy, Taylor, and Mitch this Harry Styles, Harry Styles this Y/N, Jeremy, Taylor, and Mitch,”

“I got that, thanks,” Harry mumbled.

“Hi,” You smiled holding your hand out. “Nice to meet you.”

Harry blushed as he took your hand into his as he shook it. “Thanks, it’s great to met you too. I’ve been a fan for a really long time.”

“Oh, thank you,” you smiled. “We’re all big fans of you as well.”

“Especially, Y/N,” Taylor smirked wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

“Thanks,” Harry smiled as you blushed. “Um, can I get you another drink or anything?” He asked nervously.

“Uh, actually, yeah, I could use another,” you smiled.

“What are you drinking?” He asked.

“I could just come with you to the bar, if that’s okay,” you said.

“Sure, why not,” he smiled. “Does anyone else need anything?”

“We could use a few beers,” the boys said.

You rolled your eyes. “We’ll bring them back. Try not to move around too much, I’m not hunting your asses down just to give you your beers.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mitch joked.

You and Harry pushed your way through the crowd and over to the bar.

“So, what brings you to London?” Harry asked.

“Promo for newest album mostly,” you said. “But we also planned a small show this week too.”

Harry nodded. “How long are you here for?”

“Just the week,” you said. “Then we head off to Paris, a few different cities in Italy, and then we’re going to Australia for a bit.”

“Wow,” he said. “The joys of promo season.”

“Yep,” you laughed. “But I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of promo recently with Dunkirk right?”

“Yeah, I’ll actually be headed to NYC soon for the premiere there,” he said.

“That’s exciting,” you smiled. “I love New York, although usually when we’re there it’s for work.”

“Yeah, I just recently bought an apartment there, so I find myself going there more for leisure time,” he laughed.

You both got beers for everyone along with drinks for you and Harry before making your way back over to the group. You handed everyone their beers and they ended up walking away and going to talk to other people, leaving you and Harry alone.

“So, I know your brother is the band, right?” He asked. “Which one is he?”

“Mitch,” you said.

“I can see that now,” he nodded. “You two look alike.”

You laughed. “Unfortunately, yeah,” you joked. “But everyone knows I’m the prettier one of us.”

“I’d have to agree on that,” Harry laughed taking a sip of his drink.

You blushed a little and smiled at him. “So, what about you? You have a sister right?”

“I do,” he nodded. “Gemma she’s older than I am and she never lets me fucking forget it,” he laughed.

“Oh, I know! Mitch is the same way,” you giggled.

“Does he pretend like he’s your parent or something?” He asked.

“Always,” you said. “When we first started out, our parents were on tour with us, but once we got older, our parents stayed home while we went off on our own and that was when his Dad mode stepped in. Whenever I was around a guy or we were out drinking or just doing whatever, he’d be hovering around all the time.”

“He doesn’t seem to be hovering around right now,” Harry said.

“Oh, he is, trust me, he’s just learned to keep his distance,” you laughed.

“Should I be scared?” He asked.

“No, I think you’re okay,” you giggled.

As the party went on into the late hours of the night, you and Harry spent those hours talking and doing a little bit of dancing. By the time, you realized how late it was, you started gathering your bandmates to head back to the hotel. You said your goodbye to Harry and Nick before walking out to get your car.

Right as you were about to climb into the backseat, you heard your name being called.

You turned around and saw Harry practically running down the driveway to you.

“I uh, I wanted to uh, g-give, uh give you my number,” he said holding out a napkin with writing on it.

“Oh, thanks,” you said. “Um, I’d give you mine, but I don’t have anything to write it on.”

“That’s okay, you can just text me it, if you want,” he said nervously.

“Okay,” you smiled. “I had a good time tonight. I’ll talk to you later?”

“Yeah, can’t wait,” he smiled.

You gave him a wave before getting into the car and shutting the door. The entire ride back to the hotel, the boys were teasing you about Harry and getting his number, but you just let them because nothing was going to take the smile off of your face.

fic snippet

hi! this is a snippet from a fic i’m currently working on, which will hopefully be done soon! lauren @daggersau read some and really kindly drew me this lovely piece of art to go with this part of the fic, so i really wanted to share it! i hope u enjoy x

Harry shifts closer and closer to Louis on the sofa as another film plays on (they’ve been at this for a while now, light from outside steadily creeping away, film afternoon having turned into a film evening), and Louis is slowly losing his ability to regulate his breathing properly. He can feel the warmth from Harry’s body, can feel Harry’s thigh touching his, and even though it’s a small couch, there’s still plenty of space, so Harry doesn’t strictly need to be this close. Louis doesn’t dare say anything, though. Doesn’t want to.

Harry does get up, though, and Louis misses his presence immediately. Jesus. He spends an hour with Harry in close proximity to him and now he can hardly bear being apart for a mere minute? How pathetic. 

Louis’ not suffering for long; Harry’s just come back, along with even more drinks for them all to have. He also brought a blanket, the same one that he’s now draping over them both, all soft and fuzzy and pink. Louis realises, as Harry’s arranging the blanket, that it almost matches Harry’s nail colour; a glossy, pale rose that he hadn’t noticed before. And of course. Of course this hardened boy who wears tough leather and harsh black eyeliner, and does too many drugs to count, also owns a fluffy pink blanket. How very Harry.

“Love the colour, H,” Louis whispers once Harry is settled, because fuck it, if Harry’s allowed a nickname, Louis is too.

“It’s my favourite,” Harry smiles shyly, as if there’s anything to be shy about. Louis focuses his eyes on Harry, and in the low light, the colour of his glowing cheeks almost seem to match the blanket. Louis is helplessly endeared by this boy. Of course his favourite colour is pink, too.

“Hey, lovebirds, stop your whispering,” Louis feels his cheeks heat up at the comment, and he also feels called out. Is he being that obvious? He’s going to kill Niall, honestly, “There’s a time and place for that. You’re the ones who wanted to watch this film in the first place,” Louis head finally whips over to the source of the sound, to see Niall grinning, who’s not actually irritated in the slightest.

“Shut up, Niall,” he hears Harry mutter from next to him, after a beat, voice slightly breathless, and he sounds a bit distracted, attention probably back on the film already. Maybe it’s not such a big deal then; it’s probably just a joke to Harry, Niall’s comment. Louis wishes it could be just a joke to him, would make things, controlling his feelings, mainly, a whole lot easier to deal with. Louis lets out a deep breath. He’s going to be having words with Niall later. “It’s those two you should be worried about, anyway,” Harry adds, gesturing to Zayn and Liam sitting next to Niall.

Niall looks over - they all do - to where Zayn and Liam are sitting together. They’re all curled up to each other, oblivious to the conversation around them even more oblivious to the attention on them. They’re in their own little bubble, reciting the lines from the film to each other. It’s sweet.

Louis remembers the conversation he’d had with them in the pub, weeks ago now. Remembers what they’d said about feeling secure in each other, how they just knew.

“They’re adorable, aren’t they?” a whispered voice travels to Louis’ ear, barely loud enough. He knows who’s said it though.

Without looking away from the couple, he responds, “Yeah. They’re lucky.”

“They’ve always been my gauge, you know? Ever since they first got together. They fell in love straight away, I think, even when we were kids you could tell,” Harry continues, voice low so as not to earn another comment from Niall. Also, perhaps to keep their conversation private, too. Louis stomach flutters at the simple prospect of him and Harry having secrets together, exclusive discussions that only they hear. Fuck. Louis’ already in so deep if this is what he gets excited about.

“Your gauge?” Louis whispers back, confused at what he means.

“Like, my measurement. For relationships, I mean, people I meet. I’ve always been a bit nervous that I’d never actually find anyone, because my standards are so high, but it’s important to me,” he continues, a bit sheepishly. “I say to myself, if they don’t seem like they’re gonna make you feel like Zayn and Liam make each other feel, that almost tangible feeling of just… pure love, then what’s the bloody point?” Harry responds, light humour in his tone, but Louis can tell, is able to tell now, when Harry’s being genuine or not. And he is, with this. He obviously admires his friends’ relationship a lot.

“Oh. I see,” Louis says softly, and then decides he’s just going to risk saying the next thing he says before wimping out, “So… has anyone lived up to that yet? For you?” Louis doesn’t know why this question makes him so nervous, why he has to work on regulating his breathing yet again in preparation for the answer. (He knows. Of course he knows).

“Hm.” Louis can feel Harry’s gaze latched to him now, and he moves his eyes from Zayn and Liam back to Harry. It’s always back to Harry, it seems. “Not until–” Harry stops then, a puzzling look on his face that Louis can’t quite decipher. Then, unmistakably, in their close proximity, Harry’s emerald gaze flickers from Louis’ eyes, to his lips, and then back again. Louis is almost fully sure that he stops breathing for a second there. “I’m not sure, now, actually.”

Louis has to avert his gaze, has to vacate the intense moment immediately. Harry’s heavy stare is almost too much, never mind the weight behind the words. Louis can’t, doesn’t want to think about what Harry could possibly mean, doesn’t want to take it the wrong way, because Louis always takes it the wrong way. Louis’s past, whether with his family or relationships, has been disappointing, to say the least, and he’s been let down too many times to count. It’s ironic, too, because now Louis barely ever lets himself feel anything, will never admit to himself properly how feels, out of fear of disappointment, but he can’t really help it when it comes to Harry. He doesn’t want to be disappointed, though, it’s happened too often before. Harry’s his friend, and that’s enough. It has to be enough.

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It’s amazing how deceptive a photo can be. There are a couple of pics from the Met Gala where it looked like Gigi was laughing at something Zayn said. But I was looking at videos from them on the red carpet that the DailyFail posted, and was trying to read Zayn’s lips because he said something to Gigi twice during their time on the carpet. In one video it looks like he’s saying “I think they want us to move” (he was talking about the people responsible for shuffling the celebs around on the red carpet). Gigi was too busy taking pics, so I don’t think she heard him, she just smiled at him awkwardly. In the second video, Zayn looked confused by the woman responsible for telling them where to stand. Then Gigi, who was hamming it up for the cameras, whispered something to him and he said “What?” and then smiled awkwardly at something she said. After that, she touched him on his chest, and in his confusion he said “are we finished?” (he thought she was trying to signal to him that they were done, but she was actually just hamming it up for the cameras unbeknownst to Zayn). And before Zayn even finished his sentence, she touched his face. And that’s how the now infamous picture was captured lol. People say a picture is worth a thousand words, but actually video is.

Yep. That’s why I ONLY trust LIVE VIDEO. Again, ZIGI IS ZERRIE 2.0 (on crack) ™ . 

This is how media manipulation works. They do it in all facets of media, including all the PR fakelationships. 

Here are clear examples that people somehow still deny. SMDH.

1. Zerrie at the TIU premiere being “affectionate”:

When in reality, you see the LM PR person directing Zayn to kiss her (watch the hand and where Zayn and Perrie are looking prior to the staged kiss):

2. Liard 1.0 clubbing. This “romantic” pic: 

Was taken from this moment thanks to the numerous paps and their fast shutter speeds:

3. And here’s a clear example of media manipulation by The Sun (the HJPR mouthpiece) using a headline to imply false garbage during the “Zerrie breakup” (can’t break up something that never existed..):

When in reality, Perrie was LAUGHING

Heed Malcolm X’s words:

Butterflies ~ Finn Balor imagine

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Note : Let me know if I should continue it

You were in the car with Sami, Enzo and Cass driving to another city. Music blaring in your ear as you looked out the window passing by trees and more trees and more trees. 

One of your headphones got ripped out of your ears.

“ Hey!” you turned your head glaring at Enzo who was sitting besides you. Sami who sat in the passenger seat turned around, rolling his eyes before facing the front again. 

“ I’ve been calling you for the past 5 minutes. You’re brain doesn’t hurt from all the loud music booming in your ears?” 

“ Nope” 

“ One day your going to go deaf Y/N” Sami muttered. You had heard him, scouting up your seat you playfully smack the back of his head. “ Hey! what was that for?” He turned around in his seat once more glaring. 

“ Be nice” he stuck out his tongue at you before turning around in his seat. 

“ Children, calm yourselves” Enzo said. Your eyes glanced over to Cass who was driving the car, he was shaking his head at the three of you. He had to deal with you three for the past 4 hours. 

“ Hey Cass?” “ Hmm?” “ We there yet?” He groaned hearing it. He thought Enzo would stop asking him that now you. 

“ I am going to say this one more time. The next time I won’t be nice about it. We. Are. Not. There. Yet.” 

“ Alright then” picking up your headphones putting them back in your ear before they were snatched away from you. 

“ Dude!” you yelled trying to grab them from Enzo who had a hold of them. 

“ What are you listening to?” He asked putting one of your headphones in his ear. He rolled his eyes hearing the familiar theme song. 

“ How many times are you going to listen to his entrance. Why don’t you walk up to the guy and say “ I like you now let’s bang.” 

“ What!No! Enzo what the hell…!” punching his shoulder before snatching your headphones away from him crowing to the other side of the car glaring at him. Sami laughed from the front, “ Oh and why are you laughing sunshine?” 

“ You’re going to have to tell him at one point” 

“ Never in a million years” 

“ Why not? He’s just a guy like we are” 

“ No he’s my best friend and I won’t ruin the friendship between us. Now shut up before I strap you to your seats” 

“ Your so hot when you threaten people” you groaned rolling your eyes. 

Running a hand through your hair as you walked backstage from your match that you just had with Nai, she was one of your favorite superstars to wrestle in the ring. 

“ You good girl?” She asked coming up from behind you. You nodded holding your stomach. She frowned seeing you wince, “ You sure you’r okay?” you nodded. 

“ I can take a fall or two” walking to the women’s locker room having a quick shower before getting changed. When you opened the door, Sami greeted you telling you how good you did in your match before taking your bag with his. 

He always did that if you traveled with him. The two of you walked into the parking lot where Enzo was waiting for you with Cass standing by the trunk. 

“ Took you long enough” glaring at Enzo, he shut up right away before grabbing the bags from Sami. 

“ We’re good to go?” 

“ Were having one more coming with us..” 

“ Who?” 

“ Me” a familiar Irish voice said from behind you. Sami had a huge smirk on his face, your eyes turned to Enzo was shrugged but had a smile on his face. Then you turned to Cass who put his hands up getting in the passenger seat. 

Finn Balor would be joining you along the ride. Oh how you would love to wipe off Sami’s smirk off his face and that smile from Enzo’s face. 

Finn brought his bags into the trunk of the car, you groaned getting in the back. Sami would be driving the car this time which meant you had to share the backseat with Finn and Enzo. Enzo got into the right side of the car which left the middle and left side for you. 

“ Jerk” you muttered underneath your breath but clear enough for Enzo to hear. He chuckled watching you climb into the back taking the middle seat. Finn finished loading his bags into the car before he hopped past Enzo. When he got around to you, his ass was right in your face. He had a fine one at that. He sat himself on the left side, glancing at you. His lips spread in a wide smile before he said, “ Hello.” 

“ Hi” you greeting him turning your head forwards. Oh how much you just wanted to strangle Enzo and Sami for this. Why did it have to be Finn out of all people?

Sami turned to look over to you then to Finn. He had a small smile on his face. 

“ Come on Y/N, tell him how happy you are to see him” 

“ Drive Zayn, just drive” 

As Sami began to drive down the road, a conversation picked up between the guys but what brought you to become tense was a hand on your thigh. Familiar one. 

His hand. His thumb stroking circles around your thigh. He knew what he was doing. 

You looked over to him to see him laughing at something Sami had said but his eyes turned to you holding mischief in them. 

This was going to be a long ride. 



I personally believe Liam is very restrained during You and I cause he cried that first time and *some people* didn’t appreciate it. So he looks fidgety when they are performing this song, and tries to limit his interactions with Zayn, even looking off stage a lot of times. But Ziam themselves are clearly way more than okay, obviously :P

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How fucking good looked zayn and Harry next to each other my eyes can't handle the brightness

dont………it hurts. i always think of them on this day where they litro just looked like sleepy soft comfy boyfriends

The Boys Tell Him To Break Up With You: Part 2

Part 1 http://harry-writings.tumblr.com/post/100039920607/the-boys-tell-him-to-break-up-with-you

It was suddenly cold in his house. Maybe it was because she left, and there was one less person in the house. Or maybe it was the sadness that had completely captivated him from that point on.
He was lost.
So lost, that in fact, he hasn’t moved from the roof in days. It seems that the only time he would leave was when he had to sleep or eat, or use the toilet. He never left for any other reason.
The roof was the only place he was able to think, ever since he was little.
It was a break from all the memories in their house. It wasn’t the same without her. It was silent, so completely lifeless that being in there for too long drove him insane.
He sighed, wrapping the blanket tighter around him as the cold air blew against his skin.
It was silent, it was calming, and just for three good seconds, he forgot all about what had happened.
Suddenly, his phone rang next to him. His eyes shot open and he quickly looked down, hoping to see Y/n’s name creep upon his screen. But it wasn’t her, it was Liam. He didn’t feel like answering, not to any of them, anyway, but he figured that he’d give them a heart attack if he didn’t answer after one week of being missing.
“Harry? Oh my God, Harry.” Liam said.
He had such relief in his voice.
Harry stayed silent, only focusing on the breeze that had been pushed against him.
“Harry, please, where are you?”
He sighed, his gaze being kept right upon the horizon.
“I don’t know anymore. I just want Y/n. I really need her.”
“Harry pl—”
“That’s all I need right now.”
“Harry listen to m—Harry?! HARRY?!” Liam screamed into the phone.
The line went dead, and Liam knew he had lost him.
“Fuck! One damn time he answers and all he asks for is Y/n. Guys, we need to find her. We really need to find her.”
“Yeah, but where the hell is she?” Niall asked.
Zayn sighed, running his hand through his hair.
“She loves that abandoned little cafè just a few blocks down. Maybe she’s there?” He asked.
The boys nodded, tapping Zayn on the shoulder, as if a sign to tell him that it could possibly be a chance that she was there.
“We can’t waste time. We have to go.” Louis said, grabbing his coat.
For some reason, they had forgotten about a car. They just ran, as if it was the only possible way they could get there. Maybe they were trying to run to her because it felt better that way. Like their hard work was what they felt she had deserved.
Once reaching the cafè, they saw her there, reading a small book upon an old table.
“Y/n” Zayn breathed, all of the boys out of breath from all the running they had done.
Y/n looked up at them, her dull eyes meeting their frantic ones.
Taking a good look at her now, they knew just how sevre this had caused her. She looked nothing like herself. All of the life that had made her so different had been sucked out of her like venom.
Her blue eyes were grey.
He tan skin now fare.
She lookned back down at her book. She had no intention on talking with them. If they really had thought she was bad news, she had no care for what they had to say.
None of this would have happened if they weren’t invloved.
“Look—shit—we all know you really don’t like us right now. We really aren’t faund of us either at the moment, but we really need you, Y/n. Like, we really really need you.”
She sighed, her eyes never drifting off of her book.
“But if you get too close to me, you might not make it to your next management meeting. Don’t want to be bad news on you guys.”
Her sarcasm filled the air with tension. The boys immediately felt even worse than they had before.
They knew she never ment any harm, and it hurt them to know they made her feel like she had. They didn’t know what they were caught in the middle of. Their best friend had now been missing, and the love of his life will never feel the same about them again.
They were all one big group. She was like the sixth member, always around, always joining them in video games, dares, twitcams. She was always around, but ever since her and Harry moved in they both started distancing in the worst way.
They thought it couldn’t get worse, and that’s why they thought it would be better off this way. They could have never been more wrong.
“It’s Harry.” Louis mumbled.
Y/n looked up. Niall was biting his nails, always something he had done when he was nervous of anxious.
She swallowed the lump in her throat. What could be happening with Harry? Why was it so urgant?
“W—what about Harry?! Is he okay?!” She panicked, standing up from her chair.
Niall immediately grabbed her arms, trying to calm her down before she panics herself.
“Y/n, we really don’t know. We don’t know where he is. We searched the house, we searched the city. Absolutely everywhere and we just—we just don’t know where he is and he won’t answer us and—and we’re really starting to think that the only person he’ll answer to is you.”
“He hasn’t showed up to anything. We’ve had so many things to do and he never came. He never even called to make him excuses, he just wouldn’t show up. He only answered the phone for the first time today and he gave us nothing. All he asked was for you. We know we hurt you and blamed you but it wasn’t until we all lost you until we realized that it’s worse without you.”
With tears in her eyes, she nodded. She understood they were sorry, and although she felt as if things will never be the same, she at least had their acceptance again.
“Just stop, it’s okay. Can we just find Harry before I drive myself insane?”
The all nodded quickly, instantly grabbing her things for her. Escorting her to the car, Y/n couldn’t seem to shake off the nervousness in the pit of her stomach.
If she couldn’t find Harry, she would never stop thinking about him. It was bad now, running on no sleep and no food just because she didn’t have him. But to not have an idea as to where he was? That was too much for her to process.
Walking in the cold didn’t make it better, because the ice that had been explanding inside of her felt more frozen than before.
She was turning numb.
“You said he wasn’t here?” She asked, approuching what used to be her home.
Her thumb pushing down her other fingers as a sign of anxiousness.
“He isn’t we checked everywhere. But you know this house, and him, more than anybody here.” Liam answered.
She nodded.
She took a deep breath, taking small strides towards the front door. With her shaking hand, she pushed open the door, instantley greeted with a cold breeze.
“What the fuck? It’s so damn cold in here. He must have left a win—”
She stopped her sentence.
She knew.
“Guys. I know where he is.”
“What?! Where?!” They all asked in unison, their eyes wide with concern.
“When he was younger, when his parents started to divorce, he always told me that the roof was the best place to go. A break from the inside. He always said it’s like a new life up there.”
She didn’t give them time to reply, because she was already half way up the stairs by the time she finished what she was saying.
Reaching their bedroom, she grabbed an extra blanket from the bed before climbing out of the window.
There he was. In the fetal position, his knees up to his chest as he hugged around them, the blanket falling loosely off of his body.
He was shivering, his hair now flat with no life.
She sighed, lifting herself up from her position before walking toward him. Reaching to where he was, she swiftly placed her blanket around him.
“What are y—”
Turning around, his eyes widened at the love of his life in front of him.
She looked like him. Hair flat, eyes dull, face sunken in. But he had never felt so much better than how he felt now, with her looking at him with such love.
“Y/n? Is this really you? I’m not just imagining you again?” He asked.
She smiled softly, shaking her head.
“I’m here, Harry, I’m here.”
“Oh my God” he sobbed, his body being lifted up by his sudden adreniline.
He walked up to her, almost as if he was trying to confirm that she really was here, in front of him. He didn’t think she would ever come back, not this soon, anyway. It seemed to fake, like he couldn’t believe she would ever chase after him.
Grabbing her face in his hands, they both instantly broke. It was such an incredible feeling, seeing the one you love more than anything finally in front of you after what felt like an entire lifetime.
“My angel. My angel.” He whispered through his tears, pushing her body into his.
He didn’t smell like himself. He smelt like a stranger, someone who had been working in dirt his whole life. But she didn’t mind, because right now, this is him.
“It was bad. It was so bad.” She sobbed against him.
He squeezed her harder against him, both of their eyes closed as tears were pouring out.
And even though they both looked so sad; so broken, as if both their worlds had just crashed beneath their feet, they were happy. “How about I make us some soup? Yeah? You need to eat.” “No. No.” Harry sighed, burrying his face into her neck, just wanting to feel her with him again. She giggled, sniffling as she rubbed her hand through his hair. “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Y/n” he whispered effortlessly, as if he didn’t have to think it before he spoke it. She had never felt so lucky before, having someone like Harry in her life. She never understood how he could love her this much. “You too, baby. You too.” And just for a couple of minutes, what had happened before seemed to disappear, because now, in this moment, with eachother, they knew nothing could be better.

Ok, so here is a Ziam Drabble bc I just watched Pride and Prejudice and I had to write the American ending as a Ziam scene,lol.

Zayn is Mister Darcy and Liam is Elisabeth.

Mister Zayn Malik is the happiest man in the world, that’s for sure.

He is standing on the stone table right in front of his mansion overlooking the garden with its green trees and bushes. Flowers slowly closing their heads for the nearing night as the sun sets behind the forest that is covered in strips of fog in the distance.

The reason why he can say that is sitting at his feet on the table next to him.

With his soft brown curls beginning to show because of the new hair length, Zayn hadn’t seen before, he lets his eyes wander down to his beautiful brown eyes and finds them staring back at him with the most heartwarming and loving smile he could wish for.

Getting down on his knees, so they face each other, Zayn asks him “How are you this evening my dear?”

“Very well, only I would like you to not call me “my dear”, tho” he reply’s with the cutest pout Zayn has ever seen.

“Why?” Zayn ever so curious asks his newly husband.

“Because that’s what my father always calls my mother when he’s crossed about something” he answers the question with a shy smile as their finger interlace.

“What am I allowed to call you then?”

“Well, let me think. Leeyum, for every day. Jaan, for Sunday’s and “god divine” but only on very special occasions!”, with a big smile that lights up his face and makes his eyes sparkly he looks into Zayn’s eyes.

With a smile forming on his own face, that must be as bright as Liam’s, he let out a soft laugh.

“And what should I call you when I’m crossed?” Zayn asks Liam closing the distance between their faces while never letting his eyes leave his, “Mister Malik?”

“No, no!” Liam shaking his head and looking down to their hands as he pulls them out of Zayn’s and fumbles with his big white sleeve. As he looks up again finding Zayn’s eyes, Liam continues, “You may only call me Mister Malik when you are completely and perfectly and incandescently happy!”

Zayn totally blown away with this lets out another humming laugh as he reaches for Liam’s hands again.

“But, how are you this evening, Mister Malik?” He asks him again as he leans forward, his right hand reaching for Liam’s neck and jawline to bring him closer. After the last word is out of his mouth he looks into Liam’s eyes to seek his approval. He receives a light nod no other could have seen but him. This time it’s Zayn breaking eye contact as he leans forward and kisses Liam’s forehead.

As Zayn’s lips touches Liam’s skin ever so lightly, a shiver runs down his whole body. It feels as if he just got struck by lightning. His skin not able to differentiate if he is cold or on fire.

With the glimpse of a second this kiss came it ended. Zayn locking his eyes on Liam’s again as he repeats “Mister Malik” so soft and with so much love.

Now Liam’s the one letting out a little laugh not knowing how he deserves such a man. With his cheeks getting all red he closes his eyes as Zayn leans forward again, this time kissing the spot where his thumb just softly brushed his cheek.

Zayn closes his eyes to feel Liam, to let the other senses take over. He could smell the sweet and musky sent of him. So familiar and just knowing this will be his forever, getting to know that this is how coming home smells and feels. He will never let this go. As his lips are only millimeters away he whispers “Mister Malik” only to kiss Liam’s nose next.

Stopping because Liam breaks into a little giggle out of pure happiness, Zayn has to smile as well, how do I deserve such a man like him he thinks as he asks once again “Mister Malik?” and kisses Liam’s other cheek.

Both now looking deep into each other’s eyes as an electric silence falls upon them, just seconds after the joyful giggle the air is now full of more, it’s heavy of want and desire.

Zayn’s thumb reaching Liam’s chin so he could softly part Liam’s lips before saying “Mister Malik” a last time. Not breaking eye contact he feels Liam leaning in and that’s all he needed of an approval.

He closes the small distance and finally, after all the struggles and false accusations and driven from both their pride and prejudices, his lips touches Liam’s.

And from this day on he will be his as well as Liam will be Zayn’s!

Thx for reading, and thx to the wonderful and lovely ppl in my group chat. You inspire me and I love you guys so much!

Favorite moments of Zouis ?

I got an ask, and decided to TRY and answer it. :P

You know, this is a difficult question for two reasons. First of all there are soooo many great moments with Zouis, so it’s hard to just pick a few. And secondly, one of the things I love about Zayn and Louis is how low-key and natural their relationship always seemed to be. It just was and they never seemed to “act it up“ in front of the cameras. I could probably include 100 moments and still feel like I left out some really great ones. Still, I’ll try to sort out a few of my absolute favorites.

1. YOU

This has to be in the top, and I don’t think many Zouies would disagree… It’s so genuine, and Louis is so shy but happy about it. Zayn could have said ANYTHING! It wasn’t even supposed to be a person, but he picked Louis, and he even waited for everyone to quiet down before he have his answer so that he could say it properly eye to eye.

2. I love you!

I mean, this one too is quite obvious. They say they love each other, and the whole video is just full of Zouis love and teasing. In general young Zouis were so damn attached and cute!

3. Speaking of “I love you”, this video has always been a favorite for me.

Zouis showing love gives me life. It’s kind of a joke, but I get the feeling that is simply how they decided to say it to “hide it“. (No matter what reason they might have to keep it secret, maybe it was just for fun.) Seriously, this video, they don’t include the other members either. Maybe it was just the two of them in the cab?

So, I guess this video is at least a little less common. But I just like the joking nature, but how it kinda feels like a secret code between them. A lot of Zayn and Louis’ interactions are like that…

4. Partners in Crime

This I love just in general. How they have their ZAP club and always need to whisper secrets together and how they always team up. But the prank will always have a special place in my heart. Especially thanks to that hug in the end.

5. How they can’t stop touching each other!

That kiss on Louis’ hand is definitely a favorite! But there are so many nice moments to choose from, so I’ll just give you a whole bunch at once, even though I guess it’s kinda cheating. (But you never gave me any limit so…) These particular moments I just adore for various reasons:

6. Always there for each other.

I am also very weak for them helping each other… Because they do that a lot! And it’s just shows how they depend on each other and are just naturally like a married couple. Again, it’s just natural!

I think a lot of Zouis charm are in the small moments. <3

7. Whispering and secrets

That little gulp Zayn does, and how they barely have to use words to understand!!! And the eyes of course! I mean, just look at it. Also this is so typical for Zouis, to be in their own world together:

8. This moment! It almost looks sensual… ^^’‘

I mean, this interview, and this moment. I just can’t get over it! I don’t think I have to explain why?

9. A Zayn-smie and a Louis-smile

They just light up when they are together! I could watch these GIFs on repeat forever.

10. Candid

Not sure if it’s a moment, (it’s at least two) but I just love their candids… I’ll never get over these two moments in particular. Heathrow airport.

And of course I can’t forget about:

So there we go! I definitely forgot some moments, but again, there are so many that I love. I also cheated already with giving you maybe more of “things“ than “moments“. Still, I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and that you forgive me for including a few quite random moments while leaving out other quite big ones.

Also, Zouis-hour of 1D-day is just great all the way through! ;)

Keep loving Zouis everyone. <3

A very bulgy masterpost.

Whether you have been a member of the One Direction fandom since their debut on Xfactor or not, its hard not too have notices the boys, how do I word this, very generously sized genitalia. Lets look at this analytically shall we…


It literally all starts here. 

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ZARRY drabble prompt based off the tumblr post 'A little girl and her mom were looking at me at the coffee shop this morning and I her her mom say "go on, it's ok!" and the little girl shuffled up to me and said "excuse me please, do you have to put on your tattoos by yourself every DAY or does your mom help you?"' by library-mermaid with Single parent Harry and looks like a badass but is the biggest sweetheart in the world with a soft spot for kids Zayn

sorry this took me so long!!!

Zayn’s never thought of himself as someone who gives off a particularly friendly air. He’s had people tell him he looks vaguely intimidating before. Sometimes it’s what he likes, what he prefers. Like when it’s only just gone seven in the morning and he’s waiting in line for some tea, for one. That’s definitely a moment where he likes that his unkempt morning beard and bleary eyes put off even the most confident of people.

Similarly, when he’s browsing the frozen foods aisle at Tesco’s at eight o’clock on a Tuesday night, he likes that his face lets people know that he’s not to be disturbed.

He’s just thinking about untying his jacket from around his waist and putting it back on, wondering whether he can justify another frozen meal for one when something catches said jacket.

He sort of absentmindedly pulls his jacket from where it’s caught, but it happens again so quickly he ends up looking down to find out what keeps pulling at him.

When their eyes meet, she starts speaking too quickly for Zayn to do anything but blink at her in shock, wondering how he didn’t hear a little girl come up to him. He looks around, sees a figure half-way down the aisle observing them patiently, and relaxes a touch. Must be her parent.

“Sorry,” Zayn apologises. He’s not tall by any means, but he crouches down in his Converse to hear her better, taking in her chocolate curls and even darker eyes. “I didn’t catch that, babe.”

“I said,” the girl huffs, and Zayn bites at his bottom lip trying not to laugh. Suddenly he’s thankful that this girl saw past his prickly exterior and thought to say anything at all. “Do you have to put on your tattoos by yourself every day or does your mum help you?” She sticks a hand out to scratch lightly at his ZAP! tattoo.

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