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Barn Mates - One Year On

Barn Mates was first aired exactly a year ago today… and what a monumental episode it was for both Lapis and Peridot!

For those of us who were already shipping Lapidot, it was a dream come true – and for some of those who weren’t, it opened their eyes to a whole new (and now completely canonically viable) ship.

I’ve written about this episode a few times in the past, but it feels fitting to look back on it again today; for day one of Lapidot Anniversary Week!

So, without further ado…

The episode opens with Peridot wistfully speaking into her tape recorder about sharing her new home with Lapis.  Only a couple of episodes prior to this point, Peridot had made the decision to stay at the barn by herself whilst the other Crystal Gems returned to the temple. The fact that she now so enthusiastically wants to share her home with Lapis (as opposed to going back with the other Gems or staying by herself in the barn) just shows that she already has some level of admiration for Lapis.

Peridot says:

“Why don’t we watch the sun come up and figure out what we’re going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?”

Watching the sun rise with someone is an old romantic tradition/cliché, so the fact that Peridot specifically mentions wanting to do this with Lapis certainly speaks some volumes.   And it also transpires…

…that this line was foreshadowing a scene that came later in the show – in Room For Ruby, not only are they watching the sun rise together (just as Peridot wanted to do), they’ve actually been sat together all night stargazing prior to this point, which is another activity that has obvious romantic connotations.

After Peridot has finished speaking into the tape recorder in Barn Mates, Lapis expresses her desire to live in the barn all on her own. Steven suggests that the barn be split down the middle, with each of the two Gems having their own “side”, which leads to a very interesting shot of the pair of them:

Notice how they’re effectively framing a picture that’s behind them.   This picture is of the barn’s previous owners – Greg’s aunt and uncle, who Greg described back in Space Race as follows:

“My aunt and uncle had a great love for aviation, and each other.  They cherished the years they spent together, and they held on to every belonging they ever owned.”

It’s interesting, then, that a picture of a happy couple has been placed directly in-between Lapis and Peridot in this shot.  This becomes something of a trend as the show progresses, with the picture being placed in-shot with Peridot and Lapis on occasion in a fair few other episodes, such as these:

This could well be foreshadowing a romantic relationship between Lapis and Peridot.  The fact that Greg mentions “aviation” is also something interesting to think about, considering that Lapis can fly and Peridot was the pilot of the Hand Ship back in Jailbreak.

Lapis isn’t keen on the idea of splitting the barn, telling Steven that Peridot is the problem:

“I can’t stand the thought of looking at her everyday!”

This statement is now somewhat ironic because, in the episodes since Barn Mates, Lapis almost always has her eyes on Peridot – and gives her some extremely suggestive looks, too!

Peridot and Steven both try to assure Lapis that Peridot has changed, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Steven thinks it’s “sweet” that Peridot wants Lapis to see how much she’s changed since their last encounter, and he helps her to make an apology card which has a very interesting picture drawn on the front of it:

Steven may well have the intent of getting Peridot and Lapis to be friends, but he’s drawn them looking like an actual couple here; they’re even holding hands.

Eventually, after some persuasion from Steven, Lapis joins them – and a beaming Peridot hands over the card.  This still fails to win-over an unimpressed Lapis, much to Peridot’s disdain.

“It took me over an hour to compose [the message in the card], and I was the most sincere as per Steven’s instructions!”

The fact that Peridot put so much time into her apology message gives us an indication of how highly Peridot thinks of Lapis – and how much she wants to make her feel better. She then spends some time deliberating what she could give to Lapis as a gift (upon Steven’s suggestion), and they come up with an idea…

“H-2-Oh my GOSH!” … “It’s a gift for you!  You know, ‘cause water’s your thing.”

Peridot’s mannerisms and tone of voice here are very flirtatious.  However, given Lapis’ previous traumatic experience of being trapped on the bottom of the ocean, this is another idea that falls completely flat.

And what does Peridot do?

“A pool?!  What a cloddy idea!  Of course she wouldn’t like that!”

She actually blames herself for the mistake.  This is very uncharacteristic of Peridot, who normally has a very lofty opinion of herself and her intellectual capacity – which, again, shows how highly she must think of Lapis.  She even uses the word “cloddy” to describe her own idea; with “clod” being an insult that she usually only ever levels at other people when she’s at her most angry.

She then decides to make a very grand gesture…

…and offers her most prized possession – the tape recorder – to Lapis as a gift.

She’s very flirtatious in doing so here, as well.  With a wink and a smile, she tells Lapis:

“See, the ribbon is even blue.  I got yo’ number!”

Peridot has offended all of the other Gems at some point in the past, but she’s never been seen to perform as grand a gesture as this one in order to win them over. 

Peridot is, in a lot of ways, incredibly materialistic - she has been shown on more than one occasion to hold her very few possessions really closely to her.  By Peridot’s standards, handing the tape recorder over is essentially the biggest thing she could do for someone, which is a very clear indication of her feelings towards Lapis.

This gesture is completely lost on Lapis, however, who proceeds to crush the tape recorder in her hand.

Usually in these situations, Peridot would be distraught that one of her possessions had been destroyed (see, for example, Peridot on her knees begging Amethyst not to throw away her beloved tablet in Too Short To Ride).  However, this time, she actually seems to be upset by the fact that she’s managed to upset Lapis once again, exclaiming:

“What, were you trapped in a tape recorder too?!”

Peridot is exasperated by this point, and gives a very heartfelt speech which, I believe, really gets to the root of one of the key reasons why a relationship between Lapis and Peridot just makes perfect sense:

“Look, I get it, you know?  You’re confused!  You can never go back to Homeworld.  This place doesn’t exactly feel like home yet.  You’re alone, no one could possibly know what that feels like!  Oh wait, I do!  We’re the same, except…  you don’t have to be alone.”

She and Lapis are going through the exact same thing at basically the same time; namely, being stranded on earth with no way of returning to Homeworld.  There’s literally no-one else who they could bond with over this, except for each other – it’s a common ground that they share with each other and only each other.  It’s logical and sensible storytelling, therefore, to have these two characters stick together and share the experience with each other.  It puts them on equal ground, gives them both an acute understanding of each other, and enables them to both support one another as they adjust to life on earth.

At this point in Barn Mates, however, Lapis still isn’t having any of it.  Peridot, clearly at her wits end, asks what Lapis wants from her.  Lapis angrily tells Peridot that she wants her to leave… and that’s exactly what Peridot does.  She wants Lapis to be happy so much that she’s even willing to give up her home so that Lapis can live there instead.

As she walks away, Steven reprimands Lapis for treating Peridot so badly.  As he’s talking, Lapis folds her arms and shifts on the spot, her gaze meeting the crushed tape recorder on the floor.  Everything about her body language in this scene exudes guilt.  

Peridot comes screaming back towards them moments later, however – being pursued by a Roaming Eye that she’s convinced is after her.    

The trio flee from the ship, but eventually come face-to-face with it, which causes Peridot to cower behind Steven in fear.


…Lapis steps forward, and glances back at a wide-eyed Peridot.

This scene is very important because it’s the first time we ever get to see that Lapis does actually care about Peridot, despite the pair of them getting off to a very turbulent start.  She steps up to defend the helpless Peridot from the Roaming Eye, and makes sure to specifically ask Peridot if she’s ok after the threat has been neutralised – proving that she didn’t only have Steven’s interests at heart when she took out the Roaming Eye.

What happens next needs no introduction…

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

Peridot has still, to this day, never looked at anyone else with such love.  The way that her hands are clasped to her chest makes it the typical “cartoon character looking at their love interest” pose.  That smile on her face is literally the biggest one that she’s ever given.  And Lapis’ deep blush, that she actually turns her head away from Peridot in an attempt to hide, is also a reaction from her that’s unique to this scene – and very much implies that the apparent feeling of attraction is mutual.  There appears to be some symbolism behind the sun coming out as Peridot smiles, too.  This could well be an indication that Lapis is warming up to Peridot and seeing her in a new light.  It also has a somewhat poetic quality to it, with the storm clouds (both literal and metaphorical) dissipating at this very moment.  

Originally posted by giffing-amethyst

Steven picks up on what’s going on, giggling to himself as he looks at Lapis.  It’s also very interesting that Peridot’s loving look is still lingering even after the camera angle has changed – this is no fleeting “micro expression”, it’s a very prolonged and deliberate look…

…which was the first of very, very many that the pair of them have since gone on to give each other (the above images being a small handful of examples).

All in all, Barn Mates was the start of a very beautiful relationship between these two Gems, which has well and truly endured throughout the past twelve months – and has gotten ever stronger with each episode that they’ve appeared in together.

What Women Find Attractive

The position of Mars in a woman’s chart will determine what she finds attractive in any person of interest. A woman tends to project the qualities of her personal Mars onto potential mates instead of internalizing the qualities as part of her own persona.

Mars in Aries: Women with Mars in Aries most likely forgo the shy retiring types for the take-charge, independent leaders out there. They like people who know what they want, are able to express it in straight-forward terms, and go after it with gusto.

Mars in Taurus: Women with Mars in Taurus are looking for stability. They probably prefer people who work in hands on professions as opposed to spending their days at a desk.

Mars in Gemini: These women are looking for someone who can stimulate them intellectually. Wit, versatility, and razor-sharp conversational skills are absolute musts. They also know how to appreciate a killer sense of humor.

Mars in Cancer: These women often find themselves drawn to the brooding, sensitive types. If the object of their affection also happens to be protective and a bit complicated as well, even better. Strong, silent types are quite appealing indeed.

Mars in Leo: People with dignity, pride, and confidence to spare are the type these women are attracted to. They are also looking for someone who is generous, romantic, and very loving. Tightwads and emotionally bankrupt suitors need not apply.

Mars in Virgo: Women with Mars in Virgo prefer natural, simple, and intelligent people who keep a neat appearance and have a practical outlook on life. They are also looking for kindness and capability, someone who can provide for her and keep their life together in order.

Mars in Libra: Women with Mars in Libra are looking for someone that like to please the people in their life. They also like a person with good manners, a well-groomed appearance, and an all-around classy approach to life in general.

Mars in Scorpio: These are the women that are looking for someone with a powerful presence and charisma in spades. They like intensity in their person of interest, and they even tend to find a healthy amount of possessiveness to be highly attractive.

Mars in Sagittarius: These women like sporty, adventurous people who know how to have a great time and possess wonderful senses of humor. They also like their partner a bit more worldly and are looking for someone who isn’t overly invested on their appearance or the material side of life.

Mars in Capricorn: These women like confident, straight-forward, successful people. She is also looking for a person who can provide stability and would rather die than wind up with someone who’s irresponsible or immature.

Mars in Aquarius: These women like original, one-of-a-kind characters with fresh outlooks on life and innovative, interesting ideas that they enjoy sharing with others. She’s also looking for someone who isn’t too possessive or dependent.

Mars in Pisces: These women often find themselves falling for sensitive, artistic types. Compassion, emotions that run deep, and a decent level of complication are all very attractive to them. Super independent types are not for them. They’d like to be needed by the people in their lives.

art-heap  asked:

Hey Archy. I just completed my final design project of the bachelor and my teacher recommended that I develop my sketching style so I can use it to present. I sketch really well but use revits renders; they look good spatially but lack atmosphere. I've only ever seen digital renders on presentation posters so I never used my sketches and I dont have any sense of how to make it work . Do you know any studios that present hand drawn work? I cant find any examples anywhere and it's frustrating.

You can look for resources on the tag #architecturebooks and for some of my favorite urban sketchers on the tag #sketch.

Here are some examples but practice is the only road to improvement:

Suppachai V.

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YOI Things to Love #31: Otabek’s closeup

These split second frames are such a treat to catch. I think this shot is pretty well-known – it’s one of those moments where you get a really nice, clean look at Otabek’s face while skating.

Things I love in particular:

  • how his ear is drawn
  • his hairline - it isn’t a smooth, generic line. It makes his face/hair more visually interesting. The jagged quality catches your eye more than a clean line because it creates more texture – like you can run your hand along the edge and feel the dips and curves where skin meets hair. Something you could physically experience in real life..
  • the flash of sparkles~✧・゚*✧
  • the swatch of detailed pattern
  • the “Barcelona” framed just right – between his cheek and arm without being cut off.

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Companions react to finding out that Sole is an artist by catching Sole drawing them?

Cait - She has a quick glance and then has to stop and focus, to see whether her eyes weren’t playing tricks on her. She watched with her mouth agape as they moved the pencil around like a master. She didn’t say anything, other than notifying them she’s keeping the drawing

Codsworth - “Oh, sir/mum, it’s so good to see you not giving up on your hobby.” Codsworth, of course, knew they liked to draw, but didn’t think they’d draw him, too. He made sure to compliment their skill.

Curie - “Ooh! This is very good!” she watches in awe, eyed full of delight. She comments on their technique and also expresses her happiness at how precise they are. Quite bashfully, she asks them if she could keep the portrait.

Danse - He observes for a while, before speaking: “Soldier, aren’t there other matters we should be focusing on?” he hoped his voice sounded scolding, but there was light amusement in his voice and maybe a bit of embarrassment at seeing the perfect black and white copy of his face gaze upon him from the paper.

Deacon - Seeing them draw him, he gives a wolf whistle and hurries to fetch himself a paper and a pencil as well. After half an hour or so, he goes to check on them. He is very amazed by how good the drawing is, but what he says is: “Not bad. Look at mine” On his sheet there is… A crude doodle of a deathclaw in bikini…

Dogmeat - He doesn’t understand really. I mean,  oh look, there is another dog in front of them. But it doesn’t smell like a dog and it doesn’t move. When Dogmeat is sure this strange unmoving miniature dog isn’t of any danger to him, he chooses to lay his head in Sole’s lap, blissfully.

Hancock - Upon seeing their eyes switch between the paper and himself, he got a naughty idea. Ignoring their baffled looks, he pulled his coat off, and layers beneath it followed soon after. Now shirtless, he lied down on a sofa right opposite of them. “You can draw me now,” Hancock purred. They chuckled, throwing their current drawing away and starting a new one. Hancock was sure to put this one in his office…

MacCready - “Wow, this is… How do you do that?” He wasn’t really into art, but he couldn’t deny that this was really well drawn. He felt mild embarrassment at how the portrait showed his not-so-good-looking parts too, such as chapped lips and beneath them his rotten teeth. They though, they were observing the sketch with such fondness, he couldn’t help but smile.

Nick Valentine - His non-existent eyebrows flew up a bit and Nick found himself smiling. He looked at them as his metallic hand found it’s way to the paper. They nodded and he picked it up, observing it. “I had no idea you were a person of so many talents,” still smiling, he noted that they’ve captured every detail, scar, every wire. Had he known better, he’d think they were actually fond of his face.

Piper - “Are you kidding?!” She is very excited, immediately showering Sole with questions like “Did you do this for a living before the war?” or “Would you draw some short comics for Publick Occurrences?” etc. Then she took her time to actually observe the sketch fully. It was as if she was looking into a mirror. Was she really that pretty, or did Sole just see her that way? That didn’t matter though, she was now the owner of said drawing.

Preston - He can’t help but smile as he watches the sketch again, as if every movement they do made the portrait more life like. “That’s really great general,” is all he says, meaning both the drawing and the fact they’ve still got a hobby, even with everything going on. He would kind of like to draw, so he could draw Sole in return. 

Strong - He doesn’t understand what they’re doing and can’t even clearly see it. So he reserves to just grunting that they should be on their way to kill more of his brothers and find the milk of human kindness.

X6-88 - “You realise, this is a waste of our time, do you?” Sole, once again huffed and laid their pencil down, for what seemed like a 10th time. “X6, I am a human and I need rest. So now I’m resting. What I do while I’m resting is none of your concern.” Well, he doesn’t have anything to oppose to that. Instead, he watches them work for a bit. Then he speaks: “The light on my nose is a bit off. Otherwise; it’s good.” He turns around just as Sole grins widely.

Bull has gold in his ears.

It’s the first thing Dorian notices, after the intense wave of relief at seeing him there in the first place. Val Royeaux is a lot less welcoming when one is an ambassador from Tevinter and not a member of the Inquisitor’s personal retinue. Bull’s is the first friendly face he’s seen in… far too long.

Letters haven’t been enough. They haven’t been enough since the first reached him in Minrathous, carrying only Bull’s handwriting and none of his sound, his smell, no image of him beyond Dorian’s memory. Now, with barstools and Orleasians as the only obstacles between them, Dorian isn’t able to take a step closer.

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Yearbook Confession | Stanley Uris X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Characters: Stanley/fem!reader. Richie is mentioned.

(H/C) stand for “Hair color”/(B/N) stand for “Boy’s name”.

Word Count: 1392 words.

Last day of school, everyone was feeling anxious for the end of classes, already feeling relaxed for the summer. Everyone but Stanley Uris. Stan, unlike the others, has been in a mess of nerves since the day before. The reason? Because he was determined he would talk to (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

It wasn’t like talking to (Y/N) was something new to him, they actually talked to each other almost every day. They had a specific class where they next to each other, which made it possible for them to complain about the teacher, about the subject or just talk during class. It also made it possible for Stan to develop a crush on the (H/C) girl. And that was exactly what he wanted to talk to her at the end of class.

If it were up to him, he’d have waited to have that conversation sometime during the summer, but during one of their conversations, (Y/N) told him that her parents would send her to her uncle’s house  as soon as she got home on the last day of school. That didn’t upset him, maybe just a little that he wasn’t going to see her all summer, but at that moment he didn’t even think about telling her about his feelings.

That idea only popped into his head after his friends suggested he should do it before the summer started, because, according to Richie, if Stan didn’t clarify the intentions he had with her, she could end up “finding older, more interesting guys than him” during her trip. Stan tried to ignore that thought, but he couldn’t.

That’s exactly why he’d spent all day thinking of ways to make it clear he had feelings for her and at what moment he should do it, since he hadn’t had any classes with her that day. Then he remembered the good old yearbook. Everyone was signing each other’s today and would be a great excuse to go talk to her.

And that took him to that moment. Stan was walking nervously through the hallways, his yearbook in his hand as he searched for (Y/N) among the people walking around. The last bell had rung a few minutes ago, announcing the end of classes, so the hallway was crowded, making it difficult for the boy to look for her.

What would he do when he found her? Would he just ask her to sign his yearbook? Wouldn’t it be a little weird for him to have crossed the whole school just to ask her to sign an idiot yearbook? Well, she didn’t exactly need to know that.

Stan’s mind was so lost in his thoughts and his eyes so focused on the crowd that he jumped a little when he felt a hand touch his shoulder, causing him to turn and face the person he was looking for. (Y/N).

“Hey Stan.” she had a bright smile on her face, as usual. “I’ve been looking for you everywhere, but with this crowd I even almost lose myself, right?” she chuckled.

That made him give a little smile back to her. “What were you looking for me for?”

“Oh yeah, since I’m going to spend the whole summer elsewhere, I figure it would be nice if my closest friends signed my yearbook so I could remember you guys there.” only at that moment he noticed that she held the book in her hands. “Do you want to sign it?” she held it out to him.

Stan quickly took it from her hand, looking a bit confused at how he would sign now, having a yearbook in each of his hands. (Y/N) laughed at that, taking his yearbook in her hands. “Can I sign?”

“Please do.” she smiled at him, opening the front page of the book.

He just remembered the big dick Richie had drawn there -claiming to be “the exactly representation” of his- when her eyes widened. Oh please let her not think it was Stan who had drawn it.

“Well…” she turned the page, a laugh coming from her mouth. “It was Tozier, wasn’t it?”

Stan felt slightly relieved that she hadn’t even thought he had written it. He laughed at her. “Yeah, it was him.”

“That boy.” (Y/N) shook her head, beginning to write something in his yearbook.

Stan opened her book, seeing that the first pages were full of nice messages from her many other friends. He picked up his pen when he found a blank space to write, but stopped. Oh, he hadn’t planned that, he had no idea what to write her. He’d just gone there to ask her out.

Oh yeah, he still had to do that too. A sudden nervousness passed through his body. He still hadn’t figured out how to make the moment of his confession not awkward. And then the idea hit him. The perfect non-awkward way to do that. Stan could just write down what he planned to say to her there. It would save him a lot of embarrassment.

He smiled to himself at the clever idea, ready to write when one of the messages there caught his attention.

“Hey (Y/N), you’re amazing! I hope you have a fun summer, love, even if it’s without me. I’ll miss you everyday! ~ (B/N)”

Oh, Stan knew very well who (B/N) was, all (Y/N)’s friends knew. In fact, if you had ever heard of (Y/N) you’d heard of (B/N). The two were attached at the hip, Stan always saw them walking down the hallways together, always so touchy.

He always tried to shake off the thoughts of jealousy, trying to convince himself they were just friends as (Y/N) always said, but it was useless, his mind always insisted on telling him that (B/N) liked her, and that “love” served as confirmation for him. He frowned a bit, if (Y//N) really liked her, Stan had no chance at all. He tapped the end of his pen in the blank space, deciding what to do. He took a deep breath before writing.

“It was nice to meet you this year, you’re good to talk about things and a good friend. Have a great summer. ~ Stan”

Stan read and reread his message, frowning a bit at how lame it was. He forgot to mention how gentle and funny (Y/N) was and how truly gorgeous he thought she was. A throat clearing made Stan looked up, seeing that the girl had his yearbook closed in her hands and waited to get hers.

He was about to close it, but she grabbed it open -wanting to see what he had written- as she returned his. (Y/N) quickly read it, a smile appearing on her face as she looked back to him. Stan missed the quick look of disappointment that passed through her eyes.

“Yeah, it was really nice to meet you this year, Stan.” she closed the book in her hands. “So… I’ll come back in the last week of the summer, just so you know.”

Oh, so she’d be back by the end of the summer. That was good, made the boy smile at her. (Y/N) smiled back before taking a glance at the yearbook in his hands. “See you around, Stan.”

“See you, (Y/N).”

Stan watched her go, smiling to himself as she turned to look at him one last time, giving him a small wave that was quickly returned. He watched her until she disappeared into the crowd.

He just stopped looking at all those people moving around when he remembered the yearbook in his hand, the curiosity to see what she wrote finally hitting him. Stan opened the book, searching for the girl’s delicate handwriting. And when he found it, he couldn’t help but be surprised. His eyes widened slightly as his heart began to beat faster, a silly smile appearing on his lips as he read the message without believing what was written.

“You’re a nice guy with a damn good hair. I’m really happy to have you sitting next to me this year and have had the chance to become your friend!! Though… It’s my wish for us to be something more. I hope that during the summer you can think about the possibility of going out on a date with me when I return, but no pressure :) Have a lot of fun! ~ (Y/N)”


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I loved your Jason Todd one!! Could you please write one where the reader is best friends with Dick and Jason gets really jealous of their friendship (even though it's strictly platonic)

shitty ending is shitty but I alSO REALLY LIKE THIS ONE WOWIE.

Title: Repaired

theme: Idk jason being a jealous dick but he redeems himself, dick!friendship

Digging around the Manor’s attic was a favorite pastime of yours when Jason was away; it helped to sway your mind away from how much danger he was possibly in, or what he could be doing at this moment. It also gave you some ideas of how Jason had been as a teen, when Bruce had found him stealing tires off the Batmobile. Distantly, you ran your hands over a covered picture frame, looking around and deciding where you would explore next.

Eyes scanning the room, your eyes caught a dusty rocking chair in the corner, surrounded by Lovecraft and Bronte, and you felt yourself drawn to it, blowing some dust off of it. It was well loved, and you felt your heart squeeze as you hustled to the Attic entrance. Kneeling, you flipped your head down out of the hole, finding Alfred dusting a candelabra.

“Alfred, this rocking chair up here, the one with all the books around it?” You questioned, hair hanging in your eyes, “Did it belong to Jason?”

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Piano Tiles (M) - Pt. 2

Originally posted by kths

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader, ft. Yoongi

Genre: Angst, Smut, and a sprinkle of fluff, pianist!y/n, AU

Word Count: 9.5k *high pitched screaming*

Summary: “Love is so short, but forgetting is so long.”

A/N: So. This is the second time I’ve rewritten it, have worked on this version for three months and am fINALLY happy with the way it turned out. It somehow turned grossly mushy at the end, but maybe that’s just the product of my pent up bitterness from the hell that was Valentine ’s Day. ¯\_()_/¯ (partially edited, excuse the errors)

part 1 | part 2

At the start, the phrase “It will pass with time” was something you had clung desperately to like a life raft. Words not uncommon to the hurt and heartbroken, you hoped such a miracle would apply to you too, despite the fact that you were the one who inflicted the pain. Did God forgive this form of self-harm? For three long years, you had foolishly believed in such a concept. As you grew more preoccupied, thoughts of him faded with each passing day, only to interrupt your transition to forgetting during the most mundane of instances; getting stuck in traffic, or waiting on a laundry load. The worst times were at night when you began to ponder the many what ifs; what if you hadn’t visited him that day, what if Jimin hadn’t shown up that morning, what if you had stayed? Just exactly how far would that have gone? When you were plagued with such thoughts, you simply plugged in your earbuds and played on repeat whatever piece you were working on until you could drift into a fitful sleep. With time, it had gotten easier to forget your time with Jeon Jungkook or to pretend to do so; to lie to yourself and others.

And then the night of your professional debut, the spell was broken.

You haven’t seen him in three long years and it’s unfair how good he looks.

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stand the rain | pt. 1

↳ chapters: one | two (final)

pairing: lee taeyong | reader
bodyguard au / fluff, a sprinkle of angst
word count: 8,648
for someone who has only ever known the feeling of physical pain in its most potent form, Lee Taeyong has never known love and all its treasures (and emotional pains) up until his most recent assignment: you.
author’s note:
this was made out of love for my two biggest taeyong lovers: @jungnoir and @workofteaguk 💓 i love you guys!

inspired by this rendition of new edition’s can you stand the rain! give it a listen while you read (i had it on replay as i wrote this ehe)~

Originally posted by hqleetaeyong

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anyway i was going through the manga again for no particular reason and here are some of my favorite panels

this is mostly Bakugou b/c i’m biased

can we just appreciate Aizawa’s face here

he looks like such an exasperated father who is so fucking done with these kids


Iida what are you doing


is that a tiny little teardrop

save them

my favorite detail about this panel is that his hair looks twice as spikey than usual

he scream

Bakugou you little shit

i love you

idk i just like how Bakugou is drawn here

i love Aizawa

what a good teacher… what a good dad……..

this panel is just…. so funny to me

you have no control here Bakugou you’re gonna be protected whether you like it or not

this is just a really well drawn Bakugou

someone described Bakugou here as looking like a deeply insulted pomeranian and i think that has got to be my favorite description of Bakugou ever

on one hand, i’m like “Bakugou, don’t taunt the villain while you’re literally held captive in his base and surrounded by other villains” but on the other hand i’m like “i love you so much you little shit”

All Might sees through your denial, my boy

this is just…. a really cute panel ok

he looks so round and soft

oh my gosh i never noticed that Tiger protected Ragdoll with his body here…………….

aaaawwwwww look at Bakugou be all worried about All Might 

awwww look at Bakugou be all in denial again

so i just wanted to point out the similarities here between this panel of Bakugou with his parents and this doodle Horikoshi posted on his twitter a while ago 

Hello! People keep asking me how the Ed action figure was made. (Well, they keep asking how they can buy one, which they can’t because Ed’s is the only one that exists, but the how it was made question has come up pretty often as well.) So here’s a little bit about the process. Not everything - that would take too long - but here are the highlights!

The thing about how the arms are sculpted… they are both turned slightly inward as you go down, which means the tattoos had to be drawn on slanted instead of straight, if that makes sense. And the hands can twist all the way around without the rest of the arm turning, which also makes the placement confusing just from looking at reference photos. 

Milliput is a two-part putty that chemically reacts when you mix the parts together. You have about thirty minutes to sculpt with it before it starts getting hard, and it cures completely within about 4 hours. After that, you can sand it with sandpaper, grind it with a dremel, paint it, etc. 

Mixing the right color for Ed’s hair was impossible. Which is why it ended up so orange! But I figure it’s just a toy, so it didn’t have to look super realistic. His head is on a Q-tip here to be sprayed with dullcote, which is a type of lacquer that protects things without making it look shiny. (Otherwise, the pink shading with the colored pencil would have rubbed off.) This whole figure was dullcoted except the necklace and bracelet. 

Later on, I’m going to make a post about how I made the Stuart figure (I actually made him first!) and put up pictures of all the accessories that came with each figure and what the boxes looked like. This whole project, including everything from start to finish, took about nine months. I started the research and purchasing phase in November of 2016 and began working on it a little each day starting in January. :) 

[Two-shot] Eighteen Hours (Saeran x Reader): Part 01

Summary: You had eighteen hours to go, on a flight next to the man who had stolen your precious window seat. 

A/N: I will think of a better summary later. :)

Eighteen hours to go.

The rumble of the plane engine was drowning out the soft music playing in your ears, and you increased the volume while resting your head back on the seat. You shrugged on the jacket you had brought with you, hugging it around your cold frame. As you moved, you snuck a glance to the window on your left as inconspicuously as you could.

It was a gloriously beautiful afternoon, and the army of majestic clouds outside suspended in the pale blue sky was a marvelous sight to behold.

A sight that would have no doubt been even more breathtaking, if it weren’t for the man seated to you, his head limiting your view of the sky.

You resisted the urge to lean over and snap a picture. Or two. Or maybe a bunch of them. It felt entirely too awkward to tap him on the shoulder and disturb him from what seemed to you like an intense sky-watching session. His head was turned towards the window, his person still as he watched the clouds go by.

You huffed quietly to yourself, turning your head back to the blank TV screen in front of you. Sitting by the window was a must-have for you on any flight. You usually managed to get them, but this time you had to book a last-minute flight, and this was the last available window seat. You would have managed to book it, if you had been a few seconds quicker than the man next to you right now.

Again, you resisted the urge to glance over. You liked looking out on flights. It was cathartic, therapeutic. It gave you a reason to mull over random thoughts while looking out at the sea of clouds beneath you.

Well, for now it seemed that your music would have to be a replacement for the clouds as your flight companion. Eighteen hours would go by in no time, for sure.

…You really hoped it would.

Sixteen hours to go.

It was pretty dark in the plane now. Everyone had pulled down their window shades to keep the glare of the sun out as they enjoyed the movies that they were watching on the in-flight entertainment system, snuggled in blankets and snacking on some nuts that had been given out earlier.

Everyone but the man next to you, that was.

Your seats were the only ones that had bright, strong daylight streaming in through the window and shining on your laps. It had been two hours, and you had managed to distract yourself with a movie that you weren’t really paying attention to (oh, the credits were rolling already). He, on the other hand, had continued to stare out the window, unmoving other than to cross his leg over the other occasionally when he got uncomfortable.

From the corner of your eye, you stole yet another peek at him. The sun was setting now, and the sky outside was a brilliant swirl of gold and orange, the clouds painted a matching color. The light pouring in created a beautiful crown of gold encircling his fiery red hair. From the reflection on his blank TV screen, you could catch glimpses of the peaceful expression on his face. He was attractive, beautifully serene, his peculiar mint green eyes blank as they watched the clouds outside go by. Somewhere along the way he had put on his headphones. You didn’t know if it was to listen to music, or if it was to block out the noise from that one snoring passenger just a few rows away.

Either way, for some reason it made you feel oddly happy to know that the both of you enjoyed doing the same thing on planes. It was rare to find someone else who loved the window seat as much as you did, who appreciated the sight of the sky on the plane. Your family often chided for not taking advantage of the in-flight entertainment system, even though watching the scenery outside was plenty enjoyable for you. You usually did it while listening to some quiet instrumentals. While it was a shame that you couldn’t watch the sky from the window this time — and on such a long flight to boot — you supposed it wasn’t so bad, now that you found someone who was strange like you.

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So Art Deco- Sub!Yoongi(m)

Originally posted by yoonkooks

(m)- mature, (f)- fluff, (a)- angst

The best experiences can come from giving up control… 

Req: thank you for opening requests!! ahh could I have something sub!suga?

Req: Sorry if you’ve already done this and I haven’t seen, but could you do a Yoongi smut where he asks you to dom and cuff him to the bed and shit? Possibly with praise kink? There isn’t enough sub Yoongi in this world 

A/N: Okay, so for the second request it is altered a bit, there is no cuffing and no bed so, but I hope you still enjoy. Much love~~

“Y/N?” His careful voice breaches the still silence in your ears, the pastel dropping from between your fingers and a gasp freeing from your lips, open in concentration.

“Yoongi?” You grope for the blindfold around your eyes until you can untie the ribbon from your head, pupils dilating in the harsh light of the empty art room, Yoongi standing just beyond the door with a funny look on his face.

“What are you doing?” The corners of his lips are turned up in an expressive smirk, gesturing to the pastel on the floor, then to the silk tie in your hands.  

“I swear if you make any gross jokes-”

“It was just a question.” He throws his hands up, slowly coming round so he can get a better view of your canvas, a cacophony of bright color and intricately woven shapes. “That looks really great. I’m sure the professor will love it as soon as he sees it.”

You shake your head. “It still needs a lot of work. Which is why,” you wave the tie in your hands, “I have this.”

“…for color blocking?”

“No, you dumbass, then I wouldn’t have been wearing it.” You give him a wan look, turning back to your artwork. “I use it when I’m blocked. I can see shapes better in the complete darkness, then just let my hand create them without my eyes to overcomplicate the process.”

“God, I’ve been blocked like crazy lately.” Yoongi jokes, throwing down his bag. “Maybe I should try it.”

“You should.” You nod, all serious. “It sounds so weird, but it’s honestly great.”

“Let me try then.” He shrugs, nonchalantly, ruffling his hair.

Widening your eyes in surprise, you kick away your scattered books and replace your canvas with a fresh one from the easel beside you, clearing the space and stepping back to give him room to set himself up.  

“Don’t be nervous.” You smirk at how he eyes the dark tie you’re holding out, while motioning for him to sit in the chair you’d been occupying.

“I kind of am.” He satires, looking up at you. “What if you take advantage of me?”

“Oh please.” You roll your eyes in exaggeration, covering his and tying a knot loosely at the back of his head, making sure it pulls on the strands of his silky hair just for good measure. “Like I’m interested.”

The corners of his lips turn up again, so minutely you almost miss it, swallowing as you take your favorite pastel from the box and set it in his open palm. “It’s Robin’s Egg Blue.” You inform him. “What shape does that make you think of?”

“It doesn’t make me think of a shape.” He says factually.

You lick your lips, letting go of his wrist and stepping back. “Then just draw.”

His hand stretches out to blindly reach for the paper, holding back your mocking laugh as he misses it by a good foot to the right, swiping the air with the pastel like a drunk. “Help me out a little.” He deadpans, and you just know that his eyes would be thin and unamused if you could see them.

With a shake of your head, you grip his thin wrist, the veins showing along his hands and forearms as you swivel it left, stopping once he’s made contact. “There you go, solider.” You give a firm shake of your head although he can’t see it. “Now, you can go ahead and start.”

“I don’t really know what I’m doing.” He admits, making a streak down the canvas at a 45 degree angle, doing the same on the other side until they meet at a round point in the center, slightly askew from the blind contour.

“Just let your subconscious do it for you.”

“I don’t know…” He trails, yet his lines keep going, lips slightly puckered in concentration.

“Talk to me. How do you feel? What are you feeling? How does what you’re drawing make you feel?”

His bowed lips purse in thought, making a slope in the center of his conjoined lines. “Joy…?” He begins, somewhat questioningly. “Amusement. Affection. Laughter… Lust.”  

You smooth down your skirt, leaning against the table behind you so you can observe his progress, watching every stroke and every brush of color that he unknowingly makes turn into form and face.

Your lips part in amazed appreciation for his skill, letting a finger trail over your features as he draws them from memory. “Yoongi…”

“Yeah?” His voice is quiet with focus.

“It looks perfect.”

“What is it?”

You come around and bend next to him, taking in the puckered concentration on his proportional face with silent intensity.

“What does it make you feel?” You repeat the question from earlier and ignore his.

“Um…” He twirls the pastel in his fingers with slight agitation, staining his hands a delectable blue. “Joy. Amusement. Affection. Laughter. Lust. Want.”

“Want?” You swallow thickly and nervously, inhaling deeply through your nose. “You want me?”  

Yoongi’s head snaps in the direction of your voice, lips parting to draw a loud breath. Your mind runs wild at his silence, not denying it, yet not affirming it either; the sound of him dropping a pastel so blaringly loud you flinch.

“I dream about you.” He begins, bluntly, your eyes attached to the way his wet lips are moving. “I dream about getting pastel and smearing it everywhere, I dream about getting to feel you and hear you and taste you and smell you. I dream about fucking so hard you can’t walk and until my throat is sore from moaning.”

Between your legs is pooling with arousal, hearing such confession come from the plump lips of this absolute angel in front of you. “Why don’t you do that to me then?” You venture, standing up to move between him and the easel.  

“No.” He says, short and decided. “I want you to do that to me.”

Your eyes widen, and you’re relieved he can’t see your resolve break and shatter at your feet. Slowly, carefully and with quiet calculation you reach your hand out to him, shivering with expectancy as your fingertip comes into contact with the soft skin above his collarbones. Yoongi lets go of a heavy breath, tensing up beneath your small touch and curling his colored fingers around the ends of the arm rests.

With a flick of your thumb and index you undo the top button of his shirt, slowly exposing more smooth, pale flesh to your wandering eyes. Yoongi’s nose is scrunched up in anticipation and expectation, breath coming out in little puffs of need.

His lips are soft and lush as you lean down to kiss him, consuming you with his taste and his hands as they slide up your shoulders, his body a twitching jumble beneath you. Sinking your teeth into his lips, he lets out a harsh ‘fuck’ against you, groaning wildly.

Just a little bit more. You think to yourself, pulling away to spot his busy hands and smiling with idea. Yoongi grunts in disapproval as you get off of him, crawling over to the desk to grab the few extra ties left there, before you come back to him, grabbing one of his thin arms in your hands and placing it firmly on the sides of the chair.

“I don’t want you getting any ideas.” You say in some sort of reason, double knotting the ribbon at the bottom and repeating the action on the other arm, admiring your handiwork as he grits his teeth at the loss of more control.

The first pastel that your hand gets is a bright orange one, painting a solid line down his chest before smoothing it out with your hand, loving how vibrant the color looks on his ivory skin. Next is pink, and blue and purple and green, until every inch of the skin he has exposed to you is a mirage of blended color, falling into one another and moving as one.

“You’re doing so well.” You murmur, smearing the last bit of bright pastel down his pale stomach. A deep moan is drawn from the back of his throat, like artistic music to your hungry ears, like angels singing heavenly choir.

Yoongi tips his head back, the expanse of his long, vein-ridden neck exposed to you, just one more blank canvas you can turn into a masterpiece. Plucking a dark purple that had rolled to the floor, you trace the outline of his bobbing Adam’s apple, the veins and arteries that carry blood to his heart, beating fast against your chest.  

You draw blossoming flowers, with your hands and your lips, sucking a round bruise into his skin before surrounding it with petals in purple pastel, a garden blooming before your eyes. There is something undeniably erotic about seeing him like this, back bowing against the chair, eyes covered, hands bound and white from gripping the hand rests.

“Relax.” You soothe, watching with lidded eyes as Yoongi bites his bottom lip, the flesh red and swollen between his teeth. Wrapping your arms behind him you slide his body up the chair, the ribbon binding his wrists easily sliding with you to accommodate the position change.  

He bucks hips up, trying to find you like a desperate animal, a beautiful sounding whine leaving his lips when he gets nothing but air. “Be patient.” You murmur, watching him struggle to calm himself down as he writhes in the chair. Your eyes stick on the bulge of arousal in his pants, floor cold against your bare knees as you kneel in front of him.

“Y/N…” Yoongi’s voice is so so deliciously broken. “I-”

“You what, baby?” Your hands, come into contact with his thighs, scraping your nails lightly down the fabric of his pants, keeping the tone of your words light and airy.   

  A ragged sigh leaves his lips as whatever he was going to say flees, making an appreciative sound in the back of his throat as you get closer and closer to his throbbing heat. Smoothing a single finger between his spread legs, you almost lose yourself at the groan that comes from him, long and laced with lust. “More.” Is the only thing he says, heady and rough.

“That’s not how you ask.” You chastise him, standing up from your position against the floor, almost regretfully to walk around him, leisurely throwing your arms around his neck and letting them drape against the mural of his stained chest. “Only good boys who ask with nice manners get what they want.”

He moans, relishing in the fleeting pleasure of your fingers as they wrap around one of his erect nipples and tweak slowly. “Please…” His voice is quiet with shame at having to beg, not wanting to swallow his pride.

Your lips are hot against his neck, licking his wildly beating pulse and biting the skin softly as your hands reach further down to tease at the waistband of his pants. You can feel the breath release from his lungs, opening up his pants button and slowly zipping down, knuckles brushing against his straining heat as he groans louder, “please…”  

His boxers are a dark blue color, perfect against his skin, traveling further to get under those as well. “Lift up, baby.” You instruct carefully, standing on your tiptoes so you can reach down and push both articles of clothing over his milky thighs until his cock springs free.

Yoongi groans at the cold air against his hot, sensitive skin, turning his head sideways to nip at your exposed shoulder, getting a single moan from you before you swat him away and inform him to be a good boy, removing yourself completely to get back in front of him.   

He looks so perfect below you, colored chest expanding with ragged breath and lips parted as he waits for what you’ll do next. A thin layer of sweat covers his face, bright hair sticking to his forehead in small clumps, throat skipping and a muscle feathering along his jaw as he tightens it.

Sliding your panties down your legs, you pull up your skirt and straddle above one of of Yoongi’s thigh, licking your lips at the sight of his hard, pink cock, tip glistening in the light with precum. Part of you wants to just ride the fuck out of him, fast and hard, but the other part wants to completely control him, slowly and steadily.

Using one hand, you grip him, smiling at the loud string of curses that fall from Yoongi’s lips at the unexpected contact, slipping your hand up and down, unrushed and smoothing a thumb over his tip to spread the liquid arousal leaking from him.

“I want you.” He moans, thrusting his hips up and making you bounce on him, the movement against the wet flower between your thighs making your eyes pinch shut and throat work in silent pleasure.  

Pushing a hand on his chest to force him downward, you rub your clit against his thigh, the friction of his jeans on your throbbing bud causing you to stutter in your movements along Yoongi’s length, squeezing his shaft tightly to try and hold on to your orgasm as it threatens to take you over far too early.  

“I can just imagine what you look like.” He fists his hands in their restraints, voice a distressed mess. You are already staining his pants with cum, touching yourself with a free hand to gather the liquid before pressing it against his lips.

“Open up.” You gently direct him, pumping your hand faster as he gets the first taste of you.

You watch his throat bob and lips work around you, the warm, wet cavern of his mouth so stimulating. He mutters a compliment on your sweetness, muscles going rigid when you squeeze his cock once more.

“Do you want me to let you cum?” You ask, completely innocent.

He nods furiously, tongue licking whatever was left on his lips with fervor. “Yes…”

You slap him, a bright red mark appearing on his chest amidst all the color. “That’s not how you ask.”

“Please.” His voice quavers. “I want- I need-” His words are cut off by an aggressively loud moan, white seed releasing from his burning cock and over your hair and arm, staining you in his sex and in the pride of what you made him do.   

Continuing to pleasure yourself against his leg, you grab at the ties binding his wrists down, getting the one closest to you undone and leaving him to do the other, watching with unabashed attention while he reaches behind his head to loosen the blindfold as well, the silk slipping from his eyes and to the bridge of his nose, obscuring his features from view as he looks at you.

Just as his lips crash against yours, your walls begin to clench around nothing, releasing with a breathy moan that he swallows whole, invading his mouth with your tongue and tasting the lingering remnants of your cum on his tastebuds.

“I must’ve drawn something pretty fantastic.” He breaks away to breathe with amusement, ragged and panting as you let the last of the blindfold slip from its position to turn with him to the canvas, bright color bleeding from your eyes, nose, lips, cheeks…

“You drew me.”   

Hope you enjoyed~~ Much love:)

~Admin Eggplant

anonymous asked:

I like your Headcanons a lot! Could you write RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC being pretty good at drawing but they don't know until she hands them a drawing of the two of them together? (Sorry If I made any mistakes, english is not my first language)

Your English is good, as a matter of fact, English is not my first language too. Hope you enjoy it! I’m always amazed by the people who can draw well, I can’t even draw a straight line :D


  • In the drawing MC and him are holding hands in a park
  • He’s so impressed
  • He doodles during lectures but his artistic abilities are incomparable to MC’s
  • Keeps the drawing in his uni binder so he can look at it whenever he wants
  • It’s like keeping a photo only it’s more personal because it was drawn by MC


  • The drawing depicts them singing together
  • Gushes over how talented MC is
  • He’s so proud of them
  • “You managed to fully capture my beauty ;)”
  • Probably asks MC to design his merch 


  • She’s a pretty decent artist too actually
  • Definitely has drawn some fanarts of Zen
  • Doesn’t show them to anyone though, she’s quite humble
  • Praises MC’s work
  • In MC’s picture they are chatting over coffee


  • In the picture they’re in a rose garden
  • Elizabeth 3d is in the picture with them too 
  • Jumin frames the drawing
  • Buys MC a bunch of different art supplies so they can experiment with their style 
  • He keeps everything MC has ever drawn, every sketchbook and rough draft


  • He actually found some of their art while he was doing the background check
  • But the quality was so good that he thought it might have been reposted
  • Since he knows MC is not a professional artist (if they were, he’d know)
  • In the picture MC and Seven are in space
  • Jokes about 2D!Seven (technically he’s 2D as it is but still)
  • Asks MC to draw him in a maid outfit


  • He’s a talented artist too
  • The drawing is recreating one of V’s landscape photos as a background
  • Shows MC his own drawings
  • They critique each other’s work (Jihyun only points out the good things)


  • He’s flustered
  • He’s holding a cone of mint ice cream and is hugging MC in the picture 
  • That makes him crave ice cream
  • Awkwardly thanks MC for the drawing
Ikea: Drarry

(I saw a prompt for this but I can’t remember where.. if anyone does, please let me known and i can give credit! Thank you :))

Cursing and muttering to himself, Draco spun round the next corner; only to let out a groan of frustration as he saw what lay in front of him.

“Homeware? damn it.”

He persevered through the mounds of cushions and carpet fibres until he saw that the next door along held plants, and if he really squinted, he could see that the adjourning one to that was stuffed full of mirrors and lamp shades.

Accepting defeat, he trudged back the way he had come until he reached the bed section. He snorted to himself in a derisive way. Muggle shops. Hmph.
He flopped down on the nearest, comfortable looking bed, and swore loudly as his heart began thudding when the shop monster began shouting threats through the box things again: “could all remaining shoppers please make their way to the exit as soon as possible.”

“Id fucking love to get out of this stupid fucking store but I can’t find your fucking exit can I?”

Draco, unfortunately, had not noticed the frantic tapping of another’s footsteps as he continued his verbal slaughter on the muggle contraption.

“Malfoy?, Draco Malfoy? What the hell are you doing in Ikea?”

Draco spun around, heart sinking as he saw who his saviour was. Harry Potter was stood there in front of him. His thin wire glasses had been switched for some thicker rimmed ones that framed his face much more nicely. Draco couldn’t help notice how much better Potter looked now than his scrawny school days. He felt the familiar curl of wanting as he felt whenever he caught sight of Potter’s face on a magazine cover, or saw that shock of black hair around the ministry. For all he’d tried, he feelings he’d harboured for Potter had never quite vanished.

He was clearly flushed and out of breath from running. Draco decided to pretend he hadn’t heard Potters own question, and posed one of his own instead.

“Potter. What’s been chasing you this time? Another Dark Lord come to take his chances on the boy who lived?”

To his utmost surprise, Potter did not react with anger or frustration and Draco’s blatant dig. Instead he smiled and even laughed a little, before deciding to flop down very ungracefully on the bed next to Draco’s. He adjusted his position so they were facing one another, and then responded: “No no no, I’m not being chased, I was just so fucking scared because I thought I was trapped in here alone all night.”

Draco took a moment to process this, before realising he couldn’t, and blurting out, “you find spending time with me preferable?”

Potter laughed again, much to Draco’s displeasure,

“Of course I do! Why would I want to be by myself when I could be with someone else? Unless you don’t want me to stay? I can go and find someone else, but, well, it just seems a bit silly, because I thought you were also lost? Why else would you still be in here?”

This was more like it, thought Draco, with a smug sense of satisfaction. He could kick Potter out of his zone and let him sleep somewhere else, or he could tell him that he knows where the exit is because he is choosing to sleep for a while, and send Potter plundering off in the wrong direction (because they were all wrong directions) or-“

“Malfoy! Let’s build a fort!” And before Draco knew what was happening, a tanned hand had snaked around his wrist and was tugging him towards to homeware section before he’d even strung together a proper response.

He wrenching his hand back and only briefly regretted it when he saw the kicked puppy look that had appeared on Potters face. He sneered in an attempt to cover his thudding heart and took a step back. “And why, pray tell, would I want to build a fort with you, Potter?”

The dark haired man was just opening his mouth to formulate some sort of response, when a extremely loud and aggressive buzzing began whirring from around the corner. Using his quick thinking methods to save them both, Draco pulled Potter into the nearest cupboard and slammed the doors shut behind them; feeling very pleased with himself.

He marvelled at the space in the cupboard he had chosen. There was enough room for them both to comfortably sit while they waited for the muggle monster to pass by. Draco shook his head wildly and covered Potters mouth with his hands when Potter went to try and open the door: “it might hear you” he mouthed silently and only once Potter nodded in response did he remove his hand. He did approve of the fact Potters wand was drawn. That meant he was doubly protected if anything did try to attack.

They both slunk to the floor, each with a back pressed to opposite sides of the cupboard. Draco winced inside. How had he managed this? Trapped himself in a cupboard with his long unrequited crush and rival for many years. Well done Draco, he thought to himself, congratulations.

The persistent growl from outside the cupboard was still there, but neither of the boys looked willing to risk being mauled in a muggle department store. It was only after a couple of minutes that Draco noticed the shuddering nature of Potter’s breathing, and the way he head fell between his knees. He inched a tiny bit closer to the man and then whispered “Potter? Are you alright?”

There wasn’t any response apart from the slowing of Harry’s breathing and the thumping of both their hearts. Eventually Harry looked up, and smiled at Draco, who decided to ignore the redness around Harry’s eyes for the time being. Harry outstretched a hand and Draco took it, allowing the distance between them to dwindle and drop away.

“We could die here.” announced Harry, quietly. “We could die right here in this cupboard.”

“That’s cheerful” Draco murmured back, relishing and panicking over their close proximity. Wanting to get closer, and put miles of distance between them at the same time.

“I have a confession to make.” Whispered Harry, so close to Draco that he would not have heard if he’d been any further away.

“Go on.” Draco responded, letting his hand fall on the wall beside Harry’s head. Adjusting his knees slightly so he had more leverage.

“I followed you in here today. I was driving past and caught sight of you and I couldn’t help myself. I wanted the chance to talk to you, to ask if..”

“Yes?” Replied Draco, his heart beating so quickly he was surprised the monster outside couldn’t hear it.

“If you might like to have coffee one day..?”

Draco couldn’t hold back any longer. He leant forward and pushed his lips onto Harry’s, pouring years and years of frustration and lust and wanting into the kiss, and Harry reciprocated, leaning up to meet Draco with equal passion and want that made both their heads spin.

Meanwhile, outside the cupboard, one of the cleaners was dancing as she pushed a hoover around the dirty floor; wondering how more people didn’t get lost in IKEA.


El Generico gets his first-ever title shot against Dru Onyx in IWS, 2003.  He comes to the ring with a title belt drawn on his chest in magic marker, brashly confident.  After he loses, chagrined and ashamed of his hubris, he tries to wipe the ink title off.  

He’s eighteen years old here, he’s eighteen years old, how dare he understand the heart of wrestling so well so young?

Change - Luke Hemmings

Pairing: Luke x Reader

Word Count: 2,3k

Ratings/Warnings: General Audiences, No warnings.

A/N: This was not requested and it was sitting in my drafts for quite some time. It was meant to be just an oneshot but I since I had too many things to write I decided to either make it a full fanfic or at least a mini series. Tell me what you guys think about it. I’ve also started writing part 2 (it’s almost finished btw). Reblog/like if you enjoyed it. Please leave me your thoughts and comments in my inbox. It really helps me when I get back from you to know whether you liked my work or not, so I continue writing. Happy reading! xx


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8 Helping Hands

Author’s Fic

Summary: John rescues you from danger (this is so loose)

Pairings: John Wick x Reader

8 Helping Hands

Originally posted by keanuital

A blood curdling scream erupted from my lips.

“John, John!” I shrieked as I scurried across the bedroom.

Feet pounded on the stairs and the door swung open with a bang. John barged in gun drawn, cocked and ready to fire at the cause of my alarm.

He swept the room, his muscles bunched under the thin white tee “, what’s wrong?”

“There, there!” I shrieked, pointing towards the bathroom and scampered behind him.

Carefully he approached the door. He pushed me aside and pointed to a corner, a silent command to stay behind. Using the nozzle of the gun he pushed open the ajar door and disappeared into the room. I waited for him to emerge with bated breath.

He walked out a minute later, hands slack at his side. John frowned and approached me.

His calloused hand cupped my cheek, the rough pads of his fingers scraped my cheek lightly “, was someone in here?” Concern creased his features.

I looked past him at the open entryway to the bathroom “, well-.”

I wrung my hands together, unsure of how to explain the events that had taken place. My assailant chose that specific moment to show itself.

“There, there!” I screeched and pointed.

John whirled, gun drawn, ready to fire only to lower his arm and look back at me with a confused expression. I stood in the centre of the bed, hopping from one foot to the other, eyes wide in my head.

“THERE!” I stressed and pointed again. John backed up and followed my pointed finger.  

In the doorway it stood, five inches in diameter spread on dark brown, hairy, stilt like legs. Slowly it creeped forward and raised its two front legs in the air. I squirmed. John shot me an incredulous look and chuffed a laugh.

“Johnnnnn,” I whined, backing towards the headboard of the bed, my feet sinking into the plush mattress.

He sighed, raised his gun and fired. Brown bits of the spider exploded across the room.

I approached him, his back towards me “,is it gone?”

I touched his shoulder, he turned.

“I didn’t know you were afraid of spiders,” he said, his voice soft but his eyes sparked with mischief.

Heat creeped into my cheeks and I looked away from him “, it’s a bit embarrassing.”

My eyes found the place where the spider had existed only moments before, a black smudge mark and a hole were all that marked its presence. John’s arms wrapped around my waist and the back of legs, easily he lifted me from the bed.

“I don’t think so and I wish you’d have told me before,” he said, all traces of mischief disappearing as he sensed my unease.

“You’re safe now,” he whispered into my hair. His lips ghosted my temple in the faintest kiss and he made to exit the room.

I slung an arm over his shoulder and pressed my lips to his cheek “, my hero.”

Scared to be Lonely (Grayson)

Tired. Grayson felt tired. No more, no less. His long day had begun at 3am, when he got out from under his warm white duvet with his headphones nearly chokimg him to death. “I’ve got to stop falling asleep to music,” he thinks, unrapping the tangled cords from around his neck. He unplugs them from his phone and sees a message from his close friend appear on the screen. The next came through about an hour before simply saying, “busy?” He doesn’t think as his thumbs type back quickly, “was asleep.. awake now.” Instantly, he receives a response. “Can I come over?” “Ofc.”

By the time she made it to his Los Angeles apartment, the sun had began to rise. It was beautiful, the sky turning a light pink as it shone through his open window. They watched it together in eachothers arms underneath that same white and crinkled duvet.

“Why’d you come over?” Grayson asks, feeling her warm cheek against his bare chest. He plays with her hair gently, tucking it behind her ear and smiling when he sees how her body shivers from his touch.

“I was scared to be lonely,” she says, and with each word her lips brush lightly against his skin. She sits up now, turning to face him. She had enough of the sunrise, and frankly, she found the boy laying next to her more beautiful than any sunrise she’d seen in California.

“Well, now you don’t have to be,” Grayson’s eyes lock on hers, but soon his attention is drawn to her pink lips. He doesn’t think, he just acts, and this act consists of him capturing her lips with his.

At first they kiss innocently, like a couple would after a first date. She pulls back and looks at him momentarily, almost as if for permission, before leaning back in. Then their kiss becomes more intimate, and it shows how much they truly need each other.

Grayson cups his hands around her soft face, her skin feeling like satin against his. He thinks she tastes like coffee, probably from trying to stay up all night, and she thinks he tastes like strawberries but she doesn’t know exactly why. Soon he pulls away from her lips and begins leaving kisses down her neck. He uses his teeth to tug and pull at the sensitive areas of her skin, listening to her soft moans. He can hear the smile in her voice as he continues to brand her, making sure she remembers she was not alone this early thursday morning.

One thing leads to the next, and soon Grayson has all her clothes off and scattered on the floor in his room apart from her undergarments. He’s on top of her now, his big hands roaming her small body as he kisses her deeply and needily. His right hand grips her thigh, slowly parting it away from the other. When his fingers brush over her clothed heat, she shudders beneath him and he can’t help but smirk at how little effort he put in to drive her wild. He uses his middle and ring finger to slowly rub circles around her fabric covered clit, causing her moan his name against his lips. He continues doing this for awhile, feeling how her hips buck up against his hand in search for more.

So that’s exactly what he gives her. She pulls away from his lips for a moment and he takes this time to remove the rest of the garments from her body, revealing her small, perky breasts and her glistening pink center. Grayson takes one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and biting on it gently, making her back arch against him. His right hand takes her unattented boob, massaging it and rolling the nipple between his thumb and pointer finger.

“God, Grayson. That feels so damn good,” she breathes out, in awe at how good he’s making her feel with such little effort. His lips unattatch from her breasts and he makes his way down her flat tummy, kissing right around her belly button piercing. He always loved that thing, even though he never saw it this close before. Something about it just drove him crazy.

Grayson’s lips place a small kiss, rught above her clit, making her body jolt with electricity. His fingers and mouth work together at pleasing her, his lips and tongue teasing her clit while his fingers pump slowly in and out of her.

“Faster,” she begs, and so he complys. He begins thrusting his fingers at a more rapid speed, the noise of her wetness making the bulge in his sweats throb immensly. He can tell she’s close to her first orgasm when her moans become louder and her body moves more uncontrollably underneath him. One of her hands tangles in his messy bedhead, tugging and pulling at the strands, pressing him deeper into her.

As his fingers curl inside of her and his lips suck on her swollen clit, he feels her tighten around his digits, her thighs squeezing together and trapping his face in her heat as she cums. She convulses against him, screaming out his name so loud, over and over again, that he knows his neighbors are going to file complaints.

When she finally recovers, her body relaxes and he lifts his face away from her center, his lips covered in her juices. His tongue swipes his plump lower lip, then his top, then enters his mouth as he tastes the sweetness that remained on his skin. She sits up again, pulling his face to hers, kissing him openmouthedly, tasting the odd flavor of herself on him.

At that moment, Grayson feels her small and slender hands trail down his stomach, reaching under the elastic of his sweatpants and pulling out his throbbing member. It twitches at her touch and she smiles against his lips. She slowly begins to pump his cock up and down, making Grayson’s jaw clench in response. She does this not long because she knows how eager he is to feel her mouth around him.

Grayson stands up and she falls to her knees, immediately taking his member into his mouth. At first she sucks on him slowly, letting her tongue swirl around his head before taking in all she could. She bobs her head quicker now, eliciting grunts from his mouth. He looks down at her and loves the way she looks with his cock deep in her mouth, something about the sight triggering some primal instinct.

Grayson’s hands pull her hair into a makeshift ponytail as he begins thrusting himself into her mouth, hearing the sound it makes when the tip of his dick hits the back of her throat. “That’s it babygirl, choke on daddy’s cock.” Grayson usually wasn’t like this, but god, she was giving him the best head he’s ever had, so why shouldn’t he try to enjoy it a bit.

Her jaw is getting tired now, and he knows it too, but she keeps her composure and even throws in a few moans around his dick that send him vibrations throughout his body. He knows he’s close to coming so he pulls away from her, marveling at a strand of saliva that stays connected from his mouth to her dick. She giggles too, wiping it sway with her hand.

“I want to be on top,” she says, a playful look on her face as she climbs on top of him. Her legs wrap around his toned torso and he uses his hand to slowly guide his tip between her folds.

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” he smirks as she slowly lets herself fall around him. He fills her up to the brink and at first she doesn’t think she can handle it.

“Shit, Gray. You’re huge,” she whimpers as her hips slowly begin to bounce up and down. She lets out a few moans and so does he, feeling as she swivles and rides his dick so perfect like a porno.

“You’re so fucking tight,” he groans, his hands gripping tight at her waist, guiding her, pulling her down onto his cock with more force. Her breasts jiggle infont of him as he helps her pick up speed, feeling his release not too far away.

“Fuck me,” she cries, the palms of her hands resting on his chest as he takes this opportunity to thrust up into her. With each thrust she feels her stomach tighten, and she normally doesn’t do this, but to intensify her orgasm, she brings a hand to her clit and begins rubbing it at as rapid pace as Grayson continues to fuck her.

“Oh fuck, babygirl. Keep doing that and cum for daddy,” Grayson’s voice is deep and full of lust as he feels her pussy clench around him once again.

“Oh daddy, I’m coming,” she moans out and he watches as her body convulses once again. It doesn’t take much for him to release too, heavy pants and deep groans coming from the back of his throat.

It takes a long while for them to recover, and somehow they end up in the exact spot as they were when they were watching the sunrise. Her head rests on his now sweaty chest and his hand runs through her light hair.

“Thanks for keeping me company,” she finally says after a long while.

“I would never leave you lonely,” Grayson’s words echo in the room empty apart from them as they are left to reminisce on the time they just spent together.