look how uncomfortable your daughter is

Wait Up!

Request: I’ve got a request!! You could do one where the reader is tony starks daughter and she meets Peter at Civil War (she’s on caps side) and stark makes Peter promise to look out for her, Peter didn’t realize she’d be so attractive!!😉 just an idea!!☺️             

Warnings: None

A/N: I have almost ten requests in my inbox, so if I haven’t gotten to yours yet… that’s why.


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One week earlier.

“Okay kid,” Tony looked at Peter seriously, “One last thing.”

Peter shifted uncomfortably under Tony’s gaze, fiddling with his fingers.’

“My daughter’s going to be out there. And I don’t- look; she chose the wrong side, but at this point, I don’t really have any say in what she does. So just promise me that you wont let her get hurt, Keep her occupied.”

Peter’s mind was going a mile a minute. A daughter? What’s her name? She’s on team cap? How come he’d never seen her before? “Y-yes sir.” He finally answered.
Tony nodded, “Good. She’s um, she’s not here right now, so you probably won’t see her until we get to the airport. Her name is Y/N.” He added quickly.

Peter shrugged, trying to paint a picture of Y/N Stark in his mind.

Present time.

Well, let’s just say the real Y/N Stark was much better than anything Peter had imagined.

“There’s the Black Widow! And there’s Captain America! Whoa! Who’s that new guy?!” Peter exclaimed, holding his phone title in his hands.

“I wonder where Mr. Stark’s daughter is,” He looked around quickly.


“I gotta go, that’s me!” Peter set his phone down and rushed off to fight, almost completely forgetting about Y/N.

Peter breathed heavily, turning around the corner. He almost shrieked when he felt someone tap gently on his shoulder.

“Hi there!”

He whipped his head around, only to be met with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

“Oh, you’re Y/N!” He exclaimed as he dogged a punch.

“In the flesh,” Y/N responded, winking. She could feel him bushing under his mask.

“You’re awfully brave, picking the wrong side.” He tried to make sense of the fact that she had chosen the other side.

“Excuse me?” She punched him right in the gut.

“I mean like-” He stopped himself mid sentence to shoot out a web. Successfully sticking her to the wall.

His eyes widened when he saw that she was dissolving the web material, with her bare hands.

“Y/N!” Sam called from the other side.

“Gotta go!” She smirked. “See ya later!”

“Wait up!” He chased after her.



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fam(ily) - one | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 4.8k
genre: fluFF?? aNGST?!? idk jimin is a dad

one | two

[A/N]: goin straight to the point, our little family by the very talented @nightbts heavily inspired me to write this fanfic !! I absolutely lovLOVEelovelove that story, so much i made my friend read it WITH me. its a beautifully written piece and i never knew i loved parent!jimin so much. sis i wasn’t lying when i said it inspired me to write my own !! pls enjoy, dont have high expectations bc its not anywhere near how good OLF is lol

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“I don’t think you’re going to find a decent girl at the club.” Jungkook said entering the noisy, dark building.

Jimin laughed, “who said I’m trying to find a decent girl?”

Taehyung rose an eyebrow. “So what are you going to do when she wants to hook up? Bring her back to your place with your twins in the next room?”

Jimin frowned and ordered the first drink on the menu. “No.. I don’t know.” You, the only girl bartender in the club, fixed the drink in the fastest manner Jimin has ever seen. You poured it into a glass and slid it towards the man. He lifted it, weary as to how it was going to taste. The glass rim touched his lips and the alcohol burned his throat as he took it all in.

“Can we just enjoy the night?” Jimin asked when he saw the other two awkwardly hesitant. “I’m not bringing home anyone, guys. I came out here to forget that I was a single dad working a 9 to 5 job.”

Jungkook laughed and patted his best bud’s shoulder. “That’s a little hard to forget when your babies are both of your wallpapers.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and shrugged off his friend’s hand. Taehyung walked off to flirt with the girl bartender down the bar. Jimin was left alone, swirling the ice and liquor in his heavy glass.

“Rough night?” You asked as you polished the cups. He looked around to make sure you were addressing him. Taehyung had wandered off to another girl and you had walked back over. He peered up to see your soft smile. Your eyelashes fluttered against your pale cheeks. Your hair was secured messily in a bun.

Jimin laughed it off, not sure how to answer that question. It was more of a rough entire six years and since he had twins, it felt multiplied by two. “You could say that.”

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Pairing: Sam x Daughter!Reader, Dean x Niece!Reader

Summary: Since you came into a new foster family, things are becoming worse and worse. You reach a point where you can’t take it anymore.

Word Count: about 2700

Warnings: A little breakdown, abusive foster parents, apart from that just fluff I guess (please tell me if I missed something)

A/N: This is my (way too late, I’m so sorry!) entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl One Year Celebration (the prompt is bolded). Katie, you’re the best big sister we could ask for and an inspiration to us all. I hope for many more great years with you <3

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You’ve been sitting in your room for hours, opting between doodling on some notebook paper and checking your phone every few minutes. You jumped up from your chair once the two words finally lit up on the screen.

I’m here.

It didn’t even take you seconds to open the window and quietly climb through it. Relief flooded through you as you saw your dad standing there, leaning onto the black Impala, and he made some steps toward you. As soon as his arms were around you, engulfing you in a tight hug, the tears you’d been trying to hold back all day spilled over. Helplessly, he tried to shush you, rubbing his hand over the small of your back and kissing your hair.

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I Can’t Sleep

A/N: Sorry for not posting for a few days! Sign Of The Times got me all distracted :P

Character: Harry

Warning(s): None

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Oh! 38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?” Pretty please!!

Here we go with yet another fluffy piece. Set somewhere in season 7, maybe. 

Tagging @fictober and @today-in-fic

This is exactly the kind of family gathering Mulder is used to. Yelled accusations. Past missteps. Oh yes, he knows this. Except it’s not his family. And no one, for once, is yelling at him. He’s outside on the porch, the sun trying to hide, too, disappearing quickly, going to sleep. Under him the wood creaks softly. No one but him hears it. They’re in the kitchen, Scully and her brother Bill. Mulder was in there with them moments ago. He doubts either of them even noticed when he slipped outside. Out here, their voices are muffled, but he can still hear them, word for word.

“He has no right being here!”

“I want him here, Bill!”

“Dana, you work with him I get it. You don’t invite colleagues to spend time with your family.”

“I wanted an easy day with my boyfriend. What’s wrong with that?” A pause. Mulder outside, out of sight, swallows. Boyfriend. Scully has called him many, many things. Never her boyfriend, though.

“Your boyfriend?” Bill’s voice is squeaky high and Mulder can almost see the surprised shock on the other man’s face. His own expression, he figures, is probably not much different. Boyfriend. The word makes him chuckle deep inside. Boyfriend. Warmth spreads through him, spreads joy inside his stomach. He is Scully’s boyfriend - she just confirmed it. There is a stupid grin on his face; he feels it in the pull of his cheek, in the way his lips curl upwards. Too bad there’s no here to see it. 

“Fox?” Mulder turns around, startled. There in the door stands Mrs. Scully. She is surrounded by the light streaming out from inside. The voices of her children boast loudly through the open door. With a sigh, she closes it behind her and joins him.

“I’m sorry.” He says and she throws him a look, her eyes open wide.

“What are you sorry for, dear? I came out here to apologize for my children. Bill and Dana have always been like this. She’s his baby sister and he thinks he knows what’s best for her.” Mulder nods. He doesn’t know what that’s like, can only guess, as he’s only ever had a taste of being a big brother. 

“I brought you pie, Fox. Just because these two can’t behave doesn’t mean you should miss out on dessert.” She hands him a plate with a big, mout-watering piece of pie. With whipped cream on top. Mulder licks his lips. Mrs. Scully hands him a napkin and a fork and Mulder, unable to speak, mouths his thank you and digs in. He eats greedily, stifles a moan, and forgets everything for a moment.

“Just so you know, Fox,” she waits until he faces her, still chewing. He swallows hard, the distant voices - how are they not hoarse yet? - of Bill and Scully ringing in his ear, “just because my son doesn’t understand what a wonderful man you are and how much you love Dana, doesn’t mean I feel the same.” Then Mrs. Scully does something he never thought he’d see: she winks at him. Love, she said. Mrs. Scully knows he loves her daughter. They haven’t said the words yet. Hell, up until earlier there had been no definition to their relationship period. Until Scully called him her boyfriend in front of her brother. Not even to him, no. That’s not how they communicate. It makes him smile now; no matter how their relationship changes, forms new shapes, they’re still the same people. Still Mulder and Scully. As dysfunctional as they’ve always been.

“Thank you.” The words crumble out of his mouth. 

“You’re very welcome, Fox.” Mrs. Scully leans forward and kisses his cheek. Mulder finds himself blushing. When she turns to go back inside, she doesn’t seem surprised to see her daughter standing in the door. Scully has her arms across her chest, still in defense and still ready to fight.

“You two done?” There is amusement in Mrs. Scully’s voice. How often has she had to break these two up? Mulder wonders watching mother and daughter. Scully visibly relaxes as her mother touches her arm. She nods. 

“Good. Now go be with your boyfriend.”

“Mom!” Scully blushes deeply, but so does Mulder, and giggles uncomfortably. She waits until her mother has disappeared inside before she closes the distance between them. Scully falls into his arms and leans heavily against him. She’s warm, smells like pie, and looks just as delicious. Her smile is tired yet genuine. 

“Regretting that you brought me?” She claps her hands behind him, holding him tightly against her. Either for warmth or because she likes him. Either way, he enjoys her closeness.

“Never, Mulder. I wanted you here. I wanted to spend time with you outside of work. Like a normal couple.”

“Boyfriend and girlfriend, huh?” He can’t keep the shy grin off his face. 

“You heard us fighting.” It’s not a question. “Bill was not… he’ll grow to love- like you, Mulder. You probably have a lot in common. He just needs a little time.“ 

"You think I would have been like Bill? If Samantha brought home a… boyfriend?” Mulder asks quietly. He shivers as a cool wind whiffs past them and Scully tightens her grip on him. 

“I don’t know, Mulder,” she answers honestly, “I think you’d be protective. You are.”

“I would want - would have wanted to trust her judgment.” Scully gives him a sad smile and puts one hand on his cheek.

“You might have thrown him dirty looks, Mulder. But you would have accepted the man your sister loved.”


"Definitely love.” Scully whispers and before he can reply, or react in any way, she gets on tiptoes and plants her mouth over his. 

“Dana!” A voice hollers. Mulder startles and breaks the kiss, realizing it’s Bill. And he’s just seen them kissing. Yeah, Scully’s brother is definitely going to like him. Never. “Come inside.” Scully doesn’t move and stays in Mulder’s arms. “You too, Mulder.” Bill finishes grudgingly, stomping back inside.

“Did he just invite me in?" 

"He did. Now come on. It’s getting cold out here.” He lets Scully lead him back inside the house, but even while still outside, he’s never felt this warm before in his life.


Theo x Reader

AU Masterlist

Theo sat in the truck staring at your house. He could see the little things that made it yours, the scanner like the one back at the apartment that sent a text to tell you who was by the door. He was sure the front gate would alert you if he walked through it.


He could hear your heartbeat, you were wide awake and something had your pulse up, some sort of film. Theo couldn’t bring himself to go inside, he’d never been a house outside of the compound or the school, to him the two-story house was huge and daunting.

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If the Crown Fits

“We would be like Romeo and Juliet if we dated.” Phil said absentmindedly. 
Dan froze in shock. 
“How so?” He asked with a forced casual air. 
Phil shrugged, and turned the page, “Well forbidden love. Prince and servant aren’t exactly ideal.” He continued to read. 
Dan was conscious of his mouth hanging open.


The Royalty AU nobody asked for in which Prince Daniel falls head over heels for his best friend and servant boy, Phil.

Author’s Notes: 
Ok so I started this fic about 5 months ago and WOOP it’s been a ride!
From my beta Rachel (@diamond0604) constantly telling me OL OL OL OL OL etc. etc. (that means one line) to endless run throughs I feel as though this fic is my baby.
Actually never mind this fic is MY BABY and I feel as though I’m sending him away and it’s breaking my heart but whatever!So this is for the Phandom Big Bang therefore I have an amazing artist! (@alienenthusiast)
And I’ve already mentioned Rachel who is sitting beside me to stop me from crying because that is likely oh god.
Therefore without further ado I present my baby… If the Crown Fits!

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Time Travel for Dummies (Sam x Daughter!Reader)

Pairing: Sam x Daughter!Reader, Dean x Niece!Reader
Warnings: none
Word Count: 893
A/N: Thank you so much for requesting, I had a lot of fun writing this!

    “Dad, you okay in there?” You shouted. Okay, stupid question. While you weren’t having fun trying to pick the lock of the world’s stupidest freaking door ever, you doubted Sam was okay being locked in a room with a pissed off witch. You could barely make out Sam’s muffled reply through the door, and then heard a loud crash. “Uncle Dean!” You yelled down the hallway. “Over here!”

    You heard heavy footsteps behind you, and moved out of the way when Dean gently pushed you to the side. Bracing a hand against the door, he took a deep breath and rammed his shoulder into the old wood. It fell into the room, and the two of you rushed in, guns aimed at the witch attacking Sam.

    “Hey, lady!” But before you could pull the trigger, you got blasted by a spell that you should’ve seen coming.

    Stupid witch. 

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Genre: Angst
Info: Yoongi/Reader Single Mom!Reader, Idol!Yoongi, PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Ct: 3.776
Summary: When you’re young, mistake is just a seven letter word. And, little by little, that all starts to change. As you get older, the mistakes you make start to have consequences, and mistake stops being just a word.

I was only 22 when I made the biggest mistake of my life, and it all centred around Min Yoongi.

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Singled Out//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Kira Yukimura, Reader.

Please please please let me know what you guys think! Let me know if you want this extended out as a series!

You dated Stiles all throughout high school. You went to homecoming your freshmen year together and you broke up with him senior year. It wasn’t his fault, he had big plans and you didn’t want to get in his way.

Now, two years later, you’ve returned to Beacon Hills. You decided it had been long enough. You packed all your things and moved back last week.

You strolled through the grocery store, pushing the cart slowly as you gaze down each aisle.

You look down at your daughter who’s strapped into the cart, her hands full of items you’d picked up.

You turn down the cereal aisle when you hear a familiar voice.

“Y/N Y/L/N? Is that you?” You turn to see Scott McCall. Of course that was your luck.

“Hey, Scott! It’s been awhile.” You smile, positioning yourself in front of the cart.

“How are you? I haven’t heard from you since before graduation.” He approaches, the groceries in his basket telling you he was no longer single.

“Oh..I’m good. Y'know, just working.” You say uncomfortably.

“Momma!” And that just added on to your good luck. You turn to face your daughter, who is holding her empty bottle up to you.

“Hold on, Em. I’ll get you more at home.” You take the bottle and give her a small bag of snacks.

“Momma?” He raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah…” You laugh awkwardly. You step aside so he can see her.

“Hi, cutie.” He smiles at her and she waves. “What’s her name?”

“Emma.” You reply, running a hand through her curls as she looks up at you.

“She’s gorgeous.” You see his eyes scan your hand for a ring.

“Thanks.” You smile. You turn back to your cart. “I should probably get going, but it was nice to see you.”

“Yeah…you too.” He gives a small wave.

You continue pushing your cart down the aisle. You come to the end and get on your tiptoes to grab something from the top shelf. You’re just about to give up when a hand reaches up and grabs it for you.

“Is this what you wanted?”

You look over to the man beside you, your heart practically stopping.



You saw Scott coming up behind him.

“How’ve you been?”

“I’m good. You?”

“Same old same old.” He nods.

Scott’s eyes shift from you to Stiles. “I was just about to tell you I saw her.”

You laugh softly, tucking your hair behind your ear. You spot Kira not far behind Scott.

“Y/N! Hi!” She waves.

“Hey, Kira. Nice to see you.”

“You too.” She smiles.

Scott leans over and whispers something to her before they both leave. “Stiles we’re going to go grab milk, we’ll be back.” Scott tells his best friend.

Stiles puts the cereal in the cart for you, his eyes landing on Emma. He looked at you, and back to Emma. He opened his mouth and closed it, looking speechless. He crosses his arms, “Seriously, Y/N?”

“She’s not yours.” You blurt out.

“Like hell she isn’t. Do you think I’m stupid? She looks just like me!”

“Do not yell in front of her.” You immediately step between Stiles and the cart.

“How old is she?”

“Stiles, I-…”

“How old is she, Y/N.”

“Two..” You mumble.

He runs a hand through his hair, “This is why you broke up with me, isn’t it?”

“I mean..no..” You can’t think straight.

“Don’t lie.”

“Stiles, you got into the FBI program. I didn’t want to screw things up for you.”

“So it’s my fault you took my daughter away?”

“Can we please not do this here?”

He sighs and looks at his phone. “I have a meeting in an hour. I’ll text you my address when it’s over and you can come to my house. I assume you still have the same number?”

You nod softly, your body feeling numb. Why’d you even come back?

He sighs and takes off, not another word spoken to you.

You finish up shopping and head back to your apartment. You get Emma set up in front of the TV before putting the groceries away.

You receive the text from Stiles. Deep down you hoped he’d just decide he didn’t want to talk about it. He seemed different now. He was hardened. He was a man.

You took Emma with you, you had no one else to watch her. You balanced her on your hip as you knocked, your stomach in knots.

He answered the door, his eyes locked with Emma’s. She waved at him and you could see his face soften.

“Can I hold her?”

You nod and hand her to him, Emma immediately snuggling into his neck. “She’s supposed to go down for a nap soon, so we can talk then.”

You sit on the couch and watch as Stiles plays with her, pure joy spread across his face.

He helped you put her down for a nap before the two of you sat at the dining room table.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Be honest.” He looks at you, a sad look on his face.

“You know better than anyone I’ve always wanted to be a mom. I thought that it was best for the both of us if we went our separate ways. You could go to school and be happy and I could be a mom and be happy.”

“You still could’ve told me.”

“It’s not that simple, Stiles. I would’ve loved having you to help me raise her, but if we’re both being honest here, if I’d told you…you would have never left Beacon Hills for school.”

He sighs, “You made the decision for me, Y/N.”

“Stiles…I’m sorry. I really am.”

“I guess it’s too late for that.”

“Look, I’m here now. I work nine to five…I’ve put her in daycare for those hours.”

“I work from home most of the time. Unless there’s a really serious investigation.”

“Do you want her from nine to five then? We could ease you and her into it.”

He’s silent for a moment. “I’d really like that.”

“Stiles…I’m really sorry. I just…” You sigh and put your head in your hands. “I thought that it would be better for you, y'know? I loved you so much and I wanted what was best for you. I didn’t think that being a teen parent was in your best interest.”

He stands up and hugs you. “I know. I don’t really think it’s okay, but I understand where you’re coming from…I would’ve done the same for you.”

You look up at him, he wore the same look as when he told you Allison had died. The look he had when he told you that his school was three hours away. It was the same look you wore when you broke up with him.

The memories rush into your head, practically making you dizzy with feelings.

“Stiles..I have no idea how to make this up to you.”

“We can only try, Y/N. I just want you to know that now that I know…I’ll always be here. No matter what.”

With You {Part 2}

Mark x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: AU/Fluff/ Angst
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Fiancee. Daughter. Mark was taken by surprise as he looked at the three of you standing in front of him. He was too busy focusing on your smile that he had missed the now apparent diamond on your left hand.

Jinyoung reached out his hand and smiled, “Hi, nice to meet you. You’re Dorine and Raymond’s son, the one who lived in Asia.”

 Mark’s gaze was only on you, you tucked your hair behind your ear, fidgeting at the situation that was occurring right now. He grasped Jinyoung’s hand and shook it, forcing a smile on his face. “Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome.”

You stared as your fiancée and your ex shook hands, your daughter remained clinging to your leg. You felt so uneasy, feeling your legs wobble as the situation made you anxious. You bent down to meet eye level with your daughter, pulling a cupcake from the table you handed it to her. “Why don’t you and Jinyoung go and find a place to eat this cupcake while mommy talks with her friend.”

 Your daughter’s eyes widened at the cupcake, “Come on! Let’s go eat!” she said in excitement before running off again.

You looked at Jinyoung and smiled, “I’ll catch up with you two in a bit.”

 “Alright, nice meeting you Mark.” Jinyoung said already glancing to see where your daughter ran off too, then he turned to follow after her.

 It was silent, the tension surrounding both of you was thick. You scrambled to find something to say expecting to be the first one to speak but Mark beat you to it, “Wow, she looks so much like you.” Mark stated as he watched your daughter from a far. “Jinyoung probably hears that a lot I’m guessing.”

 “Jinyoung isn’t her biological father,” you stated, cursing yourself for speaking to hastily.  It had become a habit for you to explain the situation to others “Her biological father isn’t in the picture.” You quickly added. You glanced at Jinyoung who sat with your daughter, peeling the wrapping around the cupcake for her, “But Jinyoung is basically a father to her.”

 As if Mark wasn’t surprised already, now he was really caught off guard. He didn’t know what to say, a part of him hurt a little and another part of him was curious to know what lead the father to not be a part of the picture. Except, that was none of his business. He noticed the way you fumbled with your dress and how uncomfortable you looked. He was starting to feel pretty awkward himself.

 “The cupcakes look great by the way,” he said shifting topics and trying to ease the atmosphere.

“Thank you, definitely give one a try,” relieved that he didn’t pry any further, you smiled at him, “I should get going and make sure Jinyoung doesn’t let her eat the whole cupcake before dinner,” that was a lie, you just didn’t want to be there with him right now.

 “Yeah no for sure,” Mark nodded, “It was good seeing you Y/N.”

 “You too,” you smiled at him as you walked off.

 Mark stared after you, you may have looked the same, but your life was completely different. How did he not know that you were engaged? Or that you had a child? Surely both of your parents would have talked and there was no way news like this could have been kept hidden. He was more out of the loop than he thought while he was in Asia. He needed a drink to settle his thoughts. Mark made his way over to the bar and poured himself a whiskey on the rocks. The cool malty drink warmed his chest as he sipped and made his way over to the patio. He leaned against the rail to get a full view of the celebration. Once again his eyes found you in the crowd. You were sitting at the table, your daughter sitting on your mother’s lap while you fanned her with a napkin. He watched as Jinyoung walked over with two plates of food and set it down in front of you, casually slipping his arm around your shoulder as he laughed at something your mother said. Mark felt a twinge of envy as he observed the three of you together. He went to take another sip of his drink only to find it empty, setting his glass down beside him he rested his elbows on the rail. His gaze still fixated on you.

 “Here, looks like you could use another,” Mark’s father walked over with two glasses in hand and handed one to his son. His eyes followed to where Mark was staring. “She’s a spitting image of how Y/N looked growing up isn’t she?”

 Mark took a sip letting the estery flavor coat his mouth before swallowing, “Did you know?” he asked his father.

 “Your mom and I both knew, but we figured it was none of our business to share her news.” His father said, his expression apologetic. Like Mark, he wasn’t one to pry into other’s personal lives.

 Mark remained quiet, as he always is when he has a lot on his mind. Why was it that as he watched you smiling at your daughter, another man’s arms draped around your shoulder, he still wanted you? How many times had he thought about you and him together, regretful for the way things ended? It was so hard for him to let you go these past years but you had obviously moved on.   

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Contrast - (Harrison “ Harry” Wells/Reader)

Imagine E-2 reader let Zoom take Jesse. So Jesse and Harry are shocked when they see E-1 reader walk in one day correcting one of Jesse’s science equations.

For my dear @wowjeena

Originally posted by allenparker

“Oh… my… god…” Jesse turned to her father, “Why didn’t I see that? Why did you see that!?”

Harry stared at the board tilting his head at the corrected complicated equation he had his daughter had been working on, “I don’t know…It makes perfect sense…”

“It’s a common misplacement of numbers.” They both froze at the sound of your voice behind them, “I’m sorry, I hope you two weren’t working on that forever and I just ruined everything. Sometimes I just see things and can’t help myself”

Harry turned defensively stepping in front of Jesse, “Y/N…”

Your eyes widened in surprise, “Oh…you must have a version of me back home.”

Jesse stepped closer to her father, “You could…say that.”

You looked toward her seeing their uneasiness, “I’m making you uncomfortable…I’m so sorry…”

Harry watched you take a step back putting yourself in almost a submissive body position. Something the Y/N back home would never had done. Back home you would have strutted over declaring how wrong he’d been for such a simple solution and go on to how incompetent he was. 

“I can go…” You lowered your gaze from his hard stare, “I’m sorry…”

“Wait…” He spoke up feeling Jesse tug on his arm. He looked back at his daughter, “After everything this team has done for me…after everything I’ve done to them…to get you back…”

“Dad…” She whispered fear lacing her eyes, “She…”

“That…” He looked to you pausing by the door way, “That isn’t Y/N…this is…Y/N.

You gave him a small smile relaxing a little, “I’m not here to cause trouble…Barry just asked me to come introduce myself after he explained what’s going…I’ve been abroad in New Zealand doing some work on-”

“A new form of electrochemical energy storage?” His eyes smiled a little as he interrupted you taking a guess.

“No…” You shook your head a little at his remark, “Same field-ish… Photobioreactor…is that what my counterpart is working on, on your earth?”

He watched you curiously take a step toward him as he crossed his arms, “Yes.”

“That’s atrocious!” You looked at him, “Everyone knows that it is cleaner to use photobio over electrochem!”

“Yes, but it’s more expensive to maintain.” He countered surprised by your concern for the green ideal, “Everyone knows that it takes twice as much, versus chemical.”

“It provides jobs and if we could get federal funding here in the states…” You shook your head frustrated.

“Job security isn’t an issue back home.” He told you glancing to Jesse who still seemed uncomfortable, “Jesse…why don’t you go make us some lunch. Pretty sure Cisco brought us some groceries today…why don’t you go deem what they consider food here.”

“Right…” She nodded glancing at you as she walked out.

“Nice to meet you, Jesse.” You smiled at her warmly as she walked out without a word. You looked back to Harry, “Did…my doppelganger…do something?”

He swallowed looking away, “Our Y/N…she…well…she was a rival of mine. Always looking for a way to gain an edge. She’s the one who planted the idea in Zoom’s head to take her…to set this whole plan into motion…”

Your face fell as you put a hand to your stomach, “…I…I don’t know what to say…I’m so sorry…I wouldn’t have just…”

“I know.” He nodded slowly taking off his glasses, “I was in your position a few months ago when I first came here. Your team trusted me…I will try to do the same for you. Jesse…she…”

“I don’t expect anything.” You told him slowly taking a step toward him, “I can’t even imagine…”

“I should go talk to her and make sure everything’s okay.” He looked to your face. Even your eyes seemed different, they were so warm and inviting. Full of curiosity he would guess. He was used of this cold harsh individual. All busy, and only there for the glory and looking for the kill.

“If there’s anything I can do for either of you, please, don’t hesitate to ask.” You told him that desirable smile coming back to your face, “You’ve both have been through too much and I would like to help you anyway I can.”

“Thank you.” He watched you turn walking out noticing all the differences even more. You didn’t wear stilettos that clacked against the floor like a war drum. You hair was relaxed gracefully bouncing as you glided out. Then there was that gentle look back full of genuine sincerity instead of pure contempt with a desire to destroy.

He took a deep breath clearing his throat before he went to seek out Jesse. Yes…this was going to be different if you were going to be around the lab. He’d try to be wary for Jesse…he wouldn’t lie that there was a sinking feeling in the back of his head knowing you were there.

Even his doppelganger here had secrets…he wondered what yours were.

Behind The Story S2 | Pt. 8

Summary: They say things never go as planned and oh were they right. When you are giving a second chance in life, you’re only just begun to live. A baby girl came to the world but it doesn’t mean their road is over yet. The story about their relationship and family while shooting Supernatural and attending Conventions continues…

Author: sleepywinchester [prev. deanwinchester-af]

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader (Nina Dobrev)

Words: 2.1k

Beta: @waywardlullabies

Warnings: Fluff. { slightly angst }


Title: To The Freakin’ Moon.

Note: Hope you guys like this one!!! Feedback is always appreciated it. (x)

Jensen: “Good trip so far?”  

You: “She only dropped juice all over herself once and cried to the top of her lungs twice. It’s going great and everyone in this plane loves us.”

Jensen: “Ha! I’ll be in the lookout for viral videos of you sending someone to hell if they cross the line. Show em your mean right.”

You: “Funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is a jerk to us.”

Jensen: “I wouldn’t be surprise if you kick their asses.”

You: “You know me so well. She’s sleeping right now.”

Jensen: “Give her a kiss for me. Gotta go.”

After locking your phone, you looked down to the sleeping beauty in your arms. Knowing she rested peacefully in your arms melted your heart. She didn’t have a care in the world. You knew she was feeling cold when her tiny body curled towards you. The corner of your lip curved up watching her seek for warmth in you. Slowly and trying not to wake her up, you grabbed the pink blanket from your bag and covered her up.  

The flight went on for two more hours until you finally landed in Vancouver. Jensen was waiting for you as you walked out of the airport. His smile got wider watching you walk towards him with the stroller.  The sudden flashing lights interrupted the moment.

Jensen’s picked up his pace and reached you and JJ. He gave you a kick kiss on the lips before escorting you towards the car. You re-adjusted your bag and followed him closely towards the car.

“Are you okay after the accident, Y/N?”, “When’s the wedding?”, “Is there a wedding at all?!”, “You gotta put a ring on it, Jensen! She’s too hot!”.

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Bright Sunshine

the series read as follows:

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a/n:  for anyone new joining the fray, I wrote a series starting last fictober called ‘Life’ (here’s the last in that series but they’re all listed) … then I finished it … and continued with ‘Life, part 2′ and that’s listed above … you might want to read those first :)

@today-in-fic @fictober


Betty got an eyeful the next morning, having helped Maggie roll down the street towards home. Getting her in the house, she went in search of the intrepid duo to let them know Maggie was back. Looking through the backdoor, she expected to find the pair eating at the patio table or maybe Mulder mowing the lawn.

Instead, she found them fast asleep, having returned to the hammock, bare limbs tangled, Scully’s naked hips residing comfortably on top of Mulder, his hand splayed across her back, cheekbone to chest, hair draped across collarbone, satisfied smile on Mulder’s face, arm hanging off the edge.

Not a stitch of covering in sight.

She really ought to discretely wake them up, given Scully’s backside would be sunburned in the very near future if she left them like this. Wondering just how to carry out such a delicate procedure, she first went back in the house, shushing Maggie, “so, they’re out back in the hammock and for lack of propriety, they are …” she really should be more embarrassed by this, “well, naked. Do you have a towel or blanket I can put over them because, from where I stood, it looks like your daughter is going to have a very uncomfortable sunburn very quickly.”

Maggie, not sure whether to laugh or be mortified, pointed towards the linen closet in the hall, “there are some spare beach towels in there, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Betty, amusement growing, “back in a minute. Would you like to come out and watch them wake up the minute the towel hits them?”

She was a terrible mother, “actually, yes, I kind of would.”

Helping Maggie to the door, Betty then went back out, stealing across the wood, prepping and finally releasing the towel across the bodies.

Scully didn’t even move.

Mulder managed to lift his head, then, taking in towel, friend and future relative, squinted in the bright sun, looking at the pair of older women, “morning.”

“That was very anti-climactic.” Betty gave him a smile, “but I guess it would have been worse if you’d both fallen out of the hammock.”

Mulder grinned, “that happened earlier. Not fun … well … at first anyways.”

Betty shook her head.

Maggie shook her head, then, “whenever you two wake up, come inside. I’m going to make some sandwiches.”

Of course, this penetrated Scully’s unconscious brain and lifting herself from Mulder, she looked at him through a veil of hair, “sandwiches?”

Chuckling, he pulled the towel closer around her, “your stomach is my favorite part of you right now. Come on, Maggie is making lunch.”

“Maggie? Mom? You mean mom is here?” Taking in her surroundings with a speed that made her hair spin, she spied her mother, “oh, God, really?”

“Yes, dear, really.”

“Kill me now, please. Swiftly if possible but dead, buried and gone.”

Betty loved the Scully household, “let me go get you another towel.”


Lunch really should have been more awkward for him but once Mulder had pajama pants back on, he couldn’t keep the grin off his face given the amount of red Scully remained throughout the meal. Betty had happily disappeared to the yarn store, leaving them absolutely no buffer, which Mulder found highly amusing, Scully incredibly terrible. Once plates were clean and ice tea drank, she finally cracked, “yes, we had sex on the back porch last night. Yes, you found us naked and asleep in the hammock. Yes, I am sitting at the kitchen table eating roast beef and provolone sandwiches with my future husband and my mother who saw my bare ass in the sun. Yes, it was embarrassing but can we just move on?”

Mulder put his head on the table, shoulders shaking in laughter, “cut right to that chase, Scully.”

Maggie just looked at her daughter, “future husband?”

Scully simply leaned on Mulder’s vibrating shoulder, “yeah, I was thinking that I’m going to marry Mulder one of these days, might be a few years from now but still, eventually, I’m going to marry him.”

Reaching over to pat Mulder’s arm, “welcome to the family, Fox.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

With a shining smile at her daughter, “we should probably start cooking for dinner tonight. We have a full house, plus Walter.”

“That’s it? That’s your reaction to me telling you I’m getting married?”

“Dear, I’ve been waiting for this for years and expecting it for months. It’s not as much of a surprise as you might think.”

Scully sat back in her chair, faux grumpy look on her face, “can nothing surprise you anymore?”

“Well, I was a little shocked to find you on the back porch this morning but even that, not really that Earth shaking.”

Mulder outright guffawed, booming laugh echoing across the kitchen as Scully finally grinned, “we’ll keep trying, how’s that?”

“Fair enough and good luck. Now, I was thinking pasta salads, some type of meat, jello and light desserts. What do you think?”

the peace process | alfie/twin!reader

set in the same verse as ‘the other one’

“Hold my hand, we need to make this believable”

Alfie turned his head to you with a fed up expression and you just smirked and grabbed his hand, weaving your fingers through his.

“When’s the last time you smiled?”

“Feels like a fucking lifetime”

“Aww, baby, don’t be like that”

“Call me fucking baby again, I’ll shoot you in front of the whole table”

“Well then our guests won’t believe we’re madly in love will they, Alfie? They’ll just think you’re mad and then war will break out again and it’ll all go to shit in a bread basket. And since it’ll be me stitching you all back together I have a vested interest in its success”

Tommy’s car pulled up and he fussed with his coat until he saw you stood with Alfie, nuzzled up to his side, trying to siphon off his body heat. He smirked, then shook his head, and lit a cig. The spark of his lighter lit up a small bubble around him and cut through the shadows in the cold street outside the club.

“The happy couple”

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My Beloved Boys - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader)

WARNING: Major Character Death, Mentions of Suicide, Affairs, Mild Sexual Content, War, Abuse, Sexism, Misogyny, War, Depression.

A/N: OKay HeRe It iS! !! It soooooo long I am so sorry, it took me a really long time making this and I am so glad that I finished it. Also, this is kind of like a Les Misérables crossover so there will be more tears than usual. (S/O) is still you btw. If the warnings above triggers you please don’t read.

Thomas looked at the crowd, he blinked his tired eyes at the celebration of the people as they waved their flag in vigor. Time does really go by fast, doesn’t it? The people sang their hearts out as they threw their arms in the air, overjoyed at their new found freedom. The monarchy was no more, Thomas closed his eyes a wave of emotion and memories flooded back in his mind that he had repressed for so long, it was overwhelming.

It all started one afternoon.

A carriage pulled over their front gate. The silver bars creaked as the guards opened them.

“Smile Thomas.” Said Mr. Jefferson, his son huffed in annoyance but kept his composure open and relaxed. Inside he would rather be anywhere than where he was now, completely absorbed by his own thoughts of escaping this moment, he didn’t get a good look of the people who stepped out of the carriage.

A young girl not older than eighteen stepped out of the carriage first. Her dress elegantly flowed around her as she moved, (Y/N) herself was not too fond of this idea. An arranged marriage for more money? Seriously these old men. Not only that, her father had forced her into a dress that is somehow too heavy and too tight around the waist. She would often take a few breaths while she uses her fan.

Her father went out last, “This time walk behind me, leave the carriage before me again and you’ll end up like your mother.” Of course, one of the few reasons why her mother couldn’t come to her own daughter’s private arrangements.

“I’m so sorry father, there is no need for you to hold my hand and help me out of the carriage. I am no child anymore.” (Y/N) replied to the old grouch, it was a real shame that she had to use sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness to get by. Her father just scowled but turned around to walk through the opened gates.

(F/N) steps were long and quick so she had to run up behind him to catch up. Not only that, her tight corset didn’t help her take more air than necessary and does she feel a small pain from the soles of her feet? Yes, her heels were higher than normal.

“A Mr. (L/N), it is so good to see you once again.” Mr. Jefferson opened his arms, greeting the man, completely ignoring the fact that her daughter was left behind to catch up to her no good father. “It’s finally time.” Her father replied shaking the man’s hand. Thomas’s father gestured towards him.

“This is my son.”

Thomas snapped himself out of his daydreams and professionally pretended that he was paying attention. Everyone seemed to buy it other than his father who knew him better. “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Mr. (L/N).” They both shook hands and Thomas can’t help but notice the big fat ring on the man’s finger and how it felt uncomfortable in his palm.

He let go immediately and him being the amazing savant that he was, kept his thoughts to himself.

“This is my daughter, (Y/N) (L/N).”

The young girl composed herself and curtsied. She looked like she ran a mile when Thomas looked at her but once their eyes connected they both flinched from the suddenness of it. The eyes are the windows to the soul, they say.

The men smiled at each other knowing that the arrangement was now going to be an easy feat. As they stood there, eyes locked, both hearts beating quickly, and head circulating one subject after another. Everybody knew something was there, oh yes, something was there indeed.


Red, hot, and angry.

“If only you had met her James, you would have known how infuriating she is!” Thomas ranted to the man lying next to him under the shade of a tree, away from anyone’s judgemental eyes. “I don’t know, she doesn’t sound all that bad.” He said, viewing the horses drinking the water from the stream nearby. “Not that bad?! She is horrible! Deranged! Completely and utterly MAD! How could you not see that?!”

James gave his lover a moment to catch his breath before speaking. “Maybe you are over exaggerating a little bit.” Traveling his left hand on the man’s chest, it almost calmed Thomas. Almost.

“You weren’t there. How would you know?”

“Then maybe you should introduce me to her?”

“You would eventually. My father would be upset once he noticed that I am not acknowledging and appreciating my ‘fiancee’.”

“Yes, it would probably be best then to introduce me to her.”

“How come you are so calm throughout all this? I am about to be taken away from both of you!” Thomas touched his chest, hurt written all over his features. James, already used to his dramatics only closed his eyes, refraining from rolling them. “I am not calm about the arrangement neither does Aaron, Tommy.”

“Then why aren’t you both proposing on running away and eloping to me.”

James wanted to smack Lafayette from giving Thomas all of that garbage they both call books. He stopped himself from sliding a hand across his face. “We cannot do that. We have to be practical, we three already talked about this.”

The young man pouted, sighing, James sat up. “You have to start thinking more about your political career Thomas.”

“I am.” Thomas countered his lovers attack, clearly knowing what this was about. “I want to savor this Maddy.” He reached for the other young man’s hand and bringing it up to press it on his lips, giving it a sweet tender kiss. James melted at the contact.

Thomas sat up and went closer to his side, his hand still pressed to his lips.

“Maybe running away was a bad idea but I don’t think eloping is close to being a horrible decision right now.”

James smiled and captured Thomas in a kiss.

James was not expecting this in the least. The young girl was flirting with him, at least that’s what he was perceiving it as. Thomas was completely red with anger out of jealous rage, his steps were more like stomps and if he had the strength he could have shook the whole world by now.

On the other hand, James was also red, but more from being pleasantly flustered and embarrassed. The compliments and small jabs here and there turned him to putty on this young girl’s hand, he was not the kind of man who is easily swayed with words but it seemed that she knew how to push a lot of pleasant buttons.

And big red buttons on Thomas’s part. They had decided to go for a walk in their garden. James’s mother was always fond of English gardens. “So Mr. Madison, do you like horse riding?”

“Ah yes, I do. It helps me get away with some responsibilities. I often do it with Thomas, I find it better if you have company.”


(Y/N) looped her arm on his and Thomas looked ready to explode. “ALRIGHT.” Said the young boy getting in between them, nudging them apart. (Y/N) being pushed to the side, completely used to this, folded her fan closed and hit Thomas’s arm with it.

“Don’t you know how to treat a lady, good sir?” She said between gritted teeth. Honestly, she doesn’t care if he did, but engaging in a verbal fight with the young man somehow pleases her. Especially when she wins.

“I do actually,” Thomas said, leaning to stare her down. “But you, Ms. (L/N), are no lady.”

He walked passed them completely done. James looked at his lover leaving with a worried expression. “I will never know what you see in that man.” (Y/N) said, once again opening her fan and using while she walked ahead, now more interested in the flowers.

James felt a small pang in his chest when she left his side but her last words struck him to the bone.

“She knows.” Aaron deadpanned, he couldn’t believe that the first thing he would hear was this after being away from them both for so long. Months in fact. James and Thomas kissed him senseless the moment they got somewhere private.

“Yes, I believe she does know.” It’s been a week, James couldn’t stop wiping sweat from his forehead for just as long. Afraid of waking up because someone knows other than whom he can trust. He doesn’t know (Y/N) well.

“It’s already seven days and yet she hasn’t told a soul. Perhaps she is going to use this as blackmail?” Thomas’s palms were sweaty, also nervous about (Y/N) knowing. Aaron only kept his worries to himself until it’s asked out of him.


“We should confront her about this.”

“Will we give her more information for blackmail if we do?” The young boy couldn’t breathe, James and Aaron rushed to his side. Thomas’s father would disown him or worse, kill him for his blasphemous acts. At first, he knew this would be the end of him, entering such a forbidden relationship.

But as he looks at the two people he had secretly longed for made it worth it till the very end.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” (Y/N) said, her voice serious and firm. “You three are worrying over nothing.“ They were on Thomas’s study, she admired the perfectly aligned books on the shelves of her husband to be’s. Caressing some popular ones, eager to pull some out.

The three men felt the weight of the world rise off their shoulders. “This does not…. disgust you?” Aaron completely confused after he returned to his senses. (Y/N) gave him a funny look. “Not at all.” She replied calmly, “I am not unaware of the fact that situations like these do happen. I know more than you think.”

“Does that mean you know more people like us?” James asked and Thomas was quiet.

“Like I said,” She pulled out a book, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and opened it. “I know more than you think.” (Y/N) looked up confident and the three young men felt a shot of strong desire creep in.

Aaron asked questions after questions once she made it clear that she does not like dwelling on unnecessary topics. After the long conversation was over, (Y/N)’s eyes sparkled with interest when Aaron started talking about the rebellion. Almost leaving some important information here and there, she drew closer to the man and started flirting with him.

It wasn’t direct but it was easier to point out. He felt a bit uncomfortable because no one usually pays attention to him, he thought only the people he considers close to him are the ones who acknowledge him and this was a pleasant change. James chimed in, a bit annoyed by the bold move she made.

(Y/N) stopped after that and Aaron was disappointed, to say the least. James pinched his left side while Thomas jabbed him lightly on his right. (Y/N) pretends not to notice as she once again admires Thomas’s collection.

The wedding was finally here, Mr. Jefferson was more than pleased and Mr. (L/N) was even more so, his smile bigger than usual. Mrs. (L/N) put on a fake smile as she covers her bruised arm, welcoming and thanking the guests for coming. Mr. Washington, a long time business partner came with his adoptive son and his daughter in law.

“Thank you for once again gracing me with your lovely face Mrs. (L/N).”

“Pleasures all mine good sir.”

The kiss of the back of her hand was longer than necessary but nobody seemed to have noticed the flash of longing in their eyes after it. Except for Alexander and (S/O) at least.

“Ah, Mrs. (L/N). How are you?” Alexander kissed the back of her hand in polite greeting, (S/O) kissed both her cheeks. “I have been… good.” Pity wasn’t given but (S/O) and Alexander felt a rush of sympathy for her.

Mr. Washington felt differently, even if he did feel sympathy for the woman he had grown to love after so many balls, secret meetings, and many passionate nights spent under the sheets, he only felt anger. Choking her no-good-husband in front of a Chapel was not really ideal.

“The divorce papers will be filed after everything is over. Do not worry, I will keep my promise to you Mrs. (L/N), I will be honored to be your lawyer.” He whispered to her and gave her a reassuring stare. “Thank you.” She said, blinking away the tears that were threatening to pour out any second. George desperately tried to not hug her in public and kiss the pain away.

“We will see you again once the event is over Mrs. (L/N). I am joyous to finally see one of my good friends happily marry and me being picked as the maid of honor surely gave Alexander a bit of trouble.”

“Not quite, I assure you love. I love listening to you fawn over (Y/N)’s wedding dresses.”

“Keep that up and I might consider giving you back your quills.”

The four laughed. “We will be just inside,” George said warmly, (S/O) detached herself from her husband to join Mrs. (L/N). “I will be joining the bride and I will see you later.”

“I do hope so or else we will surely be disappointed.” He whispered and (S/O) couldn’t hide her blush. The men went inside while the women went to see the bride who was standing in a circle stool shamelessly, standing tall in front of the full body mirror. “What do you both think about father’s upcoming funeral? Should it be earlier than expected or do we give him a few more days to grieve?”

“You know me (Y/N). I am a merciful woman, surprise me.

(Y/N) only smiled at them through the mirror.

Mr. Washington went his way to meet the other guest while the young man went his way around the Chapel searching for his companions. “Alexander,” John called, already there with his father who was chatting away. He excused himself and went towards him.

“It is good to see you once again my friend. How is Mrs. Hamilton?” The glint in the other youths eyes was filled with humor.

‘Like you would not know.’ Alexander held the witty comeback in and smiled politely. “She is doing well. You should visit again soon, we appreciate the company. Your last visit was quite short and abrupt I might add.”

“I would make sure to stay as long as I need to.” John’s soft voice reached his ears, he tried his best not to reduce into a puddle. “But now we should celebrate. Our (Y/N) is now going to be married, I miss our playful banters.”

“Indeed, as do I. Now that she is going to be wed there is fewer chances of rumors spreading. I do not want any words about me sleeping with a person I consider as a sister, you know how I am to such things.”

John sighed and agreed wholeheartedly. Alexander would punch every person who would even remotely suggest that they are sleeping with (Y/N).

“It’s just a shame that it has to be that pompous ass-

“We are in a Chapel Alexander.”

He cleared his throat and nodded, “I apologize.”

“Mon amis!”

Lafayette, with confidence in his stride, walked towards them, obviously excited to see both of them. “Ah, Monsieur Lafayette.” He kissed the two on the cheek for greeting but John and Alex knew it was so much more, the people around them didn’t bat an eye.

“I missed both of you. How are you? Is Mrs. Hamilton doing alright Alexander? I am so excited to finally witness my friends wedding!”

John and Alex stood there, trying not to burst into a fit of laughter. Laf was never good at pretending so they just went on like it was natural for him to burst into question after question. “We were just talking about the bride and (S/O) is doing well.”

“Oui, the bride.” Lafayette faked a smile, Alexander and John groaned quietly. “Still standing after all this time? Quite a remarkable woman. Une sorcière que je pourrais ajouter.” The only people who heard Laf’s French were the two men standing in front of him. John and Alex frowned.

“Monsieur Lafayette.”

“Alexander! John! Gilbert!” Hercules’ voice boomed, almost startling other guests. He didn’t mind the stares he received, his eyes set on the three. His smile was big and warm and inviting. The negativity left their bodies immediately with the sight of him.

Lafayette sighed happily, John gave a warm smile in return, and Alex matched the love that was written in the big man’s eyes. “Mon ami.” Laf proceeded to kiss his cheeks in greeting. The larger man laughed, “It’s good to see you as well Gilbert.”

Alex and John gave him a firm handshake. “I expect for more than a handshake later.” Hercules quietly said, chuckling under his breath, deep and fond and amused. John coughed and Alex looks at the side. His flushed cheeks will be blamed for the weather. “How is Mrs. Hamilton?”

“Good. She is very good.” Alexander’s breath was somehow labored. The sight just made the three uncomfortable between their legs. Laf cleared his throat. John slapped Herc’s arm playful and friendly, smirking.

“Now that we are all here.”

“Shall we?”

Thomas was nervous. He doesn’t know why. Perhaps it’s because he wouldn’t be married to the people he wished to be with? Or is it because of how his father kept an eye on him so he wouldn’t do anything he might regret? Or is it because (Y/N) looked stunning in her wedding dress?

Lafayette stood next to him. Trying his best to make his smile believable. He didn’t fail per se. It so happens that he looks more uncomfortable than happy. He was given looks by the priest. Thomas fiddled with his sleeve behind his back, it seemed like he skipped the flower girls and all that nonsense.

(Y/N) is beautiful.

James and Aaron were on the front, completely transfixed as well. You may not see her sharp eyes under the veil, her hand on her father’s arm. But Thomas can feel it pierce through him. For the third time, he felt his heart pulse slowly at first but then it began to beat followed with another without breaks.

Thomas fought it but it was futile when he lifted the veil and kissed his wife he knew he was no more. But does she have to know that? No. He would take it to his grave if he managed to hide until the end.

Sadly he failed once again. Months after the event his feelings grew somewhat stronger. Thomas had talked with James and Aaron and they were nervous at the beginning and stated gently that they would like to court (Y/N).

Thomas was surprised but he agreed. A bit reluctantly at first so the young men took it slow. (Y/N) happily accepted their advances with open arms, he necessarily didn’t know how to feel but grew to accept it over time. He did not mind much when they flirt and share warm glances.

Everything became so much more unbearable when Thomas saw them in James’s office. He had decided to surprise James with chocolate that was in a box wrapped neatly in red, he had even bought Aaron roses. It was, of course, given personally. Aaron was not to be seen in his home so he decided to go straight to James, give him the chocolate, and ask where Aaron went if he knew.

Now he stood in his office, ready to open the door. A moment of silence for his lack of patience. Thomas opened the door, ready to speak when the sight made him go rigid. (Y/N) was perched on top of James’s desk, his papers that were often stacked neatly was now scattered on the floor.

Her legs were on James’s shoulders, dress up way past her thighs to be considered appropriate. Her upper torso was also open, revealing her bosom. It took him a moment to realize what James was doing.

Thomas looked up to see (Y/N) staring straight at him while James hummed under her, kissing and licking and caressing her legs. Blissfully unaware of his presence. (Y/N)’s hair was sticking on her forehead, lips parted slightly to breathe. James did something that made her shut her eyes and moan, throwing her head back in pleasure. Her hand found his hair, tugging it slightly.

Thomas was so captivated.

Heat traveled fast down his pants but resisted and closed the door. The air inside suffocated him and he let out a bated breath.

“Why don’t you join us, Thomas?”

His head snapped up to see Aaron smiling at him, hands behind his back. His eyes showing clear amusement and desire. Thomas’s afternoon didn’t go as planned so he dropped the flowers and chocolate and ran.

“Thomas!” Aaron called behind him but he just kept running until he reached his carriage.

He was ambushed by his wife in his office, (Y/N) closed the door behind her. Her dress simple, she doesn’t have any plans it seemed. “What are you doing here.” His tone dull as he flipped paper after paper and writing his thoughts down.

“You could have fooled me, Thomas. Congratulations, you almost sounded disinterested.”

“That is because I am.

Thomas is lying to himself, he is more than interested, the moment he knew it was (Y/N) who entered his office his mind stopped and his heart stuttered.

“Do you not like me, Thomas?”

“I thought I made that undeniably clear.”

“Your actions will vouch differently I’m afraid.”

“You are searching for answers that are not there, the things you see are all in your head.”

“When will you be honest with yourself Thomas? James and Aaron are in complete agony. They have told me you haven’t spoken to them after what you witnessed.”

“I am honest with myself,” Lies. “and I have been engrossed in my work. I have to think of my political career like they both had wanted, the last thing I want is for you to be the one to ruin it for me. Now if you could please see yourself out.”

He gestures towards the door, he was now beginning to write nonsense on a blank paper. Completely pretending to work, (Y/N) knew this. She pressed on further.

“Your pride will be the death of you.”

“I should say the same thing to you darling.”

He hissed out the pet name. Why would this woman not leave him alone?

“Give in.”

She whispered and just like that he felt his walls tumbling down little by little.

“I do not know why my father married me off to such a stubborn woman.”

“You love it.”

He is going to break if she keeps it up.

“Leave. I do not want you in my office.”

“Do you really?”

He gripped his quill.

“Prideful. Stubborn. Mad. AND Presumptuous.”

“You speak of it as if it’s a horrible thing.”

He pursed his lips, his writing became angry and undecipherable.

“Do not test me.”

His voice shaky and deep. Thomas knew that if he gripped his quill enough it would break.

“I believe I already have.”

He slammed his quill on the table and stood up. His chair falling back at the suddenness of it all. (Y/N) used to this kind of episode just stared at the furious man who stomped his way towards her.

Thomas stared her down, chest heaving. (Y/N) wore a smug expression, they stared at each other. Eyes searching and looking for answers. She was the first one to break the eye contact to stare at his lips. He puffed out his chest, feeling a bit triumph for reasons unknown to him. It was pleasant.

He wants more.

“Have you given your services to other men before us?”

“Why no sir. I am untouched until previously.”

His eyes turned into slits. The silence confirmed that he didn’t believe her.

“A maiden?” His voice deep in question, remembering how she was under James’s spell.


“How could I possibly believe you after what I’ve seen?”

“I could show to the three of you.”

Thomas had a sudden realization as he searched (Y/N)’s face. Could he be wrong? His anger slowly left him.

“Have you… have you waited for me?”

“Waited for you to join us? Yes, of course.”


(Y/N) looked up once again, the fire and playfulness in her eyes gone and was replaced with fondness and warmth that Thomas could feel deep within his chest. He felt that he didn’t loathe the woman as much anymore than he had used to.

“Because I’m sure you’ll throw a tantrum once you realized too late that you had missed the big event.”

And there she goes ruining it once again.


The way she raised her eyebrow. The simple gesture daring and demanding answers. Thomas leaned down to come face to face with his wife, their nose touching. A smile graced his lips and (Y/N) can not help but mimic.

“We will see.”

Thomas stepped away from her to go back to his desk. (Y/N) only stood there, mouth agape. He could not help but smirk and congratulate himself in his mind. “Close the door when you leave.”

(Y/N) huffed but smiled once she turned her back towards him. Once she left, Thomas notices the small gap that tells that the door is still open.

Thomas was spent, rolling on his side and breathing heavily. He wiped the sweat from his forehead. Aaron laughed and the sudden burst of happiness from him made the others laugh as well. James kissed (Y/N)’s bare shoulder and she hummed. “Not quite the maiden now are you (Y/N)?” She slapped Thomas’s chest and the world seemed to brighten.

“I love you all. My three amazing boys.”

The next day he had received a letter from Lafayette, inviting him to his home and asking the presence of his close friends and his wife. He had sent back a reply that summarized him saying how delighted he was to see him once again after all the work he had been doing and a break was in order. They are all set to meet at Lafayette’s mansion.

The long ride to his friend’s place was quite short. Is it because (Y/N) was right between his legs the whole time? She was quick about it and he was still shaky and breathless once he stepped out of the carriage but he composed himself quickly. Thomas helped his wife off of the carriage, he looked at her lips and imagined just how much it could do. He shook his head and both of them went to greet their old friend.

“Once again, a toast to the newlyweds.” (S/O) happily raised her glass and the others happily raised theirs. “Finally,” Angelica sighed, “Now I know I won’t be pestered by Thomas’s father.” Eliza and Peggy chuckled. “Yes, it is quite pleasant. But not all of us are fortunate.” Maria chimed in.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes and Thomas pouted. “I am not a horrible lover.” Aaron tried to hide his smile by drinking on his glass. “Burr’s smile says otherwise.” Alex sipped on his drink.

Alexander at first didn’t trust Thomas for keeping their secret at first but knowing that he was also going through the same thing, they had settled their differences and decided to leave their political rivalry outside of their circle. (Y/N) and Lafayette did the same, mostly by Herc and (S/O)’s help.

Peggy nursed her drink, with a worried expression on her face. Herc noticed this, “Are you alright Peggy?” She shook her head.

“Are we all….are we really not bizarre?

The question was heard by the people in the room. They stared at her, Peggy wished she had not said anything at all. Now self-conscious. Herc gave her a warm smile, she relaxed a bit after seeing it. John chuckled, “I think I prefer calling all of us queer.

“Yes, that sounds just… right.” Alex said, sitting next to the freckled face boy. Peggy looked at all of them, “I just- I feel so left out. My friends have been talking about boys and- and I don’t know. I prefer talking more about where we would be able to go or- or dogs.”

“I understand what you mean Peggy.” Angelica sitting next to Peggy, “I was never really one for romance.” Thomas snickered and she glared at him, “I was only reading those books to fit in with my peers.”

“I know, I know.”

Eliza and Maria stood side by side, hands on each other’s back. “There is nothing to be afraid of Peggy. We are here for you, remember that we are on your side and that we believe that someone like you also happens to be out there as well. You are not alone.” Peggy tried to burst out in tears. They all comforted the young girl, giving her kisses to the forehead. (S/O) stood next to Laf, giving him a small kiss on his jaw.

“I would like some of that please.” Alex stood up to steal a kiss from his wife. Herc groaned, “Do not leave me out of this.” (Y/N) had faked that she was disgusted by the display, John followed suite but after sticking his tongue out to her.

James with a smile on his face raised his own glass, “A toast to all the queer people.”

“A toast!”

Years had gone by, Thomas’s father was so upset that (Y/N) is not yet pregnant. Since that (Y/N) was not yet ready to have a child he made an excuse about him putting his full attention in the meantime on his political career and a pregnant wife won’t help his cause. Mr. Jefferson had reluctantly agreed, proud that his son is now growing up to be a respectable man.

They never heard of Mr. (L/N) after his wife divorced him and married another. They said he had grown depressed over it and the next day he was gone. He left no note and brought nothing along with him. After the days had gone by, his body was found and was declared dead, half of his wealth was given to (M/N) and (Y/N). Increasing Mr. Washington and Mr. Jefferson’s wealth and influence.

The revolution was now evident and John wrote to (Y/N) about his plans and she wrote back how she feels the same about the revolution and would like to join him. They decided to support its head on and asked for Lafayette’s help. Of course, the man did not agree at first.

His love’s life is on the line and (Y/N) was his dearest friend’s wife. Thomas will surely be upset, he had resisted but he had to agree. He also wanted the revolutionaries to succeed and an extra hand would not be denied. After all, the people were only living off from scratch and he could not bear to see it anymore. John’s letters were so frequent that Aaron started to question it.


“Ah. Aaron, your visit was quite unexpected. Is there something wrong?”

“Yes, I apologize for the sudden intrusion.”

“No, no. Please, it’s no trouble at all.”

(Y/N) chuckled, kissing him. He almost forgot why he came here for.

“This is about Laurens.”

“You joined the revolution? Are you out of your mind?” James exclaimed quietly, exasperated. Aaron has his head on his hand and Thomas was pacing back forth, cursing Lafayette under his breath. “Yes.” (Y/N) was guilty but not enough to stop her from backing out of the revolution. She was fighting for a good cause.

“No, you are not going.”

“You do not control me, Thomas.”

“I don’t, I am simply trying to tell you how stupid it is for you to join the revolution.”

“Is it because I’m a woman?”

No! It is not because you are a woman, you are risking your life! It is dangerous out there!”

“I am aware.“

“(Y/N) do not go please.” Aaron pleaded, wanting to avoid as much conflict and it seemed that James wants the same. “There is a higher risk of you getting slaughtered. The monarchy is not taking this revolution kindly.”

“Good.” She said determination laced her voice.

(Y/N)’s eyes softened, looking at the three men standing before her. She loves them, very much so. She wanted to stay and have a life with them but who will fight against the unjust? All of them, they will fight, she is willing to risk her life to give her people the life she knew they deserve.

The look in her eyes says that she is not backing down and Thomas was red with anger, he walked out of the door. James and Aaron called him and (Y/N) stood there with her head down, she did not want to fight with Thomas but she has to do what she has to do.

Thomas asked for his carriage and went to see Gilbert. He went to knock on the French man’s door.

“Mon ami-“

Lafayette answered the door with a big smile on his face only to be greeted by Thomas’s fist. He staggered back, clutching his nose as he groaned in pain. “I see you finally found out about your wife mon ami.”

“What did you think you were doing Gilbert? You knew and yet you didn’t tell me?! Are you out of your damn mind?!” Laf shook his head, wiping the blood that trickled down his upper lip. “If it makes you feel any better mon ami, go ahead and beat me. I deserve it but after you do, would you promise to listen then?”

Thomas looked at Laf in the eyes, his anger still evident but he only nodded, sighing. “Tell me.” So he did. “The revolutionaries are beginning to rise, Thomas. They need all the help. (Y/N) and John was persistent. Mon petit lion would not relent also, despite Hercules and (S/O)’s say how it would not benefit their health.”

“And yet you let them? Why?”

“It would be unfair of me.”

“You are… going to support this revolution head on Gilbert? The monarchy will want to have your head for treason if they knew!”

“They already want it I’m afraid.”

“You really had gone mad.”

“You could say that your wife influenced me.”

Thomas fought the urge to punch Lafayette again.

He didn’t stop (Y/N) for joining the revolution as long as she kept her head low. They mustn’t know she is a person with status, (Y/N) kissed him, happy to have found a compromise. Aaron and James kissed her as well, keeping her close to their chest. There are some nights that Thomas would be alone in his bed while (Y/N) goes out in her disguise. The two boys would escape and ride their horses to his place to sneak in his window and comfort him.

“Everything will be alright.”

“We have each other.”

Sleep was hard to come by for the three boys but once (Y/N) came home with injuries but knowing she is safe and alive made them breathe more at ease. They had been hovering over her and she found it quite annoying, but she had missed them so she left them be. Letting them continue on fussing over her.

The people had raged, had built so many barricades. Chairs flew in the air, pianos, desks, and other wooden old planks they had seen lying around had been thrown and made into a pile to block the soldiers that had been so persistent with their guns pointing straight at them.

(Y/N) and John was at the same place and they also had guns in each hand. The smell gunpowder was in the air, the fire from their torches was no match on the fire that had been lit inside their hearts.

“Stand down!”

Yelled the army officer who was leading his men. (Y/N) was sick of seeing his face, John couldn’t help but agree. They had dirt in their face and mud on their hands but it was the least of their problems. The air was thick and the silence stretched longer. Their leader had pressed himself near the barricade.

“Who’s there!?”

“The revolution!”

If John was not worried about what the outcome would be, he would have laughed. (Y/N) held on her gun so tight, she was sitting at the bottom of the barricade keeping an eye up the windows.

One man fired, accidentally with a slip of a shaky finger and all hell broke loose. Rapid gunfire shot through the night, the smoke from the guns filled the air making it all so surreal. The soldiers were climbing up the barricade and the revolutionaries kept them all out.

(Y/N) had shot two and had encountered physical combat with one while John had shot five more. They had all retreated when their soldiers were decreasing, it was nearly dawn and the others were resting while the others were on guard.




She took the bottle and drank straight from it, the man didn’t judge.

“Keep your guards up. They will be coming with more armed men soon. This will end today.”

(Y/N) gave the half-empty bottle to John and he had finished it in one go. “Will it be, really?”

“I’m afraid so my dear John.”

“Then who do you think will be the victor?”

“Us of course.”

John stared at her, she can tell by the look in his eyes that he knew who would be winning. Her eyes had grown heavy, “Had you written to your partners John?” He nodded, “I have. How about you?” She smiled, “There is a letter that will be given once this is over. All I want right now is to go back to where my loves are and celebrate.” John held her hand and squeezed and she did the same.

“Raise a glass to freedom.”

Bullets kept coming and they knew they were doomed, half of their men had been slaughtered and they were all limited in supplies. No one had come to their aid even when they were killed one by one. (Y/N) and John refused to die here but there was nowhere to run now. They have each alleyway blocked.

It was too late.

The commanding officer stood tall as his soldiers pointed their gun at them both. Holding each other’s hand, John raised his flag and (Y/N) refused to close her eyes. “Fire!”

The sound of the guns ripping through the air was so loud. John was shot straight to his heart and (Y/N) was shot in her shoulder and chest. She had a moment to look at John’s face before she fell to the ground, still holding his hand.

He was smiling.

She found herself smiling as well since she has a few more seconds before her life left her, her thoughts were coming back home. James, Aaron, and Thomas all sitting on their respective chairs, discussing a few techniques from the previous game of chess.

They noticed her presence, (Y/N) on the doorway in a simple elegant cream-colored dress. They smiled and all stood up to kiss her.

“Welcome home.”

She sighed in contempt as she drew her last breath.

Thomas had received a letter from the General, informing him about his wife joining the revolution, he had asked if Thomas knew which he pretended not to. He had no evidence to show. He had faked his surprise and asked how he got that information. The general knocked on his door personally after he had sent that he would be visiting with his right-hand man.

Thomas gathered the letters (Y/N) gave to them and put it inside a box and gave it to Aaron for him to keep.

“Nobody had seen her for days,” He was convincing, to say the least. ”(Y/N) had always been fond of being alone so I let her be, but I have never thought she would leave.“

“Mr. Jefferson.” The general said, tone cold. “Your wife had been found dead clutching a mans hand whom we recognized as John Laurens. She might be having an affair-”

Thomas could no longer hear the general.

“-she had joined the revolution and we would be making further investigations-“

Thomas couldn’t breathe.

“-to ease our worries that you are no threat I suggest you let me-“

Thomas fainted, hitting the floor with a bang and the general rushed to his aid, calling out to his right hand.

The news had spread fast Alexander, (S/O), Lafayette and Hercules were all devastated and were all in a state of depression when a letter was sent to Alexander, asking him if he had known. He denied it, lost in grief, for once he had been quiet. George and (M/N) had also mourned, leaving flowers next to their portraits.

James and Aaron were no different. They were all dragging their feet to the ground, the weight of reality had crashed on their shoulders. Thomas was no better, after the incident, the general had searched his office to find no evidence whatsoever. He had apologized and had said his condolences before leaving. But they knew they would be keeping an eye on him.

Weeks had passed and Thomas still couldn’t believe that his wife was gone and once he realized it, it didn’t go well. Aaron and James had spent the night to comfort their partner, reminding him to take care of himself. Aaron had cried on James’s shoulder and wept with him.

He was in the room, hands in his head. Thomas’ eyes snapped up to look angrily at (Y/N)’s portrait who smiled back at him. She was sitting, with her hands on her lap, she had refused to wear one of those obnoxious wigs they tried to put on her, the artist had perfectly painted her smile and Thomas had paid handsomely, he had captured her eyes as well.

He had masked his sadness with anger, stood up to his kneeling position and ripping the painting off the wall. He stomped his way down to the living room, the fireplace was lit keeping the room warm but Thomas only felt cold.

He ripped the painting into pieces and throwing it inside. Thomas saw her portrait burn inside the hearth and he wasn’t satisfied. He ran around the house, taking the other portraits of her, her dresses were taken out from her closet, and other things that reminded him of her.

And the letter she had ordered a maid to give them once she had gone.

“Monsieur Jefferson!” A maid yelled as Thomas went pass her. She had been so scared, she let him be and ran to the other direction.

He went to the living room and ripped her dresses apart, throwing it once again inside the hearth. The portraits of her, big or small were ripped into pieces, the commotion was so loud that Aaron and James had to run down the stairs, horrified at what Thomas was doing.

“Thomas! STOP!

Both of the men had to physically stop him from damaging (Y/N)’s previous possessions but he shoved them aside. Thomas was so overwhelmed, angry, and depressed, he shoved some of the bits of paper from her portraits inside his mouth, he pulled out her last letter to them, ripped it apart, and shoved it in there as well.

He was crying, he had suddenly felt weak. James and Aaron were crying also, hugging him, his mouth opened as he let out a quiet sob. Pieces of wet paper fell out of his mouth, he had clutched to his other partners for stability.

To my dearest boys,

If you had gotten this letter it must mean that I am no longer walking on this earth. I sincerely apologize that I could not make it through but I want you to know that I have fought my way till the end. I know very well that you would not forgive me for not listening to taking care of myself and you have every right to be. I have been a selfish person, taking advantage of your kindness by not listening and because of this, I once again apologize.

There are no words that could describe my grief of knowing that you would continue on with your life without me, and there is no larger grief for me knowing that you wouldn’t continue it just because I am no longer there. I love all three of you with all my heart and I couldn’t bear to witness all of you in pain. Perhaps you would grant me one more selfish request?

Live. Live for me my loves, I would not like you to spend your whole life grieving for me. I know very well it is not an easy feat but could you try for me? Would you try for me, my lovely boys? If I could be able to kiss each of you, I would. I wish to give you comfort but I am unable to. So let this be my last declaration of love and my last kiss goodbye to the most wonderful partners that I have had the luck of the world to meet.

From your Dearly Beloved, (Y/N).

How could she expect them to live without her? Yes, it is a selfish request. How would they move on with their lives knowing that they could have spent half of it with her? Thomas wailed, Aaron and James had found the strength in each other to carry the other man to a guest bedroom and laying down next to him in the bed as he sobbed.

Thomas had locked himself away from the world while James and Aaron joined him to keep an eye on him and each other. It was weeks before he had the courage to show his face again in public.

Thomas had gained political status and became the secretary of state. Giving half of his time through work, and half of his time spending it with his partners. James and Aaron had forced to marry for money and status and they do not often meet as much but they had scheduled a few meet-ups ever so often.

Lafayette had also married and constantly writing to him and his partners. Alexander had kept his head low and kept on writing, (S/O) who was pregnant was worried for him. Herc took his time to take care of her.

The monarchy was gaining on the revolutionaries and every person who was found supporting them were pulled out of their homes and were beheaded or banned out the country.

Lafayette was one of them.

He was dragged and was pushed to the ground. The new king had banished him from his beloved country and he was taken out by soldiers. He was sent to Austria and had spent the rest of his life in prison.

The misfortune and disasters did not stop there.

(S/O) had died giving birth to Alexander’s first son, the delivery was unsuccessful. The baby had also died with her mother and Alexander had gripped his hair and sobbed loudly. Herc did his best to comfort him, be there for him but it was all too much. Hercules made sure to keep Alexander from hurting himself even more.

James had gotten far too sick and the doctor had told them that he had just a few more weeks to live. Aaron, the man who had always been so collected and composed, gripped the doctor’s coat collar and shook him, yelling to stop lying.

James’s wife sat next to him in bed, Thomas and Aaron looked at the man’s sickly pale face. He smiled and whispered his last words, Dolly gripping his hand while she sobbed, face buried in the sheets.

Aaron was sobbing but Thomas had no more tears to shed. His bloodshot eyes indicate that he had been sobbing beforehand and he had gone numb. Despite the empty feeling, he hugged Aaron, rubbing his back as Aaron gripped his coat.

Peggy had also gotten sick as well and Eliza, Hercules, and Alexander were the one who saw her go. Angelica and Church’s ship had sunk and it had been weeks before the letter was sent to inform them that they had passed.

Washington’s wife had died of old age and he had followed after a few days of immense grief, the fatigue had caught onto him, quickly losing his life in bed in his sleep.

Hercules, Alexander, and Burr had supported the revolution. Thomas funded it secretly. Hercules was caught and was beheaded, Burr and Alexander had been forced to duel for the king’s amusement. They read each other’s eyes and shot each other once they all reached to ten. Eliza and Maria disappeared, leaving a letter to Thomas, bidding him goodbye.

The last man to die that Thomas was close with was Lafayette. The man died of sickness inside the cold prison cell clutching a photograph of his wife, after reading the letter he laid it down on his desk and stared at nothing for a while.

Thomas took the piece of paper and wrote.

He had secretly demolished the monarchy from the inside, funding the new recruits for the revolution secretly under the name of Marcus and had bought a ship with cargo and sharing it with the people. New revolutionaries with status had also followed his footsteps and funded the revolution under fake names.

The monarchy was no more once the people had joined forces and went against them. The royal family was beheaded and they were all waving their flags. Thomas had lived his life doing what his friends and his partners had wanted, what they were fighting for, what they had died for.

Cheering, smiling, at their new found freedom.

“Do you hear the people sing?”

“Lost in the valley of the night,”

"It is the music of a people,”

"Who are climbing to the light,

“Monsieur Jefferson, you seemed tired mon ami.”

Lafayette, who had looked younger than he had last seen him, standing next to him, his hands behind his back. His uniform clean and proper, “Is it because of your old age?” He laughed.

"For the wretched of the earth,”

"There is a flame that never dies,”

"Even the darkest night will end,”

"And the sun will rise,”

Thomas chuckled and traveled his wrinkly hand on his white hair, “It must be. How are you, my friend?”

“I am doing well but you on the other hand.” The Frenchman chuckled and said nothing more.

“I agree wholeheartedly.” Alexander appeared, his hair tied in a ponytail, looking at the people celebrating. “I had always thought you aren’t capable of doing something like this, I must admit, I am impressed. Congratulations Mr. Jefferson.”

“They will live again in freedom,”

"In the garden of the Lord,”

"We will walk behind the plowshare,”

"We will put away the sword,”

"The chain will be broken,”

"And all men will have their reward!”

Hercules laughed next to (S/O) who was carrying a child with her. “You did it.” Angelica was looking around the masses and smiled, her husband next to her who was looking as well on the crowd. Peggy was jumping in excitement next to Eliza and Maria, smiling fondly.

“Look, Thomas,” James said next to him now, Aaron on his left, pointing in the crowd. “There they are.”

(Y/N) and John was celebrating with the crowd on top of a very tall built barricade. John was waving the flag and (Y/N) were laughing along. Their young face was bright and looked like they had never seen a day of war. (Y/N) laughed and looked around before she met his eye and for years he had felt alive once again. A surge of emotions washed over him when she smiled at him warmly.

“Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?”

“Do you hear the people sing?
Say, do you hear the distant drums?
It is the future that we bring
When tomorrow comes!”

"Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade
Is there a world you long to see?”

"Do you hear the people sing
Say, do you hear the distant drums?
It is the future that we bring
When tomorrow comes!”

"Tomorrow comes!
Tomorrow comes!”

A tear escaped and he wiped it frantically and noticed that his hand seemed to look like he was back to being a young man, he must be really tired. Lafayette put a hand on his shoulder, grabbing his attention.

“Let us be on our way mon ami, we have so much catching up to do.” Thomas nodded, smiling.


A young man ran towards the collapsed body of the retired secretary of state. “Doctor! Somebody call the doctor!” But it was already too late, Phillip checked the man’s pulse and found no heartbeat.

He laid the man on his back, Phillip held back the tears. Thomas looks more peaceful than he had been before he was alive. Maids came rushing in and they silently mourned for him. The doctor held his bag and knew.

Phillip took his hat off and placed it on his chest.

“I hope you see them all on the other side Monsieur, may you rest in peace.”


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      • mhmm.
    • cat: it’s human. kara: i’m not human. you know she thought it.
      • even when she’s being a little bit fetishistic about the spiritual enlightenment of ~foreigners~, i guess.
      • but honestly, GO SAVE THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE, OTHERWISE WTF IS THE POINT OF LIVING? not the worst advice ever.
      • ‘i’ve really missed your advice, ms grant.’ ‘yeah, and i’ve really missed giving it.’
          • PLEASE COME BACK.
    • ‘that is still so…’
  • something something exposition
    • sidebar: i can’t believe they just randomly introduced the very real threat of being sent to the phantom zone and there was nothing from kara on that being a thing that she’d probably really like to not have happen.
    • ‘i’m the queen of distraction.’ 😍
      • and also the queen of loving winn, god bless.
    • robohank is an actual asshat, i’m glad they never forget that.
    • ‘i know you’re fast but just be faster.’
    • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    • ‘you know my real identity, but you never told lena. why is that?’ ‘eventually she’ll find out on her own. find out you’ve been lying all this time. and when she does she’ll hate you for it.’
    • but lord does lillian not know her daughter, the sweetest person on the whole entire planet apparently, at all.
      • i’ve been team lena needs to find out and be pissed all season but never really thought that was going to happen. then with the doubling down on BFFs 4 EVA that’s been going on the last few weeks i was starting to think there was a chance they would actually go there, but after this?!? hahahahahah, there’s no way. or rather, there is away, and sometimes these writers are total hacks, so there is is definitely a way. but man, there’s no way.
      • (ideally: she’s going to be so hurt, and it’s going to break my heart, but she’ll understand. because that’s my bb space princess. she understands.)*
    • ‘when this is over, we go back to being enemies.’ ‘i look forward to it.’
      • if people ask me why i actually love this show, this moment will be what i show them. i’ve watched it like seven times now and i’m still laughing.
      • honestly, it looks like something from project runway’s wearable art week. fabulous.
    • ‘yeah, i’m good.’
      • 😘
    • ngl, i’m sad they didn’t manage to get through the ceremony. not that it means anything, BUT I WANTED THEM TO BE MARRIED.
    • two days ago, @poppyssupergirl​ asked what kind of candle cat would have around, and I WAS 100% VINDICATED BY THIS EPISODE.
    • ‘i’m going to have to burn sage for like a century’
      • cat, let me get you the number of a journalist in riverdale who engages in casual occultism.
      • also, how does cat know what a west hollywood gym smells like?
    • ‘where is james olsen? this is the biggest story in the history of the world.’
    • ‘james is hiding like a coward.’ ‘and kiera? where is she?’ ‘she’s also a coward.’
      • because on no planet anywhere does cat not know, i like to believe that sometimes she just… forgets. that little face at the end is her brain reminding her because, oh yeah, kara is not also a coward. does not compute.
  • ‘i’ve got a very trusted agent on my 6′
    • (teri hatcher is so fucking pretty holy heck.)
    • acting regent? that’s… different.
    • ngl, i definitely screamed DAMMIT CAT, THEY DIDN’T EVEN GET TO THE KISS. because i enjoy some terrible things.
      • ‘they promise to make our world great again.’
        • lololol.
      • ‘not going anywhere.’
    • ‘it’s a shame your politics are so intractable. you’re very useful.’ ‘my politics? i thought it was my alien genetics that were the problem.’ ‘just take the compliment.’
    • ‘do your thing R2.’
    • ‘that’s my girl.’
    • ‘as your prince, i order you to lay down your weapons and let us go…yeah, i didn’t think that was going to work either.’
        • her stompy little wander off 😘
    • ‘break that.’ ‘this?’ [EYE ROLL] ‘yeah.’
      • 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
    • ‘i can see why kara loves you.’ ‘likewise.’
      • 1. ‘i can see why kara loves you also.’ and thus, lena knows mon-el is mike.
      • 2. ‘i can also see why kara loves me.’ and thus, lena doesn’t know mon-el is mike, but she does know that kara loves her.
        • because lena knowing kara loves her? be still my heart.
        • but lena knowing mon-el is mike? means she probably knows kara is supergirl.
          • or she’s a fucking moron, which i wouldn’t put it past this show to try to tell me.
        • they’re going to try to tell me she’s a fucking moron. 😒
    • ‘you came?’
      • ‘humans only, dear.’
        • aaaaand that lasted all of three seconds.
        • lillian, please.
      • ‘i thought you’d finally see my side.’
        • i honestly just… WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?!?! stop trying to make your villains three-dimensional, show, you’re not very good at it and it hurts my brain.
    • ‘where’d they go?’ ‘lillian left us to die.’
      • yeesh, that’s a bit stark.
      • winn and kara’s little plan is cute. let’s pretend kara got of the ship and actually cared about herself enough to want to live.
    • they made cat run 😂
    • ‘okay well it was nice knowing you.’
      • ‘that’s my idea.’ ‘it’s a good idea.’
      • she really does love winn ❤️
    • ‘thanks, james.’ ‘i’m- guardian.’ ‘oh, honey. i can see your eyes right through the slit.’
      • DO YOU?
      • DO YOU????????
  • mon-el appears. lena: WHERE’S SUPERGIRL?
    • rhea: ‘when my own husband opposed me i killed him. do you really think you can tug at my heartstrings.’
    • the lazer: BLASTED OUT OF THE SKY
    • superman: IS HERE.
  • THE END.
    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!