look how you're looking at her

i just love how there was such a stark contrast between jake telling amy he still has feelings for her (”i know you’re with teddy and nothing is going to happen, i just wanted you to know”) vs teddy telling amy he still has feelings for her (”why are you with him” “will you marry me”)


iris west week 📰 day three  
iris + the rest ⚡ favorite scenes

One half of my recent collaboration with @lucidiux: HicCsTRIDDD

She did the lineart and I did the coloring. I hope you enjoy it!

Someone will tell you that she’s seeing someone someday and that she’s happy and your hands will stop working. You’ll have to work hard to hold onto whatever you’re holding. I hope it’s not glass, I hope it’s not breakable. Suddenly you’ll remember everything that you ever loved about her. Everything that ever moved you to tears, made your insides feel like they were tying themselves into knots. That she was loyal, that she was open for you, that she smiled against your mouth when you kissed. That it felt easy, like God had put the two of you together deliberately, like it had been the plan all along. But for whatever reason, you let her go and you thought that it was the right thing and for a little while, it felt like you knew exactly what you were doing. Except now all the parts of you that touched her knows that you’re never going to be able to touch her again and that hurts. Even your fingers are sad, even your stomach is aching from the loss of it all. You’re never going to get that again and that’s why your regret looks like artwork that would have been masterpiece if you’d finished it. Your regret looks like plucking a flower before it’s bloomed. So maybe you’ll call her and you’ll tell her that you miss her and she’ll sound gentle on the phone but not in love with you anymore. She’ll say ‘we happened and we were important but you let me go, I’m sorry, but you let me go’ and that’s how you’ll know.
—  Azra.T 

-Come on, you know I’m way cooler than this Agreste boy

-You’re cool alright, I’ll give you that, but cooler than Adrien? Pffft, you wish!

dumb dialog is dumb but anywho!!!!! We’re getting!!! and actual!!! balcony scene!!! with marichat!!!!!! I’ve been thinking about this nonstop and i’m so excited for s2 asfdasgdfad

and if you’ve ever wondered why i don’t draw backgrounds, this is why… sorry for the low quality btw, it got too big for tumblr so i had to re-size it ://

imagine clarke doesn’t go up to space.

imagine bellamy feels lonely up there, even with the rest of his friends. there’s nothing to do, and one day he takes a walk, no longer wanting to hide from the space ship that once gave him hell.

he’s wondering and wondering and stumbles into where the sky boxes are. he thinks he’ll find octavia’s (miller told him once that they had been cell neighbors), but instead he finds something else. bellamy finds clarke’s old cell. he finds all her drawings.

he can’t help but lose his breath. they’re beautiful, mesmerizing. and he thinks he’s probably being silly, but he tears up because it’s so beautiful and clarke was, is so beautiful. he lets his hands outline one drawing of a shoreline, and he remembers how she looked with dirt on her face and that pleading look in her eye when she convinced him to hold on to hope on a shoreline thousands of miles from where he stands at the moment.

“oh I can’t wait to see you again,” bellamy thinks, “it’s only a matter of time.”

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If you're looking for prompts, might I suggest a pic of Peridot comforting a slightly stressed out Lapis? Something that shows how much Peri tries to help with her fellow gem work through the tough times?

if you get lost you can always be found

I commissioned a modern Tarzan and Jane from the incredibly talented @punziella and here’s the final result!! I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s absolutely perfect and I just love it so so much I can’t stop staring at it, thank you so much Pauline!!

  • Tina: So I was arresting this rogue wi-
  • Newt: One moment, Tina, I'm going to stop you right there for a second. Everyone- everyone, come gather around for a minute, you have to see this... Look at the way the midday sunlight is hitting Tina's face. Her cheekbones just stabbed me in the jugular, that's how sharp they are. Look at her fair eyebrows, and how sometimes she raises one, just one- how does she even do that guys- in the air without even realizing. Her unkisssed lips are a crime in 10 countries including this one. You're under arrest, Tina! Haha, I'm just kidding.
  • Newt: [sighs contently]
  • Newt: Okay, continue.

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do you know if otabek is 18 or 19? in eps 10 and 11 it was said he was 18, then in ep 12 he was 19 and the wiki says 19? im confused. Ep 10 and 11 were after oct 31

I was very confused, too. The anime itself has done these kind of mash-ups before and no clarification was ever made. The wiki isn’t reliable or managed by some official source or anything, it’s fanbased, now looking like this: 

18 (Episode 1)

19 (Episode 12)

Now, I took the time to actually look through all those episodes. And, look, in Episode 1, his age isn’t mentioned, so no indication of what his age was during the previous season.

In episodes 10 and 11, there is Victor’s monologue about the skaters, in which he says Otabek is 18, but there’s also the official TV introductions of the skaters within the competition (beginning of 11), which is constructed like as it would show to the YOIverse audience at home, where he’s also 18. 

Then there seems to be a mix-up in Episode 12, making Otabek 19, both per someone else’s mention (Celestino) and also the introductory ‘TV clip’. The only truthful possibility is the creators fucked up and possibly mixed up Otabek and JJ (who’s all around 19) in the animation, just a technical mistake like the ‘Victor Niliforv’ in Episode 1.

I know we all like to believe there’s always a meaning behind everything artists do and like to treat these universes created by them like real worlds where everything has an explanation but sometimes it’s just artists going ‘well, shit happens’.

My favorite example:

My opinion is they just ‘forgot’ while advancing to the last episode lmao, and I stand by the fact that Otabek is 18 (going on 19) as it seems to be the initial age they had decided on.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I received the best surprise in my email: the picture I had commissioned from the wonderful @taratjah of my May Hawke and Anders!
I couldn’t be any happier with it, it turned out perfectly. From the endearing way they’re looking at each other, to how she nailed my Hawke’s look, I’m so grateful of the wonderful job Tara did. Thank you so much and I’m excited to be able to work with you again! Everyone go and commission her, her art is amazing and she’s a pleasure to work with! (Hope the quality is okay this is being uploaded through my phone :P)

Be More Chill; Michael's Uncle

Michael was getting dressed and heading down to breakfast as usual when he spotted someone else sitting in his usual place at the table. The person turned around with a wide smile.
“You must be Michelle! Anne told me so much about you it’s so nice to finally see you again!” He got up pulling Michael in a hug as he stood there, very confused.
“Your Uncle Arvin, remember? He used to come over all the time when you were little.”
“Only for my most favorite niece in the world! Look at how big you’ve gotten! Oh but why is your hair so short? It was so pretty when it was longer.” Through the hug Michael glared at his mother. Of course she hadn’t told him. She never tells anyone and then gets angry at him for correcting them.
Michael’s dad did sense how awkward this was becoming for his son and put a hand on Michael’s shoulder. “It’s almost seven, if we don’t hurry up you're​ going to be late for school. Go upstairs and get dressed.” Michael shuffled up the stairs as the adults looked on. “Arvin, can you leave for a second? I need to talk to Anne about something.”
“Sure, sure your house.” He left the kitchen as Anne looked over to her husband.
“I know I should have told him.”
“Yes, do know how awkward Michael must be feeling right now? His uncle still thinks he’s a girl. You know how much he hates being called Michelle!”
“Don’t get on your high horse David. You know damn well I couldn’t have just mentioned it conversation. Oh Anne how are you doing today? Just fine, by the way my daughter's​ actually my son now so if you could just call him a boy now that’d be lovely!”
“I know it’s hard for us, but it’s even worse for Michael. Imagine being called something you hate everyday.”
“He’s my brother David, he’s only ever known Michelle. I don’t think he’d be open to the idea of his only niece turning out to be a-!” There was a crash from the hallway where the two looked over to see Michael, who had been listening the whole time. “Michael…how much of that did you hear?” He ignored the question grabbing his bag and heading towards the front door. “Michael!”
“I’m staying over at Jeremy’s tonight.” With that the door slammed shut as she heard him get in his car and leave.

Exo as parents
  • Suho: *watches after the kid like a hawk*
  • D.O: *feeds kid everything* YOU'RE GOING TO BE A FATTY.
  • Baekhyun: *looks at wife* honey look her first words were kkaebsong
  • Sehun: *holds baby incorrectly* what is it why does it look like me and how do u turn it off
  • Kris: *hands are bigger then the baby*
  • Lay: *looks at little daughter* no baby no...daddy didn't forget ur birthday...*shitshitshit*
  • Xiumin: okay son when u grow up we're gonna run a cafe okay
  • Chen: *picks up baby* mommys taking a nap lets go draw on her face looool
  • Tao: *sighs and looks at kid* at least you let me shower with you