look how sunny it is

stuff i like about the series of unfortunate events netflix show so far
- leans into the cartoonishness of the setting in a funny and charming way, like count olaf’s house being a dark dilapidated castle in the middle of a pristine suburb, or how puppet-y it looks whenever sunny chews on something
- neil patrick harris’ count olaf provides a lot of comic relief but still comes off as a genuine threat to the kids
- we get to see more members of vfd in action! also kind of a stretch but maybe jacqueline is a genderflipped jacques snicket? seems like a suspicious choice of name for a new character.
- obviously a huge amount of respect for the source material, with references to future stuff like the sugar bowl and the medusoid mycelium, but adding new subplots as well
- the pond gustav fell into looks a bit like the hotel denouement one? idk
- the vfd tunnels
- lemony snicket as a rod serling-type narrator allowing them to fit in a bunch of his lines from the books
- snicket mentions being distraught and horrified by the kids’ situation and crying himself to sleep, but it’s treated as a normal reaction to distressing events and not any kind of weak or shameful thing, idk i thought that was nice
- the deliberately anachronistic setting now includes calling the i.t. people to fix a typewriter and telling time with an hourglass you bought online

Keith: the knife is you and the target is my heart

Keith: *throws the knife and it hits the target dead centre*

Lotor: oh my

While eating dinner, Miss Pinchy pondered that something had changed with the terrarium’s decor but she’s not quite sure what

It’s on the tip of her shell but she’s really not sure what has changed

She’s sure it will come to her, maybe if she goes into her tunnel and has a nap

what could be different?

jealousy & pool tables - sweet pea

[ gif is not mine. credit goes to the owner. if you are the owner lemme know so i can give proper credit :) ]

summary: reader is at the whyte wyrm w sweet pea and see’s some girl flirting with him and gets mad. reader gets mad and SP confronts her

word count: 2.3k

warnings: def some cursing, make out session, angsty i think???

note: im in love w sweet pea okay. im sorry that i posted this before some of my other requests but i couldnt help myself. so request some SP stuff if you wanna

School had just let out and you were walking to your bike with Toni when a few Serpent boys started hollering at the two of you; most of the noise being from Sweet Pea. “Y/N, you coming to The Whyte Wyrm tonight,” He questioned once his long legs caught up to you, throwing his arm around your shoulder.

You turned your attention away from Toni and to the tall, dark haired boy next to you. ”Only if you’re going to be there,” You flirted, dropping your right eye in a wink.

Toni quietly groaned next to you and you knew she rolled her eyes as well, but you ignored her. He threw his head back and laughed at your flirtatious manner. “Of course I’ll be there. I’ll see you at nine,” He winked back before walking off, leaving you and Toni alone once again.

Toni remained silent for a few seconds, but it wasn’t far after he left that she finally spoke. “You two are seriously disgusting. Stop flirting and just get together,” She spoke with a teasing tone as you both approached your bikes.

“C’mon, Toni. You know that it’s all harmless,” You falsely pointed out, putting your helmet on. She saw right through your lie and the look she gave you told you that she knew. “Okay, for him it is.” You didn’t give her enough time to respond as you had started your bike and sped off, which didn’t matter much since she was coming over to your place.

She had eventually dropped the whole you and Sweet Pea flirting with each other as soon as she saw how uncomfortable it made you, and you were thankful for that. However, that didn’t stop her from suggesting pieces of clothing that revealed much more than your stomach in order to catch a certain person’s eye. Every time she did that, you picked up the nearest object an hurtled it at your best friends head.

It was roughly 8:35 when you added the final touches to your outfit so you and Toni could leave. “Okay, let’s go,” You shouted to Toni, who was in the bathroom, as you slipped on your silver snake ring.

“Coming,” She yelled back. She emerged from the hallway and took in your appearance. “Damn. If you weren’t my best friend and interested in someone else.”

A light blush appeared on your cheeks at her compliment even though you were quite used to them. “You look very “damn” yourself,” You responded, grabbing the keys to your truck. “Meet you outside. Lock the door.”

You made sure to zip your leather Serpents jacket up to cover the exposed skin on your stomach before walking outside and into the frigid wind. You looked around for a brief moment, taking in the sight of the trailer park you had grown to call home. Despite it being on the other side of the tracks, this place had more heart and loyalty than the North side could ever imagine having.

Letting a small smile grow on your face, you walked down the steps of your porch and over to the truck. Toni was exiting your trailer as you were starting the vehicle. She quickly locked the door and joined you inside the still cold truck cab. “Let’s go.”

Toni and you were very different around just each other than you were when you were around others. When it was just the two of you, you both acted like normal girls instead of the one’s we had to be in order to be respected among the Serpents. You both sang your hearts out to whatever pop song was playing and you both giggled like school girls whenever the other sang horribly off key. You could never do those around the Serpent boys or they’d see you as even weaker than they already did. You were extremely thankful for each other and you were glad that you had the other to just relax around.

The Whyte Wyrm had its usual abundance of Serpents, but today there were more normal Southsiders than there typically was. You didn’t mind much, as long as they made sure not to cross you. Although, the symbol you proudly wore on the back of your jacket and side of your ribcage made sure they knew better. But of course there were those who made the mistake and instantly regretted it.

You jumped out of the truck and locked it, throwing Toni the keys since she was a lot more responsible than you were. She was quick to leave you on your own as you searched for Sweet Pea, which you didn’t care about since you had spent most of the day with her. You finally spotted him by the pool tables, but, by the looks of it, he had spotted you first.

He was already wearing his usual smirk as you approached him and other members of the Serpents. “Look who finally arrived,” He teased, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you close to his side.

You looked up at the attractive guy next to you and gave him a playful glare. “I’m early so shove it, Pea.”

You flirted with each other quite a bit more as his ego grew each time he beat someone at pool. He got bolder with his actions with each win, and you definitely did not mind one bit. He attempted to get you to play him, but you denied his offer as you knew you were absolutely terrible at the game and didn’t want to embarrass yourself.

The bar was louder than usual, so you stood on your toes so you could tell Pea that you were just going to get something to drink and that you’d be right back. He just nodded his head in understanding and watched you retreat from him and his friends. Fangs slapped the back of his head in order to get him to pay attention to the game he was about to be losing.

“What can I do for ya today Y/N? The usual,” Froggy, the bartender, asked with a kind smile on his face.

“Yes sir.”

He quickly got your drink and handed it to you before going back to tend to his other waiting customers. You turned back around to go back to Sweet Pea, but stopped dead in your tracks once you saw him leaning over a busty red head who was having him show her how to properly shoot a shot. She shot it and one of the balls went into the pocket, which led to her jumping up and cheering like a five year old who had just won something from a crane machine. What really pissed you off though, was her wrapped her arms around his neck and him picking her up off of the ground.

Anger filling your veins, you set off to find Toni and hang out with her until she was ready to leave, but you couldn’t find her anywhere. You settled on hanging out with a few of the guys closer to your age. Most of them had already drank copious amounts of alcohol, making them more tolerable than usual.

“Why aren’t you with Sweet Pea,” Sunny, one of the mostly sober ones, asked with his eyebrows raised.

“He’s occupied,” You grumbled, pointing to him and the red head, as you stared at your full drink.

He followed your finger and let out a knowing sigh once his eyes landed on the duo. “Boys are dumb, Y/N. And plus, you know how SP is. He thinks he’s too tough for emotions. Especially when it comes to someone he cares so deeply for.”

“Woah there, Sunny. You’re not going all Northside on us are you,” You teased, feigning a shocked look and holding a hand over your heart.

He rolled his eyes and lightly shoved you as he said, “Shut up. I’m just trying to help.”

You let out a small laugh. “I know, but I don’t think he cares for me as much as you say. He flirts with a lot of people,” You pointed out.

“Trust me, he does. If any of the guys so much as look at you the wrong way, he threatens to beat the shit out of them. It’s quite scary, but also hilarious because I’ll never be on the end of that.”

“Am I not attractive enough for you,” You jokingly questioned.

“You are, but I don’t bat for your team,” He quietly revealed.

Your mouth dropped to form the shape of an ‘O’, but you didn’t press the matter further. You weren’t one to care about another’s sexuality, but the others weren’t so understanding. They were okay with Toni being bisexual because she was a girl, but God forbid a Serpent guy be gay. How fucking preposterous?! Note the sarcasm.

“He’s looking over here,” Sunny whispered into your ear.

You turned your gaze back to the guy you had quite possibly fallen for and, sure enough, he was glaring at you and Sunny. Well, more so Sunny who had his arm harmlessly draped over your shoulder. You met his harsh stare and raised an eyebrow as you moved your line of sight to the girl next to him for a few seconds before finally looking away.

“Let’s go play pool. There’s finally a table open,” Bull spoke with a slight slur to his words.

The others mumbled in agreement before shuffling out of the booth and towards the table that was right next to Sweet Pea’s. You reluctantly slid out of the booth and followed the others, not letting go of Sunny’s arm as you did. You could feel his eyes on you as you neared him, but you kept your gaze on the ground. Sunny stood next to the table, placing one of his large hands on the side and the other on the small of your back.

“You don’t have to stay over here with us,” He reassured as you looked up at him through your mascara coated lashes.

“I’m fine.”

He pursed his lips, but didn’t ask anymore questions. However, he did remove his hand in fear of the man that was watching you with a furious expression. SP threw his pool stick on the ground and began stomping in your direction. Fangs watched him with wide eyes and followed him just in case something happened.

All Sweet Pea did was trap your body in between his and the pool table by placing his hands on the table on either side of you. Sunny slightly backed up, but not far enough that he couldn’t intervene if he had to. Your heartbeat quickened and your body went rigid.

“We need to talk,” He spoke, his hot breath hitting the exposed skin on your neck.

You removed his hands from the table and shoved him backwards so you could turn around and face him. “We have nothing to talk about. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” You spat as you attempted to move away from him.

He just grabbed your wrist in a tight, but not too tight grip and you saw Fangs move slightly closer to the pair of you. “Don’t give me that shit, Y/N.” His hard expression turned soft once you finally met his eyes. “Please, just come with me.”

“Fine,” You gave in, letting him guide you out to the back of the bar. He opened his mouth to speak, but you held a hand up before he could get any words out. “Don’t say you weren’t flirting with her because you were, but it’s fine. I have no right to get mad. We aren’t a thing.”

He was taken aback by your words, but he quickly regained his composure before speaking. “You’re right, we aren’t a thing, but that’s not what I’m trying to say. Yes I was flirting with her, but only because I couldn’t get you out my head. All I can think about is you and it makes me angry! I think I love you, but I don’t deal with emotions very often, so I’m new to this. I have no clue what to do and I hate not knowing what to do.”

You were now the one at a loss for words at his sudden revelation. Although words were definitely not your strong suit, so you did the one thing you knew how to do. You grabbed the back of his neck and brought his face close to yours so you could kiss him. He was quick to kiss back and place both of his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to him. His hands then moved down to your ass and he squeezed, causing you to gasp and giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth. A few moments later, you jumped, wrapping your legs around his torso and letting him back you against the grimy wall as you wound your fingers in his dark hair. He moved his mouth down to your neck and he began to work his mouth against the skin. You tilted your head to the side so he had more access to suck and nip at the skin.

“Sweet Pea,” You breathed out, “Slow down.”

“Why,” He grumbled, still sucking on your skin.

“Because I’m not going any further than making out in the alley.”

He removed his mouth, but instead he placed his forehead on yours. “That’s all I was planning on doing, Princess.”

You quirked an eyebrow as you said, “You planned on this, huh?”

“Well, not this particular thing. But I did plan on you forgiving me, or at least I hoped you did.”

You placed another small kiss on his lips and smiled. “I was hoping you made it easy to forgive you. By the way, I think I love you too.”

so this is trash???? i suck at endings but i tried my best. anyways go ahead and request some more Sweet Pea stuff plss

okay but if the second scene wasn’t a dream and dennis was dancing up to mac, mac clearly got into it in real life, and dennis could tell that mac was into it, like he could see mac appreciating him hardcore - and now mac is Gay and Out and there’s no hiding that he’s into dennis like that anymore, and dennis still went and writhed shirtless in front of him, Fully Aware that mac was gonna notice that and be like ‘nice, im into this’

Fully Aware, in the context of their entire twelve seasons of interactions, that the odds of mac being into him are nonzero odds

and then he slammed the door in mac’s face

you can’t hide from your feelings forever dennis