look how stylish they are

Shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t look like they belong on the street style blogs, shout-out to girls with hijab that are not fashionistas, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t have strong eyeliner game, shout-out to girls with hijab that doesn’t wear any makeup, shout-out to plus sized girls with hijab that feels like no hijab suits your face shape, shout-out to girls with hijab that gets catcalled on the street despite the coverings, shout-out to girls with hijab that have to remove so many pins when they’re shopping for clothes, shout-out to girls with hijab that are having a bad hijab day where everything is wrong and you feel like you just look plain messy, y'all look beautiful today. Thanks.

And so, with @rusaruka‘s permission XD I has scanned her son’s precious Akuchan Akutagawa’s shikishi from the anikuji! 

As some or most or idk but some of you know about how I got the Chuya shikishi XD I also got the Akutagawa shikishi, since Rusa bought BSD merch from me before and so I showed her this and bidded it for her, won it and here he is! 

BLEH edit: I honestly dunno if I can ever get the same anikuji shikishi for the amount I bought them at but if lucky maybe XD;; 

Rusa wants to show how cute and angry stylish Akutagawa looks in this so anyone to thank, do thank her for allowing me to scan this XD before it goes to her anyway hahahaha

Akutagawa looks so angry and pouty in everything it’s so cute and funny like PFFFTT PFFFTT CUTE ANGRY BLOWFISH >A<! 

Enjoy! XD

What I think some Historical people would say of people playing them on screen

Philippe D'Orleans (Versailles)- Look how beautiful I am, and I got more fans than Louis. Look at him Chevalier.

Chevalier du Lorraine- I am beautiful too. Look how stylish is that hair.

Louis XIV- How weird is that now I want to bang all my mistresses’ actresses?

Charles II (Horrible Histories)- *to his valet* Tell the royal band to learn this ASAP. I’m totally singing it on the next masque.

Queen Victoria (Victoria)- 100% I would bang that Albert.

Several Tudors, Plantagents and Woodwilles- Fuck off PG!

Richard III- *take the mic* And now we’re here, Fuck you Shakespeare too.

  • Sleek and stylish Aomine and one hundred percent, basically perfect boyfriend material Kagami
  • Kagami’s broad chest
  • Dear lord, his shoulders
  • Aomine’s slim waist and that white belt
  • Their poses though. It’s sort of telling of how their personalities are? Kagami is relaxed and open and Aomine is sexy guarding himself, keeping you away at an arm’s distance
  • Challenging, sexy smirks, yes
  • Did I mention Kagami’s shoulders?
  • The way Aomine is just a wee bit taller is delicious, yes
  • Can’t get over the size difference this works very well with my Kagami manhandling Aomine fantasies
  • I know Kise’s the model, but hot damn, their legs go on forever
  • Okay, and the event’s name is Hikari Fes, the pairing has it’s own special name for crying out loud
  • Kagami’s. Shoulders.
In my head

Big little lies is really good. Queen Reese.

Wedding planning is so much work. So many details.

Can someone teach me how to be a girl? My hair is always a mess, idk how to use makeup and I want to look more stylish. Is there a manual I can buy or a life coach I can hire?

The world in her eyes- A Kris Wolf!Au (Part 7)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

You looked around the room and smiled to yourself, it really did scream ‘Kris’ everywhere you looked. Every single one of the details, including the bed sheets, just showed you a little more about the man who you had found out was your soul mate.

You ran your fingers over the backs of the books on the shelf, and smiled at some cool sunglasses laid out on the table. You looked at the simplicity of the room, and how stylish it all seemed.

“I know it’s not much, but this place has been my safe haven since I moved in with the pack.” He said with a shy smile and a shrug of his shoulders. You liked this side of him, this soft side, during dinner you got the impression he was a lot colder with the pack than he ever had been with you. You smiled at him, as you sat down on the bed, feeling the soft mattress sink a little underneath you.

“I think it’s perfect. It looks comfortable, stylish, and everything about you screams your name. I feel like I know you a little better now.” You told him, smiling. He tried to hide the smile that wanted to spread across his face, he felt proud of himself, and he was happy you liked his room, because he hoped you could spend time in it with him like you had done in the clearing.

“You mean that?” He asked, sitting down beside you in the forest. You nodded, throwing your body back so your back hit the mattress.

“What I don’t understand is why you act so different around your pack. You treat me differently, why is that?” You asked him, placing your arms behind your head, and turning your head to look at him, he threw his body back, mimicking your position, but pulled you against his chest, so you could rest your head on it. You listened to his rhythmical heartbeat, speeding up a little after you had touched him. “boom boom. Boom boom. Boom boom boom… boomboomboom.”

“Ahh.. This is why. You do things to my heart they simply don’t. With them I have to be the strong second in command. I have to support Suho, help him, I have to be a strong figure they can rely on. You have seen how unruly they are. Suho is a natural alpha, but he had no will to be a leader, he doesn’t want to be a shifter. So I help him. He has a good heart, he really does, so he feels bad when he has to tell the younger ones off. So it is my duty as his beta to help keep them under control.” He started speaking, closing his eyes as if trying to form coherent sentences in his mind, so they would portray his feelings and thoughts accurately.

“But with you… with you it’s different. With you I can be fully honest, because I know you don’t expect anything from me. I know you see me how I am, how I truly am, and I know that’s okay. I just can’t lie to you. With you I don’t have to be Kris the second leader, with you it’s just me, Kris. A shy, awkward boy who just so happens to have a cold smile.” He finished, and you smiled at him, wrapping your arms around his body tightly.

“Well I love this shy, awkward boy with the cold smile. More than you could possibly imagine. Even if he does turn into a giant fluffy wolf.” You laughed, your eyes glimmering. His heart stopped at the sound of the word, the L word, that short word that was so big at the same time. He broke into a smile that stretched from one of his ears to another, and he couldn’t stop himself from pulling your body up towards him, and trapping your lips with his in a heated kiss.

“I love you” he said, and you felt your heart flutter at the words.

“Say it again…” You begged, kissing him again. He unglued his lips from yours.

“I love you Y/N.” He whispered against your lips, his hot breath tickling your skin.  You leaned in for another kiss, your lips moving against him with need, as your hands caressed his chest. His hands travelled to your back and pulled you against him.

You bit down on his lip, and a moan rumbled in his throat. Your eyes widened at the sound, and you felt the immediate need to hear it again. You ran your tongue over his puffy lips, and then bit down into it again. Kris moaned, louder this time, and you slid your hand under his shirt, as you proceeded to kiss him roughly.

“Y/N… We… we don’t have to do this now. I… I don’t want you to think I brought you in here to do this. I just… I just wanted to cuddle for a bit. You don’t have to do anything like this with me.” He told you, his voice shaking and breaking, as he struggled to contain himself. You could tell he wanted you desperately, and it took every ounce of his self-control to stop himself from taking you right there and then. You felt heat rising in your core, as a tingling sensation coursed your body.

“But I want to…” You whispered in his ear, as your hands caressed his abs. He threw his head back and moaned. You took the chance to slip him out of his shirt, and began peppering his torso with soft kisses. He bit his lip, as his eyes grew darker. He tangled his large hands in your hair. You felt powerful, watching him react to you that way.

“Y/N…” He moaned your name with that deep voice of his, and you melted inside. You needed him, you wanted him, and you had no idea what was happening to your body, but it craved for him, it craved to feel every single inch of his skin against yours.

You kissed down to the waistline of his pants, and you felt him tense as soon as you reached the sensitive skin just above his boxers. You smiled up at him, before unbuttoning his pants and dragging them down his legs. You felt him through his underwear, and left soft kisses on the clothed hardened member. He tensed again, grabbing the sheets tightly.

“Y/N… You still have clothes on.” He said, before sitting up, and grabbing your dress, and pulling it upwards, removing the soft material from your body. You felt slightly embarrassed now that you were exposed, but by the way he was looking at you like someone looking at a work of art, you felt beautiful.

His large hands travelled to your back, and quickly unhooked the bra you were wearing, sliding it off your body and throwing it at the floor. His eyes widened as he took in your body. You were straddling him.

“You are so beautiful Y/N…” He mumbled in awe, as his hands travelled up and down your sides. He cupped your breasts in his large hands and began massaging them, earning a soft moan from your pouty lips. You felt him twitch underneath you.

You shimmied down his body, giving him a playful wink, before pulling his boxers down. His member sprung free, and your eyes widened at the size. You had never seen anything like it before. He chuckled at your surprise, his ego boosting just a little.

You took him in your hands, and stroked him softly, earning a light groan. You smiled at him, as you moved your hand faster, blowing gently onto him. He squirmed underneath you. You smiled, and licked your way up and down him.

“Y/N… Don’t tease.” He warned, and it made you feel all tingly inside, so you took him in your mouth, moving your head up and down, while your tongue swirled around him. You heard him grunt and growl, as his hand became once again a tangled mess of hair.

You continued teasing him with your lips and mouth, until he felt himself close to the edge.

“Your turn.” He growled, quickly sitting up, and changing positions so you were with your back against the mattress, and he was hovering on top of you. He smirked at you, as he kissed down your chest, all the way down your torso, until he reached your panties.

He teased you through them, making you squirm and moan underneath him, your eyes begging him to continue. He chuckled.

“So eager…” he mumbled, before hooking one of his large fingers on the waistband, and pulling it down your legs in a painfully slow movement.

He watched your chest rise and fall with your jagged breaths, as you waited for him to do something, and smiled, before kneeling in front of your core, and bringing his mouth down onto it, teasing you, licking you, and pleasuring you with both his lips and tongue like you had done with him.

Your moans became louder and louder, until he felt you trembling underneath him. He grabbed your legs, feeling them shaking, and pulled himself up again, smiling at you mischievously. He leaned over towards his bedside table, and opened the top drawer, pulling out a squared packet. You bit your lip, as you waited for him to roll the condom on.

“Are you sure you want this? We can just cuddle…” He asked again, making sure he wasn’t letting things go too fast. You groaned.

“Kris please” You begged. An electric current coursed through his body at the sound of your moaned plea, and so he positioned himself at your entrance, and slid in carefully. You hissed at the sudden sensation, and at his size.

Once he was completely in, he stopped moving, letting you get used to him. You frowned a little from the sudden sensation, but quickly nodded, the pain turning to pleasure. He looked into your eyes, searching for any hint of doubt or hesitation, but he found nothing.

So he began moving his hips, slipping in and out of you smoothly. You moaned loudly, feeling him inside you, your hands travelled to his back, leaving long nail marks as you dug them into his skin. His name left your lips repeatedly, as your toes curled. You could feel waves of pleasure coursing through your body as he pumped in and out of you, building up speed.

“K-Kris…” you moaned out, your nails digging deeper into his back. You were sure there would be large marks there in the morning.

“I’m close… Fuck Y/N I’m close.” He growled, as he held himself upright with his arms, which were tensing under his weight, the veins showing slightly, as sweat dripped down his chest. Your eyes fluttered closed at the sight, the buildup of pleasure in your lower abdomen increasing quickly, as you felt his thrusts become sloppy and needy. The sound of his deep grunts, and the constant pleasure against that marvelous sensitive spot inside you made you go over the edge, climaxing loudly underneath Kris, screaming his name loudly.

The sudden added tightness around him caused him to come undone, spilling his seed into the rubbery material.  He continued moving in and out of you gently, as he rode out his high, before letting himself collapse beside you, smiling. You wiped his sweaty hair out of his eyes and smiled at him.

“How was that?” He asked shyly, smiling at you, as his eyes shone brightly with pure adoration. You grinned at him.

“That was… amazing. I must be the luckiest girl in the world.” You told him, blushing a deep red as you remembered his size. He chuckled, feeling secretly proud of himself.

“That’s good… I feel lucky just by having you here… Will you stay here tonight?” he asked you, hopeful, and you nodded.

“There is nothing I would like more than to sleep in your arms tonight Kris.” You confessed, pecking his lips softly, before setting your head on his chest, letting your heartbeat calm down, and your breathing become even.  

You almost jumped right out of your skin when loud banging was heard on Kris’ door. You looked at him, with your eyes widened, completely terrified. He growled, glaring at his door.


“SHUT UP JONGDAE!” Kris yelled at the door. You heard loud laughing behind it.

“Seriously, they are worse than Suho and S/M/N… And I thought that was impossible.” You heard Sehun complain.

“That’s because Suho is more gentle. Kris’ style is different.” You heard Chanyeol’s voice grow softer as he distanced himself from the door. You stared at Kris, expecting an explanation.

“Ah… That’s embarrassing… Wolves… we have heightened senses… So… They probably heard everything from downstairs…” he muttered, looking at you sheepishly. You groaned as your cheeks turned bright red, and you covered your face with your hands.

“Next time, we are doing this at my house.” You replied, hiding your face against his chest.

“As long as there is a next time.” He laughed, pulling you close as he wrapped his arms around you tightly, he wasn’t planning on letting go of you any time soon in more senses than one.


WHAT I DIDN’T MEAN TO DO: make him look vaguely heartbroken

WHAT THAT HAPPENED ANYWAY: the thing I just said

it’s kind of the expression i imagine he had when von karma finally admitted to killing gregory so i just kinda ran with it ohgod

My favourite stages from my top 3 groups♥

I said I would make a list of my favourite groups so I’m just going to focus on my top three here; GOT7,EXO & BTS

Background story: BTS is my bias group, it was EXO but it changed after i fully started stanning BTS; however EXO still holds a special place in my heart as well as GOT7 who are trying to kill me I swear. If i could have 3 bias groups, these three would be it.

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I think I came across this picture yesterday as well. But for today, it’s definitely the “Photo of the day”.

Our dear Marie!

Look how stylish and cool this woman looks, in such a casual outfit. Half of us probably dress, more or less, like this, because this is how everyone looks like everyday.

The most attractive fact in this photo for me are these shoes. You know that heart popping out of the eyes emoji, yeah, those were my expressions after seeing this picture. Although I’ve seen pictures of Marie wearing these shoes from the 80s (and this one is also a late 80s picture), but some how, this is just fantastic.

Almost everyone has a pair of these Converse sneakers, particularly by “All Star”. Some wear black, some wear blue, some wear Red. These are probably the best everyday shoes to ever get designed in my opinion. I mean, they’ve never been out of fashion, ever!!

And here we have Marie, nailing her look with these shoes, hell yeah!!

Yayyy for Converse.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Love and Peace